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Sh (Soconino WttMa un.
C. Jt, I'U.nston, Editor nnd I'roprlctor.
Subset Iptlou rates one j car .., MOO.
six month 2.W
" " ttirro moiitlia 1.00
AdtertUlns rates Riven upon application
Addiou all communications mill make vll
"remlttuncetr to C. M. TUNSTON, Flagstaif.
Entered at tlio I'lniMtalT poat ofllco as sec
icul -class mutter.
Mr.itnv uiiihstmas.
Tomorrow will bo a holiday in tncrj
pjitlon of tho world to which I'lulfca
tion h.vs reached. Tho day is fraught
with tender iiii'inorlcs and sacred
meaning to tho people of all Christian
nations. It is peeuliaily a day of re
joicing a day when all should bo
happy. Tho noble, spirit that actuated
Him i hqso birth e cclubrato should
bo evinced by each and all wo should
lemombor the unfoituuatc, not in pray
er, but in deeds. Thev nro fow who
em not do ,-oine act of kindness to a
' less fortunate fellow being; "Tho poor
a o have- always with you."
VJo e cry reader and friend of The
Coconino Weekly SuT wo extend a
Christmas irrcctinjr. May it bo in
truth a Merry Chiistmas to you all.
It is a Christmas among tho snow
capped peaks of piuo co ercd mo'tin-
ta.ns, over whieli a glorious sun is
shining to gladden our hearts and re
m'lul us of childhoods happy days, and
msueh wo will enjoy it. Again, we
w'sh ouo and all a merry Chiistmas
The grip attacks high and low and
visits all countries. Tho King and
Quecu of Denmark ato down with it
and tho Chineso Minister Li is a vic
tim. No lnoio democratic or univcis.il
disease was ever lieaid of.
A Kansas f.umcr who was fishing
for minnows in a creek near his plact
ono day last week pulled out an oh'
metal coffee- pot. In which fC70 in goK
lay nestling and waiting for an owner.
It's dollars to doughnuts that ho aband
ons farming for fishing.
All tho stoilcs telegraphed from tin
Eas about warlike preparations nm
not bo true, but thoy point unmistak
ably to tho fact that thero is only oiu
way of composing tho Chilean difficult;
and that is by Chile apologizing and
making reparation to tho United
The St. Louis Furniture Hoard ol
Trade sent to cx-presldent Cleveland,
as a Chiistmas present for baby ltuth.
a child's rocking-chair, made fiom tin
door of tho old log cabin homo of Gen
eral Grant, with a letter expressing
lmt wishes for tho health nnd happi
ness of the child and its parents.
The Mexicans are likely to furnish
us tho fust example of tho imposition
of capital punishment for train rob
bery. Three, fellows coin leted of stop
ping a train on tho Mexican National
Railroad have been sentenced to death,
and will bo executed at Monterey in a
hhoit time. It is to bo hoped that the
examplo will have a widespread influ
ence, mid mako tho business less pop
ular on this side of tho line.
The more tho debris of tho Field
failure is dug ocr tho worse is tho
showing for all concerned. Welchers
figured Jfirst as the ictim of his wicked
partner, but later lcports show that ho
knew of tho forgery of documents to
.cover a loan. When all tho returns
arc in nud all tho disreputable and
criminal work of tho firm is laid bare
there ought to be evidence enough to
send tho partners to Sing Sing. Hon
est -brokers in Wall street would
breathe easier were Mil swindling
crew put behind bars.
It is a noteworthy fact that in botli
tho Earl Russell and St. John divorce
suits, which have been bi ought so
lirmnincntlv before tho British public
In the past few weeks, tho misconduct
proven on the part of tho husband has
' lji5rti such that no United States court
would have hesitated In awarding a
lrrpi of senamtlon to the wife, Tho
? disposition of an American jury In
' Mich caes is to condemn severe); all
l cruelty or mlsbehavier on tho part of
,li5l)aid, no matter what the faults
'4T'lftenipcr on tho part of tho wife may
y 'hatoueuu. 'J. ho untisii jury us a ruio
siloes exactly tho opposite.
