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Number 19
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Wr'-' Volume XXVIII
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Coconino County Seems to Have Lost
Out in Rond Improvements and
People Would Like to Know
Where Funds Have
Good, permanent roads are bad
ly needed 5n Coconino county, and
while it is true we have hundreds
of miles to take care of and keep
in passable shape, a well laid plan
of permanent roads to be added to
from year to year, will eventually
result in a splendid system of
While Coconino county has paid
in over Sio.ooo toward the terri
torial highway, none of this fund
has been expended in this county
except for a preliminary survey.
It was understood that the funds
paid in by each county would be
spent in that county, except such
amount as was necessary for pre
liminary expenses and private sal
aries. Two years have passed
since this system was inaugurated
and up to date nothing has been
done lor Coconino county, unless
the Verde bridge in Yavapai coun
ty can be considered. Yavapai
county has territorial road under
construction out of Prescott, but
Coconino is still waiting.
Apparently, if strenuous action
is not taken by county officials to
secure their share of the improve
ments from this territorial fund,
our southern neighbors, who are
ever ready to secure their share,
including a small hunk of that be
longing up north, will have the
improvements while Coconino is
paying the bills and holding the
The board of control has 'the
power to appropriate the money
as they see fit, and as their inter
ests lie largely in the south, we
will eventually wake up to find
that the main improvements will
also lie mainly in the south.
A fair share of our county funds
spent for a stone crusher and
equipment would start the good
There is no question but that
the county authorities are willing
to enter into any feasible plan for
permanent stone roads, but they
would like to have the people
back of the movement.
Prettier Than YellowstoneCanyort
Oak Creek, in the vicinity of
Lolomai Lodge, owned by Mrs.
F. W. Sisson, is said by many
visitors in a position to know,
that it is prettier than Yellowstone
Canyon. It is certain that no
prettier or more restful place can
be found in the west to spend a
vacation. Every effort is made
at Lolomai Lodge to please guests.
It is a' unique lodge in a unique
spot out of the ordinary some
thing new in the way of scenery
that few travellers see as it is out
of the beaten track. Drop Mrs.
F. W. Sisson, Flagstaff, Ariz., a
line if you want accommodations.
No one has ever known to regret
a visit to Oak Creek.
Buying Beaver Creek Land
The 8o-acre tract of land on
Heaver Creek owned by Mrs. Re
becca J. Casner was sold this
week to W. G. Dickenson for the
sum of 400, while the adjoining
eighty acres went to W, E. Rals
.ton from W. G. Dickenson for
".the sum of $500. Jerome .News.
Scene Near Flagstaff
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This picture by the Flagstaff Kodak Finishing company will surprise not only eastern friends, but many
living in Arizona. Rogers lake is about nijic miles southwest of Flagstaff, where bass
fishing and duck shooting is gqod during the summer months
an extensive Aztec ruin containing j jJ) WITHOUT BAIL
many curios, pottery, etc., near I
Ins bungalow north or town, lie
started grading and excavating!
for a road to his place Monday
and the laborers run into a islight
elevation where they found many
mementos of that ancient race.
The ruins were not disturbed ex
cept where the road had to be
graded through, but enough work
was done to disclose the founda
tions of old ruins through which
trees at least 300 years old had
grown to maturity. A number of
similar hills near his residence
show conclusively that there were
a number of Aztec homes built in
that vicinity.
The leg bone of a turkey, badly
charred, was found, which led Mr.
Akin to believe that the old ruins
must have been vacated shortly
after Thanksgiving day a few cen
turies agOj
Dead Infant Found
A baby but a few hours old was
found on the track at the west end
of the switch at Cosnino Tuesday
morning, evidently still born.
The sheriff's office was notified
here and ludge Harrington em
panelled a jury and drove to Cos
nino in the early morning. At
first it was thought that a child
much older had accidently lurched
from a car window in going around
the sharp curves, but evidence
showed that some one on No. 10
Monday night had thrown the
baby from the train. There was
no evidence connecting anyone
with the baby so far as could be
ascertained by the jury.
New Addition to Flagstaff
Lamport & Bunker, the survey
artists, are laying out and survey
ing a new subdivision for Flagstaff
on the north of George Babbitt.
The land lays west and north of
Mr Babbitt's handsome new resi
dence and affords many choice
locations for new homes. Streets
and alleys will be opened up and
the lots staked out that prospec
tive purchasers may have an idea
of locations. The new subdivi
sion will be high and dry in a de-
jsirable sectionof the city.
The preliminary Hearing of lesus
Torres and Andreas Gerule,
charged with the murder of John
AlbcyocclipiedUlrtVffirne of Judge
Rounseville's court on Tuesday
and Wednesday afternoon. The
examination resulted in both of
the accused being held to appear
before the grand jury without bail.
Strong evidence against Torres
was produced, Gerule testifying!
that while he (.Gerule) and the
deceased were engaged in a quar
rel, Torres beat Albey about the
head and face with a pistol. Tor
res, on the other hand, tried to
make the case look as black as
possible for Gerule and minimiz
ing to the utmost the part he
played in the fatal affray.
Twenty-two witnesses in all
were examined. Henry Ashurst
appeared for Gerule, District At
torney Steeves represented the
territory, and Torres acted as his
own attorney, and the manner in
which he conducted his delensc
showed that he has had considera
ble experience in criminal matters.
The court room was crowded
during the hearing, standing room
being at a premium.
