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.. "& gCajfeAi
ftljc OSoccwtno giitn
rL un.
"t Flagstaff tho county seat of Coco-
Bluo county.
net h rat tho sea shore, 'twas a lovely July
i .hi
jl ) i g plav Ins eayly, and tho moon was
v mine bright
i mit lurin tho ballroom, and I dtnend tho
step so
,, ! ou dance tho v cry best of nil tho
11 n I Know "
I w cd upon the saffron, wave-beat sands
in tint fair maid,
j,n 1 tier that I loved her, that my love
v. uld noier fide.
An' 'tie she smiled so sweetly that I knew
t a alio v. as mine
Hie f l not htr "yes" to provo my blessing
so bonUu-
I bousbt a ring a beauty 'twas a brilliant
li ii 'i itall behodlers, 'twas. Indeed, boyond
on pare
It i ost two hundred dollars, nnd It camo from
And wb n she put It on she seemed o'ercome
with ecstasy,
c drove together, walked together, braved
the sea and storm.
We stro led at evewhon It was cool, at noon
when It was warm.
I nought her books and roses, and I took her to
the dance,
An 1 told her that my best reward was just one
smiling glanco.
Andall ncnt well until one night another fol
low came,
I nover knew, and do not wish to know, that
fellow s name.
Hut when she Introduced him, when we mot
th it awful day,
Siid she to me "I want you, George, to know
my llance.
And In tho fall, when wo aro wed, I hopo that
vou will bo
nc of the ushers, you have been so Tory good
to mo
uu ve helped me whllo away the long, dull
hours at the shore.
While poor uld Jack was tolling In tho city at
tho storo!
Harper's Bazar.
'IIYEVER ain't I a
i man?' says
i spako the
man, as
mir. Tho
question had lust
been asked him.
"Well," ho continued, reflectively,
puffing his pipe, "I was disp'stitioncd
that away when I'm n colt. But that's
long time ago, an' I ain't in lino for no
.ech gymnastics no more. My years is
way ag'in it; likewise female You'vo
got to ketch folks young to marry 'em.
After they get to be thirty years they
goes slow to tho altar. If you make
out to marry a man after lie's thirty
jou has to blindfold him an' back him
in Females, of course, ain't so ob
durate "No; I s'poso thjs yere bein' married
is a heap habit, same as tobacco and
jug juice. A man takes a hand early;
it's all right. Hut lot him get to
pestcrin' 'round in tho forties an' hlra
not begun none yet; ho don't marry
nuthin'. Of course there lspcoplo that
sordid they akos to layin' for some
woman's stack, wharby they even
makes sech a desperato play as mar
rjin' her to wlu; but you an' mo don't
discuss no low gnmo lilto that.
"liar a oneplainable difference with
the girl's old man, I s'pose I'd bo all
married right now. I was, maybo.
twenty them times. It was 'way back
in rennes'ce. This girl was a nlco,
luscious girl cornfed, too. They all
lives about eleven miles from me, out
m the Pino Knot pike, an' once in two
weeks I saddles up an' goes over. Thar
was jest her old man an' mother an'
her in tho family, an' it's that far I
alters mado to stay all night. Thar
was only two beds, an' so I'm put to
camp along of the old man, tho times I
stays. 1 was 'way bashful an' bohlnd
on all social plays an plenty awe
struck about tho old folks. I never
feels happy a minuto where they nre.
The old lady allers does her best to
make mo easy an' free, too. Comes
out when I rides up, an' allers lets
down the bars for rav hoss, an'asks me
to rest my hat the second I'm in tho
"Well, matters go on good enuf un
til maybo tho eighth tirao I'm thar. I
remembers tho night all perfect.
1 in.il' I gets to sleep n-layln' nlong tho
aige of the bed, aimin' to keep 'way
from tho old man, who's snorin' an'
thrashln' round an' takin' on over in
the middle.
"I don't recall nuthin' until I comes
to a-holdin' to tho old man's y'ear with
one han' an' a hammcrln' of his fea
tures with t'other. I don't know yet
why. 1 s'poso I gets to altowin' he's a
b'ar or somcthln' la my sloop an' tries
io Km mm.
