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The daily morning Alaskan. (Skagway, Alaska) 1899-1904, December 21, 1899, Image 6

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A half dozen p Irof stock
ing* 1* Indeed a very useful
and acceptable gift to a lady.
If It U a black Mocking you
waut buy the "Hetnwdorf
Dyed", they are absolutely
ntuinlcwi, and will notcrock.
Women'* maco cotton hose.
black and tan. .23o A 35c
Women'* ribbjd wool ho*',
fast black 33c
Women'* Bn-> black ca?h
mere hooe, lmp'd/4V\t60c
W>men'* fancy li?le thread
hose, silk clockod. . .il 00
Wom?o'?iBoldlo*'? silk haw, black an.1 evenlngcuT
on. . .
Blankets and 'Comforts J
Holiday bu<ino*< bid* fair to
bo overwhelming, no we hurry to
tell vou of some Hnc bedding ?e
have just unpacked.
Fine all wool white blanket*. ex
Ua heavy, double 11 we. fancy
jacquard borders, pair. . . .19 oO
All wool white blanket, also in
color*, extra heavy double
fleece, 11-4, pair <J 00
S*(?vn comfort*, T2x!*4, b;th sides fnncy siiuhol. brs
batting Mm ??ch 3 0>
Down comforts, >ilkcnu corircd, down comfort stitch
cd, ruffle bonier, each 10 cm and 15 01
ovocS and Slippers
Don't Ik- minted by the thought
h t you can not buy shoes in k
f ry minis or furniahing store c ?
. -II as uuy place e!:<e. If you
will examine our stock and priett
yvu will find out thi t we carry
~t riot I v n|> to date good? and in
^ larjfe twrtmeoto.
I-adies' t hristmu slipper*, in
' f. It. fur trimmed. #1 Mii 2 00
Ladies' quilted satin sllpjwr*
colon, red. jjoldantl bluckt? 50
Indies' Turkiah ?ilj>[?erm tiiwel
embroidered $1 -.>
I Men ?... p, r-s I uitutivn ulltfalor. 91
)!??'? N'Ht l< th r *lii>p<.-r?. latent toe 2Si
XI ?!?'!? felt Juliet*. hljfh cut t 00
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? i
Gloves and Mittens
Gloves l?>u^ht ho re arc warranted, if
they rip while trying them on we will ^
give you a new pair.
The cvlel'r te 'Mascot" cloven, in any
shade. pair *1 "?>
Ladles' wool lined kid glove*. fur wrUt.
1 <?>
Ladies' jndr*<?ed kid mittens orgiove*.
fur wrist. pair .10
Ladies" bin k Mdinf silk mltMM.
neavy, pair.. . . ?'
I ailie*' tine worsted mitten.". 'IV
Santa Claus
Is Around
The Corner
HAT a happy, joyo.is time this "(jotting ready for Christmas" is,
to be sure. All tho ero rn up people are children again, and there
is an much fun for tho older folk* an for tho little one*. Home of you, no doubt,
rre worrying .tbout what to present to your family or friends and we thlnK wo
can be of material assistance to you. Our store is packed with useful and pretty
Christmas gift*, and to look at our interior decorations, tho idea will at once ap
peal to you, that choosing fi om our stock is very easv.
Visit our store this week and we will bo glad to show you all the pretty
things. Grand illumination In the evenings, during holiday woeks.
Underwear for Men
A full description of our moo ?
underwear Htook, would fill a
great deal larjror space than In al
lot ted us hero. Wo will only
mention a few Items here.
Men's fine worried shirts and
drawers, iKrby rlbbej, hot
value over seen, per -ult, M 50
Meu's Australlian wool eh rts
and si rawer*, heavy weight,
colors. lan liitht blue. pink.
and CI ay; per suit 1$ jO
Dr Writiht'n mnlt&ry. tleece
wool underwear per suit, 3 .V)
Boy's grey wool #hirt* and drawer*, noo-ihrlnkable,
No. 22, 60c. No. 24. TikJ. No. 2??, 80c. No. 28, 90c. ,
What N niD'C j.ra ileal and
usefu in thin cold wrath-*- tl an
a w.irm ??roat<'ry A n>o?t sens!
bit ? 'hri^'niio uift.
