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The Coconino sun. [microfilm reel] (Flagstaff, Ariz.) 1898-197?, December 29, 1922, Image 7

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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.- '.3
vy.w i'j'""
- :i :
(Uy "DEL.")
Mostly nonsense, except in those
comes along and
Had a lot of fun fishing this week.
Two of my brothors-in-lv and I
made an agreement yesterday morn
ing that the first to catch a iish would
have' to buv a uuart of cigars. The
darned cuss.es did me dirt. Whenever
cither of them got a bite ho didn't
pull' until ho was sure tho fish had
got free. I would have lost only that
1 didn't put any bait on my hook.
A young chap from Washington
was out with us. He hooked a big
salt water trout He didn't plr.y him
at all, but kept reeling in. '.-low he
managed to hold the fish was a mys
tery. Pretty soon the fish was di
rectly below 'the end of tho rod, but
the amateur didn't stop. He contin
ued to reel and rcoJ, and finally had
the fish's hend touching tho tip of
the pole. Then ho actually tried to
pull it through tho ring. Of course,
he didn't succeed.
"What shall I do now?" ho asked
Brother John.
"About the only thing you can do
now," said John, "is to climb up the
polq after tho fish."
Sitting at dinner tonight was a
voung woman whoso gown displayed
her beautiful aims.
"I camo ncar not being here to
night," sho said. "I was vaccinated
a few days ago and it gives mo con
siderable annoyance."
Not being ablo to sec, and marely
for information, I asked: "Whcro
wore you vaccinated?"
Hor smile was demure. "In To
ronto," sho said.
A dear old lady hero apologizes that
sho can no longer "nfford to keep in
stylo, only in sight."
Ford Eubank, one of the bast loved i
characters along Chesapeake Bay, who
can keep a bunch happy all day long
with ola-timo songs and quaint anec
dotes, insists that our physical ail
ments aro all purely imaginary un
less they ain't.
He tells, and is substantiated by
other credible witnesses, how he re
cently let n hardened old sinner smell
a bottle of apple-jack. Then ho
switched a bottle of water for it, and
poured water into the old snak's glass,
himself and the others drinking from
tho original bottle of apple jack. Be
fore the old soak had finished his pint
of water he was uproariously drunk
and it took two men to hold him onjtheie she took them into tho elevator.
his feet until they could
get mm
-a 1.!. ..
f Ono peculiar trait .with southern
people, both white and black, ia their
J fear of strange dogs. Often I have
sc6n men whose courage had often
been proven, d it-is- -likely- to b at
any time in this country where most
I of them spend most ot their time deep-
I sja,fishing and oystoiing, ber.t a has-
' trent from torn"1 sm.ll dog even
. ' . n the latter wasn't saying a thing
th hi front end and was wig-wag-
'ging peace and amity with the other.
Mr. Eubank, one who frequently
courts death by1 water, is unashamedly
afraid of a dog. A neighbor not long
ago got a new dog. It was a surly
. i cur. Ferd had to pass this neighbor's
houso to get to his wharf. The first
. morninir after the dot; arrived, ho
, came to the gate and grow led at Ferd,
'fhc latter promptly threw the dog
his lunch, and thus securing tempor
ary safety, hurried pa-l and out of
the danger -zone. Next mo -ning the
pTiinii 11 inn lillHiliiilililnliinnini 1 1111 mill until mill iimtrn
I Railroad Avenue, next to thc
I Commcicial Hotel i
, First-class Service I
i z
i Frank Bennett I
Coal and Wood
Phono 3
I HtiiMtlltllilliltimimitiiMitiiiiitimiiitiitiitiiiiiuiiiiii
un se
The Old McCormick Rooming House.
Apartments and Rooms -
Lights, Water and
imitiiiiMiiimiimitimiiiiimiimiiiiimiiiimimitimmiititti ,., tiiitmm
Special Sooday Chicken Dinner
Bring your family on Sunday and
Dinner, from 12'clock on
rare intervals ; when a real idea
is grabbed off.
same thing occurred and the third
l'crd didn't love this particular
no'ghbor, and he hated that dog. Ho
icasoned that it wasn't up to him to
fecrd that doer his lunch evtrv dav and
so, tho fourth day, carried a lcvolver
'with him. The dog met him as usual.