"Well. son. i t's n wn v Kink n. Ion rrtlim.
hut 1 shudder yet when I recall that
old man's language. I jumps up the
second I realizes things, grabs my
raiments, an' gcttln' my horse out of
ie lot, goes p'lntin' down tho pike
mpre'n a lnlln 'fnm T Ktnrm to ilrnsi.
'The last I sees of tho old man ho's
pltchln' an' tossln' an' thn females n.
holdla'of him, an' ho's reachin' totrnt
?.. 1 A
- (lj A married
xm,Y Y y" s
e?i(J U oU1 cattl
"" v."' no settled
as. TJia in his cl
Y1.JI LJ VtT-l I v.. ' --
ih iM ln n
j-"'g. Si. Jl" - rwfi
a Ilawklns Hflo as hangs over the door.
t. never goes oacK no more, 'causo he's
mighty vendlctlve about it Ho tries
to make it a gran' jury matter next
court time.
"You can't tell much about women.
There was a girl who surprises us once
iu n way out in Wolfvillc. Miss Ituolt
er, who runs tho O. 1C restaurant, gets
this female from Tucson to fry flap
jacks an' salt boss, an' he'p her deal her
little gastronomic game. This vero
girl's name is Jc "nlo Tucson Jennio.
Sho seems a nice, good girl, too, an' in
less'u tw o weeks there's half the camp
jest wliinins" to marry her. It affects
business, it's that bad almost changes
tho channels of trado. Cherokee Hall
tells mo there ain't half tho money
gets changed in at faro as usual, an'
the New York store reports men goin'
broke ng'in b'lled shirts and similar
deadfalls daily. Of course, this yere
first frenzy subdues a whole lot after a
"If Jennio notices it, I don't know,
but she nover tips her hand to nobody;
jest shoves these foolish youth their
daily beans, an' Ignores all winks and
looks complete. At last one by one
tho various hands goes in the discard,
an' tho boys, gettin' discouraged,
shoves back an' quits. Finally they're
all out but two, an' ono of them was
never in so far as hitnso'f or anyono
else ever sees. Theso yere is Tutt an'
a man named Jim Wallace. Tutt is
tall un' good lookln' enuff, but back
ward an' bashful. No one ever detects
him once lookln' at Jennie an' I don't
think ho does. Ho confides in mo all
quiet after tho smoke cl'ars away, that
ho never thinks of It.
"Hut Wallace is different. He sots
In to win Jennio hard and heavy an'
tries to crowd tho game an' get action
for his money. It looks likes he's doo
to mike tho trip, too. Miss liucker is
backin' his play, nnd Jennie herse'f
sorter lets him set 'roun in the ketchen
an' watch her work, which thlsyero is
license an' riot itse'f compared with
how she treats others. Occasionally
some of us sorter tries to stack up for
Wallace an' seo.whar he stands with
the game.
'"How's It goin', Wallace?' Enright
asks ono daj
" 'It's too many for me,' says Jim.
'Sometimes I thinks I corrals her an'
then agin it looks llko I ain't in it.
Jest now I'm fcelin' some dejected.'
" 'Somothing pughter be schemed to
settle this yere, says Enright. 'It
keeps the camp in a fever an' maybe
gots serious.'
"'If somobody would only prance in,
says Doc Peots, 'and shoot Jim up
some, you'd have her easy. Females is
llko a rabbit in a bush pile you have
to shake things up a lot to make 'em
como out. Now, if Jim was dylu' an'
sho cares for him, she's shorely goin'
to show her hand.'
'"I wants to pause right yere to ob
servo Doc Peets was the smartest an'
best cdicated man I ever sees in my
life. An' what he don't know about
squaws Is valueless as information.
But to proceed:
" 'That's right, says Cherokee Hall,
'but of course it ain't goin' to do to
shoot Jim none.'
" 'I don't know,' says Jim. 'I stands
crcasln' a little too quick if I'm shoro
it fetches her.'
" 'What for a game,' says Cherokee,
'would it bo to jest play like Jim was
shot? Wouldn't that make her como a
runuln' same as if it was shore enuff?'