Mt ii's athletic sweater*, made of
Ik *t quality German worsted
M (Hi j
Moil's all wo"l sweater*, double I
nock, a -sorted colors. '1 Oil "
Meu's worsted sweaters, lion
*hrii kablc. blue, black, ma
2 IH I
90e. an t 1 AO
ruuu. ?
Boy'* twcatere
Those in need of a new hat,
will do well to Inspect our stock
before buying. We have just
received a shipment of newest
and most stylish hats and caps.
Men's soft alpine hats, colors,
nutria, brown and black, M 00
Men's flexible de> by hat: as good
as any to (10 hat iu America,
only 4 00
Mm 'it soft pa*liu huts. Intent shapes, colors, tan, pearl
Cray and block 3 SO
Men's fur cap*, in oooney and inu?krat, 12 00, 2 31,
3 30 and 4 (*<
Laundried Shirts
Mon who are accustomed to
wearing good shirts, know the
'?Monarch" shirt. Thc.v nre im
questionably the liost fitting
shirt in America.
Men's fancy coiornl percale
>hirt, short i>osom, ?1 ?' .Vi
Men's ifolf shirts, silk bosoiu,
PikkI wash material 2 IK)
Men's white shirts, any length
? ? sleeve tuwiroi. u". i _. >, i .<>
Mun'Hitolt tUuuul ?hirt, in oti<llo?? vaiicti-:*. prior*
ranifintr from $1 Ut to 3 .Ml.
Ladies' Tailor-Made Suits
^ Our tailor suit* ot? up to dato
garment s. They are not job lots
from different makers, but were
made by the largest and l.e?t
known manufacturer* in the
United States.
Ladies' suit, made of vcnltian
cloth, new stylo skirt, lined
with Milk throughout. ...?.2. .Vi
Ladies' fline homespun suit in
military gray and blue, tunic
effect skirt, newest double
breasted reo.er jacket, suit
lined throughout with heavy silk #32 M
1 housunds of yards of ribbons
are used up at this si'ason of the
year for fancy work.
Wo carry a lur^c assortment
jf all the ditTerent shade* . nd
Fancy ribbons for neckwear, in
beau iful patterns, ,1Tio. 50c and
Satin u ros grain ribbon:
No. 2 c. peryurd.
No. 5 10 ?'
No. 7 12*
No. ? 10? "
No. 12 20 ??
No. 16 25 "
No.22 30 "
Have you over neon any
thing take qntte #o popular
nit the ifolf capes havj thin
?eaa?n ? If #c were slangv
we would nay that " you
ure -irictiy In It" If you
have a olf cape. So great
Im* '>'-on 'he demand for
? hem that wo have reorder
. I . it three liuu-H. The
waa received by ua|
a wi> itfo, und yon ahould
ice them. Thoy are beau
Prices ranee from M 00 to *20 00
Tailor-Made Jackets
Au ill lilting jacket i* as bad as
an ill fitting glove. We liiy more
litre** In turning out pood fitting
garments than we do in anything
else. We think it an advertise
ment to send out good lining gar
ments. An experienced tailoress
will make any necessary alterations
free of charge.
Indies' black bucle jackets, dou
ble breasted, stitched *eara*,
price '10 00
Ladles' jackrt, made of a'.l wool
kersey, In black, navy and brown
silk lined, price
lit) 50 IB
Ladies' Separate Skirts
. . Vt?$^
Ladies' dress skirt, made
of black brilliantceu.
lined throughout with
percalinc and inter
lined *6 00
Ladies' dress skirt, made
of camels cheviot, in
navy and black, braid
trimming, very neat,
8 00
Ladies' tunic skirt, made
of Venitian cloth, de
signed from imported
mixta) 9 00
Lad lea' heavy aillc crepon skirt, in rich dealing, a very
awoll garment 14 00
Fur Collarettes
Sheared cooney col lure' tes,
lined with fancy silk
serge tt 00
Stone matin collarette,
with electric seal combi
nation. satin lined.. .15 00
lirown racoon collarette.star
voke, eight martin tails. .
