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Evening Bulletin.
"TU F.SDAY. JUNE 2S 1904
I For the 21 hours ending at 6:30 a. m.'
8tatc of weather Cloudv
Highest temperature 73
Lowest temperature CI
Mean temperature 07
Wind direction Northwesterly
Precipitation UucheM rain or snow 01
Previously reported for Juno 2 77
Total for June to dato '1 "S
June is, 9:08 a m Fair vmt warmer to-n(jht and
For Congress,
Jamks N. Kkiiok of Mason.
Don't forget the polls close at 4 o'clock.
If you have not voted for the sewer prop
ortion do eo nt onre.
The Philadelphia Record is moved to
remark that eome "indiscreet and in
quisitive people on the outside are ask
ing whether Pennsylvania has a repre
sentative government, in view of the
fact that the chiefs of great corporations
dictate who shall he the United States
Few people have any conception ot
the extent of the coal area in Eastern
Kentucky. Prof. 0. Newton Brown of
the Ohio State University and formerly
of the United States Geographical Sur
vey prepared an exhaustive report on
the probable traffic that would be yielded
for slack-water navigation by the Big
Sandy valley, and he estimated that 1,
540,490,000 tons of coal might be ex
pected to come down the Levisa Fork
alone before that field should be ex
hausted. In detail his estimate was as
follows :
Lawrence County 53.290,000 tonB
Johnson County 419.S40.000 tons
Floyd County 250,000,000 tons
Knott County 04,000,000 tons
Pike and Letcher 751,300,000 tons
Total 1,540,490,000 tons
For the valley of Tug Fork he esti
mated an additional 070,720,000 tons,
making a total of .2,217,210,000 tons for
the entire Big Sandy valley, which the
government engineer said was too Btnall
by more than 50 per cent. This will af
ford some idea of the possibilities of this
region from a traffic standpoint. The C.
and O. is rapidly extending its line into
this immense coal field.
Recent dispatches from Washington
City tell about George J. Gould taking
luncheon at the White House. He was
the only guest and after luncheon the
President talked with him for an hour
about the political situation and his de
sire to secure the active support, and es
pecially it is believed about the cam
paign contributions of the financial inter
eats of the country. Mr. Gould is the
fifth big financier who has been enter
tained at the White House, with much
secrecy, in recent weeks. The others
were James Stillman, President of the
National City Bank of New York ; A. J.
Cassatt, President of the Pennsylvania
railroad ; J.Pierpont Morgan and George
W. Perkins, one of Mr. Morgan's part
ners. They came separately, says the
New York World, and in every caee the
most strenuous efforts were made to
keep the visits secret. Apparently, the
President feared it would injure him
with the masses to have it known that
trust magnates were being summoned to
the White House. The World addB:
"Several other men of influence in the
financial world will answer a Presiden
tial summons before Mr Roosevelt goes
to Oyster Bay, and the President will do
his best to convince all of them that he
is 'safe,' that the number of trusts he is
opposed to is really very small."
Iliver News.
Virginia for Pittsburg to-night.
The Douelas Hall and Henry Debus
delivered some coal here Monday.
The Greenland left St. Louis Sunday
and will paBB up to-morrow or Thursday
for Pittsburg.
The White Collar Line has not only
the Ben llur to fight, but also' the big
Pittsburg packets. President Hender
eon of the P. and O. Company has no
tified their agents to solicit freight at
all points.
The fight by the White Collar line
against the independent Ben llur Is grow
ing very warm. The Stanley unloaded
her passengers and freight at Huntington
the other day in order to keep the Hur
company on the down trip.
Fourth of July Hates.
The C. and O. will sell round-trip tickets at
rate of one faro plus 25 cents to all stations ou
the Cincinnati division. Dittos of sale July 2nd,
3rd and 1th ; return limit July Bth. Will also
have on salo July 2nd, 3rd and 1th, tickets to
points on tho various lines beyond Cincinnati at
greatly reduced rates. For further information
as to rates sco tlckot agent. Louisville rato on
the abovo dates will be 55.50. Cincinnati, round
trip, 82; Portsmouth, 81.S0. Tickets good on all
trains. Barnum & Bailey's Greatest Show on
Earth exhibits at Portsmouth on the Fourth.
