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To buy Lumber from us, but now is a little better
than usual. We want both Money and Piling Room, and
arc willing to do anything in reason to get either.
Our - Prices -
Arizona Lumber
The Readers of
fye Coconino Sun
Have Means with which 3
to Buy "3
2: Have You any to Offer? j3
fc Sun readers cannot be reached 3
E .
fe by an advertisement in 3
fc any other news- "3
fc paper. 3
Tourists and commercial travelers will find the
above named hotel complete in all the modern im
provements of the day. The management will spare
no pains to cater to the wants of his patrons.
Also Dining Room attached, where nothing but
the best the market affords is served to Guests.
T. J. Coalter, IParcrp.
Wl the Qelioaoies of the Ejeaqon Ffh. frqm $ J&riftt,
( ' iou m inyitod to oall and inipeot my Stook
Are - Right.
and Timber Co.
Reached by the Most Orooked Rail
road in the World.
llepresenlutlvc HuhIiichh Men The
Output of Ihe United Verdo Mine
Greater Than Any Other
Mine In Arizona.
"Joromo is llio best mining camp in
America," is whut tlio resilient of that
prosperous ramp replies when asked
about Jerome, aud of u tiMh it is a
lino camp.
The Uuiteil Verdu Mining Company
is tlio only company at present doing
any mining. They employ nbout 400
men in tlio mines and iihimt tlio smelt
ing works. Tlio company are pro
paring to increase tlio capacity of their
smelting plant llfty per cent. Of the
actual output of the United Veldt
mine tlio public can only guess, but
that it is greater than any other mine
iu Aiizona all admit.
Tin) population is estimated at 1,500.
Siuco the advent of the railroad,
little moro thau a jear ago, the popu
lation lias uecomo more peimanent. A
great many of the emplou-es of the
company have built homes and brought
their families there, and the mountain
side is graced with many haiidsomo
cottages. Tlio lowu has electiic lights
and water works. Tlio town lies on
tlio side of a steep mountain, 5,500 feet
above sea level and 1,800 feet above
the Verde liver, six miles distant. The
main street is only wide enough to
admit the passage of a wagon, and the
ride from tlio depot to the hotel is cal
culated to make the hair of" a tender
foot staud on end.
Until November, 1894, every pound
of freight to and from the United Verde
mines had to bo carried oxer the inouu
tain cither by tlio bucket line or hauled
by wagons to and from tho railroad,
thirty miles. Tho United Verdo & Pa
cific railroad now connects the camp
with tho outer world at Jerome Junc
tion, forty-two miles south of Ash
Fork. Tho road is a narrow gaugo
and is twenty-eight miles in lenghth,
and for fourteen miles out of Jerome
it is probably tho most crooked road iu
the world. These fourteen miles em
brace tho mountain poitiou, and winds
along the side of the mountain and
across canyons iu its de ions route to
tho United Verdo mines. Tho road
abounds in curves, many of theinfoity
fivc degrees, and iu tho fourteen miles
thero are only livo places Iu which the
traiu of soou cars cau straighten out,
butiu no place is theio a grcatergrade
thau three per ccut. The scenery over
this portion of the road is indcsciibably
grand, and it might be termed "the
grand view line." A trip oer tho
Uuitud Vol do & Pacific is well worth
the time spout iu making it for the
grand view aloue. John Hums, for
merly of Montana, is the ofliciont
supeiintcndeut of the United Verdo &
Pacific lailroad.
J. L. Gifoux lias for mauy years
ably managed the alTairs of tho United
Verdo Mining Company. H. J. Alleu,
a genial and accommodating gentle
man, is the secretary of the company.
Tho various biwiuess interests are
fully represented at Jcromo. Tho
compauy has a largo boarding aud
lodging house. The general storo of
Miller Bros, carries a very large stock.