?: z . " "
rum uok careiui aim wnn notn nanus
ana urai, i
'' m hklH lS au JV J?.huntecfan hunted, 'an'' found nothin', t
aid. "But I'lV tell you what I did then jie say. "Crudder don' lose yo',
o. I shot the end light off one finger soul's cniVation lookin'' attor othah
of my left hand
Down here
Christmas lasts cijrht1
lays December 25 to January 1, in -
tv ni TH" . i, .
In New Orleans, Atlanta. Baltimoie.
Richmond and Washington wo were
for getting in tho way. Down here at
Norfolk, where I'm wiiting this, we1
, . - 1 I , ,1
nave to keep one eye cocked aloft al
the time for fear one of these cussed
avkltors may drop something on us.
Oysters 80 cents a bushel, sweet po
tatoes 40 cents a bushel f. o. b. Vir
ginia. But collars and cigars cost
more in the eastern cities than in
Flagstaff. So why worry?
Camo up from the wharf here in a',
two-hni'sn vehirln. Hml nn small
change, so handed the driver a ?10
mil. mo looiccu at it, uien at tne
horses, then at me. Which horse do
you want?" he asked.
Down here, chilluns, v. horse is a
7' '"' "!c V, u ,vo , . " llil: him to Jie Hippodrome. As tho div- lKa'Y" """B " , .
street with the idea we might get our ing horse Ieapcd from his piatfoim to' .Th? Sr001" ,ls wSn known '" th,sP
traffic signals mixed and run into, the pool thirtv feet below, the Ari- vinity and has for a number of
an automobile and maybe iret arrested ,.,?, ..oii,t. r. ,i i tj'ii n.,u -nt years been a locomotive engineer on
cause every time you get n room with f Compiled from the Files of The Mr an(, w F, d LonKlcV) Sr
bath rt costs from $2 to $3 moie than Coconino faun, Iwenty cars 'seived a Christmas dinner Monday to
a room without one. This Saturday, Y ,,, . . ... S. i. J. .?..?? '. a a a a Mr- a,ul 3Irs- Flo(1 Lot'ley. Jr., and
night stunt is sure expensive. ' ' v v v v v v v v daughter, Lily, and Guy and Glenn
"team," two horses are "two teams." ' never complained none; she was alius
A horse and buggy arc "a team and jest as doggone cheerful as a sun
fix." shinv mornin'.
I "Gad! but shc was beautiful. She
And when I nonchalantly said it had fluffy hair that was like a streak
cost "two bits" no one knew what I 0' sunlight stieumin' through a win
meant. ,'pr nn' hpr skin was .soft as velvet.
Ill ChaVlotteSVille. While I attended
Rotary in the evening, two neices
showed Mr. Del around the city. The
ounger steered a stiaight couise for
I a bank building, and when they gat
uirn. ji i j.11 ji i x
lop iioor, sne torn tne oicvator
iimii. mien iirci iuiuicu mi; loii,
mn ft lLlinn llintf iArtAlin1 Itn 4stt-
f iiifVi -flrtrtu rkn 11.1 liit-tt Trtn.
I'""""' .";'"'' "'? v""' .'" i,v"
you may taKe ua uown again.
Ontsifln tin, lmildinfr sho nvnlnlnnd
i 11
,nas. cntei-
that this was the only
fhoflntrtci'illrt iti1 ctirt nl
wL k, u,;.'.!;
r in t """"' "J b b ""'" "
Oh vou Arizona eowhovs if vnu
yn, jou Arizona towooys, it ou
onl. realized what heioot, what gigan-
i: hbuii-s ui mjMwy uhu iuuiuuvu cni01.; moyin- aiong the trail. Some
you are in the mmds of the eastern tlmes theie'd be moisture in Bucky's
sman uoy. .iy two dozen
zen nephew.,
jut you, first
to hear about
back heie all asked about
thing. They don't want
any oui tnuians wnen tnercs anyininp
1 can think of to tell them about you.
They love ou. One nephew, 13 ieais
, .isnmiMjcu Jiiu y tui-Hiu uutvii
the first evening diessed in booto,
sheep-skin chap.-, sombieio and even
'the coloied handkerchief around his
neck. And fix-shooter-, in his belt.
