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J T 1 1 W % M J: ? T ' i'k ?' ' rt T 1 0 > |
TMi I>AILV Alaskan will IntaMluc* youl
1 to nil the |mh>|>Ip wort I. unowing. Inl
... 1 ...... . ....
: : The Largest And Finest Hotel in Alaska.
; .n
?? ??
II Vlodern Improvement*. Sample Rooms for Commercial Men.
? ? j.nfocttbl* Room*
? NO %?R- WO BUI*K?
Utrcric* ef lutinii R??
ld?nt? oil?lt?d
: Golden North Hotel
A First-Cl.iss Mo'el
kales Reasonable
J Thus \N hi: en. Manager. bcrvl Street, between Main and St ?te
???4 ?< A t ?????????????????? O ????*????<?????????????*?? ??
>J ?????????????
1 1 .iiv van IMan|
ERN ST F. 'LLEfl, Manager
Hest aii|>?int <1 hotel in Skac viij Kli^iintlt furiiiihod.
F.Uvtrie l.ljjh'-'. 4.'i?n?'i " ih>\ I imIhI, f .io, larjfe
warm liihtn.
lli'Uiii|ii irii'ro for ATI. I. ? ?. ?XDIKK I leaaonable Term*
The M?*?t > <?l< ri? Hotel iu Alaska.
Kleetrlo Uiflited. Sv|N'rior to any Hotel North of Seattle.
Fifth Avenue, Formerly
M. Kiii ae* Street, near
I Sri Midway
skairway. ? ? ? Alaska
>? ? Lodging House
nusu PERNhorrcR
The Pacific Hotel
i -? ? ? I urnprMM ^ ? ?
l ilth avmii* V.ir. Wiiii C. W KlippW. Manager.
Unthc Most Comfortable
Define ^ Rooms In the City
.IM1H KI\HO>UII I . % II %?
Meals 25c. Lodgings 25 and 50c
AMF.UI> \N .?ni> KI'llol'KAN i'l.AN. II. ? \ St. bet liroailwav ami State.
| ? H 7-^ ^ ,,hh ?*?#
B A IN K OF hkad orncc
I. K KKNNY. I'D-". D. H. DCXCAN, UCfl. Mgr.
Paid up Capital Sl.500.000.
Rest $1,250,000.
A tSeneral Haotcinj; Ktuines* Transacted. (Jold l)u?t IVircha-xcd.
ItilUof EMhMgS liouirlu and Sold. OoitllfflMhM ill Km
York. Ibntou. (hicairu. Sin Knaclmi tod Seattle.
F. L. MURRAY, Manager itcunett Mrunch.
Taku City to Atlin Lake
Ship your Freight by the Tramway,
and secure Quick Despatch and Sure
operating Strs. ORA. NORA and FLORA from....
Bennett to Dawson
Comfort, Security and Certainly via lhi? Line. Sleeping Accommodations anl
table I 'ur?i nailed.
Alto 8. S. AMUR from Skairway direct to Victoria,
Vancouver and Pujfet Sound po-ts
H.C. fUKKTON. tlen'l Mnjrr., Victoria. It. C Kn. TONKIN, Am., Skairwuy
Utto H. Haktridck. I .oca I Manager, llennett. H. C
freight to
Dawson! *
Ik-fore concluding any arrangement for whipping your freight from Ben
nett to Dawson, please write or give us a unit. By lining our barges vou oau
carry your freight for very much less than what steamboat* would charge you.
Two thousand tons were sent dowu to Dawson in our I <argos during the season
of Iti98 without loss or aoci>lent. Cattle shipped In thin way arrive without loss
of weight and in the best possible condition lor making good beef. On your
arrival at Dawson you have your own warehouse, and, if necessary, your own
dwelling, and you can move your goods wheu you are ready and not before.
This may save you hundreds of dollars for teaming, storage etc, while at the
same time you run no risk from tire. Insurance en route on cargo may be effect
ed at ouroftlcc if you so desire. If you wish to make rapid time we will arrange
a tow for you past the lakes. No delays. Verify these facts before shipping
your freight aud it will save you money, t. umber. Isut.s and merchandise of all
kinds constantly on hand at our mills. Living expcusc* a miuiinuin.
Lake Bennett, B. C.
