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No. ii>7 VOL VI.
Many People Will Come From Dawson To
Spend the Winter? Movement of the
Throng Has Begun? Will Increase
It may now bo ?aid (hat the (all rush
of lawi .'m frvm the interior h*t
twKiin. There were an even 100 pa?
Meu^t r* oa the traiu frvm White home
laat iii_ht, the |?uen|in of the Yu?
kotur, l>.i? ion ami laitca, ant) from
thi- time on the u|> ->tream steamer*
will hat# ever iiM.-rva.ting lints. Such,
;U leant. - the judgment of many who
Came <> it la?t nlxht, Saul a well In
f.uv , lli.v :iite 1.1*1 night;
"Tlieiv .1 u-t humlrciU and hun
dred of | i>|>le to come out from Daw
son ami the - irroiindiiig country this
fall. ki ? tli. 'in by the dozens and
<-\i ? , ?i:li ?hoiu I hare talked
h> frit ml* who iutend to
iv i Some of these are coming
i for good, bat the great majority simply
mean to <pend the winter outakle and
will return in the spring. There are
many more coming out who will go
back over the Ice,
Thia theory of the passenger situ
ation it borne out by the fact that the
travel from the inside ban been very
light all summer, while the travel to
Dawaoo has been fairly good. All the
?eawn the preponderance of the pan
aengera bound inakle haa been great
over thoae coming out. It la fair to
preaume that there will be ax many
Daw ?oa I ten winter outalile next winter
as haa been the case heretofore.
All thing* considered, there la a gen
eral conviction that every steamer from
the inaide from thia on will be loaded.
Dolphin D?< Tomorrow
Tomorrow the IVilplun will be In ,
l?rt. Sh? I* looked for early In tb?
forvnooo ami will -?ui 1 out In the eten*
int. The lV>!|>hin ?houl?l have a (food
l*ws? njjor list up ami a full eaofo of
perishable* for Dawson.
W i?t?d
S<eoixl hand Mow: chfU' for cash;
iiiu'it In1 hi .'ootl order. Adtlre? Alas*
kaii. letter U
>HHqnn ill SNfl Mi fancy but- 1
ton>, ,?r il? slroiik'bold. Ladies'
lla/.uv. phone ?*>.
Stetson hat> at Olajaon"*.
Make Brilliant OlavUr
Those on the eut side of Broadway
between Fourth and Fifth avenues
hare Illumined their part of the town
with a string of electric lights hung
orer the outer aide of the sidewalk.
Incandescent lights of ltt-candle power
each are placed about two feet apart
for the full length of the block. The
effect la one aa brilliant aa could be de
la your washing aauiactory f Are
your clothes torn? If no or yea, try the
"and Laundry, and you will
'3 20
Fresh taffy at the Bo*4lakery
*The Ladies' Bazaar*
L. A. HMUIISON, Manage
Children's Knit Leggins and Drawers,
Ladies' Opera length and ''out" size Hose
Equestrian Tights,
Children's School Hose a Specialty
We Lead In Imported Yarns, German
Knitting Yarn, Germ an town Wool,
Spanish. Saxony and Angora Yarn,
Shetland Floss and Ice Wool.
Our Prices Are the Lowest, PHONE 65
Von May Have Money!
To Burn !
and in that cast- you will not be
Interested In this advertisement
but the average man Is not ad
vene to saving a few dollars
when he Can do so without loos
ing any advantage In his pur- 1
You can save
50 Per Cent
oo your clothing by buying those
make by
those names are a sufficient guar
You can never be disappointed if
you buy one of these make* from
a single breasted sack to a full
dress suit. Prices from
$12.50 TO $25.00
and your money .back for the
asking if goods are not satisfac
f H CIayson & Co
W. Broadway and Fourth A?. JK
Casca, Ynkoner and Daw
sod Arrive
[Special Dispatch to Dally Alaskan.]
Whttehorse, Sept. 8.? The Cues ar
rived last night from Dawson with a
good list of passengers and the Dawson
got in this morning with 22 and the
Yukoner with 26 The Dawson will
?all on the return trip thin evening.
The Zealandlan will sail down stream
with several ?cows thli evening.
The Victorian and Selkirk are both
coming up stream.
The Canadian and the Whitehorae
have arrived at Dawaon.
Hull' Million Added to
World's Circulation
"Gold, gold, gold, bright and yellow,
hard and cold," In an unJInilnlshtng
stream Is pouring out from the Interior
through Skagway and Into the great
arteries of trade In the states at the
south of us. Last night more than a
half million dollars In rich and shining
bars of the yellow metal were received
from the Interior by-the Alaska Pacific
Kxpresa Company. K will be shipped
on the Dolphin to the states, soon after
which it will enter the channels of
trade and begin a work In the financial
affairs of the world which will not
cease as long as gold shall be money.
