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/Ill meinlter* I'. O. K. miiienlcd
to IIIKI lit tin* Fogle Hull. 7 :IO |i. m.
Sllllllill. to lltteml MYltl'I'l 111 tin;
Federnti**! Chtirelt, N p. m.
V II. I.KMIS. President
nil till II I> Ml TIIK TIMIIi
Herbert Spoiled. olil time resident
of N’oiiip him returned from liln win
t*%r trip to old Woman Mountain
It will ho remembered by our lend
ers thitt Sponoor In ho of tho gruell
lug trip from Noma to rnalakloot
during tho storm porlnd Hint caught
(too cnhltl At this tlmo lio tvim
caught by tho storm nnd without
nny tiro except a oandlo nnd n thin
blnnkot thrown ovor hi' shoulder*,
ho spout n night In n rnhln along
Sponoor left Nome early in tho
winter on foot pulling a sled con
taining bin personal effect* and
mushed tho entire distance to Old
Woman Mountain At this place hr
hunted and trapped but finding re
in nm too meagre started on his re
turn trip to Nome, arriving May 5th
From Nome to Old Woman Moun
tain the trip took 5 weeks but the
return was made In ton days Few
men would care to undertake a
•'miliar trip and but few would be
aJ»ir to accomplish it alive.
t \h\WFVl. r0SSKSS|0\
OF nit’KS
Mr Shorty, an Ksklmo of the
Sand Spit, was at rested by tlamc
Wat den John Hancock last Wmines
day morning for possessing and at
tempting to sell Kider ducks. The
native appeared on the streets of
Nome with a sled load of the eon*
traband bird*, which he proceeded
to dispose of
Pursuant to the duties devolving
upon him Mr Hancock entered a
complaint with the r^ult that the
native was taken in charge by the
V S Marshal and brought before
T* S Commissioner Chas. Thorn
ton. TUetrict Attorney Harrison
appeared for the government and !
Hugh O'Neill, who volunteered htf
services, defended the prisoner.
As both the Commissioner and
the other representatives of the law
Where Quality Reigns
ami Other Makes
looked upon the offense thru llbern
alasne* the prisoner wns given a
reprimand and told to go and t«in
It in fully realised by all Alaskan*
that the present prohibition again*!
killing water fowl* la unjust and
should be remedied, however, thi
law exist* nnd II I* the duty of th<
officer* to dlNCournge any and all
violation*. The open season I*
Sept. l*t to Dae. I nth
I* Klelnstnrlnk (Steam Shovel
Dirk) the well known old time min
er or the Nome District passed into
lhe great beyond last Tuesday night
without having once regained con
sciousness. Dick whs found In an
unconscious paralyzed condition In
his cabin May l*t. ufter having been
missed from his usual haunts.
At the time of hla discovery In this
condition the Chairman of the Nome
Health and Relief committee. It. It.
Julian and Dr. Welch were notified
nnd Immediately made an Investiga
lion of the unconacioua body nnd
residence. Dick was taken to the
Columbus Maynard Hospital nnd lin
gered until May 9th. The only
sign that the man could make was
a faint flickering of one eyelid.
The personal effects of Dick were
taken in charge by Mr. Julia-n and
mlhcient money was (ouml to pay
the hospital fees and provide a de
cent funeral.
Having been a member of the Pio
neers of Alaska that organisation
will take charge of the funeral
which will he held Sunday May 14th
at th* Federated Church. Rev. Rich
aril Decker officiating.
All friends of the deceased arc
requested to he present and accom
pany the body to Its Anal resting
place on Belmont Point.
l> Kleinstarink was horn In Ut
recht Holland. April 13th. 1S60.
nnd was a botanist by profession
He first came to Rampart Alaska
July 4th, IS98 and front there to
Nome in 1900 By occupation he
was a miner and followed that line
of endeavor until his death.
After the bid* were submitted
And opened it was found that .1 J
Keenan was the lowest bidder for
the dredging ai the Mouft* Snake
River Harbor Mr Keenan and
\V. J Rowe made the only bids
received, that of Keenan being 12.14
per cubic yard while that of Rowe
was one cent higher, namely. $2 15
According to the method of proceed*
ure the contract was accordingly
awarded to Mr Keenan
lTpot\ being interviewed Mr Keen
an stated that he in conjunction
with W. M Wyther and I.. Sraeder
have formed a partnership and will
be equipped, ready for operation,
by July 15th This partnership
will install a -action dredge, which
i> now being rigged for that purpose
Wyther and Smed.r are new on
the outside and have purchased the
necessary machinery to complete the
dredge. Th< boat part will consist
of a large barge which has been
purchased from the Nome l-ighter
age Company and is now on. the
company ways on the Spit Elec
trict power will be employed, using
the Alaska Tower current for that
purpose Mr Kohanek of the pow
er company is now installing the
necessary line and transformers at
the harbor mouth
Tumps motors and pipe lines that
will be used on the boa: have al
ready been hauled into town and by
the time the first bout arrives with
the remaining equipment the
dredge will be launched and ready
for the final installation?
