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-Page Eight
A ilaMnj and
New Year
To All
AifVn- ?"d,C "i1 ekiml8 ( rcntaIs--
Alf. Dickinson & Son.-Adv.
Dance at Odd Fe'bv.-s Hn'l.'Satur-
(by nifcht, Dec. SO Corne everybody,
Mrs. Charles Cory left Wednesday
fcr Los Angeles f r a fv week..' vis-
it with hor hrothera an,l nthpr roln-
Flagstaff has been onbvinc- benu-
Uful summer weather during the holi- a'tenc'irg school at Tempp, arrived del'jiquency of $224,40.".70, whle Pinal
days. Even picnicing in the woods l'owe Sat'iidsy to spend Uio holidays vith a total of 219,2fi0.:i:) is third.
was permitted. .with her parents. ' The other counties in ouler of their
Mr. Catherine Rubi lo, of San Mis. Fumk Goodman went to Hcl- ;j"cu"tn aie:SaV:i , Cruz. S21 1,9222;
Franciroo, camo in Satuidny to spoid brook Fiiduy to spnd reveral das avapai, S2J0,.xX.2. : lima, $189,
a fow days w-;th b?r mother. Mrs. M. ;th ber paicnts. Fiank is sfll in i'M"l; Cila, $i8;,lj9.80; Pima, $1G1,-
Ln Seal la, and lirotheis.
Mastor Charlio Gybe , who has been
In I'refcott for a couple of month
came home to sceiul the holidavs with
his grandmother, Mjb. Carolyn Hoch
and brother Ducker.
James D. Railoy. of Camp Verde, 'P;"5 is the section foreman at An
camo up from bis ranch yesierday on ?sh "l" tna! na.s not been set, pend-
.pjKSJkwt scouting trip. Jim is one of Ir,g annvestigation of the ca.-e.
. the VetA cowmen in the cot ntry and A. I'. J.'e.-er! came in Saturday to
is thinking jfrongrj' of going 'do vn s! c',; ' lcu" lays wiih bis family
into old Mexico to hlp the stock in- Mr. Mc;e:.-- L- woikipg with the boll
dustry of that countr . ' i maker.- at the United Verde minu in
"t., tn,v i-... .v. .i ., .u. Jlrome tliis winter, but vill return to
""."' """ " w "'' i t'e
a canoed ot potu.oes to rhoonix and
n Phnoniv niil
nattered up the door
on hii cellar,
;ra rload he
which contains on extra
expects to eat in the srring when he
conies home.
Tho Tuba club, the bad'ng organi-
iiition of the hinnoinff little twn out
north on the desert, ei joed an ebb-
orato Ch' is-Unas dinrer at their clu',
hnuPA ATirtiinv nnm n..:.U A..n... I
thing good to eat tho.-e present en-
joyed a number of short talks and mu-
rical numbers, and a general
time was had.
pc-ervation cf tho loUc3 of Cobnel m-rkets open to you in the pie-war
Chief of Police Rube Neill and his Francis Marshall and Lieutenant Web- ''as now aie closed while others have
force of deputies were the busiest peo- ber, the mi sing aviatjrs, has been c"n narrowed," Mr. Sch "enfold said.
pie in town Sunday and Monday, and dissipated. "Your only salvation, thciofoie, is the
.hile most of the business houses Hugh Norris, chief of police of the development of local markets by crc
vere locked up they wero enjoying Papago Indian rejervation, was in ating a demand for products you grow
quit a holiday rush. I phoenix from Sells and visited John at home, or, unable to do this, con-
They report that ono event of tho B. Prown, svocrintendent of the In- vol"t your products from heavy bulky
holiday week which was not ndvortis-! dian school. Mr. Noiris infoimcd sai- goods to light, compact products of
ed, but which terms to have received. perintendnnt Crown that, in cpmoan'- high value."
