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FRIDAY, MARCH 13, 1914
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Range and Market News
Items of Interest Pertaining to the
Market Letter for
Kansas City Market Letter
(lly J A. Rlcknrt. Correspondent)
Kansas City Stock Yards, March
o, 1914. Killing cattle took on 10
to 15 cents added value last week,
and stockers and feeders 10 to 25 were brought here last week, two
cents. The fair run first half of . thousand more than same week
the week was followed by very ! last year. Demand is strong, and
light runs, leaving buyers ready the market feels the benefit of
for action today. Receipts today approaching warm days. Sales
are 10,000 head, market steady to are stronger today, stockers at
strong, and artive in the face of a 6.75 to 8.65, feeders 7.25 to 7.85,
Heavy run and lower prices re-1 stock calves around 8.00.
ported from Chicago. No strictly I The hog market changes re
prime cattle are coming, though , peatedly, with the advantage
some near prime steers sold at slightly in favor of buyers last
9.25 last week, good to choice 'week. Receipts are 5000 today
steers selling at 8.70 to 9.00, top prices 5 to 10 higher, top 8.65,
today 8.85. Weight is growing in , bulk 8.40 to 8.60. Packers are
popularity with buyers, as weighty determined in their fight against
animals become scarce, and feed- prices, but a good order buying
ers are demonished that it will pay ' trade prevents them from breaking
to put extra pounds on cattle that . the market. Quality is good, and
are 'doing well, as weight will be weights aveiage 193 pounds,
worth a premium from this time about 18 pounds lighter than a
on. Colorado apd Northwest con- year ago.
tributed considerable beef last 1 Sheep and lambs displayed
week, largely steers weighing weakness most of last week, with
from 1050 to 1250 pounds which , a strong finish Fridav. Receipts
sold at a range of 7.45 to 8.40, ' todav were a third less than the
bulls 6.50 to 7.15, and cows 6.25 estimate, only 6000 arriving, and
to 6.90. The supply of hay and ' prices are 15 to 20 cents higher,
pulp fed stuff is light today, and Colorado and western lambs sold
nualitv is nlain. sales at 7.6 to
7.80. Quarantine receipts were
very light last week, leading to
the conclusion that meal fed cattle
have about all been marketed.
Twenty cars of quarantines came
in today, including some good
A woman customer said to us
the other day, "Say, you ought to
tell everyone in town about Rexall
Dyspepsia Tablets. I would pcnor Court ot the btate ot Ari-
w .1 1 ..i.j . Tut(,.n'zona, in and for the County of
, . . . ' . ,
thinking. So many people have
used them and have so enthusias-
, tically sounded their praise both ,
to us and their friends, that we
had an idea you all knew about
them. But, in the chance that
some of you who suffer from indi
gestion, heartburn, dyspepsia, or
some other stomach complaint,
don't know about them we are
writing this.
They contain 'Bismuth and
Pepsin, two of the greatest diges
tive aids known to medical science.
They soothe and comfort the
stomach, promote the secretion of
gastric juice, help to quickly digest
the food and convert it into tich,
red blood, and improve the action
of the bowels. We believe them
to be the best remedy made for in
digestion and dyspepsia. We cer
tainly wouldn't offer them to you
entirely at our risk unless we felt
sure they would do you a lot of
good. If Rexall Dyspepsia Tab
lets do not relieve your indigestion
check the heartburn, and make it
possible for you to eat what you
like whenever you like, come back
and get your money.
Sold only at the more than 7,000
Tfexall Stores, and in this town at
our store. Three sizes, 25c, 50c,
and $. Will Marlar P mrmacy.
Best Family Laxatite
Beware of constipation. Use Dr.
King's New Life Pills and keep well.
Mrs. Charles K. Smith, of West Frank
lin, Mc., calls them "Our family lax-
alive." Nothing better for adults or
aged. Get them to-day. 25c. All
Druggists or by mail. II. 13, Buck-
len & Co. Philadelphia or St. Louis. '
Advertisement. I
United States Land Office Practice
Admitted to practice before U. S. Land Office (formerly with Phoenix
Land Office and the Forestry Bureau)
18 West Adams Street
Livestock Industry of Arizona.
the Past Week.
1230 to 1250 pound steers, at 8.00
to 8.25, odd cows 7.25, best prices
paid for quarantines in two or
three weeks. Middle class quar
antine steers rangeed from 6.90 to
7.50, including yearlings. Twelve
thousand stockers and feeders
at 7.65 to 7.00, m luding some
from the Platte Valley, Wyoming,
at the former price, yearlings sold
up to 6.80, wethers 6.00, ewes
5.75. A few goats sold around
4.25 last week, and some Mexican
wethers recently at 5.85
In the Superior Court of the State of
Arizona in and lor tne county
of Coconino
In the matter of the estate of
Mariana S. Priest, deceased.
