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At Flagstaff the county seat of Cooo
nlno county.
Summary of the Daily News,
Ghoroe R. Peck, formerly of Kansas
and the Santa Fe railway system, but
now general attorney of the Chicago,
Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad Co.,
with, his official residence in Chicago,
fell down an elevator shaft at a hotel
in Washington and his right arm was
broken just above the wrist, while all
of the fingers of his left hand were
broken back from their sockets and
tho full use of the hand never will.be
recovered, his physician said.
Tim National Orange, at their ses
sion at Washington on the 10th, adopt
ed a resolution in favor of the appoint
ment of a practical farmer for secre
tary of agriculture and appointed a
committee to draft a memorial to Mr.
McKinley expressing tho views of tho
A si'kciai. from Washington to tho
New York Times stated that an at
tempt would bo made during the com
ing session of congress to put an addi
tional tax of 830.000,000 on beer.
A co.NFMJKNCE of silver leaders, it
- . was reported, would take place at
Washington soon after tho convening
of congress to decide tho plans of the
Bilvcr men for the next four years.
Tub National Grange at their session
in Washington on tho 18th selected
Pennsylvania as the placo of meeting.
The city was not named. Unofficially
many of tho members oi tho grange
met at night and unanimously in
dorsed John 11. lirigham, of Ohio, for
secretary of agriculture and a commit
tee was selected to formulate plans for
urging tho appointment.
Visitohs cannot see President Clove
land for some time, as ho is busily pre
paring his last message to congress.
Only those .who have important busi-
noss to transact with him are admitted
to his presence.
Commandkk Mkt.vim.ic, chief engi
neer of the navy has made a report as
to tho condition of all warships of tho
United States so far as their machinery
and mechanical apparatus aro con
cerned. He urgently recommends an in
crease in the number of naval engi
Failures for the week ended tho
SOth (Dun's report) were 344 in the
United States, against 320 last year,
and 40 in Canada, against 43 last year.
TnR executive committee of the Na
tional Republican league met at Chi
cago on the SOth and decided to take
part in the inaugural ceremonies next
March, and an effort will be made to
have 50,000 leaguers in the procession.
D. W. Sf.ytjert, of Vandalla, 111., in
looking over some government reports
discovered that a 40-acre tract of land
in Fayette county. 111., had not been
taken and he at once made application
for preemption papers.
At the bession of the Illinois Federa
tion of Labor at East St. Louis on the
liOth a resolution was adopted by a vote
of 37 to 10, declaring for the free and
unlimited coinage of silver at tho ratio
of sixteen to one.
Tub steamer Olympia brought tho
news that the pla;ue was spreading in
Bombay. India, and that over C0.000 peo
ple had fled from the city since the out
break. Rumors that Cnpu-Gen. Wcyler has
been retired aro discredited by advices
received at Key West, Flo., from Cuba.
The lower branch of tho Vermont
legislature declined to pass the senate
woman suffrage bill by a vote of 135
to 89.
Tiiiutv people, 3,000 bales of cotton
and hundreds of tons of heavy timber
all went down in one loud crash at thp
Central railroad compress, in Macon,
Ga., on tho 10th. Fourteen Injured
people, all employes of the compress,
were removed from the wreckage, but
it was thought others were beneath
the cotton and lumber, and, if so, they
would bo dead before they could bo ex
tricated. Tho supports of tho platform
were rotten.
Indian 'Agent Doank, of the Qua
paw agency, I. T., has notified the
white renters in thoQuapaw reserve to
leave tho reservation. Thero aro about
SOU of theso renters and the order of
tho agent will work great hardship.
Nearly all of them have large crops of
corn ungathered, besides hay and
other crops. Tho order is imperative,
and if they obey they will have to
leavo their crops behind.
Wesley Oakland, aged 14, and Will
Lee, a colored boy, went hunting
around Greenville, 111., and disputed
about their markmanshlp. Garland
stepped off 30 paces and, turning his
back, bantered Lee to shoot. Leo fired
and fatally wounded Garland.
Representative Tawnev. of Min
nesota, said recently that his bill for
the retirement of government employes
upon pensions would be favorably
ticted upon by tho house committee on
civil service reform at the coming ses
sion of congress.