The amount of ground to be re
moved wiir aggregate TCdr cubit
yards with the possibility of further
varda re
Mr Keenan stated that after the
wnylrtiaTi of the prpsetJ contract
the entire dredge and equipment
will be for Ml? to the oily of Nome
i <%r the government . A* i: may he
necessary to frequently dredge the
1 channel, thru obstruct io7> ba:lt n?
! hy storm a. it will bo advisable t
have a dredge available to mow
: plish the vorfc.
A contract has beer, let to the
j l.ighternge Company for had inf
, the boat from the river to the Spi’
land there place her in winter qnar
Iters The contract also provided
for spring hixhlag Mr Koenai
! states that in one day* time the lad
der and other parts can be removed
and the boat placed in her land ot
winter quarters
j According to the Terms of the
j government award the drodginf
| most begin by August 1st. but Mr
(Keenan asserts that they win b<
j -eady to begin operations by Jnl!
Thru the courtesy of A.O. Blake
we lire able to glvo the Noma pub
lic n statement of condition* relative
to the proponed purchase of the
Seward Peninsula Railroad.
Vurlous surmises have been rife
In the community why the authorlz
ed purchase was not accomplished
by our Territorial officials. Some
who knew better even went so far
as to condemn officials for malfeas
ance In office. The defective title,
while it exists, Is not the crux that
prevents present acquisition. At
the time the road was sold to Linde
In*ik. Nome was Riven to under
stand that the purchase was made
thru u purely altruistic spirit and
that as soon as the Territory was
able to acquire the road it would
bo sold at the ordinal purchase price
which was about $10,000.00. The
Territory however, appraised the
road at a higher price and sijtnifled
its willingness to pay a bonus of
100 per cent on the original pur
chase price.
It Is the opinion of Nomeltea who
were in Juneau during the negotia
tions and later in the Statea. while
I further negotiations were In pro
cress. that If the Pioneer Mining
Company, or Its representatives, do
not act soon the road will not be
purchased this year and perhaps
not at all
Following are excerpts from th.
letter signed by Territorial Attorney
j (Imoral John Rustgard:
It Is evident that oonsiaeranie
misinformation has been assiduous
ly circulated concerning the pur
chase of the Seward Peninsula Rail
road bv the Alaska Road Commis
sion pursuant to Chapter 39 of the
haws of 1921. The facts are these.
The taw in question provides that
the road may be purchased by "The
Federal Board of Road Commission
ers of Alaska” meaning evidently
the Alaska Road Commission, with
the consent and approval of the Ter
ritorial Board of Road Commission
ed. Steese as chairman of th*
Alaska Road Commission reported
tv.at the road in question was
worth $15,000. and no more, and
recommended that no more be paid.
Major Gotwals. one of the officers
of the Alaska F-oad Commission,
subsequently and after Mr. Frawley
arrived in Juneau, addressed a let
ter to the Territorial Board of Road,
Commissioners stating that he esti-j
mated the road worth $20,000. but
The To ritorial Board of Road
Commissioners held * meeting. One
of the members voted to pay *15.000
for the road provided the fund?
could be raised In other words.
a majority of the Territorial Board
pay $20,000. or rather to furnish to
ttie Alaska Road Commission the
sum of $20 000 for the purchase of
the road
Subsequently * RW.inj
t>\ the directors of ’.fee Pioneer i >'»' ;
patty i» Francisco at which
meeting a resolution was h
sell the road tor JSd.OOO but (or
acthing less
It is obvious that the Question ot
title has had nothing to do with
the failure of the Alaska Road Com
mission to purchase the railroad^
My connexion with the transaction
has hern as follows, not otherwise:
When 1 was in Washington l re
cetved a wire to look up the records
of the railroad in the Department o*
the Interior which I did. 1 after
wards received a telegram to stop
in San Francisco, and ir.vestiga**
| the title documents in the posses
sior. of the Pioneer Company aac
Mr. FrawVey at that place, which
did Neither in Washington cor in
s»ar. Francisco could 1 get a^y satis
factory evidence of ownership of the
-silroad. but was informed by Mr
Frawley that all details in regard
to title would be furnished me by
Mr. W. H. Gorham of Seattle who
was attorney for a Boston company
in foreclosing a mortgage on the
road and in taking judgment against
the road in Nome.
