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VOL. II. NO. 193
Tut Oaily Alaska* will Inlrodoe# yo?,
lo >11 Iht p?opl? worl. <iu*w n?. Ia,
av ry bom* *vcry mornlof. C A/tf)
NuilMi who re?d It dally ' VY . .
The Largest And Finest Hotel in Alaska. j
Kuropwiu flan.
All Modern Improvements. Sample Rooms for Commercial Men.
Uapg. ..wtslortabla Room# Fatreraga ef Etainaa !???
NO BAR? NO BUNKS ldanta Solialtad
Golden North Hotel
A First-Class hotel
Kates Reasonable
Thus. Whitten, Manager. BonJ Street, between Main and S e
s?r. I .tllrnllan ??
? , ihr Wrarj
, hktWC iilOHT*
?ortlan 1 nizpah I ?ouse
MR vnu Mks. a Mead, PIOPRIKT
iFormrl> o. W. Tabor. ?? )
Cor 5th Av. Bet. Broad wa, : ndj tate
Hi) Hall
<!<nxway, ?*' .**5ka
Prices 25c to 5Cc
Corner Fourth Avenue and S'a'e
? ??? I- '? ' >: - if-": . ?; k_
[European Plan]
appointed hotel In Slcagway. Elegantly furnished.
Electric Light*. Comfortably heated. Fine, large
warm lobby.
Headquarter* for ATLIN-KLONDIKE MINKIW Iteasonable Terms
Lake View Hotel
Lake Bennett, B. C.
H Mi KAY. I'roprietor. Ever} thing tirst-cla*. Elejfant Fur
ui*he<] Rom, Splendid table wrvivr. New steamboat landing-.
Heatlq arter-. for Miner- Railroad & Steamboat men. Term* reatocaMe
Well H< itfJ anj Hir?t HI IHI/II 1 HH llflTN Larjwt snJ ^ appolnt" ?
?:??r- - MRU HIl SSS.SSS.Sl
The Pacific Hotel
? ? ? ? l.uroprati Plan. - - ?
Tifth avenue Near Main Street. C. W Kllppel, Managrr.
^ Most Comfortable
Del 1 11^ -ft: Rooms In the City
ki imimhi i:. ik.ivi av, alarka.
Free Storage for Ba^age ? -
U. S. Hotel
G. D. Bentley, Prop.
Best Dollsn-a-Day House in Skaguiay
N >*ar R. R. Depot. Bed?25c? Meal* 25e
Lodging ajc bo ard Pik meal 251- PtPuEtK *5.0}
Board and Lodging per week $6 and Is. 70
Juhnsun avenue. Near old Postoffice. NO BaR See the High Flag Pole t
Rainier Hotel <& Restaurant
lis BROADWAY. Frank Halt, Prop.
Kxcrlleut Mmtlt 3i cent*. All the delicacies the market afford-. Beat chef-,
employe.! H?nd*>mely furnished room*. Electric light*. city water
and beet ac*ommodati<>ns in the city
The MONDAMIN. . . .
The Moat Modern Hotel in Alaska.
Electric Lighted. Svperior to any Hotel North of Seattle.
Freight to
Before Making arrangements to
ship your goods down the Yukon
? ? ? plfln-sft give us a call. We guaran
tee you will save money by pat
ronizing our scow to Dawson
Y. Y. T. Company,
Lake Bennett, B. C.
M. KING, Manager
J. 5. Graham
Has blossomed out into a veritable
flower garden. We have
Trimmed Hats in every style; also
exquisite French Creations.
Our new Spring Walking Hats
Are Very Swell. Have you seen them?
Make* a charming show. There n ver were prettier style* in neck
Ga nltures and we have the choicest that are made. We carry
the famoux Fisk. Clarke & Fla^tf Neckwear
Curd ?! Tim nka.
We take this method ot thanking the
proprietor, editor and printers of the DAILY
ALASKAN for their painstaking work In
:he publication ot the Easter Alaski
Churchman, and the kindly editorial mrn
ion accorded the paper and its publisher.
Mso the business men who so liberally
:onttJCted advertising space in its columns.