A Lincoln, Neb., dispatch of tho
17th stated that William J. Iiryan had
been engaged to deliver non-partisan
lectures on governmental and social
topics all over tho country. The man
'behind the enterprlso was said to be
VV. D. Mellce, of Norfolk, Vj.
Tub Misses Lucia and Linda Lind
and Al Pollock, a young attorney,
were crossing the railroad tracks at
Concord, Ky., in a buggy, when a fast
train struck them, killing them in
stantly. At Newcastle, Del., on the night of
the 20th some one placed a Spanish
flag in front of the armory of company
H, of the national guard, and'when the
young soldiers came out they tore it
from tho staff, trampled It under foot,
made some fiery speeches and Anally
made a bonfire and burned the flag
amid the cheers of the crowd.
Sander Swakinokn, a negro, killed
a-whlte man's dog at Columbus, Miss.,
and a mob of white men Burrounded
his house, fired his crib containing his
cotton crop and shot him.
Bradfoisd's roller mills at Creston,
la., were destroyed by Are and a largo
amount of wheat, flour and cornmeal
was consumed.
Notice has been gtven that the St
Joseph & Grand Island railway, for
merly a part of the Union Pacific, will
be sold at auction at the depot at
Hastings, Neb.
Three men entered a saloon at Har
rison street and Fifth avenue, Chicago,
at (1:30 a. ro. on the SOth and held up
the bartender. The saloon is only a
block from a police station.
A Baltimore Sun special from Rome
on the SOth said that Rev. Dr. Thomas
J. Conaty.had been uppointed to the
rectorship of the Catholic university at
Washington to succeed Bishop Keanc.
All tho policemen of Helena, Mont,
have given notice that they will strike
on December 1. They claim' that tho
warrants for their pay for the last
month cannot bo sold even for five
cents on tho dollar, the merchants re
fusing to tako them as the city has ex
ceeded tho limit of its lawful indebted
ness. The Luther league convention at
Chicago adopted as a badgo a pin with
a facsimile of the original coat of arms
worn by Martin Luther, being made
up of a black cross, surmounted on a
heart of red, at tho back of which is a
rose of five petals. The whole is on a
background of blue.
Two Lehigh Valley engines, drawing
heavy trains,' collided on the curve in
Mud'Run, Pa., on the 10th. Tho train
men escaped by jumping. Both en
gines tumbled down an embankment
into tho Lehigh river and were com
plete wrecks. A dozen cars were de
molished and the track torn up for a
considerable distance.
The 28th annual convention of tho
Society of tho Army of tho Tennesce
at St Louis on the 10th selected Mil
waukee as the next place of meeting
and elected Gen. Granville M. Dodge
president;. Gen. Andrew Hickenlooper,
corresponding secretary; Gen. M. F.
Force, treasurer, and Col. Cornelius
Cadlc, recording secretary. The Sher
man statue committee made Its report
and the contract for the work, which
is to cost $00,000, was approved.
The joint wage scale committee of
window-glass workers and manufac
turers adjourned at Pittsburgh, Pa., on
tho 10th after a two days' conference
without having reached any agree
ment The result of this failure means
the continued idleness of 15,000 men
throughout the country, who have
already been without work for the
past six months.
Three men in How, Oconto county,
Wis., recently hanged themselves for
fear of being drawn into a murder case
that was on trial.
The board of trade of Indianapolis,
Ind., has passed a resolution calling
upon the leading cities of tho country
to send delegates to a conference to bo
held in that city on December 1 for
formulating a plan for currency re
form. John D. Vinegar, a colored farmer
of Paulding county, O., shot and killed
George Johnson, also colored, in a dls
puto over two bushels of corn.
Tub 28th annual reunion of the So
ciety of tho Army of the Tennessee
convened in St Louis on the 18th, Gen.
Greenville M. Dodge, of Iowa, the pres
ident, calling the meeting to order.
Gen. Howard, who commanded the
"Ight wing of Gen. Sherman's army on
tho march to the sea, delivered the an
nual oration at night. His subject
was, "The Last Two Battles of Sher
man, Including the Surrender."
The principal event of the W. C. T.
U. convention at St. Louis on tho 18th
was the department parade. Each of
the 40 superintendents carried a beau
tiful banner, emblematic of the work
of their respective departments, and
following them were boys and girls,
carrying other banners showing the
divisions into which each department
is divided. After marching through
tho immense hall they gathered upon
the stage, making a beautiful picture
of color. The remainder of the time
was given up to addresses and music.
