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I Ever
^ w ?????? * *
Seen a display of Leather Goads to equal the one I '?
we are now showing in our window ?
Ladies' purses in the very latest styles. Ladies' and Gentle- ! !
men's Traveling Cases. G-entlemen's Bill Books. Ebony ! !
Military Brushes in leather cases- Cigar Cases. Ladies' jj
and Gentlemen's Card Cases. Pocket Flasks, leather jj
covered. ! I
< ?
Wo have the above line in Sialnkin. Piffakln. Alligator Hide, Kuh?1& Leather, Monkey Skin ami Calfskin. J |
KELLY & CO. "Si, Druggists
% I Hit I'roplr rmlw *?"?" Mr*
Mr. I. H. Loomis. who with Mr. A. P.
Rurdotte, has the contract fa carry the
mail twue j week from Lei Cabin t>> At
lin, arrived in town vesterdav anj reports
th.it the bu?ine** ot their line ?n the Atlln
trail is quite flourishing jihl .ill that w is
expected. In add.ti n to carrying mail.
Minra. HurJe'te .111J Loom ? handle cu*
jengerv e\pre*s ind freight between the
points mentioned.
The Atlin p .pers inj late arrival* from
Arlin are high in llt-ir 1 - use >t the excel
lent and prompt *rv ,e these gentlemen
are giving- !?' the m ? it li "hat tliev h.ive
handled the m.o!. n< nee has it tailed to
arrive and Jr.- irt n v.hedule time. Alike
story come* tr >m I. c ' Jabm.
Messr-. Burdette anj I wins have made
arrangements to continue theii service un
til the opening of iuv nation in the spring.
An experienced grocery ^ lerk. Must fur
nish references. Peterson 5t Co.
Daniel \V 't <n lett on the Citv of To
deka veMerJay for ve,ittle.
Thomas M ' mi, who arriveJ Monday
night Iron Dawson, left vesterdav for
St. Paul. Minn.
G. E. l)ai from Dawson, left on the
Torek 1 for the >ound.
F. P. Freeman, latelv f- m Dawson, lett
vesterdav on the Tope'-a for Victoria.
Gen .Jr- i ear it CI iv*
son's. tf
New Jesicns in wall i>arer at Peoples'.
CI >thin< denied and rei aired on short
notice. Mrs. Mowl. opposite new post
office. 11 t tm
LaJies' writing desk* at Peoples'.
Dr. O. F. Searl, office and residence on
Holl* street, near State, opposite the Com
misarv. 10 1} tf
Swell novelte* In neck wear at Chenev'*
B >*ton store.
Hive v >u heird that the Delicite**en i*
?elltr? out at c?t? Mind the place, live
doors north of the old postoflue. 1; 12 it
lo|>rk? Vfll |K?| \t III! I ? rnl) .
rig III l'?>rli|rr>.
The steamer Citv of Topeka sailed at,
ii o'clock yesterday with s xteen passen
ger* for Seattle, nine for Juneau and one
each Vancouver* Victoria and Tacoma.
Tlte names of the pissengersand their des
, tinations follow:
For Se tllk- ? Daniel Norton. W A Phelps.
W A Starr, G W Hunt. Mrs J Tanner.
Ilios MilMn, I' VV Halvnr, C Solid. A H
Fab-r, Mrs I. Lind. A L Marrow, G E
Diniel. E M Taylor, Mrs Cuplev, James
/.iher, A H K lut/in in.
Fur Juneau? M M tures, J W Munroe, H
A. Dtiv, F M ntrose, Mrs E Montrose, C
E Dunlap. F Lows, J Jackson, Mrs Jack
? son.
For Victoria? F P Frennan.
FoJ Vancouver? J Sapon.
For Tacome F E Stronahan.
.in n?w?n.
Rudolph Durian died at St. Mary's hos
pital, Dawson, September 28. The bodv
? will be brought out over the Ice anj
shipped to Brooklyn, N- Y. Durian went
to Dawson representing the British-Amer
ican Brewing Company.
