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?... ? tK).MT Cmrii.ATIMj
4 O* k H . ?? ?I*?V? VfM to
^ *?<a rmw* Urg?r viuulttion than j <
^ ot!"e A ?>*< p?F?r? <
VOL II. NO. 2o3
Tin iMnv Alaikak will Introduce 700
toalllht people worll. ?nowiii*. In
Vv rv home every morning. C QjUl
Nunilwr who read It d?lly "l*?
: l'be largest And Finest Hotel in Alaska.
Kitropcau 1*1 nii.
All Modern Improvements. Sample Rooms for Commercial Men.
: : : : : : r: : ::::: :t
Ua.? ^^cotortabl* Room. r.tior.j. et BtiilMt ?!?
MO 9?R-f?0 BUf?K?. tdenta SolUlt.d
vi olden North Hotel
,a- A First-Class hotel
Kates Reasonable
X Fhos. Win en. Manager. h-vi Street, between Main anJ V te
[t iroieaa I 'Ian]
ERNEST F t-.'LLER. Manager
U*-?t appoint ?>: hotel in -?kitw: ?'n} Klejfantlv fa i . shcil.
Eleetru- I.itfh'-. t'omh ibiv 4' ,.e, lurjfr
warm lohb\.
a .a.. ? ???: ? \ l>l K E M : \ '.i . ? Itcajt'iiablc T.tiih
imn::':' ???????'
Ev?r\t .4 Kirst-CU- Electric LI/.. and
_ ? 'iM? ..
Corner Fo.irth Avenue and S'a'e
T ??'?n v Fire I'ruo Rate#
I; in Ahu>ka Moderate
NEW HOME ??5fc5r?
.Lodging House
Horn* ni?il? ? il Ulriillun '?lien
? I .< !<?? *? Ibr \% ran
i'ortlan I nizpah House
Mr XI- - A. I* :'u iI'RICTiiks
? ?MyolM I? ? )
Cor Vi A . . .<toailwa> and tate
>1 r->?> * l'h| Mall
Prices 25c to 50c Skajfway, A'aska
The Pacific Hotel
ntth avenue Near Mjin .Street. CNV Klippel. Manager.
D,,f Uc v. Most Comfortable
Dell 1 13 7K Rooms In the City
II K*l% HI <IK lU llt
Rainier Hotel <& Restaurant
li J BROADWAY. Frank Hall. Prop.
Kxoelki t M?wl* 3-". c*nt?. All the delicacie* the market affords Ken cliffs
? . ^lovcil Handsomely fiinmhed rooms. Electric light*, cite water
an<l l?-t ni oommixlations in the city
LOlXtINO 25s BO ADD HH MEAL 35s- PtFuElK ?S 0
Board and Lodging per week $6 and Is. 70
J ,hr,s :i avenue. Near old Ko?tofh>.e. NO BaK bee the High Flag Pole
The MONDAMIN. . . .
X 1 1 AN SEN * TENNANT, F?ro|*.
? ft* Mom ) 0 ru Bold in Alaska.
? Ivctr.f . 'I. Svperior to any Hotel North of Seattle.
-I -l.t.l n Til "kl|->i">iaifc> C:
)<??? IMIIHI'OHtriU IN?M
I. E. KENNY. Pre*. D. H. DCNCAN, Oen. Mgr.
Paid up Capital $1,500,000.
Rest $1,250,000.
A General Banxmg Bu*in>"v? Tniiuictnl. Gold Dust Purchased.
Bill* of Exchange Bought and Sold. Correspondent* In New
York. Howton. Chicago. San FrancUco and Seattle.
F. L- MURRAY, Manager Bennett Branch.
freight to
i Dawson!
? I
Before Making arrangements to
ship your goods down the Yukon
please give us a call. We guaran
tee you will save money by pat
ronizing our scow to Dawson.
Scows, Boats, all kinds of
Lumber, Stoves, Ranges and
Hardware for sale.
Y. Y. T. Company,
Lake Bennett, B. C.
M. KING, Manager
in Percale, Gingham and
Sateen, in all the new col
ors and patterns made with
in side vest, extra wide skirt
Canadian Bank ? Commerce
Head Office Toronto, Onta.iu
CAPITAL, $6,000,000. Rest, $1,000,000
Branches in Dawson City and Atliu.
Gold Oust Purchased. Exchange on all points Bought and Sold.
Current accounts Received, a general Hanking Business Trans
A. SCOTT. Agent.
Jack A. Paine, who until recently was
the Skagway agent of the Chilkoot tram,
has resigned that posltbn and accepted the
position of general agent of the Red Line
Transportation Company with haadquart
ers in Skaeway. He has secured the office
formerly occupied bv the Pacific Clipper
Line on Broadway which he will occupy
while in town- He will have charge of
the passenger and fteight matters of the
Red Line Company, which is connected
with the White Pass & Yukon Railroad
Company from the summit to Bennett- In
speaking of his new duties yesterday Mr.
