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Daily Alaskan
r flrthonf No :%?
Oai *Nk. d?UY?r?l by cwriw H-*
>M month, by mail 1,1
itrM moitha, by *?*
51a months, by man
I'M yui, by ritll
There is no doubt but that the mer
chants of Skagway have just cause of
complaint against the Pacific (.'oast
Steamship i'ompany. which, for the
imritoMi of securing a little extra busi
ness, delaved the Cltj of Seattle for 3K
hours longer than was utvessarv.
When a '.rans|iortaiion company pub
lishes a schedule it is morally bound to
operate as nearly on the time as adver
tised as possible. That much is obvi
ous. Merchants, business men of all
classes, are required to accommodate
themselves to the schedirte. They
make arrangements in connection with
business matters regulated to conform
to the time tables of steamship compa
nies for davs in advance of the sailings.
It is not fair to them nor to the travel
ing public to make arbitrary chauges
without giving notice This is partic
ularly true as to this northern country,
where so much de|iends upon the op
?? rat ion of the stea1 ship-> !. .-onnect
us with the sta' * !>.!)* Ve? chants
have a right to ki. ?? ii. ,i.lv.:uv' . where
IsMsible. what :o ? \pwt of transporta
tion companies, that : l.?-\ 1. t. not l>e
at a disadv:i. i? >u ' h i ipetitive
war for trad--.
Skagway cltuen? are laluriii under
a misaprehension of the lav. ?! n the*
claim that the *x- 1 ;il rul< pertdnlnp
to bawdy houM^ an<': nibbling >'o not
come uu>l> r the contrv! o( tii strict
official* I'nder tin* <. t.> the
que?tio.iof liiiuor !i< ?. :?i laliH
cation* of ! In - i !?, i\ itijr - ; . ision*.
U left entirvlv i ? ie ih> judge.
It was evident that the na jital lejfi-e
lator* intended to hold the judge re
sponsible for the -aloon license. The
amount in each settlement i-> tirst de
termined by the judge. Those apply
ing tor license-. must satisf\ the judge
a* to their good intention*. I'nder the
code no gambling is allowed in any liar
room. Bawdy hou-.es cannot secure a
liquor license, ami therefore have no
right to sell liquor in competition with
?he licensed saloon. Unfairly the city
of Ska^'oay asks the district officials to
x?ume the res|>onsibility of an open
town when it is contrary to their oath
of office. Juneau Dispatch.
Who told the Juneau Dispatch what
the people of Skagway claim?
The people of Skagwa* have never
claimed that thequrstionof gambling
and the social evil were not matter*
over which the code gives the federal
court* jurisdiction. Skagway.i's do
not have to be taught their A It Is.
This is the second time the Dispatch
has attacked citizens of this town re
cently. and in both instances it has dis
played absolute ignorance as to the sit
uation. Once the city council was at
tacked, ami its members referred to as
grafters. The article was libelous,
?ml hail the meml<ers of the council
thought the einie worth the |iowder,
they might have had the editor of the
Dis|?ateh righting for his lilierty in the
district court The greatest fault with
the Dispatch is a habit of discussing
matters of which it knows nothing.
The law lo Alaska is not unlike that
in other sections of ll? I'nilnl Slates
which gives lioth municipalities and
the state* jurisdiction over misdemean
ors. That is known here as well as it
is in the office of the Dispatch. What
the people of this city do claim is that
it has become the universal isustom
throughout thw Cnited Stales to put
certain minor offenses, among which
are some of those over whi'-h the fed
eral authorities in this city assumed
jurisdiction, alMolutely in the hands of
the municipalities. Ami the peo
ple of Skagway, say further, that it
U not entirely becoming in the federal
authorities to complain at the manner
in which the cit* of Skagway has been
enforcing the law. when, as a matter
of fact, it has followed the precedent
made bv those same federal authorities,
during the several years ihey have
been in office. The question of saloon
licenses does not figure in the matter
Had the Dispatch informed Itself on
Skagwav conditions, it woui I proliahly
have remained silent on the subject
which It tries to discuss.
Itirch Bark Baskets. at I'ase A Dra
Strength and vijror couie of >rood
food, dulv digested. "Force," a ready
to- serve wheat and Imrlej food, adds no
burden, but sustains. nourishes, invor
J?'B'C<3ohemia n I
Pw*. Pal* ?nd Sj>?rklmj[. Bottled Only at the Brewery fat St. Loute. I
Order from ftloom A Koarch
L - M
No Longer Danger of Lack
of Fuel
Shaw & Johnson received UK) ton* of [
the celebrated double-screened Wei- j
lington coal from Ladystnlth yesterday
on the freighter Venture. Mr. Shaw ,
states that before that shall have been
consumed more will be received. 1 hi#
company will -receive, in the near fu
ture, a large consignment of the \\ el
lington washnut coal. This is used
particularly for ranges, ami is made by
being washed down and sifted through
screens that leave the coal about the
size of walnuts. It is clean and it is
claimed for it that it will hold an even
tire longer, and is thus more desirable
for cooking purines.
