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Evening Bulletin.
uossEit & McCarthy,
I For the 2 hours ondlnt; at 6:30 a.m.'
State of weather Cloudy
Highest temperature !W
Lowest temperature 24
Mean temperature SO
Vlnd direction Northerly
Precipitation (inches) rain or snow T
Previously report6d for April 00
Total for April to datb 00
April 4th, 0:08 a. m Ftiir to-ntglU and Tuesday.
Jilting (emHralure Tumlay.
AccoimiNa to the German income tax
Btatiatios for 1003, the highest income re
turned by n single individual in Berlin
was 5740,000. Tho n xt highest was $053,
750. Tho taxes pajd on these amounted,
respectively, to $20,100 and 520.150.
Thirteen pprsons paid taxes on incomes
between $500,000 and $250,000. The num
ber of thoEe taxed on iucomes of more
than ?750 was 53,809, while 378,484 paid
taxes on incomes below $750.
Hon. A. O. Bacon, United States Sena
tor from Georgia, who is a level-headed
and conservative Democrat, says that, bo
far as he can judge, Georgia would favor
Buch a man as Judge Parker or Senator
Gorman. Either, in his opinion, has the
qualities to give tho Democracy a reason
able prospect of success in tho election
and to make a good President. Tho
South, he concludes, is clearly in favor
of a candidate who is in a position to
carry Now York, New Jersey, Connecti
cut and Indiana.
In two years President Roosevelt, be
sides his salary, has expended more in
extras than did President Hays, Presi
dent Garfield, President Arthur, Presi
dent Cleveland, President Harrison and
President McKinley all put together.
Houston Chronicle.
In other words, as the Indianapolis
Sentinel saye, in less than three years
Mr. Roosevelt has cost the country in
the matter of extra expenses more than
was paid out in tho twenty-four yeara
immediately preceding his occupancy of
the White House. If ho should have
another four .years, then what? We do
not believe that the American people
will give him power beyond the present
term, but if euch a mistake should be
made in other words, if his extravagance
should be approved what may we not
The engine of tho fast express duo
hero at 1:35 Sunday broke an eccentric
strap at Broshear's Station, causing a
delay of an hour or so. Another locomo
tive took the train from here to Hunting
ton. i
Tho Mt. Olivet Democrat speaking of a
call from 'Fquirp John M. Ball, of Sardis,
says : " 'Squire Ball is a veteran of T;wo
warp, having served in. tho Mexican and
Civil wars and is yet hale and hearty
for a man of his age seventy-seven. He
crossed tho plana in 1847 with Sterling
Price. He has four brothers all younger
than be, living in Texas N. C, engaged
in merchandizing at Dennison; Andrew
J., practicing law at Dallas; Ben, farm
ing in Dallas County ; Fant, farming near
Piano. He has one sister, Mrs. Nuck
Clark, of Paris, Ky. At a recent dinner
ten of the Ball family were present and
their combined weight was over a ton."
Mr. Frederick Briener, aged sixty
seven, a .brother of Mrs. Peter Eritsch
who lives on the Fleming pike, died a
few days ago at Iwb home in Harrison
County. Tho Cyntbiana Democrat, in
speaking of his death, says: "Mr. Brei
ner was a representative farmer of this
county, an honest and industrious man
and a good and industrious citizen in
every way. His death was more than a
bitter bereavement to the family, from
the fact that it marked the third that
has occurred within the past year. It
will bo remembered that Victor Breiner
met a tragic death by being caught in
the forks of a tree by a falling limb.
Then a few months ago Fred Breiner, Jr.,
died aftera lingering illness. Tho sym
pathy of their myriads of friends goes
out to the stricken family. There sur
vive tho wife, two sons, Peter and John,
and two daughters, Christine and Mary."
Fpr women who are will
ing to pay a fair price for
a first-class Oxford. This
number is different from
the ordinary. It's as hand
some as a picture, and will
stancj strenuous usage. You
Will find it a
White Collar People to Make Warm Fight
Against New Independent Line.
LOallJpolJs Tribune.
It is paid that the Commodore Laidley
will Bend the Tacppag through from Cin
cinnati to Portsmouth in opposition to
the independent packet line. It is alqq
Eaid that the Indiana will be brought out
to assist in tho fight and that freight
rates will be cut tp pieces by tho White
Collar Line. 'The people at Huntington,
Ironton, Portsmouth and other points
below there have been howling for an
independent boat fpr years. They have
go); one npw npd a gpod one tP, but the
question js will they stick to that inde
pendent boat. In tho past (hey failed
to do this and the consequence was they
were Boon without the independent pack
et. The Urania, Pierce, Grapevine,
Helen Gould were all made to "bite the
dust" by Commodore Liidley yet the
dear people along tho shores from Irpq
ton down wanted an independent boat.
