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The Coconino sun. [microfilm reel] (Flagstaff, Ariz.) 1898-197?, January 24, 1913, Image 8

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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THE COCONINO SUN s . . ' whwjsm,.
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Grepe Paper
and Grepe Napkins all kinds
Will Marlar Pharmacy
"5 Mrs. Win. Griffen returned
from the east Wednesday.
C Julius Wetzler, the cattleman,
rinRSian irom noiurooK
J' Mr. A. B. Jennings and family
jeturned from Redlands, Calif.,
Sunday evening.
I O. L. Hart and E. E. Thurston
the cattlemen, were in Prescott
the first of the week.
I Mrs. F. W. Hesser left yester
day for a few day's visit with
' friends in Seligman.
Mrs. C. A. Greenlaw and daughter
Miss Louise, left for Long Beach
to remain a few weeks.
I Mr. E. T. McGonifile, presi
dent of the F. L. M. company,
went to Phoenix Saturday.
Mr. J. E. Drufee, a prominent
cattleman of the Prescott country
vas in Flagstaff a couple days
this week.
i Mr. C. P. Stoffell who has been
sawfiler at'the F. L. M. mill, left
Saturday with his family for his'
home in Califdrnia.
1 "Casey" Jones, the automobile
f man went to Ash Fork Wednes-
day to drive home a couple new
btudebaker automobiles.
I Mr. and Mrs. Cope, father and
, Jnother of Mrs. Rube DeChaine,
jirrived Saturday from Michigan
xn a visit to their daughter.
I Mr. R. W. Richards, represent
ing the Blake, Moffit & Towne,
fnaper house, was in Flagstaff
Tuesdav calling on the trade.
Patsy Hoollihan, the cigar ped
'dlar for Lan & Connoly, is laying
off for a month and enjoying him
self with his wife and old friends
i Mrs. H. W. Miller and daughter
Miss Louise ot Stockton, Calif.,
fare visiting Mrs. Millers sisters,
iMiss Beasley and Mrs. C. A.
.. Dr. Clifford E. Sweet and bride
of Fresno, stopped off Tuesday
morning for a day's visit with his
.sister, Mrs. Fred Garing. They
left Wednesday evening for Boston
I where thejdoctor will remain about
a year.
Start the New
Year Right
Have a Bell
. Installed in
i ,.
dence .
M -
For rates
, U tion, calj
$ ' office.
mJ? ft-
1 'flrS
Dinner Sets
Ladies Home journal and Wo
'man's Home Companion at B.
Hock's. Sept. 20 t'i
Mrs. Philip RickeJ and son
, William, came home Wednesday
from Cincinnati, where they have
been visiting since last Novem-
' ber.
Galvanite roofing something
' new, cheap; guaranteed for three
years, or ten years if painted. See
' it at Wilson & Coffin's.
N. G. Layton county superin
tendent of schools, was in Wil
liams Wednesday to confer with
the local school board over school
"Windy Bob" Stancel came in
from the north Tuesday and was
as full of ginger as a youngster.
He left Wednesday evening for
Attorney C. B. Wilson returned
Wednesday evening from a short
trip to Phoenix. Mr. Wilson says
there, is ice scattered around
mightly promiscuously in the
Roy Cummins, a former Flag
staff boy, writes from St. Joseph,
Arizona, tHat he had recently
struck an artesian well on his
ranch at a depth of fifty four feet,
which flows a good stream.
When buying a cough medicine
for children bear in mind that
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is
most effectual for colds, croup
and whooping cough and that it
contains no harmful drug., For
sale by all dealers. Advertise
ment. Prof. Ellis, the Winslow band
master, was in Flagstaff last Fri
day to see the members of the
Concert Band. Prof. Ellis has
an enviable reputation as a band
leader and if arrangements can be
made will boost the local musi
cians. A mean stuffy cold, with hoarse
wheezy breathing is just the kind
that runs into bronchitis or pneu
monia. Don't trifle with such
serious conditions but take Foley's
Honey and Tar Compound prom
ptly. Quick and beneficial results
are just what you can expect from
this great medicine, it soothes and
heals the inflamed air passages.
It stops the hoarse racking cough.
Will Marlar Pharmacy. Adver
tisement. fi-rfk
Telephone t
your resi
and informa- J V u
The' Mountain States Telephone
and Telegraph Company. . .
Articles of Incorporation of Chino
Valley Land & Cattle
Know all men by these presents,
That we, the undersigned, do
hereby associate ourselves to
gether for the purpose of forming
a corporation under and pursuant
to the provisions of Chapter 4Q oi
the Session Laws of the regular
session of the first legislature of
the State of Arizona for the year
1 912 and the Acts amendatorv
thereto and for that purpose do
hereby agree upon and adopt the
following articles of incorporation.
