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Largest Weekly Circulation in
Northern Arizona
A Modern Printery
l)c (Co ami im n it
Official Stock Paper of Northern'
Arizona"' '-'J
""" j
Fine Commercial Printing
& :
Volume XXXI
Number :8
Notice is hereby given that a
ublic hearing will be held in the
fHce of the Arizona Corporation
ommission, on Tuesday, the 21st
day of April, iau, at ten o'clock
A. M., for the purpose of consid
ering the matter of passenger rates
and fares applying between all
points within the State of Arizona.
As a basis for consideration at
said hearing, the attached order of
this Commission is proposed.
, The Commission will at said
hearing1, hear all facts and state
ments that may be presented per
taining to the matter above set
forth and will in pursuance there
of, adopt the proposed rate or
make other adjustments or exemp
tions to govern the transportation
of passengers between points with
in Arizona, or will enter such other
order or orders in the premises as
in its judgment may be justified by
the facts presented and as may be
equitable to all interests concerned.
Dated at Phonix, Arizona, this
4th day of March, '1913.
It is ordered: That no railroad
corporation, company, or receiver
or lessee thereof, operating a rail
road, other than a street or elec
.trie railroad, in whole or in part,
within the State of Arizona, shall
ask, demand, or receive, for first
class transportation for each pass
i enger between points within this
State, on the portion of its rail
road operated within this State,
more than three cents per mile for
each mile such passenger is actu
ally transported.
Hunter Cattle Case Not Tried
There was quite a delegation of
prominent Williams people here
last Friday as witnesses in the
Hunter Brothers case charged
with having slaughtered cattle not
belonging to them. When the
case came up in Judge Harring
ton's court it was found that the
law made it a felony instead ot a
misdemeanor consequently the
case will have to be started over
again. Attorney Geo. Harben is
defending the young men. Among
those present as witnesses were:
A. F. Poison. Ben Sweetwood,
Maurice Smith, R. T. Brown, Bob
Postle, George Patton and Gus
Bought Whiskey for Indians
Captain Price, U. S. Deputy
Marshal came in from Grand Can
yon Tuesday morning with a
young man named John Dotria,
charged with having purchased
whiskey for an Indian. Dotira
was given a hearing before U. S.
Commissioner R. J. Kidd and re
leased on bond.
Dotira is a foreigner who has
been in the country but a short
time and when an Indian dressed
in white folks' clothes asked him
to buy whiskey for him, he did it
not knowing that Uncle Sam
would be peevish and annoyed at
his action.
For Street Commissioner
Frank Spear, the express and
transfer man, and the present en
cumbent of the office of street
commissioner, announces himself
in this issue as a candidate for
re-election jit the city election in
May. Mr. Spear is well equipped
with teams and tools necessary to
do the city work and is a compe
tent man for the place. He has
put in many days work in keeping
up the street work during his term
of office and feels that he is justly
entitled to another term of office.
His friends feel much the same
way about it.
- -
Garrett Out for Marshal
John Garrelt, night policeman,
has entered the fight for the office
of Town Marshal and will be in
the game to the finish. Garrett is
well known, an old timer, a good
peace officer and would undoubt
edly make good if elected to that
office. He is out after the vote
and would appreciate your help.
Commercial Cafe Changes
Beginning Monday March 16th,
hours of meals at the Commercial
will be dinner 12 o'clock, short
iorder for breakfast and supper.
J. M. Shepperd, Prop.
His Case Gone to Higher Court
Supai Charlie, the old Indian
who was arrested in the Seligman
country for killing a calf, died at
the county hospital Saturday
afternoon of ppeumonia and heart
trouble. His squaw came in Sat
urday night to see him, not know
ing he had been sick and it was
difficult to inform her that her
husband was'dead as no one pres
ent could talk her language.
At Supai's preliminary, hearing
in Williams tie was given seven
"sleeps" to go out to the Indian
reservation and secure witnesses.