A shippers ppckebook lays mighty
close to his heart. Time will tell the
tale of who will be the victor in the pres
ent steamboat war.
There is a concentrated effort being
made- to put Commodore Laidley out of
the steamboat business between Pome
roy, Cincinnati and Memphis. The Com
modore is a scrapper and hjs past battles
have ended victoriously. He is Bome
what handicapped at present owing to a
shortage of boats for the lower river
trade. The Lees have taken charge of
tho Cincinnati and Memphis trade.
Commodore Laidley still has tho Cin
cinnati and Louisville trade and is fight
ing hard to, hold the Pomeroy and Cin
cinnati trade,
What would please the people be
tween Pomeroy and Cincinnati would
be three good packets fast enough to
make tho time and run with some degree
of regularity.
Doga have killed or crippled over a
hundred Bheep in Woodford County
lately and tho rmers are on tho war
Mr. Dulin Mods who left Lexington
the first of March haB accepted a perma
nent postition on the Denver Poet, one
of the most prominent dailies of tho
western city. Mr. Mobb was formerly
connected with theLexington Democrat
and has made "good" in his new field.
His friends are gratified to learn of his
The farmers of Daviess County are or
ganizing for the prevention of the growth
of tobacco. The prices that have been
received there this year are far below
the cost of production, and they readily
see that it will be impossible to make a
living at the present rate. The beet
Bales made there only show an average
of $4 per hundred.
The tobacco grown under canvas on
the farm of Hon. J.E. Cahili by Mr. Wil
liam Ball was sold to Mr. Styles at 15
cents around. Mr. Styles was highly
pleased with the way it was handled.
Mr. Ball ia considered one of tho most
proficient farmers in the State. There
v as a mistake in first statement about
te yield ; twenty-eight hundred pounds
is what.it made.
Madison County gave the World's Fair
its President, and now gives tho hostess to
the Kentucky Building. Mrs. Bertha
Miller Smith, of Richmond, was elected
to tCe position by unanimous vote, having
obtained a majority on the twentieth bal
lot. Mrs. Smith is the widow of Dr. A.
Wilkes Smith, who was Deputy Grand
Exalted Ruler of tho B. P. 6. E. of Ken
tucky at the time of his death.
Lyman H. Howe in bis moving picture
exhibition delighted everybody who aaw
it when given here a few months ago.
He has a large number of pictures col
ored according to the tints of nature.
Tho process is a new one and Mr. Howe
secured it at great expense. To Bee the
moying pictures in all of their original
colors adds very much to the interest of
tho entertainment. This series will be
seen at tho opera house on Friday even
ing. Seats go on sale at Ray's Wednes
day morning.
Plant in
A slight difference in the quality
of seed make a big difference in
tho harvest. It pays to get the
best seed grown and to know that
they are fresh. We arp agena for
No question about their relia
bility. Get Landreth's Seeds and
you will be able to plant with poo
fidence ant) reap with satisfaction.
We baye. every thing in garden,
field and flower seed's. Bulk or in
packet. Right seeds at right prices.
Cor. Sfeond and Sutton StrosU, (Hiytvllli, Ky.
Kills the Germs of Grip, Catarrh and Colds
"Costs No tuiug If It Fails," Say
J, J. Wood & Son.
Now that Hyomei can bp obtained in
nearly every town and city in the coun
try, it is possible to buy from druggists a
health giving climate, to be carried in
the purse or pocket. By breathing it a
few minutes four times a day you can
soon cure grip, coughs, colds and even the
worat and most chronic cases of catairh.
J. J. Wood & Son have seen so many re
markable cures made by the Hyomei
treatment, that they sell it with the
positive agreement to return the money
if it fails to cure.
A complete outfit costs but $1, and
consists of the pocket inhaler, medicine
dropper and sufficient Hyomei to last
several weeks.
It effects a cure in tho worst catarrhal
troubles and if breathed at the commence
ment of a cold or the grip, will check it
quickly and prevent sickness. Extra
bottles of Hyomei can be obtained for 50c.
When breathed through the inhaler,
the germ-killing and health-giving
Hyomei goes to the most remote cells of
the throat and lungs, killing all the ca
tarrhal germB, soothing the irritated
mucous membrane and vital'zing the
blood with ozone.
