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No. 33 '"-" '-SlI
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All Enjoyed the Encampment Com
manding Officer Praises Ari
zona Batalllon.
The Arizona National Guard
usually finds a warm place in the
hearts of the regular Army officers
wherever they meet and are held
in high esteem by them.
Captain Campbell and Co. I. were
highly commended and pointed to
with pride by all organizations in
the field. It was difficult to tell
them from the seasoned regular
troops when tiy passed the review
ing stand and few if any officers of
the regular army would not have
gladly traded companies with Capt.
The following special order was
issued by Division Commander Gen.
McClusky, and it is an exceptional
honor as only Arizona Batallion
was included in such an order dur
ing the encampment.
Headquarters First Brigade,
Maneuver Division, Camp of In
struction, near Austin, Texas,
August 11, 1906.
, 'I he Commanding Officers, Batalion
First Infantry, Arizona National
Sir; The brigade commander
desires .to convey to the ba talion,
Arizona national guard, his high
appreciation of the exceptionally
soldierly manner in which they have
jwrformed the duties required of
them while serving under his com
mand at Camp Mabry Texas. The
, cheerful spirit which they have
displayed .promises well for the
. future contingencies for national
defense, as far as Arizona is con
cerned. He trusts that their return
home may be pleasant, and their
future as a military organization
Very respectfully,
David F. Cordrny,
Captain, Adjutant Twenty-sixth In
fantry, Adjutant General.
The Arizona batallion was for
tunate during the trip as all the
men returned without mishap.
Owing to a washout on the South
ern Pacific at Langty the return trip
; was made. by the way of Fort Worth,
Texas, which delayed their return
one day
leg Cut Off.
Pedro Sotto, while trying to got
aboard a moving freight train in
the railroad yards here, Wednes
day morning, fell under the wheels
.of n car and the wheels cut off his
loft leg between the knee and ankle,
besides receiving several bad cuts
on the body and head. He was
taken to the county hospital where
his injuries were dressed by the
hospital physican. His recovery
is considered doubtful.
Sends Bear Meat.
L. M. Gridcr, of Grider &
Hamilton, either shot a bear in
the wilds of Arizona, where he is
hunting, or he purchased some very
good bear meat as several of his
friends received some choice bear
steaks.from him Monday morning.
Brilln met his Waterloo on San
" Francisco mountain, 20 miles from
Flagstaff. I os Angeles Record.
Arm Breken.
While horseback riding Wednes
day evening Miss Col ton was
thrown from her horse, .and her
right arm broken in two piaces.
The accident was caused by her
foot slipping from the stirrup thus
being unable to control her horse.
The Injuries will confine her to her
room for some time.
Business Men Complete Organization
of Club-A Step ia Right Direc
tion, for Ooed of Flagstaff.
A meeting was held last night in
the town hall by a number of busi
ness men to complete the organiza
tion of a commercial club, began
one week ago.
The following officers were elect
ed to serve until the annual meeting
in January: M. I. Powers, presi
dent; George Babbitt, vice-president;
T. E. Pollock, treasurer; T.
E. Pulliam, secretary; Directors,
M. I. Powers, Geo. Babbitt, T. E.
Pollock, C. M. Funston, T. A. Rior
dan, G. H. Coffin, F. W. Perkins.
The name of the organization is
"The Commercial Club" of Flag
staff, Arizona, and the object of
the association will be to promote
the progress extension and in
crease of trade and industry of
Flagstaff; acquire and circulate
valuable commercial and tourist
information; promote just and equi
table principles of trade, to se
cure concerted action upon all mat
ters of public interest, using such
means as may be best calculated to
protect the interests and rights of
its members, as Business men and
citizens, looking chiefly towards the
commercial development of the
Such an organization has long
been needed in Flagstaff, and the
business men now realize its need.
It should be the duty of every busi
ness man in town, to join the club
and give' his aid in the efforts of
the club to get the town out of the
rut in which it has fallen, give the
club a boost, and by so doing give
the town a boost.
A meeting of the directors of the
club will be held on Friday night
of next week to prepare the by-laws
of the association.
Read Dr. Swikerath's advertise
ment. R. L. Ferguson has sold hiB lots
in the west part of to,wn to J. W.
David and E. J. BabbTtt left Sun
day for Los Angeles, Cal., on a ten
days business trip.
E. S. Gosnoy returned Tuesday
afternoon from a weeks business trip
spent in southern California.
C. E. Howard of Ash Fork and
president of the Howard Sheep
company, spent Wednesday here.
T. J. Coalter left Sunday morn
ing for Phoenix where he will at
tend a meeting of the territorial
board of equalization.
John M. Clark and wife, of Tuc
son, and who are visiting relatives
here, visited the Grand Canyon this
Let a girl goout with the wrong
kind of a man and she will meet
everyone s'he ever knew before she
returns home. Atchison Globe.