Promptly at the hour of his trial
he returned with his witness ready
to go to trial. It is supposed on
his long ride he caught cold which
resulted in pneumonia.
Big Day For St. Patrick
On next Tuesday evening, St.
Patrick's Day, and entertainment
followed by a dance is to be given
under the auspices of the local
council of the Knights of Colum
bus at the Majestic theatre. For
the entertainment, the entire house
has been reserved, and judging
from the way the seats are being
taken, a full house is assured.
The tickets are on sale at Marlar's
Drug Co., and will be there until
6:00 p. m., of the evening of the
entertainment, after w lich time
the seats not yet taken will be
placed on sale at the theater.
The dance will take place im
mediately after the entertainment.
Those who appreciate an up todate
musical entertainment together
with a dance to music furnished
by the splendid Majestic Orches
tra should not miss this opportu
nity on March 17. The entertain
ment will commence at 8:00 p. m.
Litter in the Street 1
A few careless and heedless
persons have made a practice of
throwing old bottles and glass in
the roads and streets, not only
causing a bad litter but that which
helps materially in ruining auto
tires. If it was for no other
reason than appearances the prac
tice should be stopped.
Conditions are none to good at
best and any little piece of rubbish
you fail to put into tne street
helps that much. A few garbage
cans would look ornamental.
Two men were killed yesterday
by No. 4 about two miles this side
of Williams. Williams was the
name of one man, the other's name
was unknown. They stepped from
one track ts another to let a train
pass and did not see the limited
bearing down on them. Williams
run a shooting gal ery here last
summer for a time.
Louis Fournier, who at one time
managed Babbitt's blanket de
partment and who afterwards ran
a curio store of his. own in Pres
cott, is again a resident of Flag
staff and in charge of the Babbitt
blanket department.
Word has been received from
Rev. Joseph Lyons Meade, who
with Mis. Meade has been at
Cedai Hill, Tennessee, for several
weeks, that he will return to Flag
staff in time for services in the
Episcopal church next Sunday.
Rev. Meade says he is much im
proved in health and hopes to be
able to carry on his work here.
Mrs. Meade will not return until
some weeks later.
Nothing equals an aureole of
beautiful hair as a frame for a
pretty face. Without a background
of nice hair a really pretty face
frequently becomes plain and,
with it, unattractive features
assume life and beauty.
Every woman can Increase her
natural charm by using Newbro's
Herpicide, Herpicide makes hair
beautiful, The dandruff Rerm saps
the vitality of the hair. Herpicide
applied intelligently and regularly
checks this destruction of hair life
and prevents the hair from falling
out, giving it a snap and luster, a
soft, silky fluffiness which can be
acquired in no other way.
Newbro's Herpicide in 50c and
$1.00 sizes is guaranteed to do all
that is claimed. If you are not
satisfied your money will be re
funded. Applications may be obtained at
the best barber shops and hair
dressing parlors. Will Marlar
Pharmacy, . Special Agent. Advertisement.
Electric Railroad From Grand View to Flagstaff
Part of Hearst's Big Scheme
Work to Start Soon
Speculation over what disposition William Randolph
Hearst will make of his Grand View purchase, was settled by
Manager Boswick of the Los Angeles Examiner, who was re
turning west over the Santa Fe after a consultation in New
York City with Mr. Hearst.
Boswick stated that the plans were being drawn for three
distinct propositions, which included, first, a palatial residence
for the owner, a resort hotel to accommodate a large number of
tourists and the building of an electric railway from Flagstaff
to the rim of the Grand Canyon with the terminus at Grand
View. There was to be no connection with the railroad run
ning from Williams to El Tovar and the project of Mr. Hearst
was to be, in short, a purely individual and independent one,
so far as other interests were to be considered in an interlock
ing sense.
As to when the railroad will begin building or from what
source the power is to be drawn were facts not given publicity,
but it is believed the immense undertaking will be practically
initiated not later than June or July of the present year.
