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Pulaski Circuit Court., i Thursday, the fourth
February Term, A. D. 1836. V day ot February, in the
In Chancery. ) year of ^hr',fit °,f10 ,thou:
sand eight hundred und
• thirty-six.
Between Josin Mor
ris, Complainant, and
Absalom Fowler, sur
viving Administrator of
Robert Crittenden, de
ceased, Defendant.
fTMlIS day came the Complainant by his Solicitor,
JL and the Defendant in his proper person, and tiiir.
cause coming on for final hearing, by consent of parties,
and the Court having heard and considered of the bill,
answer, exhibits and evidence taken by consent in this
ease, the *obHfiince of the Complainant s bill and exhib
its appeared to be, that Robert Crittenden, deceased, on
the fourth day of February, in the year of Christ one
thousand eight hundred and twenty-six, mortgaged to
the said Complainant the slaves in said bill described,
to wit, Susan, and her three children, Mary, Isabella,
find Rachel, to secure the said Complainant against a
certain promissory note, of even date with the said mort
gage, executed to Ann Innes, Executrix of liarry Innce,
deceased, by the said Crittenden as principal and the
eaid Complainant as his security, for the sum of nine
hundred and filly dollars, current money of the United
States; and which, said mortgage was to bo void, in case
the said Crittenden should pay oil* and satisfy the said
promissory note, and keep the said Complainant free
from any loss or damage therein; which said mortgage ;
•was duly acknowledged on the thirteenth day ofFebru
ary, A. D. 1826, by the said Robert Crittenden, before I
A. H. ltennick, Clerk of the County Court for the Coun- j
ty of Franklin, State of Kentucky, and recorded in the ;
office of the Clerk of l’ulaski County, in the Territory of I
Arkansas, on the first day of January, A. D. 1835; and |
that the said Robert Crittenden during his lifetime en- ;
tirely failed to pay up and satisfy the said promissory j
note, or the interest thereon, or any part of either, ex- J
cept the sum of fifty-five dollars on the nineteenth day |
of December, A. D. 1827, and the sum of fifty dollars on j
the twentieth day of March, A. D. 1831; nor did Ben
Desha and Absalom Fowler, Administrators, nor Absa
lam Fowler, surviving" Administrator ot the said Grit- ]
WttUVU, pay tip dint &at>ituj viio Sain itOcG, HOi’ tii6 iiitd'Oet i
thereon, nor any part of either, after the death of the j
said Crittenden, and that the said Complainant was not
kept harmless or free from damage or loss therein, but
that after the death of the said Crittenden, to wit, on the
twenty-third day of February, A. IJ. 18115, he the said
Complainant, paid up and satisfied the said note in full,
amounting to the sum of thirteen hundred and one dol
lars and sixteen cents; therefore, that the said mortgage
may be foreclosed, and the said slaves sold for the pay
ment of the said last mentioned sum and the interest due
thereon, and to he relieved, is the scope of the Com
plainant’s bill: Whereto the Defendant alleged, that he
is the surviving Administrator of the said Robert Crit
tenden, deceased; that he is well acquainted with the
'hand writing of the said Crittenden, and believes the
signatures purporting to be his, to the said note and
mortgage, to bo genuine; and generally not denying the
facts set forth m said bill; and that he has in his posses
sion as Administrator aforesaid, certain slaves, to wit,
Susan, and her three children, Mary, Isabella and Ra
chel; and that the said slaves have increase, since ihey
have been in Ins possession* to wit, two children, named
Charles and Willliam Henry, and praying that each
child may be sold together with its mother, and the
fund arising therefrom divided according to the apprais
ed value of each mother and child as in said answer set
forth: Whereupon the Court here having heard and con
sidered of the bill, answer, exhibits and evidence afore
said, and being fully advised of and concerning the pre
mises, doth order, adjudge and decree, that Absalom
Fowler, surviving Administrator aforesaid, do pay to the
said Complainant the sum of thirteen hundred and seven
ty-six dollars and eighty-six cents, boing the amount so
as aforesaid paid for the said Crittenden by the said
Complainant, together with interest thereon from the
date of said payment up to the date of this decree, on or
before the. twenty-seventh day of February instant, and
in the event of a failure to pny said last mentioned sum,
it is further ordered, adjudged and decreed, that said
slaves, to wit, Susan, Isabella, Mary and Rachel, and
their increase, Charles and William Henry, be sold to
pay said debt, and that the said Defendant be, and he is
hereby, precluded from redeeming said slaves, and that
all equity of redemption of said slaves be, and the same is
hereby forever barred against the said Defendant, survi