Merrill Bros, aud G. V. Hull als-i
carry largo stocks of general merchan
dise. Brlsloy & Tarr aro tho drug
gists. William Munds, with two other
butcher shops, supply the wants of the
people iu this line. O. M. Clark, a
well-known mining mail, has an assay
ofllco aud news stand. Nino saloons
keep opcu all night. Three barber
shops, a bakery, a gents1 furnishing
store, a livery stable, a shoo shop aud
a number of lodging houses aro minor
business places.
Tho Grand View Hotel aud the
Jerome House aro tho hotels. The
former, under the management of S.
F. Moguiro, is the leading hostelry. C.
F. Meirltt, an old-time Kingman boy,
is just starting a bottliug woiks. Tho
Mining News," with V. S. Adams as
editor, is prospering and doing good,
work for Uio yijituv
prof. Jocclyn is principal of the
public sphoul and his assistant is Miss
Clark. A church, in whleti services
aro held regtilarly on Sunday, has been
recently complotcd. There aro a num
ber of former residents of FJagstaff lo
cated at Jerome. Among tho number
aro William Munds, D. A. and W. J.
Murphy, Chas. Morrow, C. Rubio, F.
M. Russell. Dawson Hoss aud family,
W. G, Heury, John Sknggs, Mrs.
Dunu and Miss Minnie Jones.
"William Bailey and Joseph Coriigau,
formerly with the A. & P. railroad,
havo positions with tho United Verde
& Pacilic railroad.
There are u number of mining claims
in tho vicinity of Jeromo that -await
development, and which tho owners
claim aro as good as tho United Verdo
mine. A syndicate will next year do
considerable work on some of these
claims, and if they come up to their
expectations Jerome will doubhs its
population during tho year. But at
present there sceui3 to bo business
houses enough, aud tho workingman
can only hope to find employment iu
the mines or about tho works of he
United Verdo Mining Company.
The "Oasis" is having a little war
with the custom-house officers at No
gales. Grand Recorder Boyd of Deuvcr or
ganized an A. O. U. W. iodgo iu No
gales ou Saturday. Tho uew lodge
starts out with t euty-live members. '
Tho Southern Pacilic Compauy is
said to have determined to compel its
conductors to give a bond of $1,000
with tho Kansas City Surety Company.
The surety compauy assumes all losses
and employs its own spotters.
"Swift)" lias accepted tho challenge
of Jim N6ouan, the Califorula heavy
weight, and articles of agreement have
been" signed for a fight to" occur De
cember 22d. Noouan is to enter the
liugnt 189 pounds aud "Swifty'V at
The tumors that tho Moimons in
tended to depart from Mesa City have
at last been set at rest by preparations
now being made for tho erection in
that town of a $30,000 tabernacle for
tlio use of communicants of the Church
of Latter Day Saints. Work is soon to
be begun on tho uew structure.
Tucson was never so deluged with
bums as now. All quartors of tlio town
aio infested. They arc all ostensibly
hungry and uearly all aro secretly
thiisty. It may bo their fault that
they stopped here, but it is uot their
fault that they aro rcmaiuiug here.
Every outgoing freight train is be
sieged by tramps, but so strict is the
vigilauco of tho trainmen that few find
lodgment. Therefore tho crowd is
accumulating. Star.
Hon. George V. Cheney is in tho
city. It is understood that he has
mado arrangements to place a cyanide
plaut at tho Montana gold camp. The
plaut will havo a workiug capacity of
twenty-lire tons, daily. Tho tanks aud
other uccessary machinery havo been
ordered, and as soon as it arrives it
will be put iu place. Mr. Cheney his
undoubtedly the true secret of working
the Oro Blanco ores and saving what
ever mineral they contaiu. Citizen.
The board of supervisors, acliug on
advice of the district attorney, have
abolished tho clerk's ofllco In tlio pro
bate court, and tho work is uow thrown
on Probate Judge Grouse, who has
about all he cau attend to in oue office
alone. For the first six months of this
year the probate judge paid tho salary
of his cleik out of his own pocket, but
the office itsolf is not such a very renin
nerative oue, so tho board of suporvis
ors undertook to pay tho clerk's salary
uulil tho grand jury ruadu tho report
and the opinion of tho district attorney
was givou. Republican.