considerable forcthough and attention, ' with T. F. McCormick, government The convention was attended by ap
was the part played by old man moon- Indian superintendent at the Papago proximately 400 acciedited delegates
Shine. The officers' had the city jail , reservation, ho thoroughly run down -''urn all parts of the state and the
filled to overflowing with those who 'tho rumor and decided finally that no pro' lems and accomplishments in the
had taken a too pvomirent part in this Indian had found bodies. field of Arizona development were dis
feature of the program. T'le lercrvation has ben searchd' cus-cd by experts during the numer-
Judge Gillibnd ered the drisring over carefully, Mr. Norris said, and us general special scsoions of the
in the share of the usual fine, after no Indian found who had made such congress.
the boys had cooled off sufficiently, a report nor have any bodies I epn Election of officers and selection of
Tile fines for the two days amounted ' seen in that locality. The fate of the the,meeting place for the next con
to $205, most of v.hloh vas paid in 'missing aviators still remains as much ventian ere left to the board of di-
T. A. RIORDAN, President.
1. 13. KOCH, Vicc
Arizona I
(Established 1881)
Manufacturers of
wm Nir ii
v ' Eail Germany, the taxi man, is tak
I ing a few dajs off in Phcenix.
J I Fi esh home-made saur kraut for
sale. 10c ner quart. 58 Coconino
, F h hon,e.lnndo sauir k t f
'avenue. Mrs. A. F. Meyeis. 12-29-tf
Dr. an.l Mrs. A. J. Mackoy moved
'Wednesday into the home the doctor
0'.e;y purchased on Nulh Leroux
i Kr. End Mrs. Del Strong arc ox-
pectcd homo frjm a months' visit to
Mrs. Stronsr's old home inv Virt ini.i
! tomorrow.
Mi Catherine McMuII'n. who is
Ciegory Spring and lodged him in th
irounty jail on a statutoiy cltarge.
r nw t. ff nhnnt Mntr 1
w u'" in.-
Mrs. V rankle Mf.thcws re-oived i
iUrs- 'anhie iUf.inrws rc-e.vcd a
telogiom from her son, John Mathews,
wh Is now living at Maize, Kansas
announcing the arrhal ot Miss Marv
Francis Mathews on December 2"rd.
She ; eig;ed "? '-" "18 who'e
?unfrs" ''P. Gra'.',pa Jui i:0 G' h'
ar.fl xs as WJ'1 pleaied as ar.;--
"oay' t0J
AVIATfti?!' RfiFMF
Wi.lJ U JUlliJ
The bt hope of aut'rcntlcitv in the
recent leport of the finding by an In-
dian nc ir liid.i.n Oasis on the Panaco
I a mystery as ever.
M. J. RIORDAN, Secretary
- Prcs., JIanagcr
y i
I'liooniv .itipnrim.r iho m.wHn nf the mi io: uranrni, 5i.i'),i:o.i io: .iionae,
t i . . " tioi)oq. r : t m .nn trt. r. ( arlc rtnvrnv. fn rlMimPil lin wns hnr.t.
... - . ' u.n 7 4vs7'. ru..i.i,iin ?47r,"?m inc h)s way uu from Prcscott whei
uncier-sheuli h. O. i hem uscn went ....', ;...':' "' . ,A v h . .,.. t, M .
,?..-. ,. a i j. 'i . i . . , ui:il .-vu;kjic. or i.tv i a '. " -" - " -" v
uuu iu muei iricay a.ia arresteu ,, ' ,. , , ,., . T.m. niimi.t . tn r. t i , .-.n,.
od timber Co
I Come to The Sun office for first' Get your Job .Printing at The Sun
class job printing. Office.
Clearance Sale Coats; 'Dresses, Clearance Sale Coats, Dresses,
Hats. Power Hat Shop. Up. .Hats. Power Hat Shop. ltp.
Do not overlook the meeting of the Anyone wishing to sell or buy a
ICed Cross at the K.ks Hall Saturday . city or country home call on us. Alf.
afternoon at 2:30. Dickinson & Son. Advertisement.
