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VOL. II. NO. 185
Till Daily Ala?a* will Intrortoe# yon
to all tlit |M-*)|ile wortl. unowlii*. Jn
Vv ry home evrrjr monilng. 5
Number who read It dully
? ilglt WStWt Wttt Wit Wg
: : The Largest And Finest Hotel in Alaska.
? ?
Kur?|>?wu I'lau.
All Modern Improvements. Sample Rooms for Commercial Men.
' HUN"*LL? 4i
bar j* wxBDtortabte Room*
Fal>erag? ot Bualres Ri?
Identa Solicited
Golden North Hotel
A First-Class Ho'el
kales Reasonable
fhos. Whitten, Manager. HonJ Street, between Main anj State
? ?????? ( ?iulwrl? \|>r? In I %ltriillon l.lteai
lir*l4i?M ?? Ihr Urar f
Portland flizpah House
? I uratrljr of Ml r.?b??r. On >
Cor 5th Av. Bet. Broadway and State
?|>po?ltr Clly Hull
Pnces 25c to 50c Skagway, Alaska i
Kv?-r\thinjr Kirst-Cla.**
Klectrie l.ijfht ami
Call Bell*
The < ?nlv Kirv Proof
liuiWiuiif iu Alaska
Cor er Fourth Avenue and S'a;e
' . . j . 1 I
IKuropeau Hlao)
IV-- ii.;*iin!.U hotel in Skatrway. Kleirantlv furnished.
Kleetru l.ijht?. Comfortably heated. Fine, large
warm lobby.
Hvad in-, i- ATI.IN-KLOXDIKK MIN'KHS Iteasooabl* Terms
Wrll H> ateJ anj 1 "st
C! sWvoinm ?Jjtion>
I ? I7< Guests
Largest anj Best appoint
tJ hotel in Alaska. Cor. I
BroaJwav anj Fifth Ave
The Pacific Hotel
I it ro|?rn ?? HInk,
I" !tli a\ rime Near Main Stnret. W Kiippel, Manager.
Most Comfortable
Rooms In the City
Tl H*%\ H I
Free Store e for Bagage =S5= ?
U. S. Hotel
I). lientley, l'rop.
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Skagtuoy
NViir I'. 11. IV pot. Iieds25c -Meals 25c
LOOOIM. 2^ BO AND Ptk MIAL 251- HKwfclK fj.o
Hoard .in J Lodging per week J6 and $s.70
John-' ivenue. Near old Hostoftie. NO BAR See the High Flag Pole
Rainier Hotel <& Restaurant
jis BKOAUWAY. Frank Hall, Prop.
KuwllrDt Mwh 33 rcltv A II the delicacies the market affords. Bent chef*
employed Handsomely furnished rooms Electric lighU, city water
and best accommodations in th? city
Shoup Avenue House
Shoup St. Near Hruadway
H. E. AYERS. Proprietor
RcceDtlY renovated, enlarged and refurnished. Liueolcum covery lobby
car|H t?d stairway*, elegautly furnished roouis. electric bells, baths, etc
Pill Box Drug Store !Sb*-.
PRESCRIPTIONS? Experience 20 Vears
Central TelephoM Stat n. Prescriptions Filled any Time, L>av or Nigh!
Everything New
I ^HtDc' Broadway,
L#<1U1C9 No. 40(1
OressmaklnK PciT'l^r
anJ Notions OdZddl
Taffeta Silks, Silk Undorvests,
Hair Nets, Dollies, Ribbon*.
Paper Napkins, Carlson (furrier
Embroidery, Sewing and Knit
ting bilks. Ready made under*
skirt* and shirt waists galore.
Point Lace Material*.
Dr. Jas. B. Wall
Graduate Dentist
Alloy, Amalgam, and
Gold Fillings. Latest
All Work Guaranteed. State St.
Lovell and Jennings
Comer State and Bond ? ? Skagway.
Ernest Feck J. Earle Brown
McKtnney St. Opposite City Hall
Citv and Country
Surveying Promptly
Attended to
OtfKe Broadway and 12th Street.
J. U. Pile* Morton E. st*v?n?
A'omeys and Counsellors
Filth Av?. Nut to cuurthwiM
NoUfy ?nJ SWO
u^raph?r in OAi? Al?*ha
jank Building. Cor. State and 5th
KELLY BLOCK. Broadway.
Omci Hovrs :
10 to 12 A. M.
2 to 5 and 7 to 9 t>. M.
OFFICE Mootv block (Second Floor.)
State Street, Sk agway.
Undertaker and
Special attention given to bodies
for shipment.