" 'I don't sco why not,' says Enright.
"Well, tho idea gains ground an' at
last gets to bo quite a cunspir'cy. It's
settled we plays it, with Dave Tutt to
do the shootln'.
" 'An' wn makes tho game complete,'
says Jack Moore, 'by grabbln' Davo
immediate an' ropin' of hlin bofore tho
committee, which convenes all reg'lar
and decorous in tho Bed Light saloon
a purpose: an' we all lines out llko
we'ro goin' to hang hlra for the kill
ing? Otherwise It don't look nacheral
no how, and' sho shorely detects it's a
"So wo gots things all ready an' in
tho middle of the afternoon when Jen
nio is draggiu' her lariat around loose
an' no thin' much to do 'causo wo ain't
comin' to disturb her none in her
dootlcs touching them flapjacks an'
salt hoss we all gets over in the New
York store an' lays Jim on some botes
an' a wagon cover over him for a
"'Cl'ar things out of the way alonjr
by Jim's head,' says Moore, who was
taking a big interest. 'Wo want to
fix things so Jen gets at him easy. You
hyar me? She's goin' to como stam
pedin' in yere. llko a landslide when
sho gots tho news.
"When everything's ready Tutt nnd
Moore, who concloods it's well to have
a good deal of shootln', bangs away
with their guns about four times
" k ,t shootln' once or twice,' says
Moore, 'might arouse her suspicions.
It would bo over a heap too quick for
tho real thing.'
"Tho minuto tho shootln' is ceased
we all takes Tutt and surges over to
tho Bed Light to try him; a pendln'
of w lrich Dan Boggs santers over to
the O. IC. restaurant an' remarks, all
casooal an' careless like:
" 'Davo Tutt down. Jim Wallace a
minuto back good clean gun play as
eer I sees, too. Mighty big credit to
both boys this yere is. No shootln' up
tho scenery, an' the bystanders, nor
sech klobbcrin' work, but cvorything
goes straight to centers.'
" "tVhar is he?' says Jennie, lookln'
breathless an' sick.
" 'Jim's remainder is In tho New York
store,' said Dan.
" 'Is he hurt?' sho gasps.
" 'I don't reckon he hurts none, 'cause
ho's dono fluttered from tho perch.
Why, girl, he's dead eighteen bullets,
caliber 45, plumb through him.'
" 'No, but Davel Is Dave shot?' Tuo
son Jennio says, a-wringin' of hor
small paws.
", 'Now, don't you go to fcelin' dis
couraged nono,' says Dan, beginnln' to
feel sorry for her. 'Wo fixes the wretch
so his murdcrin' spirit won't bo an
hour bohlnd Jim's gettin' in. JTho
Stranglers has him in tho Rod Light
makln' plans to stretch him right now.'
"Wc had just consoomed drinks all
'rtrand an Enright this in the chair,
an' we're busy settln' up a big front
about liearin' tha case, when Tucson
Jennio with a scream as scares up sur
roundln' things to sech a limit that
flvo ponies hops out of the corral an'
flies, comes chargln' into tho Red
Light, an' the next instant she drifts
around Tutt's neek like so much snow.
" 'What for a garao do you call this,
anyhow?" says Moore, who's a heap
scandalized. 'Is this yero maiden play
in' this camp?'
" 'She's plnm locoed wllh grief' says
Dan Hoggs, who follcrs her in, 'an'
she's done got 'ora mixed in her mind.
She thinks Davo is Wallace.'
'"That's it,' says Cherokee. 'Her
mind's stampeded with the shock. Me
an' Mooro takes her over to Jim's
corpse, an' that's shore to rovlvo her.'
An' with that Cherokee and Moore goes
up'to lead her away.
" 'Save him, Mr. Enright, save him!'
sho pleaded, still cllngln' to Tutt's
neck llko the loop of a lai lat. 'Don't
lot 'cm hang him! S.tvo him, for my
" 'Hold on, Jack,' says Enright, who
is lookin' mighty thoughtful. 'Jest
everybody stand their hands yere till I
counts tho pot an' notes who's shy. It
looks llko we'ro cinchln' tho hull onto
the wrong bronco. Let me ask this
young female a question. Young
woman,' ho says to Tucson Jennie, 'bo
you fully informed as to whoso neck
you're hanp;ln' to?'
