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0. 31, I'u.nston, Editor nud l'roptlctor.
Subcrlptloii rutes, ono year.
" " six months .
" " thrt'Oiiiontlis
Adxcrtlslng rates glxcii upon uiipllcntton
Address nil communications mid miiKo all
lfinlttiiiiccs to U. M. Kw.sTOf, riugstalT,
Enteiednt tlio riagstalTpo'it olllco nst.ee-oml-class
GovKitxOit Hovev, of Indiana, died
at liU liomu in Iiullaiiapolis on tlio '.'3d
Tub ltoj)tibl!i.iu National Executive
Committee mot in Chicago on Monday
and choso Minneapolis as tlio rilsico of
holding tlio next National Convention
and fixed tlio date Juno 7, 1892. It
xxlll make a llvo months presidential
Heavy storms visited tliocnstciuriiig
Monday anil Tuesday. At 'Washing
ton City tho storm was very destruc
thc. Walls of buildings in course of
construction wore blown down mill tho
White IIoiko was damaged to some
extent. Seven persons were killed by
falling walls.
The Times is tho latest newspaper
venture in Albuquerque and Ilurd ir
Hito are the editors and publishers.
It is au eight page, six column paper,
issued weekly, and takes tho place of
tho defunct "Auobelnml." It is to
be hoped that it will be more foituuate
than its predecessor.
Accoisdi.no to tho Tombstono l'ro-
pector, Collector Christ and Consul
&11HU1, at dogates, Ariz., are nsix nig a
regular "monkey and parrot" time.
Collector Cluist has gone to Washing
ton to prefer charges against the con
sul, and the consul is preparing a cy
clone for tho collector's office.
The New York Tribune ctutly ob
serves: "The customs levenue during
the last J ear under the old tariff was
$3.80 per head of population. During
the last year under the new tariff it is
8.07. The exact per capita reduction
of customs revenue is 73 cents. If,
therefore, the tariff is a tax, is is now
just 73 cents less a ta. than it was be
fore the McKinlev billwentintoeffect."
The Florence Enterprise sajs: "It is
stated that the calender of tho ai
proaching term of the United Stales
court iu Proeott will be tho largest
oer held lu tho territory, and will be
composed largely of offeu'es under the
Edmunds' Act. As tho distributor of
Hie treasury surplus that panacea for
Utah's moral ills is a decided success in
The United States Land Court,
which convened its first session last
u'ck, at Denver, Col., is composed of
tho following judges nud officers: Chief
Justice, Joseph H. Hood; associate
justices, Wilbur F. Stone, William M.
Murry, Thos. C. Fuller nud Henry C.
Sluss; Matt G. Reynolds, U. S. attor
ney; James II. Rccdcr, clerk; Thomas
1$. Ualdwin, deputy clerk. Tho terms
of com t are fixed nt Denver, Novem
ber 17. 1891; Santa Fe, December 1,
The election for tho adoption r re
jection of the proposed state constitu
tion for Arizoua takes place- next Tues
day. Therohave been no ardent ad
vocates of constitution nor has thcro
been any iiery opposition to that docu
ment in Coconino count). Very little
interest has been taken in the matter
here which In other portions of tho
territory Is considered of so vital im
poitancc. The Indications now are
that a light vote x ill bo polled in this
county and that tho vote will be
niraiust the adoption of tho constitu
Sechetaky of the U. S. Treasury,
the Hon. Chas. roster, addressed a
letter to the American Hankers As
sociation, which mot this week in Now
Orleans, iu which ho said: "While it
Is true the amount of money in circu
lation iu this country at the present
timo is greater than nt any previous
period lu our history, and more per
capita than in any of. tho leading com
mercial nations of tho world, witli the
single exception of France, lam of the
opinion that oVlng to ourrnpid growth
In population nud wealth, and au ex
traoidlnary development lu all kinds
of business, n yearly increaso In our
circulating medium somewhat propor
tionate to our growth In population is
imperatively demanded. Tho. issue of
Treasury notes under this act (that of
tho last Congress) affords such au In
creaso of perfectly convenient and
sound currency, based dollar for dollar
upon tho cost value of silver bullion,
redeemable on demand in gold coin,
and with tho pledgo of the government
to maintain It nt par."
avoui,d' rAiitsoras.
