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Why Spend Your Money
In Foo
ish Ways?
Representing- no actual value to you.
We are prosperous as you see.
We spend our money for Hart, Schaffner & Marx clothes.
Why not do as we do, success is not an accident.
If you wish to prosper, first buy H. S. & M. clothes, then
spend the rest of your money as wisely and success will nat
urally follow. The four cuts here shown represent the styles.
The GREAT COAT in the upper left hand corner of this
ad is a large, roomy, styligh, elegant garment. The BOX
OVERCOAT is also a Great Coat, in another sense, either of
these have a good warm feel when the north wind blows.
Look at these SUIT cuts, they look just like the clothes
upon the customer, they are the acme of style, fit and finish.
They are H. S. & M. tailor made garments.
None Better. Few as Good.
Profit by Our Good Example.
1< - i.oiiu; To Be a <?rf at
, till all stockiugs, an<:
have musical iti
r. a not only give ->ati>
Cold am? S'l'^smith.
Nutic* of of Admiaic
t rat l*a
I' S. C'oiuinlsnioner's and ex
I'i Court for Skagwav
*t. l? v:moo No. 1, District of
it ;? t- of the estate of Samuel i
ve will b?' settled
? or the same will be allowed
inistrator arxl his bouds
i ! _? from their trust.
? r and Kx-Otticio l*ro
\\ ? I .. what he boys and girls
Ordinance Vo. 48.
? rejulai Dg the rate of
speed on br.dife* belonging to or in
n of the to-A-n of jka^'wav.
!oi .?ui-d by the Common Council
.'own of 3kagway:
Thit ^halt be unlawful for any per
tu i ? or drive any animals or vi
? or upon any bridge lelon* -
?iiri'>or : the control of the town of
S.< iiT\v .. a a rate of sp ed faster thnn
I .1' perron convic'et! of having
iolated thi* ordinance shall be punish
ed by a :;ne of not less than five dollars
nor more than fifty dollars.
Scction 3..
Tbis rdlnanctt shall take effect and
be in fore - from and after its passage
^-.??d .u tlie council September 28,
Approved September 38th 1903.
W. B. King.
Pr??i'io: ? 'the Council and Ex -officio
Attest, W. S. McKean, Town Clerk,
\V. H. Robertson.
Cutter shoes at Clayson's.
Bob Lowe Will Freight to
Kobe it Lowe has gone into the
freighting business between \Vhit<
horse and Bullion creek. Lie will put.
on hor>o teams and will increase the
capacity of his outfit as fast as the
business will warrant. It is undei
stood (hat a rate oi 20 cents a poun 1
will be made to the new diggings. Mi
Lowe estimates the distance to bo
about 1??0 miles.
A Correction
In the list of officers chosen Tuesday
night by the Ladies of the Macoabe^,
the Daily Alaskan omitted to include
the name of Mrs J. M. Tanner, who
was c' osen to be seutinel.
For the 24 hours preceding 7 o'clock
p. .a., December 2, 1903:
Highest temperature 36 above.
Lowest temperature, 38 above.
H. D. Clark,
U. S. Voluntary Observer.
To Wine Drinker*
We will sell you our pjre wines
which will cost you less than tea or cof
fee. Com*' in our storv and be con
vinced. The Monogram Liquor House.
Skttvaj Laundry
For first-class work try Skagway
Laundry, 'l'wenty-two yeras' experi
ence. Telephone 89. tf.
Elk's tooth watch charm with nug
get settings, numbered 431. Finder
will kindly return same to A. J. Walk
er or this'ortice and receive reward.
turnout Oyster Cocktail*
The Pack Train saloon is now serv
ing El luer Chamberlain's famous oyster
cocktails. tf
Proposals for (.'leak i ng Land at new Army
Pout, Haines Alaska. L'onstructinK Quarter
ma*tei - Ottce, Haines. Alaska, .Vovember. T.
s^ale?i proposals lu triplicate will be re
ceived tore until 1 p. m , December 29th. W08.
mil th?-nop?-;ied for the clearing of twenty
five acr>-~ of land, more or less, on (be Urltwi
states Military Reservation at Haines. Aljska;
1- ull inf- irmation Including specifications ai d
vwriptir.n of the work to be performed may be
obtained here upon application ; also at the of
ri.e f the Quartermaster, Skafway. Signal
oSee, lunenu. and Quartermaster's o!
lu-e. Seattle, Washington. Blaak forms for
submitting proposals may be obtained here ami
at the Quartermaster s Office. Seattle. Right Is
i Werred u> accept or reject any or all prop<wul?
or parts thereof. tnvelopea containing propos
als should be endorsed ? proposals for clearing
land am! addressed to Capt. W. P. Richard
? >a. t'onatructlng Quartermaster, Haines.
