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And Our Shelves Groan With
5iri$tma$ Gifts
-oung and Old tits
Owing to the rush of business on ac
count of this advertisement, we have not
had an opportunity to prepare the fur
i .ter announcement of interesting bar
gain news. It will come later.
sums new* eo
White Pass Will Give Almost a Daily Service
For the Next Ten Days? Must G-et
Stages At Other End of Line
[Special Dispatch to Daily Alaskan.]
: Whltehorse, Dec. 1.? The White
Pass stage line has announced a sched
ule for the departure <.f stages for
Dawson that will give a service at
which Done can complain. During the
nest 10 days a stage will leave every
lay except two. A stage will leave
Whltehorse on each of the following
1 iy?: December 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10 and 12.
This new schedule has been made
necessary by the frequency of t-he de
partures from Dawson aud consequent
frequent arriva's at this place. Too
many of the stapes were congregating
at this end of the line, and the busi
ness at the other end is pressing, so
that it has been found necessary to get
more equipment down there to accom
modate those who desire to come out.
Noi More Tlnn ;i Score Lost
Ou Discovery
The las of life oa the Nome steamer
Discover; was not so large as was at
first supiosed. Nearly all the passen
gers on tie steamer were for points to
the westiard. Id fact, all but two of
those who jot on at Nome had left the
boat before she arrived at Yakutat, her
last port ot all before the disaster. A
score will pobably cover all who were
on the sterner when she went to
pieces, as it is now generally believed
she did.
H. Ilamwel, of Everett, one of the
owners of theD scovery, received a let
ter written las October by Edward Van
sice, purser o the Discovery, giving
the number of >assengers t; ken on at
Nome as follow: For Sand Point, 12;
tor L'nga, 10: Kiliak, three; for Valdez,
two; for Ketch <an, one: for Seattle,
Whether or no any passengers were
taken on board t Valdez or Yakutat
has not been learod.
The uame of thtpassenger to Ketch
i ikan is not known. Albert Klasell, of
Port Townsend, wa the Seattle passen
The crew of thi boat consisted of |
' only 14 persons, incidiog Capt. M. R
Walters, one of he; owners, who was j
on board.
Edward Nord, whew as first officer of |
the missing ship, was. brother of Capt.
Nord, of the Farallo. Edward Van- 1
sice, the purser, was nrotherof James [
Vansice, of Ketchikai
Elks' Meting
There will be a meehg of Skagway I
Lodge No. 431, Benevoot and Protec
tive Order of Elks, at teir hall Thurs- 1
day. December 3, at 8 j m. All visit
idg Elks are invited to itend.
E. A. Mcphy, Sec'y.
Heavyweight ulsters it Cay son &
Get prices at Royi Laundry for
'amily work, special ites in rough
Jrv. next to new electr plant.
The leading barbertlp and bath?.
The Principal, opposite lard of Trade
? They Are Frsh
There are None ietter j
Chocolates, Bonbons k!
Put up in the most artistio.ackaavs I
for the Holidays.
See Our Window
Kelly S to.
Fire and Lit
Real Estate
Financial Agen
Notary Public
Phil Abrahams
Caurtdians Want Tariff W ,11
Tom Down
John Charlton, a member of parlia
ment for North Norfolk, Ontario, in a
speech to the Illinois Manufacturers'
Association, delivered at Chicago, No
vember 10, after referring to the "dras
tic" American tariff, said:
"A substantial modification of the
present Canadian tariff conditions can
be secured by important tariff conces
sions on the part of the United States,
a.;d the quesMon of adopting reciprocal
fr?e trade in natural products is one
that will claim the attention of Ameri
cans, as upon this basis satisfactory
conditions for the present may be ob
tained. Formerly the American farm
er and lumberman opposed the policy,
of the free trade admission cf Canadian
natural products into the markets of
the United States, believing that the
effect would be to depress prices in the
home market. That this i >a >*(>re bug
bear may be seen when a careful com
parison of the relative volume of Amer
ican productions and Canadian exports
for consumption in the Unued States is
mifelo, and it will be found that the vol
ume of exported quantities is so small, 1
compared with the volume of domestic
production in the United States that it
would be absurd to expect that import^
from Canada for consumption in the
United States could do more than pro
duce an infinitesimal influence upon
"Free trade in natural products is be- J
yond question demanded by Canadian
tariff considerations. The sooi>er it is
arranged the better for the interests
of both contries. Now, if the Canadian
buys heavily, he asks the privilege of"
making proportionate sales in return.
The present state of trade relations is
absurd. The time is ripe for the dis
play of a liberal spirit on the part of .
the United States. If that country ha '
the wisdom to display this spirit to
wards its northern neighbor, the result
will be vastly more satisfactory than '
the continuance of present conditions. "
Pur coats at Clayson's.
Promiueut Whitehorse Men
iu the Woods
[Special Dispatch to Daily Alaskan.;
Whitehorse. Nov. 30.? Intense ex
citement prevailed in Whitehorse from
1 9 o'clock Saturday evening until 11
o'clock Sunday, over the absence oi
Robert Miller and Constable Oswald,
who had left town about 0 o'clock Sat
urday morning for a day's grouse hunt
ing east of the river. At 9 o'clock that
evening they had not returned, so Maj
Snyder was inform d of the facts and
detailed a squad of policemen to go in
search of them. After being out near
ly all night and failing to And any
traces of the missing men, the police
men returned. Another party was or
anixed Sunday morning and left at 9
o'clock. About 11 o'clock Messrs.
