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Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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FRIDAY, FEBRUARY i. 1913 'f'
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m A f ! aA T ft Til 1 F'
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Notice for Publication
Department of the Interior", U. S.
Land Office at Phoenix, Ariz.,
February 3rd, 1913.
Notice is hereby niven that
Joseph L. Lay, of Sedond, Ari
zona, who, on November 25, 1908,
made Homestead Entry No. 01748
for nv 1-4, se 1-4, sec. 18, twp"
:7n, range Ge, g. & s. r. merhlian,
has filed notice of intention to
make three year, proof, to estab
lish claim to the land above de
scribed, before Robert J. Kidd, U.
S. Commissioner, at Flagstaff,
Arizona, on the 12th day of March,
Claimant names .as witnesses:
Louis Withrow, Joseph T. Far
ley, of Sedona, Arizona; Wm.
Loy, of Cornville, Arizona; Fred
Thompson, of Flagstaff, Arizona.
feb. 7-mar. 7 Register.
In the Superior Court of the State
of Arizona, in and for the
County of Coconino
i j-.
lOflicial Minutes of the Board of Supervisors of Coconino
County, Arizona
' Office of the Board of Supervisors of Coconino county, I
State of Arizona, Feb. 3, 1913 j
Pursuant to law the Board of Supervisors met to day in regular
& .''session present, Chairman Gray, Members Bongberg, Shafer, County
' f'' Attorney C. B. Wilson and Clerk Brownell.
V!- Thi minutes of the meeting of December 31st 1912 and of the
P meetinj; of January 6th were read and approved.
4ir The . following claims against th; county were audited and
?p: allowed, and warrants ordered drawn on the proper funds in payment
"', , of the same:
Funds Item Paid For Amount
Salary county attorney, 1st i Jan 100 00
No. To Whom
1 C. B. Wilson
2 Fred Lynch
3 Dan J. Cronin
4 Mary I. Bart
5 F. W. Perkins-'
6 - Chas. H. Adams
7 ' F. O. Allen
8 H.J.Gray
0 R. F. Bongberg
10 P. M. Shafer
11 C. H. Brownell
12 Ed Johnson
13 J. D. Dunn
14 W. II. Anderson
15 Jas. W.Byrom
16 E. S. Miller
&&17 T. E. Pulliam
FfHi8 L. F. Doyle
" v 19 John O. Harrington
'. ' ,' jo M.J. Rouseville
V 2i A. W. Brown
" ' 22 Thomas Jensen
f ', " 23 W. H. Switzer
fc-24 W.M.Miller
:.'' :-25 W. H. Switzer
26 W. M. Miller .
- '27 Dan J. Cronin ",
?$ Mary I. Bart
29 L. F. Doyle s! '
'30 T. E. Pulliam
31 C. B. Wilson
, 32 Fred Lynch
33 H. J. Gray
34 R. F. Bongberg
.35 P. M. Shafer '
36 C. H. Brownell
37 F. W. Perkins
38 Chas. H. Adams
39 F. O. Allen
-i40 John O. Harrington
' 50
. 52
'"' 5
. 59
s?iJm .
41 M. J. Rounseville
42 A. W. Brown
43 Niles J. Cameron
44 Ed Johnson
45 Edwin S. Miller
6 Jas. W. Byrom
47 W. H. Switzer treas.
W. H. Anderson
W. H. Switzer treas.
W. H. Switzer treas.
C. H. Spencer
M. I. Powers
D. S. Lewis
F. L. Dickinson
W. H. Switzer treas. "
F. S. Breen
Frank Bennett
Babbitt Bros.
W. H. Switzer treas.
Black & Crawford
Babbitt Bros ,
court reporter
recorder "(
deputy recorder "
superior judge "-
clerk sup'r court" .
deputy clerk "
chrm. B. of S. "
mem. B. of S. "
i 11 11 11
county ranger "
probation officer "
county sup roads"
janitor & bailiff 4-
, sup p. h. r. v. s."
sheriff & dep "
. assessor "
justice of peace "
" const. Fredonia" ". "
" treasurer " " "
" deputy treasurer " " "
" treasurer last i Jan
V " deputy treasurer" " "
r " recorder " " :'
" deputy recorder1' " "
" assessor
" sheriff & deputies '
" county attorney " "' "
11 . . 11 .i 11
court reporter
11 . t t'e " " "
charm B. of S.