\ thousand copies were printed, which,
ifter supplying advertisers and others in !
skagway, are being mailed to every dio- 1
;ese in the United States, Canada and the '
Northwest Territories, trom the Mackenzie '
?iver to the City of Mexico, reaching bish
ops and some of the clergy, as well as
:lubs, hospitals; church and secular papers,
ind many individuals. Also every bishop
md archbishop In England, IrelanJ, Scot
and and Wales. Although not a very j
arge edition, we believe it will b: a satis
faction to the patrons as well as ourselves
to know that Skagway will be pretty
widely advertised.
Hill No! la lw Wnndrrrd ll> (
The people of Skagwav pass all other
grocery stores to go to the wholesale gro
cery of Gordon & Co., on Broadway at the
foot of Holly, just to save money and get
fresh goods. Call and be convinced.
Outfitting a specialty. 5* Vim
All kinds of iron at Green'*.
Shoes at Cheney's Boston store.
For correct neckwear go to the Khndike
Trading Company.
For Sale -Four claims in Porcupine dis
trict; will sell cheap if taken before the
15th. Inquire next door Mounted Police. .
and Retail
Largest Stock
JJP&ysicians' Prescriptions jjarelully (Tompunded
Holly Ave, Near State.
I. K. KENNY, l'res.
D. H. DUNCAN, con. Mgr.
Paid up Capital $1,500,000.
Rest $1,250,000.
A General Banicing Business Transacted. Gold Dust Purchased.
Bill* of Exchange Bought and Sold. Correspondent* in New
York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and Seattle.
F. L. MURRAY, Manager Bennett Branch.
Yard Comer Third Ave. and State St. Skagway
: Society
THE May Day Festival given bv the
Ladles' Aid Society of the Presbyter
ian church May I and 2 will alwavs rank
as the first and most charmingly successful
social and artistic affair In the historv of
Sk.igway. It was a labor of love on the
part of the ladies, and through their untir
ing zeal and energy thev were able to net
the total of *200, which will go to the
fund for furnishing the church. The offi- ,
cers of this Ladies' Aid Society are: Pres
ident, Mrs. Hillory; vice president, Mrs.
Battin; treasurer, Mrs. Ford. The ladles
wisely appointed Mrs. H. E. Battin a* gen
eral chairman of the festival, and thev are
unanimous in their declaration that the
great financial success bf the affair was ex
clusively due to her splendid management.
Elaborate preparations were made for
decorating Piesbyterlan hall and erecting
the several booths, and by Monday even
ing, Mav Day, :he festival burst into
bloom like a flower garden of buds thai
had been imperceptibly coming to a head.
The hall was tastefully arched and fes
tooned with evergreens, with cozy booth?
on all sides, each trimmed in gay distinc
tive shades or colors. Kach of these
boo'hs was a "thing of beauty," protect
ing beauty, In which ait veiled utllitv so
cunningly that a golden harvest was the
result. On entering the hall the eve was
attracted to the brilliant colors of the lan
terns and sunshades of the Japanese gar
Jen In the back of the hall 011 the stage.
In the center of this stood the gaily rib
boned May pole. Here Mrs- Ford, aided
by Miss Bertha Sehlbrede, Miss Water
house and Miss Brow er, 'Three little
maids from school," in lovely Japanese
jostumes, served tea, wafers and smiles to
ill fortunate enough to find places at their '
little bamboo tables. Had the young Mi
k?do, traveling incognito, wandered into
Ihis garden, who kmws which of thejthree
might have been invited to share his
The flower booth, a beautiful green and
ivhite bower, also proved most attractive,
lor the reason that natural flowers are a
arity In Skagway in winier, and these
lad been imported from Seattle. The re
mit was that thev were all sold long be
'ore the evening was over. This booth
ivas in charge of Mrs. Frank Burns, and
he first evening Misses Cora Lewis and
Jlanche Sherpv assisted in disposing of j
he plants, flowers and boutonnleres, and ,
?ecured prices that would soon have en
iched a Puget sound florist. Here, how- ,
iver, and on such on occasion, and received
rom such fair hands, they would have
>een cheap at double the price. Then the
lower stand became a lemonade well, and .
jaid, if not quite so well, still very well. 1
Over the annex door stood this chilling .
egend, "Ice Cream." That room, beauti- j
ullv trimmed in white and evergreens, |
proved all too small for the crowds and
patrons who waited their turn. This toorn
,vas in charge ot Mrs. N. K. Wilson and
Miss Dickey, and had a retinue of assist
ints, namely, Miss Block, Miss Esteile
Slock, H. Ci. Kline, Mr*. B. Johnson, Mrs. |
Hostetter and Mrs. Bradley. Also Messrs.