M. KING-, Manager
White Piques and Linen Skirts
Ladies' White Duek Skirls
I .atlien' Out infc Skirts In White anil
t olored Pique*, I.inen ami Muck,
stylishly trimim-il in a variety of
styles ami qualities.
oikII.'kx variety, In l'iqne, l.lnonn,
Xo|>hvn?, (ilntfhnmn, Uiwns, etc.,
75c, $1. $1.25, $1.50
lip to $4
Hires' Root Beer
G-inger Ale
An Klcgant Summer Drink
Cor. Bond and Main
We Make a Specialty of (he Family Trade
And Always Carry A'l the Delicacies of
the Season
i> uh<ii??iiim h< toner.
Trial ('HlfiidHr \I III br %iinoaiMrril |
Tomorrow fUriilHit*
At ten o'clock tomorrow forenoon Un'trJ
States Court Commissioner Charles A.
Sehlbrede, will be at the court room in the
City hall, at which time anJ place the
time for trying the following cases will be
set. All interestej attorneys will ple.ise
be present:
4? Price, L well an J Brv.int vs. W.
Moore, attorneys. Price & Stevens,
General Turner.
go? Tecklinberg vs. S- Bauer.
07? Northup, Sturges & Co. vs. Joe
l8y? J. M. VVheelei vs. Simpson \ l.um
198? Robert Hive vs. Koh.in \ Kloplar.
258? N. W. Fixture Co. vs. P. ?V A. P.
& N. Co.
207 ? A. E. Kobinson vs. J. H. Brooks; at
torneys, Price & Stevens, p. W.
20Q? A h. Robinson vs. J. H. Brooks; at
torneys, Price & Stevens, P. W.
jt6? Parks & Atwell vs- Wood:
attorneys, Miller, Lewis.
? Charles Schutzman vs. E. B illinger.
U) and )44? W. E. Tetrill vs. J. E. Hen;
attorneys. Pri'e Stevens. Lovell
& Jennings.
}4&? J. S. Mc Cue vs. J. F. Freemin: at
torneys, McCue, Clvirch 4 Day.
J55? W. A. Biglow vs. A. Moore: attor
neys, Church & Dav,
}</>- Fleming \ ?>. Brooks; attorneys, Price
?v Stevens, Joinings iV Pratt.
562- Krye-Bruhn Co. vs, Olympia hotel;
attorneys. Price iV Stevens. Church
vV Day
jKo? Farrell vs. P. C. S. S. Co ; attorneys
L. K. Hr.it t, Winn & Weldon.
iSj Faaelvt CMtfctt) attorneys, R. W
Jennings, Price Jt Stevens.
jS)- Sylvester vs. Costlett; attorneys,
J. (J. Price.
5?4~ K. I. Keel.ir v s. Brooks & Troy; at
torneys, L. K. Hratt,
425? Reinhardt vs. Brooks; attorneys,
Jennings & Pratt,
4J6? Reinhardt vs. Brooks; attorneys,
Jennings & Pratt,
427? Pr.itt \ s. Brooks, attorneys, Jennings
4 14 Uavson & Co. vs. P. C. S. S. Co.;
attorneys, Pratt, Winn & Weldon.
5 jii M.Kinlev Creek Atining 10. vs.
Alaska M ning Co: attorneys, Winn
& Weldon
)t7 R. W. Jennings vs. C. E. Severance;
attorneys, Jennings &* Pratt
n8? Lilly Bros: vs. P. C. S. S. Co.; at
tornevs, R. W. Jennings, Winn &
"There was tumult in the city, in that
quaint old (Quaker town,
AnJ the streets were rife with people pac
ing restless up and down;
People gathering at the corners, and they
whispered each to each,
Till tile sweat stood on their temples with
their earnestness of speech."
What was it thev whispered? Why,
that the headquarters for Rex brand of
meats, Olvinpic Hour, and the best of pro
visions for man ai.d t'east 's at Llllv Bros.
I Limited.)
H. MAITLAND KERSKY - ? - Managing Director.
Australian. Victorian. Columbian.
Canadian. Anglian. Zealandian.
Carrying the Canadian and U. S. Mails.
Through Ticket* and Hills of I .ailing from Skagwuy or Bennett to
Daily Service on Lakes
and Upper Yukon
For Rates and Reser
vations apply to
\V. P. HI8LOP, Gen. Agt.
