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Evening Bulletin.
kossisr & McCarthy,
I For the 24 hours ending at 6:30 a. m.l
State of weather Cloudv
Highest temperature 77
Lowest temperature.. -II
Mean temperature 59
Wind direction Southerly
Precipitation (Inches) rain or suow 1 30
Previously reported for March 3 91
Total for March, to date 5.21
Mch. 20th, 9:19 a. m Fair, colder to-night. Suw
day, fair.
The people of Ohio are to bo congratu
lated ou the defeat of the bill to steal
the canals of that State. The victory of
the friends of the canala i'b all the more
significant becaueo Boss Cox, of Cincin
nati, used his f lTorts to put the measure
through. The vote was a rebuke to
The Sherman law was pas3ed in 1890.
Fourteen years afterward the first decis
ion in favor of the people was won under
it and it is a barren one. What of the
coal trust, sugar trust, beef trust, steel
trust, et al ? The man who pretenda to
believe that the Republican party is sin
cere in its war against trusts is an easy
mark, is the opinion of the Georgetown
Newe"-Deinocrat, and Br'er Eylar is right.
The effort of the Democrats to force
an investigation of the Postoffico Depart
ment was renewed Thursday but was
again defeated by the Republicans. The
latter claim that the rottenness has al
ready been exposed, and some of the
rascals convicted, but the Democrats
assert that the bottom has not been
reached yet. On this point the Wash
ington correspondent of the Courier-Journal
furnishes some interesting figures in
regard to the cost of transporting the
mails which certainly indicate the need
of a thorough probing of the service:
In 1882 there was under the system of
competition then in vogue, a clear sur
plus of ?1,400,984 to the credit of the
PoBtoflice Department, bo that it was
then on a paying basis. How this has
been changed will appear when it is
stated that the deficiency in expenditures
in this department in 1903 amounted to
54,500,044, which Congress iB now called
upon to provide for.
I have already shown that all this large
deficiency could have boen saved in
Shallenberger's office by wise business
management. In my last article on this
subject, I referred to the recent contest
between Capt. Castle, late Auditor for
the Postofilce Department, and Shallen
berg'er, (Second Assistant Postmaster
General) which finally resulted in the
retirement of the Auditor. This has
brought prominently before Congress and
the country the shiftless and unbusiness
like methods that have prevailed in the
contract office during the past four years.
I stated that nearly 540,000,000 are ex
pend for railroad Bervice annually, the
actual amount estimated and called for
by the Postmaster General for the cur
rent year being 538,242,000, and the esti
mate for the c mine year being $39,098,
000. Add to this $13 700,000 for railway
pcstoflicf8 and 5000,000 for electric car
service and vou have a total expenditure
of $54,004,000 for railway transportation.
But if we take into consideration the
cost of star, Bteamboat, mail messenger,
wagon service in cities, pneumatic serv
ice and "special facilities" we find the
extraordinary expenditure of over $72,
000,000 for mail transportation in the
United States, every item of which must
be examined and audited by the Sixth
Auditor for the Postoffice Department.
That there is an absolute necessity for
reform in the methoda of settling these
tremendous accounts goes without saying.
Before his forced retirement Capt. Castle
repeatedly declared that glaring defects
existed in the Bystein of auditing, which
he was powerless, owing to Shallenberg
er'e attitude, to remedy. The Controller
of the Treasury commented in severe
terms on this defective svstem, and stated
that the data furnished the Auditor was
insufficient. And as yet nothing has
been done to remedy the evil.
Lots Moro Proo! Llko This, and It Is All
From Maysvlllo People.
"The proof of the pudding iB the eat
ing of it." If any city or town in the
Union has eufiicient proof on the follow
Bubject it is Maysville. Genuine merit
is finding its reward in the hearty en
dorsement of local citizens. When peo
ple right here at home, friends and
neighbors of our neighbors, give a state
ment like the following for publication,
it is proof convincing for the most skep
tical. Bead this testimony.
Mr. A. W. McOlanahan, of 119 West
Second street, says: "Tho use of in my
case fully demonstrated tho value of
Doan's Kidney Pills. I suffered more or
less from kidney trouble for twenty
years, steadily becoming more persistent
as time passed on. My attention was
called to Doan's Kidney Pills and I got a
box at J. James Wood & Son's drugstore,
corner of WestSecond and Market streets.
The treatment so greatly benefitted me
that my only regret is that I did not
know of this valuable remedy years ago,
for had such been'the case I would have
been saved much suffering."
For sale by all dealers; price 50 cents
a box. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N.
