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The Coconino weekly sun. (Flagstaff, Ariz.) 1891-1896, December 24, 1891, Image 4

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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DOCS Not Equal the Nllinbor
Readers of Two Papers.
what tlio Publisher. Una to Supply
,s urucr to xeciiro Mien a iicsuu.
"Tlio C'lilviiK" " Siitttrilny
' Jllmle" mill rfiln!r.'
wf- If tliero isany tiling on earth into
- V viiicli the element of -'hick" does not
o.itcr. it is the handling of a great
; ;.'- newspaper.
l''-' lVoply may well he Vailed "lucky"
$; xvlieii' 'tlioj- diseover a gold mine, gr
'" when they deteet a 2:80 gait in a
(verity-dollar eolt, but "I'tek" nien
' ' tinned in eonneetion with journals like
- Tho Chieago Saturday lSlndo and Tho
o'"Chicagij Ledger .simply means work
and tho intelligent exereise of a broad
understanding of what people want to
All tho great weekly journals, of the
il'ir I'M!! 1m I'nilnti'il on tlm fliiinl's i if
y "
ono hand. Indeed, mMu from The
Chicago Ledger and Tho Chieago
. Saturday Blade, it is very doubtful if
iWtlTriio great weekly papers ean bofound
ii)i;tho country having 100.000 elreu-
Intion weekly.
These papers aro great bceauso they
represent thoagu in which wo live, and
'bocaitfu thero aro no two states In tho
union which have as many voters as
these papers have readers. Jiut figure
W thisjout, and sou how many dillereiit
.i-j pcoplo must; bo pleased lu order U.
J ' ,, , .(, ,t ,Pij, ,
.--! ncconiplbli this result. 1 his 1? not
.,-. S IT ', -, . ,
. 'liiek" It U genius, lne ciilcagu
;l Saturday lllado r.bmo lias S25.CO0 cir- j T1' "ev "(l 1'rincess lleatrleo
A vuUIIun weekly. lul lwe l'1'l'-,' left Windsor Cistle
t Tho Chirago Saturday H.SU- '. : i'jJ-'''v and w.-nt t.. 0.-!iau House on
'V nrnvspaper and it llteiary papr -.m.- "' " f i..J, wuie thuC'hristiii.is
. I.ined. Those features of the week's holidays will bo spent.
, news which stand out prominently) A man giving the nnmu of II. It.
Hi. , rtbore tho gieat mass of matter col- Campbell, roprtv ; eating tho Imperial
.lectod by-inm;sf.tJU',rris -in- alwny ( Loan and T'ii: Cnmjiittty of Los A u-
'-"'j'fjfiiilntA-ii uJt- "--'fy "lku"t$ i'-"'-.-.' i - rT."-.M".t .' i,fi-- a
trated. ( , -,.. . ,f- .-.' ' ii:i with
-. " $'w .' iiiioldv . . v"in.;- 'W'.1,, . .-... sai.-t, pietenses.
wii ..m,.i i 4. - ..:...., '..,J ;,.. ui i... i, . . .
- i..iuirn.iv j? n..i'i, itw!, ( .jin arwy,;ir uquiiiiit'IH lias C(
,-Ci, ..not iluKHno lit it'Jlo a , vgpvro j,u.Krt t ptixliafo of stiver for
,5ll,ntht6nic-"lKoi;i l'.'':miil rvioi.il., 'JV jiniojtnj, i,ir.
i..iu-rn.iv j? r.iiB'i, itw!,
; tJiiaiu, m-.jii.-HH-i-i--" "
! luvsute. iif
- -jf,fi.ll",,ti"ntiiiis fo?t noti vot'
'.'. '1 b, A ..
"$& -titan tin- rutin' I'Niii-iisivj of its .ijiuv1'
' i rirttl-'. Thu Hlns'tnuioiH iuv " ahv:iy-
.4 "ific very best from nu fit tUtlo point
;' il 'u:w, and really coustitnto tv nle-
Jk .tqimlliUton' of tbe times.
"''hq Gliiraj-o Llf;cr is most eni-
k'f iilintioailythe li',-tilii family -lajwr of
"'--tlio counsry. Amonjrtiio WolUtfiHHt'd
r.? 'iit"r-i who contiiluit,. t.i its columns
3i'iw3biJ,rnontii'neil Ella Wheeler Vil-
J.j(ix, SUulev Waterloo, William Wal-
'.-"i''.tsJ.p CoA. sr U. ltosc, Arlhnr G.
.Jiam.'ftk- P- Cliisi..
llli, Wiii. II.
: Atkinson, 1'. L.
Ketehiini, lloj.wt
mIi ,",Towabi, Elliott Floivvf. Leroy Arm
iffifcWmg, Anstyit Granville, Emma
YJa.T-fanl Wi;ht, and scores g others
vloJtftc U'llgcr stories, arc not tho old
" " gin serials w'th i so many detei'
ti pinieeds to oyery onneo of ink. They
-"Xi 1,.il M-t't, t lir. Hfn vn m nr.Mlllll 11a.
. . .v... ...... .........v .' "' .-. ...
- -.
&rmv-.f ilssirhil Ktorles am written
' juiinwlv f..r the Lo.l-er, ami ileal with
:liailngboi.!al ami eeonon.le oroblcnii.