Broadway, above Shoup Avenue.
11(1 IS SI
First Published In a Sitka j
? ?npany A, Alaaka National
Guard of fikafwar, Only
Perfected military I'ampaar la
Ihr Dlalrlcl Kradjr Co Aiiawrr
Uir UtrtlMr'i Call.
The following Item relative to the Alas
ka National Guard, t iken fr6m the Sitka
Alaskan of April 22, gives th: first public
information had here of the officers ap
pointed bv Governor Brady to serve on his
staff. If this account is correct Sk.igwav,
as usual, has been given the go-bv, which,
to sav the least, is ungenerous, considering
that the onlv thor ?ughlv^organired, well
tquippeJ and drilled body of soldiers in
Alaska is Skagwav's Company A. The
item in full is as follows:
"There has been times during the past
few years, in different paits of the terri
tory, that a company of militia has been
needed, and would have saved much
trouble and anxietv. and probably saved
life and property. On several occas ons
the regulars have had to be sent out to pre
serve order, but to do this caused much
trouble and occupies much time, and a
treat deal of mischief can be done before
their presence can be secured. When there
are militia companies they can be called
out on short notice to protect life and prop
"Governor Bradv has realized the need |
of a National Guard for Alaska for some
time past, and has onlv been awaiting the
Seattle Steamship Co.
Office 011 Broadway
Near R.'R. Depot
Ed. Tonkin.
General Agenr
, Mnnt.ft Carlo
F, \V. I'OTTS, Mgr.
Summit of White Pass.
General Merchandise
HOLLY STREET, Bet. State and Main.
We Carry
Largest Stock |
^Physicians' Prescriptions Carefully [ompunfcd
Holly Ave, Near State.
Canadian Bank - commerce
Head Office Toronto, Ontario
CAPITAL, $6,000,000.
Gold Du?t Purchased? Current Accounts Received on Favorable
Terinn? a General Banking Bualncut Trunsuctcd
A. SCOTT, Agent.
time when he could secure capable and
competent men to take the matter In hanj.
He h.'s now succeeded and the Alaska Na
tional Guard has been organized and sev
eral staff and line officers commissioned.
"According to the Inw the governor is
commander-in-chief of the militia, and
those appointed to serve as his staff offi
cers are. F. L>. Kelsey, of Juneau, as ad
jutant-general, with the rank of colonel,
and W. H. McNalr, of Sitka, as assistant
adjutant-general, with the rank of major.
"Company A has been organized at
.Skagwav, with the following officers com
missioned: Francis N, Sieberg, captain,
and Frank N. Sessions, second lieutenant.
"Another company Is also being organ
ized at Hkagway and an arniorv has been
erected. Juneau and several other places
are organizing companies, and in a few
months time there will probably be enough
companies organized to form a regiment.
"Colonel Kelsev has alreadv made req
uisition on the government for outfits for
250 men, and they will shortly arrive
from Washington."
the treasury department are absolutely
without foundation," said Acting-Secre
tary Spauldlng tonight. '?Mr. Ivey has
returned to Alaska, his administration Is
satisfactory to the department and there is
no talk of removal, suspension or investi
Dlalrlc Court In Nltag w?jr?
Mr. Walter Church, who returned from
Sitka and Juneau Wednesday evening,
said that Judge Johnson had requested
him to say to the DAILY ALASKAN that
the United States district court would meet
in Juneau May 2) and devote the first ten
days of the session to civil cases, which is
contrary to the usual custom, so as to al
low those who have to go to the expense
of taking witnesses down there for civil
business to get throug has quickly as possi
ble and those having witnesses for criminal
cases will understand that they will not be
needed for the firs' ten days. When
through in Juneau Judge Johnson will
come to Skagwav to hold a session of his
1 4
Plans To He Acted on at Next Meeting.
The cut given herewith
is a good representation of
the front view of the club
house which the Arctic
lirotherhood propones to
erect on its lot, donated by
Captain Johnson, at the
corner of Broadway and
Second avenue, and which
promise!) to bu the hand
somest and most sumptuous
ly appointed club house
north of Seattle. The plans
were drawn by Mr. Maxon,
the best architect in Skag
way, and u full description
of the arrangements of the
three floors was published
in the Daii.y Ai.askan
some ten days ago.
These plans will be con
sidered at the next meet
ing of the order, Tuesday,
May 2, and from the fact
that they appear to meet
the requirements of the
members they will no
doubt be udopted. The
committee having the plans
in hand has had to wait un
til it heard from Victoria
where Captain Ir*inir has
the lumber which he do
nated to build the club
? ????? ? ??
tor Double Trami from Mum mil
to ItriuiMI.