Y solo agents for the United States.
Remember tho name DOAN'S and
take no substitute.
Venerable Father of Mrs Robert Ficklin
Passes Away nt (lis Home iu
Death removed a patriarchal citizen of
Covington Thursday night.
Charles Albert McLaughlin, known to
every man i'n the city for tho last half
century and more, died at tho homo of
his son, Albert, 1040 Scott street. He was
eighty-six years old and was born in Cov
ington in 1817. Death was due to infir
mities cf Bge.
Up to within the last five years he was
an active business man, but the infirmi
ties of age induced him at that time to
lay aside worry and he had since dwelt
qu'etly either iu Covington or at his fatm
near Big Bone Springs in Boone County.
Fifty years ago he was the leading bus
iness man of Covington and was consid
ered the wealthiest man in tho city. His
home was in what is now tho Colonial
Flats, at Fifth and Greenup streets, and
no house in tho city was more hospitable.
Ten years ago Mr. and Mrs. McLaugh
lin celebrated their golden wedding at
the home of her eon, William. Three
years ago the faithful companion of his
life died. Since then Mr. McLaughlin
bad been in failing health.
At the celebration of the anniversary
four generations were represented. Wil
liam P. McLaughlin and hiB eon, Wil
liam P., Jr., and Charles, tho son of Wil
liam P., Jr., besides the old man.
Threo boob and three daughters sur
vive. Thoy are William P., Charles A.
and Edward B. McLaughlin, of Coving
ton, Mrs. Robert Ficklin, of Maysville;
Mrs. Frank Clark, of Matoon, 111., and
Mrs. William Orr, of Covington. There
are eight grandsons, eleven granddaugh
ters, four great-grandsons and Beven
Rev. W. S. Priest formerly of this city
is now minister of the Central Christian
Church of Columbus, O. Several other
ex-Maysvillians, among them Mr. and
Mrs. Clinkenbeard and children, are
members of his church.
Mr. Emil WeiB is erecting a slaughter
bouse and cold storage plant on his lot
on the Fleming pike. Mr. John F. Mo
ran of this city has the contract for the
foundation and the John Dupps Com
pany of Cincinnati will construct and
furnish the buildings.
A strong effort is being made to have
Governor Beckham pardon George Mil
ler, who was given a year's sentence in
the penitentiary for running a faro bank.
Miller is ready to sign a pledge never to
gamble in any way, shape or form in the
State again. Dean Baker P. Lee went to
Frankfort Thursday and made a plea for
Miller's pardon.
Tho Bourbon grand jury in its first re
port Thursday indicted the poolroom op
erators, sheet writers, ticket writers,
cashier and chalker of Paris on alleged
charge of common nuisance. The pool
room has been paying a $5 fine in the
PariB Police Court every morning, and
the cases will be fought out in the Cir
cuit Court on the plea of former convic
tion. Governor Beckham has approved the
bill prohibiting the sale or transportation
of wild turkeys, pheasants, grouse, part
ridge and quail within the State of Ken
tucky. It makes it unlawful .for a com
mpn carrier to carry game except in pos
session cf the hunter who lawfully killed
it. Each bird or fowl iB made a separate
offense, and the penalty is from $10 to
$25 for the first offense, and from $25 to
$50 for any subsequent offense.
Reversing the case of Dewitt against
the O. and O. taken up from Bracken
County, tho Court of Appeala says: "In
an action against a railroad company and
one of its employes for damages, tho fact
that appellant had brought a suit against
the railroad company alone, which he
dismissed without prejudice upon an
ordor being made to transfer it to the
Federal Court, the lower court was not
without jurisdiction because of the re
moval of the first suit to the Federal
Court, where it was dismissed, and it was
error to overrulo appellant's demurrer to
the answer of appellees, and to sustain
tho plea to the jurisdiction."
In the appearance at the opera house,
matinee at 2:30 and to-night at 8:30, of
Willis Maxwell Goodhue's jolly comedy,
"Hello Bill," the patrons will enjoy one of
the greatc'Bt comedy treats of the season.
Incidental to the plot there are scores of
absurdities and it is not exaggeration to
say, that laughter never ceases. The
company engaged in this year's presen
tation' of the play is a notable one, in
cluding in its ranks Harry Blakemore,
Herbert J. Corthell, William H. Wood
side, H. Bernard Denny, Eugene Shakes
peare, Robert Watt, Caroline MacLean,
Gortrudo Eaymore, Margaret Sayres,
Lena Lorraine and Marion Kirby, Mat
inee priceB 10 cents for children and 25
cents for adults, night prices 25, 35 and
50 cents. Tickets for both performances
now on sale at Bay's.
