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Pacifio News Service.
TL PASO, Jan. 16.—That Villa bc
llrves he is winning and has plans to
become a ruler of Mexico is shown
by a letter he has written to Presi
dent Wilson. He a3ks the president
what attitude the American govern
mi nt will take towards the establish
ment of a provisional government In
r northern Mexico.
News from the south Is to the ef
fect that Villa Is again moving on
Chihuahua city with a large force. He
hen Just seized Santa Ysabel again
nd the Carranza garrison of fiften
hurdred men fell into hU hands.
Calling Cards at the Nugget Offioe
International News Service.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 10.—In spito
of the earnest opposition of Postmas
ter General Burleson the house thi;
morning retained in the appropriation
bill now under consideration the Item
of more than a million dollars which
Is to be used for the continuation of
postal tube systems in New York,
Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston and St.
The tube system of communication
between the postoffices in these cilles
and thi3 branch office is used for the
quick transmission of mall matter.
Postmaster General Burleson has
opposed this appropriation on the
ground that the tubes require con
tinual repairs and on the whole are
more expensive and less efficient than
auto trucks.
The Nome Bowling Club’* alleys are
row open from noon to midnight.
International New* Service.
WASHINGTON. Jun. 16.—The
presidents' anti-strike legislation
which took the form of a compulsory
arbitration bill will never become u
law Is the verdict of the senate com
mittee having this matter under con
This morning the senate committee
on Interstate commerce voted to re
prrt unfavorably on the bill and in
accordance with the usual custom this
will result In the death of that nwia
ute. The vote stood seven to three.
Senator Smith of South Carolina and
t'f-n tor Underwood of Alabama voted
wl'b the republican members against
« favorable report
Callina Cards at the Nugget Office
International New* Service.
CHICAGO, Jan. 16.—The graft
prosecution made headway today
when the Bpecial grand jury returned
true bill3 against Chief of Police
Healy and seven others. The nam^s
of nearly one hundred others are still
before the grand Jury.
The charges against Ilcaly and his
associates is conspiracy to extort
money from fallen women,
ileojy U now out on a bail bond of
one hundred thousand dollars but Is
under close surveillance lest he dis
appear Into Canada as he sees the
net tightening about him.
The police department is being
raked over thoroughly for the pur
pose of getting everyone who has
been connected with the infamous nlot
before the present spcial grand Jury, j
No member of the force Is escaping
the scrutiny of an army of special
detectives who ars unknown either to
the woman or tha officers.
International New* Service.
WASHINGTON, ajn. 18.—The house
committee began its session this
morning anil the committee room be
| came the chief center of Interest in
tl'.c capital.
On motion of Congressman Pat
Harrison of Mississippi, member of’he!
committee, subpoenas were issued for
; a number of the big men of Now
i York's financial district. Harrison
| explained that he wants them to ap
I : n.r anvi tell what they know about
! the affair. There is, he says, no In
i tcotion of smirching them and the
summons is not intended as a reflec
t on on their conduct in any way.
Hut he Is confident that they can
j throw light on the subject and this I
! he demands that they do before the I
' committee.
The men summoned are .1. P. Mor- I
gnn nnd H. R. Davidson of the Mor- !
g; n Company, F. A. Vanderllp, presi- j
dent of the Natlonla City hank: Sol
W. Exler; S. J. Bache, and Arthur
1 'pper. Subpjoenas were issued to hi
served at onee.
Lawson took the stand and was
questioned by different nu mbers 01
the committee.
Chairman Ilenry during a passagi
at arms with Lawson denounced him
as a liar. Chiperfleld who was pre
siding called Henry to order.
Lawson got pale with anger and
retorted that evidently a now Ana- '
nias club had been born but that h*
was not a member of it. It was rim- 1
posed, he said, of certain congress
men , administration officials nml
their various masters in the flnm- ,
cial world. Lawson was also call'd j
to on. r a number of times and was
threatened with commitment for e.m
t-'rapl If he persisted in that, lino of
The newspanei ieporters of the
couniiy wen i uay last night ,n*.n
\ owing all the ii .t who ha i e .a
•nyiicated by the charge.! of Lan'on
-tld oil era before the committee.
These interviews have nppenred in all
he great morning papers of t ho
jountry. Tbi rr is a perfect unamnity
in tee part of all those implicated In
that they all deny the charge of any
farticlpatlon in the leak and all snj
diet it la a political game to discredit
the administration.
Those who have made denials and
■'■pigcd dirty politics within the past
twenty four hours are McAdoo, Tu
muMy, Warburg, H. Pliny Fljke,
banker Malcolmn McAdoo. brother of
the secretary of the treasury, Stewart
f Ibbong former partner of Secretary
McAdoo, Bernard Baruch, broker,
Archibald White, another banker (
named McAdoo, and Brand Rutrid.
