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Signal Meu Rnshed to the
Twelve signal corp* 0|>erat0r? came
North on the Dolphin yeaUed?y, it bo
ll( the intention of the government to
get thorn to Fori Gibbon, at the mouth
of the Xanana, before the cloae of navi
gation. The men are from different
station* throughout the state* aud were
assembled at Kort Lawton prior to their
departure forthe North.
Most of the men of the detachment
* have been in the service for tome time
ami an- experienced operator*. They
will go North ou the train this morn
ing. They arrived ju?t in time to
catch the last boat from Dawun down
the river.
If Tik u iu Time Her Ey?*s
foulil Ht>e Heeu Saved
(ila?< s that do not lit your eyes often
cause cataract and many time* total
blindness Your eyesight you only
have once, t 'an you take the chance*
of making your life miserable by buy
ing che;tp stock pressed lense* and hav
ing theiu tilted to your eye* by people
tb.it have no knowledge of the buaiue**
except to take jour money.
\\ ?' have every instrument known to
science to enable u* to make a proper
correction. We carry only the beat
Scotch crystal lense and cut them to
suit \our defect. I guarantee all work
ami my price* an- a* low a* you would
get thesame expert service In Chicago.
I (roadway Jeweler.
E*rtki(Hk? AIobk Alaakaa C?at
An earthquake was felt along the
Alaskan coast J esterday morning. At
Skag way it occurred at 10 minute* to 5
o'clock and several clock* were found
* topped at that hour. It w?a felt at
Juneau and at Whitehorse.
Child Gl>? Birthday Parly
Mrs. DeWItt gave a birthday party
U> little Ueorgie DeWitt, who ih ?
vear? of age yesterday. There were
about 4i>o( Skagway's children pres
ent, a great many of them being na
tive-* of Alaska.
SktRwty Ltdiu
Mr*. V. I. Hahn and Mrs. R. W. Tay
lor entertained about 40 of their friends
at the home of the former laat night,
at Maiu street and First avenue. Pro
gressive cinch was the order of the
evening, and the party was one of the
must enjoyable that has been given in
Ska/way for many a day. Howard
Ashley won the first men's prise and
W. H. NlacKay the second. Mrs. Pea
body woo first lady's prize.
Clevar nwtrlosl Pm^U
On the Dolphin yesterday were Mike
llooley and Mr*. Hooley, better known
a* Jennie K el ton. Both are theatrical
l>eople of note. They played here laat
winter when coming out from Dawson.
They have just finished an extended
tour of the coast and on the request of
a telegram are bound for Dawson for
an extended engagement.
Pr ? p? ct. r Ortwsi
William Irwin, a proa pec tor, former
ly of lit*, nam. Wash , was drowned
early in August while trying to ford a
river tributary to Resurrection bay.
Word to thi* effect reached Vaklez a
few days before the sailing of the
steamer Hertha. His body was recov
ered and buried by the settlers of Res
urrection bay.
. i..- I
Second hand stove; cheap for cash;
must be iu good order. Address Alas- 1
kan. letter L.
Ood Old Whisky
Old Planet and Old Heliuout, re-im?|
put. si. both I- years old, at Mascot I
For lUil
A nlcelv furnished room to rent,
with or without boaru; suitable for one
or two gentlemen. Inquire of Mrs.
Howard. 3rd ave.. near Alaska st.
Men's, bo*s' and children's summer
caps, at W. II. Robertson's. tf
f "1'oterQ"
Ismrs HUpstrlek, V?*r.
1 -Skagway Bottled?
I $2.00 Per Dozen
1' Ueliverwl to An; PUc in City
Capt. Carwy, of the Australian llosr
Mo?u, which la dow dlschargiag and
loading freight at Vancouver, was a
round trip passenger on the Princess
May. He with several of the oAoers
| of the Prlnoeas May made the trip to
Beoneti and return yesterday.
Gordon Smith, marine editor of the
Victoria Colonist, is en route North on
the Danube. He is taking an annual
vacation and will visit Dawson before
returning to his duties at the British
Columbia capital.
Mra. L. Talbot, wife of one of the W.
P. A Y. It. freight conductor*, caiue
North on the Dolphin. She left her
son Harold under the care of an eye
doctor at Seattle.