E. M. Taylor of the Alaska Transfer Co..
left on the City of Topeka for a short visit
to Puget Soi nd points.
F. E. Stnnalum left yes'erdav for
Tacom 1.
H. A. Day went to Juneau yesterday.
loiter lleinl?*l :lo j.r lOOOnt At an
ion Joli offli-o.
(ic ge Mow I has purchase J the interest
of Cij-t. F. N. Seiberg In the American
Tailors' establishment, and w ill continue
is manager of the business at the stme ol
stand. Trade of the public solicited.
Orders given prompt attention. 1281m
Just arrived, the latest silks. The most
complete line in the citv. Ladies' Bazaar.
Native souvenir spoons and bracelets a'
H. D. Kirmse's, pioneer jeweler, Ho'lv
street. u8tf
Don't miss the closing out sale at the
Delicatessen, five doors north of old post
oltice. 12 12 it
. Cheney s Boston Store? Furnishers. 2
Useful Xmas Presents
Silk Handkercheifs Smoking Jackets
Silk Mufflers
Columbia Reefers
English Squares
Puff Scarfs
Kid Gloves
Silk Lined Gloves
Bath Robes
Fancy Silk Vest
Silk Embroidered
Night Robes
Fancy Slippers
Cuff Links
Silk Suspenders, Gold and Silver Buckles
Umbrellas. Fancy Handles
Magpiiffnseinitt Hssorflmnieinitt
Thev atv the very I-atest Stylo* h"ujjht hy our Mr. Cheney
in Now York La- 1 Month
Mrrrnt Diinion Arrival I Mlututra
?Utlni in *<H? Ar|?niuli.
H. Wheeler and Thomas Milton were
the arrivals from Dawson ev.ning before
Ust. They left there November 23d. Mil
ton, who is a St. Paul business man. said
at the Mondamin vesterdav:
"We met 200 men mushing in who said
thev were bound for Nome. Thev were
scattered all along the route, the greater
number of them being met toward this
end of our journev. Not more than ten
per cent of them had dog teams. In other
cases the men pushed and pulled sleds
along. usu<llv one man ahead with a rope
jud one behind pu-hing. We spoke only
a moment to them as we passed, and when
we cried out. saying: 'Are you for Nome?'
or 'Bound for Nome, are vou not?' the an
swer almost always wis 'Yes,' or 'You
"There are probably 200 scows block
aded along the river. Fifty-six are at
Sc. w island, near Stewart, alone, and takt
everv Inch of landing space about the little
island. At Thistle and Tulare we saw
manv taking in supplies troin the scows."
Inn (??Thrm line Belief? ll#w Arf
Thrat lor rrlcraT
The DAILY ALASKAN will give the peo
ple of Skagway some cheap printing. We
are tired of those who pretend to -nalntal.i
.1 schedule of prices, but who .ire secretly
cutting it to secure business.
There is no stabbing in the bick here, it
s open an above board.
Here are our prices. Compare them with
Per 1000 Per 500 Per 5000
$2.75 $1 .75 510.00
Hill fli'llds
Per 1000 6s J2-75: 4S ?MS; is 5 J 50;
2s 54.10.
Per 500 ? $1.75". *2.00; *2 25. >2.50
Per 1000 Per 500 5000 Lois
5}}0 $2.1 5 JU-oo
Per 1000? J2.7J Per 500-51.75
8s Per 100052.75
(?;?!%? lopi i
Per 10.10? fj.oo Per 500? Si.so
lulu iid M miller.
The daily telegraph r-ports to the divis
?n superintendent's office gave the follow
mg 1 {count of the we thcr vesterJav:
Atlin? Clear, calm. 10 above.
T 'gish? Clear, calm, 20 below. River
rozen over.
Caribou? Clear, calm, colJ.
B ?: Salmon? Clear, calm, c Id.
