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II No n 1'eioclun Aiilmu ttut W II
Not I o III .M n iu.
Tho popular bollof that bloodhounds
uro firocloHs Is onj of Iho most un
warranted errors, Bays tho Post Dis
patch. Su h Is far fiora boing tho
case lilooilhounds such as tluiio
which will bo emp oyutl to inieo llio
outlaw anil -uch t.s aro to-day ued In
tho convict ctmps an J prl on i. many
parts of tuo rounn. liio iinno of llio
forocity sfcnur.iliy iituril)Cil to Ilium
Tlioir reputation for Mivnj;cnu is de
rived from what is known u-. tltu Cu
ban bloodhound oi hIhvu Intuitu;,' nolo
ricly, but wliie.i is in loillly m blood
hound at all. T..o t uli.ui bio idho.ind
was pioih ci-d by iiosw bo wren u
mn-tlll id a p i nler, ami ww intio
tinted into Spunim Amurlci by Hie
early settlers.
Their emp oymciit In liutilini: In
dians and blnus in wised Hi :it..Uui'
ally belligerent lent or until in time
they bec.uno tho moil dtuiguious of
the ca'tino k nil. TI10-.0 am... its ham
only ti.e ntimo lu c niiitm witli tho
lirltUh bloodhound, which is a far
finer nnimal. It has the chunu-Uiris-ties
of tho s-agaelous and swift-fooled
doj.'.-. while tlio Cub" n ar mil pos
sesses those of tlio i Ift-fojtod and
puLruaeioub. When placed on the
trail of a ni.iii tho boo .hound will
stick to it under eircuni t uncus of al
most inciediblo dilllcullj. but when
thoinuiyis i mi down will not ut
tontpt t attack, b it v,ll give tutigtiu
until Ibo hunters it .ie. 1 ic luet
Ihlit llic-u iIors were put on the trail
of the Wliilucli.tuol iituriloiut- in lliu
most thickly populated .scetiuu of the
cast cud 'f l.ouilon. anil thai Uioy at
tacked no one. sltould piotu to all that
they ate not tlio feiocious biutes that
they aro coiiimonly supposed lo be.
Tho fo lowing description applies to
tlio triio otnodliouud, iiml it uill bo
seen that llicio are few points of llke
r.oss to his Cub m luunoial The
ticiul is tho chic cliaiiictorislic of tho
breed" Iho skull is very Ion-,', often as
much as olevcii inches In Icnlli. nar
row, and very much peaked. Tho
muzlo is deep and miuimc. llio cars
long, very thin. iindiilous and set
very lo. haiiRinj,' close lo iho face
and curled upon tlicniM-lc-. Tho
eyes are hazel in i olor, deep s-t and
wUJi tnimiilar lids. Tlio ucolt Is
loin; with u gioal ipiantity o looso
ikiu forming tlio dewlap. The difs
lire from twonty-llvo to tont-wOVon
iiuiics in height at tho shoulder. Tliu
color is usually black and tau. but
some animals aro Hoiked with white
on tin back, givn them the appear
ance of liming' been out in u snow
storm. Tho bloodhound i-oxcicdtut'ly pow
erful, but as nenilo a- i lajmo; and al
mo.t as intelligent as a collie. Its
wonduiul scent far surpasses Unit of
liny other member of tho -anlno
fnui ly. No o hound can competo
ivilh it in this i o-.iect. To truck mon
or anlniiiU througli a country not
thickly populate I lb an easy task to
tho bloodhound. Once, put on n trail
it will slick lo that paitieular one. al
Ihouffh hundioU may eioss it, Tho
to.-w miido In l.ond-n iliirin? the c-c-clteineDt
Incldont the Wli n-hapcl
murders wnro simply hum ohms. Tho
los would bunt tho clean boot for
miles throuijli th" most fr lied
thoiouh faros an I scarcely e or hesi
tated us lo llio trail.
Wlnt i Tilbr ,f t'uiiiilb.iN Deirro u Hie
I'rli p.