Diemat, Edwards and Mock, with Mr.
Nlcodemus in the supply room. One of
Ihis coterie, a poetical "cuss." decorated
the wall with this prophetic suggestion:
" You'll scream.
And I'll scream,
When you taste
Our ice cream."
Reluming to the lull from these "nine
imus.'s" the seeker after more nectar
sought the Candy boith, a fairv land of
tweets in white and lavender with clematis
in bloom twining the pillars and arches so
Natural that one man was caught attempt
ing to break off one of the flowers from its
stem, but as wire wouldn't break he
Iropped it and squared himself by buying
*2 worth of candy. This booth was in
:harge of five fairies in white an I violet,
<nown In every day life as Miss Grace
Laird, Miss Helen Kurd De Succa, Miss
Everest, Miss Farr.ir and Miss Johnston,
such irresistable solicitors cai'ld have sold
inything, even Atlin mines, and the result
was that thev soon disposed of their large
stock of delicious candies, most of which
was mads by themselves and friends.
The last but not the least attractive of
tbe five booths was the one to the left ot
the entrance, in yellow and green, devoted
to the sale of curios and photographs.
This collection ot art treasures was ar
ranged by Mrs. Snyder, Mrs. Church and
Mrs. Bogardus, and were assisted by Miss
Edn i Sengfelder and Miss Marie Church.
This lovely work was a symphony in yel
low, suggested bv one of Whistler's fa
mous exhibits where a yellow background
so enhanced his charming etchings. It
was lighted from its canopied top bv elec
tricity, and the beautiful Indian baskets
and pictures with whleh the walls of the
booth were hung, seemed more like art
decorations than wares for sal?. Miss
Sengfelder and Miss Church, the fair
young hostesses of this miniature art pal
lace were kept ver> busy entertaining their
many triends from whom they secured sub
stantial results in exchange for their wares.
Before 8 o'clock last Monday evening the
hall was crowded, and in spite of themanv
beautiful things to look at there, every one
was eagerly watching for the arrival of the
May Queen and her attendants. The
May pole procession was formed at Mrs.
Hillerv's and had been arranged by Mrs.
Church. A passage was opened through
the dense crowd by the handsome little
pages stretchirg white ribbons from the
door to the stage. While the orchestra
; plaved the triumphal march the wreath
crowned procession of May pole dancer*
entered, headed bv fcur damtv little (lower
fairies: Doris Ford. Mabel Pearce, Lena
White and Elinor Leslie, gowned in pink,
yellow, green and pale blue, carrying bas
kets of flowers scarcely less beautiful than
themselves. Then came the maids ot
honor Minnie Frank, Nellie McGee, Edna
West, Cecil McGee, Lottie Carmlchael
ind Ethel Pillman. These formed an arch
with their wands through which the white
robed May Queen, Emma Sehlbrede, passed
followed by the Queen of the Fairies, Mi?s
Prather, and the dancers. A|| were then
beautifully grouped around and in front of
the May pole, after which the maids ot
Honer sang their:
tirrrllnf Ik* .liar Quern.
(Words by Walter Church.)
"All hail our Qu*n? our May Queen! I
The sunlight Is her smile,
The flowers are her laughter,]
Her songs our hearts beguile.
Thev echo in the crystal brook
And in the robin's voice
come, let us greet our May Queen
And merrily rejoice.
"The flowers chase the fleeting snow
Far up the greening hills
Flowers, flowers, everywhere
Our laughing Mav Queen wills.
Her sunnv smile shines in our hearts,
And flowers blossom there
Come, let us cr. wn our Mav Queen, '
The fairest of the fair."
Then the pink-robed Queen of the !
Fairies crowned the lily-white Queen of t
May, who very prettily responded? I
"No queen of May, my royal maids,
Was e'er so blest as I;]
Such greetings from such loving hearts
Would every grief defv.