Onilvte? '_le ir, calm. 42 bel w.
Hive Fingers? Clear, calm, 27 below.
L.iBjrge? Partlv cbuJv, calm, frosty.
Selwvn? ClouJ v. calm, 15 below.
Dawson? Clear, calm, 21 below.
White H r>e? Clear, light northwest
wind, cold.
Selkirk? Cle r. calm, 10 below.
Be nelt? CloudVt north wird, zero.
Glacier? Cloudy, calm, 6 above.
While Pass? clear, light northwest
wind, 4 below.
Frastr? Clear, calm.
L"g Cibin ? Clear, calm, 5 above.
Bennett? Cloudy, northwest wind. zero.
Glacier? Clear, calm, 4 above.
White Pass? Partlv cloudy, light north
wt st wind, 6 below.
Fraser? Clear, calm.
Log Cabin? Clear, calm. 2 below.
Bennett? Cloudy, calm. 2 below.
Charles N. Hansen, one of the proprie
tors of the Mondamin hotel, arrived laxt
night from Dawson.
Best starched work done at Kev C'tv
Ste-m Laiin^rv on Broadwav. Onlv |
?.tr.im laundrv in Alaska. tf 1
Latest fad in photographs. Cise &
Fine cigars and tobacco at the White
Pass store on Sixth avenue. Q io tf
The steamer Dirigo is expected to arrive
today fr>m the Sound. She was due day
before yesterday, but late advices from tlv
scuth sav she was late in arriving in Seat
tle, and, consequently, would ' be late in
getting awav.
Have your clothes washed at the Cas
cade I-aundry. Fourth ave. opposite Bran
nick hotel. 11 11 im
Have a little sense and buy at Clay
son's; it means dollars. tf
Do you sleep comfortably f If not see
Ladies' Bazaar, Skagway, will be with
vou next Monday, everything new. Santa
CI ius.
Wood, express and transferring: prompt
delivery. Leave orders at Bav View hotel.
Have vou seen the hue display of Xmas
goods at ladles' Bazaar, 406 Broadwav.
Monarch Shirts at Cheney's Boston 1
Hamlin <.n r in it d*? Partner Had
a Hard I. air Trip.
Burton Babcock, mining partner ol Ham
lin Garland the well-kkown author,
writes that he had a prettv lone trip to
Dawson. He left Bennett, with the six
barges towed by the tug Lindeman sent .
out from there on October nth by Spencer
& Seelev, and did not reach Dawson until !
November 14th. The bad time began at .
Windy Arm, where one barge was crush- [
ed and two mm on her narrowlv escaped.
The little steamer sank while going j
through the can von below White Horse,
and Mr. Babcoik and the other men on her
climbed on the roof of the deck house and
held on there as best they c mIJ until one
of the mounted polico came down in a row
bo.it and took them off. The rest of the
barges, much battered and leakv, fin >llv
were caught in the Ice jjm six miles above
Stewart river, and from there the party
pushed 011 with sleds. A Mr. Clark,
with his wife and two children were of ,
the party, and to them the -whole trip
must have been a succession of thrilling
experiences long to be remembered'
I tie steamer Farallon Is expected to ar
rive tomorrow- This will be one day ,
ahead of her scheduled time. Late ad
vices received by Agent D-iutrick sav she
was to have gotten away from the Sound
earlier than at first planned.
Roval mjil service between Log Cabin
and Atlin c,irry passengers, express anj
heavy freight. For rites inquire ol ;
BurJrtte \ l.oomis, managers, Log Cabin,
or E. R, Weil, agent, Skagway. 22 1 J tf
For the little boys and girls of Ska^
w y, Santa Claus will be at the Al.isk n
hall to give presents and candy 1 ext Sun
day, the 24th, at 2 o'clock. All little ones
are Invited.
The ladies of St. Bethanv's Guild of the
Episcopal church will serve tea at the \
Alaskan hall Thursday evening at ft
o'clock. There will be music and a sale of
pictures. All people are welcomed.