Montana's World's Fair Commission
has set aside 5,000 of tho Stato's ap
propriation of 9f0,000 for tho use of
tin; women.
Leigh Lynch has been commissioned
by Director-General Davis to visit the
South Sea Islands in tho interests of
the Exposition.
Tho Illinois Iioaul of World's Fair
Commissioners has ordered specifica
tions for tho architectural reproduction
iu drawings of all tho Illinois state
institutions and public buildings, six
teen in number.
Ono of the interesting exhibits from
Montana will bo a relief map of llutte,
tho greatest mining camp in tlio world
It is tepotted that Montana's appropri
ation of SoO.000 will bo doubled at the
next sessiou of the legislature.
W. A. Alexander and Louis Geliler,
rcpiescnting tho insurance associations
of Chicago, liavo asked for space, 50
by 100 feet, to construct a building at
tlio Fair to constitute an exhibit of the
most improved methods of fireproof
construction and tliu appliances used
iu saing goods from binning build
iugs. The building, it is urged, can
be occupied by a salvage corps dining
the fair.
Commissioneis Groner and Lindsay
and Directors Liwrenco and Peck have
been appointed a committee to call on
President Harrison and tho Secretary
ofthoNavvto ascertain what, if anv.
expense of the naval reiidezious at
Hampton Roads and rex leu in New
York haibor iu April, 1893, should be
borne by the Exposition management.
Manx are of the opinion tiiat tho gov
ernment ought to foot tho bill.
Tho Couuci" of the American Society
committee to devise and lecommeud a
series of efficiency tests of engineering
appliances. On this committee are
Chas. E. Emerx, who xxas iu charge of
the steam boiler tests at the Centennial
Exposition, and Prof. R. II. Thurston
of Cornell University, who xvas a com
missioner to the Vienna Exposition of
1873, and a member of tho jurx of the
Paris Exposition of 1889.
The Chicago Paper Trade Club,
which includes the prominent manu
facturers and dealers in paper iu In
diana, Illinois, Michigan and Wiscon
sin, lias decided to make' tlio best ex
hibit of paper manufacturing and its
machinery and appliances ever held
under one roof. Tho display xvill shoxv
tho actual manufacture of paper in all
grades from wood pulp to the highly
finished book, and the exhibit xvill bo
conducted every day during the time
of the Exposition. Tlio finished pro
duct is to be run through a perfecting
press ami printed and sold as a souve
nir. A splendid exhibit from Australia
seems assured. Minerals, education,
foicstry, and especially xool ate to bo
represented. Wool groxvers and xvool
brokers to the number of fifty, met re
cently iu Sydney, New South Wales,
and took steps to make at the Exposi
tion a xery extensive collective exhibit
of xvools. Nexv South Waleshasseleet
cd its commission to tlio World's Fair.
William Oidway Patridge, the great
sculptor, has asked for space in tho
Art Palaco for his statue of Shake
speare, xvhich he is now making for
Lincoln Patk. His statue of Alexan
der Hamilton, which ho is making for
the city of Boston, xxill also bo shown.
Mr. Patridge is vice-president of the
American Artist's Association in Paris.