B. C. Warnick, the Philadelphia
banker, who is connect*-!! with the
tlritish American Dredging Company,
arrived from Atlin last ni^ht and sailed
on the City of Seattle.
C. B. Ilaraden arrival from Atlin
yesterday evening on the regular pas
senger train and left at'ain ou the even
ing freight train for Whiteborse.
L. M. West, of the I'acitic Coast
Steamship Company, went to Juneau
on the City of Seattle last nit;ht.
Judge Iiogers made the trip to I ten
nett ami return yesterday.
For Sale -Cheap, nood cook stove,
Gold and sil"er tiusel paper at Case
Si Draper a.
Creat clearance sale starts July ft, at
the Seattle saloon.
Paor?M*L? F<>a Ciiaiuu' I.ANI> -?r M?
\km. IDiir. IIaiskh. Alaska. con-lrnctlnir
ouartennaalcr ? tHbcv, Halne?, Alaska, sent, J.i,
iV'i Sealid prop***aN In triplicate will be re
cited here unt Ilia. m. Tliur da). i V-i j?J. MM.
?i .1 thru "i* for tbe clearing uf i?ent>n*e
.h-rr* < >f land, raorv or Iwm, ?<n the Untied M?l?
Mllttari Kev rTiUlcn at utlnn. Ata?ka. Full
Information including specification* an?l de
scription i f the work U l/v performed, inajr J<e
obtained here upon application, a'"0 at "'e
office of the i.maru-nui^tcr. skwjwajr. Biitnal
office Inncau.and (.'uartermaater'- ottlce. Seat
tie. Wa?hlng;on. Iilank form* for ?ubiitluln?:
profti<wJ* may beublalnnl hrr* and atl^'iaiti-r
in.i?t?r'a < nice. Seat le. Ki?ht l? men >il to ac
i- -i.t ?r rejett aiu or all proposal* or parla
thereof. Knvetopea containing prupo*al? thi.uld
t< Indorsed Propoaul. foi Clearing' and ad
Irexsi-d tot aptatuw P Richardson. Conntruct
Itutt laartermaater. Haines, Alaska,
'PturusAU H>? Waikk srrrlA .it
new Arnr. t*Oft. Hainea, Ala?ka. ConMruttiUK
Ouarurtnaxle r a offlc*. ll>lne?. Ala-ka. Septem
her iu I9UJ. -ealtil proposals In IripplK .itf will
tie r>wivc?l here uulUoue p. in.. Thuraii.n .< n-to
t? r i - ' , 1'JUI. ami then opened. lot the C"U?truc
tinD ol j eolith ' uik uml storage rvaerw.tr. pump*
lux station ?n<l pipe line to dl?lrll>Uiii: reser
voir at the n*? Armjr Po?t. Maine*. Alaska
I'lansaml apeeltlcatlooa mu t>e examined at
ihl* oflliv ami any lurth'-r Information ?llh
tuples ol the iwru' Innructlona to blililo ?
andl>l<i<* f ' s (or ?u.>uiitllHK propoaalawM
b; turnUhed upoa a] ph* anon. Plaus and spe
eiicatloos ol the ?orkuii?> also te examined at
the signal u ? Juihhu Right la i*?erv?d to
acceptor r?l ct anj or ua proposals or |>arts
thereof. Hi. . clop.* cnliilnlntc proposals
should be Kn.lorvil I'r. ih)??I? lor water ?u|
ply system at lla: .fa, ami addrrsned to Captain
.V p. KichariK n.t oii>lrucllliil i?>uart )rmo?.ler,
Halaea, Ala-ka
Ordinance No. 40.
Vj * >tdiiiauee Providing for I h>? Assess
m< nt nml Collection of Foil Taxes In
the Town of Skai'way , Imposing a fine
and Penalty for Kefnsul, Neglect or
Failure to pay name, -and for other
lie U Ordained Kj Tin- Common ('oun
c . Of The Town of Skagway:
Section 1
A pi ?! I tax of two fJ.'O) dollars an
nualiy ?li ill - ii-- -"i il upon all male
residents of the towu of Skagway Ihj
iwreu the age* of twenty-ODe and llfty
years, except upon member* id good
??landing of any regular organized Are
Section 2.