Priucess May Should Arrive
This Morning
The Canadian Pacific liner Princess
May, should arrive from the South to
day. She sailed from Vancouver, Sat
urday evening at 11 o'clock, and should
reach this place early today unieaa de
layed by fogs or tides. The Princess
May will have three days' mall for
Skagway and the interior.
For Rent
Furnished cottage, corner Fourth and
Alaska. Five rooms, pump and wood
shed. Good warm place.
? o 3^ Phil Abrahams.
Our school books have been here
nearly a week and are going fast, at
regular retail prices. Skagway News
Co. phone 55.
At the Monogram Liquor House in
large or small quantities. 5-lMf.
Fur Collarettes, at Winters'. tf
Brushes and
The Hair I* the Growing Beauty of the
Head. Keep It So, by using (food
brushes and combe.
We havo a large new assortment of all
styles and size!*.
Our Goods are the Best
Prices are the Lowest.
Kelly S Co.
skagway dawson Nome
i Why bake your own
i bread when you can
| get it hot from the !
oven on every after
noon 7
?j "Bess Bakery* |
? remick I mm ?
General Blacksmiths
Dealer In
Boraeo^Harnes* and All Ktndi of Sleds
Give U?a Call
Skagway Has a Good Balance on Right Side
of Public Ledger? Still More Money Is
Expected From License Taxes
There was $4,581.77 In cash in tbo
hands of the city treasurer belonging
to the several funds of the city of
Skagway on the first of July. This
sum did not inolude more than 12,000
belonging to the school funds. Since
that time, the treasurer has receivod
from the clerk of the court the sum of
?3,610 one-half of which went to the
olty funds and the other half to the
school funds.
It is estimated that several thousands
yet will come into the hands of the city
in addition to the taxes against city I
City Clerk McKean's statement for
September 1, Is as follows:
July 31, balance on haud. 11,592 29
1900 taxes collected.. .9 3 00
]*<01 taxes collected... 2 25
1902 taxes collected... 7? 40
Sale of logs on State
street 15 00
Fines and costs muni
cipal magistrate... 405 40
50 per cant, license
money 3863 12-W155 17
Total 15747 40
General fund war- t
rants paid I 613 44
Street fund warrants
paid 462 33
Flro fund warrants
paid W 92 ? 11165 69
Total MM1 77
General fund ..12120 70
Street fund 1038 82
Klre fund 919 98
Unpaid warrants 502 29
$4581 77
July 31 balance on hand $ 64 43
50 per cent.llcenso money 3653 12
Total 13717 55
School warrants paid.'lMHH 05
Interest on warrants
paid 24 42?11706 47 !|
Total 12009 08
Tampion Gets Away
The Tampioo sailed South at noon
yesterday. She discharged her cargo
of 1(100 tons In less than throe days, and
of that time fully 24 hours were lost on
account of not having enough long
shoremen to handlo the cargo on
straight shifts.
Dssski Past D??
The Canadian Pacific steamer Dan
ube sailed for Skagway last Friday,
and is now past duo. She 's looked for
any mlnuto by the agent at this place.
She had a full cargo of freight, amount
ing to "00 or 800 tons.
Has N?w Mayor
Peter Couttt Is the new mayor of
Grand Forks, Yukon Territory. He
was elected September 2. The vote
was as follows. Coutts, 32; Dalgleish,
27; Duncan, 10.
M?n'? KlBcabarjr Hats
New fall blocks just rocelved per City
of Seattle. I tegular price, M; closing
out sale price, 13.
t( B. M. Behrends Co.
Bargains In Bhoas
For Shoes go to W. H. Robertsons.
Great clearance sale starts July fl, at
the Seattle saloon.
We carry only the latest and newest
fall dress goods." Ladies' Ba/.aar.
Mur Pokaa of Gold
Many of the passengers who are oora
Ing out from Dawson these day* bring
with them substantial pokes of gold
dust. There were many poke* In the
crowd that cume In last night, and the
same was true with that which cfcme
up the river on the last bunch of steam
ers. The pokes range all the way from
large grips and boxes full down to the
familiar buckskin bag built on a con
venient pattern for the pocket.
Will OIt* Ploalo
The Catholic Sunday school will give
a picnic at SchafTer's park next Satur
day. Those attending will meet at the
residence of Mrs. A. W. Reed, at Ninth
avenue and State street, at 10 o'clock
Saturday morning.