Paine said that stages, with accommoda
tion for fortv p-issengetsand their baggage,
will meet the early morning train daily at
I the summit. Passengers leaving Skagway
. in the morning will reach Bennett at $ in
the afternoon of the same dav, stopping
<>nehourat Log Cabin at noon for dinner.
Reluming the stages will leave Lake Ben
nett at 8 in the morning, connecting with
the White Pass train at the summit and
reach Skagway at 6:jo in the evening.
The same noon-hour stop for dinner will
be made at Log Cabin as on the trip to
Mr. Paine has had considerable experi
ence in the transportation service and will
prove a valuable acquisition to Skagwav's
contingent of transposition men. Hs was
at one time connected with the Pacific
Coast Steimship Company as purchasing
agent and afterwards as passenger agent
for the same company in Seattle. He was
subsequently agent for the steamers Utopia
and Discovery, also assistant agent for the
City of Seattle. Previous to the fillitig of
various positions he was railroad contrac
tor. Mr. Paine has been railroading prac
tically since he was 17 years old.
Support Home Industry? The Pioneer
| cigar factory of Skagway, wholesale ci
gar and smokers' supplies, tf
The Pacific Coast Company will tun
lighters once a week to Haines Mission.
For rates apply at the office of the company
It is a curious thing how a rumor grows.
The rumor got started in some old wav
that Vining s is the best place toget At.in
Children's shoes at Klondike Trading
Bar supplies at Green's.
Singer sewing machine -wholesale cost,
H. A. Bauer.
The latest style in hats at Klondike
> Trading Company.
New line ot picture frame moldings soon
to arrive at Peoples.
, Drill steel and miners' tools at W. L.
For first-class dress suits go to Clay
H. MAITLAND KERSEY. ? - - Managing Director.
Australian. Victorian. Columbian.
Canadian. Anglian. Zealandian.
Through Ticket* and Hills of Lading from Skanwav or Bennett to
Daily Servce on Lakes
and Upper Yukon
For Rates and Reser
vations apply to
to Dawson
3 days
n k in
Enterprising Idaho Man De
ceiving the Public.
>nniln| t ommcnli Kind* by an
?im-Tliurr on thr ?'???Iblllllca
nt Alaska uat<l Ilia Kxperl* ??>
-What Can Hr Urown In Ikaf
JUNtAU, May 16, !&?.
White selecting *>me magazines at a I
news stand this mornlag. a typical "Ju- J
neau old-timer" calleJ mv attention to the '
following article In the Alaska Miner:
"The following advertisement Is noth- '
Ing less than a fraud on the public. It is
nothing less than criminal to hold out in- '
ducements to 100 families that thev can '
find government lands in Alaska upon 1
which there has been no failure of crops: 1
" 'Alaska Government Lands? A soil ot
very deep, dark loam, will grow all kinds 1
of vegetables, grain, hav in abundance.
Climate splendid; crop failure unknown; 1
adapted to the raising of cattle, sheep and
hogs, dairy and poultry industries. In 1
mining district providing an excellent mar
ket for all produce, and where labor is 1
always In demand at $) and up per day
and board Rich cranberry lands; magnif
icent chance if taken at once: only too
families wanted; time limited. Inclose
stamp for book giving full particulars, or
call on J Ed. Cabaniss. Woodland hotel,
Centervllle, la.-St. Louis Republican.' "
It had got tired raining an.1 was snow
ing a little for a change, and the old man
had come into the store to get warm. He
was as much amused by what the miner
calls "a clear bunco scheme" as I was at
his comments. Cheerful as a waterfowl '
he soliloquised;
"Agricultural lands in Alaska ! Yes, of '
course; and cheap enough, too. You only
pay for an acre but you get two and can
work ba'h sides of it. as it stands upon
end. All you have to do is to shoot the
seed Into the sides of the hill with a
gatling gun. and there you are ! You don't
need to irrigate in Alaska, not much. Just
pipe your cliffs to help run off the extra
water? and there you are! Swing your
self from the top of the hill by traveling
pulleys, cut your wheat and let it fall. By
the time it reaches vour wagon It is well (
threshed, and the wind has blown off the
straw. But if you are forehanded It will
be all nicely ricked up against the wire net
you had stretched across the canyon? and
there vou are !
"Vegetables in Alaska? .Well, I should (
quack ! Plenty of them. And all nicely
done up in cans and sacks, just as they
left Soattle.
"Plenty of cattle, sheep and hogs (both
biped and quadruped) here, too All come
on same boats with the vegetables.
