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MORNING , _ . _ . _ _
? ? " i' 'I ? ?=? == - = = ?=
W\ ! Exlibit at th^St. Louis
V ' Yuk a Horticultural Society,
v- v i! vch to the Seattle Times of
uar.v 2, is considering an exhibit for
<ou at the St. Louis fair. and
? ra - ? (50,000 for the exhibit,
will hi composed of grains,
?<. p>tatoes ami fruits raised i?
\ u*od basin. specimens of /old
he dilTereut oreeks, woods, CO* I,
:. noth and pre- historic bones, In
le?-tiot> aud many other Inter
ring articles and displays will be
Notle ? to Co*l Con???n-Ad?aio?
la Hrlo?
Not e is her* >v given that on and
!? inuar* I"., hot. the prioe ol
?Ve ntrioo I>i>" e Screened Coal will
nlvaneed to $1-1 "er ton delift red.
urn<-r^ nf e<>al will do well to order
tli fir wint r supply now and a*oid the 1
Ivan*- ? cf >1 p- r ton.
f'ui Coast V 5 < o., P one 50,
L. M. West. Airent.
s'naw it Johnson,
1 m acd II. Moore's Wharf.
Fur coa - at Clay son's.
Grand Jary Is Now Grinding
at Jnuean
Tbe district court la holding its ses
s'oos In the Odd Fellows' hall. at Ju
neau. and the grand jury in grinding
?wav upon ?n a tiers relative to every
portion of the district.
Deputy United States Marshal John
W. Snook received a summons by the
Cottage City for himself, John Ri ey,
Edward Craven, Dr. J. P. Bra wand
and E A. Kelly, to appear forthwith
befor* tne grand jury. The reason for
their appearance is not set forth in the
The gr^ad jury as presently consti
tuted is as follows:
A. S. Dautricic, foreman; J. W. Price,
S. J. Mathews, R. Burnett, J. Land, S.
Sheidoo, G Dunn, J. NoucKi, A N.
Church, W. Dickenson, E M. Bales, R
Harris, V. McFarland, H Watson, N.
Uren, R W. Scott and P. M. Mullen.
Deputy Marshal /uhoiT, ot Kiilisnoo,
is at Juneau, with five witnesses for ex
amination before the grand jury.
Earl A Wilson's collars :tnd cuffs at
a riUA ^
VEILS. The latest creation, 24 and 4
yards long.
\V. ,i. ; -? -;rade* of ladies' and children's
Isji:*' thr thiii, 'or a comfortable dressing jacket or kimono. Guaran
tee'! to wash perfectly
Don't forget our OUTING FLANNEL,
W. only the best jrrade and at popular price*.
Cht Cadies' Bazaar
Just Received a Full Line
of Furs
Of All Kinds Consisting nf ^
Fur Coats,
Fur Lined Coats,
Fur Caps,
Fur Cloves and Mitts
Fur Sleeping- Robes
All Goods Guaranteed
Prices within the reach
of all
J. ft. glayson $ Co.
Fourth and Broadway
Snow Shoes, Sleds,
Dog Harness, &c.
I Dement & Gearhart!
J. P. Whitney Goins; South
to Visit Smelters
Mr, and Mra. J, P. Whitney arrived
from Whlti-horso, last night, and are
at U> Fifth Aventfs.
Mr. Whitney gays that another ore
shipment Is being sacked at the Copper
King ur<1 that shipments will follow
.xmtinuously until about April, wnen
the snow will be o.T and maka the haul
ing too expeamve. Mr. Whl'"ney hopes
to ship 300 tons during the winter,
Mr. Whitney Is on his way out to visit
the ameiters of Puget soand hi the in
terest of his mining interests. He says
that there ia yet no eertalnty about I
there being profit in his shipments, but
if the rock is aa good aa reported by the
Dominion assayer at Whltettorae, and
proportionate returns are reoelved from
?he smelter, the mine will be immed- i
lately worked upon a large scale.
Capt. John Irving Is expected on the
Amur. Awaiting his arrival at Whlta
horse are 100 tons of ore from the Arc
tic Chief. If the values are in Irving
Jc Clarke's ore, there is enough of it to
keep the railroad busy with back loads
for very many years to come.