16 50
iirey crlmmer collarette,
grey astraclchan trimm
ltg, <torm collar, heavy
satin lining 25 00
..Holiday Attire
I in nil
Smell Smoking Jackets
Bath Robes and <
Lounging Coats
In this city. We invite inspection
Your hat needs can
be satisfactorily filled
here. Dunlap's and
other popular makes
in all the late blocks.
No store ever showed
a more elegant and ex
tensive line of neckwear
Eveiy shape and pop
ular color is here
Inland Mrnllirr.
The daily telegraph reports to the divis- '
Ion superintendent's office gave the follow
ing account of the we ther vesterday:
8:^5 O'CLOC K A. M.
Big Salmon? Light snow. mild.
Hnotalinqua ? Cloudv, c.dm, milder,
light snow.
Hive Finger*? ClouJv, calm, 24 below.
LaBarge? Light north wind, cloudv,
light snow falling.
White Horse? Cloidv, calm, 24 below
Tagish? Clear, cold, calm,
I jribou ? Cloudv, calm, milder.
Atlin? Cloudv. calm, light snow, 21
Bennett? Light north wind, snowing
hard, 2 above.
Skagwav ? Strong east wind, mild,
misty, snow 2 feet on the level, 14 above.
Glacier? Snowing, light west wind, 12
Inches new snow, 2 above.
Fraser? Calm, snowing hard, 4 above.
Log Cabin? Cloudv, calm, snowing, ro
inches new snow, 1 below.
Bennett- Cloudv, calm, snowing hard,
18 inches snow, 16 above.
Skagway? Strong south w>nd.44 above j
Glacier ? Snowing heavy, calm, 14,
inches sn w, 32 above.
While Pass? Cloudv, c?lm. ligh' fall of
snow. 44 inches snow on the ground, 18
Frastr? Snowing, calm, 24 inches new
snow last 24 hours, 4 feet on level.
Log Cabin? Snowing, northwest wind,
8 Inches new snow, J feet on level, 10
Bennett? Calm, snowing, 4 feet on the
level, 2 above.
The steimer AI-KI Is due today troir.
the Sound,
I TheAla->kt Steamship company yester
day moved its itfice to 214 Broadway.
The steamrrs Rosalie and Teej did not
| sail today. Ihrv waited for the train
from the Interior. Thev sail today.
The regular meeting of the Hook A
I idder company will be h Id at 8 o'cl .k
JuJgeSehlbrede and others were yestrr
div engaged collecting contributions to
hive 'he man reported ill i a cabin at ;
White Pass brought to the citv and c ired \
for in a hospital. The railrjad com pap* I
donated transportation. It is said the m: n
will not allow anvoi.e to enter his cabin,
and must be insane.
I "Mr. H. Shattuck, agent foi the Ala ka
S'eamship company In Juneau, who ar
rived on the Rosalie for a short business
trip, will return on the Rosalie. Mr.
Shattuck is always welcomed in Skagwav
by his many friends.
English corduroy p nts. Ciayson's,
Fourth avenue and State street. I2 2itf
Fur robes from >20 to *75. Clavson & !
Co., Fourth avenue and State st. 12 21 tf <
Mrs. Sklmpen? I think Mr. Smith
mast bare liked the beefsteak pie. Ho
hud two helpings of It.
The Tactless Boarder? Perhaps he
did It an a wager.? Boston Transcript
One l.onu Dream.
Neversweat Nlcodeuius? Did yerevei
hear about a princess wot slept for 100
Ta tiered Tolllver? Yes. Wot Ml Idee)
life s).l> le<l!? Kansas City Independent
A ton* Fell Waal.