Speaking of reports in circulation and published through
out the country that Mr. Hearst was to make Arizona his home,
to gain recognition as an aspirant for future senatorial honors
from this State, Mr. Boswick stated that such an impression
was without any foundation whatever, and should be dispelled
as a political forecast of the future.
Mr. Hearst is to make New.York City his base of operations , J
but will be a frequent visitor to Grand View, where he will main-
I tain a home and entertain his
than that of a private citizen
and who is appreciative of its
Normal School News
The Agricultural Department of
the Normal school has just issued
a bulletin entitled "Agriculture in
Vicinity of Flagstaff, Arizona."
As the title suggests, the pamph
let treats in a general way of agri
cultural conditions in this vicinity
with suggestions for their im
provement. Many business men
are sending copies of the bulletin
to out of town friends so they
may see what this corner of Ari
zona is doing in the way of farm
ing. A copy may be had by ad
dressing the Agricultural Depart
ment or by seeing Mr. Willis E.
Berg, in charge of agricultural
work at the Normal.
Miss Reta Russell is back at
her duties again, after a few days
illness. .She is enjoying a visit
from her mother: Mrs. J. Frank
Russell of Modesto, California.
Mrs. Russell intends to return to
California in a couple of weeks.
Some of the students in geom
etery expressed themselves the
other day as enjoying that subject.
It is very unusual to find a whole
class liking any study in mathe
matics, so an inquiry in this case
demonstrated that it is' due to the
way the subject is taught, Mr.
Edward F. Honn, in charge of
mathematics, believes that the
science of numbers and geometri
cal principles can be made pleas
urable and interesting as well as
useful, and has worked long striv
ing to make his teaching conform
to his ideals in that respect. As
usual, mathematics is one of the
strong courses planned for the
coming summer school.
Considerable excitement was
created last Monday after school
by the two basket ball games.
Mr. Rosenberry and Mr. Honn
each choose a girl's and boy's
team at general exercises Monday
morning. These teams played
one anotner inai evening, me
games were fast but far from
being as good as those the teams
might have played, if they had
been In practice. The boys game
was the closest. At the end of
the first half Honn's boys were
one point ahead, and the same was
true of the final score which
stands 6 to 7. Mr. Rosenberry's
girl's team evened things up how
ever, they were too fast for their
opponents. The final score stands
7 to 2.
The girls played ten rninute
halves, while the boys played first
twelve then fifteen minutes. The
teams played alternately thus ob
taining longer rests which was
much needed because of fast play
and no training.
Mr. Rosenberry refereed the boy's
game and Mr. Honn the girls.
friends without any other motive
who has invested in the country,
marvelous scenic attractions. i
Their decisions
were very satis-
Those who have been to visit
Mr. Leon Jones at the hospital,
report that he is in good spirits
and getting along fine.
Dr. R. II. H. Blome is expected
home from his eastern trip the
last of this week.
All those who attended the
concert given on our lecture
course by the "Four Artists," last
Friday night were exceedingly
well pleased. It has been a long
time since we have been enter
tained with music equal to the
duets and violin solos presented
by this company.
There is only one consolation at
examination time and that is that
we know constant grinding will
wear off the "bonehead." Moral
G. R. I. N. D.
Superior Court Proceeding
Esteban Salozar and Elisceo
Irias two young men who raised a
Santa Fe check from $1.90 to
$11.90, and who plead guilty to
the charge, after being arrested at
Winslow, were released from cus
tody under probation, sentence
having been suspended by Judge
Perkins during good behavior.
The boys fail to get the check
cashed and as Salozar has a wife
and small brother depending on
him for support, and the railroad
company being willing to give
both boys work on the Flagstaff
section, sentence was suspended.
William Wright Lyon and Nellie
K. Salvroeder, both of Winslow,
were married by Judge Perkins
at his chambers Monday.