Bennett -% /-j q \t ^
to Dawson *5 ^
yte<4l Hands Connect Salt
Water With Yukon.
Urmlral Kuglnrtrlllg ?al or no4.
t'OHiplrlliin- t'rnui >c ? lork to
IIiiwioii I'll i b) Hull iinil Uulcr
?No Hulking.
Yesterday was a urc it day in the history
of Alaska, British Columbia and the
Northwest Territory, the greitest mineral
producing country that exists on the face
of the earth.
A little more than one year ago a com
pany began what was then considered an
impossible task, that of c nstructing a
railroad from Skagway to the summit of
White Pass. But where energy an'l money
combine, defeat Is unknown. Work was
constantly carried on and neyer for one
moment was there any flagging. Through
a wild and rocky countrv where formerly
the mountain goat dared not venture, a
roaJ ted was constiucted, steel rails were
laid over which thundered the iron horse
drawing in his wake material for further
construction. Contrary totheexpectations
of the most sanguine the road was com
pleted to the summit tar in advance of con
tract time, tli.i. ks to that indefatigable,
ever awake and alert man, V. J. Heney.
But construction Jid not stop at the sum
mit. Twenty-two miles further east were
thr headwaters ot Yukon navigation, the
threshold to the great gold producing fields
ot the interior. This was the destination,
and to this point was construction contin
Yesterday the road was completed to
Bennett, malting it possible for travelers
from anv part ot the United States to
reach Dawson City on one continuous
journey on rail and w .ter where all the
comforts of life may b; enjoyed; no walk
ing, no packing of outfits on backs of men
and beasts, and with no delay. ?
It was an enthusiastic party that left
this dtv veslrr.l iv morning fur U. nnrtt to
witness the driving ol the last spike that
bound with bauds of steel the silt waters
of Lvnn Canal to the fresh waters where
ply the steamers ol the mighty Yukon.
The start was made at 8 o'clock in the
morning, the following persons being
aboard the train:
H. M. McGregor, C. P. R. R.. Pills
bury & Cleveland, photogra, hers; (Japt.
Win. Moore and daughter, Mrs. A. Miles
Taylor; C C. Runner, Percv H. Peele,
collector of customs; Arthur Junes, Can
adian customs insp ctor; Nev. J. A. Sin
clair. Dr. and Mrs. I. H. Moore, Dr. M.
F. Hall, Dr. Whiting, F. M. Bush. if. A.
Seeley, R. C. Smith, A\r. and Mrs. A. L.
Berdoe, J. A. Paine, Red Line Transporta
tion Co.; F. I . Keelar. John Stanley, C.
t. Cole, Miss A. L, Burke, C. h. Hawkins
and wife. J. T. Havne, L. H. Cirey, F. H.
Whiting. G. W. DeSucc i. W. L Wil
son, Agent Busbv.
At tlie suininn .1 stop 01 some lengin
was made fur the purpose of regaling the
guests with luncheon and other refresh
ments. From the Summit on to Bennett
the trip was made on tlat cars, the new
road not being sufficiently ballasted to jus
tify the running of the regular passenger
It was 1 o'clock when Bennett was
reached, the last several hundred yards of
track being laid just in advance of the
train. When the last rail was in place the
honor of driv ng the last spike was dele
gated to Mrs. Hawkins, wife of the chief
engineer and general superintendent of the
road, Mr. E. C. Hawkins, although Mr.
Hawkins, himself. Prank Walter*, w lik
ing boss; Captain Jarvis, of the N. W
P., and Contractor M. J. Henev each hit it
a lick for luck. At the time of the cere
mony of drivi.ig the spike Contractor
Henev, als> president of the Red Star
Transportation l.ine, had all his teams,
comprising 150 horses, lined up in proces
sion, the entire lake tleet of steamers in
port blew their whistles and twenty -one
earth quaking blasts were shot where a
mountain side was being removed for a
depot site. Taken as a whole, it was the
most thrilling and eventful scene ever wit
nessed north of Puget Sou d.
Scarcely had the echoes of the great tur
mult subsided when Captain McGregor of
the Canadian Pacific Railway Company,
in stentorian tones proposed three cheers
for the White Pass and Yukon Route
The cheers, with a tiger, were given in a
way that caused the . osoin of Like Ben
nett to heave an inch or more. Cheers
wer, also given for General Superintend
ent H aw kins, Contractor Henev and other
of the official of the company.