He gix es assurances that the associa
tion heartily interested iu the Exposi
tion. Tho Council of tho Socictj of Arts,
xvhich is the Royal Rritish World's
Fair Commission, after listening to tho
highly fax-orablo rcpoit of Commission
ers Sir Henry Wood and James Dredgo
lelatixo to their investigation of Expo
sition matters at Chicago, decided to
appoint committees on finance, fluo
arts, Indian, colonial, engineering,
manufactures, electricity, agiiculture,
mines and metallurgy, textile indus
tries and transportation, and also a
committee on xvomen's xvork to cooper
ate xvith the Board of Lady Manager!,
in Chicago. It also voted to invito
tho assistance of chambers of commerce
and local committees throughout Eng
Tho Ex-position Committee on Eleo
tricity has decided that tho names of
the folloxxing electricians shall appear
over tho entrances of tho Electricity
Building: Frauklin, Galvani, Ampere,
Faraday, Sturgeon, Ohm, Morse,
Siemens, Daxy, Volta, Henry, Oersted,
Coulomb, Ronald, Pago, Weber, Gilr
bert, Davenport, Soemmering, Don
Silva, Arago, Daniel!, Jacobi, Wheat-
stone, Gauss, Vail, Ram, Do la Rix'c,
Joule, SituMsurc, Cooko, Varloy, Stcln
heil, Guerickc, La Place, dimming,
Priestly, Maxwell, Coxe, Thelcs,
Cavendish. It xvas concluded best not
to honor thus any electricians xvho aro
noxv living, .
Tlio Liicturo on China.
The attendance at tho lecture of Dr.
Robt. Coltman, Jr., at Masonic Hall
on Suuday evening, xvas large, all the
availablo sp.iieo being occupied by
interested listeners. Mr. Coltman is
a pleasant, easy, talker, aiul Is
thoroughly familiar xvith his subject,
xvhich xvas confined to tho mission
woik of tlio pliysioiau among tho celes
tials. Among other things, tho doctor
said "just xvhy China is called the
Celestial Empire,' is more than any
one xvho lias ever beou there can tell.
Thcro is nothing celestial about them,
their life, 'or their religion. They arc
a very perverse people, and do not
take to anything nexw The life of the
missionary, bo tlioy either physicians,
preacher or teachers, is one of con
stant toil. Tlio first missionary to
China xvorked ten years without eon
verting a soul. Although ueaily every
church has a missionary in that coun
try, there are only two missionaries to
ex cry million of Chinese. In their
xvoik tho phxsicians and the pieachors
go hand in hand. Tho intelligent
pliXsiciau is enabled to reach the peo
ple in in an wsixs that aro not open to
tho pieaeher. Tlio Chinese are subject
to many disoases and deformities that
their medichie men cannot treat suc
cessfully. These eases aro sought out
and the patients aro taken to the mis
sion hospital, and in. the majority of
cases are successfully treated, and by
this means the people aro brought into
contact xvith the foreigner and
strengthens his confidence in tho
stranger and his teachings of tho gos
pel." Dr. Coltman, Jr., xvill, during
his stay here give another lecture on
the samo subject.
Tho World's Columbian Exposition.
FitEsCOTT, Ariz., Nov 21, 1891.
Tho Wom.ius' builditigat the World's
Fair is lapidl approaching comple
tion. It is proposed to have as much
of tlio products of the sex oral stales
and ten itories Used for ornament as can
bo furnished. Many contributions
havo alread been made and accepted,
i. e., a maible column bresented by
Mrs. Ilonghten, of Spokane Falls,
Wash., in tho name of her state. It
xvas quan ied and cancel in "Washing
ton. Mrs. Hanback of Kansas, in the
name of her state, presents a column
also, and Miss Lilv Irene Jackson of
West Virginia, has promised some of
the beautiful native xxoods of her state.
It has been decied that the President,
Mrs. Potter Palmer, should drive tlio
last nail. Mrs. Riekards, of Montana,
lias offered to furnish the nail as com
ing from her state. It is to be com
posed of gold, silver and coper, the
metals in xvhich Montana richly
abounds. 1 understand that tho ham
mer xx hieh Is to bo used on this oc
casion, is also to be donated and xx ill
bo composed of different metals; tho
donor and state have escaped my
memory. The building being noxv at
a stage of construction xxlicn materials
of many kinds can bo used to advan
tage, contributions from people inter
ested in the Exposion and especially in
tho Womans' building, aro solicited.