Double wedding performed at
Flagstaff bv Judge Perkins Tues
day, March 10, 1914. Contract
ing parties were: Edward James
Campbell to Aurelia Baustain,
both of Flagstaff, and Frank R.
Campbell of Flagstaff to Nell E.
McConoughey of Oklahoma.
Burk's Big Uncle Tom's Cabin
Special arrangements have been
made by Messrs. Costigan &
Smith managers of the Majestic
theatre, with the management of
the above company to give a
special school children's Matinee
Wednesday Marcn 18, at 4 p. m.,
so that all the school children can
attend the mammoth production of
"Uncle Tom's Cabin." There
will also be a big street parade at
noon like a circus which is worth
coming out to see. The prices
for the special school children's
matinee will be 15 cents for all
children under, 15 years of age.
Adults to the matinee 35c.
March 13-it.
L. B. Shaffer left Tuesday even
ing tor Chicago.
Ed Bargeman of Winslow was
in the city Monday.
J. S. Amundsen of Williams
was in Flagstaff Tuesday.
Jos. Slosser, the contractor, re
turned to Flagstaff Monday.1
P. L. Harrington, night operator
has been, transferred to Canyon
Leo Verkamp returned last
evening from an extended stay .in
Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Love
came home the first of the week
from Oak Creek.
Mrs. Russell of Modesta, Cali
fornia, is the guest of her daughter
Miss Rita Russell.
Attorney Richard Lamson of
Prescott was in Flagstaff Tuesday
on legal business.
Mr. T. E. Pollock was a busi
ness visitor in Albuquerque the
first of the week.
C. M. Brooks, a very civil young
engineer from Williams, was in
Flagstaff Saturday.
Rev. Carl M. Ross of Winslow,
was visiting his daughter, Miss(
Bessie, here Saturday.
Phone 94 and get a new sole for
your shoes. W. H. Switzer Har
ness Shop. Feb. 27-Mch. 20.
Mr. C. I. Pottberg, the general
fixer for the Studebaker auto, was
in Flagstaff Tuesday from Phoe
nix. Mrs. C. H. Brownell, who has
been seriously ill for several days
was taken to the Milton hospital
Ed Ericson and John Ericson
returned last week from Los
Angeles where they have been for
a month or more.
Billy Robins, who has been in
Phoenix the most of the winter for
his health, returned Wednesday.
He is much improved.
S. L. Finley and family returned
Wednesday from the coast where
they had been for the benefit of
their little son's health.
W. H. Tucker came in from
Blythe, California, Wednesday.
Mr. Tucker says for some unac
countable reason Flagstaff seems
to be the center of gravity.
Mr. H. G. Ehlers, formerly
with the American Lumber Co., at
Albuquerque, has accepted a
position with the Arizona Central
Bank and arrived- Wednesday
Mrs. Fred Hesser and Baby
Hesser returned from Kansas City
Wednesday. Miss Mabelle Hes
ser, sister of Mr. Hesser came
with them and will remain for
Mrs. Davis, who has been em
ployed at the Weatherford the
past year, received the sad news
of the death of her mother in
Missouri Tuesday and left that
evening for her old home.
L. E. Dresbach, one of the
chief engineers of the Northern
Arizona Motor Co., left Wednes
day morning with Mr. Spaulding
the contractor in a Studebaker
which Mr. Spaulding recently pur
chased, for Phoenix.
The Ladies Aid Society of the
Methodist church has begun its
series of monthly teas, to be given
every third Thursday in the month.
The first will be held at the home
of Mrs. F. S. Breen Thursday
afternoon March 19. All are cor
dially invited to attend.
The Wm. Power residence has
been remodeled and the front is
now entirely given over to the
Elite milliner parlor which will
open up for the spring trade soon.
Mrs. Power is expected to return
today or tomorrow from Chicago
where she has been for the past
month or more, selecting her
spring stock from the big whole
sale hbuses. Her stock this year
will be larger and more elaborate
than ever.