Or late, the question lias often been
1-. .t .llM...t I. mi. liniinnm nf f lin Hmilll
i V, (Mnvnn isiltioad?" TllESUNWill Utl-
'ilcrtako to answer this query lu s 'w.
words as possible, it uot being neces
sary to dwell upon tho subject. In
"the fust placo, wo wbrti to assure our
readers that tho Grand' Canyon road is
nil right, nn will bo completed
in all probability within tho coming
j ear. Capitalists Iiavo become intcr-
,wtc(j in the project, and arrangements
Jaro uQWr)jeiugoinpletcd whereby tho
proptfffil Hue win we uuin, ji may
wcewstrango to some mai " ww i
teiiig said of tho enterprise of late, hut
.the old adage, "still water runs dcop,"
js most applicable Jn tills instance.
ib As to tho facts concerning wio imnuing
rot tho Grand Canyon ralhoad, The
$vs is not at liberty at present to sin
llieni. Tho propped building of tho
Grand Canyon railroad from Flagstaff
)4.iio( a thing of llftjwl.
The imuounoomout h.is been made
by tlo lVimsylvani.i lalhvay of tho in
auguration of a Jlubugh Pullman sleq
Ing ear service via that sjstcm and
connections from New York and Phila
delphia to San Francisco. Tho service
will bo weekly, ami tho first ear will
leave tho East on January 1th.
Ucad tho adveitibcnients m this pa
per nnd buy of tho advertisers. It
will bo mouoy in your pocket to do so.
Tho man who ndveitises liberally is
tho man who keeps fresh goods and
sells them at tho lowest prices. Ho is
a hustler and doesn't buy goods to
keep on his bitches; ho buys them to
sell and ho is going to give- you the
best in his line. He is going to give
i ou b.u gain, becauso ho knows thero
Is money in quick sales. Ho has goods
that ho is not ashamed to show jou and
that ho is not ashamed to call your at
tention to it in newspapers. Buy of
tho man who adveitlses and tell him
that is wliv vou arc doing so.
iVNOTHEK bold thelt of diamonds is
reported from Pittsburg, tho success of
tho act being assured by the thief
locking tip tho owner in his store
while ho smashed the window and de
camped with a tray. There Is no mor
al to bo drawn from such an oecur
i once, for tho simple reason that such
a theft is made possible by tho senso of
security which is tho product of our
model u civilization. In former day
when cities were not so Well policed
at present, jewelers put strong bars
front of their windows and oiijecteu to
exhibiting anv undue confidence in tho
honesty of the averago man. Now
iivi'i-v ouo is assumed to bo honest by
the shopkeeper until ho proves himself
a ro"ue. Under the circumstances
society may rejoico rather than mourn
.ivcr occasional brilliant exhibitions ol
theft, as thoy are strong evidence of
iho temarkablo security enjoyed by
nodern people in civilized communi
ties. The news that the Fiench troops de
feated the forces of a notorious robber
near Hanoi, In Tonquln, does not mean
as much as tho dispatch would have
ono believe. Tho French have no real
'tip on Tonquin. Their power is con
fined merely to tho fortified iosts
where jrarrlsotis are maintained. Out
side of those places no French oflici.il
ventures without a strong body guard
ami there are cases on record during
tliis year of attacks made by pirates ou
tho residences of the posts. Tho
UVn,.l, nimnnr 111 In' llll:llll! to CdlliP a
.. ......... "i-j -
native police foicc that will give them
n- n!d in enforcing order. All that
they can do is to put troops In tho field
and punish tho pirates when thoy be
come too bold, as they have done in
this case, but it would require several
thousand men to bring tho whole of
Tonquin into subjection. The trench
are not apt to do this, as Tonquin
costs tho government far more than it
yields in revenue.