The primary election law is
printed in this iasue, and it might
be well for those interested to read,
it, and become familiar with its
J. H LinU formercounnty assessor
but now a resident of Los Angeles
was a visitor here Sunday. Hewaion
his way from a visit to his old home
in Indiana to Los Angeles.
John Hance was in from the Grand,
Canyon Thursday. He has sold his
residence property here to. his bro
ther James Hance, the consideration
being $500.
Si S. Preston the post trader at
Tuba is in town this week, to meee
his family who have been visiting
.datives in Missouri nnd who ar
rived today.
A Party From Los Angeles on a llunt-
lug Trip Scouting the Mountain
for Bear and an Outing.
L. M. Grider, Joe Fast and Frank
Oswald, three prominent business
men of Los Angeles, are here for
a vacation and a hunt for big game,
the killing of a bear being their
specialty. Last week they made a
trip to Clear Creek, seventy miles
southwest of Flagstaff. The trip
was a hard one for the professional
hunter, and was especially so for
the gentlemen from the Angel city.
After they had reached the hunt
ing grounds and while going down
into the canyon, one of their pack
animals made a mistcp and rolled
down thecanvon, as the animal car
ried the guns and ammunition of
the party, the latter was spilled
and the guns broken, when the
pack animal slid off down the steep
bank to the bottom of the canyon.
With broken guns on hunting
could be done and the party re
turned to Flagstaff reaching here
Saturday night, tired and greatly
disappointed over the failure to get
even a sight of a bear.
Antelope and deer were seen in
numbers, but it was out of season
for this game, but they enjoyed the
finest scenery and climate in the
Monday after their guns had
been repaired the party left for a
trip around the mountains north of
Flagstaff and they expect to have a
good time and to bring back a good
big bear as a trophy of the trip to
Read Dr. Swikerath's adver
tisement. Dan McDonald of Williams has
been spending the week here.
Harrison Conrard left Tuesday
for Catalina Island to be gone about
two weeks on his annual vacation.
Mrs. S.'L. Finley returned Tues
day from a trip to the Verde val
R. S. Teeple, manager of Bab
bitt's branch store at Williams,
was a business visitor hero Tues
day, C. L, Higginsand family in com
pany with A. E. Hackett and wife
spent the day in Oak Creek Thurs
day. A new hard wood floor is being
put down in the court house hall
way. J. A. Wilson has the con
tract. -
General A. J. Sampson and wife,
and Mrs. F. M. Livermore visited
the petrified forest at Adamanna
this week.
Mrs. D. M. Riordan and daughter
Miss Elizabeth, of Los Angeles, are
visitors here, the guests of the
Hotel Weatherford.
R. E. Benedict, inspector in the
forest service completed his inspect
ion of the office of Supervisor F. Si
Breen Tuesday and left for Pres
cott. t
C. A. Haflly, who has a position
with a Bisbcc business house is
herein a visit to his family. "Mr.
Haffly says Bisbee is a live busi
ness town.
The announcement o John O.
Harrington as a candidate for the
office of member of the board of su
pervisors appears in this issue. Mr.
Harrington's candidacy is subject to
the action of the Republican county
convention. He is an active repub
lican and believes that he will be
one of the candidates chosen to
make the race, for this important
office, and if nominated he also be
lieves he will be'elected.
Will Spend $230,000 In Building Round
houses on Coast Lines. Con:
tract Awarded. -
It was reported on reliable au
thority in Albuquerque that the
Santa Fe Railroad company officials
in Los aAngeles have accepted do
signs and awarded contracts for
reinforced concrete roundhouses ag
gregating over $250,000.
One of these, to be erected at
Bakersfield, will cover a ground
area said to be greater than any
other roundhouse in existance, and
will be a model in arrangement,
style and construction for future
roundhouses of the company.
The turntables to be constructed
in connection with these buildings
and each of the stalls will be the
largest ever built by any;raifoftd
company in the world54vgJl
Their construction will bevnder
the direction of General Manager
Arthur G. Wells, Acting chief En
gineer C, A. Morse and Architect
Harrison Albright.
Carl Leonart, of Los Angeles, was
awarded the contract for Bakersfield
building, which will have thirty
five stalls, 850x92 feet, and will
cost $150,000.
A. W. Anson, of Needles, Cal.,
who has an office in Albuquerque,
will build an eleven-stall addition,
246x92 feet, to the San Bernardino
round house, at an expenditure of
C. A. Fellows, of Kansas City,
Kan., has the contract for a ten-
stall addition at Point Richmond,
to be 250x92 feet in dimensions, and
toe ost $42,000.
A. H. Harrell, at Williams,
Ariz., will build a six-stall round
house, 147x92 feet, for $22,500.
