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The Coconino sun. [microfilm reel] (Flagstaff, Ariz.) 1898-197?, July 18, 1903, Image 8

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Fred. Hull left Friday for Downey,
Calif, where be expects to reside in
the future.
The youngest child of Mr. and Mrs.
R. F. Bongberg died Monday of
spinal mengitis.
J. R. Kathrens has gone to east
ern Kansas and expects to remain
there. His family expects to join him
some time next month.
Bids will be received by the Board
of Supervisors on Wednesday next for
the construction of an iron fence
around the court house and the lay
ing of cement sidewalks.
C. E. Howard is up from Ash Fork.
He reports an unusual heavy rain
there on Wednesday. The streets in
the lower part of town were flooded
and sidewalks were washed away.
F. S. Breen, supervisor of the San
Francisco, Black Mesa and Grand
Canyon forest reserves, expects to
leave Monday on a thirty day trip to
his former home near Chicago, 111.
In a general drunken row in Jack Kee
gan's saloon in Challender a man
named Casey shot Keegan. The
wound is not considered dangerous.
Casey made good his escape after the
shooting and has not at this date
been arrested, although the officers
are after him, and they think his ar
rest will be made within a few days.
The Board of Supervisors are hav
ing the court house grounds graded
and the street on the south side filled
in and graded. Cement sidewalks
will be laid to the doors of the court
house from the street. The yard will
be surrounded with an ornamental
iron fence with a stone base. A large
force of men and a dozen teams are
engaged In the grading which ia of
itself considerable of a job.
The Santa Fe railroad will offer a
round trip to the Grand Canyon on
Saturday, August 1st, for 95. It is
provided however that fifty tickets are
sold. Those desiring to go on this
trip can obtain full parictlars by con
sulting Prof. A. N. Taylor. A spe
cial car will be furnished from Flag
staff on the trip to the Canyon, and
the tickets will be good for ten days
allowing return on any train within
the ten days limit.
The board of equalization has
about completed their labor of equal
ization. The assessment roll has been
increased something over $500,000.
The railroad and other lands within
the forest reserve limits have been
raised from a valuation of $2.50 to
$3.00. It is understond that a reduc
tion in the value of taxable property
in Flagstaff and Williams will be
made, as it is contended that the
value of real estate is too high.
iver thest they wear
Levi Strauss cGSs
Death of John Y. T. Smith.
John Y. T. Smith died in Los Ange
les on the ICth instant. He was one of
the pioneers of Arizona having come
to the territory in 1872 and was iden
tified with the interest of the territory
ever since.
He was married in Prescott to Miss
Ellen E. Shaver, who in 1873 taught
the first school in Phoenix. Their
children are Mrs. George Buxton,
Bertram Smith and Miss Mary E.
Politically, Mr. Smith was always u
staunch republican, and in days when
republicans were almost a curiosity in
these parts. He served in the Phoenix
city council in the early days, and in
1808 was elected to the territorial leg
islature, serving in the session of 1809.
Ho was elected again in 1886 from this
county and In 1888 wos re-elected,
serving in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth
assemblies. During the latter he was
influential in the enterprise of moving
the capital from Prescott to Phoenix.
He was also speaker of the Fifteenth
assembly. In 1889 he was appointed
territorial treasurer, a position he
held for two years, and subsequently
he was a member of the territorial
board of equalization.
Prominent in Masonry, Mr. Smith
was a past deputy grand master of the
grand lodge of Arizona, and as a
member of the G. A. R. was a past
commander of J. W. Owens post of
this city. He was also connected with
the California commandry of the Loy
al Legion and was a member of the
Society of California Volunteers.
Wednesday night, J. S. Cook, a
freight brakeman, was stabbed by a
Mexican. The Mexican was a section
man employed at Cliffs, and with a
companion they tried to beat their
way to Flagstaff. They were ordered
off the train but refused to go. Cook
tried to put them off when one of
them, Eduarado Madaleno, stabbed
Cook, one knife thrust took effect in
the right arm and another in the
shoulder and back. Madaleno was
arrested Thursday morning by Depu
ty Sheriff Walker, and was examin
ed before Justice of the Peace Quin
tan and held to appear before the
next grand jury in the sum of $300,
in default of which he was committed
to the county jail.
D. S. Riley, of Cleburne, Texas, was
here Thursday gathering the details of
the accident by which his son, Thomas,
met his death on Juno 19th at the Cin
der Pit by falling from the foot board
of a Santa Fe locomotive. Mr. Riley
left for his home yesterday.