" 'It's Dare's, ain't it?' sho says,
lookin' all tearful in his faco to mako
"Enright an' the rest of us don't say
nothin', but jest looks at each other.
Tutt flushes up an' looks pleased both
at once, but jest the same he puts his
arms around her like the dead game
man he is.
" 'What'll you have, gents?' Enright
says ret last, quite thoughtful. 'The
drinks is on me, barkeep.'
" 'Excuse me,' says Doc Peets, 'but
ns tho author of this yere plot, I takes
it the p'isen is on me. Barkeep, sot
out all your bottles.'
" 'Oents,' says Jack Moore, 'I'm as
peaceful a man as ever jingled a spur
or pulled a gun in Wolfville, but is I
reflects on the active part I takes in
this yere play, I w on't be responsible
for results if any man comes between
me an' payin' for these drinks. Bar
keep, I'm doin' this myse'f.'
"Well, it's hard encomcratln' just
how many drinks we do have. Jim
Wallace throws away tho wagon cover
an' comes otcr from tho New York
store an' stands in with us. It gets to
bo a orgy.
" 'Of.course it's all right,' says En
right: 'the camp wins with Tutt In
stead of Wallace, that's all. It illus
trates one of them beautiful character
istics of tho gentler sex, too. Yero's
Wallace, to say nothin' 'Of twonty
others, as besieges an' beleagucs this
yere femalo for six weeks an' she scorns
'era. Yero's Tutt, who ain't sayin' a
word, don't bat an eye, nor wag a
y'ear, an' sho grabs him. It is sech
oncertalnties, gents, as makes the love
ot a womtn valuable.'
" 'You should have asked me,' says'
Faro Nell, who comes in right then an'
rounds up right close to Cherokee.
'Why, I could tell you two weeks ago
Jennie's in lovo with Tutt Anybody
could see It. Why, she's been feedin'
of him twice as good grub as she does'
anybody else.' " Washington Post
Tho Horn Angler.
IIo was by nature and heredity one
of those predestined anglers whom
Izaak Walton tersely described as
"born so." His earliest passion was
Ashing. His favorite passage "in Holy
Writ was that plaoo where Simon
Peter throws a lino into the sea and
pulls out a great fish at the first cast
But hitherto his passion had beon in
dulged under difficulties with impro
vised apparatus of cut poles, and flab
by pieces of string, and bent pins,
which always failed to hold the biggest
fish; or perhaps, with borrowed tackle,
dangling a fat worm in vain before tho
noses of tho staring, supercilious sun
flsh that poised themselves in tho clear
water around a certain hotel dock at
Lako George; or, at best on picnic
parties across tho lako, marred by tho
humiliating presenco of nurses, and
disturbed by tho obstinate refusal of
old Horace, tho boatman, to believo
that the boy could bait his own hook,
but sometimes crowned with the de
light of bringing home a wholo basket
ful of yellow perch and goggle-eyes.
Of nobler sport with game fish, like
tho vaulting salmon and the merry,
pugnncious trout, as yet tho boy had
only dreamed. But ho had heard that
there were such flsh In tho streams
that flowed down from the mountaius
around Lako George, and ho was at
tho happy ago when ho could believe
anything If it was sufficiently inter
esting. Henry van Dyke, In Century,
Neutrality is no favorite with
Providence, for wo aro so formed that
It is scarcely possiblo for us to stand
neuter in our hearts, although we may
deem it prudent to appear so in our ac
tions. Colton.
Tho Aroostook, in Maine, was
named from an Indian word, meaning;
"gxd men.'
The Queen' Addrens Keren to the Mnrdei
nf Mltilonarlea In China amt the Ar
menian Massncree
Londo.v,' Aug. 10l The last of the
newrmembers of the house of commons
were sworn in Wednesday, and when
that body reassembled yesterday, the
members were summoned to tho house
of lords with tho usual formalities, and
the queen's speech was read by the
lord chancellor. Baron Halsbury, as
My Lords and Gentlemen- Tho covnmunlca
ilcns which I recelvo from foreign powers ns
sure mo of the continuance of their Rood wlU.