Fine assortment of souvenir spoons at P.
I E. Kent's.
Moose hide moccasins at Clavson's. tf ;
| <?oal heating stoves at Biownell's.
Tb * Old (Jarrel (iag.
"One of thu favorite properties of
story wrlteis In the garivt," grumbled
au urtist t ib other evening. "The
starring 1 ulut always writes bti
great poein In a garret, the poor little
tick child uever taiU to die la a (ar
ret, usually on a 'pallet of straw.' ami
when future great men come to a
strange city they Invariably live In
garr. is a* a prelude to glory? In short,
the garret '? the tbt'ater of all manuer
? f run ki>. pathos un<l adventure - In
lotion. 1. real 1 if,- it la dlfferwt.
I "When I went to New York to study
1 rt. I had the great garret myth rtnnly
? >>d 0:1 my uiliin. aud the tlrst tnlug
1 did wai to look for a habitation of
liut l: I *;< I I was not especially hard
|>. 1 1 a garret seemed enilueutly the
it tin : il. . , for a fctrug^liog urtlat. To
} ??>:.! di*a;?polDtuieut 1 discovered
? ::: III (THI bo g.irret* lu town
I In re v.eic n few lufts used as store
. ! tup tljur niKirtuieutS with
?'ant r U rvuted at enormous prices
?> p' mpljcrs and fashionable
:>aluter ! m the tcgeudur)' garret was
I ontlrely unknown.
"I v. ,t< . tally obliged to compromise
on a !?:i 1 edrooui with a livery stable
expj-tiire. it was a cruel shock to tny
Imagination. Wli >u 1 run across the
old gar; 1 gag In a story nowadays. It
makes lue luad."? Now Orleans Times
I H!iU'>cra!
VikiI Improvement.
"Is your daughter enjoylnc her mo
?leal studies abroad, Mr*. Flimflam
"Oh, ?o imieh! She write* that *lie
goes to flvo danee* overy single week."
I it for innt Ion.
I 1
"This country la vary beautiful. Can
you <11. vet ma to any particularly In
teresting ipota?"
"Yea. air. Down tbla road a mile l?
tho poorliouae. Joat over that bill Is
the Intone asylum. That croaaroad
there l?ads direct to the home tor tro
beetle oblldra*-" -Collier' a Weekly.
Cloak and Suit Department
(on second floor)
Comprising Ladies' Outer Garments of every description,
Suits. Jackets, Capes, Separate Skirts, Dressing Robes, Sacques,
Fur Garments, Mackintoshes and "Waists in Silk and Wool.
Wo Invite tho uprrliil sttentl >11 of r.iiliex to view our tn i.'ii lVnit a- ortmi'iit, ill ho the (It, #t)lc and wurlf
manshlp. Our mock In purchased from manufacturers of acknowlud . .1 i . |.-iit:i? ion ami our price* will t>o found
A firtt-clasfl anil cdnpetent tailored will make any in ?? **ary alteration!* in garment!! free of charge.
We hive maJe an assortment designated
bv few articles, to show vou how vou can
buv vour goods cheapest.
Bv examination vou will recognize the
fact that the beljw prices are about 50 per
cent lower than anv other merchant has
been in the habit of charging you.
King Morse assorted table fruit 2
doz in case, per case I42S
King Morse Cal pie blackbrrries per
can 40
King Morse Cal. pears, apples grapes
per can )o
King Morse Cal. squashs and pump
kins. per can 30
King Morse tomatoes 2ls, 2 doz, in
case, per case 2-15
Dry extra choice peaches per lb 10
Extra evaporated apples 20
Kxtra Italian and French plums. ... 8
Five gal. keg plain or mixed pickles
pel kg ? 00
Plain, mixed and Dell .pickles In
bulk, per gal 40
All Delivery free of charge.
Wholesale Grocer, ;th and Broadway. .