The Copper King lode dips to the
west from one of the parallel outcrops
A tunnel has been run into the hill
eaaterly and has eroaa-cut this lode and
has passed it about 100 feet to catch the
lode of the outcrop. Thla tunnel will
be driven home but meanwhile ralsiot
will oontinue on the first lode? from
where tha shipments are being made.
LuatM to Bar Goods
George Blanchard, of the B. M. Beh
rends Vercantlle Company, will leave
on the t'arallon for San Francltco,
where he will bay the spring stock of
goods for the new store on Broadway.
Mr. E A. Guilbault has today been
appointed selling agent tor our coal In
Skagway. All business given to him
in our behalf will receive prompt at
tention, and all contracts made by him
lived up to by us.
Shaw & Johnson,
'Phone 11, Moore's Wharf.
Coal! I oal! Coal: Coal! Co?li Coal!
Tha best Ladysmith, *12 delivered now.
'Phone 50 L. M West, Agent.
L_ ? ? ?
II! CI! Ml!
No Coal on the Pacific Coast
Equal* the
Ladysmith - Wellington
and *
I We have a large stock on hand of this
Coal, tither
ALL. LUMPS, Bulk, delivered, $12 OO
DOUBLE SCREENED, In sacks 12 00
SCREENINGS, sacked, - - 8 00
Up to Jan. 15
Order Now and Get It
Shaw & Johnson
Phone 11, Moore's Wharf.
E. A. GUILBAULT, Selling Agent
'Phone 6
If You Need a Good
Don't Overlook This
For one week we will give with overy
toothbrush sold, regardlen of price, a
tube of Pasterine Tooth Paste. Fifty
different styles of Brushes, See our
window. ?
Kelly & Co.
Present United States Senators Have a Rad
ically Different Idea Than Had the
G-reat Statesmen of the Past
The Seattle Post-Iotelligencer, the
constant and consistent champion of
political advancement for Alaska in its
issue of the 3d has the following to say
anent the Illogical stand takou by the
majority of the sub-committee of the
senate's committee on territories:
"It would seem by the reports from
Washington that the people of Alaska
are not to be given the right of local
self>government to which they are enti
tled at the present session of congress
The sub-committee of the senate hav
ing the matter in charge has decided
that no territorial government will be
organized 'on account of -se vast dis
tances in the territory, the sparseness
of the population, and for other rea
"Our present American statesmen
have a radically different idea on this
subject than had the statesmen of the
past. When Virginia ceded to the
United States the North w"*l territory,
including within its bordew the whole
area of the present states of Ohio, Illi
nois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan and
the eastern half of Minnesota, the con
tinental congress proceeded to form a
territorial government for this vast
area, on the basis of local self- govern
ment. The ordinance of 1787 provided
that as soon as there were 5000 free
male inhabitants in the territory, of
full age, there should be established a
local legislature, with full power to
pass all needful laws.
"Whoa Ohio was cut oft. and the re
maining portion of the Northwest terri
tory organised as the IndiSM lerritorv
in 1800, the people were granted a local
legislature, merely with the proviso
that until there were 5000 male Inhab
itants of full age in the territory the
legislative assembly should not consist
of more than nine representatives, to
be apportioned among the counties on
the basis of population. Indiana, then
inoluding a'so Illinois, Wisconsin,
Michigan and part of Minnesota, was a
country of vast distances, was sparsely
settled, and communication between its
various parts was vastly more difficult
than it is between the settled parts -of
Alaska today.
"At the first session of the Twelfth
congress, in 1812, the territory of Mis
souri was organized. Included in its
limits was ev ry portion of the terri-j
tory acquired by the Louisiana pur-j
chase except the state of Louisiana,
which was admitted into the Union at
the same time When the territory of
Missouri was thus orgadized it included
within its limits all of Arkansas, Mis
souri, Kansas, Iowa, Oklahoma, Indian
territory, Nebraska, North Dakota,
South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, Colo
rado and parts of Montana and Minne
sota. There were a few 'vast dis
tances' in Missouri at the time, and the
scanty population in the whole great
empire was very much less than is to
be found in single districts of Alaska
today. Means of communication were
infinitely poorer than now exist to all
parts of Alaska at present; yet the act
establishing a territorial government
for Missouri provided for a legislative
assembly, elected by the people, with
'power to make laws in all cases, both
civil and criminal, for the good govern
ment of the people of said territory,
not repugnant to or inconsistent with
the constitution of the United States.'