ving Administrator as aforesaid, and against any and all
other representatives of the said Crittenden and his heirs
or assigns; and it is further ordered, adjudged and de
creed, that unless the said last mentioned amount he
paid, with interest thereon accruing from the date of this
decree according to law, on or before the 27th day of
February instant, the said slaves, Susan, Mary, Isabella
and Rachel, or so many of them as may be necessary to
pay the said last mentioned amount, and the interest as
aforesaid, together with their increase,Charles and Wil
liam Henry, be sold, each mother together with her
child, and each mother and child to one purchaser, on
the last Monday in December, eighteen hundred and
thirty-six, at the Court House door in the City of Little
'Rock, for cash in hand, at public vendue, giving public
notice thereof by an advertisement published at least
six successive weeks previous to said day of sale, in tile
Arkansas Advocate, a newspaper published in this City;
and that Absalom Fowler and Charles P. Rertrand be
appointed Commissioners to make such sale, and that
he or they execute a deed or deeds to the purchaser or
purchasers of said slaves so sold, and that they divide
■the proceeds of said sale of said mothers and children
into two parts, according to the appraised value of said
slaves a-s set forth in his said answer; and that out of the
proceeds of the said Isabella and Rachel, and of that
part of the proceeds of the salo of the said Husan and
Mary and their infants corresponding to the appraised
value of the mothers, he satisfy to the said Complainant
the said sum ol thirteen hundred and seventy-six dollars
and eighty-six cents, with the interest thereon accruing
trom the date of this decree until the same be paid, with
the costs of this suit, and that he hold the residue of the
moneys arising from said sale in his hands as assets of
the estate of the said Robert Crittenden, deceased; and
it is flirther ordered that this cause be continued until
the next term of this Court.
A True Copy from the Record.
JOHN P. FIELD, Ci’k P. C. C.
by L. R. LINCOLN, Dept. Wk.
TH V r by virtue of the authority vested by the fore
going decree of the Circuit Court of Pulaski coun
ty, we (or one of us,) will proceed to sell, at PUBLIC
AUC 1 ION, to the highest and last bidder, on JUonday,
the 29th day oj December next, for cash in hund, the
hereinbefore mentioned Negroes, to wit: SUSAN, and
her three children, MARY, ISABELLA, and RA
( HEL, and their increase, CHARLES and WILLIAM
HENRI. Sale to take place at the Court House door,
in the City of Little Rock, between the hours of 10 o'
clock in the forenoon and 11 o’clock in the afternoon of
•aid day. A. FOWLER,
Sept. 9, 1836.—22-Gt-pr’s fee $~<9 50.
BOXES Collins;' axes, received per Compromise,and
for sale by [Dec. 18.] J. HE BA UN & CO.
xrc All"AND COKFLL% ~
J i the ia-vgrt or small quantity—for sale by
P [May 5*7.] .MeLAIN N BAlJtIF.TT,
dry goods and groceries.
rgMiH subscriber having established himself in the
JL town of Lbwisbuko, Conway county, will keep on
hand a largo and general assortment of all the articles
sold by dealers in the above line—which will be sold at
low prices and on accommodating terms.
Lewisburg, Conway county, July 12, 1836.-15-tf
IS situated in Crawford county, on the left bank of the
Arkansas river, about five hundred and filly miles from
the ,\1 ississippi, by the course of the river, and a few miles
below the Indian boundary line. The immediate situa
tion is picturesque and pleasing to the eye, easily ap
proachable by the roads, unusually elevated for a posi
tion on the margin of the river—indeed, a portion of the
townsite is a high and commanding eminence—with an
abundant and never-failing supply of the most palatable
and the purest water. Steam-boat navigation to this
point, and for some distance above, is as safe and as sure
as our river affords; its extension to any great distance
above is precarious, uncertain and not to be relied on.
Van Huron has more extensive regions of back coun
try to support it, beyond all shadow of competition, than
any other point or place on this river, or in the Territo
ry* known to the writer. The contiguous settlements of
Lee’s creek and Frog Uayoit have here their trade. The
large, populous and agricultural county of Washington,
in this Territory, must resort to Van Buren as the point
of embarkation for her produce, and must seek her sup
ply of essential articles from the same quarter ; with
equal truth, and with equal positiveness, may the same
remarks be made of south-western Missouri, so rapidly
advancing in numbers, in means and in wants. To add
another weighty item in the list of advantages, the pro
jected United States road, now in train of execution,
from Jackson, in Lawrence county, by the county seat of
Izard and Washington, crosses the Arkansas river at
Van Huron.