I am happy to say that no International com
putation has arisen In' any quarter
calculated to endanger the peace of Eu
rope Tho war between China and
Japan, which was In progress at the
opening of tho last sssIon, his been brought
ton conclusion by a. peaco which I trust will
enduro I obnervod strict neutrality during
tho war, and have token no notion In respect
thereto, except such as appears to mo ltkely tc
be favorable to i termination of hostilities
I deeply regret to wiy that tho most atrocious
outrages upon a body of English missionaries
aro reported from tho provlnco of ru-Kien,ln
China In rpply to earnest representation ad
dressed to the Chinese, government by my di
rection active measuros, which I trust will
prove effective are being taken for tho punish
ment of the murderers and all persons In uny
degree responsible for those crimes.
The Internal troubles which hae broken out
in tho Armenian districts of Asiatic lurltey
htvo been attended with horrors which have
moved to Indignation tho Christian nations ot
Luropo generally and my people cspe
cl illy. My ambassador and the ambassa
dors of the emperor of Hussla nnd
tho president of tho Trench republic, acting
together, have suggosted to tho government of
tho sultan reforms which In their opinion arc
necessiryto prevent a recurrence of constant
disorder. These proposals aro now being con
sidered by tho sultan and I am anxiously
awaiting his decision.
Latest llevloivs Indicate nn I.nlnrgect For
eign Market.
Washington, Aug. 10. The secre
tary of agriculture has issued a supple
ment to the publications of reviews on
foreign markets. It shows that,
notwithstanding the depression of
business in lbOl, tho Uuited States
exported SSSy,843,000, against SS47,
605,191 in 1SS3. Three-fourths of
tho amount camo from farms Tho
English speaking people of Europe
bought of American exports $451,000,
000 worth, and, taking tho British pos
sessions altogether, they took 523,000,
000 worth. The United States import
ed from Great Britain 8107,000,000 In
1894, or 10 per cent of our entire im
ports Almost 00 per cent of the total
United States exports were to tho
United Kingdom and British posses
sions, Germany, Canada, France,
Netherlands and Belgium. Of imports
after the first place, held by the
United Kingdom and British posses
sions, follows Germany with a valua
tion of 590,000,000, Spanish West In
dies, 53,000,000, Brazil and Prance,
572,000,000 each, and Canada, 837,000,
000. The circular contains carefully
prepared tables of our exports and im
ports by countries.
A Calliwny Conty (Mo.) Mob Hangs a
llrutnl Flrml.
Titton", Mo, Aug. 1G. Emmet Div
vcs, the negro who assaulted and
murdered Mrs. John Cain a few weeks
ago, was hanged by a lnob yesterday
morning at 1 o'clock. He was taken
fiom the St Louis jail Wednesday
at 4:30 p. m., and started for Ful
ton, accompanied by Deputy Sheriff
Buchanan, and a reporter for a St
Louis paper. He was taken
from tho train at New Florence,
and a party of four, besides
Divvers, started overland for
Fulton. The night was dark and
rainy, nnd nothing occurred until they
ncared a bridge about 10 miles from
here. At this point they were ap
pioached by several parties, who halt
ed them, and when satisfied they had
Divvers, hundreds of men camo out
of their hiding places and sur
rounded Buchanan and his prisoner.
Tho negro was quickly taken fiom the
ofllcers, dragged to tho bridge and
hanged. The body was then taken to
Fulton where it was again hanged as
a warning to all such criminals. The
negro had made a full confession of
the murder of Mrs. Cain, who was tho
yoltng biidoof a farmer of Callaway
Kxcurston Accident.
