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Evening Bulletin.
A Righteous Distribution Between Capital
ami the Men That Make It Is What
Is Demanded.
' I
; a
; i
I For tho 24 hours, ending at 6:30 a. m.'
State of weather Cloudy
Highest temperature DO
Lowest temperature (M
Mean tetnnerAture 81
Wind direction Southerly
Preclpltatlou (Inches rain or snow T.
Previously reported for May 99
Total for May to date 99
May 2fith, 9.30 a. m. Shouvrs and cooler to-night.
Friday fair, cuoler.
New York Jurist Supported Nebrsukun in
Roth uf Latter Campaigns.
"Parker voted for Bryan in lS9G and
1900. He did more. He used his influ
ence to bring about Bryan's election and
conferred with other Democrats-to this
This statement was made by the Hon,
John Wesley Gaines, Congressman from
the Nashville, Tenn., district, who is in
Louisville on his way home from the East.
Mr. Gaines is a great admirer of Judge
Parker, having declared himself in favor
of the New York jurist several years ago.
He recently visited Judge Tarker at his
home and has the latter's word as to his
political record. Mr. Gaines also has a
letter from J. D. Wurts, Chairman of the
Democratic Committee of Ulster county,
Baying that Judge Parker was one of the
most loyal supporters Bryan had.
"Democrats of the EaBt say that Parker
is the only man who can carry New York,"
said Mr. Gaines.
"They are relying upon the Democrats
of the South to join hands with those of
New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut
and Indiana and nominate Parker. My
own State of Tennessee will, I feel confi
dent, instruct for Parker, and I hope Ken
tucky will do the same thing.
"Democrats everywhere I have been say
Parker can win in the election, and I am
absolutely confident that he will be the
next President if the Democrats will only
nominate him."
Court of Appeals Rales That Express Com
pany Must Pay Taxes on Its
Mention was made in our dispatches
Wednesday of the decision of the Court
of Appeals in a case taken up from this
county in which the court holds that
the Adams Express Company must pay
taxes on its franchise. The courts in this
county decided in favor of the company,
but are reversed by the upper court.
The suit was filed by former Auditor's
Agent F. Stanley Watson and has been
fought through the various courts by his
attorney Mr. Allan D. Cole.
It is said the decision settles the con
tention of Messrs. Watson and Cole, that
where a franchise has been omitted from
taxation it is the duty of the County
Court, on proper proceedings, to. order
the franchise assessed.
River News.
The Avalon is due down to-day
enter the Coney Island trade.
Keystone State for Pittsburg and Stan
ley for Pomeroy to-night. Down the
The Greenland passed down at 10
o'clock Wednesday for St. Louis. She
did not stop here. She is a handsome
sidewheeler, about the size of the old
Minnie Bay.
Marion Hickp, charged with stealing a
johnboat from Frank Glenn, was given a
hearing in Police Court Wednesday and
was held over to the Circuit Court in 5100
Col. Wm. Rosser has been appointed a
detective on the C. and O. and is assist
ing Detective Bingham in running down
the petty thieves who are continually
giving the road trouble.
Genuine turtle soup to-night (May 2G)
made by that prince of chefs (L. R) and
served at the only place in town where
they draw beer in the old-fashioned way.
John H. Derscii, 123 Wall St.
.in ..... . .
Mr. John DeFoBse, who has been priz
ing tobacco for the Continental Tobacco
Co. at Valley, Lewis County, was taken
ill with rheumatism, and had to be re
moved to the home of his mother in Rip
ley. The hosDitable homo of Mr. and Mrd.
Wm. N, StocTcton was the Bcene of a
delightfully enjoyable musical last even
ing. Prof. Gautvoort, of the College
of Music, Cincinnati, Miss Olive Robert
eon, pianist, a pupil of Albino Gorno,
and Maysvillo's own charming soprano,
Mies Florenco Wadsworth, gave a pro
gram of exceptional merit which was re
ceived with enthusiastic applause. The
parlors were crowded with Maysville's
best people, and the entertainment was
a social, financial and artistic success.