The proprietor invites the merchant, the mechanic, the
capitalist generally, and all persons of enterprize and en
ergy of character, to make investments in this town, con
scious that they will meet with an early and adequate
requital for amount advanced or exertion applied.
The undersigned, being the sole proprietor of this town
—the contract heretofore existing between him and the
late Gen. Wm. Montgomery having been rescinded, and
all disputes as to title from that and all other quarters
fully adjusted and annulled—is now ready to dispose of
lots, and give indisputable titles.
Gentlemen wishing to invest money, or to locate in a
thriving new town, will do well to examine the superior
natural advantages and plats of Van Buren, where lots
are ofi'ered, at private sale, on very moderate terms, and
on accommodating credits—and a reduction in price will
be made to those making immediate improvements on
their purchases. " THOMAS PHILLIPS.
Fan Buren, April 23, 1836.-5-tf
^PHE subscriber has established himself at the above
A named place, where he will soon he prepared to
transact all business intrusted to him, as Commission
Merchant. He has on hand a choice assortment ol
He is prepared to make contracts for the delivery ol
LUMBER of all kinds, sawed agreeably to order.
0^7"Constant employment and liberal wages given to
Raftsmen. R. T. DUNBAR.
March 3, 1836_50-ly&tf
ELGIN is situated on Black River, about 20 miles
above its junction with White River.
JE have just received, direct from Philadelphia.
' and are now opening, a large and well assorted
stock of STAPLE AND FANCY GOODS, of every de
scription, adapted to the present and approaching sea
son. Also, Hardware, Glass and Queensware, assort
ed—and a general assortment of Groceries and Liquors;
winch we Will sell very low, wholesale or retail, for cash,
or to punctual customers on time.
Purchasers are respectfully invited to call and examine
our stock, as we feel assured that we can suit them, both
as to price and quality. L. & W. R. GIBSON.
Little Rock, May 27, 18110.
0^7-Also, received at Pine Bluffs, by E. Gibson, a
large and well assorted stock of STAPLE & EANCY
Hardware, Queens ware and Glassware, Sugar, Coffee,
( ea, Salt, and a very general assortment of Groceries
and Liquors; all of which will be sold unusually low.
Pine B1 ilfs. May 27, 1830.
\ SUPERIOR article of Cotton Gins are constantly
- manufactured and kept on hand for sale, by S. Duty,
I at Somerville, Tenn., of the best polished English cast
| steel plate, i hey arc also kept for sale by his agents in
, Memphis, Messrs. Winchester <fc Moon. Orders from
Arkansas, addressed to Winchester & Moon, Memphis,
for any number of saws wanted, will be promptly attend
ed to and forwarded, and warranted to be of the tirst
class of Gins. S. DUTY.
June 1, 1836.—1 l-2am0m-pr’s fee <S13.
j fTMIE subscribers respectfully inform the public, that
j A they still continue the Storage and Forwarding bu
siness at the Mouth of Arkansas River. They have
completed their large and commodious warehouses, and
are now ready to receive and forward all goods, produce,
&c that may be consigned to them for reshipment. All’
business entrusted to them will be punctuality and what
is of more importance, speedily attended to. 'They have
no interest in any steamboat whatever, and rely only on
the tuithiul discharge oi their business for patronage and
favor. ° .
Persons ascending the Arkansas, will findthe passage
through the mouth ot Arkansas equally as good at all
times, and better at some, than through the cut off_as
boats often pass down the former, when the depth of wa
! ter does not admit a passage through the latter.
They will also transact Commission Husiness of eve
| ry kind which may be entrusted to them—buying up
country produce on the river, dec.
Having recently been informed that misrepresenta
ions are alloat as to Urv~practiCability of traveling from
the Post of Arkansas to this place, by land, on account
ol water and other obstructions, wc teel it a duty wc
owe ourselves and a traveling community, to state, that
a good road is now open, and, with very slight excep
tions, on a direct and dry route, from this place to the
Post, and only about 27 miles distant.
’ **11 unremitting care and attention will merit it
they trust to receive a share of public patronage.