".'rictlott h -encrally atlmlttrd to be one
" H,a r-rtfttost f.-ents of niooeri, oro-
geou. The- Leilger wrltcn aro IUW
tellin- ff-liO vo.i,'k:to veek of ,,tlio llvt-s .
ml trtuls of tlio nppreSMf' . all
T'.ut thostoiie.i fir i
ltu-ii4tiUiitujisoiy iiitrust iic..f
siaiutiHR ;ui ft-tiiai jiu'v w-
f ' mJIDJi1..""''
p IBaHSV-i11.'
waB--- jmia- i v. .. .: . . a. j uik , T4 a. . l ( .i - - -i i" . .... .. i -s" - "atrv . aB."vt-ji . i"t.oim - ..- . -itiki '' ? .- - ..i j - .mr r vr.r i rarj- '.i i '.t .i i -.. .'-:f
"'D-yf' ; W . . .. Scientific Awstfki-Ji ' 'j-rat-' -- ?-sS3,':
sis c ;:r& ;, .tM-v.."!" - v- "
i 1S?CiA A.'J'l ?" f ' S.
ut. . "r-M i. i i -j t-t : rr. "a-a! a' "rj-ta" "i ii . t .- t . .. -3 , r r. : .
iifiml; cad-tw lb. tOfefH----'
SP'1' !3:'cvntHIjti3 to Its ,,;,,,,.!
-'ffeif-hl. nmclaounil UitruollWi-Ml)--t
mfrJon ciirront toiiita. Ko ono ifin nfTonl
1wf.O' jff- ,r -. . ...,. '
: . ir.- .1 """- "-.
st'.; ii3i)a iu uu n-ui m.'" j irewupi-i
nai I
- hai a weekly chvnlalwji of t'25,000
r Ja? fl)iCS-
jf ' ivh,r& tho Dlfllle mill l.eilj'er cannot
-,h4,lc prucjirotl of newsilerleiy or dindal
.Sffiia-ji-nts. aubscriptlon waA bo font ill -
Vvectly to thu ptibllbhci' V. D, ! ee,
I ', 110 "ami 118 Uearbom fir., Chicago.
f " S-IX't Tho prlto of each Is .live eunts!
.-"pei" COpy, or $2 a yew. They aro tho
.3s'tlSrg03t jiaiieiv- of their class ir!iitet1
tTtyfSK Ihorieo in tho world. Yimhonhl
' vfiiril ifall to bend fommplo cojiles whlcli
tin&'i C ..... . .
ktyxj-alvvaya niaileu ireo upon nppiwn
SI 1011.
Lous, Dec. 1C A Hepnblit
fjpccfalfi'om Washington says: In rp-
piii5C to numerous inquiries trozz-
lxjts, , Mr, Mite has asUd your eor-
pdildcnt, ivto say that bo h a candi-
'---... ,i .tn i ..!(;...
1U1 liavui .uuu iiuv yuiiiuvuiVM
Wi-" V.. ' A ..... 1- .. ,.l
tho.siipporLdf tho ilemocrat3
Bifcv.-ti Aro".: -'ri- ,
T Tj'iX."
Four couuterfoltops lmvo lwcn .ar
rested iU Philadelphia.
Of! Uoth tho King ami Queen of Pou-
lll!U,k l suiYoring from influenza.
II. (.'. Church. :i well-known I'lieilie
Jn wast nulling man, tlieil nt lYescott of
r. 1111 if itit
llnuhr-nnnii'a tin factory, nearl.au
iv I Hill, was damaged lv lire to tin
i extent of $7o,0Q0.
An unsuccessful attempt was mado
to wreck an express train near Colfax,
California, on tho 18th hist.
Tho supposed oarthcpiake in Pennsyl
vania was caused by tho explosion
250 pounds of dynamite at Steelton
No olio was hurt.
, Tho French Institute has granted tho
Curler prize, of $300 to tho United
States Geological Survey for tho excel
lence of lU work.
A collision between two freight
trains iu a tunnel on the Heading road
near Taiuarend resulted in a fatal in
jury.to Engineer Fisher.
Tlio remains of II. L. Nmeross, tho
dynamiter, who tried to blow up lttts
sell Sago, an? iu tho receiving tomb at
Woodland cemetery, Hoston.
Tho liabilities of Hawtree, Dawuay
i Curoii, private bankers at Colehes
ter, who suspended n fchurt time ago,
are i.Vil,J6t5; assets, 389,938
A premature blast in tho Husk tun
nel at Leadvillo killed John Mailer and
John Starbcck, atid fatally wounded
f , , ... ,
harles Ojsonaimsen
iously injured two
( .jiin arwn:iry i-ep.uuiielit lias com
- S'n.is. I.U&.V00U oiiimo.s. Tlm hiiiihui
.. ,w i us-, i.iiii '. " 'i
iuiiliainl wits 77!f,OOQ onnn-s, at
.VCl) to .9370. 1 ho pttrehaso of el ver
will be resinned January 4th.
Jiemcsentutive D.tlzoll of Pennsyl
vania hai tinlioiiiei.i( himself as n ean
didato for thu United States rkdialor
nIiIji, In a talk ho s-ioku of tho senti
ment in Pennsylvania against the re
f.'!eeinn nf Quay, and said that lie him
self would bo hj-jlily l,?)iored to get. the
The Xavy Dupartmciit Is Informed
of the arrival of three ves-els of Ad
miral Walker's siin.idroii, th'j Chicagi ,
Atlijjla and IK-mingtou, at St. Lttela,
West Indie.?. Th-. -yill jiroeeed with
out delay to Urazil, 'hence to Montr-
video, A stop probably will bo ni.-i-'
at iJahla.
A di-pateh front Najt.u says tin i '
shin i-.ia1;er nntiic-J Vantlcravers, for at-
I l......-f I 1 T.f- 1 .1' t.
T''n ' V" uii-i-icr, --
' l,CPn "l;";ct, w umxn- XM vwu- t
munetl llJAVNantieravcrslnulni.tnln-!
"'";' ln,,,,he' ml -If within thr
lf txm .V(-,a1'9 anil wa iirt'pnilujr 1
, 'ir ':-t of Sbn family, aetnnted
I J I I' "j , iji-i. llicu- HV!11".
