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Evening Bulletin.
I For the 21 hours ending at 6.30 a. m.'
State of Wf ather Clomlv
Highest temperature 63
Lowest temperature IS
Mean temperature 63
Wind direction Westerly
Precipitation (Inches) rain or snow T.
Previously reported for May 70
Total for May to date 70
Mav 19th. 9 15 a. m Fair to nlyht ami Friday.
Warmer Ft May.
And now a scandal has been disclosed
in the patent oflice at Washington City.
"Turn the RacalB Oat" would be a good
campaign Blosan for the Democrats next
Is view of all the rascality and rotten
ness in different departments of the Na
tional Government, the Hon. Joseph
Folk of Missouri would be a good man to
put in charge of affairs at the National
Capitol for a while.
The price of illuminating oil has been
gradually increased until now it is 14
cents a gallon, and that gigantic combine
t of extortioners known as the Standard
Oil Company is filling its coffers with
millions to be apportioned among the
gang. It has not been so very many
years since Maysville peoplo Sbuld buy
all the oil they wanted at 7 and S cents a
gallon, but that was before the trust
tightened its grip upon the country.
The increase in the price explains how
the combine can distribute millions upon
millions of dollars every year in dividends.
And while pondering over this question
don't lose sight of the fact that the Re
publicans continue to give this gigantic
trust all the "protection" it demands in
the way of tariff legislation.
Mr. John Marr of Carlisle was in
town Wednesday.
Mrs: John W. Tilton has returned
from a visit at Carlisle.
Mr. John J. Klipp has returned
from a business trip to Mt. Olivet.
Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Skinner are vis
iting their son, Dr. Skinner, of Flemings
burg, this week.
Miss Margaret Maley of Lewisburg
has returned home after a visit to Miss
Allie O'Laughiin.
Mrs. W. A. SlusBer of Cincinnati is
here called by the illness of her father,
Captain Jacob Miller.
Mrs. Elizabeth Wall and daughter,
Miss Ida, of Flemingsburg, are guests of
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Means.
Mrs. Susan Kilpatrick has moved to
the residence bought recently by Mr. J.
C. Jefferson on West Fourth street.
Mrs. S. P. Baird of Carlisle returned
home Wednesday after spending a few
davp here with her sisters, the Misses
Mr. Fred Wohlfrcm and Mr. Thos
O'Laughiin have returned to Cincinnati
after a visit to the latter'a mother, Mrs.
O'Laughiin, of Lewisburg.
Mrs. Edward Rector of Chicago ac
compaiied by her niece, Mies Anna Row
land, is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A.
Davis and other friends here.
Mr. and Mrs. John Walton enter
tained Sunday with a dinner in honor of
their guests, Mr. Thos. O'Laughiin and
Mr. Fred Wohlfrom, of Cincinnati.
Dr. J. B. Taulbee is attending the
convention of the State Medical Society
at Lexington, as the delegate of the
Mason County Meciual Association.
Sheriff Roberson. Chief of Police
Donovan and Messrs. Ed Richeson,Thos.
Guilfoyle and Stanton Clift left this morn
ing to witnes the Derby at Latonia to-day.
Miss Stella Archdeacon left this
morning for Lexington to viBit Mr. and
Mrs. Geo. F. Brown. From there she
will go with thpm to Roanoke, Va., to at
tend the U. 0. T. convention.
Messrs. James Childs, Linden
Woods, E. W. Hutchison, Dr. S. R. Har
over and Hon. Wm. H. Cox are in Mid
dlesboro attending the meeting of the
Grand Encampment, I. 0. 0. F.
Mr. W. G. Heiser and son of Greens
burg, Ind., arrived Wednesday on a visit
to relatives. Mr. Heiser's many friends
will be gratified to know he contem
plates resuming his residence in Mays
ville. Kisses.
The lecture of the Rev. Dr. C. F. Evans
on the abovo popular topic was listened
to by a good audience at the First M. E.
Church, South, last evening. The'Doc
tor treated the topic from every stand
point except its practical application.
The lecture was full of beautiful and
striking illustrations and incidents from
the lives of the highest and lowliest.
Those who hoard this address will no
doubt be inspired to indulge more fre
quently. Mr. Thomas Y. Nesbitt is improving.
Breakfast food and strawberries. Cal
houn's. Misses Lillian Chanslor and Lulu Mc
Namara of Millorsburg rendered piano
soloo at the Knights of Pythias contest
at Falmouth last evoning. Miss Chans
lor is a sister of Mrs. Frank Armstrong
and Miss McNainara has visited in Mays
ville and has many friends here.