Ok tin io' i Amuoii ilin llm
faumbsl lluUwudi-' hj dielori iholr
featuros with tho bigerest oniao;tnU
of u certain kind known. In baby
hood both men and women have their
lower lips and tho lobos of their car
picreed with holes, in which aro thrust
pieces of void. As Uioy grow older
theso woouon adornments aro mndo
bigger ami lihur until an ad" "t ordin
arily has oar lobes that limit; ,,,,H'" ,0
tho shoiiUlei-s and a lip Hint placets
six inches or moro beyond tho nose.
Ono must suffer lo bo be.uillful, us tho
Froncli say. and such is tho inosoiablo
fashion among tho.o :iiitliiopnph:tt;L
In that country u young man who de
sires to take a wlfo nuisi llrnt Mibmit
himself to a frightful onlcal. Ho
draws over each aim up to llio
.shoulder a loose armlot woven of
jialm livcs.
Then, under Miprrvisioii by iiis
eldms ho plunges bulb anus as far as
licun into iincst of lieico ilevouung
anU. Tho insects at men jut.ick tin
Inlrudcr. of rouii'H. and accmd.itg lo
tlio tori'- of tho ' lie must nt.md
withou loiiugf- i hoilr. tmbmit
Jliiff w nluoluic x., cisin lo tho bites
oi ;ho em aged crcaluics. If ho iln
slurcit J''" lt ,1U is onlilliMl lo tlio
bride, otherwise ho must wait for a
year and then undergo It again.
Thoro aro sti! trluos descended from
tho nneicnt Incus whioh li.if.dngo tho
lieads of their children so Hint Dioy
nssumo iicohlcnl form. Ktmnily enougll
tho Lrnln does not s!em to buffer any
In.ury from this trvalmcnt I'hiiru
Ill lc nrloilfc Tlilus.
The crcnlinc having tho gicatest
number of d M net cyca is the ihtun.
n8cclos of moljii,: in the u-.cll of'
which hu been found many as 11.
1)00 separato mobile eyes.
Tlio largest anlm il known is the
rorqual, which is 10 ivtin length. Iho
.smallost is llio twltigbl uiunitd, wliicli
1s only tho twelve thoiwandtn of an
Inch. ,
A linglo sheet of paer G feet wido
pilil 7 miles long lias" been mndo at
llio pa) or woiks at Vuli town N. J.
It weighed -'..'.). peumU
IVof hintner, an nuthority on onto
mo ogy. fays Unit Hicio aro a million
. or moro specios of liwo s Jn Iho world
and that ho has tcon nf. one glmycn
moro snowlleas of a single -ptci w ili.in
lltoro mo hitmnn beings on tho glob.
f &SaB2Sw -, i
1 .wMBWfHifSBip JWwitfnBwimWwIaff'i 'Itraf'mnf i tfff'M'f f iJTlstiiMaik'iiiW&
Alo li r Willi O ct to hu h Coiumoi
I' m reill si.
"I biippobo I was very abrupt; and.
perhaps, disagieo.ibli " said n mothor
of two or tin oo prolty children, as
thny caniu in from an ouiing, "but I
iissiuo you 1 could hot help it. 'J hero
is nolhiiig that oc uivt to mo when I
inn out wllli tho chlldron whieii an
noys mo moro than to linvo strangers
liU'inlly pouiu-o upon tlio babies and
cover lliolr faces with klssos Of
course 1 wouldn't havo common sonso
If 1 didn't know that thoy aro oxtra
luclty ehiidion. 1 havo licaid it ovor
nine thoy woro born and 1 cortainly
ought to liavo lo.irncd it by hoirt by
tills limu. If 1 didn't know it uny
nlliet way I should ory soon do so
Ironi llio murkud atlon ion thoy al
ways lecuivo in public, but I will not
allow litis piomNcuous klsdnj. Tho
wiiiuan who annood rao was a mid
dle aged person with tho moat atro
cious hot of teeth or rather tho ro
iiialiih of thorn, that 1 ovor saw. Ilor
bie.ith was almost intolerable ovon at
tho disiauco which 1 stood f n hor,
mid 1 n need that ih baby tu ned his
face away in disgust. Of nurse. I
baled lo tell hor that 1 novor perm t
ted st i linger to kWs tho child "i All
tliuMiiio, I did It and am not so.'y.