From all accounts, Jesus Torres
is a pretty tough proposition. He
served a term in the Colorado
penitentiary, at Canyon City, and
a few years ago, while incarcer
ated in the Williams jail, managed
to make his escape. He has been
in trouble frequently in Phoenix
and other, towns of the territory,
but has heretofore managed to
evade justice entirely or to escape
with a light jail sentence. Wil
liams News.
Eakins Now Aching
Tom Eakins has a badly in
jured leg as a result of bumping a
stump with his shin while riding
after cattle last week. His leg
was not broken, but was so badly
bruised that he has been using a
pair of crutches for a week and
will be compelled to continue
doing so for some time. The
muscles are so badly bruised that
his leg is painfully swolen.' ,
Rogers Lake
Knights and Ladies Meeting
Charter members of the Knights
and Ladies ol Security will please
be present at the first meeting on
Tuesday evening, April n, 8
o'clock, at the Elks hall.
Mrs. Millie Anthony,
,: ' Deputy.
The Knights and Ladies of Se
curity, a fraternal order paying
disability, accident, old age and
death claims, has been organized
in Flagstaff with over twenty good,
live, charter members. This order
has over a hundred thousand
members and a large reserve fund,
which is the main feature of the
order, and represented in every
state of the union. Topeka, Kan
sas, is its headquarters. Its rates
are reasonable and graded accord
ing to age and do not increase
with advancing years. The Sub
ordinate and National Council
officers arc bonded in sound and
reliable indemnity companies. For
further particulars, the Deputy,
Mrs. Millie Anthony, would be
pleased to inform at any time.
C. A. Greenlaw's residence.
Will Locate in Arizona
Rev. Sam Small, one of the
most famous evangelists in Amer
ica, and a brilliant orator, was a
visitor in Williams last week in
company with Rev. J. M. Ochel
tree. Rev. Mr. Small is entitled
to place D. D. and L. L. D. after
his name. Dr. Small, in the
course of his conversation, stated
that he intended starting a paper
in Phoenix, the material for which
has already been ordered. The
new journalistic venture will be
called The Sun, will be demo
cratic in politics, and the first
issue will make its appearance
about May 1. Dr. Small has
traveled extensively and says he
has found no section of the coun
try that has such a promising fu
ture or that .offers better opportu
nities for investment than does
Arizona. Williams News.
Locate at Flagstaff
Mrs. J. H. Bowden left Sunday
for Flagstaff to join her husband,
who went there several days ago
to take a position with Babbitt
brothers. They will make Flag
staff their future home. Phoenix
Local Lodge of Elks Installed Officer
and Made More Good Elks
Tuesday Evening;
Tuesday evening the Flagstaff
lodge of Elks installed their re
cently elected officers for the year,
as follows: F. W. Perkins, Ex
alted Ruler; R. J. Kidd, Esteemed
Leading Knight; Murry Branncn,
Esteemed Loyal Knight; G.FXon
nor, Esteemed Lecturing Knight;
Dr. E. S. Miller, Secretary; M. I.
Powers, Treasurer; Jesse L. Boyce,
Tyler. Addresses were made at
the conclusion of the installation
The tyler, in wandering around
the Elk corral, discovered two
suspicious characters, one of whom
proved to be Prof. John Adams of
the normal school, a young man
who narrowly escaped getting
away with a horse belonging to
the sheriff of Yavapai county. This
was squared up, however, and he
was allowed to sit on the stove
and swallow electric light, bulbs
and was otherwise instructed in
Elk masteries.
The other young man said his
folks called him J. R. Sweeney
and the city authorities had per
mitted him to hang around Wil
liams and Bellemont, that he really
was not famous for "wildcatting"
stock schemes, though his enemies
often alluded to him as such. He
too was given the privilege of
blowing the goat's horn. Both
young men now know the signs
and pass words, includiogafew
cuss words.
Homestead In Yavapai County
Before United States Commis
sioner Moore Saturday the follow
ing made entries of lands for
farming purposes: L. O. Tucker,
of the S. F., P. & P. offices, filed
on forty acres under the desert
act, which will be added to his
.160 acre homestead. His loca
tions are situated near Granite on
the railroad. Milo E. Tackett,
son of Deputy Sheriff E. M. Tack
ett, of Flagstaff, and Charles W.
Murray, of the same city, each
filed on 160 acres under the home
stead laws, about eight miles east
of Jerome Junction. They will
begin substantial improvements
immediately. Judge Moore states
that during the coming week there
will be over ten more applic4tions
filed in his office for homestead,,
entries in the vicinity of the Junc
tion, the'interested parties looking
the field over to ascertain what'
lands are the most desirable.
Prescott Journal Miner.
Big Diamond Found
In the month of February a gen
tleman by the name of Clements
traveling in a private car acci
dently dropped a big diamond set
ting from his ring near the oil
tank'east of the station. The dia
mond was said to be worth be
tween 800 and J 900. He notified
Agent Buckbce of his loss and as
it had fallen in the snow and cin
ders hardly expected to recover it.
Monday a young man named
Roberts, who recently came here
from Phoenix, was carelessly kick
ing over cinders with his foot,
when he noticed something glitter
and picked it up. He was una
ware of the value of the gem and
did not know the Santa, Fe office
force had been growing stoop
shouldered hunting for the lost
treasure for the past monfh.
Someone, however, soon advised
him .of the value of the diamond
and it was turned over to Sheriff
Francis for safe keeping until the
owner can be located and notified
of the find.
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