The natural productions, such as mar
ble, granite, onvx, etc., and native
xvoods, would bo acceptable. This in
eludes, and is explicitly extended to
firms its well as private imlixiduals,
the only stipulation being the adapta
bility and superiority of the contribu
tions, as nothiug but the best hxvorthy
to bo placed in this building. Nativo
x-oods for panels aro needed, and de
sired, these are expected to be carved,
the xx-ork to bo done by xx'omcn. Man-
ufactors, merchants nnd pi hate indi
vidti.tls xvho aro xvilling to furnish dra
peries aro also invited to signify the
same to tho Board of Lady Managers,
Contributions of this description xvill
bo rotitriicil nt the close of tho Expo
sition. A x-aiicd and originality of
decoration can in this x-ay lie secured,
and add immcasuta,blc to tlio interest
of tho Womans' building. Dimensions
of panels xill bo promptly furnished
on application to tlio Secret ar of tho
Board of Lady Managers at Chicago,
Miis. T. J. Butler, Lady Manager.
There Is more catarrh in this section
of the country than all other diseases
put together, and until the last foxv
years xvas supposed to bo incurable.
For ti groat many years doctors pro
nounced it n local disease, and pre
set ibed local remedies, and by con
stantly failing to euro xvith local treat
ment, pronounced It incurable.
Science has proven catarrh to bo a
constitutional disease, and thercforo
requires constitutional treatment,
Hall's Catanh Cine, manufactured by
F. J, Chenoy & Co., Toledo, Ohio, is
tlio only constitutional euro on tho
market. It is taken internally in.
docs from 10 drops to si teaspootiful.
It acts directly upon tho blood and
mucous surfaces of tho system. They
offer ono hundred dollars for any caso
It fails to cure. Sond for circulars
and testimonials. Address,
F. J. CHENEY & CO,, Toledo, O,
gQSoId by Druggists, 7oc,
Will Feed the SupalB
Tho government has concluded to
feed the Supai Indians during tho
winter. Rations of beef and Hour xvill
bo issued to them monthly at Williams.
Tliis ttibo numbers about 200 bucks,
squaxx's and papooses. They have a
hard timo to get through tho xvlnter
months and must bo assisted as aro
their cousins tho Wallapals. They aro
not quite so shiftless as the latter tribe,
and It is believed that if tho gox-ern-ment
xx-ould assist them in getting a
start they could bo made self sustain
ing as tlioy hax-o good land and plenty
of xxatcr in their reservation iu Cata
ract Canyon. 75 miles north of Wil
liams. The cost of tho experiment
xvould be small and it is xvotth trying
The issuing of rations does not im
provo tho condition of an of tho In
dian tribes but rather tends to de
moralize them. S. M. MeCowau,
siipciintendent of the Hcrbett Welsh
Institute at Fott Mohave, xvill have
charge of the Isstio of rations to the
Townsltc Meeting.
A toxvnsito meeting xvas held on
Thursday evening last at the office of
N. G. La ton. In the absence of tho
chairman Mr. L. L. Burns presided.
Tlio finance committee repotted pro
gress in collecting funds for the de
fense of the contest suit now ponding.
By a x-oto of tho citizens-Trustee J. E.
Jones xvas instructed to pay over to tho
finance committee all money noxv on
hand and all that he may hereafter 10
ecive of towusite mono, until further
orders from the citizens of the toxvn
sito. The committee on public im
provements xx-as directed to tee that the
ditch and bridge over it xvas pushed
forward to completion.
TIih Tiiltilu XXrtikly lllailn b'rre.
Tlio pioprietors of too Toledo Blade,
tho best kuoxvn political xveekly of the
United States, aro making preparations
to create a sensation this winter by
sendiug a million specimen copies to as
many leaders in all parts of the United
State, xx ho do not now take that pa
per. To that end they invito ox-ety-body
to send the addresses of as many
people as they care to, by postal card
or letter. Send one name, ten, txventy,
one hundred or a thousand. As many
as you have time to xx-rite, only take
care to send correct addresses of people
that you knoxv appreciate good read
ing. It xvill cost but a little trouble,
and the thousands who receive sample
copies xvill feel grateful. Send all the
iinnies and addlesses oli please to iho
Blade, Toledo, Ohio.
Company "I," N. G. A., xvill gix-e a
grand military ball to-night at Poxvell's
Opera House.