' i'
r.- -saftw' " "".-"titiatf ',,t'! J-
,- .. ' .-. - ,
r' -Jfi&iJJ
aHrr ' ' WtcT5
rv(1 ' ., ' v,w,'
iriaoruatjrtnanifreell 'i.r'i?'i?.
filde.t bnrtijlsrsoouftngtsf nMln Atnerto-j,
!.'-. K.1t-. Allf t. ' 1 i ( 1IfOf" tuifU ft
. ;i
tto puttio by t cctlco glvta free A U.vo m ttj
gfitntiiti wwmm
. man fhoiiiii'to-Titi.out it, ,'rMir.M.j;i i
j POiiia:-,S42:tiw--.i.TXMt
- . . if---'-r?tig "-.--- :
j. u . . n
Krcry rBrsori. who U t)iiots4 p frc- "Trada )
tuvery and favors American industilal In'ta.
1-TSlcnco sscurcd thrutrsh thu pollar of Pro
tection, should read tto accident published
bj tho American ProtCClivo Tariff X.C13U0. An
f. rttrlotif citizen It la year duty to plnco tbco
(ocua:ots iu tho bantri of yauf friends. They
tre intereitlng and liistractlre, ami ombiacj
UscaMicns of all rh.-ue.i of the Tarlir Quc3'.t:n,
Tho Lc:jv.o pnbllshcc over CO different Jcoi.
tr.ents, cjariWcz nearly CC0 pages of ptataly
prlntod, carefully cdlttd tint rcllab'.o ta'orrea.
tton. .'.laoij tio nuthcrj f;f tboso dcliXCt1
ncl i Me'
lllalr.of Wnf, Mclnto, 3r.
.m.tor S. Jl. Os.'!- to. oi f'llJ
nti y. Dolpb. of Orfi"i
i .', rf Krbrasi.M Beu."..
t ufNenhUahotri
Nelson x
-rne-nastt ,
rniaaii Bei'ttu;
lsmiidi JIcc
rt !iun.iiArflit
t Utn.lUroii
if. 3. It. IHxto,
t at washing
3t Vn
tut I'u
17. A.
.' - ai fa.n..asi
, ff Iowa Hun. Tl.K
. Miller. of Ke:. . : : iIr..:.co.DriiDer.
.... .!...,,. rt t -1... . . H.-... .... T
,2Wm.'Iwrtnc?, ol Ohio t Hoii.J. O, lisnlnian,
jBotriew Yrrkillon.Oto.lJ. llputvoll.of 3lns.l
Hon.'.ii.iiAmniiaown, ci noi icit: isnoca
Unsler. of "J'enneiiaa. .
JWWscoalilcta tietrf docam?ntT!ll b etfit
i'any addreit. past.' ' i ii "fifty (K) Centrt
ddrcjs.'itg' " eo'rflfWo. ti
K " . VI: . M PaI . ' Tfrf .. .r.-Z.z:.'L ?-? .i.-rfj
"When not properly cared for, loses
its lustre, becomes crisp, harsh, and
dry, and falls out freely with every
combing. To prevent this, tliu best
and most popular dressing in tho
market is Ayer's Hair Vigor. It
removes dandruff, heals troublesome
humors of tlm scalp, restores faded
and gray hair to its original color,
and imparts to it a silky texture
and a lasting fragrance. Jly using
this preparation, tho poorest head
df hair soon
Becomes Luxuriant
of. a"1' beautiful. All who lmvo ouco trleo
I tl-nr't llikl I'tiiAH ii-itnt in ntli.m .lH.l..l.
Ayer's Ilnlr Vigor, want no otlier ilrcs?Ing.
UiiUiraltii & Starks, Drugslsts, Sharon
tirovo. Ky., write: ''AVo lidlcvo Aycr'3
iiair vigor to uo me best preparation or tho
Kind in the market, ami idl inoro of It tlian
of nil others. No drug store Is eompleto
without r. supply of It."
"I have used Ayer's Hal: Visor with
great benefit anil know several oilier per
sons between so ntul 60 years of age, who
lmvo experienced similar good results from
the iko of this preparation, it icitore? gray
hair to its original color, promotes a msw
growth, gives lustio to tho hair, and cleanses
the scalp of dandruff." llctnarito Ocuoa,
Madrid, Spain.
After Using
,V nunibor of other preparations without
any satisfactory result, I ilnd that Ayrr's
Hair Vigor Is causing my hair to grow.'
A. J. Usment, General Merchant, Ii.dlaa
"Aj'er's Hair Vigor Is tho only prepara
tion I could ever Ilnd to remove dandrulf,
f;iro Itching humors, and prurent loss of
mlr. "1 can coiiddently rccompiejnl It."
J. C. Dntler, hpciicer, JIasa,
"My wife I'Cllcvc that tho money spent
for Ayer's Hair Vigor was the best Invest
ment slio ever made. It has given her so
much satisfaction." James A. Adams, 8t.
Augustine, Texas.
Ayer's Hair Vigor
j-KErAntu nr
Or, J. D. AVER & CO., Lowell, Mas?.
CiU tj all fmiggUts suil I'trtumtu.
.... ...1 C.JW
S:nASTiLu:,Iami:tonCii. h -,.rnnc,'iD.
Onobottloof l'attiir Kocni -?'.. 9'lo;.l
TOrrd rno entirely, of icr iilij-Bk'rr' hnd tried
't un,uccefiilly lor8 mimtln I r-umo rno
jf nervous debility. W. ltC12i:.En:LD.
AtiMoii, Col... Jan. '81.
Jly wlto V&P trnutilfij with niriousiieia
boutnnojearuefora the. iodS Vajli.r Koj
ntc'a Nervo Tonic, and kt that tlmo lud very
to on atucks tit ip.ini, cmvul-ioiu, aud
riinindllfereqt parts of tin) b.xly. When
in tlilt Uto Ur lowir Jms would Kt vio
lently unci Kt tomcthnej, bite hir toiiEse,
breatlio heavily, then ihort, then seemed to
step entirely, cet p wild loot hi lit r ores and
1 Ulnc nniano, then stop fomi times. It wou.d
'iknaraCntonoidher In Ikm!, othcrwlsa l.er
fc3jy wauiu cramp ami peao lorxiiaurs ciro
took but two bottle of he Wcfya Tot
which cured hor entirely of all tbe-etormei
which myself and wlfeglidly testify, it In
ivself sua witeEWGiy tcjuiy, inraiy
hadlhode-lrtdeffoet. ,.-
T S. Mrflll.t.ta.
iaa ilia uesireo
Valii.-ililo llnok on I.'nrc&'.rj
Ulsousvsentlrceto any address,
ftnil tMMti niitlpnt4 rati UHOotitAln
this iniHtlcino frco of cluirrc.
tthli remedy has be ja nouu" br tbs liiier-
ta4 tustorKdenlg.ofror: Wayne.lnd. sine!) L.3,
and is novf prepared trader his direction by thi
KC5HIO MED, QC,, Chi on go, III.