The town awesfor dliall be the collec
tor of sild poll taxes. The poll tax year
shall iwjin on the tirst day of Septra- ,
ber and end on the thiriy-tirst day of ?
he sueceeoing August of each calendar
year. And said assessor shall levy upon
and eolitet from each and tveVy male
resident as afores.tid of said town dur
nt: auv pod tax year, the tax aforesaid,
rh assessor shall require each and
every resident aforesaid of the town
if Skigway to (>ar his poll tax at the
time of lui posing or assessing the same:
tnd it is hereby made the duty of every
?uch male resident to pay the said av
s:ssor the poll tax aforesaid at the time
?foresaid. And if any such resident
dial', after said poll tax has been de
manded by the assessor as aforesaid,
ill, n*g'ect or refute to pjv same, he
-hall bo deemed guilty of a roisdemejn
or. and upon conviction then of bv the
munieipal magistrate, he shall be fined
in any sum not les^than three nor more
than lift en dollars, together with the
x*>ts of print-cut ion
Section .1.
Poll lax receipts In blank, signed an .
numbered shall be delivered the town
olerk to the poll tax collector, or asses
sor. on or before the tirst day of Sep
tember of each year and shall be charg
ed with the am unt of said poll tax re
ceipt* delivered to him, and be credited
Section 5.
This ordinance shall take effect and
t>j in force from and after its approval
and passage.
Head tirst time August 10th 190.1
Read second time August l'th 190.1
Kead third time and passed Angust 17
Attest, W. S. McKr v.v, Town [C erk,
Approved August 17th 1903.
L. S. Keli.kk,
Mayjr and 1'realdent of the Council.
Two Deserters Hi ought
From Egbert
Two deserters from the United State*
army werr brought out from Kort Kg
bert to be tried at Skagway, arriving
here last night. The guard consisted
of four soldiers on theii way to Kort
Law ton to bo discharged. They wont
south on the City of Seattle.
The deserters wore brought to Skag
way for trial because there are not suf
licent ottlcers at Fort Kg bert, near
Eagle, to constitute a court martial.
A court martial has already been or
ganized at Skagway. It Is believed
tho men will plead guilty to desertion,
us they had como in and given them
selves up.
Arctic BrotharaHara Grant Tlma
The Arctic Urotherhood dunce ami
entertainment last night, was one of
the most successful sociul functions
that has 'aken place in this city for a
loug time. The hall was in good condi
tion. the music furnished by* Messrs.
Callurman, Hlaiichardand Patrick, was
excellent, and the crowd was just right.
Then every number on the mimical
program was well rendered and cut hus
iastically applauded. The surprise, a
cake ?alk, participated in by some of
the l>e?t known mcniliers of the Arctic
lirotherhood, was immense. Light re
freshments were served, and a delight
ful time was had by all.
l.o^rmnkliitt In MpiIco.
In northwest Mexico the courting Is
all done by tlio lady. The younj; people
meet at t lie feasts, and there the dam
sel who ha* fixed upon n uicinl>?-r of
the opposite *ex whom she wishes to
become her husband trie* to attract til*
attention by dancing before him. |W>r
nl?t??ntljr keeping ber back turned to
ward him. Kvonttiall.v she uiny nit
down near him and pull hit blanket
ninl slnu to him In a gentle, low voire.
When Kite desires to bring matters to a
focus, she begins to throw pebbles at
the chosen one. If he throw* them
back at her. they are betrothed.
Kyr* With l>oul?lr Paplla.
Cicero nnys tlint "the jinnee of all
women with the double pupil in the eye
Is noxious, blighting and withering."
Cadmus tells us that such jienions
would not drown. Still others say that
If they did drown the body would nev
er sink, neither would It decay. They
could euro the disease of the chest
consumption? by rubbing their perspi
ration 00 the affected parts of the in Jl
vldnal, and In case the double pupil*
were red lustead of black they could
euro the lepers and the blind.
I'ollltrlnu ?nd Statesman.
"Maw, what's de difference botwoen
or politician and er statesman'/"
"Well, honey, n mushroom's goo<|
ain't It?"
"Ye#, "urn."
"And n toadstool Is plxoii, ain't It?"
"Ye*, 'urn."
"And dey bof look alike?"
"Yea. 'uni."
"Des same difference from a states
man to a politician."? Exchange.
Kn?H> Klard.
Playwright? That villain In my piny
doesn't act his part up to the lines, lie
must wear a look of worry and desper
Manager- Oh, don't get excited. I'll
tlx that. John, go up on the stage and
start a rumor that I have skip|>cd with
the box ottlce receipts. ? Italtlmurv
What He Did.
"What dlil that man do to make him
self so famous?" asked the Inquirer,
gazing curiously at an Individual who
formed the central of a social croup.
"To the best of my knowledge," im
plied the cynic, "be did the public."