' Chet Lcayett and Harry Kislings-; Richard Rionlan is visiting home
berry of Wins ow were visitors in , folks this week from St. Mary's Kans.,
f lagstaff Tuesday. - wheic he has been attending school.
Fletcher Ely, formerly mayor of MiVs Grace Wcnzcl is spending the
Anita and Bcllemont, with a sideline holiday vacation in Flagstaff with her
of sheep, was in Flagstaff frm Wil- paicnts. She is teaching at Fort De
lianis Tuesday. fiance
'. J'',ss K.ul)a Switzcr, who is teaching Mrs. Julius Herman of Los Angeles,
m Phoenix, arrived in Flagstaff Sa- arrived in Flagstaff Tuesday to rc
Y ,ui i?' ,., bc x,lth her l,arents 'luring main a few days looking after her
the holiday season. ipropeity interests.
a ' m -tiii t"o cow capitalist of Ash-
Si i' , u IUJ l"i,,IVst 0I U1C
week looking over our Christmas ar-
j rangements ct cetera.
, The midnight mass at St. Anthony's
on Christmas eve was largely attend-
v cd and a splendid song service was
v icndorcd rn connection with the rcg-
i "br service.
X 4 -D K',or'lan , visiting her
jiuiums, .in. .uui ..s. i. . murium, j nomas will leave tomorrow for Los
during the holidays. She has bscn Angeles wheie they will visit for a
attending .school at Sacred Heart nl0nth and then proceed to Georgia
Z Academy, in ManhaUanvilIe, N. Y. for an extended stay.
Miss Ethel Compton, the pretty Wm, It. McClurkcn, the life insur-
young lady who impaits knowledge to ance man, spent the holidays at his
the youth of Bumblebee, Arizona, is old home in Albuquerque. While he
at home for the holidays. She says was needed badly here, he had a
J she has not been stung once since right to a few days off.
X .-he has been at the DumbleLee hive. Mrs. I. 13. Koch, daughter Miss Lu
A Under-sheriff Thompson tnnlr :i ci'le, and son King, left Tuesday for
man off a Santa Fe pas.-enger train
Saturday on advice f.om the officers
of Williams. They charged the man
with having stolen a suit of clothes,
and can." fter him that day. No re-
poit has been received at the sheriff's
office as to the disposition of the case.
The total amount of taxes in the
stitf, of Aiiznnn dnlinm out on June
WA1l,SZ6.G7, according to a state-
secretarv ot the state tax commission.
The statement was made from iep..rts
to ihe tax commission bv the clerks
of the boards of supervisors in each
The repoit shows that Maricopa Ins
the brge-it amount of delinque.it taxes
.,f t.ut, ; 5in,.;nnn n,..,ni,i n
Juno 30, 1M2, was $l,fi32,425.45. Co-
eh! o county is seroml with a tot; 1
ng up me total rtej.nnu
foi tbc state by year periods, the re
port shows that for the tax year of
191G, the total delinquencies were
.$".7,904 29 for the state; for the year
1917, $4.n,93K.S7; for .the voir I91S,
?72,',::4.0(i; for Uie vcar 1919, SSoO,
800 4".; for the ve..r 1020, S94f,Sr.0.81,
whi'e for th tax v ar 1921, the total
was 1,993,40.79. Th? f'i"t ha'f of
'ha tr. es ji-p" ed eirli vmr h nnme
del.nquent in November of that vear
while the bt hnlf becomes delinquent
in Mav of the ft Hewing ve r.
" 0 '
nrin3l mp-'PirTT' nflTV"
iuM ri&.yii iUilhi
nwivr'm nmv "TtniwrT
v Prt fie'f-bt vies biv- cre'ito-i
tariff-, between state Ihat have nar
row d the nurVet of many cimmod
ities to the confines of the community
in which thev are p oduced. Villiam
A. Schoenf Id, difector of market re
jfearch of Ihe United States depart-
ment of agricultmc declared in an
addcr.s befoie the Arizona Industrial
congress in convention at Phoenix,
"I'ecau e of thepc rales certain
lectors of the oiganization.