Rmtltr Sails
The Rustier tailed for Juneau and
way ports at 8 o'clock. She took sev
eral tons of freight for canal ports.
Far Rant
Two story house, Fourth avenue,
near State street. Seven rooms partly
furnished. Possession given Oct. 1st.
?0 3t Phil Abrahams.
Patterns new In Matting. . Peoples.
Passe- Partout Binding Outfits, all
colors, at Case & Draper's.
Great clearance sale starts July 6, at
t he Seattle saloon.
If You Want the Right
Goods at the Right Prices
all the time and the
Best Assortment of Fancy
Groceries in Alaska
Also a Flno Assortment of Crockery, call on
Ross- Higgi lis Co.
Wholesale and Retail
Are You Going to Drive a Well ?
We Have What You Want In
Tin and Granltoware? Kverythlng You Need for the Kitchen? At Right Prices j
See Us for PainU and Oils
i Dement & Gearhartl
Pianos on the Installment
We aro the pioneers in this line of business with such terms, and
are justly proud of our success. In the last four months we have sold
to homes here lire splendid instruments at a total sale price of 11750.00.
This speaks well for the stability of Skogway as well.
We are agents for fourteen dlflerent make, high ?rade, pianos.
We carry no pianos In stock? our "Rookery" is too small yet
but by permission wo will 1)6 pleased to take you to any of our customer*
and allow vou to investigate for yourself.
Let us figure with you.
Chealanders, mm Avenue,
One-Half !
The successful sale of tho "Alaska Grocery Stock", during the put
two weeks, bringing so many new faces to ray storo, has induced me to
continue the sale at the tamo ruinous prices until they are all disposed
of. i
Look Out For Circular
No. 2
and when you have seen it, fligure up how much you can save by laying
in a supply for the winter.
Remember !
You will never have another such opportuuily, and this one wili be of
short duration.
jotat Kaltm, (Ik Grocer
Phone 85. Free Deliverv to Any Part of the City.
:Jkagwayan8' SampI s of
Splendid Hock
Some o f the very richest ore that was
ivor brought Into Skagway wax that
brought back from Toochi by A. H.
MacKay, Dr. II. B. HunnalU and Henry
Uoshart. The ore in rich in gold and
ither minerals, there being iron, lead
ind silver in It as well as the more
irecioua metal. The ore will no doubt
ihow a value of several hundreds of
lollars to the ton. ,
The voin from which tho ore was
found could bo traced for more than
>,000 feet from the out croppings, and
>n tho surface tho cropping showed a
irldth of vein exceeding two feet. The
ire in theso cropping is so rich that
he prospectors had no difficulty in pan
ilng out the pure gold from pulver
zed rock.
The Skagwayans who have just re
urned from the mines each located a
i quartz claim, rnnnlng 1500 feet along
he vein, which is on a mountain near
roochi creek. Thoy are highly olated
ivor the And.
Hound and mortar tarns, at Ladles'
Tniinel Being; Poshed Into
Le Roy
William Flaherty and Tom Pasco, to
whotn was let the contract to drive a
100-foot tunnel Into the Le Roy mine,
belonging to the Skagway Mining,
Milling Hi Realty Company, a few days
ago, are at work on the contract and
making good headway.
The owners of -tho Le Roy expect
good results from the work that is
being done. If the indications shall
prove to be as expected, mote work
will follow that upon which Messrs.
Flaherty and Pasco are now engaged.
Off for Rampart
W. C. Baker left last night on the 9
o'clock freight train for Rampart. He
took the large stock of groceries from
his Skagway store with him.
Tho Royal Laundry cannot be ex
celled. They suit your taste and con
venience and lit you in prices. Phone
97, next to electric plant.
The finest porcelain bath tut* at the
Principal barbershop. Opposite the
Board of Trade.
arrived last eve
ning and docked in ?
Steamer St. Paul
the window 'of Britt's Pharmacy. Ilor immense cargo of Drugs,
Toilet Articles andGunther's Candies is being rapidly unloosed, and
when flnished the St. Paul will go on the drug scales to be thorough
ly dibinfocted with -
"Wynkoop's Smallpox Lotion
For her failure to bring the Merck's Sugar of Milk to the Skagwav
Babies, the I. N. Co. have decided to raflle the steamer away. Prom
this date on every purchaser will receive a chance and October 3d, at
3 p. m., the child holding the lucky number will be entitled to pilot
the St, Paul home. N. B. ? Wo want the Children's trade.
The Druggist
Just a Few Doors from the Postottlct-. .
Alaska Pacific Express 0o.
Operating on All Steamers and Trains, Writes
Marine Insurance
O. H. McLEOD, Agt., Skagway

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