You are the gol len fleece, the pot of
gold at the end of the rainbow to
V.rt. .. t.AKr, X'.. mnn .1... ....i rImiiI
around so haughty in your high-heeled
boots. Some inkling that you arc thc
idol of hundreds of thousands of boys
must have seeped through the ether
to you.
Strut! Gosh dam you! I'd
. like you, and have their rev-
rather bo
ereni love man to ue president 01
these United States!
. , . . .. . . ., .
Please whisper to the Ilagstaff la-
h-s that the edict that skirts must bo
wom to the floor this winter is be-
all wearing them from eight to oigh-
t. i,c nhn.-n
Atftit Henrietta, colored, says as
Aflnnrt wine' nni'nu linitn o l.nl.,. 'nnoon
thov was no one to nuss him
Note that the modish eastern manvh(;re )lc Eol(l a o't ra Il0rses:
'- c-ie i avu iinfltt I Vin.l mat . -
dre-ses ery quietly. I had just re
marked to Mrs. Del that I dressed
i..,f ,. o,.n,i (t, i if .., ii'
button I
A sign in a Newpoit News haber
dasher's s,ays that brown-haiied men
should wear blown clothes, gioy-hair-ed'
men grey clothos, etc.
Hut what, with their old bald heads,
will Paul Coffin and Alex Johnston
My little neice had just been given.
an apple. "Divide it with your little
friend," said her mother. "How shall
Under New
322 Railroad Avenue
- - Rents Reduced
Fuel Furnished
MRS. FRED RENO, Proprietor,
Jt i luiuiuiui. ;
,,, q
' T ljvirt if TinlltpW'1 ell f nclfnil "PK'O
S I her the larger piece, my dear.
"f cm ivu, "'"mwo um i-
pic to her little friend, "you divide i
it." I
t., ii, r,.,i. n...f i,'i. ........ : ii
j timoro a y0Hn- wonian ncar mQ askC(1
fni. ti, T?n,i nnnt
, Til ft clCfk 100kC(l tliei! I'dOrtCrf tlllt
they had no such book.
. . - .
"Then maybe the title is 'The Scar
let Yacht," she said.
Again the clerk icported failuie.
This time tho sweet young thing had
found a .memorandum in her handbag.
"T hno- wmr nnnlnn." ;Vir snwl. "II
-r .- ,, ..., , w..v ....., -
meant 'The Bubaiyat.'"
brother asked the preachnh - !.
.;f ni Mi,i,
ul,n v.
, soul's salvation lookin'
men's wives."
m.. it,v.,v.i finn.ui n t i,
1 gtudebaker general offices, told us on thcl,V h0"1 at "l4 North Leroux St.
thc boat the other ni ht about a Miss Parris has been for the past
IStudcbaker agent in Arizona who'ac ea" bookkeeper at tho Penney
. ,f ,! . i,s0 .,ncf fn m: store in Flacstaff. Her father and
elni ,iat.s ;n XewYork Howird tool:
aj over!"
-rho Ari
ti, A,.;,,.,,, .v,n l-m mi v,i flct
XUU ItfcV'llitll tMH.ll IIV. IJUb lllft 4.tJ.l.
look at clW(ieii lower Broadway, took
n ,irr, inmiii nnd ;.;,i "Hnii' thrtsr
pco))lo mus be awful hehind in their
! i ; : '
j. $ .j .. .j. .j. . .;. .j. .j.
How did the Bright Angel trail get
name? Bucky O'Neill named it,
- .- ... . .. n ...i. ..
f& fsiorv KsMlows: ' Il; -
,,w never (li(l know whcrc sho
f how shc t h but
... nnr .... ...... ,, ... ,.,.,
likfi ..he'd rnrno to stav. Sho was
sickly, you could see that, but she
an' jest white i'n' pink, an' she didn't
link lllrf. n nnrson tll.lt Uns intPinlcd
to ive on carth; leastwise in no such
,,!.., .!;,!, r,inr n this
a' timVi.i w.-ia int. ns o-nnd n
si10 inni,p,i r want to IpII vp. Tfto
ilf)VS n)1 f0R"in lovo with her: Pete
r '.