Captain J. 15. Wright has completed
survey of the crocoscrd Oak Creek
i iiK'.nir nn up ifjrrii tip .nn pn? is .- i.." ' w . m ....n
highway through the canyon and is
well pleased with results obtained.
V The previous survey made by the gov-
eminent, ran higher up along the can-
yon side than the route 'bid out by
fhim, with grades of 7 to 8 per cent.1
Tho new route has a maximum grade
ol 5 per rent, and, being lower down
will be of more value to ranchers
clong the creek, aside from the fact
that it can be luilt at a greatly re
duced cost. There will be no crossings
below tho fal's on tho new route. i
Win. Hicklin has about a half mile
of the road completed noith from the
Thompson ranch, with the exception
of putting in culverts, and will at
tempt to make the road at least pai-
sable for autos through to Flagstaff.
Cartain Wriirht has not as vet made
9 an official report to the county au
ilhorilies, but i3 engaged in working
up his notes and man. He is much
' pleased with the results of the survey
5 1 and earnestly hopes that the county
' can appropriate sufficient funds to
-- tf lA'ief fitint, i.n !. .ii.l ..11 flirt ii.n,,
.,v I.-.....V wiv.11 ji v.iu iuuii uu vitu ..,y
through so there may bs some travel
through it this summer by auto.
Mr. and Mrs: James Kennedy, their
s-o". James J., and Miss Margaret
Lee drove up from Williams vesttr-
day for a day's visit with friends.
i,. u. McMullcn, R. II. Drake, C. V,
Kidclv and Piof. Powers of the Nor-
mal fnculty enjoyed a few days hunt-
ing 0,i the Hatkberry this week, rc-
turning Thursday.
Mrs. Dora Harbin an.l Mi.-s Lucy
San Diego, where they will spend the
balance of the winter for the benefit
f Master King's health,
Mrs. Will Young came in from
Cameron Monday and visited with the
J. D. Dunn family until Tuesday,
vhen she and Miss Mildred Dunn went
to Winslow where they will visit Mrs.
Young's parents for a few days.
The Sun office has been undergoing
t!.e agony of two weeks of muss and
paint. We had thought of painting
",l- J"uu. ul Lm; 'aBl- w" "' "'"
un JustJae';
aEed the Penney store here, has been
e'ected secretary of the newly organ-
d Rotary Uub at Window. Glenn
was one of the live membcis of the
I-l.'g-.taff cluV and should shew the
W nslow bunch how our club does it.
. P. . .
iii UiUllli UU1J XJiltthii 21m
k PnTJl l)AWT( RftY f &D
ll i"0"1 wmu iSJl j..l
A desperate gun battle between
1h.ee men in a box car occurred last
Friday as tlfe train was on its way
to Ashforh. One hobo was ki.led.
The man who did the killing gave a
vivid do cription of the battle in the
figlit darted. One of the men had a
flashlight and the other a gun. He
filed eleven shots at the flash light
and was filed at eight time without
being hit. lie jumped from the train
and on rching Ashfork advited the
rai'"oad pcKceman of the affair and
.ar ted h m to help him to got his coat
and hat from the car, saying he
thougi.t there wa-- a de-ul man in
thcic. 1 he bodv of the dead man was
i'0"'1 with one bullet in the fo.ehead
another tin ough the neck and one m
his chest. Ev'dently h's partner had
robbed his body and made his escape.
Latcl' a C0"P,e of Mexicans identified
the ,lca'1 man as 0!1C of the nien wh0
ha(1 Pvicusly l-eld them u? and roL-
cc.i mem oi a icw aotittr'
The man who did the ki ling toM
a rtiaightforv-aid story and claimed
to be a Canadian on his way home.