So'il by Drns-KlsU ex 81 per Itnttlo. 0 fbr
f rtn-46lze.Sl.7S. OBotUcsfbrOO.
i M
mtac Iia iitr,p.e, vhen
v, b
' "Mg&SslWTfa
. " v.-? .6od. , Simp(e, V, ' f. W-rJfs:
....- 'flr 'rrtiri lint.l.v.. . s . t is.T',!' '
I "TiBi
'- i, vv-.,, thp.-.trulh nuir: . -5i,,; . -,.-,,.'' -.:- .
;t f .iJiAWA yif n-t itnfctirfSF?.' .' 1. : ?" '-? V ')
' 1
ai vw'ii j'iiVcrt z,nsmtmr--y-f: - m& ;:i-
ytiv-is-ntH purer .ir'J bfl -vUl.'J' s.itjpi-T-.-w
SiteJa A ectrtc-ltert:,slfii'JWriV 'i-nf-i n ,er. - . ,
' ' -Jkok
i jf-flwf'-'
' Wei' i
J Wa-fetajj-T f" ,.--'!ili(
.?.' jlV?B--"-il " toirj. 1111,
'ih' '"'&
V JrH.
v iv. -1 ' v.
. t .'. .. w ijfan i-
.' oV''
Jit-i.21y .wMv?fcaltirr
"-- x
w W liH
f BEST leffilii OF ! !
Qoiwsls of io oages. Paps more fiii-5.ffikfffi 'antf
other paper in the tailed Slates, hfnij trpJott i4lk. tuhttsr
Zof interest io all, clapsas, flic
Wo ana the profession tl. Advocate, m jiriric jlcs of m
ithe Republican '.Party and piiliUHli'u infhil-""Uhfvffi:lcs
3 j its leaders. ' " 'I'j -"!.-:. O
i As the coming Presidential GaipairjjUpmmUeih.lq H
hhe hottest ever contested, every Republican,, should brb.mq
subscriber and keep Uiniwlf thoro (jhhj informed rj
i i:at is occurring in the political world."' ":-"-: "'"'
rrioie:, si.oo
Retail through Postmasters
lo the
Eu lZak JZxur
Hap attained a (standard of cscellonco
men -wnnits or no supeiior.
Contains ovitv tanmwmnnt. Mm
Inrontlvo genius, skill and monoy canJ,"":f,vl'",.!al'vfovJl"ll011.a"l 'Nt"V, s"u-
i Ti,i. ii..ni?.ni n.. ... i t. i
1 j.IiCEcn;3C0lIcnt Owpna nro celebrated
raf UHr Yolumo, quality of tono, ouick
n:-ipon", variety fcouilitiu tfon.arttetia
Uon ri iMiii-fli. i il,ii,i. r .iim.iw
"""j"' ",'' ,' V i? a tractive,
Jmamcntp.l cml llt-JiuU 'l.ain tha
vorld for Ilm :'. hi
'jod-jca and Siov.i vis;
ii SB.
Tho tucecss rf this Great Coa-jl' Cera ia
without a parallel in tho history of medicine.
All druggists aro authorized to cell It on 3 poj
jtlvo guarantee, a test that no .other csro can
successfully stand. That it may becono
known, the Proprietors, at an enormous ex
pense, aro placing a Sample Bottle Free into
every homo In the United States and Canada.
' If youhsvoaCouRh, Bore Throat, or Bron
1 chltls, use it, for it will cure you. If your
child has the Croup, or Whoopln-fCongh.usc
llnmmntlv. Ami relief itt Sure. If YOU dread
I ikW vnur llruirirlst for SHILOH'rf UtiBtl,
Intt lnaK.mus aisas.o t-onjuniii"?'i 'M Jrj
' PrlceI0cts.,60cts. andJl.00. IfyourLunca
are sore or Back lame, use union's rorous
plaster, Wee 23 cts. Por salo by all Drv-;-gitts
and Dealers.
. e. pupu?jgArnE.s
Jt&bliJli ' In Poioraiin, ISiJJ. Pm.'esby mail or
,'irm wilt rcrtlvc i.rompt asa cire'al nllenuoj.
.aid a Silver Bullion "JUSRSJ' ifti
ill:t, 173: 4 1T33 Utc ?', Jpr,;. jU,
k. il V.Hr.iiu ("us ill lau u n. r .m...
With 1uiJc, a j. i", U. Uri.tr , TOcp,
And a gcoJ hmp ,
it is' n' t -HetHt W ,
tt'S II"OII'l
.i SI
jf iisk)1 mar ,..
(g: -jt- i, ,,
y-i ttjt-,-',
AND JiNf iSTgJ li F0R
Lira tta3ljjj
I ''E2?5a"SKSfci-;"'
. ' . ' . .'J
liO" ilPtl
1 ih.i.. iaTer h&HnA
i - iir 1
sisssl iwf5?;a
TSt,' "-j?-fcv .lfi -!au--i ijry, ' --' vr:iLr' 'flfi- -' T
) --- -rr-'i 1 IswT'1-lfit ni'ii I, .- , iLjjif-rl
nffiUfff-AriT? 1
,m ii Pi.i-.fi i
? :
agrimU$u&lr U rncrynn-B
arid Newsdeals; or direct
Printing; o,,
TREE.- V " . '
.-.- - 1 11
In-Ttae Interest if You? Family
- " -
ARC ynil hitcrcxtf(lliitliccnu'.v(,f tlie.stirMid
uni. IUU f clem), healthy lU-Whiiuior i-eml-lna?