At this season of the year eyery one
should have a Hyomei outfit to prevent
and cure catarrhal troubles, and ward off
attacks of grip, pneumonia and similar
germ diseases.
There is No Use Leaving; Mays
villo Believe the Statements
of Maysville Resident.
Endorsed by residents of Maysville.'
Proof positive from Maysville people.
Cannot be evaded or doubted. '
Read this statement:
Mr. O. H. Cooper, of 219 West Second
street, says : "For many years I suffered
from attacks of kidney trouble and bad
reason to think I was fast drifting into
Bright's disease. I bad the great good
fortune to learn about Doan's Kidney
Pills and procured them at J. Jas. Wood
& Son's drug store. The remarkable
benefit I obtained from tho treatment is
a guarantee of tbo marvelous value and
effectiveness of Doan's Kidney Pills."
For Bale by all dealers r price CO cents
a box. Foster-Milbum Co., Buffalo, N.
Y., sole agents for the United. States.
Remember the name DOAN'S and
tako no substitute.
Married Easter Sunday.
Mr. J. W, Crquch and Miss Emma L.
Pieratt, a handsome young couple of
Bethel, Bath County, were marriod in
the parlors of the new Central Hotel
Sunday evening at 0:30 o'clock by Rov.
Dr. Molloy of tho Central Presbyterian
Church. .
O. H. P. Thomas & Co. have high
wino for sale.
The Flemingsburg 'bus resumed busi
ness Saturday. Npw hanioea and now
'bus and good service. Low rates.' Lqaves
Maysville at 2 p. m. daily.
Spring in Full Bloom!
Weather and calendar may say what they will, to-day spring is here with
marvelous charm in our Tailored Gowns for women. Coats ard in the new Eton
stylo with sloping Bhoulders and military trimmings. Skirts are in the walking
length that just ouch thp ground, or with a Blight train that gives a graceful effect
without heaviness. $121 to $30.
Indispensable for separate skirts" this spring aqd equally prptty for entire
frockB. There is plenty of light too, for showing their sparkle and luster, in the
selling place at the north end of tho atorp. 50c. to $1 05.
If you need a new carpet Wijfop Velvets are the most effective. The price
has been regular 1 25. We, hayp en pieces, eight excellent Btyles that we will sell
for $1. Designs and colors siiitpd to any ropm, parlor, library, bedrppm, dining
room. Our Carpets and Mattings are their, own best argument. SEE THE I.
rrr r - r-
Shape retaining, wear resisting and style preeminence, with right prices, causes a
rapid selling pf Spring 1904 Clothes for us. See our windows, note the lownesa of
price marked plainly on every Suit. Carefully follow the outline' of tho garmente,
the designs of the fabrics. They aro above the common place, away from the usual.
Keop in mind tho guarantee of "absolute satisfaction or your money back." $7.50,
$10, $12 and $15 prices.
1 , , . TT3
r Aril VIE. no
Gome to see me nd list your farm
for sale if you want to sell any time
within twelve months 5
My catalogue will be ready to disr
tribute by May 1st, 1904.555
JM Estate, 215 Pourt
PHONE 333.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs.S.N. Bradford, a
fine son. ' '
Regular meeting of Haymakers this
evening at 7 o'clock. Work and'refreBh
menfs. A. L. Schatzjiann, O. II.
O. P. Rasp, O. of A.
. .
A telegram was recoived Sunday aftqr
noon by Dieterich Bros, announcing the
death of tb.oir cousin, Mr. Jacob Ludv. of
Philadelphia. He was a retired candy
manufacturer and visited here -several
years ago,
Street, Maysville, Ky.
Fni?7.No; l "-year-old short-horn
hit at ? WKnD,lC?& i Aply t0 CHAI1LE3 T. MAlt
BHALL, North Fork. Ky. 2-dtt
QEEO COEN FOB SALE-From forty to Mty
taL.n i1olVniw c9r?' Awarded premium nt
m ??7iUo .tobacco Mr. Apply o FBANK
BLACK on tarm Q. 0. Keith in Charleston Bo$
TnI!:J!AfEBarn,!)ln complete 21x30x1 1. All
AL7,X, jrL sc!1 PMlo j auction
?o?.riUU8J?3n)J,s?f Nf&WO P two lota ad
I f?Tiv K ll uot poW P'lvatcly before. HKNR.Y
' '&,'
j f-:.-'.
- A; "? ' '-
" f"
7 ' -: .
S .
.l.-?l. L
.- .njuJBLiartlfe-'Vfr iJ4fcial

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