His Hope Is in Organization Living I'rices
Can Thus be Obtained
Lexington Herald.
In a conversation with a gentleman
who is perfectly conversant with the to
bacco trade in all of its phases, he said
that the opportunity waB never more fa
vorable for the farmers to perfect an or
ganization for their protection than the
present. He reviewed their efforts the
past year, and ascribed the reason of fail
ure to their luke-warm support of Mr.
Hawkins. He said there would be no
trouble to raipe the required amount of
money to bundle the crop if the farmers
wou'd join hands sincerely and heartily:
"A few of the most sturdy did go into
the business and work with a vim and
energy worthy of credit. Others, mainly
the large raiserp, pulled back, hoping to
pre fit by the eQorts of the workers and
not lay themselves liable to the ill will
of the Continental Company in case of
failure of the Echeme. If they had gone
together this paBt year and worked the
scheme to a finish, they could just as
well have realized the prices prevailing
in the past month.
The profit realized to the farmers
would have capitalized a company suf
ficiently strong to run the business.
120,000,000 pounds of tobacco at a profit
of 10 cents per pound would make the
enormous sum of $12,000,000.00. The
farmers might have had that much
money to their credit as stock in the far
mers' organization, besides having used
the amount that was realized for the
crop from the Continental, had they
joined hands there would have been no
trouble to realize a greater profit than 10
cents even. They should do it yet for
the ensuing year, and get their organiza
tion completed while there is no sur
plus to contend with. Secure the signa
ture of every raiser of tobacco in Ken
tucky and Ohio, then go to work and put
the organization in thorough working or
der and be ready to receive and pay for
the crop at an agreed price by the first of
November. Then when the crop is sold
the residue or profit could be disposed of
as they saw proper. It could be used to
capitalize the company or could be drawn
and used and then next year hypothecate
again the growing crop. I favor the lat
ter way, as the men who were growers
this year might not be next year.
The present effort of the Continental
is directed. towards producing a surplus
which does not now exist and to getting
the crop in their control. They are even
now May, 1904, trying to buy tobacco
to be delivered in thp winter of 1901-05,
showing that they do not feel secure and
that the effort made by the farmers last
year caused them to think. Of course, if
the farmers raise a larger crop than can
be used and each one tries to knock the
pins from under his neighbor, not caring
what becomes of his neighbor so long as
he gets a satisfactory price for his own
crop, it will only be a short time until
the crop will be a drag at 4 to G cents
and the farmer at the complete mercy of
the Continental. As seen by people ac
quainted with the general workings of
the trade there is no trouble to toll what
the Continental wants and what will help
them most. A big crop, which will leave
in someone's hands a surplus. Curtail
I the crop. Organize. Be sure. Get as
I much for tobacco grown on one acre of
good land as on five acres of every kind
of land. This will be the result if you
curtail and organize. Control your own
A Musical Treat Promised.
There is a great treat in store for lovers
of music in Maysville and vicinity at the
opera house Monday evening, the 23rd
inst. Brahm Yan den Berg, the Belgian
pianist, will be heard in a program of
surprising interest. His playing is a
revelation, and so astonishing is his
technic that he does seemingly impos
sible things. Mr. Yan den Berg has
been in this country but a very short
time, but he has astonished musicians
and critics with his virtuosity in a num
ber of cities. He played this season with
the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
under the direction of Frank Yan Der
Stucken in the great Music Hall and cre
ated unbounded enthusiasm. Tho En
quirer, in speaking of this performance,
said :
Tho fifth Symphony concert was a triumphant
tribute to the artistic equipment of a pianist
who had behind him the fame of an interna
tional success. Mr. Brahm Van dou Berg was
heard In tho Saiut-Saens Concerto for piano In G
minor No.'.', a composition as plautlsically grate
ful as It is exacting on tho musician. In both
those respects Mr. Yan den Berg realized au Ideal
with fow of tho great pianists of the preseut day
possess. From tho interpretative side tho
thorough, deeply convinced inuslclan-artlst was
in evldeuco, and grew upon the nudienco from
tho first notes of tho rhapsodic introduction to
tho brilliant closo of the final presto. There is a
marvelous crlsnncss in this pianist's staccato
playing, and tho singing tono which ho roveals
at all times is that of tho muslclan-poct. Ills
stylo of playing Is direct and without a tlngo of
mannerism, Tho tone-color with which ho in
vested his reading was that of tbo master who
spoko with conviction. Tho tone which ho
elicited from his Instrument was uuiformly
beautiful, and in tho fairy-like first part of tho
second movement was Invested with a rare gift
ol poetlo fancy. While In tho tremendous tech-
I nlcal requirements of the presto ho fully met
Absolutely Pure
Breathe Ilyoinei and Kill All Catarrhal
Germs ".Money Rack if it Fails."