ItNthu bent, weapon with which to
tight the tiaihy mid vicious imiwis that In
fet tin home. Aiuyou
iSOlHG Tsi TARE !'0lf!or,tI,I,'u,',IO)' prnct-
ntlenit ono fnnillviit vnui':uami:iitit!iitpit. who
tlni'Hliot nowtalio thu WltnehN, io join with
you ami lake
ADVANTAGE OF OUfl !2s!.u'n' pt the
nuivlit! with n tlimiuivi'L'iu'liiiriiiin.t.vi'i'.
iiuvi,i;i itiu ..t. iiiiuvipr j ill II mil'!,'
louniiiinave, una miLst nave, a hit; cli-cula-
IIUII. Illllllll IIUI.
OFFER fO RFT VslllH "elRhboi loMndforn
Tho Wit.ne.SS it a family paper; It hai miiiio
llilng of Interest for tucli meiuuer of thu
family. Think of It, tho
What a mass of Miund, lieultliy reading!
Klght larjro pageM romlia fonlfty-two weoUK.
hrlngliu .ovh. Kdltorlals. Weekly Sermon by
Tiilninge. Weekly Hunilny-sclKKif I,e)ii by
Dr. l'entfCOt. u Homo' Department full of
letters of Inquiry, eoiiiiel, warning and
I'llCOIlRlgl'IIIUIH. toil klli.W ttio Witskss Is
tluyear. DuUiioHlertoget, w.ouO Now Hub
wiiLmms wo offer to t:iki mm Old unit one
New, or wo New Siibhtfr !.' - Inblilng to
gether, for 75 cents each.
til' DZJKSCW CUttf..inDtCnil nntTlU
ill. i.biiubu l.ouiuuuriiL'Jia blllinw.
H!RA profusely IlluJ.riited, 20 volumes, 1.W)
iiiuk i,h..,.s. ji.ooj .iiluiiisis. CCO.MM words.
"""I'li'si'inin" in coiors ticiii earn iso naiu
w.thtim lVtT.NKsforonoyeai f..r j-j3.
iipc nc eucr) iiu bydlstlnt.hedmenof
l,rc ur Jnt" "e" hi time. ifnseivi:-
Oitiimpspiliitedin colors sent earrhiso paid
"" '" ra w ."" iw "';
.mnkesn mosi thilllliis.tiilo of r, uventful
caiuer. !t Isu book without -wiil.-I- vollbn.ry
'wHnicrom.itvto. nvryGM .-dler will t'e-
iMtutt. iH'sifliwiliouiiiHNof ct'u'is vho lovo
1 and li'itnrtli name of Stiern' . Seat wltli
i mo i iTuus.s tort year roriuw.
ortcinnl'v snlil fur 7.
S-nt with tho CoimJpolltv.n M 'nazlno and
v i r.VKsj ror om year for .),
All jiostpuii by
li.tunK, l'ur,Mict t.isr. cniitab spattlculnrsi
iff oilers ut iiAuoiuu'n Uiut.1'- ..nU 1Iiiiks.
etc.. sent free on application by postal curd.
AHAdress '
.ioiin ixHifivi.i. & no,,
15t) .Niiiiii ... firw Ynrk,
SBQ Reward.
r HE HOmi LV(i A ZDsTE.
Er?ry lady s'.-ndm,? us tno u.nueof )linu -1
keepers will trfclvu 11 copy of Tlic IIOJIK
M.ui.v.iNi: r itr.r. toriuo iiiomiih .
Tothnwwho may be ileti.nts of iudln?
114 ii(tN) th,v X) iiiiii.esi. no iitfir thu foliow
'hi'ea'h pn'ze-s for lhiargeM llts received
1'! "
Ko 1 .&.'. 1'u.t yt.M
.1 m ..i ' , jwi .., jo.oa
" ..-d ' - Mfl
" fjiuvi. ' . . a.w
" Hfth " " i.-'
" - iijai t u ifcrgest list- tl.iMeabli..l!fJv
' iit-st JO laicit IIsW. :. each. ...M00
finliM fiiiirrniii tills I niipi.Illi,i.t
1 All iKiir.cs muft lencli e not later than
Tk(-...i)I.L'r 1st. Cllll fill 11.-17. nul ll.l 1M.I.I.4I
'"" laiiTinnn iic'jeuioer (u.l"
2. Put tlu iiatiiiw of IIiosai in u: j In different
town iiti-piii;iiublit-rofiinr. ;lrln;t thu
iiatuo of tlr.intn.tu njlil count; hi ihutnpllsht
naiiii coiuar, nml thu numci of names con-
t-ituedoii tlio sheet In tho top left hand cor.
c-r. Thin:
Jtrs. Henry ltro ii, v'4ho,
" ,i.iolluI)t,--jii,
" L'linileaSuniiilu, box 310.
" Aineiln Wanvn.
3. Give tho to'.ul niimlM'i of n:imr contuln
id In your 'Ut In ihelcttern upanylug iIm
I. lie rnroful to irrlto e. i'1-.i ("clly as ry"'
li-. aiidunoiic.'iid.iofilii n'pji-o;!.
.Vnrjfiioltl!; jTl29lrtnj;finEJa'.inr.rtit !i
JaitiiO, l0, 'tuiulie r r TlltJ I!E K IUA-
WasslBgUB, .0. C.
A F11EE 'f !IF
M Viail.
&sjl? iv? a s
Cniniii.iirlii Mnyl. 1303
Tho HlMory C- lnpany of .1... rrnnsttro.