uerrv. over at Grand View, an' Bass,
. . a t vm 1
dnwn lit tho nrvv. nn' I'lioss lir.d
i .i. ....,.. 1 in. 1
rt . 1 1 i l .
a sort 01 tender regard line ier, neri
"'LP, V ... .. .,.... ,. ..:, :,,
"Sh UEt. ' g d.-w? V'0 trai,1 h
every day, walkin' slow an' look-
m' at the wonderful -lghts in the ccsii-
"' u.miU, iBuiS ... 1. c t.-
, w"n l"m "S wuo eyes o nern,
i"iai was uxo mue ;)uiciie:, 01 me
. , , T. T i. iT TV
5tandm" on tn' rim. till she cot to
Thn hnv.' nciov Wflfpll lioiv
bo nuti,in but a tiny speck o' bright
an, : (lunno but min loo when
vc was lookin, at hcr an. fceli. mab.
be she wasnt goin- ter iast long.
'u..v,- eto,. n ti,r. .,, ,, nncmi-
j,e know'd she was, an' he 'turned out,
t, k v;ri,t ,- , ,1. dtn .o,,t ,1,11
the traii an. nevcr came back- Thero
va a feort 0 baze like hangin' in the
cany0n that afternoon, an' fong about
sumjown th' light struck it slantwise
in' colored it up like gold. You could
n't sec fer inter the canyon, but
ii'. i-;,o.i n o-v, ,ntUn'tnn
... .. ..
in' up through the mist, white an' sort
was ie'r '
"There wasn't na doubt 'bout hcr
i,-:,,. nri . ti,f .,. CA i,
r' twintn-iTPnt tk-n tint lin nnwnr if
nameil tbe tiail 'I.right Angel trail,'
an that,a how it ,on,e
tvcnn ni, ..,, n ., fni
feei.; a;ivlimv natchei.y,' an' we'd
been a-callin' her the 'Bright Girl,' af-
tcr wo fouml ,u u,as flif,ht.s (lis.
east that ail0(, h g0 Buck
.We Jnake it Bri ht An ,,.
,..,., . T
Tim Cornish is home from a Los
(Angeles school to spend the holidays.
. ,
find Mrs. T.f.v. Renfidict return
,from southern part of state.
j I. F. Wheeler back from Kansas J
-hiss iuma .jones, teacner
school, now in Phoenix for holidays.
Mrs. F. J. Hochderffer and daugh-'
ter, Mis. J. W. Wagner, return from
visit to Missouri 1 datives. i
Miss Minnie NieSlecken and Homer
Bartlett married at homo of Mr. and
Mrs. Wm. Mclntyre, the latter being
agister of the bride.
Miss Mario Riordan home for
holidays from San Francisco, whcrc
she attends school. i
! V.. S. finsnnv lining frnm twn-wenkn
hunting in northern California.
A. II. Spellmirc, for ten years in j
charge of office woik for Babbitt
I Brothers, leaves for Los Angeles
iwheic he expects to reside.
The southern Californian may think
himself an adept at making seductive
luiiifuil till iUlUMli uu IILIIUUK acuuutivu
.pictutes of his end of the state, but ,
he can still learn from the Honolulan,
out in tho north Pacific. Down there1,
they say a drummer from San Fran- (
l-". ' v . WV It bw ,v.v . T. ,er t 1 , 1
Cisco sojourned for a month, and when1 , ... ...
they took him to tho homewardbound ' A. s.Peei1 fanS and his car arc soon
steamer and put Ieis around his ncck,PaUe
and sang "Aloha Oi" to him a fewi ,(n ,, . ., . . . T .
.times, he cried like a babv and said . "Brother Philander," said I to our
he had forgotten his wife's first name. head. (lea"n, the ,?thfr mominir after
i service, "lct'a walk down to the post-
'- 'office and get our mail." "My dear
I-aura Parris and Arthur Vandcvier
Married in Phoenix.
Miss Laura Pai ris and Arthur Van-
i ... ,
uevicr, wcu Known young peopic ox
Flagstaff, were mamcu at the home
, Ge1e I,5aile1 5" rjjocnix on Sun -
day, December 24, by Rev. Stavely of
the. Methodist church,
There wcle no guest present, but
immediately after the coicmony din-
nor was served at tho Bailey home.