Miss Virginia Weatherford of
Beaver Creek is visiting her brother
J. W. Weatherfordi Miss Weather
ford is the principal of the school
at Camp Verde.
B. F. Stacy, associate professor
of history and economics in Throop
Polytechnic Institute, spent Monday
and Tuesday in town in the inter
ests of the famous school in Pasa
dena, California.
W. J. Homer, editor of the Ari
zona Magazine, spent Sunday here,
on his way horn e to Phoenix. He
had been to Chicago where he pur
chased a printing and photograph
engravering plant for his magazine.
Walter W. Durham today sold
to Leslie Hart all his cattle and
ranges. The sale embraces all the
ranches and stock in the neighbor
hood of Mormon Dairy, anil is con
sidered one of the best in the coun
ty. The following were visitors at
the Cliffs in Walnut canyon Monday
afternoon: The Misses Smyser, Miss
Roberts, Mrs. F. J. Jack and Fran
ces and Alice Jack, the Misses Per
kins, Bert Blair, Ross Gosney and
Harlow Wilson. .
Wm. Mclntire returned this week
from Relief Hot Springs, San Jac
into, Cal., where he has been for
the past three weeks trying to get
rid of an attack of rheumatism.
The springs however did him but
little good.
Harry and A. W. Dubois, Cor
nell students from1 Ithaca. N. Y..
were visitors In tiown the first of
the week coming fn from a six
hundred mile trip through Arizona
and New Mexico. They report a
very pleasant trip through and they
hope to return to this part of Ari
zona in the near future, one of them
expection to enter the forest ser
Birthday Party.
A birthday party was given Miss
Claire Campbell by her mother,.
Mrs. Colin Campbell, on Wednes
day August 15. Refreshments were
served and a general good time was
had by the many friends and associ
ates of Miss Claire on this her
tenth birthday.
Those being present were: Birdie
Hackett, Julia Manning, Irene Bart,
Grace Cordes, Mimmic Cordes,
Mary Rickcl, Louise and Barbara
Rickel, Veronica and Claire Mc
Gonigle, Gertrude Babbitt, Har
riet Funston, I la Rogers, Justine
Johnson, Edith Johnson, Esther and
Edith Gregg, Esther Wait, Fay
Conor, Kate -und Ruth Sterns,'
Lucile Campbell, Lucile and Thel
ma Campbell, Elizabeth Hennessey,
. ...
Mary and Louise Greenlaw, Lola
May SI3in, Katherine Keller, Lena
Doyle," Virginia Phelan, Marguer
ite Babbitt Mary and Elsie Deitz
man, Mary Donahue, Beth Mcln
tyre, Maud Compton, Bessie Kidd,
Flora Jensen, Lizzie Rice, Agnea
and Alice Rowe, Clara Kernan,
Zclma Lanning, Ruth Diamond,
Myrtle Pulliam, Nettie and Virgie
Lockett, Mfidred Kidd, Mamie Mc
Millian, Pearl Newman, Gladys and
Lois Gosney, Verda Pattee, and Liz
zie Byrum.
George Black and family spent
Wednesday in Williams.
J. A. Lamport was a business vis
itor at Seligman Wednesday and
Miss Roberts, of Peoria, III., is
visiting her sister Mrs. F. J.
Jack. .
Mrs. R. H. Cameron and son
Ralph returned Thursday from a.,'
two months visit to California,
W. G. Dickinson brought- in
Wednesday a bunch of fat cattle
from his ranch in the southern part
of the county for the local market.
James Kennedy', marshal of Wil
liams, spent Tuesday here. He is
a prospective candidate for the
nomination of sheriff on the dem
ocratic ticket, and was looking over
the political field as to his chances.
Campbell, Francis and Co., ship
ped 2,700 lambs to Kansas City
Monday. The lambs were in fine
condition and from their looks on
the day of shipment should bring
top-notch prices in the present high
W. J. Watson left ayduTrhs
morning for Los Angeles, Cal.,
where he expects to reside. Mr.
Watson has resided here for several
years and he has been a good citi
zen and his removal is regretted by
his friends here who wish him suc
cess in his new home.
The youag people of the Presby
terian church gave a moonlight pic
nic, minus the moonlight last even
ing in the park at the foot of Ob
servatory hill. AH of those pres
ent report a very pleasant evening
and the committee, consisting of
Misses Perkins and Manning and
Edward M. Brown, are to be con
gratulated on their success in get
ting up the picnic.
C. C. Young, the Baptist evan- ,
gclist for New Mexico and Ariaona,'
who has been spending the past two,,;'
weeks in Flagstaff left Tuesday for
Williams. While in town Mr. ...
Young was looking over the situation
with a view of founding a church
here but it is very doubtful if any
thing will be done along that line
for some time to come. The outlook
for Williams is no doubt a little
better as that 'town greatly needs
another church and in all probability-:
a Baptist Mission will be started
St ,.
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