Then came the crowning event of the
day in the form of a banquet at C>n
tractor Henev 's mess house v here an ele
gant repast was served. Champagne
flowed freely, everybody was toasted and
the affair in its entirtv was such as only
Mr. Heney could conceive and successfully
carry out.
It was a great day for the people of
Bennett. The entire town was arrayed in
Its Sunday apparel and, aided by three
hundred men who had In the morning ar
rived from Dawson and who were jubilant
at the thought of getting a railroad ride
to Skagway, nothing was done amiss to
make the occasion a brilliant one In that
ball wick's history.
At six o'clock the train started on the
return trip, another stop being made at the
summit where another sumptuous repast
In the railroad eitlng house was enjoyed.
(One member of the party said last night,
"We ate every two hours yesterday, and I
never enjoyed grub more In my life.")
From the summit the return to Skagwav
was made In the coaches, and when at I ?
o'clock last night the tr^in pulled Into
Skagwav with four coaches and the plat
forms crowded it looked like a wav do An
South party of excuralonlst* returning
from a moonlight, watermelon picnic.
All the railroad camps between Skagwav
nd Bennett were in holiday attire in honor
of the occasion, and in order that the hun
dreds >f employees of the company mitfht
Inwardlv feel In harmony with outward
display, Contractor Heney distributed
thirty kegs of beer along the line yester
day morning.
Thus ended a Ja\ the events of which
will forever emblazon a page in Alaska's '
history. We are too magmnimous to say
"Skagwav's history." The trails on
which men have toiled, and in too many
instances died, are now but a memory.
They will be known only in the great vol- '
ume of historv which depicts the hitter
and the sweets of life as found in thr
broad, white north.
The White Pass & Yukon koute is
completed to Bennett, leaving Skagwav
the one and only gateway to the wetllh
laden v des of thr interior.
All hoinr and all hail to Mr. Hawkins
and his associates tor the great fe.it they
have accomplished In the construction and
successful completion ot Alaska's only
01 1 una
11 w ?
Arrived From Dawson liy
Last Night's Train.
Three Hundred Urn lliirdellfd
Willi Vollour IKclitl nhf i:?
IC on ir to Hie l.owrr ('minley?
T. ?' ) Took I lir a riil it ?i IKriin* I < ?
The evening train which was Jel.iyeJ
until ii o'clock last night came in
loaded with Mondikers burdened will)
gold Just. As near as could be estimrej
there was .1 ton of Just brought in.
This was the first through trip from
Bennett to Skagwiv bv rail anJ the men
appreciated it. vV lien lanJeJ in Skagwav
thev set >ip a I011J cheering which cou'J
be hear J all over the cit/. Tile restau-,
rants >vere immeJiatelv crowded anJ for
several hours JIJ .1 rushing business.
Several of the arrivals are known to h ive
big sacks.
Possiblv the most unique piece of quartz
that ever came out of the interior is .1 piece
of float which was brought out hv N >?*
Dufaulbv, who registered at tlieOcciJent.il
hotel. It came from a bench claim on tier
No. 2 on UolJ Hill, Jirectlv opposite No.
2 on Eldorado. The piece of tlo.it weighej
about fifteen pounjs an J containej nuggets
all the way through, as coulJ be seen bv
crevic s in the rock. The rock as a curio
is valued at fsooo a id will be taken to the
Paris exposition by the owner. He refuse J
52500 in Dawson for the piece, as he JiJ
not nteJ the money, anJ preferred to take
it home to France, his native conn rv- He
also brought out too pounJs of golj Just.
Following is the list of men at the vari
ous hotels:
MonJ iinin hotel? G. N. Gilbert, A. J.
Rok'.n, Misses Wright, J. W.Chariton,
F . Stevens.
OcciJental hotel? Pat Smith, O. J. tils
worth, A. M vmont, Win. Clem. U. Cor
ain, Steve Donneli, N. Noos, Henry F.iu
bert, H. C. Kennev, N. Dufaulbv, J. Duget,
C. Stevenson.
Brannick hotel? J M. Hall, S M Charl
son. Win. Bourgett, A. lavlor. H. O.
Hanson, V, L. Hotchkiss, L. S Emerson,
V. L. speirs, C. E. Compton. R. J. Rose
merrv, W. C. Nichols; J. Thornton. C. A.