We doubt if any town or city in tho
southwest of the size of Hagstaff will
more appropriately celebrate and ob
serve the Christmas holidays. Iue
merry rounds of pleasure begin with
us tliis evening, wlieu Christmas trees
will be held in the Methodist aud Pres
byterian churches; at the new Babbitt
hall a musical concert will be gi en bv
the Fort Wingatc military baud, under
tho auspices of tho Masonic Lodge; to
morrow evening tho Masonic Lodge
gh c a grand ball aud supper, which
bidsfairto lie most enjoyable; bat unlay
will bo taken as a day to rest and re
cuperate; Sunday morning and cven
iug Christinas sen ices will bo held in
tho various churches. Besides tho
above events, many family re-unions
will bo held, social parties will bo in
vogue, nud everybody will enjoy them
selves. The Sp?f force will participate
in many of tho entertainments, and
will civo its readers a complete resume
of tho events of tho week In its next
The news from China gives no new
details of rioting, but it is Interesting
as it throws additional light on tho
cause of tho disturbance and proves.
conclusively Unit the central govern
ment docs not daro to punish the jjng-
leaders of the nmvement, who are
prominent men of JIunan. Nothing
cau bo clearer than tho evidence gath
ered by Dr. Griffith John of Hankow
that Cliou Han, tho retired Taotai of
Iluuan, if tho author of the obscene
books and placauls fjia.t Ijavo caused
such n ferment in China; yet the au
thorities liavo taken no measures to
punish him. A good observer of Chi
nese affair, W. V. Drummond, eug
gests that tho Imperial government is
waiting until next spring to begin
activo wai tare on Hunan and Anhui,
the two disaffected provinces. He as
serts that it is an open secret that tho
Viceroy 1,1 Hung Chang wl)l djgband
ami disperse the Hunan army and
supply tho places of theso troops with
men from other provinces. An effort
will also bo nuldo to depose tho pres
PRl Governor, who is strongly in sym
pathy w I th flip ilofcrs. Of course to
carry out this plau will reqijlrp prompt
measures and a large, well-armed
force. Should tho plan succeed It will
oild alO further troublo in China.
Should it fall. China outside tho big
treaty ports will not- bo a pleasant
placo of residence for tb,o foreigner
Mt summer.
Venezuela has fifty-six holidays
every 3 car. Ou these occasions tho
people, close their stores and enjoy
themselves In ehickon lights and other
tropical amusements.
Ano now it seems that the recent
stories of tho great eai thquako in Sal
vador were canards. Not a houso wa
destroyed, uot a wall fell, not a slug!
life was lost. It is evident that Salva
dor harbors some newspaper fakir?
who nro tho equals of several of our
local manufacturers of nqws "scoops."
Recent dispatches aunounco the
death of Senator Plumb of Kansas, on
Sunday hist. Tho Senator had been
invsecmiugly good health up to wiUiin
a short timo of his death, which U
attiibutcd to apoplexy, caused byoiei
oxertiou. In his public life Senator
Plumb was always puie, honest and
upiight, and in private life an enemy
was unknown to him. In his death
tho country loses a most valuably and
trustworthy servant.
Tombstone is complaining of an ir
regularity of mails.
Seven cases of pneumonia am re
ported at the Bogg mine.
James A. Lamb and Mary E. Fouu
were married at Tombstone.
Tho exact majority for tho constitu
tion in Maricopa county is 987.
Mart Sanders was killed atTonto
Basin by an unkuovu horse thief.
Tho A. & P. R. R. Co.. have paid
(9,081, taxes duo Yavapai county-.
Over 300 cases aro reported to be
under tho care of physicians at Pres
cott. There were nino people awaiting
burial at ono time in Prescott last
w eek.
Tho Wallapals will build a corral at
Kingman in which to hold their ghost
Two feet of snow is reported tin the
summit between Venly Junction aud
John Rife, 30 years of age, wliu was
engaged in mining at Big Bug, died in
Prescott last Tuesday.
Supeiiutcndcnt MiGowan will com
mence issuing rations to tho Wallapais
on tho Ctli of January.
At point of Rocks, near Prescott, ou
tho 21st lust., a son was born to tho
wife of James E. Edens.
Sheriff Lako of Mohavo county has
appointed Henry P. Ewing chief depu
ty, vice John C. Potts, resigned.