Bdlinr BtiktUi: Collier's Weekly, a little two-by-four
mannzlue publltbed u New York, that
cmplojs ptirhnpt three or four hundred people,
with an Investment of caultal I would judge of a
halt million dollars, has this to say on the labor
question :
"Every cent that can bo paid to labor, up to
the point where only so much goes to capital as
will reconcile It to the risk ol Industry, Is a
nearer approach to righteous distribution."
What Is a righteous distribution of money In
vested In labor by capital? If labor Is a com
modity ou the market for sale, Is It righteous to
set up the claim that you shall hare both the
buying and celling price of the commodity? Is
it a righteous distribution of capital to say I
paid fifty cents for this man's labor to-day; if you
want It take it at one dollar or let It alouo? I
do not understand that this Is the Idea of the
editor of Collier's Weekly, but that money In
vested In labor Is not entitled to a greater earn
ing power thiin money invested in a building
association or a bank. What would be your Idea
of a building association asking you fifty dollars
for the loan of fifty dollars for a year? Why.
you say, I do not care to purchase any of your
labor, but I would llko to hare somo of your two
for one stock that labor is making for your as
sociation. If I go to capital and prove by figures
that an Investment in the stocks of my factory
will pay fifty per cent, by a system of wages paid
to labor that destroys self-respect in the father
and makes a bawd of the daughter, I secure the
capital needed and shot-guns for Its protection
thrown in.
1 can not get away from this sentence "recon
cile It to the risk of Industry," which meaus
that all goes to labor but legitimate interest ou
the capital invested, which makes the father self
respecting, aud the daughter a fit companion for
the lord of the mansion. They are one or the
other in your exalted ideas of just dues to labor.
You make me self-respecting, or you destroy my
manhood, by taking advantage of my presslug
needs and debauch my family. You are an
understanding enemy, praying upon ignorant
friends, or a man that sees self-respect in fellow
man and builds to It, that no injury maybe
done to his household. If I stand over the
sunken grave In the pauper field iu the low aud
swamp land of your beautiful "city of tho dead,"
can you dare say that this form below my feet
did not contribute to those tombs that fatand in
the high ground amid the waving grass and nod
ding lilies of the valley, or the blushing forget-me-nots
that inhale the sweet fragrance of the
violet that self-respecting and loving friends
have planted In remembrance of yout virtues?
If a Christ did not arise from the dead, aud push
aside those granite rocks that entomb him, I
say away with self-respecting manhood, away
blushing virtues, away with distress, I know you
not. I build a foundation and erect thereon
this spire of marble and engrave below my
name, this epitaph: "In every age. it Is easy to
And men who have done bad things for which
the law has provided no punishment."
While I now write these feeble efforts In behalf
of making self-respecting men out of the capital
that can risk itself on fair margins of invest
ments there Is being tried in our courts a man
without the pale of law, a man that has been de
bauched, a man that has been deprived of self
respect, a man thoroughly debauched in pov
erty that leads down and down to the debauch
ery of his own family. If Christ did arise, I tell
you that In that day when all shall give the ac
count, look well that you have not lost self-re.
speot for your fellow-man.
Many of Teachers Will Have to be Enter
tained During the Session of the
Kentucky Educatioual Association.
It being impossible for our hotels to in
tertain all the teachers of Kentucky who
will assemble in our city June 23rd, for
a three-days conention, the Committee
on Entertainment desires to have a list
of all boarding houses and private resi
dences which will accommodate the
It must be remembered that these
pedagogues jmy their way at every con
vention, and when you send in your loca
tion, and bow many you can room and
board, do not forget to name the rate per
day you charge.
The committee must know by Friday,
May 27th.
Pelase notify Harry C. Curran, Chair
man Entertainment Committee.
Miss Lettie Layton Grover is visit
ing friends in Paris and Millersburg.
Miss Dora Hall of Covington i ex
pected this week on a visit to Mrs. H. T.
Dr. H. G. Clayooole of Louisville is
the guest of Mr. Grover O. Grover of
Sardis this week.
Mrs. Clarence Mathews and children
have been guests of Mr. and Sirs. J. O.
Newcomb of Ripley this week.
Miss Ella Paulino Conner of Dover
was the guest the past week of her sister,
Mrs. Stephen Ennis, of Dexter.
Mr. and Mrs. J. "Wesley Lee have re
turned home after visiting Mr. and Mrs.