Never Raihra (he Growler.
"Do you drink palo beer, Miss Mil
"No, Indeed; papa buys our beer In
bottles."? Boston Christian Register.
The fixed capital In agriculture In th?
United States is four tiuies that lo
Our school l>ooks have Wen here
nearly a week and are going fast, at
regular retail prices. Skagwa.v News
Co. phone 55.
Fur Collarettes, nl Winters'. tf
Great clearance sale starts July ti, at
the Seattle saloon.
Wanted Immediately, a girl for din
ing room and chamber work at tho
Fifth Avenue hotel. i!t
Stetson hats at Clay son's.
Iloys' lisle thread bicycle hose, 20c
per pair, at VV. H. llobertson's. tf
General Blacksmiths
Do lerjn
Horvcs, Harness and All Kinds of Sleds
Give Us a Call
- r>M ALL^-*
Ladies', Misses' and Children's
Coats, Capes & Jackets
25 per cent. Off
I Accommodation Boat]
and way poiU
Loaves Moorea Wharf at 10 a. m. Sharp I
Lvavcv Maine* Convenience of Public |
Minor A. Friend, Afjt, Alaaka S. 8. Co.
Carrying U. 8. Mail
Leaves Skagwav at S a. in.
Tuesdays and Fridays
of ctch week
for Haines Mission, Bemon Bay,
Juneau and Way Forts
il<! Broadway, I'honc 00
I Canadian Pacific Ry. Co.
g Direct Service, No Intermediate j
Call, to ?
I Vancouver
Transferring to j
No Extra Charge
S?pt 29
Sailing ut 6 p.m.
Oct 5.
' For Speed, Comfort, Service and J
! Appointment These Twin Screw i
; Steamers Cannot be Equaled. For?
^ Information Write or Apply to 5
Pacific and Arctic Railway aod Navigation Company
British Columbia Yukon Railway Company
British Yukon Railway Company.
(Dally Except Sunday.)
No. 1. N. B. No. 2. S. Bound No. 4. S 1'
Ut class. 1st class 2nd class
? 30 a m. LV. SKAGUAY AR. 4 30p. m. AR. 4 15a. a.
lioo}" " WHITE PAC3 ?' 3 jjjj " " 210 ?
1145 '? ? LOO CABIN 2 10 ? "100 "
12 35 | P;'m BENNETT " } g [ p.m " 12 20 p.tr.
2 48 " 2 10 " ? CARIBOU " 11 SOa.m "10 20 "
6 40 " 4 30 " AR WHITE KORSK LV 0 30 " LV, " 7 00 '
Passengers must be at depots In time to have Baggage Inspected ai (
checked. Inspection is stopped SO minutes before leaving time of train.
150 rounds of baggage will be checked free with esoh full fare tlcki
tml 75 pounds with each half fare ticket.
?JCj^C2XsiXSXsXsXfiX>XsXfX?X?X2Xi<2??SXiX!5X^(5X5X53?B? ?CE3?QifeX2X$ESX^feXsXSG^C^???CSXSOCEX5)?C^^
Strict Attention to All Buolnen Intrusted
0 Pacific Coast S.S. C o.
Seattle, Puffet Sound, Sun Francisco and Soutbcro 1'ortn
Cottage Gifv = ? ?ct. 6
( Calls a' Victoria )
6ity of Seattle ? Sept. 30
( Calls at Vanco ivcr )
Topeka via Sitka, 0ct. 3
Hfc. Above Schedule Subject to change Without Notice.
L. M. WEST, Agent PHONE 50.
C. D. DUNA'.N, Gen Pass. Agt.
10 Market Street, San FraneUco, Cnl.
The Alaska Flyers
s?pt. :io
Sept 25
Sept. 17 Sept 16
All Steamers Carry U. ?? Mail and Alaska Paciflc Express
Termloi a W. F. & Y. Route
| All South Bound Steamers Arrive and Depart From This Deck
Warehouse* "pen for delivery of merchandise from 7 a. m. to 0 p.m.
Perishables ONLY delivered on Sunday oral ni^ht.
All freight shipment* declined southbound must be accompanied by a
?SHIPPER'S Manifest (p.ipers can be obtained at the l). 8. custom*
otlicc) and must be delivered before 0 p m. No freight will be re
ceived on wharf aftt-r this hour.
BAGGAGE? Tolls will bo collected on Checked Baggage Oni.t. No
charge for bags and grips when unchec ked.
The wharf gate will be closed to too public when steamer Is ncaring
dock and will be opened only when passengers have disembarked.
Wharfage Tariff can be hud on application at oftlcc on dock.
P. O. Box 175. C. E. W YNN-JOHNSON, Gen't Mgr.
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office for your job work.

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