There was a rumor circulated on the!
streets \esterJav that the railroad com
pany had refused to bill goods through to
the summit on account of the many snow
and landslides which were supposed to
have taken place on the road. A reporter
of the DAILY ALASKAN called on General
Agent Brown, of the White Pass & Yukon
railrcad, to ascertain the true facts, and
found out tint it was not between the
summit and Skagway that the railroad had
refused to bill goods, but between the sum
mit and Bennett. As everyone knows, the
trail from the summit to Bennett is now
practically impassable for loaded sleds or
wagons, and the only trail to Bennett is
over the grade of the White Pass St Yu
kon railroad, on which a wagon road has
been built- Wagons heavily loaded cannot
now be tsken over this on account of the
lack of bridges at two or three points, but
Mr. Brown yesterday received a telegram
from Contractor Heney saying that by the
end of the week the bridges would be com
pleted and four-horse teams heavily load
ed could be taken over the road.
There has been a great amount of freight
taken over the road recently, which has
accumulated at the Summit because the
packers could only handle thirty to tiftv
tons per da) and the road could handle all
they could get.
Thero has been much difficulty experi
enced at the summit the last few days on
account of the soft, wet condition of the
ground, which interfered with the unload
ing of the cars. The goods cojld not be
unloaded from the cars into the deep mud,
and until a platform to receive them could
be built they had to be lett in the cars. In
this wav most all the freight cars on the line
got stuck at the summit. There were )oo
tons of goods waitlrg at the railroad depot
yesterday and about as much more on the
wharf, and only one freight car at the
Mr, Brown received word yesterday that
the platform at the Summit would be com
pleted todav, and by the end of the week
the road will be again billing goods from
Skagway to Bennett.
Collector of Customs for Alaska W- J.
Ivev has returned to the coast after an ex
tended trip to Washington City, says the
P.-l. of April 19 He was in Portland
April 18 and is expected to arrive on the
Solind very nhortly. A report has been in
circulation for several days thai when in
Washington City Collector Ivey was sus
pended by the treasury department pend
ing an investigation of his official affairs
in Alaska. The Post-Intelligencer last
night received the following dispatch from
Its special correspondent in Washington
Washington, April 18.? "Rumors cur
rent on the Pacif.c coast that Collector
Ivey. of Alaska, has been suspended by
tfsci't: **y% ah a hi TniKH.
fr'resli llrt-f to br Mold for the* Dili)
on II.
Seventy-four quarters of beef and foui
sacks of offal, shipped bv M. P. Shaw, ol
Victoria, an J consigned to the Pacific Con
tracting Company, came up from Victoria
last Sunday on the British ship Alp'>a
[ and put in the bonded warehouse. Fol
some reason the Pacific Contract Company
refused to enter the ine.it for duty, and a
Mr. Steer, M P. Shaw's Skagwag age it
was not here to attend to the duty Deputy
collector Andrews, according to his instruc
lions s id he would have to sell the good!
at public auction at the custom house to
day, if the money was not paid before i<
a. m. today.
The law in regard to perishable good:
held for duty, isthatihev shall be sok
| three davs after their arrival at the port ol
J destination, and accordingly Mr. Andrews
posted notices of sale.
Mr, Andrews siij vesterdav that he did
not think the meat wculd be sold, but thai
Mr. Steer would come in from Log Cabin
and pav the duty. I his course would b<
much more ngreeabie to the United State
government. If the meat is sold after the
dutv, wharfage and all other expenses
shall have been paid, the proceeds will b<
turned over to the owners.
Mnaall ?lrr (Juli lilr ""??
At ii o'clock last night an alarm of tin
in the fourth district was turned in for ;
small blaze in the shooting gallery 01
Holly street. Chief Flemming. as usual
was the first man up the ladder, and, witl
the assistance of a tew buckets of water
promptly put o'lt the blaze. The stove
pipe in the garret lackf^ about four teet o
connecting with the roof, and the tire wai
started in the garret by sparks from tin
open chimney. The damage done w?
very slight.
Bar supplies at Green's.
Cheney's Boston store? Shoes.
Cloride of lime, 25c per lb, H. A. Bauer
Happv and content are Clancy's board
ers. H7 tf
Drill steel and miners' tools at W. L
Singer sewing machine -wholesale cost
H. A. Bauer.
All wool dress suits medium price, a
Clayson & Co.
For correct neckwear go to the Klandil
Trading Company.