He had stolen the ride to save what'
r4.i -.. i. 1-...1 t - . rri
utiiu iiii'ii(y jiu jiaii i.u c c uu. iiiu
jury londered a crdict of just fubb
Tonight and Tomorrow Night
Friday and Saturday.
From the Novel by Katherine Cecil Tliurston.
One of the Specials. Don't miss tonight'3 show. Lower floor re
served, 5Cc; balcony, 35c; children, 25c. Matinee Saturday, 3 P.
M. 10c, 25c, 35c.
A heart interest diama in which Chaney portrays the convict.
Also a 2-reel Centry Comedy, "SPEED 'EM UP."
Lower floor reserved, 50c; balcony, 35c; children, 23c.
Matinee 3 P. M., 10c, 2oc, 3Ec.
- Monday (New Year's Day)
Rupert Hughes' "REMEMBRANCE"
With an all-star cast: Cullen Landis, Patsy Ruth Miller, Jtichard
Tucker, Claude Gillingwater and others. Just as big and fine as
Hughes' "The Old Nest." A story about "father love." Be sure
you come and see what "Father" means to the family. A picture
for the whole family so all come.
Also 2-reel Chntury Comedy, "JUST DOGS."
It's a real novelty. The business of this comedy is too good to
.tell you about. SEE IT. Lower floor reserved, 50c; balcony, 35c;
children, 25c. Matinee 3 P. M., 10c, 25c, 35c.
He sure to get your copy of the
Dance at Odd Fellows Hall Satur
day, Dec. 30. Come everybody.
Dr. Roy" Scanlon, the vetcrnarian,
is spending a few weeks down in the
Salt River Valley
Fresh home-made saucr kraut for
sale. 15c per quart. 58 Coconino
avenue. Mrs. A. F. Meyers. 12-29-tf
Mr. and Mrs. John O'Farrell came
in from the Red Lake trading post
10 spend tne noiuiays with their new
and old relatives. I
Will have pretty flowers in Satur-'
day, al.-o a number of Cyclamen
plants. M. M. Cosligan, 117 North
Reaver St. Phone 151 or 22S. i
Mrs. R. D. Mitchell, of Williams,1
who was formerly Mrs. F. O. Allen I
of Flagstaff, accompanied her hus-'
band to Flagstaff Wednesday evening)
to attend the installation of the East-!
crn Star officers. t
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Erickson left last!
Friday for Dos Cabezos to spend the
wintcr-with their children. Neil is
guide, philosopher, friend and guard
at the Cliff Dwellings, one of the main
tourist points of interest here. He
will be back on the job again in the
spring when tourist travel opens.
Farmers are complaining that the
weather is so warm their winter sup
ply of meat is not going to keep. The
good Lord just doesn't seem to be
able to please everybody at the same
time. This weather is just, about
right for keeping the coal and wood
The university of Arizona defeated
he Utah Agricultural college football
team bv n scorn of 7 tn fi nn Plirist-
mas day at Phoenix..
l!ie touchdown of the Wildcats was ms vacation there,
made in the first quarter by Hobbs, W. E. Morris, son-in-law of J. C.
McClcbnd kicking the goal. The Utah Dunn, returned to his home in Phoe
boys made their score early in the nix Thursday. Mrs. Morris will re
sccond quarter, Knowles, the star of niain here for a few days yet.
the game, going across the line with Count Attorncy Frank GoId was in
the pigskin. Schaub's attempt at a wiIIiams' Thursday investigating a
goal was blocked by McC eland, winch trc case of th Mh
eleven comVy aBainst the Howard Sheep
Although the Wildcats started off con,I'an'
with a lead, it was the opinion of Jce R"Ier, the "Justnght" cafe
the onlookers that the Aggies had the n'an.' upholstcied his appetite filling
edge on them during the latter part stut,0,J th,s week with a new and im
of the game. There was a large nr.0f1 uranKe iha. hls ief atrf chefecs
crowd, an.l, despite the warm weather, miKht bettcr Fatiate the PubIlc
the contct was considcied a snappy Sheriff Billy Campbell returned on
one. Saturday from San Diego, where he
returned to the authorities Rudolph
Malcher, who was arrested here rc-
H ' ' '" d
Protect your self - re
spect by protecting your
Life insurance is double
H l:.J
program, as we have one of the
1 J5i'ctc?r1- I
w -VWl
jy .