Animal Meeting of the 0. W. 15. M., Sunday
Srlittols anil Churches of Twelfth
District to he Held at Chris
tian Church.
The annual convention of the Christian
Churches, Sunday schools and O. W. B.
M. of the Twelfth district will be held
at the Christian Chutch, this city, begin
ning to-morrow morning and closing
Thursday night. A large attendance is
anticipated from the five counties of the
district, Mason, Bracken, Robertson,
Fleming and Lewis. The first day of
the convention will be devoted to the
Christian Women's Board of Missions,
and the second day to the work of the
Sunday schools and churches. State Sut
day School Evangelist Robt. M. Hopkins
will assist in the song service. A num
ber of interesting addresses are expected,
the speakers from points out of the dis
triet being Mrs. Ida Withers Harrison
and Mrs Sarah K. Yancey, State Presi
dent and State Secretary, respectively, of
the C. W. B. M., Miss Pearl Mahafley,
Hillsboro, O., Rev. J. H. Derthick, who
has been engaged in the mountain work,
Rev. J. A. Lord, of Cincinnati, all on
Wednesday's program, and State Evan
gelists H. W. Elliott and Robt. M. Hop
kins on Thursday. There will be other
addresses by district workers and tnin
The public cordially invited. A special
invitation is extended to members of all
missionary societies, Sunday schools and
Endeavor societies. The C. E. and other
young people's societies should make it
a point to hear Miss Mahafl'ey's address
Wednesday afternoon. The program for
Wednesday is as follows:
9.00 Song Service Dr. P. G. Smoot.
9:10 Bible Study R. M. Hopkins.
9:33 Greeting-Mrs. L. M. Mills, Maysville.
9: 10 Response Mrs. Lide Owens. Mill Creek.
9: -O Reports Auxiliaries District.
10:20 Work o! the County Manager Mrs. Zubio
Fox, Mayslick.
10:30 Solo.
10:35 Kentucky Special Work Mrs. C. W. Hen
derson, Flemiugsourg.
10:.ro Message From Vanceburg Mrs. J. M. Wells.
11:03 Report From Robertson County Mrs. Zol
lar, Mt. Olivet.
11: 15 Our National Watchword Mrs. Abner Hord,
Milt Creek.
11:30 Address Mrs. Sarah F. Yancey, Lexington.
11:50 Appointment ot Committees.
Lunch. '
1:30 Devotional Exercises Maysville Juniors.
2.00 Address on Junior Work Miss Edith Lau
der, Flemlngsburg.
2:20 Solo Mrs. Hardin Lucas. Chicago.
2:25 Presentation of Banner W. B. Blakemore,
2:35 Report of Committees.
2:55 The Quiet Hour-Miss Pearl Mahaffey, Hills
boro. 3:25 Our Mountain Missions J. H. Derthick.
7:30 Song Service R. M. Hopkins.
7M0 Devotional Hour Miss Mary Finch, Mays
lick, Mrs. Dr. Markbam.
7:50 Address Mrs. Ida Withers Harrison, Lex
ington. 8:20 Address J. A. Lord. Cincinnati.
Miss Nora Breslin is visiting atNep-
Mr. and Mrs. Robt. J. Bissett have
returned from their bridal trip.
I Mrs. E. H. Thomas of Cincinnati is
here visiting Mrs. J. F. Martin.
I Mr. J. W. Bramel was a guest at the
Palace Hotel, Cincinnati, Sunday.
I Mies Harriet West Belt of Cincinnati
is tho guest of Mrs. H. T. Mueselman.
I Miss Mary Kirk and Master James
Harvey Sallee are visiting at Mt. Sterl
I Mr. George Longnecker of Indianap
, olis arrived Monday on a viBt to his pa
rents. After a pleasant visit to her mother
and friends, Mrs. A. J. Suit returned to
her home in Richmond, Ky., Saturday.