They will be put up just as your
physician writes them. Re
member when Pecor's label is
on the bottle it means that the
contents of that bottle are of
the purest and best obtainable.
See that your label says
Wo bare confidence in tho good judgment of
the people of Maysville we will prove tho sin
cerity of our belief.
We will place in the southwest show window
of Messrs. John I. Winter & Co.'s store at Mays
ville, Ky., Saturday, March 2flth, our finest S450
Ebcrsolc Piano and will reduce it 20 each and
every day until some one stops the sacrifice by
buying the instrument.
This la our finest Ebcrsolc Flnno. A superb
instrument in our swellcst mahogany case, a
creation of which we are very, very proud. Our
price of 5450 upon this instrument is considered
by connoiseurs to bo much below its value. Wo
ourselves guarantco it to be tho equal of any
000 instrument of any other manufacturer I
Each and every day this instrument will bo re
duced 20 until some one Btops the sacrifice by
buying the instrument. We arc absolutely at
your mercy. If this piano only remains in tho
window one day we lose 8.0 if it remains two
days we lose 810.
This piano will remain in tho window until
sold. Don't wait too long. Only one person
can get it, and only one piano will be sold.
Some one. is liable to buy it any day ! Only
one piano will be sold someone will get the
bargain of a lifetime.
Watch this space each day.
$12, $18, $20.
Geo. H. Frank & Co.
Wver News.
Bonanza up to-night for Pomeroy.
Big shipments of coal have been sent
out from PittBburg the last few days.
The Peters Lee and Reese Lee will enter
the Cincinnati-Memphis trade and the
Bonanza returns to her old run in the
Pomeroy trade.
The packet Avalon, running from Pitta
burg to Parkorsburg, and the Ben Hur,
running from Parkersburg to Cincinnati,
will exchange runs. The Avalon is due
down to-morrow. She is larger than the
Ben Hur.
Rev. J. II. Hardin to Preach Sunday Evening.
Rev. J. II. Hardin, ox-President of
Eureka College, and formerly Secretary
of the American Christian Missionary
Society, will preach at the Christian
Church to-morrow night at 7 o'clock,
Rev. T. S. Buckingham will preach at
the morning service. Sunday school at
0:30 a. m. and Endeavor at 6:15 p. m.
The public invited.
Twenty-Bix hogsheads of Mason County
tobacco were sold at Louisville Thursday
at prices ranging from 5 to 12 cents.
Maysville women at least the best gowned are depending more and more
on the new Warner Corsets for grace, comf jrt and stylo. The modest price gives
no idea of the value.
Just a little bint of some models for $1.
French Coutil, low buBt, dip hip, excellent for medium and slender figures.
Firm Coutil, splendid for full figures, low bust, long hips, double supporters
Long waist, short hips; curved front, for tall, slender figures.
Tape girdles for negligee, for young girls and for women of very slight build.
Women's New Tailored Suits.
Handsome suits, many richly decorated with applique, strappings, gold braid,
velvet, buttons and the like. Thoy have the dashing military air that seemB to be
contagious this Eeason. Variety enough to suit every woman, covert cloth, zibe
line, cheviot, broadcloth and nappe effectB from $12J to $30. All suits refitted by
competent women in charge of the department.
Silk Petticoats With Charm.
Theso handsome new Taffata Silk Petticoats have all tho beauty good silk
and careful Btyliah making can give. Thoy are in black and a variety of new beau
tiful changeable efftcts. They will give the finishing touch to a Btyliah spring cos
tume.' Choice $5.
Office and Yard Plum Street, Phone 339.
vDealers in COAL, SALT and the famous Bowksr FERTILIZERS.
Also agents for
Read what a Mason County farmer si) 5 of his Deering Binder:
This is to certify that 1 bought a Deering Tonguo Truck 8 ft Binder In 1902. and wish to say
that is as far ahead of the old 6 and 7 ft. binders aa day is brighter than night. Iu one day I cut SO
acres of heavy wheat, and without tiring my horses any more than cutting 15 acres with tho old 0
ft. binder. It is perfectly free from neck weight or side draft and a pleasure to operate, elevating
grain that the old small binders would choke ou. Too much cannot be said in favor of this match
less labor saver. I can cheerfully recommend it to all my friends as the binder par excellence.
Very truly. CHAS. T. MARSHALL.
BSyThis is only a sample of what everybody says who has a Deering Ideal Binder."!!
