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i. Hits ye. Bryant Did you hear It? How It
rolled from sea to seal
Did you hear the thunderous answer of a
people great and free?
3d Did you hear the word they've spoken
have you felt that shoulder-blow?
' " 'P your vile repudiation, have you heard
IT their mighty NO?
nits yo, Tillman) Have you noticed how
people of this land
Have arisen In their honor to strike down
your pirate hand?
Have you seen their banner there Is blaz
oned, fair to see,
Their renewal of allegiance unto Truth and
Hits ye, Altgeldt Can you read It? Can
you read the message through?
'Tls a message that the people In their
might Intend for you
How they'll tolerate no anarchy In this
land that they have won;
How they'll strangle every effort quite as
soon as 'tis begunl
Huve you heard It, O misguided? If you
hnve not, It n ere well
That you learned from thoso who've dono
so what the people have to tell:
We've a country, and we've made It, and
we're going to keep It clean,
And we'll throttle any serpent who would
make It base and meant
John Kcndrlc Bangs, In Harper's Weekly.
Inside History of Ills Nomination Is Ills
cloned. Urjnn's nomination wns no accident,
so far as ho utid Ills friends were con
cerned. When ho btood up to make his
c cut fill speccli he was throw lug loaded
dice, which had been prepared nearly
two years before. The boy orator had
twisted his frlonUs in pulling the wires
formany months, and eery mote in the
yiiine had been btudied out.
This information as gleaned in Xc
brnsKa during1 the week preceding eh c
tlon, and the authority for the story
which follows is no less a person than
James C. Duhlmnn, chairman of the
democratic state central committe of
Nebraska, Mr. llrynn's conlldential po-
lltlcal udiiser and friend. IIegaetho
t Tribune correspondent permission to
print the story after election, and mcan
t while every statement he mado was
erilled from other sources, tho whole
prolng conelushcly that William Jen
nings llrjan knew he was playing for
high stakes when he made his cele
brated cross of gold speech at the Chi
cago convention.
i He was not Only fully aware of the
plans of his Nebraska friends, but was
consulted at ecry stage, and on him
self alone depended the flnnl maneuver
which secured to him the opportunity
to speak just nt the right time to cap
ture the contention. The story, as
told by Chairman Dahlman, supple
mented by the statement of others,
bears the impress of truth on its face,
and can easily be erlfled by nnyyone
who cares to do rfo.
' In the summer of 1S04 parties were
more or less split in Nebraska. The re
publicans were divided, and so were the
democrats. The former split oier the
got ernorshlp. 1 he latter broke into fac
tions on the money question. William
Jennings Bryan had been elected to
congress twice and had demonstrated
i first a great power of glib oratory, and,
--, secondly, n innrtelous facility for unit
ing different factions and parties.
The democrats, dit ided, could do noth
ing. By n union w ith the populists they
might control the state. 15rj an w as just
the ian to unite the free-silt er wing of
the Nebraska democrats with the
"pops." He was for flee trade and free
si her, had alwnjs afllliated with the
populists from tho day ho went Into
politics, and poscsessed glittciing ora
torical powers from which much could
bo expected.
llryan was still in the lower house of
congress and fully e.pected to bo a can
didate for reelection, when a little
coterie of democrats of the silt er faction
In Nebraska put their heads together
and dcttrmined that the hard times and
the general feeling of unrest were an
opportunity not to Be missed, and that
tho talkative young lawyer from Lin
coln could, if handled properly, be
landed in the white house.
Until the extra session of 1893 Brynn
had been n tnillT reformer only, and his
first speech on tho silter question was
admitted to be a failure. He began to
Btudy It, however, for use in the next
congressional campaign, and the long
period of idlenss In the house when the
senate was wrestling with the tariff bill
gate him abundant opportunity to post
The Nebraska siher democrats led
the young congressman up into a high
mountain and pointed out tho richness
of the land which should be his if he
obeyed instructions. They promised to
make him llrst senator from Nebraska
to succeed Gen. Mnnderson, and then
president to succeed Grot er Clet eland.
It was pointed out to him 'that the
brains and leadership of the democratic
party were all In the gold fnetlon, tthilo
the sllter men hail no candidates who
tterejenlly strong except in tho south,
nnd The selection of a man from that
section was out of the question.