.11 11 11 i ii 11
11 11 11 11 11 11 11
" clerk " "
II , llllll
superior judge
." clerk sup. court " " "
11 1 1 . 11 ii 11
dep. clerk sup c
i . 1 11 11 11
justice of peace
" , oust. b. a. trail " " , "
1 . ii 11 11
county ranger
ir 11 11 n
sup p. h. r. v. s.
janitor & baliff " "
assg. sal. claim "-
1 . , 11 11 .1
supt co. roads 1
jury certificates " " "
road road orders paid "
operating Lees Ferry
exp. good roads meet.
exp. drayage to hospital
extra guard
" ex. sheriff & O. D. R. "
P. P. and supplies
" livery Dec. and January
supplies and lieverv
" court ord. & cash items "
exp. supplies
" burial indigent
62 50
83 33
30 00
62 50
75 00
15 40
"50 00
41 66
41 66
62 50
62 50
12 50
75 00
45 00
25 00
329 15
83 33
50 00
41 66
15 00
15 00
91 66
41 66
91 67
41 67
83 33
. 30 00
'. 83 33
329 15
100 00
62 50
50 00
41 67
41 67
62 50
62 50
75 00
28 85
50 00
41 63
15 00
150 00
62 50
25 00
32 00
75 00
598 80
351 04
75 00
51 75
2 00
24 00
440 00
172 35
15 50
192 20
i55 97
5 00
84 00
Continued on page 3.
In the matter of the estate of
Louis Akin, deceased.
Notice of hearing petition.
Notice is hereby given that
John G. Verkamp, has filed in
this court a petition that the last
will and testament of Loufs Akin,
.deceased, be admitted to probate
and that letters testamentary be
issued to himself, and that the
same will be heard on Tuesday
the 18th day of February, A. D.,
1913, at 9:30 o'clock In the fore
noon of said day; at the court
room of said court, in Flagstaff,
County of Coconino, State of Ari
zona, and all persons interested
in said estate are notified then and
there to appear and show cause,
if any they have, why the prayer
of said petitioner should not be
Dated January 25th, A. D. 1913.
Chas. H. Adams, Clerk.
1st pub. Jan. 31, 1913.
Last pub. Feb. 14. 1913.
Articles of Incorporation of Chino
Valley Land & Cattle .
Know all men by these presents,
That we, the undersigned, do
hereby associate ourselves to
gether for the purpose of forming
a corporation under and pursuant
to the provisions of Chapter 40 of
the Session Laws of the regular
session of the first legislature of
the State of Arizona for the year
1912 and the Acts amendatory
thereto and for that purpose do
hereby agree upon and adopt the
following articles of incorporation.
The name of this corporation
shall be Chino Valley Land &
Cattle Company.'
The names, residences and post
office addresses of the incorpora
tors are as follows:
C. C. Hutchinson, Flagstaff,
Coconino county, State of Arizona.
T. E. Pollock, Flagstaff, Coco
nino county, State of Arizona.
D. J. Brown, Ash Fork, Yava
pai county, State of Arizona.
The principal place of business
of this corporation shall be at its
office in the Town of Flagstaff,
County of CoconinoState of Ari
zona. Branch office or offices
may be established by the Board
of Directors at any other place in
the State of Arizona.
The general nature of the busi
ness to be transacted and carried
on by this corporation is:
1. The purchasing, leasing and
otherwise by any and all lawful
means acquiring cattle, horses,
mules and other livestock, the
running and maintenance thereof,
and the sale or other disposition
of the same, together with the
increase, hides and other products
and byproducts thereof.
2. The sale for others, upon
commission of all kinds of live
stock, and the products and
byproducts thereof.
3. The leasing to others of all
kinds of livestock.