The young couple arrived in Flagstaff
Wednesday afternoon, and will make
mother, Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Parrish,
tho Flagstaff Lumber company's log-
Kin? roau.
- v .
n. , '; v ",'' T, , ,
On Sunday Mr. and Mrs. I-rcd Paul
entertained at dinner Mr. and Mrs,
George Nickels, and son and daughter,
and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Garing.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Thoman en-
tniitninml rt 4- n tiivl'nir flimioii ATwwlotr
lurs. uuoiku JJ.uizgSi mm us, uyib
At a Christmas dinner Monday Mr.
' and Mrs. Fred Garing entertained Mr,
a a a a .j. a a a
I,J-CV1 5 UJJ& JrLlU 4
A A A A A A A Tt , A it A A A A
An o'lttntn nnnm nnfos f Vint: imnm.
nlAiinnnf ,limin?2hinff nmnno hh
who have jobs,
tv, t,ion v,,.:n r n 1,.' i,v
; th ti,,t i,n nnt .!,' r..,n ,,
j inj uiku.-'I. tiiiiii ux u, uui n iiiu
tVm vOIr,.lr.v i,.,c;nMS ,0n r...ilnthov , ntir.nc !!,. v, TTnJto.i'sta
--w vu-....u . f ,.,.-. W....VUH ...... ..
him bv his fiist name.
Knnrt ,..rjprs 1inv njphiwil tr.-inip-
1 n V u r r
ailv for many years the long walk
any lor many years tne long waiK CJ1U ,i--v"a ci'aii.jiiuiit, .uau uiuw 1
from the home plate to the bench after attention of tho Legion men to t
tho balter lias tiruck out But wh0"fact that untrainwl troops were s(
v;u v.j.;lC fittingly of the congress-,to tho front lino during thc wo
viu VTUC tittmgly of the congress-,
mail) (cfcate-l in tho recent election,
who now must plo(1 alj the way
tir.. 1 . .. c .i .. .
wasnmgton ior tne exu a session anu
,.. i, o. ,..:,. . t ,
A private soldier quoted
in the
Amci can Legion Weck'j define, an uge
oiatoi as a man ho is , evei ns,bie fai(1. Mnny of these men
, to la (.own youi life for his countrj,.b rf f , j b
They call theni football mustaches
now eleven on
" seems prooable that every living
mortal knows how to cure a cgld ex-
ccl5t tlle chaI' who has e
If you iun your car too fast you
re liable to iun over someone and
l y" lun " i. carefully someone
JO iltiuiu w lull lilcu JUU.
Tll Ramp of hearts is very old,
The only difference is that the cae-
man used a club instead of a diamond,
As a proof that the world's greatest
men have their moments of foolish
ness we note that Lloyd Geoige na&
a son named Gwyllian.
A second-hand Ford will bring
! twice the money if its gasoline tank is
I full.
The funniest thing about the comic
eciJou is uuu a nreici zc uiai nc is
a:-.. r .!...!, t. xi. ..i i.
I merely reading it aloud to please the
. With a great many folks repentance
timtih mnonc nneTnnninn' i invhtid nn
simply means postponing a forbidden
thinj' until a more nronitious time to
,get by vnth it,
The wise man adjust himself to the
woild; the foolish man tries to ad
just the world to himself,
ml.. 1 ...I.. . l. j .1. j.
me cnap wno sirucis a maicn to
view a leaky carburetor has our sym
patny, but tnat wont buy mm a new
A Flagstaff woman who is hinting
for a sealskin coat for Christmas has
purchased a dollar watch to give her
If the assessor could find property
as quickly as the vomen folks can see
a new diamond in town, tne vaiua-
tion on the tax roll would break all
I A man with a coffin in his truck
was airested for speeding in Chicago.
I Well, if they're bound to do it, that's
I the thing to carry.
An optimist is a younir married man
,.- r. i;
who buys a 7-passcnger touring car.
. , , , ,, . . .,
Vle, n0,sest dmm has noUline ,n ,l
uul alr
brother, piously replied Philander
don't you know that I never go to the
and Mrs. Robert Garing and children,
Freddie and Junior. Mr. and Mrs. Jako
Thoman, Mr. and Jlrs. Fied Paul and
I Tl tljl Vrt Ta,i W7illtnrtn Pnnil nHnntl
i.ti.u.tii, oku nuiiuuu, I'ii'u WJiuwn,
iur. aiui Airs, v ranK .2uirK anu daug.i-,
101, ICUtU.