Il is (oi this ro isoru largely, that
1 go mil mi self when thu children aro
Liken for their air ng. I iind that
nurse-gii Is will not guard them
again-if this datigor. and 1 can't por
mil them to run I. lisk of gottlng nil
boi is of infections an 1 dissa-oi that I
know i si como from such a indl
llnii of tho mouth. l'oiplo ically
seem to Imvo nut tho slightest idea
that th"V aio gu of a nu' lis In
offering to kliS other pcoj os chil
dren, but I consider it such, notwith
standing tho fact that I know lam ex
pected to lako it as u compliment.
i nviiro you, howevoi ihat I
would lather such compliments wcro
omitted altogether. I will not en
gage a r.urso-giii with poor tocth or
offensivo breath, or" ono who has any
disease of tho lungs, throat or head.
I don't think it's sato to do so. and
thoro' n-o I mako tlio most rigi I ln
qu rlcs in 'this irspcel; and good
health and a clean mouth aro among
tho imperative demands when I on
gage such servants." Now York
Wlicro llm ll.iii.iiia (irim,
In South America tho banairi Is
not thought of as a luxury. In fact,
it takes tho placo of bread and meat
and vegetables mining n largo part of
tho people. Kvery gurdon hns Its
banana patch, just as wo havo i ar in
dispeitsihle rows of potatoes. On the
Isthmus of I'nnum.i tho cars spin past
hills covered fiom baso to summit
with tho beautiful broad-leavod plants,
their gieat clusters of fruit hanging
from tho stems just under tho
loaves. Tho banana plant looks
Komeuilng llko nn iinmcno callu lily,
its stems aro made up fiom tholcmes,
so sheathed or folded around each
ether and hnrdened as to sustain tho
weight of Iho mas of foliage uboro.
It will in 6omo localities atmln a
height of twenty feet. When two
years old il ncarx fruit and thon dlo-i.
but a number of young shnots spring
up from llio bao of tlio old stem, to
it continually renews itself, and tho
farmer, who is usually an I , an or
ncgio, has no trouble ocopt to kcop
l)io weeds and the old withered trunks
cleared away from tho crowing plant,
r.vcn tbo trunk is of u o, for it con
tulns a libro almost as soft as silk,
which can bo woven into tho moot
exquisite muslins Indeed some of
the d l Indi.t niinliu" are mad', of
lliu, vi"i librc- llmpi-M' SounglVo
In no other pa-t of tlio world ha3
tlio culllvation i -osos been brougjit
so nearly to pel action as in China.
Tho roso gardens of tho empo'-or of
llio I'lowery Kingdom uro gorgeous
In iho o tromo. Tlio rovenuo obtain
ed from tho oil of rosos and roso water
is onoi minis and a great ndi "Ion to
tho imperial coffers. Only tho mem
bers of tho ro nl family and tho no
bility, high military olllclals, mandarin-
' c., am allowed to h"Vo any
of th allar of roses in Iholr dwellings.
Very sc'oio punishment is mctod out
to ordinal y citUcn in whoso possession
oven u d op of tho precious CHienco is
found. Originally only two kinds of
roses were known in China, tho wlitto
and tho red mo-a-roses, nnd tho
smaller thoy wore iln greater tlioir
value. Tho leaves aro greatly sought
nfter for amulets. Tho poor considor
them great prlos, and whon a loaf is
obtained It is put 0 a llttlo bag and
hum ovor tlio dooi to keep uny tho
ovll spirits. 5-at. Kvening Tost.
ICnrW '" ""l",
Tlir black rni Hi drlnka tho rn ns,
and tin Irocs dr '; tho earth, and
Holies drinks tho su nnd Silonus
drinks Hollos. Whv thon, my friends,
do you provml mo from d inking?"
Tint's traiisiou admirably an ode of
Anacreon. in a crowdoi Now York
clovnti"1 car, a man tlnougli whoso
jmpati'I'od bint blew llio bice o t .at
sweeps llm iu veil iracks . f tuo el va .
cd railway m tltu o id nf tbo park.