Johnson, S. Havnor, I. N. Pearson. W I*.
Mosby, Win. Haulke, J. ApiJ, II. M Blair,
A. Pavey, G. F. Ham, John Rlgbv. E. U.
Eby, A. B. MersenJer, F. A. LuriJberry,
Will. NorJ, O. LlviJergeen, L. Anderson.
us if i in
fl ill 10 IN
Mike Ryan Rescned After
Days of Wandering.
Two tip ii marl k roiu Allln by
T'iku II <111 lta ? Cud ii re lutold
II ti rtUlilp? - tflrnr luouulf Hff*
rucif? Hvalh l.nrk* for All who
Trivcl l Inn \% it ) ?
For many months but little has been
??"I'd ?f the at one time much advertised,
v papers, Taku route to the Atlin
mining Jistrict . Now comes a storv from
IlkeaRn' UJ""MU ,'?1per? Wh'ch rMjs
"iiii Hj?ard Production. It Mys:
Mike Ryan, who was lost on the Taku
river about two weeks ago, Is at the hos
pital .in J saved. He has received a shock
from starvation and exposure from which
if mav never completely recover. He has
. ?f*rlence that few men could have
liveJ through,
"Rvan and Colin McMnnoo were com
ing out of Atlln by way of the Taku.
I hey made a raft at the mouth of the Lit
He Salmon to come down the river on. It
capsized and tliev lost all their provisions.
Another raft was constructed. It was a
sort of catamar.n affair, and when near
jUncl'on ?f the fikena and Taku it
"'ruck a log jam and went to pieces. The
"7 ?? I lie logs. Ryan swam
wnore. McKlnoon feared to move. He
was puked up by some prospectors and
finally reached j'uneau in an open boat.
Since that time Rvan has been wander
ing around in the cold and rain without a
morsel to eat up o last Tuesday night.
He .4 not able tc talk at length intelligent
ly. except to sav that he has starved, and
in the lack of details a better understand
ing of li s excruiating sufferings must be
lento the imagination. He did find an
Indi i) sh.ick, but lately abandoned, man
aged to light a fire and la y there beside It
lor two days. Half crazy from hunger he
threw himself Into an old canoe, and was
carried down the river through rapids and
nvrr waterfalls nearly to the mouth of the
laku. There the canoe was caught In a
u lurlpool of rough water, and instead of
being sucked under, as Is usually the case,
was thrown upon the beach.
"< ieorge Rudd and Leonard Edgren, two
young men cut prospecting, have a camp
near th t point. They were in the moun
tains at llie time, but on returning to the
camp in the evening saw a sight neither
will prabahly ever forget.
A man sit in the brush moaning and
rocking himself to and fro. His eyes were
v> *ide open and wide-looking that little
but the whites of them was visible. All
file clothes he had on were a tattered shirt
and boo is so worn that they scarcely clung
to his fee'. His legs were naked. He
was too fe ?' lc to help himself,
" '< ome here to me! Come here! Help!'
he hoarsely gasjied.
"Young Edgren became afraid and
backed awav. Rudd saw that the object
was human and not beast, and approached.
I hev took ..are of Rvan for a day and a
night, anj then brougl ,ilm to Juneau in
a row but, arriving here yesterday evening
and stopping at the Juneau hotel, whence
Rvan was subsequently removed to the
hospital. McKinnon never expected to see
his f fiend and partner again, as he had
given him up for daed."
fcli'iimrr* Due In Pari.
I lie following steamers are scheduled to
arrive on the dates named:
Uirigo Tuesday. July it
City of Seattle.
Thursday, July 6
. .Sunday, Julv 9
. . Sunday, July 9
Tuesday, Julv II
cigar factory of SKagway, ?
gar and smokers supplies, tt
and Retail
The Largest Stock of Drugs in Alaska.
New Goodg Arriving Kvory Week.
Holly Ave. Near State.
Canadian Bank <* Commerce
Head Office Toronto, Ontario
CAPITAL, $6,000,000. Rest, $1,000,000
tranche* in Dawiion City .mil Atlin.
(iold DiiKt I'urchaxod. Kxcli'ntfo on all iMiintx Hought awl Sold.
Current accounts Received, a general I tanking Uuxinrss Tran*
A. SCOTT. Agent.

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