Cut.. liMiiltal clunk. t,V.0fV1 ll.- olrtnsj am.
largest imiilKh ins bouo on tut I'aclilci.'oa-'i
lliliiIaynnnoiiaiCM ilmttlivv iitll give. li
iiu.-ij i...-. a ilt-ki.t lothj W.iflil'u I'alr unJ
muni. Includim; meiil.i en route ono week
'i't' y) hotel nccoiiiniod.itn'i ,x ulmliliii
t V ets li tlm n vpaltUll KliiMU, It, o ttl:eth
l.)i.idin!Clilca,o thvnten nml micii othei
pi'.Mli'iresasmay Insure n pleasant nip. to
10r Inj: pei mis, who comply with their ie
qulremeuto. NOTIUB
Those deslrlns logo (o tlin tPtlilS Tnlr nml
iiiiiji.-u.iiu inn iiiiiui'wim, no fo. vnn nun rr?H us
at unco in full particulars.! Ilils otter does
not annlv tini'isaiiis of i"t
houra Iu a
nosltton to I'.iiit tho exnc: .
-.noli a trip
4. Imi'lllwni
theinsolvi. lint to enter
young 1..011 and women t
ii tippnvltite
tllU lunsv o(
thiiciiauopportiinlly tnfi )
It. Teacher elergyiii(i. ' 1
l.i'-l,t ,liiii,SP(l lUlirlii -j I'
r.--Ili ' im iy. qntfr, Jv
1114. lil. Illlln
luci ni' nli
nd clijmcii"
Tho A:,"VH.i.;tiiiubliii;
f tili.-!l.fi.ViiiirtlV
A ITHWSl'Al-Elt l?OK TllJ
roniuted D4S-mlir lit
Girculairi cvar (sd.joo c
Ti:k J'nrM it theorrnnoftiii
ii wiven ha no animosities ta
TIIK HOST I!K3ii;:K.lllI.K XVrf
'OS dali
Titn rnass ts a national EWSr.M:i,
thui lie".-, vulenr Bonsmloil nnd traI
-nil ini p.X'o ii li-i.-o'iiuiiiiuiiil'iiB i'liLu-i.
T'Bl'iii. h-t.-h'tlri-htivst ,M M"!alita"e
in Now Yo -It. itxjiit-bl ti'!tlr,j.1iiCT. ,r
Tun tni.- i.md'ff I'd t ion I n nulejirt
twenty pa c pnnor, eov.M.nr evry'vtipiin.
toplouf luti-ieit. i ",.
Tub i'.tfi-s Wnelcly Killtlnn coinliis nl! th
,T0Od thh.s of the If.tliy nnd (jmilayMltloii'
rorttiioii who cannot n "int")iinHiilly oi
are iirevinted by ilstaiiqo from' arly'.recHv
leg If. i'hu WeoSiy Hai'pleiiJ.dl'lwitllUie.
T.is P . '.i. Vin '11119 -io-t .i( jvy Vjr
y '
w.tiiin ti . ., -!-, or.-,.! rtfc.-B !. iivx
i!.ti NVnipnpur .iii'Aliii ;(.
.nall-iitidfu'idMV.tic -i-ftf, i
11 111c: l?VJt" t.
1 ;a -i?
"aily.Wiiy one year - . 4'
," . v four iiionthS. - .V J
'Y.''"" tnir ji-ar,
Weekly lte. one year, ? 1 li-.F
1 .:;,;."' ' s
Bond for TfiK PiiKSfi Clreclnrl
fc'aniptc.1 fi-eV, ARcuta wanlci
Liberal cunmilsstoiw.
Address . ,
1 :- '"
I I 3
Iicb away
No IkhiI has ever hiul .such snlu In tin '
United htatoi, ns Ceuvi-il Omul' Mo
jimrs. OvL'rfi.i0,0Ji)ciii)k's Jiavonlicady pon
intotliohomasiitthu ilclunut ihu wtiiw-ni)- .
ilOn prico of &7AM lias placed It beyond tut I
oiirli of people In iiuMluiato rlrcum.slannt.,
1 f uW.tXUpi'oiilo have bw'n wllllnjc to jiay J7.00
tor (Jnint'rt Metiiolrs. tliciajnuxt Ihju couplti
of million peoplo Iu thu United States vhi
waul tbem.uiiU will jump ut the upportuulty
to buy nt,thoIm?ttj;iiri'sliiMo otrcied.
Wo will send you Ueneiiil Uinnt'rt Memoirs,
publishers' original edition. Iiest paper, cloth.
Ki-eeii atid koIiI nindlnut hitherto bold By sub
scription at 87.0J. t
For 50 cents ! Absolutely 50 cent3 1
And absolutely :i proposition such as has
never been mado tn tuo history of book puli
llshinjr, Tho two splendid volumesof Unint's
Jleiuoli-s. of which il.IO.UW roples havo already
Ix'en sold not n cheap edition, but the best l
for .V) cents; 1'UOVtDKI) jou send your sub
BiTlption to Tins Coawt.vo Wi:cur,v Sirs for
ono year, nml ulso u sub.scrIptlou of t3.W tor
'"" - . '.,,1,'',?Iol"''n ',nBJ'' l"0 "rlKliUM
iiiiucneapustoiiuoKi'eai Illustrated monui-
neK. iihciriYiuai iuviioWti.lH iimxailne.
TlioCosmoixjIltnn Is eimbled to mukotlils
offer becnasu of tho purchaso of X),003 vol
umes sit n price jhleh oven publishers would
deem lmnossllile. und with tho Idea of run
ntnjf iii Itftclrrulnthm to half n million cop
ies. Hyconlmctwlth thut'CMiiopoIltRtilm:
COCONINO WKi:iu,VbUX Is (.laMi-d toolferlts
l-eaders a sliaiu in tlm low nrlfn fiiitnfmi
through tlio largest purclioMs of books cut.
maun in ino nisioryoi ine.woMU.