Hois ink, I'll put 1dm off nl Ono
lliini'ivd nnd Mxiccnlh htreol," ui A
tlio guard. Don't, ho knows h s
classics." said a 'limes icpoitcr.
j Oh. wull. if lio knows Colonel Haiti
and biilmvus himself; I will lot him
ride." said llio gaud, iinlerrilicd by a
now form, apparently, of 'ills Nibs,"
A IJ.il'ul i;ln(.
In Sir William Krasor's sparkling
book on Dismoli and his timo. Diarasll
is quolod a? otico saying: "When I
moot a man Whoso nmno 1 can not ro
mombcr. I glvo mvsnlf two minutes;
then, it i bo u h-ipolcss caso. always
say, 'And how u tho'old complaint?" "
A hw Or'tiin Mnllirr' blin-e In a Duel
Tluit Dltl t't C uni OIT.
A party of old-tlmora wero yostor
day asiombled in tho clork's otllco of
tho Civil District court discussing tha
halcyon happenings of anto-bollum
days, says tho Now Orleans Times
Democrat. Tho to,)lo of dis usslon
from a contrast of tlio gallantries and
suavities of thoso days as contrasted
wth tho present gradually drifted into
tho toplo of dueling. Muny good
stories woro told, whon Judge B. put
a climax to tho reminiscent mood of
tho party by tolling a story whioh
turnod tho subject into a channel in
which ho stood pro-amlnontly alone.
ilavo you ovor heard of a duel bo
tweoa mon in which a womnn noted ns
ono of jho seconds?" quorlod tho judge
Thoro was a common sinking of
hoods and tho judgo continued:
"WolL I havo. I know all tho par
tics intimntcly. It was this way.
You 6oe. Jacques Do liossout had n
beto nolr in tho irfmpo of old Julos
Mnurin's son Anntolo. Anntolo was
jealous of Jaoiucs in moro ways than
ono, and ho took every opportunity of
augorlng him. Novor sutllciontly to
glvo Jacques a casus belli, but just
enough to bo vory disagreeable Jac
quos boro It as wo.l as ho co tld uUU
tlnully onn day, whon Anntolo had
mado himself moro than usually dis
ngreoablo, Jacques saw sufficient causo
to light nnd forthwith challenged
Anntolo. Now tho latter was a friond
of tho Do llossuot family and refused
to fight on tho ploa that ho had tho
greatest respect nnd admiration for
Jaeiuos' aged mother, nnd that If a
fight camo off it would kill that
lady, Jacques hearing of this
wont to his old mother with tears
in his eyes nnd said to her: "Mother,
you have boon tho causo of groat
sort ow to mo. You nro the unwilling
object that stands between mo and tho
satisfaction of my honor.' ".My gra
cious, my dear son, how can that bp?'
answered his mothor. i would do
anything for 3"ou.' Jacques explained.
Do you want to light this man?' said
Mrs. Lollossuct. i do.' said Jacques.
It is tho dosiro of mj life.' 'I will
tnko tho challenge inysolf,' answered
tho bravo old lady starting up; 'writo
your chullongo.'
"And she did. Sho took it with her
own hands. Sho handed it to Anatolo.
Ho protoited; she Insisted. Sho taunt
ed him with cowardice. Ho blanched.
Ho saw that sho was desperately in
oarnest, and ho loft tlio room with pale
cheeks. That ni.jht ho lied tho city
and novor returned. Jacquo3 wnB for
evorrldof his cowardly onem. That
is tho only inttauco I havo over heard
of in this oity whero a gentlewoman
brought a challengo with her own
A WIo rroncli Mlu tor" I'lin for Orer
Coinlnc n l'.tult.
Ho who knows his failings and tries
to cwrroct thom is to bo praised. Bays
tlio Saturday Lvenlng Post, though ho
may not always succeed- "Tho will
Is to bo praised, though success bo
wanting," says an old proverb. Tho
following anocdoto shows the simple
method a French stntesman used to
control his temper, which was apt to
tako tho bit in its mouth.
