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The Nome daily nugget. (Nome, Alaska) 1906-1918, September 10, 1906, Image 5

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v * '
ind without the accompaniment of music, but with the
;o wear, M- D. SAMUELS again commences business in
: of goods, the like of which has never been shown north
ring in many of the largest stores on the Pacific coast,
markets especially for the Nome trade, and selected with
iskan men and women’s requirements, in years gone by .
places in the city, and reasons were good why this should
ss prices than others, and this time you will find that you
and in many instances at prices considerably less than you
eniw<witt~Bhow^ No other store in Nome can show one
enc« of style.
iv— A Visit Here Will be Profitable
The New Store is Going to Offer you Splendid Values
.11 "" "" ■—1
in Women’s Suits During this Sale. It will Pay you to Investigate
What woman does not love to look at—the pret
tiest creations from the fashion centers of the world.
Every woman in Nome will surely be at the New
Store tomorrow to look over this splendid assort
ment of the newest garments in Nome. Every style
decreed as correct is represented here. There are
Jaunty Eton Coats, Pony and Johnny Jones Jacket
styles, long coat ideas, and the skirts are in every
case as perfect in conception of style as they possi
bly can be. The colors are: Black, Navy Green,
Grey, Brown Rose, Alice, etc., either plain or in
plaid effects.
To introduce these suits to your notice we will
sell them at a
Reduction of 25% I
Babies and the Mieses in the Newest Fall Style;
good fabrics, good color and the kind that will
keep the young people jgpnn.
Opening sale price, 25% OFF
from four to 14 years; in Navy Brown, Grey, Bose
and Fancy Plaid, all well made and fancy trimmed
Opening sale price, 25* OFF
Yon Should Come to
This Sale to Bny
For jou will ho Ohio to hog tor 1ms
sod hog Mowor Goods ihoa gas ho»o
dooo tor hoo tfon. hat If gaa toil
wool 10 hag oaaa all tha m— —
will ho flod to ooo jao.
* %
We will Wilt aa Yaa haavOy
Its Na TroaMe ta Shaw finds
We will Esduaye year Parefcascs
Or lefaad Haaey .if yaa Wick It
The Silk Department Has
Sone Splendid Offerings
f •
Urea a bargain In a Taffeta Bilk
that will Interest you. Full M Inches
wide Jet black; brigh|t. lustrous
itulMl one that will wear wall. A
goodone at Its regular price, 92.26.
Omiu Sal* Price
T $1.40
Japanese SUks for Waists
or Evening Dresses
Come In every shade you can wish
for—pink. blue, rose, yellow, hello,
navy, white, .cream, green and black.
Novel' oi*bl before for leae Ilian Ttu a
yard. Get It now.
Opening Sale Price
40 e
I 11— —~—
The Popular Pongee Silks
Can be Bought Cheaper
No fabric has been more popular
than Pongee for waist wear, and few
can give you half as much satlsfac
tlwll. lino Is »us nsnkl ISmaoe, llisl
sells usually at Cl a yard.
Opening Snle Price
65 e yd
A Wrapper Bargain That
Will Appeal to You
Splendidly made line of Ladles'
Wrappers. The materials are Flan
nelette and Percales. Oood patterns,
full made, all alaea. Splendid Value
at <2.76 and <3 each.
Opuiag Salt Priet -
Pretty Turn-over Collars
at Less Than Outside
Dainty little white Turnovers, 'nicely
embroidered on Lawn and India Linen.
Many different design* to ch««#e front
Mold all ovor the country at lie to Sic
each, and dmp at that.
Opaaiag Sal* Prica
8l-3e Each
Arnold Flannelette For
Your Winter Dressing
The finest range of patterns you
ever looked at. Fine, soft finish, and
go«d Itoaxy xxvXald I tal<* x*c In dark
colors, tlouxl value at the price regu
larly charged, ttc.
Opening Sain Price
A Snap in Good Grade
Torchon Lace
2M piece* of Imported Tlldn
Lac**, 1 to t\k Inch** wtdo. Many
•wst dvatatta. uoud won* In—a, h—fc
In edpao and looartlnna Bald Rfa
tarty at t I-ta t* lie a jui
Opaaiag Sala PriM
S aaata
yoj should Buy your
ia it the New Store.
)nl3 New Stock )n Nome.
iu ik America is bore for your so-'
tads up os correct forrm principles
tie svles ore new, gotten up for Fall
s, stiylng and canvas, are tbs best
, CbaloUiWorsteds, Frisso, etc., etc.
.Oosits will be sold at tbs ppenlng
98 toil any man and all men; splend
All ur 120.00 and $25.00 Overcoats,
>. 96.00
b. A. wool, nicely made and finished,
ice, $1.60 garment
y Wlter m%ke In all sites, reg. $1.60,
1.01 garment
I0R: UNDERWEAR YOU SHOULD SEE-'rbe enlire line we show
1 "d wH! Sr.! ACo* Wool. Silk and fleeced
laes and don’t forget to ask for the New Plush Back Garments.