Say J. J. Wood & Son.
There is no dangerous stomach drug
ging when using Hyomei. The healing
and aromatic balsams which compose
this wonderful treatment are breathed
through a neat pocket inhaler that comes
with every SI outfit.
In this way the germ-killing and health
giving Hyomei penetrates to the moBt
remote cells of the lungs. It searches
out and kills disease germs in the air
paesages of the head, throat and nose,
Boothes and heals the irritated mucous
membrane, and absolutely drives catarrh
from the system.
Such remarkable results have followed
the use of Hyomei by the best people in
Maysville that J. J. Wood & Son have
the greatest confidence in its power to
cure catarrh. They believe in it so thor
oughly that they will give their personal
guarantee to refund tho money if it does
not cure, the purchaser to be the sole
This is an unusual offer and the first
time that any medicine or treatment for
the cure of catarrh has been sold in this
way. If it cures, the expense ib trifling,
while if it fails, the cost is absolutely
If you are fortunate enough not to be
troubled with catarrh, tell your friends of
J. J. Wood & Son's offer and get them to
take advantage of it.
If Not, "What Better Proof Can
Maysville Residents Ask
This is the statement of a Maysville
The testimony of a neighbor.
You can readily investigate it.
The proof should convince you.
Mrs. R. Wallingford, of 220 January
street, says : "Doan's Kidney Pills which
I got at J. Jas. Wood & Son's drug store,
corner of West Second and Market streetB
proved of such great benefit to Mr. Wal
lingford that he did not consider it nec
essary to take more than one box to
cure him of backache which had annoyed
him for some length of time. My father
also used Doan's Ointment and is en
thusiastic in its praise."
For sale by all dealers ; price 50 cents
a box. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N.
Y., sole agents for the United States.
Remember the name DOAN'S and
take no substitute.
vlrtuoslc demands, it was the lofty musical In
terpretation ho gave tho entire work that Im
pressed itself most. Mr. Van den Berg was re
called by tho audience several times, and pre
sented in honor of McKluloylDay with a bouquet
of deep red carnations.
City Teachers Are Requested to Meet at
High School Friday Afternoon at
3 0'Cloek.
The Board of Education hereby urges
every teacher in the city schools to be
present Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock
at the High School building. An organ
ization will be eflected ; committees ap
pointed and general plans devised, co
operating with the county school teach
ers and Superintendent in the matter of
fittingly welcoming the Kentucky Edu
cational Association, which will hold its
convention in Maysville June 23, 1904.
Clarence L. Sali.ke,
President of tho Board of Education.
Harry O. Curran, Secretary.
Thieves stole jewelry valued at $1,000
from the rooms of Mr. and Mrs. Ironton
Kellev at tho Yentura Hotel, ABhland.
It is thought that the theft was com
mitted by a follower of the street fair
which was in Ashland last week.
Worth $5 to $8 More!
By their original tacs you shall know them $10 does not begin to do them
jujitico as a price mark. But we'ro willing to pay a penalty of $5 to $S on each of
these handsome suits for having allowed them to linger.
Colors, black, blue, gray, tan and mixtures.
Materials, serge, tweeds, etamines, and suitings.
Designs, Etons, Norfolks and Eton-blouses.
Then an item of additional interest in the shape of Women's Suits at $15,
formerly $25. This offer is well worth your investigation.
Quality Carpets!
Charming patterns for library, dining-room, hall and stairs. Just the artistic
shadesjof green, blue or red to make a perfect background for mahogany and rich
oaks. A beautiful mingling of Oriental tints introduced in many novel and delight
ful designs.
Axminstere SI, S1.25 Wiltons $1, $125. Body Brussols $1. $1.25. Tapes
tries 59c. to 95c. Ingroins 25c. to 75c.
Right Clothes Right Priced
Caused an unusual activity in the early beginning of Spring trade. No
need to close your eyes upon the open door of opportunity found here.