May sunshine ever fill your heart*,
And flowers bloom for you;
Miv good deeds ever crown your lives
And keep vou kind and true.
Be each of you a royal queen,
And all your gifts employ
To brighten sorrow-shaded lives,
And fill vour own with joy.
"Your Queen greets all her loving sub
jects and now declares our spring festival
)pened in due form.
"May the memory of this night ever
shine in our hearts'like jewels In a crown.
"Let the May pole dance begin."
As the Queen seated herself upon her
royal throne, the graceful little dancers,
without a mistake, went through the beau
llful mazes of the May pole dance in a
way that was a great credit to themselves
ind the ladies who had drilled them so
patiently, namely Mrs. Redmond, Mrs.
Pe rce. Mrs. Burns and Miss Prather. Mrs.
Brackett presided at the piano during the
Mav pole dance by the followimg twelve
little girls: Stella Ford, Lucille Taylor,
Susie Frank. Florence Suffeecoal, Bertha
Bracket, Dorothv Winslow, Edith Spencer,
Belle Bums, Lulu Pravther, Mabel Oth
mer, Katherlne Brackett and Neomie De
The pages were Frank Marburger and
Emmit Felix.
The Mav pole dance is a relic ut an
ancient religious festival which maidens of
the old world enjoyed ages before the Py
ramids of Egypt were built. It has lost
its signlfic nee but retains its beautv, and
it was never given more delightfully than
bv Skagway's daintv little maids.
The following musical programme was
rendered and every singer encored:
Song? "The Soldier's Who Died on the
Maine." Encore, "In the Baggage Car
Ahead," E. Prather.
Baritone Solo? "Answered." Encore,
"The Armorer's song from Robin Hood,"
Mr. Diffin.
May Song? "I Knew a Little Jirl, but I
Won't Tell Where." Encore, "Phil's 8e;
cret," Mrs. Brackett,
Bass Solo? "Bevond." "Bring Back My
Child. Good Sea." Encore, by special re
quest, Whitney's "Drinking Song," Mr.
The accompaniments were played by
Mrs. Cleminger and Miss Webster.
From first to last the entertainment was
a gre t honor to Skagway and to the good
women, under the management of Mrs.
Battin and Mrs. Ford, who assisted in
bringing it to such gratifying success. But
whatever they undertake is certain to suc
ceed, for their cultivated taste, their en
ergy and perseverance always deserve suc
cess To those who knew Skagwav as "a
tent village on the trail to White Pass" it
is difficult to realize that such an enter
tainment ms that Mav Dav Festival was
The following were the receipts of the
several booths during the two nights ot
the festival:
Ice cream t tl 85
Flower booth 44 80
Candy booth 5} *5
Souvenirs rj 75
Japanese booth 14 40
Door receipts 25 on
Total net receipts Siqq 65 1
? ? ?
I loorf-milrr.
Cupid reigns supreme in Alaska as he
does in the States, and when loveis seek
Alaska to better their fortunts the little
God of Love soon coaxes the sweethearts
to follow and share the trials of life in true
lover's style, The steamer cottage City
brought one of these brides-elect which re
sulted In a happy union at the Fifth street
house last Friday evening, JVUv 5, 1899,
"Two souls with but a single thought,
"Two hearts that beat as one."
Tne fortunate couple were Miss Leila
AJii Miller, daughter of Mrs. E. J. Miller,
of Golden Gate, California, and Mr. Fred
Bla-ne Flood, the popular division engineer
of the White Pass & Yukon railway and a
resident of Skagway. Mr. Flood has
been here since July, 1898, coming here
from California, where he has held respon
sible positions In charge of large Irrigation
It was a prettv wedding characterized
by simplicity and attended bv a select few
friends ol the bridegroom. The ceremony
took place about ic:)o, Rev. J. A. Dfcdair
pronouncing them "man and wife." The
charming bride, becomingly gowned In
imythist and cream bengaline ?llk, was
attended by Miss Grace McFarland as
bridesmaid, and the biidegroom by Hon.
John Hislop, mavor of Skagway, as best
After the usual congratulation a wed
ding supper was given which was attended
by the following guests: Mr. and Mrs.