Mrs. John Hunt, of Neenah, Wiscon
sin, is spending the summer here with
Vmi oiat ar.ln.lfiar ATra flhaflno Jioliilortw
Mrs. Dan O'Brien and daughters,
MisseB Ida and Maria, of Lexington, are
visiting their cousin, Miss Kate O'Brien.
Mrs. Win, Rosser returned Monday
morning from Ashland, where she haa
been visiting her daughter, Mrs. William
Mr. George Wood wont to Augusta
iHonciay atternoon to attend tho funeral
of Mrs. Charles Wood which takes place
this afternoon.
Mrs. Chambers Phister of Cincin
nati and daughter, Mrs. Frank Stegman,
of Newport, are visiting Capt. and Mrs.
O. M. Piaster of Limestone street.
Mrs. James Harting, Mr. A. F. Hart
ing, Miss Carrie Hillenmeyer, Mrs. H. F.
Hillenmeyer, all of Lexington.were guests
of the New St. OharleB while here to at
tend tho Gable-Harting wedding.
Mr and Mrs. Robt. B. Owens of this
city, Mr. Charles F. Taylor, Mrs. O. W.
Forman, Mies Hattie L. Wood and Mrs.
J. Paxton Marshall of Washington went
to Augusta this morning to attend the
funeral of Mrs. Charles Wood.
How to Make a Fire Balloon.
To make a fire balloon cut eight pieces
of tissue paper of tho same dimensions.
Paste tho edges together carefully and
put a fine wire around the lower edge,
with another pieco across from side to
side to hold a small sponge soaked in al
cohol. Before inflating it press it flat, to
let out all tho air, then light the spirit.
Tho rarefied air from this will fill it and
cause it to ascend with great rapidity.
As soon as the spirit has burned out the
balloon will catch firo and burn up.
. IHl
Absolutely. Pure
5:40 a. m 1:15 p m.
9'50a. in 8:15 p m.
All daily except Sunday,
No. &,..9:55 a. m.
No. 5. .5:25
No. l...C:15
est! No. 19. .9.00
5:25 a. m."
a. 111
a. m
r.R0UTr wi
tDaily except Sunday
No. 3. .3:25 D. m.
Note Poplar street Hag stops, trains 19, 31 and
Market street stons. 19. C. 31 and 20.
Trains No. 5 and 8 are accommodation trains
west of Maysville, and through trains east.
Fill Your Coal
Now before the cold weather sets In,
before the price of Coal goes up. Get
the kind that burns evenly and does,
not till your stove up with cinders and
clinkers. A Coal of that sort costs you
just twice as much In the end. Try a
ton of ours, it Is all coal should be.
Farmers, we cau load your wagon iu
three minutes with our pateut Hoist
and Coal Hopper. Ofllce and yard,
corner of Second and Short streets.
Phone No. 70.
Coal Elevators!
Twenty thousand square feet of space under
roof for coal of the best quality. Free stables
and water, for customers only. Main ottlce, cor
ner Second and Wall streets. Coal otllce, yard
aud elevator corner Front and Wall.
Undertakers and Embalmers!
Calls answered day or night.
WANTKD Man under thirty-five years of
age from Maysville with fair education to
prepare for a lucrative Government position.
Begin with salary of $300 with increase as de
served. Write at once. I. S. S., box 570, Cedar
Rapids, la. ijl0
I" OST A small brown leather poc&etbook con
J talnlng card with name of C. V, Parkinson
and S. J. Morrow. It also contained small sum
of money. Finder please return to Postmaster.
A reward ottered.
ijiutt ball-a suorinorn duu, one year oiu.
JD He Is a good one. Apply to A. J. YANCEY,
Maysville, Ky. R. R. 3. 25-2wd
I wish to heartily thank my neighbors and
friends who so kindly befriended me during my
great bereavement In the death of my mother.
M. B. Stkode.
Ko. 2...l:so p. Hi.
I No. 20.. .5:55 p. m.t
No. 8 ..9.30 p. in
No. 1..10:31 p. in "
Do Two Things Quick!
Close out the entire stock in thirty days and get the CASH for every dollar's worth that leaves
the house." Such an order from the Trustee is imperative and must be obeyed. We propose
to carry out his instructions to the letter if a bombardment of low prices will accomplish the work.