Geoi'.oe II. McCi.uskv, a ticket bro
ker, who, until recently resided in St.
Paul, was badly burned at Chicago by
vitriol thrown at him by his wife.
McCluskey left the woman somo timo
ago ard she followed him to that city.
He managed to protect his eyes, but
his face and neck were terribly burned.
The woman escaped and was not ar
rested. Sixty-two horses were burned or suf
focated to death and one man over
come by smolce in a flro in Ira 'J. Mix's
transfer barns in Chicago.
ToMJir Dixon, of Rochester, N. Y.,
and Johnny Whlttaker, of Kansas city,
Mo., were down on the cards at Buffalo,
N. Y., for a 20-round go at feather
weights on the 17lh, but tho New York
man knocked out the Kansas City boy
In !lu ninth round.
. i.'
Regulators called James Kelly from
his house at ClarUsvllle, Tenn., on the
night of the SOth and shot him. The
home of Nick Lyle was also visited,
Lyl'e and his farm hands being called
out and one of the latter slightly
Banker John L. Farivell has
wrecked the Sullivan County (N. IL)
Institution for Savings by bad finan
ciering, and the poor people of the
place have lost nearly $1,000,000 of
their deposits.
C C Odrll went to a telephone at
Los Angeles, Cal., when he uttered a
shriek and died in a few minutes from
an electric shock. A trolley wire had
broken and crossed the telephone wire.
Two torpedo boats collided during
the maneuvers of the French navy off
Cape de la Chevre and one was sunk
and its crew reported as missing.
Fire broke out on the SOth in Luot
kemeyer & Co.'s hardware store at
Cleveland, O., and destroyed the build
ing. The loss was placed at $200,000,
with partial Insurance.
Amy Doty locked her six-year-old
daughter and a little four-year-old com
panion in her room at Tampa, Flo.,
whilo she attended a minstrel show.
Tho children set the carpet on fire and
smothered to death.
John R. Gentry, the fastest pacer in
the world, was sold for 819,000 in New
York on the 19th. His record is 2:00.
His race record is 2:0X. He is 15.3
hands, foaled in 1889, bred by U. G.
Toler, at Wichita, Kan. His slro is
Ashland Wilkes, dam Dame Wood, by
Tub American Congress of Liberal
Religious societies convened at In
dianapolis, Ind., on tho 17th.
Fire destroyed the home of Mrs.
John Olson, near Varna, 111., and her
remains were afterwards found among
tho ashes.
Mercer, To., was devastated by tiro
on the night of the 17th, tho loss being
estimated 'at $300,000.
A fire at Brewton, Ala., burned
seven brick houses. Loss on buildings
and stock, SS7.000; small insurance.
Secretary Richardson, of the Ken
tucky state democratic committee, an
nounces that the party has decided to
contest the election of the II McKinley
electors in Kentucky. The grounds of
contest aro given as irregularity and
fraud in a large number of counties.
The state contest board is composed
entirely of republicans.
A railroad train was blown up be
tween Punta Brava and Candelaria, in
Plnar dol Rio, Cuba. Gen. Weyler was
at Candelaria for a short time on tho
19th, and it was believed the authors
of the explosion supposed him to be on
the train which was blown up, but he
had left several hours before the ex
plosion. The engineer, fireman and
conductor of the train, six soldiers and
several passengers were wounded.
Prairie fires have done extensive
damage in northeastern Lincoln and
Payne counties, Ok., and .destroyed
many thousands of acres of pasturage,
causing loss of hay. corn and buildings
to many farmers and fatally burning
two persons.
Secretary Morton, of the agricul
tural department, has made his fourth
annual report He strongly urges that
government inspection be extended to
all animals intended for food, and re
ports an increasing demand in En
gland for American horses. The secre
tary hopes the gratuitous distribution
of seeds will be discontinued and con
cludes his report by a review of tho
condition of American farmers and re
futes the idea that the farms of the
west are more heavily mortgaged than
those of the cast He says 72 per cent
of farms in the United States are occu
pied by their owners and aro freo from
Lord Okoroe Hamilton, secretary
for India, in a speech admitted that
73,000,000 people in India were affected
or threatened with alarming scarcity
of food, though it was thought the
government has some prospect of cop
ing successfully with tho situation.
DiriiTitEitiA prevails to an alarming
extent in the vicinity of Hopetown,
Woods county, Ok., and the entire sec
tion has been quarantined.