: : : .: !
delightful goore "dinner SundayV to1
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Garing and son,!
l'rcuuie, and Jlr. and Sirs, tram:
a j. .: .:
At the Episcopal church Saturday
night a tree for the children held lit-1
tie remembrances for all, as well a3!
their teachers in the different Sunday'
school classes. lA few Christmas- car-'
ols and a prayer made up the pro
giam for thc evening.
The children of the Rebekah lodge
enjoyed a tree at the hall Saturday
night. Santa was there and all re
ceived little lemembrances. No spec
ial program was rendered by the chil-
St. Margaict's Guild will meet,
next Wednesday at the home of Mrs. '
E. C. Mills for the first meeting of
the new year. All members aro urg
ed to be present at this first meeting.
lions. .enougn lor Mr. ana iirs. tagar 1.
Mr. and Mis. Johnny Love enter- The newcomer is James C. Penney ' Hciter, Mrs. Heiser told Judge Stef
tained Mr. and Mrs. Eh Giclas and 0f White Plains, chairman of the J. ' 'en in divorce court, but when her
son, Henry, and Mr. and Mrs. H. Mc- c. Penney corporation which operates ' mother-in-law insisted in sleeping in
Gookin on Christmas day at their a chein of clothing stores in twenty-' the fAmo bcd with the newly-weds,
hnmc on Oak Creek. They visite-1 nine states. His life Insurance totals Uho thought the limit had been reach
Montczuma's castle and wells and Soda 3 million dollars of which 1"'2 mil- ed.
Springs, having a delightful trip and iion dollars was taken out recently in i "Our honeymoon flat became so
finding excellent loads. a Pjnge policy. j public I couldn't take a bath without
Ahead of him are Rodman Whn.i-1 embarrassment," Mrs. Heiser ex-
UliyLiO I iitil ilHLillLiJU
a ..:.. !.. .1 i i.i.-.
v went into the front line trenches un -
able to shoot the rifles thev were car-
" "O ' -VMJMXU UUK.llb.
V ,., irr Alvilt fV,.clr.,r n-ttfn,,,! nr.,.
I i J Jllk, jTVI till VUi'IWJi lUiblKIIUl V,UIM
j mnnder of the American Legion, made
I a p'ea for prepare lnesb to eliminate
a similar riluation in the next war, at
1 .... '
similar ruuauon in inc next war, at
national K.-.thering of Legion state
adiutants at Indianapolis.
cffwt ;m .,,,,1 .. ,. ti,..f ,
ftJr. Owelev unrcd tho retain nc- of a
1 ouj uiiuiiL ui my ituu iiiivy aw uiai it
.ni.i nt i, V,r...o,,. n u- ,n
...v. ...... ......u ..-,, w ...., u k.v. .
lis t.minfr its armed fo
orces in any fu-
I 1
tuie conflicts.
. L. Folre, of Dallas, adjutant of
Texas department, also lrow the
., .
s''0 ''own when they could have pro-
t?i-;c(i inemscivcs nan tnpy ueen iram-
had een six
weeks and t.vo months before they
weie lushed into action."
Thc views of tho Texas Legion of
ficii'.' weie supported by Austin A. Pe
ter on, Wisconsin adjutant, who urged
the adjutants "to realize the seiious-iips-,
of the preparedness situation at
thii time, particularly in view of th"
c-ver-inci easing danger of the Tutkish
and Near East que.-tion."
Olhei Legion speakers urged thr
adjutants to encourage voluntary en
listment in thc army in their states
:.nd to advocate militaiy training on
a latger c:de in the high schools, col
lege, umveisities and physical train
ing in the grade schools. It was as
serted that the enlisted strength of
the regular United States aimy at this
time is even below the latest figures
.set by congiess. i
Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landls,
high commissioner of baseball, in an
addicss to Jefferson Post, American
Legion at Louisville, Kentucky, pre
dicted that "within five years many
supposedly able-bodied veterans of
the word war will begin to falter be
cause of exposure and shock suffeicd
by them in the French trenches.