It was belieted that the situation In
Nebraska was such that the necessary
start in the presidential race could
rosily be secured. It was proposed to
form nn oethe tonlltion with the popu
lists, glilng them the stnte goternmenr
and rescrt Ing the United States senator
for thedemocints. .Mr. llryan consent
ed to the plans outlined to him, nnd the
necessary steps were at once tnken to
put them into execution
began to look over the ground, the
echeme even then being to secure tho
necessary amount of .notoriety for Bry
an, bo that when he came to make his
grand-stand play people would already
know about him.
It was soon discovered that the Oma
ha World-Herald, which was not a silver
paper In the full sense of the word, was
In need of money. Then It was found
that for $13,500 Invested in the concern
control of its editorinl policy could be
secured. A deal was fixed up with Mr.
Hitchcock, the proprietor, whereby the
sllter men were to contribute the
money needed for typesetting machines
nnd other things, nnd in return Bryan
was to be made editor in chief, with full
authority to commit the paper to the
wildest coalition doctrines. The den
was consummated and n close agree,
ment entered into, guaranteeing con
trol of the paper until nf ter the national
convention, though Publisher Hitch
cock did not know just what the limit ol
time meant. .
Meanwhile Mr. Bryan had been la
boring at Washington. He wrote a long
letter announcing his candidacy for the
United States senate on n platform
which he laid down for himself, includ
ing free trade, free silier, on income
tax, election of senators by the people,
opposition' to monopolies nnd trusts
and other things democratic nnd popn
llstle. The day congress adjourned he
took editorial charge of the Omaha
World-Herald and began the campaign
which had the lihito house in view.
Chicago Tribune.
'v t The Nebraska slher coterie got to- appreciated, though nlrendy some of
w-'fl cctl'cr during the early part of 1SU4 and J them ure felt. Philadelphia Inqulrrr.
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Over 400,000 cured. Buy No-To-Bao from
your own drosrBls'i who will guarantee a
cure. Booklet and sample mailed free. Ad.
Sterling Remedy Co., Chicago or New York.
Dr. KcnsiT (writing a proscription)
"Tako Oils every morainir." Pat "Dlvll n
bit I will. Bo yez t'Ink Ol'n a dumbed
billy-goat, that ycz ktu f ado mo on a bit o'
paper I" Up-to-Dato.
Gollkt "Is thoro a ball-room In this
hotel!" Gudser "Yes, sir; downstairs tq
the loft; only tvo generally call it tho bar In
this part of the country." Rozbury Gazette.
Hicks "Are jou fond of children t"
Wicks ''Immoderately. A house is so rest
ful after the little dears havo beon put to
bed." Boston Ti anscript.
Evimr man has somo peculiar train of
thought which ho falls back upon when bo
Is alone. This, to a great degree, molds the
num. Dugald Stewart.
Tiaixion (facetiously) "A man can al
ways dictate to his stenographer, you
know." Waglclgh "Yes; but she takes
him down, just tho same." Vogue.
LADTdo drunken beggar) "Aro you not
ashamed to beg!" D. B. "Yes, ma'am,
but I'm full; when I'm sober I'm a bin glar."
N. Y. Tribune
CThe popocrats are now the popo
cracks. They could not Rplit the na
tion and are now merrily engaged in
splitting themseltes. Troy Times.
C7"AmerIcan workmen hating pro
tected themseltes against a debased
currency, now demand that they be pro
tected against the injurious effects of
debased foreign labor. Philadelphia
E7America now proceeds to open her
mills nnd prepare for a business rush
without waiting for the aid or consent
of any other nation. She has no time
for any further nonsense. N. Y. Mail J
ami l.xpress.
CTThe money that has been hoarded
on nccount of the siltcr scare will now
begin to seeek intcstment and to pro
tide employment for idle labor at good
wages payable in good dollars. St.
Louis Globe-Democrat.
E?The goldbugs are nt their nefarious
work ngaln. The banks in Baltimore
arc trying to shotc gold on their de
positors who draw out money, but the
depositors refuse it nnd demand paper.