4. The purchasing, leasing and
acquiring bv any and all lawful
means ranges, ranches and any
and all kinds of real property,
water, water rights, and personal
property of every sort and de
scription that in the judgment of
its Board of Directors may be
desirable for the carrying on and
maintenance of its general busi
ness. 5. To mortgage or pledge any
or all of its property to such extent
and at such times as its stockhold
ers may see fit.
6. To do all and everything
necessary for the accomplishment
of any of the purposes or the
furtherance of any of the powers
hereinbefore sfet forth either as
principal or agent.
The time of commencement of
this corporation shall be the date
of the issuance to it of a certifi
cate of incorporation by the Ari
zona Corporation Commission and
of the
debts of
shall terminate twenty-five years
The amount of the capital stock
of this corporation shall be One
Hundred and Fifty Thousand
(150,000) Dollars, divided into
shares of the par value of One
Hundred ($ 100.00) Dollars each.
Such stock shall be issued under
the direction of the Board of Di
rectors and shall be fully paid for
at the time of delivery.
The Board of Directors may
authorize and cause stock to be
issued in exchange for real or per
sonal property and on the judg
ment of the Board of Directors as
to the full value of such property
shall, in the absence of fraud, be
The prudential and business
affairs of this corporation shall le
conducted by a Board of Directors
consisting of three persons who
shall be elected at a meeting of
the stockholders held on the first
Tuesday in the month of January
of each year beginning with the
year 1914.
The private property
stockholders shall be
exempt from corporate
and kind whatsoever.
The officers of this corporation
shall be a President, General
Manager and Secretary and Treas
urer, the same person may be
chosen to fill any two offices.
The following named persons
have been selected and shall con
stitute the Board of Directors
until the first annual election,
to-wit: C. C. Hutchinson, J. D.
Brown and T. E. Pollock.
The officers of said corporation
who have been selected and shall
serve until their successors are
elected and duly qualified are as
C. C. Hutchinson, President.
D. J. Brown, General Manager.
T.E. Pollock, Secretary and
The Board of Directors shall
have the power to fill vacancies in
its membership and in the offices
of the corporation.
The Board of Directors may
adopt a common seal and may
adopt by-laws and may amend or
repeal the same and shall have
power and authority to transact
any business within the power of
the corporation and to delegate
such power and authority as it
may deem expedient to any officer
of the corporation.
The highest amount of indebted
ness or liability, direct or con
tinued, to which the corporation is
at any time to subject itself is the
sum of One Hundred Thousand
($100,000) Dollars.
In Witness Whereof we have
hereunto set our hands this 13th
day of November, A. D. 1912.
C. C. Hutchinson.
J. D. Brown.
T. E. Pollock.
State of Arizona, 1
County ok Coconino )
Before me Robert J. Kidd, a
Notary Public In and for the
County of Coconino, State of Ari
zona, on this day personally ap
peared T. E. Pollock known to
me to be the person whose name
is subscribed to the foregoing in
strument and acknowledged to me
that he executed the same for the
purpose and consideration therein
Given under my hand and seal
of office this 14th day of Novem
ber, A. D., 1912. My commis
sion expires March 19,1916.
seal Robert J. Kidd,
Notary Public.
State ok Arizona, )
County or Yavapai j ss'
Before me W. B. Sheivley, a
Notary Public, in and for the
County of Yavapai, State of Ari
zona, on this day personally ap
peared D. J. Brown, known to me
to be the person whose name is
subscribed to the foregoing in
strument and acknowledged to me
that he executed the same for the
purpose and consideration therein
Given under my hand and seal
of office this 18th day of Novem
ber, A. D., 1912. My commis
sion expires Feb. 18th, 1916.
seal W. B. Sheivley,
Notary Public.
State of Arizona, I
County of Coconino, f
Before me Robert I. Kidd, a
Notary Public in and for the
County of Coconino, State of Ari
zona, on this day personally ap
peared C. C. Hutchinson, known
to me to be the person whose
name is subscribed to the forego
ing instrument and acknowledged
to me that he executed the same
for the purpose and consideration
therein expressed.
Given under my hand and seal
of office this 19th day of Novem
ber, A. D., 1812. My commission
expires March 19th, 1916.
seal Roiiert J. Kidd,
Notary Public.
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