Sergt. George Wilklns, of Company
I, was discharged yesterday on aocount
of the expiration of his term of enlist
ment, and went South on the Dolphin.
Mrs. K. T. Holts, sister of Charles A.
Diers, who has been visiting in Skag
way moat of the summer, will return to
Taootna on the Cottage City Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Peoples came up
on the Dolphin. Mr. Peoples brought
a large shipment of goods for Kagle
with him.
Mr*. George S. Town will leave for |
Chicago on the Cottage City next Sat
urday, instead of on theTopeka, as was |
K. A. Bennett, representing the Bor
den Condensed Milk Company, was a
Southbound passenger on the Princess
Augusta Noel, the Dawson attorney,
was a Southbound passenger on the '
Princess May. Mr. Noel is one of the I
crown prosecutors at Uawsoo.
Montgomery Smith, a tra? el ing sales
man, came North on the Princess Muy. I
He represents the Gault teas and came
from Vancouver.
James T. T. Collison, a school teach
er. was a Dawson tiound passenger on I
the Princess May. He will teach at |
(he Klondike city.
J. B. Norton, the Atlin merchant, I
returned from the South on the Prin- 1
i May.
K. P. Lewelling, a clergy man of the
Church o( Knglaiui. wm a passenger
tor Dawnoo on the Princess May.
Clark Callarman left on the Dolphin
for Juneau last night on a short bu*t
nefk trip.
Mr*. E. W. Heath, wife of the Ta- 1
coma shipbuilder, was a round tripper
oo the Dolphin.
William Britt returned on the I)ol
phln from a round trip to Sitka
S. Edwards, a Sixtymile river mining
man, was a Southbound passenger on
the Princess May.
Mr*. C. Petrie, wife of the steward I
of the Princess May, was a round trip
passenger on that steamer yesterday.
Mrs. James Hall left for Seattle on ]
the Dolphin.
Lee Gault returned North on lhe|
Dolphin yesterday.
K. R. Stivers returned on the Dol
phin from down the canal.
Judge J. J. Koger* returned from |
Juneau on the Dolphin.
Father P. H. Turnell returned from |
Valdex on the Dolphin.
N. W. Watson is at Whitehorse.
f ' __
Cutir Net Tslklsg
Former United States Senator Carter
is in Seattle? but Isn't talking politics.
This b too bad? for otherwise he might
explain why he raised political objec
tions to the appointment of L. L. Wil
liams as one of the Alaskan Commis
sioner* to the St. Louis Exposition? a
purely non-partisan Institution.? Seat
tle Times.
M ?ao Bio IImHsc
There will be a regular communica
tion of White Pass Lodge No. 113, F. &
A. M. Friday evening, Sept. 12, in their
hall, No. 525 Fourth avenue.
Sojourning ""l visiting brethern are
cordially invited to meet with us.
By order of the W. M.
Geo. E, Howard, Secretary.
Lunches SOo, 11 a m. to 4 p. m., New
Arctic Cafe, Whitehorse, Y. T.
[Further Reductions!
Men's Wool Suits, coats 35-36
Sizes, $lo 00 and $10 00
values for $8 00.
Double Breasted, Square Cut
Corduroy Coat, $16 00 suit
for $8 00.
Single Breasted. Round Cut
$15 suit for $7 50.
Boy's Wool Suits, $8 00 and
$10 00 values; now $5 & $3.
33 1-3 Per Cent Off On AH
Men's Hats.
All $1 60 & $1 75 white and
oolored shirts Going at $1 00.
Corless, Coon & Co's Best Lin
en Collars, 2 for 25c.
Boy's Lisle Thread Bicycle
Hose, 35 & 40c. values. 20c
Balbrigan and cotton ribbed
Underwear Per suit, $1 00
All Tan and Button Shoes at
a Great Sacrifice.
Good assortment of Ladies' &
Men's Fine Shoes
Heavy Working Boots and
Shoes at Cost.