Startling Reductions in Muslin
Underwear Mark the Opening of
the New Store
Every garment, because of the lateness of the-,
season, on sale at little prices. We handle the
“Royal Brand,” a make that bears the label of the
National Consumers League.
$1.75 Ladies’ Muslin Skirts, $1.50
2.25 “ “ “ 1.50
3.00 “ “ “ . 2.25
1.50 Muslin Nigbt Gowns, 1.10
2.00 “ “ “ 1»45
4.50 . 2.25
$1.50 Muslin Chemise. $1.00
2.50 “ . “ . 1*75
1.00 Corset Covers, - *65
1.75 “ “ 1-2°
1.25 Muslin Drawers. - -75
2.00 “ “ l-4®
Bed Sheets Never were so Low Priced Before
■You should buy them at the Opening Sale.
SHEETS 72 X 90-Hemmed ready for use, made of a g°odgrade
larly $1.00 each. Opening anie rre*
SHEETS 72 X 90—That sell usually at 75c each. Opening Sale Price »Sc
Window Draperies Most Sensationally Low Priced
This Week
We have opened up the largest stock of Lace Curtains and P°rt‘ers ever
shown in this cityT and the prices are the lowest you ever heard of. We have Not
tingham, Ayrshire and Arabian Lace Curtains; Bobenette and Swiss Bufiled Cur
tains at $1.25 to $15.00, , ^
At This Sale 20 per ct Off
DADTIFAC—In good Tapestry designs, big size, regular $8.00,
Opening Sale Price $2.25
_ _
The New Store is Well Prepared to
Fill your Orders for Fall and Winter
Underwear aud Hosiery at Astonish
ingly Low Prices.
LADIES' VESTS ADD PARTS- A beautiful make—White
Wool, eruo't shrink, and will wear. Sold aleajsattl.Toicarmeot,
Opening sale price SI-25 garment
SETSRUfi WOOL URDERWEAR —The must popular make
eeer sold in Nome. Sl-dO was the old price,
Opening Sale Price SI.OO garment
IIHITS’ IEUIEI SUITS —In ever; aixe, lou of them,
and always sold before at "oc and a SI.OO each,
Opening Sale Price 50c Each
The Most Convenient Store in Nome
I - — —
Best arranged, best fitted up and prettiest Dry Goods and Clothing store in
Alaska, and handling the best line of goods in the states.
Opening Sale Commences To-Morrow
The New Neckwear is surpassingly Beautiful. See It
Hu un reds of Stocks, Tabs, Lace Collars, Turnovers, Bnleros, ColUrMd
Cuff Sets, etc., in the very newest ideas, on show and sale at REDUCBD PRICES.
There are all kiuds of Embroidered Silk affairs—Battenberg makes, and
hundreds of dainty Wash Collars, all prices, j
25C TO $5.00
■ i f ——
FELT SHOES—The famous Dan
^ lei Green make, the best Pelt shoe in the world,
all sises in Bals or Bluchers. Sold regularly at
$4.50 and 9» 00
h^ir end gray. Plain tops or fur trimmed, all
?ri~ SI.50 TO $2.50
Sweet-Orr Pants
The togt mads man's pants In Amer
ica, In all the new worsted and tweed
itfeota, styles, and smart looking, at
those pflass
(340 06-00 0040
Mittens & Gloves
All kinds of them, for men. women
and children: woolen, mocha, leather
—m all slses. Prices less now
than ever before.
Prices 25c to 2.00
Our Buying Facilities
Give Us the Best Stocks
Every; cent’* worth of goods In the
store ha« been personally selected and,
being able through outside connections
and by having a New York office, we
are kept posted always about the
changes of fashion and market prices,
and can thus keep prepared to take ad
vantage of every good thing that may
come our way. The magnificence of
the present stock is conclusive evi-t
dence that we have done the best In
us to bring to the people of Nome the
very best the market affords.
The Best Silk Petticoat
Bargain Ever Offered In
the City of Nome
>We have a mac tifleent Hne of them
la black and all colon, at all prlcee up
to tit.'
Tim Special Petticoat la made with
. deep rufSe, full width. In pink, hello.
P navy, green, brown, black. white and
" cream; sold everywhere at tld
Opening Sale Price
Two Good Waisting
stripe effect; regular iac.
Opening Sale price, 17c
ARNOLD'S BEIGES—In plain grays
and shadow plaids; regular price Sk.
Opening Sale Price 25c
> 1
• •
The Domestic Depart- j
meat Cordially Invites
Your Attention
Sum Uam art — rtally prieod l»
tht opcolif aai*. aad it wilt aadr
be money in year ynrirot ta bay white
these price* tea l la a*
Dr**a tti*ph—a la a Me vaaMy
of pattern*: reewiarty lie aad Ha
Opening Sale Price
Apraa GiafhMa-M all •*« tt»
world at lie a yard.
Opening Sale Price
Watetiap WaaadfaW Mw aaii
before for ba thaw Mb
Opening Sale Price , r v
10c x
* a

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