This Week I Will Listeu
Very Closely
To what it has to say. I may have to
stay hope until the 12th of December
to wind up some business matters, but
I hope to get everything straightened
out this week.
The store is rented, fixtures most all
sold, but lots of good bargains left in
goods yet. And you can't help buying
at the prices I will offer you from now
on. I will not quote you prices, but
come and -ee for yourself where you
can save lots of money.
sboes: shoics: sfioes:
Shoes for everybody, old and young.
Men's clothing, hats and caps, sweat
ers, shirts, collars and cuffs, and other
articles too numerous to mention, but
everything at a bargain. Better get
here this week.
W. H. Robertson.
Ordinance No. 49.
An ordinance concerning steam wood
cuttin? machine* steam thancrs
and all stovepipes, chin neys
or apparatus using a
forced draught.
Be it Ordained by the Common Counoil
of the Town cf Skagway.
Section 1.
That all steam woodcutting and steam
thawing machines, and all stove pipes,
chimneys ami apparatus of any kind,
using a forced draught, shall, while the
samr are biting operated, have in use an
effective spark arrester.
* Section 2.
Whoever shall operate or cause to be
operated, such machine, stove pipe,
chimney or apparatus, without having
in use such spark arrester, shall be
deemed to be guilty of a misdemeanor,
and on conviction thereof, shall be pun
t&hed by a tine of not less than five (5>
nor more than ti:ty (50) dollars: Pro
vided, however, that any such spark ar
rester which shall have been first ap
proved by the Fire and Water Commit
tee of the town in writing, 9hall for the
purposes oi this ordinance, be deemed
to be effective.
This ordinance shall take effect and be
in furce from and after its passage and
approval .
Passed by the council September 28th,
Approved September 28th 1903.
W. H. King.
Piesident of tne Counoil and Ex -officio
Mavor pro tem.
Attest VV, S. McKf-AN, Town Clerk.
Danish Rhenmatlc Cure
We guarantee to cure rheumatism in
any form or raonev refunded. One dol
lar per bottle. We are sole agents for
Alaska. If you suffer with rheuma
tism in any form you cannot afford to
overlook this offer.
ll-15-2w The Ross-Higginqs Co.
A Stove that wilt
keep fire over night
without attention and
the fuel
Is the Original
Coles' Hot
Blast ,**
? For Sale By ? $
E.R. Peoples!
We are Headquarters (or
All sizes of wood and coal heaters, steel ranees and cook stoves.
You are cordially invited to inspect our stock.
Smelting & Refining Co.
Neltl?nicula .Tlintf Wilkin F|r?- Day* After ItrcrlpC ni (lie
Crofton, Vancouver Island, B. C.
Pioneer Jewelrv Store,
Experienced Watchmaker and Manufacturing
.Jeweler. Skillful and prompt repairing In all
brancn,-? of the t ade. ^tlect stock of jewelry
and optical cool* Designer and manufacturer
?f society badges, prus. medals and cups.
Nugget Jewelry
H. D. KIRMSE, Prop
Official Watch Inspector W - P. & Y. Ry
,ir*b*i'*bTi'Tir'bvt ^ ?* b ?bb'bir'k hHr'Ir'Irlrlrirt ?
" II ?
No need of sending away tor any- I !
thing iji the line of Tailoring. Our I!
workmanship, style and fit is equal to " j
any first class house anywhere. The jj
goods are stylish and the greatest care ? ?
has been used in their selection that I !
they may serve the purpose as intended. I
? ?
In connection with Men's Tailoring. ? ?
M ?
we are making Ladies' Tailormade ??
Suits and Overcoats. ! {
! F. Wofland,
Merchant Tailor f
f Corner State Street and Fifth Avenue 1 1
Telephone No. 76 * |
YOf ^ J
He Ki\owj"That
Lester E. Kirkpatrick John O. Price
Kirkpatrick &. Price
430-32 Lumber Exchange, Seattle, Wn
For Anything in the
From a Needle to An Anchor
Fourth Ave. near Broadway

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