Whiskey and .Beer, Habit
Physicians pronounce drunkenness a disease of the nervous system, creating a morbid
craving' for a stimulant. Continued indulgence in whiskey, beer or wine eats away tho
stomach lining and stupefies the digestive organs, thus destroying the digestion and
ruining the health. No "wilt power' can heal tho inflamed stomach membranes.
"ORRINE" permanently removes the craving for liquor by acting directly on the
affected nerves, restoring the stomach and digestive organs to normal conditions, improving
the appetite and restoring the health. No sanitarium treatment necessary ; " ORRINE "
car. be taken at your own home without publicity. Can be given secretly If desired.
Mrs. E. Wycllff. New York City, writes:
"'ORRINE' cured my husband, who was a
steady drunkard for many yars. lie now
has uo desire for stimulants, his health Is
Sood and he Is fully restored to manhood.
e used only five boxes of 'ORRINE. "
Mrs. W. L. D Helena. Mont., writes: "I
have waited one ye.n before writing you
of the permanent cure of ray son. He took
sanitarium treatment, as well ir other ad
vertised cures, but tbey all failed until we
gave him 'ORRINE.' He Is now fullv re
stored to health and has no destn- for drink."
MrA E. L-, Atlanta, Oa. writes: !
born with a love of whisk -y and drank it
LOST Gold framed glasses between II. Iegrig's
residence and Hays' grocery. Leav at
Hays' grocery. Reward. 20-dlt
LOST Thursday afternoon on tho Lexington
pike between Maysvlllo and Washington, or
on tho Clark's Run pike between Washington
and my home, 815, in paper money, $10 and $5
bill. Please return to me. JAMES HOLMES.
Just received car Kanawha coarse salt,
best on the market.
up anil advised
tho first dose-
( "zMW Relief for Women. I
.1 . j, m ... l ., "mj luiraraomiu oeioro i was entirely cured, butnt
TlnnVVTn 1W ZVf n:.5.,l -.!.
most blessed medicine that a
womajt could possibly take when
Uo feels sick and tirml at life.
m most blessed medicine that a v-? rf
m nvuiiyivuuiu iuitaiui; WW wuou r j CyVtnt H
Obatob, Wednesday CiiAOTAuqcA Club.
Mrs. Nelson describes tho condition o thousands of women. That con
dition comes by slow stapes. Usually the important function of menstruation
13 at first slightly irregular. 1 hen cornea tho painful periods. Bearing-down
pains and ovarian inflammation follow. Finally tho nervous Bystem gives way
and the whole system has become affected and the pains rack the bod v from
head to foot, '
Wine of Cardui is a menstrual regulator of established reputation. No
woman who takes it suffers as Mrs. Nelson suffered. It givc3 speedy and com-
,..,.v...v.., '""""'"'s uiBiiBuuui ujjuiihjs wmen are maKing so
many women invalids today. Do not lot yourself come to the pitiable
condition Mrs. Nelson describes.
Securo a bottle of Wine of Cardui from your druggist today and
begin treatment immediately,
for thirty-two years. It finally brought me
to the gutter, boraelers and friendless I
was powerless to resist the craving and
would steal and lie to get whiskey. Four
boxes of 'ORRINE' cured me of a'tl desire
and I now ha.e the smell of llquur "'
Price $1 per box. Mailed lit plain, scaled
wrapper by Orriuc Comiiany 817 Nth St.,
Washington D. O. Interesting book Treat
ise ou Drunkenness, (scaled tree on request.
Pold and recommended by
Second and Sutton Sts Maysville, Ky.
EOR SALE A nice organ. Handsome walnut
cabinet. Apply at 429 Forest avenue. 2l-d3t
EOR8ALE MULES Threo pair good workers;
sound. Ages, three to eight. At farmer's
prices. Address. REUBEN MARTIN, Aberdeen, O.
PUBLIC SALE I will sell at publio auction
Tuesday, April 12th, at 2 p. m my four
story business house, residence and two lots ad
joining, if not sold privately before. HENRY
ORT. 22-dtd
Pan "kako" flour and syrup Calhoun's.
No, 18 Central Avo.
Hot SrniNos, Abk., April 80, 1903.
Eighteen months ago I was so completely rnn down
that my body ached from head to foot. My back seemed
to break in two and I suffered intense pain in the lower
abdomen. I could not afford to lay off and take a rest,
ana no medlcino helped mo any.
A friend told mo now mnch Winn of rim-riiil lmHt Vio
mo by all means to take it. The day I took
the recovery of my health began. It was
" "Ci"lU """" UUU UCC" iUI BUV0U "'8.
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