W. H. Robertson J
In the United State# Commissioner ami
ex-OOoio Justice of the Peace Court,
for Alaska, Skagway: Presented in
In re guardianship of Myrtle Ander
Petition having beeu fiied herein b.v
Anna M. Anderson, guardian of said
minor Myrtle Anderson, for license to
sell the interest of said minor In aud to
lot No. 4, in block No. 10W, of the town
of Juneau. Alaska, the next of kin of
said Myrtle Anderaon, and all persons
interested In said minor's estate are
hereby directed to appear before me at
mv court room, at the court hou?e in
the town of Skagway, at two o'clock p
m., on the twenty-eighth day of Sep
tember, A. D. 1U03, then and there to
show cause why a license should not be
granted for the sale of said estate. It
is directed that this order to show cause
shall be published for three consecu
tive weeks in the Daily Alaskan, a
newspaper circulating In the District
of Alaska.
Dated at Skagway, Alaska, August
28th, A. D. 1H03.
J. J. Rookiis,
Probate Judge.
R. W. Jennings, attorney for peti
tioner. ,
Date of Brat publication Septemi?er 1.
Ordinance No. 41.
Au ordinance making It a Misdemeanor
to Construct or Maintain Sidewalks
in a Condition Dangerous to the Ufe
and Limb and Prescribing the Punish
ment therefor, and for other Purpos
Be It ordained by the Common Council
of the Town of Skagway.
Section 1,
That the street commissioner shall ex
ercise a supervision over alt the side
walks in the town of Skagway, and shall
see to It that they are maintained In a
?af? and passable condition, so as not to
be a menace to life and lia1)
Section 2.
That whenever In the opinion of said
street commissioner, or of Slid common
oonncll, any sidewalk in said town is in
a condition dsngerous to Ufe or limb
he, or they, shall give a notice in writ
ing to the owner, or person having
charge of the property abutting on or
connected with said sidewalk: which
said notice shall describe said sidewalk
with sufficient oertalnty to enable same
to be Identified. Said notice shall in
form said person that he is required to
make said sidewalk safe and pass
able within ten days from the date of
service ol said notice. Said notice may
be substantially in the following form:
Skagwav. Alaska, I....
To Mr You are hereby notified
that the sidewalk in front of premises
known as Lot in Block on..,.
street in the town of Skagway is In a
condition dangerous to life and limb.
You are therefor required within ten
days from and after the service upon
you of this notice to maku the same safe
and passable: and If you fail or neglect
so to do, you will be arrested and dealt
with accordingly.
Street Commissioner.
of said Town
Section 3,
That if the owner of, or person having
in charge any property in front of, or
oonncctud with, which there is any suah
defective sidewalk, or sidewalks, shall
omit, neglect or fail, tor ten days after
the service upon him of the notice afore
said, to make the said sidewalk safe
and passable, he shall be deemed guilty
of a misdemeanor and shall upon con
viction thereof by the municipal magis
trate be lined in any sum not less than
two (12.00) dollars nor more than one
hundred (1100.00) dollars; and in case of
failure to pay satd fine he shall be im
prisoned in the municipal jail one (1)
day for every two (12.00) dollars of such
tine and oosts.? I'NMMS he shall make
oath, In writing, before said magistrate
that i -om lack of pecuniary means, he
Is unable to pay said fine.
Section 4.
If said person having been so convicted
shall pay the fine assessed by the mag
istrate. the later shall at onoc deliver
the amount to the city treasurer, by
whom It shall be kept as a special fund,
io be used by the town, towards defray
ing the expenae of putting said sidewalk
in a safe and passable ooudltion.
Section 5.
Iftheownerof the property be a non
resident of, and have no agent in the
town of Skagway, or if the owner or
person in charge having been convict
ed, lakes the oath aforesaid, the town
of Skagway, through It's street com
missioner. under and by direction of the
council, shall make said sidewalk safe
and passsb'e; and the town clerk shall
certify to the town treasurer the oost
and expense of so doing; and the treas
urer shall assess against any property
of the owner the amount so certified.
This ordinance shall take effect and be
in force from and after Us approval and
Passed by the oouncil.
W. S. McKean, Town Clerk,
Approved August 24th 1U03.
L. S. KiUEB,
Mayor and President of the Oouncil.