Excursion Rate far Convention hi the
East, Summer of 1903.
For conventions in the east, for sum
mer of 1903, round-trip exenrsion
tickets will be sold as follows :
Chicago, $72.50; Peoria, $69.25; St.
Louis, $67.50; Cairo, $67.50; Memphis,
$67.70; New Orleans, $67.50; Superior,
$60; St. Paul, $67.90; Minneapolis,
$67.90; Sioux City, $60; Omaha, $60;
Council Bluffs, $60; Pacific Junction,
$60; Nebraska City, $60; Atchison, $00;
St. Joseph, $60; Leavenworth, $60;
Kansas City, $60; Ft. Worth, $60;
Mlneola, $60.
Dates of sale Juno 4, 5, 24, 25, 26,
27, 28, 29 and 30; July, 15 and 16; Au
gust 25 and 26, 1903.
Going limit, tickets good to start on
date of sale only. Transit limit ton
days. Return limit 90 days from date
of sale. Stop-overs within final limit.
Geo. E. Sullivan,
Flagstaff, A. T., May 10, 1903.
Los Angeles.
Send for free book.
To Provide for the Preservation, Repair
and Renewal of Sidewalks and the estab
lishment and Enforcement of Liens for
the Expense thereof.
BE IT ORDAINED, By the Common Coun
cil of the Town of Flagstaff ns follows:
Section I. It shall be the duty of the Street
Supervisor to Inspect all sidewalks, to keep in
formed as to the condition of the same, and
whenever any sidewalk, or any portion thereof,
shall be broken, decayed, or otherwise in bad
condition or repair, he shall notify the owner or
owners of the lot or lots or part or lot or lots
adjoining such sidewalk or portion thereof, In
writing, to repair or renew the same within
fifteen days after the serving of such notice.
Sec. 2. Such notice may be served by the
Street Supervisor, by personally delivering the
same to such owner or owners, or by depositing
the same In the U. S. postoffice at the town of
Flagstaff, addressed to such owner or owners,
at his or their last known place of residence,
with the proper postage thereto affixed, and
upon such delivery or deposit, as aforesaid,
service of such notice shall be deemed com
pleted. Sec. 3. It shall be the duty of the owner or
owners of such lot or lots, or portion of lot or
lots, within fifteen days after the service of
such notice as aforesaid, to place the sidewalk
or portions of sidewalk In such nottco men
tioned or described In good condition and repair,
using therefor material similar in character
and dimensions to that with which such side
walk was originally constructed: provided that
If such sidewalk was orglnally constructed of
wood with a top of boards or planks less than 3
Inches to thickness, the same shall be renewed
and completed in the manner following to-wlt:
with good surfaced lumber 2 inches in thickness
and not more than 10 Inches in width, laid H
inch apart, and no sidewalk so constructed
shall be less than & ft. 4 iu. In width laid on 3
stringers, which may be cither of 2 x 8 or 4x4
dimension stuff.
Sec. 4. Whenever for fifteen days after the
service of such notice the owner or owners so
served shall fall to repair or renew the side
walk or portion thereof in such notice directed,
it shall be the duty of the Street Supervisor to
repair or renew the same.
Sec & Whenever the said supervisor shall
repair or renew any sidewalk or portion thereof,
as provided In the preceding section, he shall
within ten days after completion of such repair
or renewal, file In the office of the Town Clerk,
a verified, itemized statement of the cost of
such repairs or renewal, which statement when
so filed shall be deemed and taken as prima
facie evidence of the cost of such repairs or
renewals, and unless such owner or owners file
with the Town Clerk objections in writing
thereto within ten days after the filing of such
statement, such statement shall be conclusive
evidence of the amount of such cost.
Sec. 6. The owner or owners so filing objec
tions, as aforesaid, may appear before the Com
mon Council at Its next regular monthly meet
ing, and present evidence in support of their
said objections. The Council shall then deter
mine the cost of such repairs or renewals, and
said determination shall be conclusive of the
amount thereof.
Sic. 7. The cost of such repairs or renewals,
together with all costs and penalties herein
provided for shall constitute a lien upon the lot
or lota fronting or adjoining the said walk so
repaired or renewed, in favor ot the Town of
Sec. 8. If the cost of such repairs or renew
als be not paid to the Town Treasurer within
ten days after the filing ot the statement here
inbefore provided for, if no objection be flled,as
herein provided for, or within ten days after the
determination of such objections it the same bo
filed, 25 per cent of the amount of the cost
thereof shall be added to the cost and become a
charge upon the property In like manner as the
original cost.