There aro now two families and
over one hundred enlisted men, besides
commissioned officers, at Whipple Bar
racks. A gold dry-washing machine shipped
from Kansas, was among tho re cuipts
at tho express office at Yuma, some
days ago.
C. B. Tarbcll of Tombstone was
elected president and Chas. Blackburn
of Bisbee secretary of tho teriltorial
undertaker's association.
Tho first caiload of salt was hauled
from Salton Satin day. The salt re
quires drying before it can bo ground.
Supciintcmlont Dnrbron expects to
have the mill running iu another week.
Miss Nellio Clark, daughter of C. S.
Clark, narrowly escaped serious injury
at Tombstone. One of her young
friends was handling a BB rifle when
it was discharged, the bullet taking off
a small piece of the young lady's left
cyo brow.
Last Monday morning work was re
sumed on tlio town levee, after an
idleness of four months. A gang of
23 com lets were set at woik. Thos.
Rates and R, S. Hatch were pub on by
the Relief Committee to look after tho
work for the town. Guards Ward and
Wilder were also assigned to levco
duty by Supt. Mclnernay. The work
Will now go on ami it is hoped that it
can be carried to a finish. Yuma Sen
tinel. Tho telegraph and railroad office at
Adoudo was destroyed by fire last
"ij,'llt It is said Unit about 8 u'elock
Friday, Operator Mahcr was called to
tho door by two strangers, who told
him to get out ns tho building had been
saturated, with coal oil aud set on lire.
Mr. Maiior wasted no (imc in leaving
the office which a.oot burned down to
tho ground, No eue has been found
as to who the lucendlailes arc.-Arizona
Another newspaper for Phmnix is
on the tapis. Adjutant-General Gill
ami Mr. Vail, formeiJy of tho Repub
lican, are reported as ambitious in this
lino nnd endeavoring to push tho
Uiiug to a conclusion. The more the
mcriier. With a proposed jnlning
journal and tho paper just aboVo men
tioned, with tho three dailies now run
ning the business men of Phwulx will
bo tolerably well supplied with news.
Plwulx Herald.
Col. Burgess returned from San
Francisco yesterday, wliero hi) pur
chased a 20 stamp mill for tho Virgin
ia Gold Mining aud Milling Company,
which will bo erected at the Yarnell
group of mines as soon as it can be
placed on tho ground at that point.
The cntlro machinery for tho mjll is t
bo loaded on tho cars at San Fmnclsco
within twenty days from tho date of
purchase and a car load of Iho ma
chinery Is expected In Prescott early
next wcok. Courier.
"TJie Hand That
Itocks the Cradle
The hand that locks tho ciadlo has also quitu often a hand in buying tho
household necessities and luxuries. Tho head of tho houso cannot attend to
heso matters, and leaves them to the really superior judgment of ids "frau."
iho "shops" around and generally knows very quickly where she prefers to
uy her groecties, table wain, etc. And if we may bepaidoncd tho egotism
va may say that tho larger number of housewives in Flagstaff have found
lieir way to tho store of
To those wo need only to give a reminder of fresh bargains and increased
stock. To tho less enlightened, maybe tho newcomers altogether, we will
suggest, come to us and seo what wo will do for you.
We have selected two or
Croup, three lines from letters
freshly received from pa
rents who have given German Syrup
to their children in the emergencies
of Croup. You will credit these,
because they come from good, sub
stantial people, happy m finding
what so many families lack a med
icine containing uo evil dni, which
mother can administer with con
fidence to the little ones in their
most critical hours, safe and sure
that it will carry them through.
Ed. L. Wiluts. of Sirs. Jas.W. Kirk,
Alma, Neb. I give it Daughters' College,
to my children when
troubled with Croup
and never saw any
preparation act like
it. it is simply mi
Harrodsburg, Ky. I
have depended upon
it in attacks of Croup
with my little daugh
ter, and find it an in
valuable remedy.
Fully one-half of our customers
are mothers who use Boschee's Ger
man Syrup among their children.
A medicine to be successful with the
little folks must he a treatment for
the sudden and terrible foes of child
hood, whooping cough, croup, diph
theria and the dangerous inflamma
tions of delicate throats and lungs.
