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President Roosevelt Approves Plan of Sec
retary Hitchcock? Executive Author
ized to Name Two Assistants
[Sp vial Dispatch to Daily Alaskan.]
Washington. Sept. 22. lYe?ident
ISousevelt has approved the plan of
Secretary Hitchcock that Got. Brady
?hall U> th<- -ole commissioner from
Alaska to the world'* fair. The preai
d> ut .li* x not ditcuaa the proposition of
i" slants for the commissioner, but it
- -t.iti.l at the interior department
thai r.ov. liratly w ill be authorized to
name two assistants. The department
officials seem doubtful now aa to wheth
er or not Judge L. L. Williams will ac
cept such a position.
Got. Brady will, In all probability,
name Judge L. L. Williams' and Oscar
K90U) a n his assistants. That is evi
dently what the secretary of the in
terior desires him to do.
in iktw
For SIhm s v*o to W. H. IloberUon*. |
'I'h. ImhHm lurbrrshop antl bftlhs.
Tin- l*rinoi|>?M,oppo?it?f Itoanl of TruJf
Mm'i Kingsbury HmU
New fall block* iusl received per City
uf Seattle. lU'tfular price, #4: closini;
out *ale price, >3.
tf B. M. HehreotU Co.
The Skagway News Co
L. A. HARRISON, Manager
Our Library Will Open October 1
With All the Latest Books
Balmv Days of Summer
I 'jzrzixjr.mm
Bleak Winds of Autumn
In this connection I may sav: Don't |
Go About Shivering when an
fi. s. & m.
Will Make You So Comfortable. We
hare them in KndletM Variety.
Also the
Both Are Very
$15.00 TO $25.00
Broadway and Fourth Ave.
' ? ?ViV y>>J?s?aW?S? j
Your stationery wants m?y ?* *
11 many, bul
what you may need you desire to be only the Latest anil beat.
\VK OPFKR YOU WITH CONFIDENCE: Box Paper (latest tints),
Writing Tablets. Envelopes (plain and fancy )? Pens, Pen
I Holders, Pencils (plain and copying), Pencil Sharpeners,
; Mi-users, Inks, Ink Wells, Fountain Pens, Memorandum,
Keceipt and Currency I looks. Ledgers, Day and Cash I look*,
if I Hotter*. Kulers, etc.
i Latest Current Magazines and Seattle
N. R Tickets on STKAMHK ST. PAUL to every purchaser.
! Wm.Britt i
Largest Northern Nugget Is
[Special Dispatch to Dally Alaskau.]
Seattle, Sept. 22. -The largest nug
get ever found In the North was taken
from one of the Anvil creek claims of
the Pioneer Mining Company on Sep
tember 8. The nugget weighs more
than 180 ounces and is worth $3286.
Steamer Arrives at White
horse with Passengers
[Special Dispatch to Daily Alaskan.]
Whltehorse, Sept. 22.- The Selkirk
arrived in port this evening with 39
puKteugers. The Selkirk will sail to
morrow morning.
The Clifford Sifton arrived this morn
ing at 9:15 o'clock with 15 pamengers.
She sailed out this afternooo.
The llailey Is coining up the river.
She sailed yesterday morning from
The Casca was at Yukon Growing
this morning at 9 o'clock.
The Canadian Is bound up stream and
will arrive late In the week.
OImsw Qmi IslsrlaT
[Special Dispatch to Daily Maskan.]
Whltehonte, Sept. 22.? Tha Gleaner
will sail on her regular trip for Atlin
Saturday afternoon after the arrival of
the train at Caribou Instead of Friday
as usual. She will sail Thursday with
a cargo of powder.
Bid. Wasted
Hiil* will be received u my store up
to 25th of September, 1903, for moving
my warehouse on the water front, to
lot opposite the railroad office building,
fronting Second arcane. Plans and
s|K*clfications ou file at the store, cor
uer of Broadway and Klfth avenue. I
reserve the right to reject any and all
bids. John Kaucm.
Notice Is hereby given that I will not
be responsible for any debts or bills
contracted In my name without ray
written consent thereto, and that no
person la authorized to act tor me in
any way without my authority In writ
ing. Calistk. Racink.
Dated at Whitehorse, in the Yukon
Terrltorv, Sept. 19, 1903. ? 22 lmo
Iksiwsy Uas Art
For first-class work try Skagwav
Laundry. Twenty-two yeras' experi
ence. Telephone 8#. tf.