Sec. 9. As soon as may be practicable after
the attaching of such penalties, the Town Clerk
shall cause to be published In some weekly
paper In the town ot Flagstaff, for four con
secutive Issues thereof , that on the first Mon
day after the completlonof the publication of
such notice, and between the hours of 10 a. m.
and 4 p. m. of said day, the property (describ
ing it), or so much thereof as may be necessary
to realize the amount of such cost, penalty and
the cost of publication, will be sold from the
front door of the town hall.
Sec 10. On the day fixed for the sale, the
Town Clerk shall sell the property so adver
tized, or so much thereof as may be necessary
to such person as will take the least portion
thereof and pay therefor the whole amount due
thereon including penalties and cost.
Sec. II. The Town Clerk shall, at the re
quest of the purchaser or purchasers, or If the
town be purchaser, without request, make, ex
ecute, and deliver to the purchaser a certificate
describing the property, the amount for which
It Is sold, and reciting that at the expiration of
six months from the date thereof a deed con
veying all interest of the town in and to said
property shall be delivered to the purchaser.
Sec. 13. The owner or owners of such prop
erty so sold may at any time after said sale, re
deem the same from the Town Treasurer upon
the payment to him ot the amount for which
the property was so sold, together with 30 per
cent penalty thereon, for the benefit of the pur
chaser or purchasers thereof. Upon the expira
tion of six months after the date of such certifi
cate, the Town Clerk shall upon demand make,
execute, and deliver to tho purchaser or pur
chasers a deed to the property so sold, which
deed shall vest in the grantee a title in tee to
such real estate, and shall be conclusive evi
dence of title, and that the matters and things
therein stated are true, and In case any person
shall be in possession of the real estate which
may be sold as hereinbefore provided, a writ of
restitution may bo Issued by any judge or court
of competent jurisdiction, placing the purchas
er or his assigns in possession.
Sec, 13. All ordinances or parts of ordinances
in conflict with the provisions of this ordinance
are hereby repealed.
Sec. 14. This ordinance shall take effect and
be In force from and after Is passage and publi
cation. Passed by the Mayor and Common Council of
the Town of Flagstaff, this 14th day of July.
A. D. 1(03, and presented to the Mayor for his
approval and signature, and by him signed and
approved, this 14th day ot July, A. D. 1903.
T. E. Pollock.
Attest: Mayor.
L. W. Qumlan,
Town Clerk.
Trustee's Sale.
Default having been made in the paj meat of
Interest and principal ot a promissory note, da
ted August 31, 1899, executed by Joseph Fisher,
and Sadn Fisher, his wife, for Six Hundred
Dollars (MOO), payable to the Columbia Savings
and Loan Association, of Denver, Colorado, se
cured by a deed of trust to T. J. Zollars, as
trustee, and In case of his resignation or ab
sence from the County of Coconino, Territory of
Arizona, then to the acting sheriff of Coconino
County as successor In trust, dated August 31,
1899, recorded September 9, 1899, In Book 4.
pages IJ9 to 135, Inclusive, ot the records of said
Coconino County; and.
Whereas, T. J. Zollars Is absent from said
county, and has resigned his position as trus
tee: now,
Therefore, At the request of The Columbia
Savings and Loan Association, the legal bolder
ot said note, and under and by virtue of the
power and authority In me vested by said deed
of trust, I will, on the twentieth day of July, A.
D. 1903, at the hour of 10 o'clock, A.M., Fell at
public auction at the front door of the County
Court House, In the County ot Coconino, Terri
tory ot Arizona, the following-described prem
ises and all the right, title. Interest and equity
ot redemption of the said Joseph Fisher and
Sada Fisher In and to said premises, to-wlt:
Lot No. Seven (7), block No. Seventeen (17), In
the recorded plat thereof, as surveyed and
platted by H. C. Nutt, trustee, tor the Atlantic
and Pacific Railroad Company, situate In Coco
nino County, Territory of Arizona, for the
highest and best price the same will bring in
cash, for the purposes of paying said note and
the Interest thereon, and the expenses of exe
cuting this trust JAMES A. JOHNSON.
Sheriff of Coconino County,
Successor in trust.
First pub. June 20.
Tent City
on San Diego Bay is an
ideal summer resort. The
climate is perfect. Open
June 1 to September 30.
under management of Hotel
del Coronado. Full infor
mation regarding excursion
rates, charges at tent city,
etc., from agent
Santa Fe
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