Whon M. do Persigny was French
Minister of tlio Interior, lie received a
visit ono day from a friend, who. on
Bonding up his name, was shown Into
tho groat man'ii sanctum. A warm
discussion nroso between tho'tn.
feuddenlr an ushuv cut' r u And
handed trie miui-.i'U" i.nole O opn
ing it in, at once changed his ionc of
voice, nnd assumed a qulot nnd urbano
Puzzled as to tho contents of tho
note, and tlio marked effect it had sud
donly produced upon the minister, his
friend cast a furtive glancoat it, whon,
to his nstonishmont, ho porco ved that
it was simply n pluln sheet of paper,
without n scratch upon it!
Moro pnzzjpd. tjinn ovor, tho gentle
man, after a few minutes, took his
leave, and pioceeded to interrogate
tho usher, to whom bo wns woll known,
for ho himscll had been Minister of
tho Interior.
"You liavo," said ho, "Just handed
to tho minister a note, folded up,
which had a most extraordinary effect
upon him. Now, it was a plain shoot
of papor, with nothing written upon
it. And what did it moan?"
"Sir.1" ropliod tho usher, "hero is
tho explanation, which I must beg you
to keep secret, for I do not wish to
comp oiniso mysolf. My mnstcr Is
very liable to loso his temper.
"As ho hlm cli i awnro of Ills weak
ness ho has ordered mo, ench timo
that his voico is raised sutllciontly to
bo audlblo in tlio anteroom, without
doloy to placii a shoot of papor iu an
onvolopo. and tako it to him. That
romlnds him that his tamper is getting
tho bottor of him, and ho at on co calms
himself. Just, now I hoard his voico
rising und Immediately carried out
my Instructions."
Odilo t I'n iiRlto In Crcntloti.
Do render of otos for the Cur
ious" know that the ifoynl jlongal
tlgor is in.Qs'.eii with onu of tho strang
est oi catutvs that over Uvod? It Is
said to bo a fact easily dem nitrated
or pro fed by ono who has accesi to n
zoological collctiou .tho writer docs
not protend to havo a personal knowl
edge of tho f let) thnt tho web of tho
foot of tigors of the nbovo-named spe
cies Is inhabited by a blood-sucking
insect about tho slzo of a common floa,
wliicli Is a per ect counterpart of a
Hirer in ovorv particular, shnno. claws.
tall and stiipos includod. If it Is truo
thnt this oreutura doos llvo on tho foot
and suck tho blool of tho tlgor it is
ono of tho most romarkablo facts
known in natural history, und ono
I worthy of moro thorough invostiga-
thro. St. Lyuis Republic;
Inherited by few, is pure blood, free
from hereditary taint. Catarrh, con
sumption, rheumatism, Scrofula,
and many other maladies born in
tho blood, can bo effectually eradi
cated only by the use of powerful
alteratives. The standard specilic
for this purpose the one best
known and approved is Ayer's
Sarsaparilla, the compound, con
ccntrnted extract of Honduras sar
saparilla, and other powerful altera
tives. "I consider that I liayo been
levcral hundred dollars' expense, by using
Ayer's Sarsaparilla, and would stiong!)
urgo all who aru troubled with lameness or
rheumatic pains to give It a tilal. 1 am suro
it will do tlicm permanent good, as It has
dono me." Mrs. Joseph Wood, Wcit I'latts
burgh, N. Y,
I)r. J. V. Bhlcldi, of Smith! Ille, Tenn.,
sajs: "1 regard Ajer's Sarsaparilla ns Ihc
best blood medicine on earth, and know of
many wonderful cures effected by Its use."
" Formauy jears I wns laid up with fccrof.
nln, no treatment being of any benefit. At
length 1 was recommended to giie Acr's
Sarsaparilla a trial. 1 did so, and
By Taking
about a dozen bottles, was restored to per
feet health weighing KM pounds and am
now a bellei er Ir iho merits of Aj er's Sarsa
parilla." Janus I'etsy, Mine Hosts, llreck
cnrldge Coal Co. (Limited), Victoria, Ky.