Greatest Itninfnll Iu tlio World.
The greatest rainfall iu the wotld
occurs at Cherrapungi, on tho Khasi
Hills, iu llcnsil. Tho average annual
fall hero is about G10 inches, or nearly
51 feet, while iu 18C1 it is repotted
tli.it the fall was 805 inches. In the
mouth of August, 1811, 2CJ inches fell
there, and dining five successive days
thirty inches fell In every twenty-four
hours. The meaning of these figure
ni.iy he lealUed when it is remembered
that the avetage rainfall of the Hiitish
Islf '.- but thlity-six inches, and thai
an inch of lain means n weight of 100
ton per acre; M that every year more
than G0.O00 tons of water fall on each
aero of land in Cheii.ipun;!. Tlio
cau" of UiU uii.irmnns rainfall is that
when the monsoon changes, ami tin
warm and moiat Kiuth-uost wind is
blowing um th-eastwauls toward Cen
tral Asia it is Maidenly raised some
C.000 feet bv tho Khasl Hills. The
. temperature is thereby reduced below
the point of saturation, ami U'P super
abundant moiituie Is precipitated In
these uueipialcd deluges of rain.
. ,.!
World's Wcclt of 1'rnycr.
General Seeietan Josiah Strum:, of
the Evangelical Alliance of tlio United
States, lias Issued circulars again sug
gesting to the churches topics for Die
week of pray er, The week from Jan-
tinry 3 to 10 has been chosen for this
observance. The United States branch
laid the inconvenience of tho first week
before the lato -Woild's Conference, at
Florence, and it was shown that what
was convenient for ono country was
inconvenient for another. The alliance
dwells on the fact, that it v world's
and not a national observance. The
suggestions of topics are as follows
Sunday, January 3, sermons; Monday,
confession and thanksgiving; Tuesday,
"Tlio Church Uiihcisal;" Wednesday,
ftTho Family and the Young;" Thurs
day, "Nations and their ltulcrs"; Fri
day, "Tho Church Abioad;" Saturday
"Tho Church at Home;" Sunday, Jan
uary 10, sermons.
Something for tlicNow Yenr.
Tho world renonned success of Hootctter'a
Stomach 1 litem, uiul tlirlr lOiltlnrti'U nopu
larlty for ucr a tlilid of n ci-iilury s n
Ntoiiiachlc, Is scarcely moro wonderful than
tint Mpli-mmt Unit er elk" Hut annual nniH';
aiicuof Hostotter'H Almftnac This Milimulo
imvllciil trt-.itii.it U milillslifd liv Tho llos-
lotler's Company. I'lllhliurgli. 1'a.. miderthelr
own Itium-tilnto Minor Won. eniploylns Wl
hand In that department. Ihcyimmirinlinr
ulinut 11 month 111 tho venr on tills work.
uriil llio Issue if f.amo fdr 1KB will bo moro
than ten millions, printed In the KnjtlMi.
Herman Trench, wel-li. Norwegian. sweuiMi,
Hnlliiml. Ilohemlan and KnanMi lllliKIMZCi!,
ltefertoacopyof H for tuluahlo and Inter-Cstlnsrj-cadliu
concerning health, nnd mmier.
ous testimonials as io mo emcaey oi ww
tetter's Stomach Hitter, nmiisemuit. varied
Information, astronomical culculnllon.s and
cluonoloRlcul Hems, Ac, which cm bo Ic-
Cended on for correctness. Tho Almanac for
liKcan bo obtained freo of cost.fi em druc
plst ami jjencral country dealers In all parts
of tho country,
Happy and content is a home with " The Ro
chester; a lamp with the lijht of the morninjj.
Catalogues, write Rochester Lamp Co. , New York.
Proposals for enro Indigent filck. untl
llurylue Indigent l'eiul.