F.r lUat
A nicely furnished room to rent,
with or without board; suitable for one
or two gentlemen. Inquire of Mrs.
Howard, 3rd ave., near Alaska st.
Warm Blaakats
Blankets cheap at W. H. Robertson.
Karl & Wilson's collars and cuffs at
New Lace Curtains at K. R. 1'eoplea.
Porus and Medicinal for
All Aches and Pains
A special display and sale In our
window. We will sell any 25c
plaster for
2 lor 26c as long as
Ithey last
Our Goods are the Best
Price* are the Lowest.
Kelly & Co.
Why bake your own J
bread when you can ;
i get it hot from the 1
; oven on every alter- 1
noon 7
| ?Bess Bakery* |
alversYone turns down
Americans Seem To Have Gained Important
Point In Boundary Matter? Headland
to Headland Line Does Not Apply
[Special Dispatch to Dally Alaskan.]
London, Sept. 22. -Attorney General
Finlay completed hla argument in the
Alaskan bonntlary onto today. In con
tinuing his argument yesterday and to
day he cited utterances of American of
ficials and passages from the American
brief, which he olalm* support the Ca
nadian contention as to boundary. Kin
lay claims that the Inlets of Alaska
must be considered as American terri
When the Canadian attorney general
was elaborating U|?n his theory that
the inlets from the ocean must be con
sidered as a |*>rtiou of tho territory of
the United States, Ix>rd Alverstone in
terrupted him to call attention to tho
contention of the Norwegians before
the commission on tho Retiring sea
controversy, that fjords of Norway are
territory of that oountry, claiming that
the line between the water* and coast
must be drawn from headland to head
Flnlay asserted that the sanio princi
ple should apply to Alaska, but he (Al
rerstone) interrupted him again to re
mark that it Is Imposslbc to apply tho
samo principles to Alaska as arc appli
cable elsewhere. It Is belloved that
Ix}rd Alvcrttone's observation was
called forth by tho provisions of tho
Kngllsh-Husslan treaty of 1825, which
s]>cciflcally provides that the line shall '
follow tho sinuosities of the sea coast,
and not tho customary coast line from
headland to headland.
Ticket Nominated at Canons
Is Elected
The ticket nominated for delegates
and alternate* to the Juneau conven
tion at the caucus held at the chumber
of commerce rooms a week ago last
night wan elected without opposition
last night. There was little Interest
manifested In the election, as tho re
sult was a foregone conclusion.
The polla werw 5peu for an hour, j
from 7:30 to 8:90 o'clock.
The following were elected as dele
gates: y
John W. Troy, John J. 'burns, C. B.
Haraden, J. J. Daly, J. Bloom, F. Wol
land, A. F Wlldt, H. B. Lett?vrc.
The following were elected as alter
John Kalem, L. a Keller, E. A.
Friend, Godfrey C'healander, J. A.
Molllneaux, William Britt, P. II.
Oanty, George S. Town.
Twt MsllkwU Tomorrow *
The Cottage City and the Amur will
be, due tomorrow, itoth will carry
mail. There should be four days' mail |
on the two boats. The Humboldt will
be due Friday.
Got* 10 Days
Dan Hurley was given 10 days by
Judge Itogers for being drunk and dis
orderly yesterday.
We received today our Full and Win
ter supply of Buttrick patterns. La
dies' Bazaar.
Boys' lisle thread bicycle hose, 20c
per pfcir, at W. U. Bobertson's. tf
Low Water Mikes Naviga
tion Difficult
[Special Dispatch to Dally Alaskan.)
I Whitohorsp, Sept. 22.? Tho contin
ued falling of the wator in tho Yukon
is causing trouble to the steamers ply
ing between this placo and Dawson.
The Mary GralT stuck on a bar at
Minto last night and did not get off till
this morning. Tho Dawson stuck at
Hellgale and the Thistle assisted her
oil this morning. I'art of her cargo
was lightered over tho bar by the This
tle and a GO-ton scow. The Thistle and
tho scow will assist the Whltehorse
Tho lower end of Hellgate Is especi
ally bail on account of the low water.
Notlo* to Lllkt Conmmtrt
The yearly rates for electric lights
will not be ohangod, but owing to the
heavy ex|>ense of operating the plant
In winter, which horetoforo has beort
at a loss, for those using lights ?