Camdkn, N. J., Aug. 10. Ono person
was killed and a score of others injured
in a rear end collision on tho Camden &
Atlantic railroad in this city last
night Tho Atlantic City accommoda
tion train which loft the shoro at i
o'clock crashed into tho rear end of an
excursion train from Lakeside at Lib
erty Park station. Marshall Johnson,
the G-j car-old son of. Rev. Marshall
Jtxfcnson, pastor of tho African Union
Methodist Episcopal church of this
city, was burned to death. Tho reai
car of the excursion train caught fire
and w as completely burned. The train
was the first section of fifteen cars,
having on board tho parentsand schol
ars of fourteen colored Sabbath schools
from Camden, Philadelphia and sev
eral counties in Pennsylvania.
France Still Stubborn.
Washisqtox, Aug. 10. A letter has
been recolved from Ambassador Eustis
to the effect that the French govern
ment still refuses to allow him to see
John L Waller or to civo him a copy
of the evidence upon which Waller was
convicted. This is the second refusal
on the part of the French government
to furnish this information, and allow
a personal interview between Waller
and Mr. Eustis, as representative of
the United States.
Champion Corbett Marries.
Asnuitv Pauk, N. J., Aug. 10. James
J. Corbett, the pugilist, was' married
this morning to Miss Jessie Taylor, of
Omaha, Neb. Tho bride is known by
the name of Vera Stanwood, and was
named as co-respondent in tho recent
divorce case of Mrs. Corbett against
her husband.
Died W hlle Laughing.
Lawhkxce, Kan., Aug. 10. While
sitting in a store talking, Jesso Maypt,
aged 50 years, dropped dead while
laughing heartily at a story to which
ho had been listening. Tho cause ol
bis death was heart disease.
Superintendent Mailman Says the Bed Hti
Should On Moms Work.
WA8HINOTO.V, Aug. 14. W. N. Hail
mnn, superintendent of Indian schools,
camo in yesterday from El Reno,
whero ho had been attending a conven
tion of teachers in Indian schools in
the southwest Mr. Hailman said that
there is not an Indian tribe in
Oklahoma which is, not able to take
caro ot itself in the main by labor,
and ho takes the position that the
aid boing given tho Indians by the gov
ernment is an actual injury to them.
He says that it is useless to educate
the Indians and send them home dur
ing vacations to bo surrounded with
lazy parents, who nro being fed by
the government Tho Choyenncs and
Arapahoe Indians are citizens of
tho United btatcs; they voto at elec
tions and at tho same time they aro
getting government help. Many white
men would tako government supplies
if they could get thero, but It would be
an Injury to them, us It Is to the In
dians. The professor says the Indians
should be mado to work for a living,
where they have land suited to agri
cultural pursuits, and the method now
in vogue is a great Injury to tho In
dians themselves, but does not offset
tho work of tho schools. It is under
stood that the Indian office, is likely
to take a new departure in its recom
mendations for appropriation by con
gress for the support of Indians. ' The
plan will probably be to place a lump
sum to the credit of tho commissioner of
Indian affairs, to bo used at his dis
cretion, and in cases whore Indians
should work for a living or are ren
dered unable to do so by sickness, and
In this way force tho Indians to be self
sustaining. NO AMERICANS HURT.
Telegram ltocelvedut the Chinese Legation
Concerning the Masiiacre.
WashijiOto.v, Aug. 14 Tho follow
ing cablegram, signed by the Chinese
foreign office, the Tsung Li Yamen,
was received at tho Chinese legation
No Americans were Injured In the recent
riots, though several E igllsh were. Five ot
the rioters havo been arrested.
This is the first official information
which has been received by the lega
tion concerning the recent riots, and
the fact that nothing was sent until
information of the arrest of some of
tho rioters, would bo reported, is taken
at the legation to mean that the Chi
nese covernment is anxious to havo
llio world,understand that the Chinese
are exercising their utmost endeavors to
punish those who participated in the
assaults upon tho missionaries.
American and British. Ofllclale 1V1U Go to
That l'lnce to Jnvoittgate.