Julio Miranda stabbed and killed
another Mexieau at tho hog ranch at
Bbuita last week. It appears that the
two uieu had been drinking together.
'Both wcro iutoxicated, and Julio asked
the other Mexican to setup tho drinks.
The other man said ho was broke,
whereupon Julio lent him some money
and they weut up to tho bar to drink.
Whllo stauding at the bar they quar
reled aud a list fight followed, neither
getting much tho worst of tho tight.
Then they met outside the saloon and
quurroled agalp. Julio drew a Knife
and mado a Ihruit at the other mau,
stabbing him in the heart and killing
him almost instautly. Willcox News.
It Is now nn assured fact that the
two Workmeu lodges of Tucson will
erect a hall to cost, with grounds and
building, not less than $15,000, and
dXlMLiMM ....L.J
perhaps may cost $20,000 before com
pletion. Both lodges havo instructed
their lodges to proceed with prelim
luary arrangements, forming what will
be kuown as tho A. O. U. W. Hall
Association. A list for subscriptions
will bo circulated among the members
in a fow days. Shares will bo $5, pay
abio in monthly installments. The
Workmeu mean business, and another
building will soon adorn Tucson, of
which our good cilizcus, and especially
Workmen inembeis, will feel proud.
A dispatch from London says that a
largo Anglo-American nauking house
has placed in Glasgow, Scotland, the
entire issue of first mortgage bonds of
the Arizona Water Storage Compauy,
amounting to 400,000. This is the
largest irrigation enterprise in Ari
zona It will construct great reser
voirs on the Salt river at a gorge in
that stream some twenty miles above
the head, of that spleudid stretch of
country kuown as the Salt River valley,
iu central Arizona, and it "is not im
probable that other great reservoirs
will bo constructed at the head of the
valley and also on the Verde river, a
sti cam that enters the Salt river just at
tho head of tho Salt Uivcr valley.'
Walter Douglas, a sou of Professor
Douglas of the Copper Queen Com
pany, has gouc to the Mineral Hill
mining camp aud will remain there
until January 1st, when the mines will
pass into the hands of the company for
good. Tlio very knowledge that tho
Copper Queen Company has taken hold
of tho Mineral Hill mines is a matter of
congratulation not only to mine owners
in that immediate vicinity, but also to
the people of Tucson. If the mines in
that section develop, as anticipated,
ono of tho biggest copper plants iu
Southern Arizona will be erected iu
tho ueighboihood. The financial
strength of the Copper Queen Company
is a guarantco of their ability to carry
out any enterprise, however great, if
.uudertakcu. Citizen.
THE S. F., I'. & P. ItAILWAY CO.
Making Kovornblo Changes In Tholr
Train Service for the Accommo-
dutlon of the l'ubllc.
Effective 12:05 A. M. Saturday, No
vember 16lh, the S. F., P. & P. Rail
way will begiu tho followiug train
Train No. 1, passongor, will leave
Ash Fork 7:15 A. M, arriving at Pres
cott 10 A. si., leaving Prescott 10:10 a.
m., arriro at Congress 2:50 1 M. and at
Phoonix 1 p. m., or 3 p. si. Phoenix
Train No. 2, passenger, leaves Phoe
nix at 8:30 A. M., arriving at Congress
10:40 A. M., at Prescott 2:30 P Si.,
leaving Prescott at 2:45 p. 31., arriving
at Ash Fork at 5:20 r. si.
In addition to this excellent passen
ger service, making good connections
with tho Santa Fo system trains at
Ash Fork, and shortening the- time
from Prescott to Phoenix, aud vice
versa, passengers will bo permitted to
lido on the followiug freight trains:.
No. 31, leaving Ash Fork 1:30 P. si.,
arriving at Prescott 5:15 p. si.
No. 32, leaving Prescott 7:40 A. M.,
arriving at Ash Fork 11:45 A. si.
The above trains run daily.
Train No. 41, leaving Prescott 7:10
A. SI., arriviug at Cougress 11:45 A. St.
and at Phoeulx at 3:30 P. Si.