NEW YORK, .Ian. 16.—Th« papers
this morning all devoted pages to the
development in the leak investigation
along with interviews, side lights and
stories of the great bear market which
immediately preceded and followed
the announcement of tho president’s
note to the belligerents.
Editorial comment varied greatly
according to the political bla3 of the
sheets. All agreed on one point and
that is to the effect that the com
mittee should go to the bottom of the
affair, and settle once for all whero
the leak was and who profited by It.
Tho Herald said there was no doubt
at all that advance Information had
bo n given to a favorfd few but there
was great doubt of the ability of the
commititi to fasten the blame on any
Lawson was generally excoriated
this morning as one who is seeking
"elf-advertisement .at the same time
ne is vcntinghls spleen on officialdom
and their financial associates be
cause he did not have a big piece of
the melon.
I .dr rnationa I News Service.
PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 16.—Harry
Thaw Is rapidly recovering from his
L' lf-inflicted wounds on throat and
" > 'st, lie has a room In the hosp'tal
wpl special nurses and every possible
t Uentlon.
His mother occupies the next room
to Harry's in the hospital and spends
o largo portlo.i of every day at the
bidside of her dissipated son. She
caitlcs hersep proudly but Is evl
oently grently saddened by his new
iw position on the wePare of her son.
I’rom employes In the hospital who
have heard the mother talk with
Hurry it has been learned that s’n
believes he is the victim of a plot,
that he has been guilty of no crime,
and that his conduct has been irre
proachable except for the fact that at
at times he has partaken of too much
There is no doubt that she will
stand by him in this present trial.
Thaw's attorneys huve been busy
the past two days in trying lo effect
a comprise with the representatives
of tho New York district attorney's
office to the end that tho charge
against hltn may bn dropp'd and that
lie may bo committed to a private
asylum for the insane.
There is little chance that the
move will bo successful though Thaw'.-,
legal representatives say they wilt
fight n battle In the courts for his
commitment to an asylum so strong
!y that tho New York officials will
be appalled at the coat In both time
and money. They offer to compro
mise on the ground that the only ad
vantage that cun be gained by the
district attorney is that Thaw will bo
placed in a public asylum instead
' f In i private one as his relative*
now ask.
If the efforts now on foot to put
Thaw in a private asylum are not
successful |.is attorneys will make
t lie i r first log fight to prevent Ills
• st:. ditlon from Pennsylvania to New
York. They y t> it efforts lasting
fur jvurs if net" ssary will he put
forth to prevent their demented client
falling into tin hands of his ruthless
enemies in New York.
New laid eggs at Prosser's Hern###
Shop. $1.00 per dozen. Phone Black 5.
International News Servics.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 16.—The pow
er of the Alaska legislature to tax
corporations and the decision of the
Alnskan and appellate courts affirm
ing that right are upheld by a ruling
of the supreme court of the United
States made known late yesterday.
The case Just passed on by the
high court was a test case which
was fought In the Alaska and higher
courts by the large fishing and min
ing corporations which pooled their
strength to find out whether the
taxes Imposed on them by the ter
ritorial legislature were legal or not
This approval of the rulings of the
lower court settles the question as to
the powers of the Alaskan legislature
to pass laws of the character assail
ed in the appeal. The appeal on the
tax acts of the legislature were dis
Py this ruling the legislature of Al
aska now finds Itself possessed of an
annual Income of over five hundred
thousand dollars from cauteries and
| mines ulone with the prospect that
I this will be increased rather than,
diminished In the future.
An added advantage to Alaska is
that her organic act has now' been
under the scrutiny of the supreme
court an has a greater validity It in
All kinds of sleigh and ski wood on
sale at Ros*' mill and shop. Also
building and mining timber.
International News Service.
PETROGRAD, Jan. 16.—It is offi
cially announced thut the Roumanians
have gained a mile and a half on an
extensive front southwest of Pralea.
The German allies were driven back
by an impetuous attack for which
great preparations were made.
BERLIN. Jan. 16.—The dally bul
letin admits losses on the eastern
fronts both in the Carpathians and
in Moldavia.
It stated that a powerful offensive
has been started by the Russo
Roumanian forces between Casido and
Itus.staz valleys and on both 3ides of
the river Fundlna.
The enemy are pressing hard In
enormous numbers and their on
slaughts are described as desperately
International News Service.
V VSIIINTION, Jan. 16.—Through
the Spanish mhassador at Washing
ton, ltiano. His Holiness the Pope has
'•■} pressed his approval of President
>» ilt>( n's efforts for peace In Europe.
iIlls strugp was presented at a
special jU u.t» with the president it
the White House. Further than this
bare announcement of approval the
contents of the pope'3 message thus
c.it.veycd are not kno.wn,
International News Service.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 16.—Physi
cians In attendance on Admiral Dewey
who ili with pneumonia have is
sued a rlatement that he cannot last
thlough the day. His death Is hourly

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