A duel occurred after dark on the
main street of Marietta, I. T., on the
21st and William Gore, a bystander.
was seriously wounded and James
Barnctt was shot in the neck. Owing
to tho darkness and confusion the prin
cipals could not be found, but they
were thought to have been Claude
Washington and either his uncle. Will
Washington, or Henry Foster on the
other side. The trouble was caused
over an alleged theft of cattle.
Near Me Loud, 0c., James Turner, a
farmer, was shot and killed in his
door yard by Chauncey Huskey, the 18-year-old
son of the postmaster of
Sweeneyville. Huskey was arrested,
and narrowly escaped lynching at the
hands of the neighbors.
Recent floods have completely de
vastated the town of Hamilton, Wash.
No lives were lost
During a football game at Chicago
on tho 21st David M. Wright was
thrown to the ground and recolved
fatal injuries. Tho ligaments of his
neck were snapped and be received a
concussion of the brain.
The residence of Snyder Neal, a
farmer living in Daviess county, Mo.,
was burned on tho night of the Slst
and five young children were cremated.
The parents were at a dance at a
neighbor's and when they returned
home the father went raving mad And
the mother was reported in a serious
Fays a Much Attention to' Bur Toilet M
Does a Froteulonsl Beauty.
If the Grecian women were beauti
ful, it was not wonderful, considering
the care they gave themselves. The
fashionable Grecian woman was of
free customs, but she was not depraved.
She resembled a professional beauty
more than any other class of modern
women, but she was far superior in
learning and accomplishments. She
could be a politician and write elo
quent speeches for the head of the
republic to deliver. She was versed in
sciences, and taught them in public,
and she was also a poetess, winning
her laurels over male competitors.
Her toilet was not her only and sole
occupation, though it did tako a great
part of the morning.
It begins by her slaves frlctionlng
her from head to foot, then placing her
In a bath of perfumed water, after
which she was again frictioned, this
time with ivory brushes, called
srigilles. This done, she is annolnted
with perfumed oils and'aromatic fumi
gations, and then, being wrapped in a
sheet, she is laid on a couch, where she
partakes of refreshment before tho
dressing process begins.
The hair is first attended to. It is
brushed, combed and rubbed with per
fumes, then it Is waved or curled with
hot irons previously to being dressed
in tho latest fashion. Gold bands,
jeweled pins, pearls and silken nets
are in turn worn to complete the head
dress, which in Itself is an artistic
study, as every statue of Venus tolls'
us. The hair being dressed, the eye
brows and eyelids are touched with
incense, and 'the teeth are brushed
with perfumed powders. A perfumed
water is also kept for some time in the
mouth to perfume the breath.
the wholo person is finally sponged
with an astringent lotion to prevent
wrinkles, and, finally, the face and
neck are gently touched with a white
wash. Tbe hands and feet are also
scrupulously attended to. They are
rubbed with softening pastes, and the
hands are dyed pin it, and poitsncd un
til they shine like glass. Philadelphia
English Doctor Who Are Artnallr In Re
ceipt of Coromlitlons from Undertaken.
"Some English doctors are in tho
habit of receiving commissions Irdix
undertakers on funerals procured
through their efforts." This startling
charge is made by Sir Edward Fry,
until recently a lord justice of the
court of appeal in England, in an ar
ticle on the evils of secret commissions
in trade.
"A poor governess," he says, "died
In a school, and as soon as she was
dead the medical man pulled from his
pocket a sheaf of the cards of an un
dertaker,, and, giving one of them to
the person concerned, suggested the
employment of the undertaker. The
undertaker was employed, but the
medical man has not since been called
in, for the real nature of the transac
tion gradually became apparent to the
head of the tchooL
"What a psychological study (to use
a current phrase) is presented by the
doctor standing by the bedside of a
natlent hovcrlntr between Ufa and
death with a pack of V undertaker's
cards in his pocket! Imagine such a
doctor, perhaps pressed for his last
quarter's rent or his butcher's bill,
computing the possible fees to be
earned if the patient lire, and setting
thevs against the commission which
will be paid if the patient be success
fully burled; contrasting the speedy
payment of the prosperous undertaker
with tho probable delay and trouble
of getting the fees from the slowly
convalescing patient, and the con
flict between these degrading thoughts
and the sense of duty not yet extinct
in the doctor's breast." N. Y. Journal.
Theory and Practice.