Notice Is hereby clvcn that healed propo
sals will !. received by tho Hoard tf Hupu I
sors of Coconino county at their otllco In
Flairstutr until Monday January 11th. lKfi, at
10 o'clock n. in. of that day, for tho care of
tho Indigent blck that may como under tho
enrn nt tha cnuntv durllnr
io year litfli. Tho
successful bidder will lio rv
ulred to furnish
rooms. Iieus nnd betiaius. lllds must state
rirl-o tn hnrhtir-red tier duv for earli imrsnn
l'or Imiylnst tfio Inulsent (lend of Iho coun
ty at liwtstntr tor tiie year iw. umstobiaio
prices propateu to uo ciiawa loreaclicollln
luniiiiut'u. iur t-ucu kiuiu uuk, uiiu if;rcuil'
vnvlniii-aeb body to Hlo count v burial around
nn! for buryliiK tljo kihiiu, Tim micrcNifiij
bidders will ix) mmlictl tosbo bona In sticb,
luiiountsas tlio' Ilourcl muy require for th()
faithful iK-rforiiiaiico of their rcspectUo con
tracts, Tho Hoard reburven tliu rlht to re
ject nny and all bld.
All bids mast bo addressed to T, K. Piilllam
clerk, and marked "!ounty I'ronosnb."
Dated at Flnjjstatf, Dec. 111891,
T. E. 1'uu.lAM, Cleric. .
The Hand That
Rules the World."
A Uoia Vntcli nnd JJ'JO 1.
That is what every agent icecive.s
who gets up a club on our $1 per
week plan. t
Our l't-karat gold tilled cacs are
warranted for twenty years. Fine
Elgin or Waltham movement. Stem
wind and set. Ladle's or Gent's size.
E itial to any $.50 watch. To secure
where we have none, we hell ouo of the
Hunting Case Watches for the club
piieo of $'.'8 and send C. O. D. by ex
press with privilege of examination
before pay ing for same.
Onr agent at Dtiiham, N. C., wiites:
"Our jewelers have confessed they
tlont know how you can furnish such
work for tho monev."
One good reliable agent wanted foi
each place. Wiito for paitieulais.
48 and 50 Maiden Lane. New Yoi k.
lliicklt-n's trnii-i -Ivh.
The Ilest S.iUv in the world 1
Huts. liruiscs, Smes, Ulcers, Sub
Rheum, Fever Sor-, T-tter. Chnpi'i-'
lliiipls, Cliiibliius Oirns, nud all Skit
Eruptinmr, mid positively cures Piles,
or no piy require I. It is 'gurantci-il
to nivo perfect satufa :tion, or mnne",
cfiiuiled I'ricn 25 cents per box
For 8.1I0 by D. J. lirannen.
Tlio board of trustcei of Wllll.inn Pchool
DlhtrlctNo.2 will receUe denied bids for the
erection of 11 brick hcIiwi! houso nt Williams.
A rl 7011 a. ncronllns to plans nndt-pcclllcntlons
to iHifound nt C. 1'.. llnvcu's slorc at Williams
and at tho olllco of J. E. Jones. County buncr-"
imcnuciii. ui 1 niKaiair. iixiswiii im opeuia
Tuehdiiy, DecPinlHTSInil. lsoi.nt 10 o'clock 11
in., and tho lard of trustei-s reserve tho
right 10 reject any nnd all bids. Address tho
clerk. Ily order of the board.
fAiiroim ItowK, Chalmian.
Akdiiew Diiahe, Clerk.
Proposals for County I'rintlnt?
Notlcols hereby clienth.it scaled propo
sals will Iwrecehed by tho Hoard of buper-
Isors of Ooconlno county, Arizona Territory
nt their odlco In riuKstatr, until Monday the
lltli day of January lsitt nt lOo'cloek a. in. of
that day fordolnir tho county printing for
tho year lrtJ an follows.:
1. l'ubllshlns; delliHticnt tax lUt forl!OI.
ttmo required by law, Mit In nonparcl type,
set solid.
2. I'libllshiiiR advertisements and notices,
tlinortsiiilred by law, M;t In nonparel typo
ket solid.
3. Illds to ntnto price proiioscd Jo bo charg
ed per Inch, for i-ach Insertion.