"My niece, Sarah A. Losee. was for jears
afflicted with scrofulous humor lu tho blood.
About is months ago she began to use
Ajer's Sarsaparilla, and after taking three
bottloi was completely cured." E. Cattail,
r. M., Loscv, Utah.
I'renatril by rir. ,7. C. At r J. Co., Ijiwctl, M.
Bold by nil Drugxlati, i'rlcc St , ill bulllo, i.
Curcsothors.will euro you
Lingo & Whitlock,
Haw'ng leased tho Wilcox shop, on
Humphrey street, between Railroad
avenuo nnd Church ttreet, wo invito
thoso in need ol work in our lino to
give us a trial,
n-tablliUd lo Colorado, 1SC& tlai pics br mall or
exprc U1 receive prompt arm careful attention.
Gold & Silrer Bullion ,fly-.e4,eteaBiftC
liiini, 173C 4 17:3 lmi::i Ct, Beam C:b.
All tlie Fashionable and Latest Style
Imported Goods
fS. W. PlAM, (I J. IVSTMAif.
meldent Beo'rnnd tlanagir.
Amuwoam National IUkk, 'lrcaiurcr.
Authorized Capital. $5,000,000,
Subscribed Capital, $4,500,000.
FlnK'Uff tiooal Offlcers: P. J. Utannen,
Cr.i(Jom; F W. bluoa, Vico PmMout; U Bl,
fuueuu, tecrclaryi J, 11. tiosklus, Jr., Treat.
Tho Leading Hotel
Tourists and commercial travelers will find the
above named hotel complete in all the modern im
provements of the day. The management will spare
no pains to cater to the wants of his patrons.
Rooms by the Day,
Also Uming Room attached, where nothing but
the best the market affords is served to Guests.
T J. Coalter, IPx-oio.,
. ...UEALKK IN. .
A Fine Line of
Furnished in any quantity on short notice.-
Lumber Timber Co.,
Flooring, SicLirag, Ceiling,
jMolciirTLgygs, Fij.s3tic, Sliiragless
etxnd. IeLtlrx, Saw-ed. or- HEevara
Cross-Ties, IPilirag, jVEix-iirxg
Timbers and Car Sills.
Bridge Timbers I
Managek. Assistaxt-Maxagek. Tiikasukkp.
M .1 IMORDAN -i!i:ri
Tlie best and Cheapest House in town;
for Fine Whiskies, Brandies,
Wines and Cigars.
Fino Amber Bourbon Whiskpy,
Cold Spring 3-year Oltl Whiskey,
Gamo Cock 3-year Old AVhiskey,
J. F-. Cutter 4-yenr Old Whiskoy,
W II. 31. Brayor C-year Old "
Fino i year Old California Brandy.
Holland Gin, etc.
Remember on S.
Seeing is Believing."
must be simple; when it is not simple it is if,
not cood. Siuifik. Beautiful. Goodtss
orcis mean much, but to
will impress the truth more
1 tough and seamless, and
it is aosolutely $aleari unbreakable. Like Aladdin s
of old, it is indeed a "wonderlul lamp," for its mar
velous light, is purer and brichtcr than cas light,
softer than electric light and
Loot forlliHstamp Tun Rociipster. Iflhclnrap dealer h.nn't Hie irnulnc
Rochester, noil the stjle you uant, euil to us for our new ilhulrateJ catalogue,
ami we will scud )ou a lamp Mfely by cxpte jour choice oroer a.OOO
varieties from the I-aciU l.nmp Stoteinlhc M'otM,
ItOCIIKSTUR LAJIl' CO., 42 Tark Place, Now York City.
$? "Tie Rochester."
of Northern Arizona.
Week or
Telegraph Poles.
Claret Wine,
Zinfundel Wine,
Angelica Wine,
Cherry Wino
Port Wino.
Blackberry Brardy.
Side of Railroad.
And a good lamp
see "J he Kochcster"
forcibly. All metal,
made in three pieces only,'
more cheerful than either.
.. ,irS6.
mk .
- i
f : i
'7 t

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