Flood, Rev. J. A. Sinclair, Mavor John
Hislop, Miss McFarland, Miss Buck, Miss
Ford, Dr. F. B. Whiting, M. J. Henev and
P. G. Copelind. Toasts to the lovely
bride and to the ladies present were pro
posed by Rev. Mr. Sinclair and Mayor
Hislop and responded to by Mr. Flood.
A profnslon of potted plants and flowers
decorated the room and the Seattle Mando
lin Club discoursed sweet music through
out the feast of good things.
The bride was the recipient of numerous
rich presents from California and else
Mr. C. Stratton, who for the past two
fears has been foreman of the Alaska
Miner, Juneau, arrived in Skagwav last
Monday. Mr. Stratton is accompanied bv
lis wite and children and Intends making
ikagway his home. He has leased one of
he handsome cottages recently built bv
Philip Snyder on upper Broadway.
? * *
Last Wednesday morning a very quiet
jut exceedingly prettv wedding took place
it the Fltth street house. Mr. Mell Yates
ind Mrs. B. Seerley were the contracting
jarties. The bride had just arrived on the
Ilty of Seattle and the groom is one of
he best known and most popular gentle
nan in Skagwav. Rev. J. A. Sinclair of
iciated- The DAILY ALASKAN extends
* ? *
Miss Ella Donovan and Mr. Edward
^ulnn were married last Sunday afternoon
it tht realdence of Mr. John Qulnn on
Klfth avenue by Rev. Father Tumell. Mr.
ind Mrs. Qulnn left the same afternoon on
:hc Humboldt. They returned vesterdav
>n the Laurada and will make Skagwav
ihelr home.
? ? ?
Mr. Claud A. Pauley, formerly of Skag
wav but n?\v a.'fsluent of Atlln, and Miss
Lulu Bell, of Spokane, were married in
thiscitv last e.ening, Miss Bell having
arrived on the Laurada. Rev. J. A. Sin
clair was the officiating clergymen. The
happv couple will leave Mondav for Atlln,
which is to be their future home.
? ? ?
Mr:.. Clara J Smith, who has been In
the city for two weeks, will leave Monday
for Haines, where she goes to act is agent
for the Pacific Express company. Mrs.
Smith is the mother of J. 1C. Smith, for
merly on the DAILY ALASKAN staff but
now a representative citizen of Haines.
? ? ?
Miss Cora Lewis, the pioneer stenogra
pher of Skigway, who has so long been
connected with the law firm of Price &
Stevens, will this week open up an office
for herself in the building formerly occu
pied by R. Diehl, on Fifth avenue.
? ? ?
Mrs. George L. Rice, who has not been
enjoying the best of health lately, intends
leaving shortly tor arf extended tour of
California. Mr<. Rice Is a most estimable
ladv and has many friends who wish her
"bon voyage."
? ? *
Mr, and Mrs. H. A. Bauer, who have
spent the last five months in Oregon and
California, returned on the laM trip of the
Cottage City and express themselves as
delighted to be once again in Skagway.
Mrs. L. M. Tompkins and her son Wal
ter arrived on the Cottage City and will
spend the summer visiting her mother,
Mrs. Hillary. She was also accompanied
by her brother, Horace Hlllarv.
? ? ?
Mrs. A. P. Mead, who has been visiting
In Juneau tor the past few weeks, returned
on the Cottage Citv. She was accompani
ed by Mrs. Tooley and daughter, who will
make Skagwav their home.
* ? ?
Mrs. L. E. Whitehead and daughter(
Miss Reha, arrived on the last Cottage
Citv. Miss Whitehead has accepted a
position as stenographer in the liw office of
Price & Stevens.
? ? *
Attorney S. L. Lovell. who returned last
week from a visit to Portland, On, agree
ably surprised his many lady friends bv
coming home a bachelor.
? ? ?
The wife and children of Deputv-col lec
tor Andrews arrived on the last trip of tlw
Citv of Seattle, and are at present domiciled
in the Svlyester building.
? ? ?
Dr. 0. Siddall, a prominent dentist and
capitalist of The Dalle*, Or., arrived last
Sunday on the Humboldt. He left Wed
nesday morning for Atlin.
Concluded on Fag8 *

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