Dick Case, the pugelist, and one of the
colored soldiers got Into an altercation last
right at Clancv's theat<-r, which resu.ted
in Captain Hovey promptly canceling all
paves and recalling all ot the soldiers hot
on dutv to the barracks.
For stvllsh and good fitting clothes go to
F. Wolland. who is receiving the latest
ind most f.ishlon ible Repori on Tailoring
verv month. New goods are received al- j
most every week. 12 ij tf
Fifty tons of grain and groceries off the
Seattle for Lilly Bros
For fancy pipes call at the White Pass
Cigar store on Sixth avenue. o 30 tf
If vou want good music for dance or
entertainments. call on Emil H. Martensen.
COT. Main and 8th at.
The DAILY ALASKAN will be found on '
?ale at the Hotel Northern news stand in
Seattle tf |
IIukIiu?h runt* S2.78 per loon nt
Alunkaii Job office.
There being so manv entertainn-ents
scheduled for this week, the ladies of the
Episcopal Guild have decided to indefinite
ly postpone the social *hlch thev had an
nounced tor tomorrow night. The social
will be given some time after the holiday*,
The Doughs News savs: The new
Three Hundred stamp mill at Treadwell is
still running with water power. It is a
summer mill and will shut down as soon .
as the water supply is cut off bv cold
Swell odd pantaloons at Chenve's Bos
ton Store
The "City of Seattle," and "Farallon"
carrv prssengers between local ports, im
Joseph W. La Mar and Hector J. La
Mar, recently in the Philippine campaign
as members of the First Washington vol
unteers. have arrived In Skagwav on their
w .y to the in'e.lor to look for the precious
metal. Thev say the Philippines offer no
oppatui ities for a man uitliou* money, '
but plenty for one with capital.
Footwear tepaired, first class materiil I
and workmanship. L. A. Treen, State
near filth avenue. II 12 tf |
Photos tinted to natural colors. Case & j
K. J. Kuvg, of Portland, leaves todav
for the interhr.
, Ladles' hair dressing, latest styles, at (
528 Third avenue.
A. D. B-rdoe, auditor for the White !
Pass & Yukon, will remain In Skagway a ,
week longer, after which he will return
to Seattle.
Don't buv Christmas presents until you
attend the art exhibition of Mrs. Henton,
which will be in the Pacific hotel parlors
Wednesday and Thursday of this week.
Collectiou consists of paintings in flowers,
fruit and landscape. All cotdiallv invited
to inspect, whether desiring to purchase or
not. 12 10 2t
Beds and bedding at Peoples'.
:Just Arrived
Dress Goods, Silks,
French Flannels, Linens,
Fascinators, Yarns,
Ribbons, Stamped Linens,
Wrappers, Waists, Sacques,
Cotton Batts, Handkerchiefs,
Notions and Novelties.
-iiLLL- Farrell Company..
Just Received
1. u^rst and Must Complete Line of
In Skagway
Including If. S. J>*. Suits and Overcoats
F. H. Glayson & Qo
One Price. Plain Figure Dealers
Corner Fourth Avenue and State Street
I Leading Outfitters of Alaska
Broadway and Fifth Ave.
Largest assortment of
all kinds of goods.
General Merchandise.
Most Reasonable Prices.
I T ? i" ? ????? ? ? ? ?' >
We will sell this week, >eforo Christmas, to our
I custom'!* ut greatly ivuiieed prlee* an elegant lino of SILK and WOOLEN ^
' SKIRTS, tho latest style. Silk and Woolen WAISTS, all kind*. Silk and t
? Moreen and fine quality Sateen Underskirt*. ?
J . PERL. State St. near Fifth Ave. I
? ...... . . . . ?
Our Store is the Largest !
Our Stock is the Newest !
Our Prices are the Lowest !
An enormous stock of
Stoves, Tin and G-raniteware and Household Goods
At Greatly Reduced Prices.

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