Kterybody knows that if Bryan had
been elected no such outrage would
haie taken plnce. N. Y. Tribune.
EMr. Bryan has begun hiscampnlgn
for 11)00, but four years Is n long time
for the people to remember speeches.
Mr. Bryan made a great campaign In
Chicago only a w eek before the election,
and Chairman Jones says that It was in
the last three dajs that the campaign
was lost. Chicago Inter Ocean.
CIt is a great and glorious victory
for sound finance, for public and pri
tate honesty and for n goternment of
law and order. We confidently beliete
that its effect will be most salutary in
restoring confidence, rcmoting depres
sion and starting the nation upon n new
era of progress and prosperity. Oma
ha Bee.
ETThe man with his little dinner pail,
with money in his pocket worth 100
cents to the dollar and prospectite em
ployment, If he has u let el head, can
not feel less than thankful that the
wildcat scheming of half-crazy states
men has failed. Good money and open
workshops mean much more to him
than open sllter mines nndclosed work
shops. Chicago Inter Ocean.
ETMcKinlcj'smnjoiity in the elector
al college Is larger than nny presidential
nominee has had since 1872, except
Clet eland in 1802, but this majority is
far less impresvshe titan the 1,000,000
popular plurality, which is immeasura
bly tho longest lead etcr git cu to a pres
idential candidate in any contested elec
tion. Moreoier, the AIcKinley states
represent double the population of the
Brj an states and three times the it enltli
Necessarily, though, the Bryan states
hate nn immensely greater pioportion
of the illiterate persons, for otherwise
they would not hate been Br an states.
St. Louis Globe-Democrat.
Cowict "I'm in hero for having fivo
wives" Visitor "How aro you enjoilug
your liberty!" London Figaro.
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candy cathartic, euro guaranteed, 10c, Hoc.
"Wgi.l, Jacky, did you enjoy tho horso
show!" "Pretty good. Thought It was
kind of queer tlioy didn't havo anv hobby-
norscs lucre, inougu." uarpors iiazar.
Jcst try a 10c box of Cascarets, tho finest
liver and bowel regulator ever made.
Tnis sorrow, which has cut down to the
root, has come, not as a spoiling of your
life, but as a preparation for it. Georgo
Kansas Cur, Ma. Nov. S3.
:ATTLTv-Hest beeves t 3 7S 4 65
Stackers 3 0) 3 80
ttatltecows !M a 3 81
HOG S-Cholce to heavy 3 10 3 27K
tVHEAT-No 2red 87 88
No-Shard. TeHO 78
COnN-Xo.SmUcd. 180 19
OATS Me 2mlied 17 18K
RYri-Xo.2 32 3.'V4
FLOUK Patent, per sack 2 2i 2 8S
Fancy. sou tt-w
UAY-Cholce timothy 8 SO 0 00
Fancy prairie m o w
BRAN-Sacked 34 33
uUTTEK-Cholcc creamery.... 1614 17
CHEESE Full cream tXb UX
KGGS-Cholce 17 Yk
CATTLE Native and shipping 3 50 4 85
Texans 2 30 3 41
HOQS-Hcavy 3 20 3 31
SHEEP Fair to choice 2 60 S 75
FLOUR-Cnolce 2 7 2 00
WHEAT No. 2 red 88 4 8
CORX-No. 2 mixed !1 --'X
OATS-No. 2 mixed 18 10
RYE No. 2..... - H 30
UUTTER Creamery 15 O
LARD-Western mess 3 62't 3 70
PORK 7 CO 7 25
CATTLE Common to prime... 4 20 4 80
HOGS Packing and shipping. 2 ) 3
SHEEP-Falr to choice 3 15 3 40
FLOUR-Wlnter wheat 4 11 M M
WHEAT No. 2 red 87 S7H
CORN-No.2 3!8 24
OATS-No. 2 18 18
IIUITER-Crcamery 1 21
LARD !7J W3 75
PORK 0 4J 0 41
CATTLE Native Steers 3 71 4 75
HOGS-Good to Choice 3 50 4 00
PLOUR-Good to Choice 3 7 4 11
WHEAT No. 2 red 8U 80'J
CORN-No 2 21 SIX
OATS-No. 2 18 18)4
RUTTEU-Crramcry UK 22
POIIIC Mess .' 8 60 9 00
Work to lie Proud of.