To-day we present an attractive display of boys' wearables in wash and
wool Suits, Sweaters, "Mothers' Friends" Waists and Belts C & &
4 4 GEO. H.
Made of the best material and with flexible ex
tension soles dull kid tops and Cuban heels.
This is one of the handsomest and best-fitting
half shoes made.
1 FREE 3
dgf Reserved g
, Seats to the Great """
Van Den Berg &
fl Can be obtained by calling G
f at Messrs. John I. Winter & dP
e Cos store now and obtain-
dp ing an order, which you P
ifr wfll present at Ray's Drug (SI
Store SATURDAY Morn- P
e ing, May 2 J, and reserved 9
B seats and coupons will be -0
pT First Come, First Served. jg
" Remember the dtstribu- ?
P ' tion of reserved seats opens "
d at Ray's Drug Store Satur- """E
y" day morning, May 2Jst, at "?
"P"" 9 o'clock. If you want a ' lg
4 good seat be in line early. 2
P" No reserved seats given """?
without an order. So don't ""g
4s" forget to call at Winter & -"f.
4P Co.'s store and get your or-
der. Yours anxious to please, V&
g- The Smith Nixon
m Piano Co.
River News.
Keystone State for Pittsburg and Stan
ley for Pomeroy to-night. Tacoma down
Coal men expect a barge stage at Pitts
burg before tho week cloaos. Tho River
Coal Company has about twenty tow
boats ready to Bend out any time and
has fleota ready for that many boats.
. '
Miss Nellie T. Burke, of Wllkesbarre,
has applied for membership in'tho In
ternational Association of Machinists.
Inasmuch as sho is tho first woman to
apply, tho local officers are puzzled as
to what will be tho result. Business
Agent Galligan will forward tho ap
plication to headquarters. Miss Burke
Is a skilled machinist and is employed
at tho Wilkosbarro laco mills, where sho
mondo broken looms. Sho has been do
lus the work for several years. She was
recently offered an excellent position as
machinist In'a Philadelphia factory.
By aud with the consent of all concerned, I will
otter at public sale ou
Tuesday May 24th, 1904,
at 2 o'clock p. m., the following real estate: Tho
large Frame Building with Lot and Stable, situ
ated In Maysllck, Kentuckyaud known as tho
Ilotel Property. This property Is in good repair
and has all the Necessary Outbuildings. It is
now occupied by Mike Young and has excellent
Bar-room arrangements. It is very desirable
property for Hotel and Bar purposes. It will be
bold on reasonable terms and must be sold tosot-
tlnnQtntAnf Wm T DM.lr.ti 4Ann... ...a T ti.t.-
glad to answer any inquiries,
xr T. V. MCKNIGHT, Administrator.
'uajavuiu, ivy.
Have You Seen the Traveler' Combination Accident
Five per cent. Increase annually for ten years
without one cent extra expense to you. Double
indemnity If injured while a passenger on a
train, steamboat or elevator, or while sustained
in a burning building, and specified sums for
surgical operations resulting from accidental In
juries. Stop in, no trouble at all to show it to
you. and take a look at tho best accident policy
on the market la tho greatest accident company
of the world. W. IIOLTON KEY, Agent.
Undertakers and Embalmers!
Calls answered day or night.
--------- ,,-,- - ,- ,- r -.1-, ,,j-L, iuin-ri n -i.rirt.rtnjrun in r.r.ij -iiT-rn
WANTED-The person who took a package'
,..,,,,JPalJLof pa,,,s) through mistake from
WELLS & COUQHLIN'S, to return same Immedi
ately. 17-3t
OST Rfltnrrtnv. n. nnplrnn'n hntu ,. unn
XJ vlllo and Germantown with 1). Hunt & Son
wVBPi.rr-Tv?nf)rs' narao on lt Return to MR.
COUGHLIN, Germantown, or this office, and re
celvo a liberal reward. 17-3td
1TJOU RENT Rcsldenco-Four rooms and
iSt kJmkTU,l,1' ourtu Etrcet near Market. ROB
JSUl JflCKLIN. 17.d.1t
TF? X W OU SALK-Kesldenco ol Mm!
JJ Shackleford, West Second street. Houso
modem In e ery respect. KOBERT FICKUN.
Wo are authorized to 'announce Congressman
JAMES N. KEIIOK as a candldato for re-electlou
Novombor, 1301, subject to tho action of the
Democratic party.
"Wo are paying tho highest market
price for wool. "Winter. & Everett.

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