The name of this corporation
shall be Chino Valley Land &
Cattle Company.
The names, residences and post
office addresses of the incorpora
tors are as follows:
C. C. Hutchinson, Flagstaff,
Coconino county, State of Arizona.
T. E. Pollock, Flagstaff, Coco
nino county, State of Arizona.
D. J. Brown, Ash Fork, Yava
pai county, State of Arizona.
The principal place of business
of this corporation shall be at its
office in the Town of Flagstaff,
County of Coconino, State of Ari
zona. Branch office or offices
may be established by the Board
of Directors at any other place in
the State of Arizona.
The general nature of the busi
ness to be transacted and carried
on by this corporation is:
1. The purchasing, leasing and
otherwise by any and all lawful
means acquiring cattle, horses,
mules and other livestock, the
running and maintenance thereof,
and the sale or other disposition
of the same, together with the
increase, hides and other products
and byproducts thereof.
2. The sale for others, upon
commission of all kinds of live
stock, and the products and
byproducts thereof.
3. The leasing to others of all
kinds of livestock.
4. The purchasing, leasing and
acquiring bv any and all lawful
means ranges, ranches and any
and all kinds of real property,
water, water rights, and personal
property of every sort and de
scription that in the judgment of
its Board of Directors may be
desirable for the carrying on and
maintenance of its general, busi
ness. 5. To mortgage or pledge any
or all of its property to such extent
and at such times as its stockhold
ers may see fit.
6. To do all and everything
necessary for the accomplishment
of any of the purposes or the
furtherance of any of the powers
hereinbefore set forth either as
principal or agent.
The time of commencement of
this corporation shall be the date
of the issuance to it of a certifi
cate of incorporation by the Ari
zona Corporation Commission and
shall terminate twenty-five years
The amount of the capital stock
ot this corporation shall be One
Hundred and Fifty Thousand
($150,000) Dollars, divided into
shares of the par value of One
Hundred (Sioo.oo) Dollars each.
Such stock shall be issued under
the direction of the Board of Di
rectors and shall be fully paid for
at the time of delivery.
The Board of Directors may
authorize and cause stock to be
issued in exchange for real or per
sonal property and on the judg
ment of the Board of Directors as
to the full value of such property
shall, in the absence of fraud, be
The prudential and business
affairs of this corporation shall be
conducted by a Board of,Directors
consisting of three persons who
shall be elected at a meeting of
the stockholders held on the first
Tuesday in the month of January
of each year beginning with the
year 1914.
The private property of the
stockholders shall be forever
exempt from corporate debts of
and kind whatsoever.
The officers of this corporation
shall be a President, General
Manager and Secretary and Treas
urer, the same person may be
chosen to fill any two, offices.
The following named persons
have been selected and shall con
stitute the Board of Directors
until the first annual election,
to-wit: C. C. Hutchinson, J. D.
Brown and T. E. Pollock.
The officers of said corporation
who have been selected and shall
serve until their successors are
elected and duly qualified are as
C. C. Hutchinson, President.
D. J. Brown, General Manager.
I T. E. Pollock, Secretary and
. Treasurer.
The Board of Directors shall
have the power to fill vacancies in
I its membership and in the offices
of the corporation,
t The Board of Directors may
adopt a common seal and may
I adopt by-laws and may amend or
j repeal the same and shall have
power and authority to transact
any business within -the power of
the corporation and to delegate
such power and authority is it
may deem expedient to any officer
of the corporation. x
The highest amount of indebted
ness or liability, direct or con
tinued, to which the corporation is
at any time to subject itself is the
sum of One Hundred Thousand
($100,000) Dollars.
In Witness Whereof we have
hereunto set our hands this 13th
day of November, A'. D. 1912.
C. C. Hutchinson.
J. D. Brown.
T. E. Pollock.
State ok Arizona, )
Countv ok Coconino t
Before me Robert J. Kidd, a
Notary Public In and for the
County of Coconino, State of Ari
zona, on this day personally ap
peared T. E. Pollock known to
me to be the person whose name
is subscribed to the foregoing in
strument and acknowledged to me
that he executed the same for the
purpose and consideration therein
Given under my hand and seal
of office this 14th day of Novem
ber, A. D., 1912. My commis
sion expires March 19, 1916.
seal Robert J. Kidd,
Notary Public.