"They talk about women being im
practical!" she exclaimed, "but they
ought not to." What has set you
thinking about that?" inquired the
neighbor at whose gate she, had
stopped. "My . husband. He's been
talking about the rise in wheat He's
explained all about the purchase and
sale of millions of bushels of wheat
and billions of barrels of flour and the
law of supply, but when it comes to
remembering to stop at tho baker's to
tell him to send around a four-cent
loaf of bread he's no more to bo de
pended on than a baby." Chicago
Where a Lie Was Necessary.
"And when was it," she asked ten
derly, "that you made up your mind
to propose?"
He blushed and faltered, and tried
to say that it was on a summer night,
when she looked radiantly beautiful
in the pale moonlight As a matter of
fact, it was one morning when the
bnarding-houso coffee was exception
ally weak; but how could he tell her
that? Cincinnati Enquirer.
The cleaning of carpets
without taking them up. That is a specialty witE
down, if in all
Pearline (S"
Use it alone
f W.M t L
IT X. S I X.
vr- v. J ix
Ears, nose are more or less affected by catarrh,
which Is caused by Impure blood, Cure caurra
by purifying the blood. Remember
Is the best intact the One True Blood Purifier
Hnnrl'c PIIIc8ra tasteless, mild, cfleo
1 1UUU S rlllb tlve. All drninrliita. 9a.
tlve. All druggists, ate.
She Wanted a Wheel Badly. .
An Englishman in this city says that
bicycling is even more prevalent in
that country than in this. "To get
possession of tbe coveted wheel," ha
says, "our young women have been
known to maks uncommon sacrifices.
The daughter of a clergyman, a very
intelligent and popular young girl,
quite a belle in-a highly respectable)
set, hired out as a waiting maid in a
part of the city remote from her home
and, saving her small earnings, man
aged to buy a machine. By the merest
accident her identity was discovered '
and the story was made public, but
tho younglady did not lose caste by
the expose and her friends compli
mented her on her pluck." Washing
ton Post
An English Schoolboy' Essay.
Here is a description of a camel in an
English board school essay, which, al
though inaccurate in points, will be
recognized as substantially true:
''The camel is a vcry useful animal
and the hump is full of water; and it
'can walked across the desert some
times with loads on its back, and1 give
little boys and girls a ride in the
country and walk across the desert
without any water. And it costs a
great of money, ond to buy it saddle
and its altars to put round its head.
And a thick chain so he should brako
it, and the camels feeds themselves on
the grass and stumbs of old trees and
hay." Chicago Inter Ocean.
Gladness Comes
With a better understanding of the
transient nature of tho many phys
ical ills, which vanish before proper ef
forts gentle efforts pleasantefforts
rightly directed. Thero is comfort in
the knowledge, that so many forms of
sickness aro not duo to any actual dis
ease, but simply to a constipated condi
tion of the system, which tho pleasant
family laxative, Syrup of Figs, prompt
ly removes. That is why it is the only
remedy with millionsof families, and fa
everywhere esteemed so highly by ell
who value good health. Its beneficial
effects are due to the fact, that it is the
one remedy which promotes internal
cleanliness without debilitating the
organs on which it acts. It is therefore
all important, in order to get its bene
ficial effects, to note when you pur
chase, that you have the genuine arti
cle, which is manufactured by tho Cali
fornia Fig Syrup Co. only and sold by.
all reputablo druggists.
If in the enjoyment of good health,
and the system is regular, laxatives or
other remedies are then not needed. If
afflicted with any actual disease, one
may be commended to the most skillful
physicians, but if in need of a laxative,
one should have the best, and with the
well-informed everywhere, Syrup of
Figs stands highest and is most largely
used and glvcsraost general satisfaction.
Why not buy the oriel
which holds the world's
record for largest sales
Write for Illuttnted dialogue with prices,
to Estcy Organ Company, Brattleboro, Vt.
EMPIHE ITCKSKKT CO.. at. lonls. Ms.
Yucatan, it is perfection.
After a thorough sweeping, you
fi sajassswJaLswBiiasMa '
simply scrub them wtth Fearhne (0 ",p) and water.
Then you wipe them off with clean water, and sit
down and enjoy their newness and freshness.
You ought to be able to dda good deal of sitting
your washing and cleaning you use
?;), and so save time" and worfc
no soao with it. i
I S, J"1?
'i'SrS I
f slB
vm x-M'

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