Notice of sale of real estate.
Notice is hereby given, that in
pursuance of an order of the Su
Coconino, made on the third day
o March I0I4i in the matter 0f
the estate of Mariana S. Priest,
deceased, the undersigned, J
Edward Priest, the administrator
of the said estate of Mariana S.
Priest, deceased, will sell at pri
vate sale for cash in hand, subject
to the confirmation by said Su
perior Court, on the fourteenth
day of March, 1914, in the town of
Flagstaff, County of Coconino,
and State of Arizona, the follow
ing described real estate, to-wit:
Lot Number eight, (8), in
Block forty, (40), situated in the
town of Flagstaff, Coconino
County, State of Arizona, as said
lot is surveyed and platted by H.
C. Nutt, trustee for the Atlantic &
Pacific Railroad Company.
Sealed bids for the purchase of
said real estate will be received a
the law olhces of Jones x ones in
Babbitt Block, Flagstaff, Arizona
up to and including March 14,
Dated at Flagstaff, tnis 3d day
of March, A. D., 1914.
J. Edward Priksi,
Administrator of the Estate of
Matiana S. Priest, deceased.
March 13-it
Sweet Young Innocent
Mrs. Youngbride (to butcher)
I want two pounds of beefsteak,
and have it rare, please.
Chronic Stomach Trouble Cured
There is nothing more discouraging
than a chronic disorder of the stomach.
Is it not surprising that many stiller
for years with such an ailment when a
permanent cure is within their reach
and may be had for a trifle? "About
one j ear ago," sajs P. H. Beck, of
tt'akclee, Mich,, "I bought a. package
of Chamberlain's Tablets, and since
using them I havo felt perfectly well,
I had previously used any number of
different medicines, btu noi.o of them
were of any lasting benefit." For sale
by all Druggists. Advertisement.
Phoenix, Arizona
Farmers and others who live at a
distance from a drug store should
keep in the house a bottle of BAL
be needed at any time for cuts, wounds,
sores, sprains or rheumatism. It is a
powerful healing and penetrating re
medy. Price 25c, 50c and $1.00 per
bottle. Sold by Babbitt Brothers.
Students of the Evans school
at Mesa have organized a polo
team and are looking for a team in
Arizona to contest with.
Disordered Kidneys Cause Much Misery
With pain and misery by day, sleep
disturbing bladder weakness at night,
tired, nervous run-down men and wo
men everywhere are glad to know that
Foley Kidney Pills restore health and
strength, and the regular action of
kidneys and bladder. Will Marlar
Pharmacy. Advertisement.
The president has set aside
2,000 acres of government land
close to the city of Phoenix, call
ing it the Papago Saguaro Na
tional Monument.
Chamberlain's Tablets for Constipation
For constipation, Chamberlain's
Tablets are excellent. Easy to take,
mild and gentle in effect. Give them a
trial. For ale by all Druggists.
fla?M Really I Ins. (o.
Phone 211 Pollock Block
Offer you the following:
3 room furnished (small house)
northside, with water $16.50.
2 room furnished (small house)
northside, water and lights in.
4 rooms furnished, plenty ground
and outbuildings, $20.00,
3 rooms furnibhed, newly pap
ered, lights and water in house,
$23 00.
6 rooms, well furnished, bath,
toilet, etc. $25.00.
5 room well furnished, modern
in every respect, highclass neigh
borhood $35.00.
2 rooms furnished complete,
electric lights and water included,
2 room house, northside $6.00.
2 room house, northside, $5. 00
3 room house, electric lightsand
water in house $15.00.
4 room house, electric lights and
water, water free $15.00.
5 room, modern injevery respect,
just newly papered, etc. close in,
5 room house, 4 lots 25x150,
water, lights, toilet, bath and every
convenience, also range, linoleum,
etc., best neighborhood on north
side, cash or terms, owner has
good reasons for selling, will sac
rifice, cash -or terms $2250.
4 room house, modern in every
respect, all improvements in and
paid for, on Leroux street, every
thing complete and can be desired
make comfortable home, bargain
at $2500.
4 room house, west end town,
good locality, high and dry, city
water, lights, three lots, or more
if desired, if sold by March 15th,
2 lots, 25x150, with two 2 room
houses, $300.
4 lots, 25x100, with one 4 room
house and one 2 room house $800.
4 lots, 25x150, with one 3 room
house, etc. $750.
3 lots, 25x150, water, sidewalks,
etc., fine building site, $400.
Have three fine ranch bargains,
full information at office.