We offer for
Fancy Groceries.
we can now offer
the result of their
It requires no argument to convince the people that the"
most reliable and cheapest place at which to buy boots and.
shoes is at Babbitt Bros. They have always in stock the?
latest styles and best makes.
We have everything you can ask for in this line, such as
Doors, Sash, Redwood Shingles, Paints, Oils. Glass, Cement,
Plaster Paris, Etc. A full line of Hardware and Stoves.
5 ,
t -'& .V i .
: 7 -"-vf-n. . t ,
Tho School Jntcrtulnment.
Tho Flagstaff public school enter
tainment gixen at Poxvell's Opera
House ou last Friday night xvas xvell
attended. Tho domestic drama enti
tled "Tho Lost Children" xvas presented,
folloxvcd by tho humorous farce of
"Hans von Smash." The actors were
all amateurs, but xvero all up in their
parts and there xvas no delay betxveen
acts. Every participant is worthy of
special mention did our space permit
it. Miss Stella Yancey sang a solo
xvhich xvas xxcll rendered and xvas
encored. Littlo Elllo Yancey pleased
the audience xvith her xiolin and xvas
loudly called before tho curtain again.
Iho entertainment xvas a success In
every respect and tho audieiico went
homo hoping that the ladies and gentle
men who had furnished them xvith so
pleasant an evening xvould at some
early day give them another evenings
pleasure. The folloxving is tho cast of
the play:
Mr. Manley, S. T. Elliott; Mrs.
Manley, Miss C. Wilts; Mr. Bonville,
A. Avery t; Miss Fit7.falleli, Miss A.
Prime; Bridget, Mrs. Jno. Clark;
Watchman, Venia Powell; Sailor Boy,
W. L. Switzer; Town Ciier, C. L.
Clark; Sailor Boy's Mother, Miss Delia
Powell; Dick, (colored servant), Hugh
Anderson; The Children, Ward and
Grade Faucher; Soldiers, Co. I., N.
G. A., Ethiopians; Chorus of Girls.
Hans Von Smash.
Hans, W. II. Norman; Mary Hatch,
Jennie Morse; Fanner Batch, II. L.
Wcems; Susie, Ida Gibson; Dasher,
Henry Ashurst; Katie, Etta Powell;
Jno. Prettyman, L. S. Goforth.
At the residence of the bride's parents.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Doxvns, iu Winslow ou
the 25th inst., Miss Nellie Doxvns and
Mr. Frank Thompson xvero united in
marriage. Rex-. Father Doljo qer
fonniug the icrcnionv.
The bride is one of Winslow 's
most popular young ladies and is xvell
known in Flagstaff. The groom is an
industrotis and popular locomotixe
fireman on the A. & P. railroad. The
happy couple left after the ceremoii
for a short tour to California. The
will leside iu Winsloxx-. The Sun
hopes that the happy couple may have
a smooth track xxith easy grade on
their journe through life.
Theiic is something xvrong in Ten
nessee. In the Knowille district
Honk, the Republican candidate for
congfiss, xvas elected .over Williams,
the Democratic candidate, by oxet
7,500 majority.
General Merchandise.
your inspection a complete line of Sta-- je anci
Our buyers have scoured the niD' an(j
at most reasonable prices (qualify considered)
Dry Goods and gents' Furbishing Department,
To friends and strangers we give a hearty invitntion to
call and see our large stock of Dry Goods, Clothing and Gen's'
Furnishing Goods. We have just received a large &hipment
of fall and winter goods. This is an opportunity co secure the
best bargains ever offered in Flagstaff. - Fail not to visit our
store and see for yourself, the famous, bargains offered. You
will never forget them .
Ba.t)ttitt Bros,,)
- Bleigssteii'f, Arizona. "
Tlio Grand Canyon Railroad.
Tho outlook for the building of tho
Flagstaff and Grand Canyon railroad
is very favorable. Advices from
parties iu the cast W'ho hax'e the matter
in hand state that it is noxv possible to
get tho required capital for tho build
ing of tho load. Flagstaff has raised
nearly $18,000 to bo given to the com
pany that builds the road, this aside
from tho franchise xvhich exempts the
load fioiu taxation for txx-enty years
and the right of xx-ay has also been
assured. This liberality on the part of
Flagstaff should lead to the building of
this load during tho year 1892.