Shanghai, Aug. 14. Mr. Mansfield,
the acting British consul at Foo Chow;
Mr. Allen, tho British vice consul at
Padoga Island; Col. J. Courtney Hick
son, tho United States consul at Foo
Chow; Messrs. Banistef and Gregory,
and one of tho lieutenants of
tho United States cruiser Detroit
will start from Foo Chow for Ku
Cheng, the scene of 'the recent massa
cres, as soon as possible In order to
make a complete inquiry into the mat
ter. The consular party will be
escorted by a detachment of 100 Chi
nese troops, the viceroy having refused
to allow an escort of foreign soldiers
or murines to accompany them.
Heavy Withdrawals for 1 xport to Knrope
Am Immodlatrly Replaced.
Wasiiingtov, Aug. 14. A telegram
was received at the treasury depart
ment from Assistant United States
Treasurer Jordan at New York, stating
8900,000 in gold had been withdrawn
for export to Europo. This was fol
lowed in a few minutes by another
stating that the Morgan syndicate
had deposited in gold in exchange for
legal tenders Sl.310,000, which left
the gold reserve at the closo of the
day's business 8101,833,715. Tho syndi
cate's nctlon is taken here as conclusive
evidence that it proposes to keep the
reserve above the 8100,000,000 point ac
cording to tho spirit of its contract
with the government
Seventeen of a Murderous Mexican Band ol
J! ttidlts Shot In Six Weeks.
Fj'.ONTKlt s, Sonora, Mex., Aug. 14
Six weeks ago tho private messenger
of Col. John Wclr was killed by a gang
of highwaymen and robbed of S5000.
The Mexican authorities captured the
robbers last week. Seventeen of the
number directly concerned In the af
fair have been convicted and shot For
ty others, among them an American
named Tribolot, who belonged to oi
sympathized with tho robbers, have
been impressed Into the Mexican army.
Tho entire bind of robbers who have
infested the region have now all been
shot or aro under arrest
The Mate of the Crathle nnd the Elbe's
Watclt Alone Censured.
BrtniiKRHAVEN, Germany, Aug. 13
Tho ndmirallty court tendered its de
cision yesterday on tho sinking of the
North German Lloyd steamship Elbe
In collision with tho British steamship
Crathle last January. The mate of the
Crathic, who deserted his post just be
foro tho collision, is held mainly re
sponsible, but tho vvatch of tho Elbe is
blamed for failing to manipulate the
helm properly and for not using the
steam whistle for signals.
Colored nptlsU Will Help Waller.
Washington, Aug. 14. Hon. John
M. Langston addressed the Washing
ton confereuco of tho colored Baptist
church upon tho imprisonment oi
ex-Consul Waller. A't tho con
elusion of his lemarks, a resolu
tion was passed protesting against th
treatment received by Mr. Waller,
and a pledge was made to bring
tho matter to tho attention of variouf
Baptist congregations, in order to pro
vide money for tho assistance of Mr.
Waller's family. Tho plan will be car
ried especially to Kansas and Missouri
where it is estimated more liberal r&
sponses will be mado than in any othei
states. t-
Three Men Killed and Ten Wounded Xea
Art! more. I. T.
Aurn:oi!R, I. T., Aug. 13. Three men
killed and ten others badly wounded is
the record of a threshing machine boll
crexplosion near Oakland, 25 miles cast
of this citv. The men were busy at
work yesterday about the machine
when the explosion took place. Engi
neer Short had just replenished the
tires beneath the boiler and closed tho
doors. Without warning the boiler ex
ploded, tearing the machinery to
pieces and hurling bits of iron and
pieces of wood for hundreds of yards.
Every man about the machine was
knocked down. Two horses SO yards
away were struck by flying scraps of
iron and killed.
A big force of men was working-
about tho thresher. When the explo
sion took place they were-all thrown
off their feet and enveloped in a great
cloud of steam. In a moment the air
was filled with the cries of pain
and agony of the living injured.
while tho bodies- of three men lav
still and silent in death with blood
flowing from gaping wounds In
their heads. It was an appalling-
sipht The bodies of tho dead were
placed in a wagon and taken to- Oak
land. Tho injured men w ere cared for
at the houses of farmers until they
could bo removed to Oakland.