Daring That Period Only ,
the rate will be as follows jK?r montft:
16 c. p.? Midnight, >2.00; all nitfht,
?2.40. '
32 c. p. -Midnight, W.00; all night,
?5.00. >
Arcs? Midnight, (15.00; all nig^it,
?20.00. . %
Northwest Light & I'owor C6.
Edwin Uko\vn, Managers
Skagwav. Sept. 22, 1U03. ^
Wanted bids to drlvo 80-foot tunnel.
For particulars see Keclar,,tho jewoler.
Fur Collarettes, at Winters'. tf
We Just RocpItwI on C'lly of Seat t la a Bi^
Shipment of
Grapes, Pears,
Apples, Plums,
Oantalopes, Bananas
and Sweet Potatoes
Fruit Exceptionally Fine and Price* Low.
Ross- Higgi ns Co.
Wholesale and Retail
Maiestic Ranqes
Reliance Ranges
Coles' Heaters , .
-Snpmpnt fo. f^fiarhart ft
nPflTTIIflt TV
. l)U lit 1) 11
Due to Arrive Thursday, September* 24
We "Will Receive The Largest
Consignment of the Season of
All Kinds of
Washington 4 California
Fresh fruits
Mail and Telegraphic Orders Filled With
John Kalem, the Grocer
Phone 85. Frc? Dollrerv to Any Part of the City.
New and Seasonable
For Fall and Winter
Ladies' Cashmere Hose, Silk Mittens and
Golf G-loves.
Children's Hose, Mittens and Leggins and
a Large Assortment of Babies' Wool
and Silk Hoods.
We Guarantee the Prices To Be the Lowest.
Chealanders, mm Avenue,
Football, Tug of War, Boxing; Wrestling and
Other Spoils Excite G-reat Interest
Co. I Takes Slight Lead on Points
Yesterday was the most successful
and the most interesting of all the Held
days that have thus far been celebrated
by tho soldiers stationed at Skagway.
The program was the best, and the
sports woro entered into with more
zest than was the caso with any of the
four preceding field days. The inter
est was not confined to tho soldiers, but
citizens of the town were interested
sj>ectaU>rs t<r all the ovents. There
wero first and second prizes for all of
tho contest*, donated by citizens of
Skagway. The contest for points be
tweeu the two companies was very
closo, Company I winning by a slight
majority, though Company M won the
football and the tug-of-war in which
most Interest centered.
The football game was the most im
portant event of the day. Company I
won the kick off and tho ball went well
up In Company M's territory, but that
team soon had tho ball across the cen
ter line and thon by hard, clean light
ing, forced it within 10 yards of Com
pany I'l goal, when the gong sounded
the end of the first half. .
The second half was more exciting.
Company M kicked off and kept tho
ball going by hard work and crossed
tho line for a touch down, the only
score mode. Capt. Uryne, of the Com
pany M team, made tho run. The
teams changed ends of the Held again
? '? 1
and started to finish the second balf in
record breaking xtvle. The gong
sounded when the ball was just one
yard from the goal line of Company I.
Score 6 to 0.
The tug-of-war. after a heart-break
ing struggle of 10 minutes, was won by
Company M. Until the end, which
came suddenly, first one side had a
slight advantage ami then the other.
Finally Company M, by a mighty tug
at the ro|>e, pulled the white marker
over to its side, and tho hardest fought
ovent of tho day was over.
The four-round glove contest attract
ed much attention. Bernstein, of Com
pany I, and Ueebel, of Company M,
were tho participants. The fighting
was fast and hard, the rounds being
two minutes each, with one minute in
termission. Tho contest was declared
a draw by the referee, Lieut. Width
The catch-as-catch-can wrestling
match between Oxford, of Company M,
and Kreml, of Company I, was won by
the former. Freml won tho first down
after a 17-mioute struggle. Oxford
got the second In a 1 minute rush.
Framl forfeited the third fall and the
contest. Having strained his shoulder
in the first contest, he was unable to
continue the contest.
The afternoon Greco-Roma n wrest
(Continucd on Page 2.)
Alaska Pacific Express 60.
Operating on All Steamers and Trains, Writes
Marine Insurance
O. H. MoT, Von \vt ... Skstrwav

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