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Oldest Newspaper in Alaska. Member of The Associated Press
VOL. 37. No. 30. NOME, ALASKA, Wednesday, 5, 1936. Per Copy Ten Cents
Nations Strike At New Red Menace
Italy Decided 0n Counteraction If More Sanctions
(By The Associated Press i
Undated, Feb. 5, —All
eged communistic activities
brought raids, labor demon
strations and official denun
ciations in Europe, Mexico
and South America.
Five nations in southeast
ern Europe—Hungary, Bui
gara, Yugoslavia, Rumania
and Austria—struck simul
taneously, amid warnings
of a new Red menace, with
attempts to rouse the pub
lic against an increase of
Soviet Russian influence.
In the valley of the Dan
ube, Hungary crushed an
organization allegedly com
In Bulgaria, 50 persons
were arrested in a series of
raids, and nineteen gypsies
were put on trial for com
munistic activities.
Rumanan, Yugoslavian,
and Austrian police made
many raids. Some of the
Austrian press indicated
the belief that Russia was
seeking to replace Italy as
the dominant power in the
southeastern area, taking
advantage of Italy’s opera
tions in East Africa.
A two-day shutdown of
industry in Mexico found
organized labor and capital
ists combined against what
they termed an open attem
pt to establish a Bolshevik
In South America, offi
cial statements accused
communists of fomenting
railway strike trouble in
Chile, and of underground
political activities in Para
Signs Three-Year
Contract to Coach
(By The Associated Press~)
San Francisco, Feb. 5, —
Roderic A. Chisholm, Geo
logy professor, who accom
panied Father Hubbard, the
Glacier Priest, on his Alas
ka expeditions, today sign
ed a three year contract as
Athletic Director and Grad
uate Manager of the Uni
versity of San Francisco.
He is a former tackle on
the football team of the Un
iversity of Santa Clara.
Crooks Desert
Ocean Vessels
For 3 Reasons
(By The Associated Press)
Havre, France, Feb. 5,—
Steamship police report in
ternational crooks, hit hard
by depression, are disap
pearing from the high seas.
These suave gentlemen,
who at one time profitably
plied the ocean trade be
tween New York and Hav
re, now cannot even pay
their passage with their
meagre gains, according to
Louis Henry, head of the
police on the Normandie.
Henry gives three reas
ons for the diminishing
number of card sharps, con
fidence men and ordinary
petty thieves traveling on
ocean liners.
First is poker’s waning
popularity and bridge’s
“Bridge players, usual
ly aware of their limitations
hesitate before playing with
st'rangers for high stakes”
he said.
Second bitter memories
of the Wall street crash of
1929 sharpened skipticism
among American travelers
and even the most logical
arguments of persuasive
confidence men fall on deaf
ears these days.
Third, reduction of the
number of days crossing the
Atlantic makes for a virtual
impasse for international
crooks to lay a solid ground
work for “friends.”
Stewarts, valets and wait
ers are trained to observe
movements of passengers.
In this way Henry said,,
thefts are kept down to a
Polarites Attention
Polarites will have a
regular business meeting
and workout tonight at 7
30 P. M. Native Gym.
Frank Whaley, Pres.
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Freighter Stands •
By A Japanese
Fish Boat Storm
(By The Associated Press!
Yokohama, Feb. 5, —The
American freighter Eglan
tine radioed that she was
standing by a Japanese
fishing boat in distress, in
a storm, one hundred and
sixty miles off Cape.Nosh
Tokyo reported today
that navy crafts were
searching for nine fishing
boats with the number of.
their crews totaling 57. W j
believed lost in the worst
blizzard in 49 years.
| Washington Wins
i For Second Time
(By The Associated Press)
Corvallis, Oregon, Feb.
5. — The University of
Washington basketballers
defeated Oregon State for
the second time in the play
off for the northern divi
sion championship by a
score 35 to 31. Washington
trailed 20 to 10 at the half
but came from behind to
take the game.
Nazi Physicist !
Murdered By A
Medical Student
(By The Associated Press)
Davos, Switzerland, Feb.
5, —Wilhelm Gustloff, 40,
militant Nazi German phy
sicist, attached to the ob- <
servatory here, was assass- '
inated by a medical student :
who said he was David
Frankfurter of Jugoslavia, 1
from Berne.