J. A. Girvin at Johnson Junction,
After visiting relatives at Ashland,
Mrs. Jobn T. Shanklin has returned to
her homo near Johnson Junction.
Mis. Lizzie Power and daughter,
Miss Mary, were guests of friends at
Ashland and attended the dedication of
tho new Baptist Church there the first
of the week.
Cincinnati Times-Star: "Mrs. Ed
ward Sellers and Miss Florence Barkley
of Wallace Place, Covington, leave for
Maysville to be guests of relatives. Miss
Barkley will discontinue her art studies
and spend the summer at her homo in
Found, money, Wednesday. Owner
can secure same by calling at this office
and describing property.
, Absolutely Pure
J. J. Wood & Son Oiler to Return Money if
Ilyomoi Treatment Fails to Care Ca
tarrh Without Stomach-Dosing.
If for a few minutes four times a day
you breathe Hyomei, all catarrhal germs
will be destroyed and the irritated mu
cous membrane restored to health.
With every Hyomei outfit there is a
neat inhaler which can be carried in the
purse or pocket. Hyomei breathed
through this contains the same healing
balsama that are found in the air upon
the mountains, where catarrh is un
known. It destroys all catarrhal germs in the
air passages of the head, throat and
nose, and makes a positive and perma
nent cure of catarrh.
The complete outfit coats but.Sl, while
extra bottles of Hyomei can bo obtained
for 50c, making it one of the most eco
nomical of treatments for catarrh.
J. J. Wood & Son believe so thorough
ly in tho merit of Hyomei, that they
guarantee to return the money if it fails.
This is the strongest evidence they can
give of their faith in the Hyomei treat
ment. It enables any one to use Hyo
mei without risk of spending money for
Aek J. J. Wood & Son to show you a
Hyomei outfit and explain to you what a
simple and easy way it is to relieve and
cure your catarrhal tioubles.
Yon Never Know the Moment
When This Information May
Prove of Infinite Value.
It is worth considerable to any citizen
of Maysville to know how to be cured of
painful, annoying and itching piles.
Know then that Doan's Ointment is a
positive remedy for all itchiness of the
skin, for piles, eczema, etc. One applica
tion relieves and soothes. Bead this tes
timony of its merit:
Mr. J. C. Gabby of 925 East Second
street says: "For many years I suffered
severely from itching hemorrhoids. I
bought every remedy I heard of, but do
what I might the trouble grew worse in
stead of better. It was particularly ag
gravating after I retired and I lost much
sleep because of the intense itching. I
had the good fortune to learn of Doan's
Ointment and I bought a box at J. Jas.
Wood k Son's drugstore. The wonderful
relief I obtained from its use was almost
beyond belief. I soon felt that I was
cured. I continued the treatment for a
time, however, to make assurance doubly
For sale by all dealers ; price 50 cents
a box. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N.
Y., sole agent6 for the United States.
Remember the name DOAN'S and
take no substitute.
Want to brighten up a bit around the
house hang up new lace curtains, up
holster a chair, put up some pretty dra
pery? We'll encourage your desire for
spring freshness by such attractive offer
ings as follows :
75c. to $10 with some special members
this week at $1 J, $2, $2 J and $3.
In solid colors, Bagdad and Persian ef
fects, 50., 75c , $1.
Silkolenes 10c , 12-c.
Swisses 15c. .. ..
Denims 15c , 18c.
Art Tickings 18c.
Damasks 50c , $1.
Italian Cloth 20c. "
English Burlap 15c. ' ':
Rope $1 to SGJ.
Chinillo $1J to $5. '
Tinsel $2J to $5.
Mercerized $2J to $7..
Bagdad 3J, $5.
Are You a Prize Winner?
Dozens of attractive prizes from which
to choose when you have filled a Pre
mium Book. It's persistence wins. Got
a stamp for every ten-cent purchase and
you'll quickly fill a $25 book.
Nearly went wrong by being married to an old habit of buying at
one place so long they thought they owned him, but he got a di
vorce on the grounds of mistreatment, neglect and failure to pro
vide the proper up-to-date clothes. Be wise, "get next" to the
new shop that sells the new clothes for men and boys.