State Jof Arizona,
Countv ok Yavapai
Before me W. B. Sheivley, a
Notary Public, in and for the
County of Yavapai, State of Ari
zona, on tnis day personally ap
peared D. J. Brown, known to me
to be the person whose name is
subscribed to the foregoing in
strument and acknowledged to me
that he executed- the same for the
purpose and consideration therein
Given under my hand and seal
of office this 18th day of Novem
ber, A. D., 1912. My commis
sion expires Feb. 18th, 1916.
LsealJ W. B. Sheivley,
Notary Public.
State ok Arizona, I
County of Coconino. )
Before me Robert I. Kidd, a
Notary Public in and for the
County of Coconino-, State of Ari
zona, on this day personally ap
peared C. C. Hutchinson, known
to me to be the person whose
name is subscribed to tne torego
ing instrument and acknowledged
to me that he executed the same
for the purpose and consideration
therein expressed.
Given under my hand and seal
of office this 19th day of Novem
ber, A. D., 1812. My commission
expires March 19th, 1916.
seal Robert J. Kidd,
Notary Public.
Rooms to rent for light house
keeping. Apply to Mrs. B. Eng
land. Jan. 24tf.
For Rent 4 room cottage,
unfurnished, close in. Apply to
Mrs Chaytor. Jan. 24tf.
Found Rosary, ownermayhave
Same by proving property and
paying lor this notice. Jan. 24-tf
For Sale Six young mules,
wairon and set harness J. J.
Kerby, John Wagner's residence.
Jan. 242t.
Wanted By middle aged white
woman situation as cook and
house work. Apply at Heller
house.' it.
For sewing and dress making,
apply to Mrs. W. C. Colcord,
Dutton residence on Milton road,
Phone 192. Jan. 24tf.
For Sale 8-room house on
south side; handy to F. L. M
mill. Inquire for terms of C. B.
Wilson. sep.13.tf
For Sale five room house, fine
location, can be made into nine
rooms. Apply to John Donahue.
Sept 6 t-f
For Sale 12 lots 25x150 feet,
1 house cost over $1000 and other
buildings. Will sell for $1100.,
A. S. Worthingion Jan. iot3i.
For Sale Neat five room
house, with bath, close to business
district in Los Angeles, a bargain
to some one who wants a com
fertable home in Los Angeles.
Apply Sun Office.
For Sale Ranch 60 acres.
Large bungalow with bath, heat,
Hghu and water. Stable and hen
nery. Pure stream of water runs
through property. C. B. Wilson,
Flagstaff, Arizona. May 31 t-f
f'i-twi ynj-jimJu. ) pBi pffT
T. A. RIORDAN, President
Liber i! liber Company
live he lumper
Piling, Ties, Lagging, Boxes,
Lath, Shingles, Sash
and Doors
The Proof of the
is in the eating thereof. We have pud
dings and soups and jams and jellies,
pickles and kraut, canned goods of every
description, meats, the best to be had. In
fact, a most complete stock of
Staple and Fancy
We will be pleased to give you the best '
service and the best goods at prices com-
mensurate with quality of goods.
Black & Crawford
Phone 25 and You Will Get the Best on the Market
Catarrhal and bronchial troubles are now
successfully treated by means of antiseptic,
healing solutions applied by means of
Atomizers and Nebulizers
We have the very latest variety of
these. They are a source of relief for head
colds and throat troubles, and regulary used
will overcome chronic conditions
We Give Mail Orders Prompt Attention
Hunter Drug Company
Curios Indian Jewelry Sundries
ev uf -c i;;nii :?z"ria
I yoa want
BAin ui 1
sam' X(R'
The Racket Store
Headquarters for notions and
Novelties ::::::
C M Rl?tf"YlX7WC
'-' . .- fu ii "
J .... y Jf-j-H v.-
M. J.RIORDAN.Secretary
, Props, Stulls,
ti.lrfn1.fi.untafl....t alltlm.. IT.B.li.k.ia....
often a you want It. Drill your own wti
- on your ownunanaecurt plenty 01 wittriree or cnart
K tUthttimt. TbeUmoui Howell Wcll-DrUlin(MtclilnM
ny depth. You can alto make bis money drilling wall
(or your nelthbora, Tbe demand tor wtUi ! fir (rtattr
bust wa.u w luyuw w tuc wavuuiM U(IW WWi
Write today for oar bit free eaUlotut "A."
RRHowdl&Co.?',! LosAngelcc
m. abu wuKitsi Mtfinajuuu8. Minn
j Call and Examine
:: : Our Stock
Icatcd.ln theisMcMlllan Building
' .
CorncrFront and Leroux Street
1 ;
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R Pt
1 f
' f'Jr
fa?1? .
LftifcDASM'A. ' , "'Jf-i-
" fea """ ' ! JW, A4JLS,riiik - J3
'tiki.jU:Jx iAW
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