Why, certainly the fuinuce fires aro
again beginning to blaze. A repub
lican tictory in this country is uluuys
the source of business confidence and
prosperity. And the nctitity will not
be limited to the furnaces, either. It is
nlready felt In other departments of
trade. Etery ramifirntiou of industry
will soon feel the good influence. This
Is what the free traders so often oiei'
look. The brightening .furnaces and
forges will promote actitity in the coj.l
trade, nnd this in turn will increase the
consumption of articles manufactured
and sold by other dealers. A new it
dustry established or an old one n
ilved means more than wages or profits
to those immediately interested in it.
It nlTeetH beneficially the entire com
munity, merchnnts, builders, etery one.
It tins ii fine piece of work which tho
people did on election day finer, per
haps, than they knew. Only as time
goes on will itKsitcepingiidtantagesb"
of year .. ..
when men..
and women ..
become weak
ened by..
the weath
er, and run
down gener
ally. .. .. The
first parts that
the weather
affects are the
kidneys. The
urea is not
thrown off,
but is forced
back upon the
lungs, and dis
ease results
caused by
weakness of
the, kidneys.
known to medical
men for prompt
ly checking
troubles of the
kidnevs and re
storing these great
organs to health
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Lanre bottle, or new ttvle,
tmalicrone aiyourrtmtrtrisM
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ed millions of suf
ferers to health;
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never attempted
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pier; .. it stands
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qualities. Do you
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use it and thus
avoid the dangers
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sist upon having it
A. N. K.-D.
pleato atiUe tlmVyou saw the advertise
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Beciiet Societies "My pa's an odd fel
low," boasted a little boy. "My pa's a
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higher, for the hod fellows wait on tho
masons V Tit-Bits.
An Appeal for Assistance.
The man who is charitablo to himself will
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shape of divers d.tspcptlc qualms and un
easy sensations In the regions of the gland
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lr jou aro troubled wltli heartburn, wind in
the stomach, or noto that your skin or the
whites of your eyesaro taklngasallowhue.
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old compliment. You mean, dear, that I'm
worth my weight in gold." Detroit Free
Pi ess.
Piso's Curo Is a wonderful Couch medi
cine Mns. W. Pickeiit, Van Blclen and
Blake Avcs., Brooklyn, N. Y., Oct. HO, '1)4.
No Local Comn "So Boston rejected
MacMoiinlcs' 'Bacchante!'" "Yes, thoy
wcroamiovcd becjusoMic carried a bunch
ot erapos instead of a pot of baked beans."
Chicago Record.
Cascu'.ets stimulate liver, kidneys and
bowels. Xctcr sicken, weaken or gripe.
Mns GuiJMrr.T "Why don't wives rlso
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that kind of women." Dctiolt irco Press.
Lsjmm.m u
imm v
m 8. ("
W Km
who, accord-.
ing 10 uue-
torv. ras
IDnae, am not
. love her one
I particle tnore-
.l than a Won
husbands of
the present:
day love their
No novelist
could invent
t story of truer
manly devotionu
than the "humble
romance" revealed
""" by the following;
N" letter from Mr.
Harry Chant, of 211 Haskell Avenue,
Dallas, Texas.
-- ADom lourteen or nneen months m
I was working-with a ganeof men and happened
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I have a Mr washing- to do for the children.
The man said, ' What is the matter with your
wife?'" '
"For years my wife had been raftering from
what the doctors called prolapsus of uterus. She
was nervous, had cold hands and feet, palpita
tion, headache, backache, constipation, a disa
greeable drain, with bearing down pains; no ap
r:tite. She got so weak she could not get around,
am only a laborer so was always in debt wills
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icine I went to the drug store (Mr. Clawbera
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tcrearffrftfrfrc3ei8M9eM at
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i f fK
m 7yv8i
ffu 'SiVwn
. Jail iSL'fiw
Mien mm
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W rW r'WtriF VfrO kfrf -VVWi iFwvfWWbvi,,
: . J!
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if u. hW
sUt JBl1r.i.i. -ltisuM,M.&ti&. .,&.sSyiWfc
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