The final attack begins this way :
High or low cut, Tan,
$3 to $5 values, choice
WD CMITU 9 ffl( Ladle$' and Children's Lines Have
Ha dlflliriw! vU ( Been Marked Way Down.
Not accidental happenings, but caefully pro-arranged good, sound monoy
saving purchases of comfortable, lasting Hosiery. There's no mediocrity anvwnero
in this offering, in spite of little prices. Foot-notes for Men, Women and Children.
15c. pair. Two-thread Egyptian cotton, fast black o'r tan, with extra strong
heels and toes. '
25c. pair. Fancy socks In dots, plaids, stripes, embroidered clocks and drop
stitch, also plain black lisle. ,'
lor. pair. Strong eervicsab'e fast black cotton with narrowed ankles.
25c. pair. Fine black lisle thread, ingrain, Richelieu or small ribs and ex
quisite open work designs.
25c. pair. Narrow ribbed fast black cotton with narrowed ankles, also a
wider rib suitable for boys. Stockings for hard wear. Sizes two to fifteen years.
oM$The Eollennes
No wonder the counter that holds them is a busy center. What woman
who wants to dress well at the least cost will miss this offering. Genuine Bilk-and-linen
Eoliennes that were cheap at 50c, now marked 35c.
Suits Made
Are now coming. As uual, my arrangements
with the most experienced growers In the Ohio
Valley will enable mo to place on the market
within two hours after leavfng the patches the
finest, freshest and most delicious fruit that
comes to this market. Ou account of the back
ward spring the season this year will be a short
one, so get your supplies promptly and avoid
getting left. As the season progresses my house
will be headquarters for all kinds of fruits In
quantities large and small, always full measure,
wholesale and retail. The finest, largest, clean
est and most attractive stock of Fancy and Staple
Groceries In Northeastern Kentucky. Pure, un
adulterated goods a specialty.
Tho Leading Grocer.
Will cure Rheumatism. Asthma, Hay
Fever. Constipation. Liver Complaint,
Jaundice, Kidney Trouble and all
stomach troubles. For sale at No. 17
West Third street, Maysville, Ky.
Notice to Builders and
The Building Committeo for the construction
of the Maysville Warehouse Co.'s plant will re
ceive bids for the construction of same up to
July 2nd, 1901, at 2 o'clock p. m at the Council
Chamber, Maysville, Ky., and will let the con
tract at that time to the lowest aud best bidder,
reserving the right to reject any or all bids.
Bond will be required for tho compliance with
the plans and specifications and completion of
buildings bv the 23th day of October, 1901. Pay
ments will be made on contract every two weeks
as perestlmates, withholding 20 per cent.
Plans and specifications can bo seen at offlco of
Frank Owens Hardware Co. June 23rd, 1901.
The A. O. IT. W. will meet this even
ing at Nehon's at 7:30 o'clock.
O. B. Wedding, M. W.
R. H. Wallace, Recorder.
Patent Leather or Vici Kid,
of any pair in the house ,.
II " Vft
B. Q.
to Order $20.
Before starting on your sum
mer vacation inspect our line
of Box and Tablet stationery.
Good stationery is indispen
sable any time, but especial
ly when you are staying in
the mountains, in the coun
try, at seashore or summer
resort where it is inconveni
ent to get stationery and you
wish to writayour friends at
home about the good time
you are having, it is well to
takeasupplywithyou. We
carry a complete line of fancy
and up-to-date stationery de
signed for the most fastidious
Box, . .
5 to 25c
10 to 75c
Mason Circuit Court
AVcsley Vicroy's Administrator. Ac, Plaintiffs
vs. J- Order of Refereuce.
Charles VIcroy et als., Defendants
By an order of reference entered at the Juuo
term, 1901, of this court. In this action, all cred
itors of Wesley VIcroy, deceased, are hereby noti
fied to appear before mo at my ottlce, iu the city
of Maysville, Ky on or before the first day of
the November term, 1901, f this court, and pre
sent their claims duly proven as required by law.
Given under ray hand this 14th dav of June, 1901.
2taw8 Master Commissioner M. O. C.

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