In any amounts to suit, low in
terest, liberal terms in every re
spect. It will pay you to investi
Life, health and accident, plate
glass, automobile, or any kind de
sired; liberal policies in old line
riasfaff Realty 2 Insurance Company
Foley Cathartic Tablets are entirely
effective, thoroughly cleansing and
always pleasant in action. They con
tain blue flag, are a remedy for con
stipation and sluggish liver, and a
tonic to the bowels, which are im
proved by their use Try them. They
do not fail to give relief and satisfac
tion. Will Marlar Pharmacy. Advertisement.
Makes Good Wool Sale
Phoenix, Ariz. March 11, 1914.
Editor Coconino Sun:
Gents: It might be beneficial
to some of the wool growers to
know that Salter Bros. & Co., of
Boston, Mass., has just sold our
wool netting us 20 cents per pound
F. O. B. cars Beardsley, the
future for the sheep men to me
looks bright it means the dawn of
new era to the sheepman who builds
his flocks wisely, can rest assured
that his bank account will be on
right side of the ledger soon.
Thanking you in advance for
space in your paper I am sincerely
yours. Levi Young.
A pain in the side or back that
catches you when you straighten up
calls for a rubbing application of
relaxes the contracted muscles and
permits ordinary bodily motion with
out suffering or inconvenience. Price
25c, 50 and SI 00 per bottle. Sold by
Babbitt Bros. Advertisement.
In the Superior Court of the State of
Arizona, in and for the County
of Coconino.
ERTY (range horses)
In the matter of the estate of
Frederick W. Volz, deceased.
Notice is hereby given, that in
pursuance of an order of the Sup
erior Court of the State of Arizo
na, in and for the County of Coco
nino, made on the 4th day of
March, A. D. 1914, in the matter
of the Estate of Frederick W.
Volz, deceased, the undersigned,
Administratrix of the Estate of
said deceased, will sell at private
sale, at her home at Canyon Dia
blo, Coconino County, Arizona, to
the highest bidder for cash, gold
coin of the United States of Ame
rica, subject to confirmation by
said Superior Court, on Thursday
the Nineteenth day of March, A.
D., 1914, at 12 o'clock M., or as
soon thereafter as said sale shall
be approved and confirmed, the
following personal property, to
wit: All range horses, together with
the increase thereof, bearing the
! following brands, together with the
following brands, to-wit:
999 WL
Such described horses are now
ranging within the County of Co
conino, State of Arizona, and with
in the immediate vicinity of the
said Town of Canyon Diablo, Ari
zona. Bids may be offered either on the
whole bunch of said range horses,
or on any one or more of the said
range horses. Each bid should be
sealed, marked on face of envel
ope, "Bid for Range Horses,"
and addressed to Mrs. Josephine
M. Volz, Anministratrix, Canyon
Diablo, Arizona, and be received
by (he said Administratrix on or
before Thursday, the Nineteenth
day of March, A. D. 1914, at J2
o'clock M., and such sale of said
range horses will be what is com
monly known and called as a
"range delivery sale."
Josephine M. Volz,
March 6-13.
I PPflT.
.X- I h""""
bwh ra. -i
The Trained Athlete
who has to taste a little liquor now
and again, insists upon having the
best quality. ,He gets it when he
buys from us, for we keep only the
purest and most wholesome liquors
ever distilled. Brandy, Whiskey,
Gin, Rum and Wines of all kinds
are here in great variety and at
moderate prices. We ask a first
trial of these goods, knowing that
it will result in your becoming a
permanent customer.
Curio Saloon
F. W. PAYNE, Proprietor
I IP I MP Ml 1 1 1 1 1 HI
r 1 "
Most Modern Saw Mill, Planing Mill and
Box Factory in the Southwest
Salter Bros. & Co.
Wool Brokers
216 Summer St, Boston, Mass.
Solicit wool shipments. Full market prices
obtained. Sell direct to the Mills. Nothing
sold without shippers consent. Liberal ad
vances provided. Refer to all the leading
wool growers of Arizona for testimonials as to
the services rendered.
Information concerning Government land promptly furnished.
Guaranteed scrip for sale, contests conducted, plals furnished,
school land leases procured, Forest Reserve matters adjusted,
mineral land patented, water, reservoir and rights of way appli
cations prepared.
Ten years with General Land Office, Washington, D. C. and
five years receiver U. S. Land Office at Phoenix.
The Senate Saloon
The Pabst
We Also Handle All Other Beers
Bottle Goods and Cigars
Phone 109
Reliable - Cement - Work
Cement Walks, Cement Buildings, or anything in the
cement line. Years of experience with cement in this
climate. Can furnish you with red brick, red stone,
cement brick, tufa stone.
See him for Estimates on Your Work
The Parlor Exchange
Billiard and Pool Tables
per ni .10.
Brewing Co.
Free Delivery
Courteous Treatment

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