4. l'rltitlnccnt elopes, receipts, and blanks
needed by tho various county olllcers nnd
fiirnlshlnir Mock therefor. All nuch Mock
not to bo less thim 1(1 pound folio. KnvelopcH
10 uo xx rag auu letter neaas 1: pounds pa
per. Illds to Mate, prlco proposed to bo charged
ner thousand.
S. Kor printing and binding tho Croat Itcg-
Illds to state tirlco tier name.
Tho successful bidder will bo required to
xiw ijuiuiiu such iiiiiimtii,us iue iioaru may
reiiuiro for 'the faithful pirformanco of the
Tho Hoard reserves tho right to reject anj
or nil bid.
All bids must bo nddresscdtoT. E. rulllara
clerk, nud marked "Proposals for 1'rliillug."
Dated ut Flagstaff Ariz. Dec. n. lll.
T.E. 1'oi.mAm. Clerk.
Genera! Merchandis
We offer for
Fancy Groceries.
we can now offer
the result of their
Dry Goods and gents' Furnishing Departmen
To friends and strangers we give a hearty invit ition to
call aiuksee our large stock of Dry Goods, Clothing and Gi-nts"
Furnishing Goods We have just received a large shipment:
of fall and winter goods.- This is an opportunity to secure the
best bargains ever cfLred in Flagstaff. Fail not to visit our
store and see for yourself, the fa.nous bargains offered. You
will never forget them .
fA We have everything you can ask for in this line, such as
'Doors, Sash, Redwood Shingles, Paints, Oils, Glass Cement,
Plaster Paris, Etc. A full line of Hardware and Stoves
i -
' ,
, ; if
Tho Leading Hotel of Northern Arizona.
Tourists and commercial travelers will -find the
above named hotel complete in nil the modern im
provements of the day. 'I he management will spare
nopains to cater to the wants of his patrons.
Rooms by toe Day,
Also Dining Room attached, where nothing but
the best the market affords is served to Guests.
T. JT. Coalter, IPi-ojli
n t
s !
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I it
i r 'ir'"- i"
ii iij
A Sj;tEKiHome
111 lt ,. ... ,,' .- ..
lunbracus Everything fro n th : Ctrmio.i Tui Rattle to thek
Most lix'rM-iisi'.c M clianical Encrinc.
IM Hi V? 2 )-ir -li.It
GJjy M a !J J Ii-o n the Chm.i
somely dregs' d one.
i Fine Line of Elegantly Bound Books
ix' j 1T ,.1 I 1
v ruing uesws, rorcroiio, cwitioiiery: c,
J KbblilN 1 b for old and vounfj,
lock at them w he.her you desire to buy or not.
m. D. I B34N 173 DSU& 8T03E,
FlajisiafT Ariz na
im hmm
Bridge Timbers
I). M.
T. A.
M. J. RIORDAN, SixisETAiiv
your inspection ji complete line
Our 1 uyers-have scoured the
at most reasonable prices (quality
It requires ho argument to convince the people' that the 'SS -"il I
reliable and cheapest place at which to buv boots n'n,i H&3krV 'kf'
is at Babbitt Bros. Thev have alwnvs ?n fnrl- u.r 'tirifc&2&t H
styles and best makes . ' "ali"4 , 4 S -
BQLt)tbitt Bro4
leipfssteilT," Jjri&orxti.
vj V
o (I u nil
' I) I) J
find n ii.
I lU
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v I
t , J-
AND I.Bl"M$,u
Ux . ami i k I'm- 4"
is.t Iare one, and embrSce
thll to a three-foot harm!
s 1 . i 1 1 zrl
rich and poor. Come an
1 r j . m ,m
mm & Timber (jo
Telegraph Poles!
F. W.
- MANACElt'.
ol Staple and ;
markets, and
. 1 .1
j 1
"Tft 'JO??'
Sfkr " '
(W' ; tW. 0
?? ti.jr-Tt InJOsXim' . ., &. MI '"rfW
Sfliftt iafi,.i8c.
"V K.jMf , ... jt't
X ,i '$
f. .
lh s
i 'w,VjiX.
T ,
H- "W&l -!, -!-
i7 jTicft "2T v- J " jfi trJuKrf"J j, iWKWKir

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