"Ot course 'crop failure ia unknown'
here 'cause the Lynn canal never freezes
up so boats can't run. That J. Ed. Ca
baniss is a cute cuss. He knows that the
bigger the fake the quicker suckers grab
By that time It had stopped snowing
and the old argonaut went out Into the
rain again, chuckling to himself and look- ]
ing as ''peart and spry" as a great northern
He reminds me ot the African king who
thought his northern guest the greatest
liar on eath. because of the statement that
in Scotland water got so hard men, horses
and tame elephants could walk on it with
out sinking, The king's belief was merely
limited by his small experience. Now the
old argonaut's ld;as nuy be all right so
far as concerns the land around Juneau.
Still, since they have cliff houses in Ju
neau, whv might not Juneau have hanging
gardens and in time become the Babylon of
Alaska? Quien sabe?
But Skagwav people know that delici
ous vegetables can be raised in Skagway
and for miles up the river, and that large
areas of land In other places in Alauka are
suitable for agricultural purposes. Alaska
Is a vast domain in w hlch Nature has done
much of her varied work. Many surprises
a'e in store for the "Impeccable conserva
tive" who insists on judging Alaska's
future by the past of a very small section
Car* Hull* In *k>|W>r>
The car shops of the White Pass &
Yukon railroad have just turned out two
of the ten stock cars under construction,
and one of them was brought down to the
end of the Broadway track yesterday
where its many goo J points were admired
by the knowing ones. These were con
structed under the supervision of Division
Superintendent Whiting, who has charge
of the shops. The length of these cars
are jfH feet and are patterned after the
regulation stock cars ot the States.
Superintendent Whiting has already
turned out a large number of cars since the
shops were first opened, namely: Thirty
three box cars, twenty flat cars, one snow
plow and one dinger. The men are now
at work building a wrecking or derrick car.
The company now furnishes steady employ
ment to fifteen men. In times of rush this
number is increased to meet the demand.
Builders' Hardware without end at
Dance and Social Evening
Next Wednesday.
Nplenrf Id Turnout off ihr ladle* of
Wkufway mad Darnral llfforti
Tladc lo liiaurr Ihr Nurceu off
Khf Kttlrrfnlianirnf ? l.lil of
Chairwomen of the Several
The ladies of Skagway have given a
practical illustration nf their energy and
proven themselves to be indeed eirnest In
the matter of raising a fund for a woman's
ward in the Bishop Rowe hospital. The
meeting called for last evening to d'sciws
ways and means for giving an entertain
ment was held at Mrs. J. G. Price's resi
Jence, and attenJed bv the following reo
resentative women of Skagway and of all
creeds and denominations: Mesdames
Moore, Keller, Sengfelder, Dautrick, Hook
er, Runnalls, L'ckwood, Huff. Dent, Tav
lor, Vincent Brown. Shorthill, Mead,
Blain, Price, Bradley, Dodson, Walters.
Hostetter and Cleminger: Misses Singfel
der, Dickey and Mvers.
It was strictly a business meeting, and
as all were in accord on the subject much
work was quickly accomplished. Mrs.
Dr. Keller was chairman of the meeting,
assisted bv Mrs. Dautrick as secretary.
The object of the meeting was announced,
namely, to arrange for giving an enter
tainment at Hose Company No. 2's hall
next Wednesday evening to raise funds
with which to furnish a woman's ward in
the Bishop Rowe hospital.
After a general discussion ot the subject
it was decided to make it a "dance and
social evening" with card*, refreshments,
etc. The following working committees
were then named and a chairman elected to
each with instructions for each ch.iirman
to select her own assistants:
Hall? Mrs. Dodson.
Sandwiches? Mrs. Shorthill.
Coffee, cream and sugar? Mrs. Mead.
Ice cream and cakes? Mrs. Bloom.
Music for entertainment? Mrs. Clem
Music for dancing? Dr. Keller.
Decorations? Mrs. Bjeermark and Mr.
Card games? Mrs. Runnalls.
Lemonade In Refreshment hall? Mrs.
Lemonade In dancing hall? Mrs. Dr.
Reception committee downstairs? Mrs.
Den i ind Mrs. Sehlbrede.
Reception committee upstairs- Mrs. Dr.
Searl and Mrs. Brown.
Finance? Mrs. Dent.
Floor manager? Mr. Boscow.
Doorkeeper? Mr. Hooker.
Distributing tickets? Mrs. Huff, Mrs.
Hostetter. Mrs. Walters.
Dishes ? Mrs. Moore.
Tables and chairs? Miss Dickey and
Mrs Meyers.
Dishwa?hing-Mrs. Sengfelder and Mrs.
Space for tables? Mrs. Dodson and Mrs.