Some Klekapoo Indians Will Not Give Up
Ilu-lr Lands for Settlement.
pEisitr.Ok., Aug. IS, The Daw ei com
mission made a partial settlement with
tho Klekapoo Indians last spring for
an allotment and an annuity with
the government for their lands,
which .lie in tho southeastern part
of Oklahoma Territory Of tho
275 Kickapoos 175 favored tho allot
ment and 100 did not Tho commission
reported iu favor of opening the Kick,
apoo country, and on the 23d day ot
May the Kickapoo lands, which aro
the finest in tho Indian territory, wero
thrown open to settlement
But thero were 100 Kickapoos who
opposed the opening, and they are still
of the same mind. The 100 Indians,
who are known as tho Richer Kicka
poos, declare that the Great Father has
never ordered their land opened to set
tlement, and say the white men have
taken It from them by force. Theso
100 dissatisfied Kickapoos havo built
a village on a section of fine school
land and declare they will not vacate.
Gov. Renfrow, of tho territory, has
leased nil of the school lands in the
Kickapoo county, and in this leased
land Is the tract on which the village
of the Richer Kickapoos is located.
Violators of the Monday Closing Law In
Kansas City (let Heavy Sentence.
Kansas Citv, Mo., Aug. 15. The
cases against thirteen saloon men for
keeping their saloons open on Sunday
in violation of the Sunday closing or
der issued by the board of police com
missioners, came up or a hearing in
the police court this forenoon. Eight
were fined 850, one 875 and two were
fined 81,000 each. Tho case against
Julius Eyman, barkeeper at tho Blos
som hotel, on Union avenue, was dis
EvAlderman A. P. Foley and his
bartender, Philip McCurry, who wero
charged with brutally assaulting Offi
cer Gallagher Sunday when ho went
to the saloon to arrest them for Sun
day opening, were cacli fined 500 for - '
the offense, and Foley was given an
additional S500 for keeping his saloon
open on Sunday.
A Shotenn Was Discharged nt a sheriff, but
Injured Children Across tho Street.
Iowa Citv, la., Auc. 15. John Smith,
aiding his brother, Georgo Smith, in
an attempt to prevent Sheriff Jones
from evicting the latter at Trank
Pierce's yesterday, discharged a shot
gun at the officer's head. The load
simply scorched the sheriff's face, but '
sped across the street and injured Bes
sio and Elsie Cupp, Erick and Herbert
Zager, and Charles Petrie, all children.
Erick Zager and Elsie Cupp were so se
riously injured that they may not re
cover. The others will doubtless live.
Petrie is an orphan, but the parents of
tho other children aro prominent peo
ple, and threats of lynching wero loud
and many. The sheriff nnd his deputy
arrested tho brothers and biought
them to Iowa City last night, and they
aro now lodged in jail.
The Keserve Itemalns Safely Above the
Hundred Million Murk.
Washinotoy, Aug. 15. Uuited States
Treasurer Morgan received a telegram
from Assistant Treasurer Jordan at
New York stating that the bond syndi
cate had deposited 81,058,000 in gold
in exchange for legal tenders and I
later in tho day another telegram
was received stating that 81,150,
000 in gold had been withdrawn
for export to Europe. This leaves
the gold reserve at the closo of busi
ness S102,431,011. This second deposit
by tho syndicate confirms the officials
in tho belief that it fully intends to
see to it that tho 81,000,000 gold reserva
is not Invaded. '
Left to tho Courts.
Omaha, Neb., Aug. 15. The police
muddle in this city, that at one time
assumed such a sanguinary shape be
tween the two police boards, has final
ly been compromised, both sides agree
ing to submit tho dispute to tho su
preme court
Three Men Drowued.
Middletox, N. Y., Aug. 15. A triple
tragedy occurred at Highland lake,
near Eldred, Sullivan county, recently.
William Taeterow, brother-in-law
of Proprietor Devcnogo of the
Mountain house, with W. Pilgrim,
tho chef, and tho pastry cook ol
tho hotel, -whose name is unknown,
were rowing on tho lake with two
,other men. The boat was capsized
'and tho tvyo strangers swam ashore.
Tho other three wero left struggling
In tho water. They wero unable to
reach the shore. All efforts to recovcj
tho bodies have proven fruitless.
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