vwy . iv nr
iaW J A . I $ ' S
: tv. r. is : v
WJi "" I i H
- ii tf.iu. .i in in. I.AW II
ri -.7. 'j i;i -.. " a t.wr!s Pi
? .tJU'fc:jKZCA.,'yvS-K'il .em
i: NT ! R'i V.Af.ntiiv X
BSBfflEWS JRi7.,:X
m WArtUaimgj" ssas i t
wti)im&m i
r w s i. aw s ;.? ii.tii-i - "v
W.ffS!aE2GniaSB! s
til V
We Wish
Everybody a
Happy New Yem
I 81 Phone 81
Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Schucrman spent
several days the past week with his
parents on Oak Creek.
Miss Ruth Hoppel, of Wellington,
Kans., daughter of Mrs. Frank Quirk,
is visiting here during the holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. James Lamport, Sr.,
of Seligman, and James Lamport. Jr..
are visiting relatives in Flagstaff Ihis
George Nehcr went to Los Angeles
last week, where Mrs. Nehnr has hoen
for some time past. George will spend
cently and found to be a deserter
from the navy at that place.
The Western Mercantile company is
enlarging its floor space by including
a part of the room formerly occupied
by C. A. Black. George Becker is a
rubier and needs more room to hus
tle around in and display his stock.
b Our Friends
and Patrons
We take this opportunity to thank you
for the generous patronage you gave us the
past year and trust we may serve you in
the future in such a manner as to warrant
a continuance of your patronage.
We wish you all a
Happy and Prosperous New Year
Rent Receipts Won't
The time 'to provide for the future
is NOW.
You will be repaid for those sacri
fices and denials you will have to make
in order to build your own home. There
will be plenty of time, after you have
built that home to enjoy those pleas
ures on which the thoughtless ones are
now wasting their money.
Lumber prices are veiy reasonable,
and skilled labor will probably be more
plentiful now than it was a few months
We would like to help you in making
plans for your new home.
Don't envy the Home Owner !
Be one ! Build your own !
Better Homes Male a Better Town
Jrrs. Frank Harrison and two sons
went to Phoenix Friday to remain for
several weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. S. O. Thompson and
Dr. and Mrs. Felix Manning left on
Monday for the Verde country on a
few days' hunting trip.
Miss Pauline Jones, of Williams, the
young lady who won the beauty con
test for Coconino county, is the guest
this week of Mrs. Douglas Roome.
Lew Charlebols, wife and daughter,
June, left for Los Angeles Friday to
visit their three sons an Anthony and
Lawrence O'Brien at St. Johns Acad
emy. Wickenburg Miner.
A. G. Sianz, of the Tuba City In
dian school, was in Flagstaff Friday
and Saturday, buying a Christmas treo
and the trimmings for the celebration
at that institution which took place
Saturday night.
Every business house in Flagstaff
is taking inventory this week, and
getting their places of business In
shape for the new year. There is a
general spirit of optimism among the
business interests of Flagstaff, which
will go a long way toward making it
a good year.
J. D. Dunn made a record run to
Tuba City Monday with the mail and
2500 pounds of freight and express.
He left here at 8:50 and covered the
86 miles by 1:15, which is some rec
ord. The occasion of the speed was
the fact that Mr. Dunn was a guest of
honor at the Christmas dinner serve!
by the Tuba club that day, and J. D.
didn't want to miss it.
art t rV.
1 S .',
L-T?-. ..
-. ,
I'll," V
c . - -'

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