"The American Lesion is the only
body which, is taking an active stand
for justice to disabled men, and on
the Legion will fall the responsibility
of seeing that congress does it,s duty."
Jilhn B. Reynolds, secretary of tho
Indiarapolis Chamber of Commerce,
has j.ssuied the American Legion that
the state legislature will pass a law
r.iaking'it illegal ever to hold another
bpcedway classic on Memorial Day at
the Indianapolis Motor Speedway."
A man's job is his best friend. It;
clothes and feeds his wife and chil-
drcnf'pays the rent and supplies them
with the wherewithal to develop and,
become "cultivated. Thc least a man
can do in return is to love his job.
A man's job is grateful. It is like
a little gaiden that thrives on love.
It will one day flower into fruit worth
while for him and his to enjoy. Ifi
you ask any successful man the rea-'
son for his making good he will tell
you that first and foremost it is be
cause he likes his work indeed, he'
loves it. His whole heart and soul are I
wrapped up in it. His whole physical '
and mental energies are focused on it.
He walks his work, he talks his work, ,
he is entirely inseporable from hisj
work, and that is the way every man ,
worth his salt ought to be if he i
moans to make his work what it
should be and make of himself what i
he wants to bo. Senator Capper in
"Trained Men." i
'... .. . Until tndnv thp Ponnpv pnmnrjtmn io T?LACSTArF I-OnCP. Nn ID! IflYAI. CI1L.
' "g"0 ?.er.VI.n .tne -lro,u, v;un not sole owner of a s np-lo store act-'i "K:t or M00SE- " - third
the 32nd division, I transferred men . ,i,::fi" V t ,,. s , J ' ., inday m.ht tach month at Enu iun. Vlit-
to replacement foops and saw them 1" iefl2 as h1PS 0' l1e' V"?.. .
,go into the front line Uonches and -" - "'' S?v 1 V,V"SLlr;.
Roomers and Boarders Wanted
I We are opening the house known as the I
i 16 Each Birch Street !
I and are prepared to care for a limited number j
I of guests. !,
iiiiiii M IHIitimmtttHM iltiullitiiM.itiMilntm,,, littiimiitt.il, minium
i ..
fijltiiiimiiiii iiiiitintimmmii HiHiiiHiiiiiiiiimmimiiimiitiiiiimmmiiimmiitiiimiittiiimmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimitirn
Doil't let a Coilgh 01 Cold RllH ! I'
A cold should not be allowed to run on indefinitely. Most coughs
are rather easily cured. Let me explain to you the cause of coughs
and colds and how I can help you get rid of them. Free consultation
and examination.
115 Noith Humphrey St. (Two blocks west of Weathcrford Hotel.)
Phone 229.
Fourteen years' experience in teaching and practicing chiropractic
A man unknown
to the public .
stands today third
imong business
men whose lives aro insured for mil -
maker, with policies aggregating xk
million dollars and Pierre DuPont,
who carries insurance of 4 million
"n" cames insurance ol 4 million
dollars. John Wanamakor, who died
the other day. carried 3 million dal -
Iars of life insurance.
. . ,V""U b. '-""' premium on tne ji
m" ,on-.fe11" P''?les '" PProxi-
T 1 ! n
malC tlM,WV. WO than tWdlty
it., .. , - I
nPnM divide the risk.
1 en.nevI Ic;ne1 clothing busi-
"fs '.n "a,,ton.'.0ihcre1 he v-
nAl ,1 It! lKT tltil his r,?f cnfnM.r ...n
, . ,Vf-- , .v i : ;
'n in 18'0' a.n(I,h'3 t"" was
v" uyear, rwswi 10 Ww jne year
tab!ih a butcher simp in Denver and
:r,-V" . "r "'. ""' w -":
vhen '-7- wilh $500 in his pocket, he
"Pened tlu; firt "Golden Rule" cloth-
ing store at Kcmmerer, Wyo. The
Business grew until Pennev needed the ,
S"m.of . m f Tfteei E C-
Sams, now president of the" Penney
.-. ,;.... u...
1 iio in.- juuspuiuu 1 eniicy neipeu nis
j tieiKs 10 uL-cuine part owners 01 me
uuius wiiun iney cuvpiayea aoiiltv.