Tobaccos and Smokers' Supplies. Holl;
Street near Broadway.
For sale.? three /cxxl dogs, iiarne
and sled. Lilly Hrother*.
Watertight larigans, all sizes, Claysoi
Si Co., Fourth and State streets.
Shoes at Cheney's Boston store.
Call mi J try the 1 5c lunehes at the Cres
cent Res.aurant on bond street, near Bran
nick hotel. Largest hot cakes served ii
kagway. 1-2-tf
Main on Broadway Found to
be Clear.
.Dauagor t.aaiman'a (.'miring Kf
fartttaUive lh? Clllscm Wai?r
? III Nuou b* Hr warded, al lead
AIoiik Brsadwiir for lire Pur
There is now every probability that
Manager Eastman's untiring efforts to give
the citizens water bv thawing out the
water mains of the Skagway Water Com
pany, will soon be crowned with success
As soon a* it was warm enough to work
he commenced thawing the main from the
top of hill across the mud flats at the end
of Third avenue, a distance ot ;oo yards.
He has so far succeeded so well that less
than a hundred feet of frozen pipe now
keeps the water from the Broadway main.
His method of ascertaining the condition
of the pipes vtas uniqne. He uncovered
the pipes and bored holes In them and in
this way ascertained the exact condition
of each main. Near Broadway he found
only a few inches of water, but close to
Broadway it was frozen solid. The Iron
pipe down the bluff from the reservoir it
clear, and the main across the inud flats
is also clear and, with a pressure of seven
ty-five pounds to the square inch, is throw
ing up water like a geyser, which bubbles
up through two and a half feet of sand
and gravel
Speaking of the mains in the street Mr.
Eastman said that the one on Main street
was the only one frozen. The mains in
Broadway and State street had been looked
into and found to be perfectly dry.
Mr. Eastman went around yerterday and
uncovered all the fire plugs and opened
them, but no water made its appearance.
The remaining frozen water in the main
leading up Third avenue will be thawed
out soon and then the water will run In
the Broadway and State street mains.
But Mr. Eastman does not expect to have
the water running in the mains In the
cross streets until* later date, as .some
mav have to be repaired.
Men will be put to work next month
lowering the mains to a depth to insure
against freezing and next year Skagway
will have a continuous supplv of pure and
healthy water.
Woclal Kvrnt of (lie fcraion next
Holiday l: > in 1 11 * .
The May Day Festival now in course of
preparation by tne Ladies' Aid Society of
the Presbyteria?church, to be given next
Monday evening in Presbyterian hall, pro
mises to be the social event of the season.
The ladies have entered heartily into the
work and they are deserving of handsome
returns for their labors.
Mrs. Redmond, Mrs. Pierce land Mrs.
Church have charge of the children's May
pole dance, and from the number of satis
factory rehearsals already had thii will
prove one of the most interesting features
of the festival.
The attractions in the hall will be the
five handsome booths devoted to the sale
of articles, the proceeds of which will go
toward furnishing the church. The booths
will be as follows:
Flower booth? Mrs. Frank Burns.
Ic: cream booth? Mrs. Wilson
Candy booth? Miss Laird.
Japanese garden? Miss Ford.
Alaskan souvenirs? Mrs. Walter Church,
Miss Church and Miss Sengfelder. This
booth had been placed in charge of Mrs.
Snyder, but owing to the illness of Mrs.
Snyder she transferred her charge as stated.
Every laJv in charge of a booth will be
assisted by a number of Skagwav's con
tingent of handsome young ladies.
The festival will open at eight o'clock
with a procession of the May Queen and
her court. She will 'leliver greetings to
ber subjects and declare the festival open,
after which the May pole dance by the
children will take place.
Vfeaiurr Orliaba Kill Sunday,
The steamship City of Topeka, which
went on the rocks in Wrangel Narrows a
short time ago, is to be thoroughly over
hauled and put on the excursion run next
summer. The Orizaba is to take her place
and will reach Skagway next Sunday.
The Cottage City is to be laid off for a few
trips and be prepared for the excursion
travel next summer.
For Kent? A nicely furnished room
for one or two gentlemen. Inquire at
house opposite recorder'* office on
Holly Street between Main and Alas
ka street*. Hi.Vt f
Lillv Bros, have just shipped five car
loads of hay, feed and provisions to the
Log Cabin and Bennett, where they can
be purchased, with Canadian duty paid.
This is to certify that I have disposed of
my teams and the goodwill of my express
business to Mr. Meyer. Thanking the
public for their generous patronage in the
past and soliciting the same for my succes
sor in the future. I remain,

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