Miller and Oswald came into town.
They had spent the night around a
camp tire. They had gone farther
a?ray than they expected to go, when a
^now storm blew up and it was getting
late, so they decided on the safer plan
of building a fire and waiting until day
William Heltou AV ill Be
Ch rged Today
City Marshal J. J. Burns arrested
William Belton yesterday evening in
the Seattle saloon and turned him over
to the federal authorities, that a charge
of Insanity might he lodged against
him. Belton, some times called uJ_!lack
Bill" and "Monte,"' has been acting
queerly for some days. Monday Dr.
Brawand took him out to the Red
Cross hospital, but he took a walk be
fore breakfast and did not show up
around town until yesterday evening.
Belton is one of the best known men
around Skagway, and he came to this
country with a record made as a Ben
Holliday stage driver, during the days
when Indians and highwaymen were
about equally dangerous on the roads
across the plains. He was .also a scout
and a packer ia the service of the Unit
ed States army during some of the most
trying times in the history of the
northern portion of the Itockv moun
tain region. He was a scout at the
time of the Litt le Big Horn massacre,
but escaped that terrible affair.
Are Ion Sutirfl d
With your present position and salary?
If not, write us for plan and booklet.
We have openings for managers, secre
taries, advertising men, salesmen,
bookkeepers, mining men, etc., paying
from *1000 to #10,000 a year. High
grade exclusively.
Hapcoou'3 (Inc.)
Suite D, 502 Pioneer Building Seattle,
Wash. 28-1-3
Froih Meiit
The Krye-Bruhn Co. keep all kinds
of fresh meat constantly on hand, tf
Fur Collarettes, at Winters'. tf
Oyster cocktails, Olympiaor Eastern,
at the Pack Train restaurant.
Kipperd Herring
Just In
Ross-Higgins Co.
Phon 31
Wholesale and Retail
Maiestic Ranqes
Reliance Ranges
Coles' Heaters . .
I Dement & Gearhart#
Warm Weather Cause Water to Run Over
the Ice and Channel Is Now Clear At
Northern Terminus of Railroad
( Special Dispatch to Daily Uaskan.]
Whitehorsc, Dec. 1. ? The warm
weather that has prevailed along tho
Yukort valley for a week is causing the
river to open up at this place. The
water is running freely over the ice all
along the river from the rapids for
miles below Whitehorse. and there is
an open channel from the W. P. & Y.
R. station to the shipyards and T>elow.
EuK1? Will M?et
There will be a meeting of Skagway
Aerie of Eagles tonight at 8:30, at
Eagles' hall. Business of great impor
tance is to come before the meeting,
and a request has been made that all
members be present.
For S i!e
Lumber, sawdust and shingles for sale
at the Monogram Liquor House. tf
Earl & Wilson's collars and cuffs at
Stetson hats at Clayson's.
Suits $15 to $25 at Clayson's.
Rumor Unfonndod
It has been rumored that Herman
Meyer, formerly of the Arctic Meat
Company, was among the passengers
from Valdez on the lost st'amer Dis
covery John A. Cameron, who was a
pa-senger from the westward on the
Excelsior, states that there is no foun
dation for the report. Mr. Cameron
came near being a passenger on the
Discovery himself, but at the last mo
ment he changed his mind.
Birch Bark Baskets, at Case <!c Dra
Fine porcelain tubs at Principal bar
bershop, opposite Board of Trade.
Owing to the FVess of
and the fact of our large stock of me
chanical toys requiring more time to
prepare for exhibition purposes, we
are compelled to postpone our Grand
Opening until
Saturday Afternoon
For the delay we are truly sorry but
hope you will bear with us and we
promise to make the show so much
the better.
Chealanders, nnh Avenue,
MANY 10 till
Passenger Movement Down
River Expected
The big transportation companies
which are operating on the Lower
Yukon river, expect a very large
movement of passengers down the river
early in the spring. They have caused
more boats to winter at Dawson than
ever before in the history of Yukon
navigation. It is stated that this uns
done deliberately for the purpose of be- j
ing prepared to handle the throngs
that are expected to sweep down upon
the Tanana country early next sun.
At the PautHeo.i
The Pantheon has just received a
large consignment of Hermitage whis
kies, rye and bourbon. This is the fin
est brand of whisky ever brought to
^kagway. Try it.
Fur Collarettes' at Winters'. tf
Soldiers R^c/ive Instruction
Tbe post school for the instruction of
soldie s at Skagway, was opened iu
Firemen's hall yesterday. There were
.'>0 attendants. The school is under the
direction of the chai iain, Father Col
bert, and will be in session from 1
o'clock till 4, each afternoon.
The post school is established for
those who are serving their first enlist
ment and those who are deficient, in ed
ucation. However, all who so desire
are permitted to attend, and many of
the most ambitious of the men who are
- > far advanced along educational lines
tha! tl.f. would not be required to ?t
teml :he post school, do so from choice.
A non-commissioned officer will prob
ably be detailed to assist in the w>.rk of
the school.
N w Lace Curtai'is at E. U Peoples
* ghri$ima? goods ?
See fly Display Before
Buying Elsewhere

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