II I ll I , M ' I
Inventor (to military commission)?
I have Invented a weapon of war
which will destroy cv.-i-y person with
in foar miles around. I demand the
privilege of exhibiting Its working*
before this commission.? Lo Petit
Journal I'our Rlre.
San Him Jnal In Tim*.
"If you are tired, sweet," he mur
mured. "rest your dear head-on the
back of the car seat."
for n cynical looking man or middle
age, doubtless married, was watching
them from the other side of the aisle.
?Chicago Tribune.
Thr Pnikftonablr Scramble.
"1 can't a i range nij tialr to suit me."
?*llow do you want It. KIomIp?"
"I win i It to look n* If I had been
(.laying ? as!:et ball. "-Chicago Record.
Chocolate Bonbons.
Thf Proof of l.nod Colter la In tkr
Mrlnklng Thrrrof,
There is nothing too go?d (or Alaskans,
anil the taste of the resid'nts is as highly
educated as anvwhere. Our patrons repre
sent people trom everv state in the union
and each demands as near as can be found,
goods '"he used to grt at home." Cater
ing to this clement is our specialty, and
we trv to give them "what thev want."
In no article are they as paitlcuhr as In
coffee, and we find more general satisfac
tion, less complaint and better results wi'h
our high grade coffee than anything we
can get. We have ju>t received a big
shipment of Jas. Heekin's Cincinnati cel
ebrated coffees.
Wr want vour trade on those goods and
will make a special sale this week on the
Toiiowlng brands:
Heekin's special blend, per pound 35
" blanca " per pound 40
" Kallf Mocha and Java, per
pound 40
" Colma Mocha and Java, per
pound 40
" Celebrated Mocha and Java,
per pound 50
[ Also slaughtering prices on ladies' and
men's and children's shoes before the ho||.
All Delivery free of charge.
Wholes ile Grocer, <th and Broadwav.
C. E. Taylor, long connected with the
Klondike Trading Company, was a pas
senger south vesterday on the City of Se
A. A. Cutter boots, gold seal bottom
and leather tops, at Clayson's. 12 21 tf
The Nugg<t Express Company has Is
-urd a neat folder "key to the Klondike
and Nome mining districts," advancing
the claims of Skagwav as the g: feway to
both reg'ois.
St M
1| -
m -
I ^
? 1
Just Received
Largest and Most Complete Line of
In Skagway
Including: H. S. M. Suits and Overcoats
F. H. eiayson & Qo
One Price, Plain Figure Dealers
Corner Fourth Avenue and State Street
Ilanquet Male Cliallgrd
The date for holding the first annual
dinner of the Skagwav Chamber of Com
merce has been changed from Wednesday
to Fridav. This is done because of the
present Inclemency of the weather.
Auditor Berdoe of the White Pass road
left on the City of Seattle for Seattlt. He
will return January 10.
George Mowl has purchased the interest
of Capt. F. N. Seiberg in the American
Tailors' establishment, and will continue
as man ger of the business at the s.?me old
stand. Trade of the public solicited.
Orders given prompt attention. 128 im
E. E Gilkison Is purser ot the steamer
Tees in lieu of T. Munroe the popular
purser, who Is taking a vacation which
will probablv last during two or three trips
of the ship between this port and Victoria.
H. G. Dalbv, Skagwav agent for the
Canadian Pacitic Navigation companv, who
was exrected to return from Victoria on
the Tees did not arrive- It Is said he will
probably remain in Victoria until after
Furniture of a five room house complete,
as good as new, at a bargain. Cor. Broad
way and 7th ave, white cottage, open for
inspection from 10 to 2 p. m. . 12 21 tf
Gents' silk mitts at ClavsonY 12 21 tf
>??? ??????????????????????????
A Xmas Present
is not complete without a box of
Lowney's Delicious Chocolate Bonbons
we just received a large stock for the occasion
" Watch the Smiles Come and the Candy Go."
and Retail

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