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I JASTTTAIIX...1904: ' T
' Sun. Hon. Tucs. 'Wed. Thu. FrI. Sat
3 4 5 6 7 8 9
10 11 12 13 14 15 16 j
' 17 18 19 20 21 22 23
.25 26l27l28l29l30
CF.M. iffLa jflfcN.M. IjF.a i
VS 2nd. Q. Oth. W 17th. 3 2Sth.
Is a dull -month in the Hardware business. 'Twixt seasons for many of our
lines. However, there are no idle moments here, where hig shipments of mis
cellaneous merchandise arrive each dav coods bought richt and at the rfoht
time for future economical selling. If not now, perhaps by and by you'll need jjLX.
1 1
' ll
"I ''
American Woven Wire Steel Field Fence, Plain Annealed and Galvanized Wire, ' "
Poultry Netting, Gem or I. X. L Chain Pumps, Steel Tubing; ' FRANK OWENS
Wheelbarrows, Cutting Boxes, Fine Axes, HARDWARE
Hatchets. Carnenters' Tnnls. COMP'Y
...w.w.w, w..r.w...w.v . vw.w- ..
Relieves Instantly or Money Refunded.
Prevents Swelling, Allays Inflammation. It Cools.
It Soothes. It Cures.
Sold only In 25c, 50c A $1.00 Bottle.
At all good Drugfflsti.
For Sale by Thomns J. Clionoweth, Druggist.
Remains of Gen. John B. Gordon Bur
led In Oakland Cemetery.
Atlanta, Qa., Jan. 15. Attended by
military honors and with the homago
of his state and the southland, Gen.
John B. Gordon, soldier, statesman
and citizen, and the south's last great
figure of the civil war, was burled In
Oakland cemetery Thursday. In the
procession which escorted the body of
the famous cavalry leader to its last
resting placo was a battalion of the
Sixteenth Infantry, U. S. A., Col. But
ler D. Price, now stationed at Fort Mc
Pherson, Ga., and nearly every foot
of ground traversed by the long lino
of troops and carriages on Its way
from the church to Oakland cemetery
was of the highest historic Interest
".The memorial exercises, which were
conducted in the house of roprosenta
rtlves at the state capltol, were attend
ed, by thousands. Governors and dis
tinguished statesmen of the south and
confederate leaders and veterans who
fought through the war between the
states, gave their eulogies to Gordon's
name. A salute of 17 guns was fired
during tho day, the courts and schools
were closed and many of the business
places suspended during the hour of
the funeral. The memorial exercises
were begun at 10 o'clock and were pro
sided over by Gov. Terrell.
House Committee Fixed February 4 as
the Date to Begin Hearings.
"Washington, Jan. 15. Tho house
committeo on labor fixed February. 4
as "Tho date to begin, hearings on tho
eight hour bill. The bill introduced
by Representative Hitt will be the
measuro considered. It Is practically
the eight hour measure aa amended
and reported to the senate in the last
congress. Such a largo number of re
quests have been made for opportunity
to bo heard against the bill that tho
committeo estimates tho hearings will
occupy a month. Tho labor interests,
which favor the measure, are to be
heard last. A sub-committee was ap
pointed to consider the Foss arbitra
tion bill.
Piajsah Encampment No. 0, 1. O. 0. F.,
has installed these officers:
H. I'. E. H. Blnzcl.
C. 1'. Thomas M. Russell.
S. W. Arthur Cunningham.
J. W.-Holton Key.
Scribe Johu V. Thompson.
Treasurer James Chllds.
Guide-W. II. Cox.
I. 8.-W. L. Traxcl.
O. S.-L. P. Barker.
First W. Alton Schatzmann.
Second W. Simon Davis.
Third W.-Earl V. Carr.
Fourlh W. W. B. Pecor.
First G. of T. .Jacob Miller.
Second G. of T. George Schwartz.
Mr. John B. Peters iB seriously ill at
his home at Bernard.
A Negro Hanged to a Tree By a Mob
of Colored Men.
Petersburg, Va,, Jan. 15. Informa
tion has been received hero of tho
lynching In Sussex county, Virginia, of
a Negro named Elmore Moseley by a
mob of Negroes. Moseley was tried
this week for killing another Negro
on the public highway in tho presence
of the victim's wife and child. Ho was
acquitted. A mob of Negroes, tho dead
man's friends, went to Moseley's house
Thursday, seized him and hung him
to a 'tree and riddled his body with
In Favor of Keliher.
Washington, Jan. 15. House elec
tions committeo No. 1 Thursday unani
mously decided tho Conroy-Kellher
contested election case from the Ninth
Massachusetts district In favor of Keli
her, tho sitting member.
The master or the house Is the guests
He who has not rest at home is In tho
world's hell.
Thomas WhiBner, of Brown County,
has sold his crop of 12,000 to 15,000
pounds of tobacco to Mr. Head, the
Continental agent at Ripley, at 12 centp.