At the time I passed through Seat
tie I called on Mr. Gorham whr
made ar. oral statement as to th
title, but he had no records by whir1
1 could check the correctness of his
or anybody else's statement*
Nevertheless, after my return to
.1 areau and after the deal har. fallen
through 1 made a report as to wha■
I had found in regard to the title
and stated in substance and effect
that 1 could not pass cm the titb
until 1 had been given an oppertut
‘ ity to examine either original re
cords in Nome or certified copies o
those records This I did for tw<
reasons; first for the purpose ©1
■making a permanent memorandum
of the facts which I bad found, tni
second Tot the purpose of she win?
what was necessary i* order to past
upon the titie in event the negotia
lions (or the purchase of the road
should again be taken up In thf
I was informed by letter from the
Road Commission that it would be
unnecessary for me to investi/ratf
the title any further.
At the regular meeting of the
Nomo Common Council, held last
Monday May 8th, all members were
present, enabling a complete organ
isation to bo effected. At the prev
ious meeting two members were ab
sent delaying the new organisation
incident to a change in the personnel
of the body.
The annual report of the City
Clerk showed that on April 20th
the balance in the city treasury
amounted to $6,378.62.
A resolution was presented filing
the compensation of the City Clerk
City Treasurer. Attorney and other
city officials.
Another resolution was presented
appointing all members of the coun
cil and fire department ex-officio
James Haughey was appointed
chief of the Fire department, with
power to employ and discharge em
ployees of the department. Bond*
were fixed for city clerk and city
treasurer. Clerk Grimm being un
der bond of $5,000 while C. C.
Crooks, city treasurer, functions un
der a bond of $10,000.
John Hancock had been appoint
ed School Tax Collector for the un
incorporated districts of the Second
Pivision by Governor Scott C. Bone
and appeared before the Council
asking that he bo appointed tty
School Tax Collector for the City of
Nome. The body favorably con
sidered his petition and placed his
bond at $2,500.
Under the head of new business
telegrams were read from Captain
Persons of Seattle . of the United
States Signal Corps in which it was
shown that the government contem
plates the installation of a high
power station at Nome. The present
station will be overhauled and mod
er’^ equipment will replace the pies
en'. equipment. As the govern
ment realizes the onceasity of more
hich power stations in Alaska, more
particularly in Nome due to our
proximity to Siberia and Japan
The Nome station will be so rehabili- (
tated that the sending radius will bo
increased many fold, enabling this
point to communicate with far dis
tant stations
Following the proper proceedure.
Captain Person? sent his wires of
inquiry to Mayor Geo. S. Maynard
and immediate action was taken
and results obtained without delay
Capthin Persons states in his first
wire: “Washington is sending a
specially qualified Signal Corps Of
ficer to Alaska this summer to in
stall modern equipment at radio
station. Xctne being one of most
importance Rehabilitation of Nome
station may be prevented or delayed
if the government is required to
furnish the meter and construct line
for current The Signal Corps has
agreed to furnish a^d install trans
fcrmers and other necessary appar
atus in the station, but it seems un
fair to require it to stand cost of
meter and line, in view of the large
increased consumption of power
which probably will amount to on
hundred and fifty or two hundred
dollars per month. As station is
for the benefit of the public it is
believed that an exception to the
general rule should b<- made, please
Mayor Maynard immediately in-;
lerviewed O S Weaver manage:'
! of the Alaska Industrial Mining £ \
| Power Co. and sect the following]
! reply to Capt. Persons
i ''After interview with officials of j
power company they will agree to;
install'power line and meter if the1
power company can be assured of
at lewst one hundred fifty pe. j
j In answer to the above telegram
I Captain Persons replied: “Find it
, ztnpracticaMe to guarantee one hun
! died fifty per month but if company
;■ will ran line and install meter and
:develops after a few months use.
I does bot average one hundred fifty
* Signal Corps will pay for construc
! of line and meter Please take up
S with company and wire results. Ex
| pent officer and equipment on first
Mayor Maynard presented the
j telegram to Mr. Weaver who accept
led the conditions therein stated,
i Therefore the Mayor sent the foltaw
* ing wire: "Tow wire Mat first re
! gardinc guarantee meets with ap
j proval power company Tour pre
i position has been accepted '
1 Since the last reply was sent to
i Captain Persons the power company
( has hoe® advised that their accept
■ ance has keen received and that the
government plans will be carried
Carrying out the Territorial
I school law. W. A. Baldwin. 8ecre
| tary of the Nome School Board, sub
mitted a report of his board. This
report covered a period of three
months, and due to misinformation
given the secretary should have
been one covering one month only,
in detail.