The people were also given the privil
ege of electing a delegate to represent
them in the congress of the United
"There are more white male inhabi
tants of full age residing in the district
of Alaska today than there were in any
one of the states formed out of the ter
ritory ceded by Virginia, or out of that
purchased from Prance, at the time
those states were severally admitted
into the Union. Yet a sub-committee
of the senate, in its infinite wisdom,
has decided that the people of Alaska
are not yet qualified for such slight
measure of self-government as is in
volved in making laws for their own
local government and in selecting one
of their number to present their needs
lo congress."
We are agents for the
Standard Oil Co.
Preferred Stock Canned
Chase & Sanborn Coffee
Rose ofEllensburg Butter
Detachable Fur Collars $7.50
I White Fox Boas $22 to 50,00
Baltic Seal Coats - 40.00
Baltic Seal Jackets - 35.00
Men's Beaver Coats - 100 00
An Exoellent Overcoat Weighing But 6 lbs. and is 60 inches long
j j Some Extra Large Best Quality Alaska Beaver Collarettes with
Ixtng Tabs anil Tails at ?35.00 each .
I Isabella Fur Muffs, flat or round, $9.00 to $12.00 each
| C. R. Winter f Furrier J
Broadway, Skagway, Alaska
Latest of the White P.iss
Athletic Club Ball
The clubhouse of the W. P. A. C. [
will be beautifully decorated for the
Leap Year dancing party to be given
by the ladies of the club Wednesday
evening. The affair is under the man
agement of Mrs. J. P. Rogers, assisted
by the ladies of the club. This party
is the opening of the season for the
White Pass people aud will be a stun
W. C. Blanchard, of Callerman's or
chestra, has just returned from the
south with a full supply of the latest
music of the day, which is now being
rehearsed and will be rendered by four
pitces at the danco.
The refreshment committee signify
an intention of doing something out of
the ordinary.
It is especially desired by the ladies
to make this affair as much of a gener
al reunion as possible, and they enter
tain hopes 'that the members at Ben
nett, Caribou and Whltehorse, and all :
along the line, will be present. But :
the ball is, moreover, a public affair,
and everybody who may come will re- j
ceive the glad hand and a hearty wel
Admission, II, including refresh-'
merits. Ladies free. I
A. P. A.
May Move Headquarters to
Blaine, Wash.
Seemingly authentic news come* from
San FnneUof, that the ntadquarter* of
the Alaska Packers' Aesociation, My*
a Bellinghara dispatch of the 3d, to the
Seattle Times, is to be removed from
that city to Blaine as the resu t of an
agreemen* between the association and
the Bellingham Bay & Britith Coluu
bia Rail tray < orapanv, whereby the
company's line is to be extended from
Lvnden to Blaine to insure the Alaska
Packers' Association against freight
rate extortion.
Recently the association has vastly
extended its holdings at Blaine, pur
chasing everything on S^mlaareoo
spit, wliere its big cannery is at present
located, out to deep witer.
This means that the big fleet of the
company which has always wintered
and outfitted in San Francisco, will ren"
dt-zrou3 at Blaine hereafter and that
the pack of the Sound and Alaska can
ncries, instead of going from here to
San Francisco for shipment, will be
stored at Blaine and distributed fiom
that point
toall Coal! Coal! Coal! Coal! Coal!
The bestLadvamlih, $12 delivered now.
'i'hooe 50. L. M. West, Agent.
Fresh Ofympia Oysters
Cliealaiulers, run u<m.
Pack Train Restaurant
Will Serve Today
French Dinner
From 12 noon to 8 p. m.
Regular Dinner, 50c.
For the 24 hours preceding 7 o'clock
p. .u., January 9, 1904:
Highest temperature 17 above.
Lowest temperature, 28 above.
H. D. Clark,
U. S. Voluntary Observer.
A kid glove on Fifth or Sixth av
enue. Finder will please return to this
office and oblige owner. tf
A fine lunch and a large glass of
Rainier beer, at the Seattle Saioon tor
10 cects. tf
Is your washing satiiaetoryV Are
your clothes torn? If no or yes, try the
Skagway Hand Laundry, and you will
be satisfied. 3 SO
* CIk Danger Point *
Many serious ailments come from slight
ills If they are cured while they are
slight you won't have the severe trouble
Here you get,
Standard Remedies That Cure
Prescriptions Filled Accurately,
all we want is the opportunity
Ulilliam Britt, ?

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