Train No. 42,' leaving Phoeulx at
7:40 A. si., arriving at Congress at
11:35 A. Si. and at Prescott a: 1 p. II.
Trains Nos. 41 and 42 will run each
alternate day.
This extra servico will no doubt be
appreciated and due advantage taken
ot same. It is in line with tho present
liberal management of tho road.
Jurt arrived at tho Flagstaff Com
mercial Company, a carload of the
celebrated. Monarch canned goods.
Nothing like them iu the way of canned
Out of Evil Comes Good.
Oue of tho good outcomes of the evil
of demonetization of sliver has been a
stimulation of thescaicli for aud de
velopment of gold mines. There is uo
danger of the supply of gold becoming
too large, and there was a felt danger
iu the accumulation of idle capital iu
bauk vaults. No inconsiderable part
of this lias been let loose by the revival
of gold-miniug enterprises, and Ari
zona has becu among tbo regions
most attractive to the speculator. It
long was an artielo of belief amoug
miners that Arizona was productive
only of surface gold, and that uo "deep
workings" could bo developed iu its
limits. Expel ience has brought knowl
edge; Arizona is full of "deep work
ings," and it is not improbable that
the Arizona mines may equal those of
Africa iu productiveness. .g
A second result has been tho devel
opment of agriculture for supply of the
mining industiics. Aud hero again
Arizona has vindicated itself against
its calumniators. The Territory has
been described as au uutillablo wastO'
of rock aud sand, but irrigation has
made pai ts of it as productive as tho
famous valley of the Nile. Another,
though perhaps a minor, result has
been the discovery of the fitness of the
Territory as a sanitarium for consump
tives aud for the nervously exhausted.
There is' uo doubt that Arizona pos
sesses the finest winter climate in the
w'oild, as warm as that of New Or
lcaus, but less humid; as bracing as
that of Southern California, and free
from the afternoon fogs of the coast
Hue; as equable as that of Florida, but
free from the malaria that infests part
of Florida. Chicago Inter Oeean.
Tho Secret of Good drops.
Tho modern farmer is uot content to
use the antiquated touls aud methods
of his fathirs. Iu this age of keen
competition tho farmer who wishes to
prosper needs aud gets the most im
proved farming implements; and by
reading the best agricultural literature
he keeps iu touch with tho spirit of
progress that pervades our farming
communities. Ho is particular, also,
in regard to the kind of seed he plauts
aud the manner of planting it. Tho
seeds must bo of highest fertility and
grown from the highest cultivated and
most profitable varieties of stock. Tho
great seed firm of D. M. Ferry & Co.,
Detroit, Mich., fully apprcciato this
fact, as is attested by their progressive
business methods and tho quality of
tho seed which they supply farmers
aud gardeners through the dealers all
over tho couutry. Tho reliability and
fertility of their seeds aro proverbial
and the largest seed business in tho
woild has been created by their sale.
In evidence of this firm's knowledgo of
tbo wants aud requirements of plant
ers, large and small, is "Ferry's Seed
Annual" for 1896. This book is of tho
greatest valuo to farmers and gardeners
a veritablo encyclopedia of farm
ing aud planting knowledge. It cou
taius more useful aud practical infor
mation thau many text b oks that are
sold for a dollar or more, yet it will bo
mailed free to any one soading his
name aud address on a postal card to
the firm.
Marvvlous Results.
From a letter written by Rev. J.
Guuderman of Dimoudalc, Mich., wo
are permitted to make this extract: "I
have no hesitation iu recommending
Dr. Kiug'a New Discovery, as tho re
sults were almost marvelous in tbo
case of my wife. Whllo I was pastor
of the Baptist church at Rives Junc
tion she was brought down with pneu
monia, succeeding la grippe. Ternblo
paroxysms of coughing would last
hours with little interruption and it
seemed as if she- could not survive
them. A ft lend recommended Dr.
Kind's New Discovery; it was quick in
its work and highly satisfactory in re
sults." Trial bottles free at D. J.
Branuea's drug etorc- ,
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' ii
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