If, however, you lmvo drain's books, the
Cosni'inotltan'b offer will pei inlt Sou to take
(Jerrrat Mirrraaa's XtwAn, 2 vols.. Mild by ub-
reiiptlonfori.Wi;). '
Gcrrral Mitridsn 3tf main, 2 voLs., fold hyhtili-
crlptlonfor!fa.W. '
('irrst JlrllelUn's Jleinulm. soli! livi.nlwrln
.. "'.f0?,-'1'. .
i.strrnl 1!. 1.. lv Jicmoln, hold by subscrlp-
lion forW.W.
Tlivjraj-o Iwuinl In rlotii.
't-tMtit ttttrl trrtlt
1.. ....n.tu.. . (1,1.. ii. 1-.. ..ri. . ... " ' '
II (till MM Hi fllJJU HJIJIUU ,.T H ,HUniOIrS,
Ii"! .???''.' ?"" .y i,r wx aro
sent iwtajro prepaid, hut tlu -wslnpo onflho
tw KMiiltted wltli the orde-. Gen.' (iiuntsV;
Memoirs, IW m. 4S cento; lien. Sheridan's
Memo ru, IU m.ii cents; Gen. i'liernmn's
Memo rs, 81 . rents, Osji. Mcl'lellan'H
Mi'm',ilr..on. 2J pcnts: (Ur. Itolit. ):. Usi's
Memoirs. W oz. 2,1 cents, vrbin'tscnn lie
np.it hvpiriirosa ut tlio expense of tho
Ov.ia ii, unco SI for year' 'iiliscription to
lo, V I!" ." I:2K,'!;1 StJS'
.it. v....-iii,vjiiiaiii. r mr
oTiib Wi:2iii.v Sos r.
'Jf'."' Jtnr'ij tiuliicrlption
ir--fUu in nlt-to ivhieli
iirtlcnlitrtci of Memoirs
add postage on tho partle
Uiini nro not nciiualiitrd with the Mttjrn
- He so.uln postal ciinl to the Vii-miHHilltuii,
.ilndlson H,uarc hvw YtoU, L'ity, for free
. I.A.iV.1.
snt,'-.". roiiv.
SJGTim (iU ciders to
fllo tfeco -i;io W; Soil,
1 17! jB BIT.
Ily wlitrh you iiiir mnltrfr-isi',i.OOtn
81.-n.00 jn-r!iiMili-:!). ninount itcpiMiilliis
onwhctheryotiworlvpait or all your time,
nnd on tho ninount of VI.ll and Viamcuid
I'lUO.. nnd t'Usii you iiut into tLo -ctk.
Ifi-oitiiiisl.tpayyoutowrltoto u. Uu've
S"i H.iini.titliiiriliiii on KH, and tl.eiu'H ltxim
for n fewiuoreti c to In. U won't cost you
.'nUfli.tij.Iiivosttf atouiily a t ao-ccnt stamp.
wriiMti.lY . tv liit.-.nv.iui: tclii'iii;-sl-.Nr.irtVK
In i,nr iiiiniiiiitv, -lllier
urn. ..minimi, Ifyoilaro lutiirested we'd
Uke to hear from you. We'll she w you r.liero"
Ihero Is wnie money. All Information by iv
tonimall. Then If you nrs not convinced,
.ll right; there'll be no harm done-only
vou'ti. .mi-s .v uooi ihi.no, itettc?
Ids Qrodlx Publishing Company.,
Si'lontlrlenllJriir.tedhy an ctirNt of world-'
"ma ix'iminrion. iienincvs pnii;; iiten nun
.liielyciiied, of ft-oni Su to :o yur.' utatnU
iiu, after nil other trentmentn havf) failed.
Iloiv thodliticulty Is reachwl and thu cause
ninovnl, fully explitliiiit In rlivulars. with
uflidiivit alio lOKilniniilntH uf cuit-s fixnu
liiv.'iniient i'eoii( r ..1.3,. ;.
nit. a ru'.' r i :;,
TiK.i.u,, V ,
T " TS&
lark j obtained, end all Pat
. .idaLtcd for MofJe rite Tees,
' t Crpe-I'e U.a.P-tcnl Office,
' pnin.t in less time than tboso
" ahrnirtou,
tm l .r photo.. -1 ith dpFcrp.
- ii , If f s"t.mIiIo er not fre3 of
. .jn-nl, ' t it p. tent Is ecnr: 1.
' Hpr Obtain Patents, ti,'h
. -iliijii ' .you(8tla,eaiir.ty1o.
r U.M AeSct, WAtttictcn. D. C.
"du3crtr&crtJaryOixorfcr SO Tsys Caly.'
vm- .ja-i inns a -,i vwi 1 .oi tiiiissiv vepuiu
It berth ex-
.' I, knif, c la.
Vtil U
rjvJ -:.- .'frti. ''.. rzrzi
tsf-v. : "V. -,:i...i---im
rill. Urila.f....J . . H.HU. '.. ' hl..H
SiS v?'V-.'tL"l.'-i1' Hi ' " ' u k11 T lUunmmii
taUsai'jA,oJli, ll.J4n.i'.rinreS.ii.
rtfc invlUl ttnl... '. 'Jail....... trill. vdlvwtAWf ajnlt..
V-w.bw.5 Vd u wtjs'j wnl r .djSuK pu tsmrilef
Wis -at n.vi
., . ..! U. W.I-S ,!. . . . .. . .. ,,: .... ".. .."' wi'
tajij I t" AIU(. . 1 'hui Ma J J .L.
- "-""iff i-"- v-n.i-i &7 ihst -mj-mtm r; 1 itua ntbn k4,
e. 11.-1 it jriiau.'ji-urfi . ,. . -,. rr..(..,vr
2?.!-: . : vf.t'J? r ft-- ifbi(M irt
n-w - r.-ai, ir 1 win 1 ru ' e ' 3-""i
J - r) i 1. O
ij I 1 -V-l lKIHk l.. J , .M .1
. :i IlaluN U., CUbi-, C
a Kit bi.