(ive The Sun your Job Printing.
Why let inexperienced men
fool with your generator.
Economy and satisfactory
motor action both demand high
est skill. Bring in your genera
tor troubles and they'll be
oromptly solved.
Sam Sweitzer
New Location
Former Selck Block
R. R. Ave., East of Beaver
Avi7nni -
" Al lUIlcl :
iiiiimmmiit ttiiQ
Him. mi
Q , "' 1 .tltvlll.(l L7WlVtBl
Notice to Automobile Owners
We quote below a section from the motor vehicle
law of the State of Arizona relative to the necessary
proceedure in case of transfer of an automobile. It
would simplify matters if all owners of cars which
have been purchased during 1922 would, before Jan
uary 1, 1923, secure a transfer of the license regis
tration. WM. BEES0N,
County Assessor.
(4) Upon the sale or transfer
of a motor vehicle registered in
accordance with this section, tho
vendor thereof shall immediately
give notice of such solo with the
name and residence of the vendee
to the county assessor, and the
vendee shall within ten days af
ter thc date of such sale or trans
fer, notify the county assessor up
on a blank furnished nromntlv by
him for that purpose, stateing the
Page Seven
iiiiiiin.il, i, mm iiimmiiiiiitttiiimiiimmmiimiiiiiiiii
Five of her husband's relatives liv-
!'pP 'n their honeymoon flat was bad
Pained. "From June 1, 1919, when
wc were married, to June 28, my
mother-in-law insisted on sleeping
us. hvery night she would let
l"8 retire fiist, and then she would
,come in."
Rube Is there any liquor being
manufactured illicitly out your way?
Cowboy Well. I don't know jest
i,. ,, i,: '.. f..j
. how its hem manufactured.
o -
' . luuwi tuii.uuu uvimk
'blocks estimated to wear fifteen years
and made at a price to compete with
ordinary creo.-oted wooden blocks
have been inented in England.
1?I.AGSTAH' LODGE No. 11. I. O. O. l
MmiI inir mora tnmliv niirtit f t n.LI
i icllows llali.
isittng members Initcd to
J. C CLAP.KE. N'oblo Grand.
i I). U WAUD. Vire-Grand.
: ' OltlNN C COMITON, Fin. Sc.
: , E. C. MILLS. Trcafurcr.
: 1TA Mcet in Odd Fellow Hall every Wednes-
: day nleht. Visltini: Knights arc cordially In-
: MUd tu attend.
t i C V. KNIGHT. C. C.
: W. E. I1KEWEII. V. C.
: J C. CI.AP.KE. K. of E. S.
- Meets eery second and fourth Thursday
i iij-ht in month in Odd Fellowa Hall. Vititintr
I monbera of the order cordially invited to at-
, tend.
: , ALICE CLAKKE. SecrcUry.
I , EMMA LEHIt, Treasurer.
I p ItANI) CANYON CHArTEIt No. 4, O. E. S.
: I Meets on tho (second and fourth Tuesday
E nights of each month, at 8 o'clock in F. & A
I M. hall. iHitine members of tho order are
: . cordially ir. itcd
i SARAH MANNING, Treasurer.
i A Recular tretinc on first Thursday of each
r month in Mnsnmc Temple. Yisitin? brethren
i initcd to n'tcr.d.
N. G. LAYTON. Secretary.
aj XKRS Meets ecry second and fourth
Fitday nihi of each month in Odd Fellows
i Hall. YiiHng rthians and Sisters are cor-
: dially invited tn attend.
I .
: I u Fred E. Chamrlin Camp No. 4, Flagstaff,
: Arirona. Meets first Saturday of each month
a 8 r- m- ln t,ie American Legion room. All
Sraniih Vt'ar Veterans welcome.
ItLTX'S MARINE. Commander,
Upon filing such statement, duly
verified, such vendee shall pay to
the county assessor a fee of One
(31.00) Dollar for motor vehicles
other than motor-cycles, and upon
receipt of such statement and fee
Uie county assessor shall file such
statement in his office and shall
issue the vendee a .receipt show
ing such transfer and a copy of
said receipt shall be transmitted
to thc secretary of state, togeth-
; Ptof

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