Maysville People Look For Proper Proof.
To win a wager an English Marquis
stood on London bridge and offered Brit
ish sovereigns ($5) for five BhillinRa
($1.25). He could not find a customer.
It's not to be wondered at, the public
look askance at any proposition where
the proposer is apparently a financial
loser, without direct or indirect gain.
Fraudulent schemers have often been
Bucceseful and in these days skeptics
want better proof than the word of a
stranger. No evidence can .be stronger
than the testimony of friends and neigh
bora, of people we know. Here is case of it :
Mrs. James Molen, of 219 Leo street,
who says: "Our son was greatly troub
led with his kidneys and although he
used many remedies nothing brought
laBting relief. We learned about Doan's
Kidney Pills and his father went to J.
Jas. Wood & Son's drug store on West
Second and Market streets and got a box
for him. Its use proved its great value.
We most heartily recommend Doan's
Kidney Pills to others suffering from
kidney ailmentB."
For Bale by all dealers. Price 50 cents
a box. Foater-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N.
Y., sole agents for tho United States.
Remember the name DOAN'S and
take no substitute.
Itjis here just arrived fresh
from the mines. Peacock and
Williams, at same old price.
Also handle BRICK, Sand,
Lime and Salt. Agents for
Alabaster Plaster &&&&&
Opera House!
PHONE 142.
Painleaa extraction of teeth at Dr. Cart-
The Grand Lodge, K. of P., has made
it possible for all lodges in this State to
to confer the three full degreeB for $10
during any two months of this year. The
Supreme Lodge meets in Louisville this
year and this special order was made
with a view to increasing the membership
in the State to 10,000 before that time.
Nothing old but the title The newest com
edy creation,
A medley of wit, beauty and song. Be
wildering in scenic effect and costumed splen
dor. Lower Floor 50c, Balcony 35c, Gallery 25c.
Mr. William D. Cochran, who has been
suffering for some weeks from a pleuritic
and pericardial effusion, ha9, latterly,
improved very much in his respiration
and in the action of the heart. He eat
up several days in the early part of the
week. He was operated on yesterday by
Dr. Connor, ol Cincinnati, and bore the
operation very well.
One Thousand Rendered Idle.
San Francisco, Jan. 15. The works
of the Illinois-Pacific Glass Co., in this
city, closed Thursday and 1,000 em
ployes, men, women, boys and girls,
rendered idle by a strike of the glass
blowers of tho works.
Young Corbett and Brltt to Fight.
San Francisco, Jan. 15. The fight
between "Young Corbett and Jimmy
Brltt was definitely settled Thursday.
They accepted tho offer of the Hays
.Valley club and will meet on March 11.
Wo want to thank tho public for their
very generous patronage throughout
tho past year, and it will be our aim
to merit public confidence In tho
future by square business methods.
Your money back If you arc not satis
fied, and remember that we are much
better prepared to show our diversi
fied lines in this good year of 1901
than wo have been in the past. More
room, more goods, and courteous
treatment to all. Wo Invite you to
No. 40 West Second Street.
.W cHro canccr w'thout the knifo. Very little
Jv .I" J!?T0. cur.Ld 9ver twentV cases fn Slason
ESTi7 (lnrlng the ,fl8t tcn Tc"s. Wo send i,
on,!i20kfu?on.reiuestwhlch ,cs all about
SltbSdT,of &mmu Will refer you to Mr.
edonla, Ky Mrs. Joel T. Lumau. Mt. Camel
KT- Wm. Bramel, North Fork. Ky. and a dOMn
others in your own county if you wish them.
Write for freo book at once.
Oddfellows Temple. Cincinnati, O.
January Clearance Sale
If s Money
In Your Jeans
To buy Pictures of W. H. HYDErl.
Some very nice ones left over which
will go very cheap. Inspect our
ready-made Frames.
121 Sutton Street.
Great Sacrifice on many lots of Boots and Shoes
?, It s worth coming to
j , v-"
. i
A. N. ELLIS, A. ML, M. D.
rJSSS'n&J?.'"'"? Assistant In tho. London
82 "kT' C'DOlnnatl CoHeso Medicine and Surgery
dftsetaiisi m uuaaiis si me Eyt,
Ear and Threat.
fliS8 S5HS and Rlassa ground to order. Of
fice No. 135 West Second St., Maysville, Ky.
Dentist jg
Central Hotel,
Thursday, February 4th, 904.
svn Jusru'-HOUSE-On West Third street,
J now ncuunliui hv Mr. n w linn iin..n..iI.n
8,'TS? ?,b0!lt Janu'H'y 18th. Apply Jl. H. RAINS
. -v., u.ttiu uu iuuuttu miCUUUUSU, Jt UUl
i -mimm
. , -. .-, ak: "t
v- . .rW-

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