The student said he want
ed to strike a blow at the
Hitler regime. 1
He escaped from Gust
loff’s apartment waving a 1
pistol at the gathering
crowd. Later he telephoned
the police and surrendered. 1
Swiss Socialists had re- <
peatedly demanded Gust- <
loff’s expulsion because he f
was organizing Germans to '<
the support of Hitler but
the Swiss government rul
ed that he was within the
- •- ’'a iSHkEpt
_ I
(By The Associated Press)
Washington, Feb. 5, —
Senator Borah flung the
gauntlet to the regular Re
publican organization in
announcing his campaign
in Ohio, for delegates pled
ged to his presidential nom
In a formal statement he
said: “After a thorough sur
vey, I am convinced the
people of the state should
be given an opportunity to
express their choice in the
primary election May 12th.
Under the so-called favor
ite-son plan, this privilege
is denied them.”
In Massachusetts, ex-Gov
ernor Ely said he would
seek an unpledged delega
tion to the democratic na
tional convention. He fur
ther said that unless admin
istration policies are chang
ed Roosevelt’s re-election is
Co-Eds in Revolt
Against A New
Rule at Oxford
(By The Associated Press)
Oxford, England, Feb. 5,
—A ruling that boarding
louse keepers must report
ivery undergraduate or
graduate who has a woman
visitor after 10 p.m. is being
jrotested by men and 'wo
nen students of Oxford un
The ruling is regarded as
i direct thrust at the recent
mancipation of Oxford wo
nen, who were not permit
;ed formerly to visit and
mdergraduate in his room
mless chaperoned.
Men students insist that
;he new order is a reflection
)n the character of their
vomen friends and on their
>wn morals.
And while the protest
ages the women of Cam
jridge University, tradition
il rival of Oxford, smile
:ontentedly it is reported,
it the extent of their own
iccepted campus liberties.
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Will Attempt
End 7-Weeks
Steam Strike
(By The Associateo Press)
San Francisco, Feb. 5, —
The sailors union of the
Pacific called for an end to
the seven week steam
schooner strike.
The marine cooks and
stewarts withdrew from the
Coast Maritime Federation
today. The two moves are
intended to end the dis
U. S. Defines
Beer And Ale'
End Disputes
(By The Associated Press)
Washington, Feb. 5, —
The federal alcohol admin
istration recently decided
the difference between
beer, and ale.
Announcing proposed
rules for malt beverages,
the alcohol administrator
said that considerable con
fusion has been caused in
recent months because of
the interchangeable use of
the terms beer and ale.
Therefore he decided
that beer is a malt beverage
produced by bottom fermen
tation, possessing the char
acteristic flavor and aroma
destinctive of beer, and con
taining not less than one
half of one percent of alco
hol by volume.
Ale is a malt beverage
produced by top fermenta
tion, possessing the char
acteristic flavor and aroma
distinctive of ale, having an
original gravity of not less
than 13.50 balling, contain
ing not less than one-half
of one percent of alcohol
by volume and of light col
Porter was defined sim
ilarly, except that it was of
“dark color”, while stout is
of a “very dark color”.
Porter and stout have the
alcoholic content of ale.
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Italy Decided On
Counteraction If
More Sanctions
t By The Associated Press)
Rome, Feb. 5, —The Fas
cist Grand Council issued a
communique saying it was
determined on “a definite
ly fixed line of counterac
tion”, if Italy is confronted
with “a further tightening
of sanctions.”
The nature of the coun
teraction was no', outlined.
The conference with II
Dur e yesterday lasted two
nnd a half hours, and was
he second within four days.
The council decided that
Italy was wise in rejecting
the Franco-British peace
Airship Named
Soon Be Ready
(By The Associated Press)
Friedrichshafen, Ger
many, Feb. 5, —The huge
dirigible LZ-129, now near
ing completion at the Zep
pelin works, is to be named
Dr. Hugo Eckener hopes
to have the airship in shape
for a series of test flights
this month. After the tests
it will be groomed for its
first Atlantic crossing. Two
trips will be made to South
America before the Hinden
burg goes to the United
Germany Selling
Naval vessels
(By The Associated Press)
Bremen, Germany, Feb.
5, —Germany has appear
ed as a builder of naval
craft for a foreign povvef
for the first time since the
World war.
The Friedrich Luerssen
company of Vegesack an
nounced receipt of a “big
order for speedy motor
boats for the Yugoslaviai
navy.” - *
Completion of the order
is expected to require twc
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