The following ladies were then elected
to serve as an executive committee: Miss
Dickey, Mrs. Keller and Mrs. Price
The chairwomen of the several working
committees were then instructed to meet at
ii o'clock this (Friday) morning In tire
men's hall for the purpose of perfecting ar
rangements for the entertainment.
The tickets will be placed on sale at a
numbet of the leading stotes in the city.
Mimnirr* llur in I'orl.
The following steamer? are scheduled to
arrive on the dates named:
City of Topeka
City of Seattle.
?Friday, May iq
.Saturday, Mav 20
. . Sunday. May 21
. .Monday, Mav 22
..Tuesday, May 2)
. .Tuesday, May 2J
. .Tuesday, May 23
Thursday, May 25
.Thursday. Mav 25
Fiiday, Mav 26
..Monday, Mav 20
. .Tuesdav, Mav )0
? hllkut Hlver.
The steamer Lorelei will sail from Skag
wav on the 20th inst. for Pyramid Harbor
and up the Chllkat river. For passenger
and freight rates applv on board, near
Moore's wharf.
an in
Large Stocks Unable to En
ter Yukon District.
Law Prmtallni l,lqu?r?
UoIiib lo Kb mon ? allied Vint la
larkri al Urnnrll- Kfforts Mild
to Mr Making I* rnload It la
1 .Skit K W ?? )r ?
The order of the Dominion government
| prohibiting the introduction of liquors
| into the Yukon district has tied up about
>50,000 worth of liquors of all degrees at
Bennett that were destined for Dawson
City, and which were awaiting the open
ing of navigation. Some $20,000 worth of
liquors belonged to Alec McDonald and his
agents and the owners of all the liquors
held at Bennett are trving to "unload" and
get out, if possible, the original cost of
their precarious venture.
It was reported recently that whiskey
was so plentiful in Bennett that It had got
down to 10 cents a glass. Even at this
low price the'e were not men enough in and
around Bennett to make much of an im
pression on so large a stock, hence every
effort is being made bv the owners to find
a market for it in the various camps, in
cluding the Atlin district.
It has recently been reported that some
of this liquor has been finding its wav
back into Skagwav; in other worde, that
it Is being smuggled back across the line
to various parties in Skagwav. The U.
S. customs officials here have been on the
look out for it, but as the number of depu
ties is limited it is practically impossible
to head it off if any serious attempt Is
; maJe to smuggle it into town, for the rea
son that the cases could be readily disguis
; ed bv some outer covering and taken off
.it Camp 1 or some other station short of
Skagway, where it is next to impossible
| to have an officer.
It is understood that one shipment of
eleven cases and two Kegs wil made open
ly from Bennett recently and was reported
! to have been consigned to some party in
Skagwav. This came to the deputy col
1 lector's ears, who made a hastv trip to the
summit, oniv to find that the liquor was
1 :onsigned to Mr, Potts, proprietor of the
Monte Carlo on the summit. He found
the liquor in the r .ilroad ware house, and
as this warehouse was on alleged British
territory he felt that he could not legallv
seize it. It would appear that his coming
had been anticipated by the mounted po
lice, who are evidently standing in with
Monte Carlo, for the United States officer
found the warehouse guarded by three
members of the mounted police, each wear
ing side arms. Being Canadian liquor on
alleged Canadian territory, the llqunrs
were left alone. A stricter watch, how
ever, will be kept on freight coming down
to Skagwav from the summit.
Arctic llrotlirrhood.
1 The members of the Arctic Brotherhood
are eagerly awaiting the arrival of 45.000
? feet of lumber which Captain Irving has
promised to send up from Victoria on the
steamer Danube- As soon as it gels here
the "A. B." will hold a special meeting to
take up the plans already prepared, and
which will evidently be adopted, and at
! once advertise for bids. The erection of
this handsome building, an illustration and
a complete description of which hasalreadv
been published in the DAILY ALASKAN:
will te commenced at once and within
; sixty days thereof the lodge will meet in
its own club house and entertain its friends
in a truly royal arctic stvle.
old I. and nark Uou?.
When the citizens began to stir 011 Fifth
avenue yesterday morning something was
missing from the corner of Capt. Moore's
property. It was the large, beautiful tree
that formerly ornamentid the street. At 6
0 clock yesterday moming employes of the
new telephone company cut it dow n and
hauled it awav. When Capt. Moore dis
covered the loss he went on the warpath
and filled up the telephone pole holes in
front of his property. Mr. Meyer, the
manager of the telephone company, says
his men misunderstood their instructions
and cut down the tree by mistake.
Miners outfits put up on short notice
1 Best goods at cheapest prices. Klondike
Trading Co.? Sylvester's.
Liargest Stock
^Pfeasicians* Prescri"^'" ^PefuJlu |[oniDi'^~
?oily Ave, Near S*

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