The One Big Event of 1
Maysville, June 13 to 18
I. 0. R. M.
The "Pike" of the St. Louis Exposition here at home on the streets, with F0UAHEB4
HIGH-CLASS SHOWS furnished by the famous Robinson Amusement Company, endorsed
in the highest terms by the citizens of Paris, Ashland and Lexington as good, wholesome,
entertaining; and instructive.
6-Big Free Attractions -6
including NICK CARTER, the world's greatest high diver; MLLE OROCCO, Queen
'r.!i 1 i- t. r:...iL-.t- D i ti.n.. o.j o !..t t i. .
uMiy tuiiteru oy uuvniu 5 ivuyai naiiuu uauu, ucauuiui ureworKS aupiay eaca rugae.
Tuesday, Redmen's parade with over a thousand Indians in war paint and feathers in line.
Thursday, Merchants' Parade. Friday, Paughcaughnaughsinque. Saturday Indian trail,
showing how palefaces are captured and made Indians: Every day a big day. Come
early and stay late. You can't afford to miss this grand gala week. Come, meet your
friends and enjoy yourself.
Items of Interest From Nearby Towns and
Villages Contributed by the Bul
letin's Corps of Correspondents.
PU'MVU.le, May 21th. Mrs. Anna Stubbleflold,
who has been quite 111, is somewhat better. She
was a guest of Mrs. Ell Frnmo Sunday. Her
many friends wilt be pleased to hear of her Im
provement. C. C. Degtnan, who has been seriously 111 the
past two weeks, has so far recovered as to be out
driving Sunday,
Frank Dean has a bran new buggy.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Merz and little son of Man
chester have returned home after a few days
visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Gill.
A. L. Redman is at homo after a visit with his
sister, Mrs. Ambrose, lu Lewis County.
Miss Alice Day left to-day for a few weeks stay
in Cincinnati. She intends entering a hospital
at that placo to be treated for spinal trouble,
Her mother, Mrs. Anna Day, accompanied her,
1 '
The berry season is on, and the fruit
season will soon be hero, and as usual
Lovel, tho leading grocer, has arrange
ments to place the choicest grown ou
salotwo hours after they leave tho patch.
He will be glad to fill your orders, and
you can rely on getting full measure.
Remember, also, that his stock of staple
and fancy groceries is tho finest, cleanest
and most attractive to be had,
' 0000
p We have spent all of our pj
0 life endeavoring to produce p
O the very best musical in- "-P
JLwH strument in the world. JJ
g. Some J200 Maysville peo-
6 - pie, as our guests, listened OJP
"- to a Smith & Nixon!,Piano P
Monday night in Washing- E
ton Opera House. 0
gB ' Is further proof necessary? -p
We leave it to you. j?
l2.II as '" mc f'nes' piano E
tk in the world? 0JP
2L 0000 ijE
S Tho Srrilth Nixon 5
ZZ Piano Co. IS
oooo m
fZ Examine our samples at H22
jso John I. Winter &Co.'s store, p
0 Maysville, Ky. P
See new Hamilton piano at Gerbrich's.
Aro now coming. M usual, my arrangements
with the most experienced growers in the Ohio
Valley will enable mo to place ou the market
uithln tuv hours after leavfng the patches tho
finest, freshest and most delicious fruit that
comes to this market. On account of the back
ward spring tho season this year will bo a short
one, so get your supplies promptly and avoid
getting left. As tho season progresses my houso
wilt bo headquarters for all kinds of fruits In
quantities large and small, always full measure,
wholesale and retail. The finest, largest, clean
est and most attractive stock of Fancy and Staplo
Groceries in Northeastern Kentucky. Pure, un
adulterated goods a specialty.
Tho' Loading Grocer.
Undertakers and Emaalmersr
Calls answered day or night.
Havi You Sein tho Trivolers' ComSlnsllan AceUint
. . Policy?
Flyrper cent. Increase annually for ten yeara
without one cent extra expense to you. Doublo
indemnity if injured while a passenger on a
train, steamboat or -levator, or while sustained
In a burning building, and specified sums for
surgical operations rosultlng from accidental in
juries. Stop in, no trouble at all to show It to
you, and take a look.at the best accident polior
on the market in the greatest accident company
of the world. W. UOLTON KEY, Agent.
j1 it

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