1 Cliureliaiifl Larcux MrecU. N.il". Norton
t'asior. rieaclinitf at 11 a. in. and 7:JU p. iu.
bunday'H; hnmt.iy bchoal at Id a. m, J. II.
Ilosklns Jr., iruiiorlnlondent. Clas meetings
at l.'UJ p. m. Epuorth League 8:JU p. in.
1'ruycr meeting 1'liun.day evening at 7:30.
herybody welcome.
C'omiiilM.loneroftho District Court In Hie
l'ourtll Judicial UUtrlctof tlio Tvrritnrv
of Arizona. .District Court Commissioner in'
and for tlio County of Coconino. In said Ter
iltory. and U. b. Pension Notary. Admitted!
to practice tx'foro tlio various bureaus of tl
department. Olllco two doom north of tl.e
Hank Hotel
1 Room Association. Reading room open
ujllyfrom'J i. in. to 10 p. m.; hundayg, 1 to
in p. m. Cordial welcome to all visitors.
A. I'. Oiuson. Librarian.
iT -ORT ACAOHE. ARIONA.-IIeadqu.ir-tois
Dipartuient of Arizona. Omen of chief
Quartetmasler, Loi Angeles. Cal.. November
is. Is9l. healed proposals In duplicate, will
ue rccclt ed a t tills o.tlee until 11 o clock a. m.,
on the 3d da of December. IsDl.nt which time
and placu they will lie openid In the presence
of attending bidders, for tho construction at.
Fort Apache. Arizona, of ono set ot otllcers
quarters acordln,; to plans and Stwcltica
ions on file In this olllco. and the nRlce of the
postqua ternasicratthat .oitThlcli will I o
hiiomii and o ank proposauiaiidclrculxr giv
ing full Instructions as to mannirof bidding,
and terms o'contiacl, furnished on applica
tion. The Clove, uineirt reserves the right to
reject any or all proposals. Envelopes con
taining proosals should bo marked, "I'ro
!Xsals for Construction at Tort Apache,
Arizona," and add-essod to the uuderslgned.
J. O. C. LEE, Major and Chief Quar
termaster. Now li-2t
Election l'roclumntioii.
To au. xmou itmayconceiin:
XViltr.EAs, Tho lsth Leglslatureof Arizona,
by enactment authorized a Convention to
frame a form of a Constitution for Arizona as
a Mate; and.
XViilueak &ald Convention has completed
Us tabors, a id said form of a State Constitu
tion Is nowieady for submission to a vote of
the qualified electors of tho Territory of
Arizona for idoptlon or rejection.
Now. Therefore. I. N O. Murphy. Actlnfr
iJovernorof the Territory of Arizona, by vir
tue of the power within me vested, nnd lu
compliance nith the requirements of law, do
Hereby order a Special Election to be held In
the several Counties of this Territory on the
irst Tuesd ly In December. One Thousand
Eight Hundred and Ninety-one. for the pur
pose of adoption or rejection of the said form
ot the Sta'c Constitution as framed; said
election to lie conducted In accordance with
ind In the manner prescribed by the Consti
tutional Coiivmtlou aforesaid.
In Witness Wheheof. I have hereunto set
my hand and caused the Great Seal of tho
Territory to bo affixed, done at l'hoenlv. tho
Capital, tblt 13th day of October, a. D.. IsDL
N. O Mcninr,
Acting Governor.
lly the Governor. E. 1). Kiukland
Ass't Sec'y of the Territory.
J J'
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- " VHli wISRr
' 'fK?" - y' ""iBrTi
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xSm - 'a.
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J.i.Ua.si .it- j.
,'," ;svc :v. . ?&?: m&& ski j
'jt.Trjf" .. " r TWrrrr Mr
' : I ' ,"' fy.rtrVVk'SVp m! -'
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