Burk's Big "Uncle Tom's Cabin
Co., is coming to the Majestic
Theatre Wednesday March 18th.
Matinee and night. Notwithstand
ing the fact that this company is
the largest, biggest and best in all
the world playing this popular
drama, the price's will be in keep
ing with the most humble purse.
It will cost no more to see the big
one than it will to see the small
one, and if you cannot afford to
see but one, then this is certainly
the one. March 13-it
During the month, of February,
the shortest in the year, the Ari
zona Corporation Commission has
collected and turned into the gen
eral .fund of Arizona the sum of
$31,030.51, or $1, 475.25 for each
of the twenty-one working days in
the month.
Compared with the fees col
lected in February, 1913, the in
crease in the amount of work done
by the Commission becomes at
once apparent. In February of
last year the Commission collec
ted from all sources the sum of
J4.958.29, or $234.20 for each of
the twenty-one working days.
Taken from another angle, the
past month's fees become impor
tant for the reason that the Com
mission collected $6,030.51 more
than the total appropriation of
$25,000 made by the last State
Legislature for the payment of the
annual expenses of the Commis
sion. Should the collection for one
year continue as great as during
February, the collections would
amount to $404,695.15.
Clark-Steinbring Wedding
John Blakely Clark was married
Tuesday morning to Miss Bertha
Steinbring by Judge John O. Har
rington. Miss Steinbring gave
her jesidence as Deming, N. M.,
but has been living for some time
witn her folks on a ranch at New
man Tanks. Mr. Clark has been
a resident of Northern Arizona for
a number of years and is a young
man with many friends who heartly
congratulated him on the happy
Prominent Man Passes
The remains of Dr. Whitesides
were taken through Flagstaff
Monday morning by Dr. Bucher,
on the way to his old home at
Kingman to be placed forever at
rest. Dr. E. S. Miller accompanied
Dr. Bucher from here to Kingman
to attend the funeral which was
held Tuesday. Dr. Whitesides
was a pioneer resident of northern
Arizona, prominent in political
affairs of the state and a good
Will Spend Winter South
Mrs. F. W. Sisson and her
daughter Miss Marjorie Sisson, of
Flagstaff, who wintered in Illinois,
arrived yesterday for a ten days'
stay, en route for Palo Alto, where
they will visit William Sisson,
who is a Stanford student. During
their stay in Phoenix they will be
the guests of Mrs. C. C. Hutchin
son, of 616 North First avenue.
Phoenix Republican.
We believe Rexall Olive Oil
Emulsion is the best remedy made
for toning the nerves, enriching
the blood, building up wasted
tissues, renewing health, strength
and energy the best medicine you
can use if you are run down, no
matter what the cause. It doesn't
depend for its good effect upon
alcohol or habit-forming drugs,
because it contains none. It may
not make you feel better in a few
hours, but it will make you feel
better we are sure, just as soon as
the tonic and food properties it
contains have a chance to get into
the blood and, through the blood,
into the rest ot the system. Pire
Olive Oil and the Hypophophites
have long been endorsed by suc
cessful physicians, but here, for
the first time, they are combined
into one. preparation which, as a
nerve-food and a builder of strength
and health, we believe, has no
If you don't feel well, begin
taking Rexall Olive Oil Emulsion
today, and build your health and
strengthen your system against
more serious illness. To conva
lescents, old people, punny chil
dren and all others who are weak,
run-dawn or ailing, we offer Rexall
Olive Emulsion with our
personal promise that, if it doesn't
make you well and strong again,
it will cost you nothing. If we
didn't have the utmost faith in it,
we wouldn't offer it with this
guarantee, nor even recommend it
to you. We are sure that once
you have used it you will recom
mend it to your friends, and thank
us for having recommended it to
you. Sold only at the more-than
7,000 Rexall Stores, and in this
town only by us. $1. Will Mar
lar Pharmacy. Adv.

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