!', . qc,, j&fr&a2E&
I4ir r ? ii' -iaSPSr i,sivrk
' Ai?'lrjf
t-ii 11--- owJiwau-p .1 - - 1
(TWa. .?sit reft A
-ShtV2 J ltr---i. - ' r
H-1. T,' ,
AV&mm v n i is p i rr 3B
flfeSjBr " C '"Hyillif'OnarrliftaB, ,
fJKSKc- iJ'llei.fipermatorrIifleasHi afn
ff?Ki5?oriiii! iiinnturnldl'diargeask"" "'Hi!
Mawlfv' ";' dpiKElsf fnr a bo 1 1 hi of SQHaMHt9
fjSaSftl 'IV it cures ini. Mr, In v3 HRfRDr
VTiiffiisi' '' ''0,ltt)'"rWor)Mibllclti'o(n (assassin ytsfWW
1 ?rAWn ,w .1111 ruisiuioiis ni.u IViBBBBBalssBhVW
t39!3Wrnnmiilecd not to etriclerc. flWB"'ff
- raMBagSB Vnhenal American Cure. SJj f f
"' MKflFHft Manufactured by (Bssssr: BittftasMfflrw.----
"4 WfE Tae E7S3S Chcrdsal Co.hHK !'l!6ailW??3
l.j VTi.'saaBsSS. .slssn
2.0 aI"!?!, Ua ' aasftF W
V- . II l ' "if isH -tissssssssW
Iftyciyniiet; ..- TassssC&nssssssssl
,lr ,-. . JsssVlK-assssssssB
i i'-o,ti.-raM g- t. .
I Fllft Ar'ZODl Ccli J E
Eaugc, Ean Frmilso ilcnnti.u:
Est marks, fillt In each oar; horses and tunica
11 rialittiip; Increafin Aloaloftrhoulditr. I'. U
ndJrM, Fiantaff, Ariz. Jons V. ltuoiiim
t.encrul JlaanKor.
Horses with tills brand,
nro tha property of th
ItaDge, Ban Fmncttco
P. O. oddres, Ctuu.
landor, Ariz.
Fbilup IIcil.
T brand on rUht .Ida of now. Ew crop fa
Si'VfrVn' t ff "h'K.'BSSf ?H r"
north t Kamtaff
P. O. mldrvM, Flogitaff,
Uorsof and notes
lirandoil as above on
tha loft thigh belocc
to the undersigned.
Hangs on titons
man's Laka and.ilo.
Kollon' moantaint-
" jAUrs Ai.LEX.Camu
SO YerJe. Ariz.
litnff, Arliona.
Uange, tjan
Vanpil Co..
nnd cattle
branded as in
cut. t
C'et'Jj numberod consccntivcljr on left cheek.'
p-T Cattle branded as to
1 " kSBKtiW tt
fcr- " ...... 1 .si
cat on ictt siae, un-j ' -a lv
derslopo in bothetrs.l ' pm" 4
dewlap cnt npwanli. i -t?'' ;g M
...... . . -if '. im
uasge, iiogoiioai
mountains, Flagstaft.
Ear marks, sawell ia
left and swallow fork
in right.
1'ott offioo addrcsa,
Flogataff, Varapai Co.,'
? m
4 Arizona.
oilwr callle
BsTfTJ All lacra
I J branded into
it 11.
Herpes branded on!
the left llroaliVrv l
Hnnso from Asli!
creek to tlis saramlt'
of Oii Mogollon.
moantaini. I
JAS. ti. 1IAUK.
rotoflie, rieo.uir.
linlf mllps eoathtiett
of HugstafT. '
Cavtlo are branded as
in rnt: enr marks, nn
uermi in eacn ear;'
liorsMi with sarao imul- 4;Cf 3 i
onleftlhlBli. . j -KWSSk '
nAnuiTT UllOS. j
Pu-totHcQ Address, FIg-i
vii.ti. nwvuii. ,
lt.niijf , ClarkV Valley,:
Motrollnn moontains. J
ilrand as above enC
All joint? stock brand-!
cd on both sldee, Tritil
shallow fort and -no..
aerblt in each oar; oljol
Hoot. T. S II, anywhera on'
lloot cattle, road lirand Wi
ovrntJiu fiiilon-inar
lb. Bids of uoimsl.
nu rieht side; T cattle, oss on right side; horen
Ilruas eight, miles
Fontheast of l'lngtaA
Ybt ipai county.
lttlo branded J 7
on leftrPm: -'ormarks.
niuaro en: on rtshi
rar, over Sloj-j on left
l'ostorlica aildrees, Vlagstuf, Arizona.
Horw aud tinlo brand on Ifft hip ri iliown tn
rat. tjlietp: ewe', hols In 1". ear nnd spilt in
tho ititlit: welhens rcverfo tint f ewes; rams
brnndid Fou horn. Itungo tnar Mormon lake,
Jtoi'ollon Munutuins, rostoUica address, Vlag
Ulf, Arizona.
1'ostoBIco adire-a,
Vktrstaff, A. T.
llange, San l'rancls.
Co monntains.
All rattlo branded nl
In cut aro I he propi rt jr .
t.f Iia ,iii.lntvl..n(wl
nnd rilw) all cattii" !
brandwl witli bar U.' - !,'
UeouoeW. fJracu. ...
Cattle bearing bran1
ns in rut nnd svmllou
rorK In racli enril
long to tbe und
siimoJ. t
Itxne", Ran KranrTS
I'oatoilkr Vlacstai
"sir ;' 4
i.' ?l
. iS
wSK 1 fit
t - ,-. WTJ) m
9A m
3 ife m
30 wri s K
,-s' jSfir
- jOT1'
-'38s9S f
Tf MfWMWsava-iiMsiaaMs " ,. . - NevyafonK.'
Tl I- 1 , X nK7An,i.tlAjyAK'r'-;' QMsaWsasaaassMia
II iViy "Cav2'rf!oiJ,J5.-tf'TVerkVit-. """
.. , 'SR
V s3gp

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