A» the present statement was
faulty in the matter of signature the
City Clerk was instructed to inform
the Secretary of the School Board
to sign In the required manner.
R. B. Julian, chairman of the
Health and Relief Committee made
a report covering his activities re
lative to the finding of the body of
D. Kleinstarink. Mr. Julian was
complimented by the mayor for the
manner in which he had acted.
Relief was also given an indigent
woman who had applied for assist
I Chaa. Cavey. chairman tof the
streets and light committee, report
ed that numerous persons had come
to him with complaints regarding
overflow conditions. Mr. Cavey
made a personal investigation of all
complaints registered and where
possible saw that conditions were
relieved. - Due to the unfavorable
weather, freezing temperature each
night, little can be accomplished
with the various drains and until
warmer weather arrives consider
able inconvenience may be experi
enced by property owners. Mr.
Cavey has shown his alertness bp
being on the Job continually.
( wish to take this opportunity of
thankhm the people of Seward Pen
insula for the Indorsement given ass
at the Primary Flection.. . My en
deavor has been at all times to
represent the best interests of the
Territory, and with your support
will continue to do my duty.
Delegate From Alaska.
Dated Seattle, Wash., May 10, ltM.
SPECIAL—Chicken Dinner at
llahlke's Restaurant, egery Snnday.
acts per pound.
We have Just killed two pigs and
will serve fresh killed pork Sunday.
Late News Flashes
WASHINGTON May 13—Senator Bursum yesterday ntroduced a
substitute for the pending Soldiers' Bonus Bill,. Bursum's bill follows the
general outlines of the McCumber Bill, but provides immediate payment
of 50 per cent of the adjusted compensation. Certificates of indebted
ness will also be issued and will bear 3ft per cent interest, due Septmeber
30th. 1927. Unpaid balance of the remainder due the veteran* will
be covered by certificates of indebtedness payable Sept. 30th, 1927, draw
ing intrest of 3per cent from October 1st next.
WASHINGTON. May 13—The McKenaie Bill. readjusting pay
allowance of the commissioned and enlisted personnel of the Army, Navy,
Marine Corps. Coast Guard and Geodetic Survey and Public Health Ser
riee. was last night passed by the House.
San Francisco. May 13—A novel feature benefit witl be »tagc4 f
here May 18th. for the benefit of disabled vete^ns of tba>*orld war.
A tight show, sponsored by Mrs. Daniel C. Jachlfng. wife of the
mining magnate, with pretty girls as ushers will be given in the Civic
Auditorium here on the above date and will be for the benefit of the
soldiers who at this time hold their annual convention of Disabled Ameri
can Veterans of the World War.
WASHINGTON May 13—The Harrison Act, regulating the use
and purchase of drugs and narcotics, was amended iu a measure prohibit
ing importation of drugs and narcotics into the United States or territor
ies. This penal provision of the amendment provides a fine of $5,000
or ten years imprisonment.
MINEOLA. X. V.. May 13—Assemblyman T. Trubee Davison, of
Xassua County, was left a fortune amounting to $4,500,000, according to
the terms of the will left by his father Henry Davison, former partner of
SAVANNAH. Ga.. May 13—John Vardeman and his wife Bertha
were arrested and confessed that they had robbed the Chase National
Bank of New York of Liberty Bonds valued at half a million dollars.
SEATTLE, M^y 13—Bain. Director of the Bureau of Mine*, ar
rived in Seattle Monday enroute to the Matanuska coal fields.
LISBON*. May 13- Portugese airmen Counts Iho and Sacadura,
who attempted to complete their trans-atlantic flight yesterday, fell Into
the sea between St. Paul Rock and Fernando Noronha, about 500 mllau
N E of the Brazilian coast. Fortunately for the airmen they were
rescued by the British steamer. City of Paris.
LONDON* May 13—George Carpentior knocked out Ted Lewis,
British champion, in the first round laat night. The round tasted two
minute* and fifteen seconds and Lewis took the count. This fight was
for the world's lightweight championship.
W ASHING TON. May 13—In a statement concerning prosecution
of war fraud cases, prepared at the request of President Harding and
transmitted to the House, Attorney General Daugherty takes a decided
rtand Daucherty declared that examinations disclosed In sack Instance
“sufficient indication that crime had been committed to warrant submitting
them to the grand Jury."

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