Spring chicken at the Pack Train
A Stove that will
keep Are over nlffht
without attention and
the fuel
Is the Origlna'
Coles' Hot
Blast ,
For Sale By
E.R, Peoples
We are Headquarters for
All sizes of wood and coal heaters, steel ranges and cook stores.
You are cordially Invited to lns]>ect our stock.
United Stolen Land Office,
At Juneau, Alaaka. August St. I?u1
Notice la hereby given, that A. t. Tregent, aa
aslgnre ol A. K.Clark un.l Edwin N lillu I*
Ing entitled lothe benefit* of (faction tftlM of the
Ketlied Statute* or the United state*. grunting
additional landa to aoldler* and sailor* who
atrvnl lu the war ol lha Rebellion, haa mad*
application to this offli e to mako proof and en
117 bT 'aid applicant. under act of oonitrvaa ap
proval May Hth lsw. for landa In U.S. aurrcy
No ITU In tha Dlatrlct of Alaaka, described aa
follows. towlt : .
Situate on the southerly abort of that inn of
Lynn canal? on the weal aide thereof- kuuwn
aa ("hllkoot Inlet, and at a point approximately
Ave mile* northwesterly freiu Hatnea Mission,
Dlatrlct ol Alaska, and mora particularly dc
scribed aa follows:
lleglnnlngat a polut at ordinary high water
mark 00 the main land on the southwesterly
ahor* of Lynn canal, known aa Cbllkoot Inlet,
ou the west aide thereof, marked "Keg. cor. No
I," from which U. S. Initial niouument No. ITS
bears s o d<-g. * luln. K. 4.SJ chains; thence S
lldag. us mln. w. lo.So chains to cor. No. ti
thence S. 67 lie*. 46 mlu.B 1W W chains U> oor No.
X; thence N. 11 d?(. itf ralu. E. lu 30 chain* to
ooi. No 4; thence N.SVdeg. M mln W. along
llneof ordinary high tide, J.01 chain* to oor. No.
j: thence N. wldeg.06 mln. W. aloug ordinary
high tl'le, ?.(*>?> challli to cor. No. 6 thence N
M dec ZJ mln. \V. along line of ordinary high
tide. 7.*i chain* to cor. No. 7;tbcm <? N.7t deg.UI
mln. W. along ordinary high tide, VM* chains
lo oor. No, 1, the place I beginning containing
an areaol is. ?V acres Variation, Silif. At mln
Any and all peNona claiming adversely any
portion of aatd Ian la are refill red to Die an ad.
rent claim thereto la tb<a office during the
period of publication of Ihla notice, or within
thirty days thereafter, otherwise proof and en
try of said landa will be made br aatd applicant.
Reg later.
11 la hereby ordered that the foregoing notice
be publlshco lor the lull period of Hilly-one
days In the Skagwav Alaakan. a dall> newspa
per, publtabed at Skagway, Alaaka. which I
hereby designate to be the newiyttper publish
ed nearest the land deacrlbed
Klral publication Aug. 27th.
In the UnlU*l States Commissioner ami
ex-OOicio Justice of the I'eace Court
for Alaska, Skagway: lH-esented In
In re guardianship of Ksther J. An
Petition having been filed herein by
Anna M. Anderson, guardian of said
minor Ksther J. Anderson, for license to
sell the interest of said minor in
and to lot No. 4, In block
No. 109, of the town of Juneau,
Alaska, the next of kin of said Ksther
J. Anderson, and all persons interest
ed in said miuor's estate are hereby
directed to a|>|>ear before me at my
court room at tho court house in the ;
town of Skagway, at two o'clock p. m.,
on the twenty-eighth day of September,
A. D. 1903, then and there to show
cause why a license should not be
granted fo'r the sale o' said estate. It
is directed that this order to show
cause shall be published for three con
secutive weeks in the Dally Alaskan it
newstiaper circulating in the District
of Alaska.
Dated at Skagway, Alaska, August 1
28th, A. D. 1903,
J. J. Koukks,
Probate Judge
i R. W. Jennings attorney of Petition
I Dateof first publication, September 1.
For Sale. Old Papers
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Official Watch Inspector W- P. & Y. Ry
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The Independent Steamer-#
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S Whltehome-Dawsoh run. I'artles purchasing tickets from us will be
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f (
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He Kixowj- That
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