,Voutk of Arkansas, .lug, 15, 1835_20tf
The Batcsville Jockey Club Races
\ Y 1 ,l‘ ootnmence on the 20th day of September
v v with the following purses, to w it:
1st day, 2 mile heats, purse $230;
2d day, mile heats, purse 180;
the entrance money of each dnv to be added to the purse
tree tor any horse, mare, or gelding in the United States
1 he track is exactly a mile, and lies within half a mile
ot litaesville. It is made on a light elastic soil, entirely
ii'i e from gravel. On the day previous to the Jockev
Club races, there will be a Sweepstake—mile heats—fi,‘,
which ttiere nrc ulready seveu subscribers. J\Ia.nv f)n6
!iorscK arr-,n Gaining, and excellent sport is anticipated,
E. M. NO!AN!),
August 22, 1830_21-t?9S
& Cu
j ri’^HE subscribers have just received, direct from New
\ X York and Philadelphia, a large and general assort
ment of seasonable GOODS, consisting in part ol the fol
' lowing articles, viz:—
j _,up. blue, black, and fancy col’d cloths
“ “ “ “ “ kersimerea
] A large lot of satinets
i A handsome assortment of silk, velvet, Marseilles, Va
I lencia, and swansdown vestings
| Gent.’s stocks, Italian cravats, and silk pocket handker
chiefs, in great variety
j Ladies’ and gent.’s silk, hoskin, and beaver gloves
' Ladies’ and gent.’s silk, lambswool, worsted and cotton
hose and half hose
j Narrow and double width merinos and Circassians, va
rious colors
' Ladies’ hernani, blonde, gauze and silk dress handker
chiefs—handsome style
| Supr. black, Italian and lustring silks
| Fancy col’d, gros de Nap., plain and lig’d do.
j Pink, blue, green,yellow and white Florence
i Black and white satin
Large assortment of prints, painted muslins and ging
hams—suitable for the season
Cambric and jaconet muslins
Plain and fig’d Swiss, mull and book do.
“ “ bobbinet
Bobbinet lace edging and looting
Thread lace and edging
A handsome style of bonnet ribbands
“ “ belt do.
i Lustring ribband, all Nos. and colors
: Merino shawls and handkerchiefs
! Long lawn and linen cambric handkerchiefs
; .3-4, 4-4 and 5-4 brown and bleached cotton
i Plaid and striped domestics; apron and furniture checks
i Valencia and Waterloo do. do.
1 Irish linen, and linen cambric
j Bed ticking and twilled cottons
Damask and Russia diapers
Corded skirts; a few ladies’ cloaks—a fashionable article
White, red, green and yellow flannels
Salisbury flannel and rattinets
White and red Canton flannel
Red, white and green Mackinaw blankets
Rose and point blankets
Ready Made Clothing-.
Supr. blue, black and dahlia dress and frock coats
Brown and petersham over coats
Supr. cloth and kersimere pantaloons
Blanket over coats, and coarse clothing for hegroes
Jl General Assortment, of
A good assortment of saddlery
30 cases ladies’ and gent.’s boots and shoes,
20 cases hats and caps
A Large Lot of
Wines & Liquors.
34 baskets Champagne, extra brands,
Powder, lead, shot, Ac. &c.
{Vjy-Thc above goods will be sold on tlielowest possi
ble terms for cash, or the usual products of the country.
Dec. 14, 1835. S. II1LL & CO.
u\/i iT <fc n irjYjy
T JAVE received, direct from New York, a general as
sortment of Dry Goods, Hardware, Queen's and
Grass Ware—among which are,
3-4 and 4-4 brown sheetings and shirtings
Cotton Osnaburg, indigo plaids and checks
Blue, drab and olive twilled jeans
Twilled ruby and mourning calico—large and small figure
Super French prints—small figure; printed jaconets
Check, cross-liar and striped muslin
Plain, plaid and stripe.d ginghams; mourning do.
Black Italian lustring; colored gros do Naples
Ladies’ black and white silk gloves
do. brown and white linen do.
superior colored duscatcl do.
do. hoskin do.
black- and white silk hose
cotton do.
gipeey Tuscan bonnets
Tuscan gimp and Florence cottage
do. and straw do.
Black silk vesting, and bombazine stocks
Brown linen, Russia diaper; red padding; Irish linen
Lavender, Cologne and Florida waters
Teeth brushes, ivory combs—line and dressing
Razor straps, &c. &c. &e.
Also, per steamer Tccumsch, from Louisville,
Kentucky jeans; do. tow linen; do. tobacco
1,000 lbs. bar lead; 20 kegs powder
20 bags shot, assorted sizes, &e. &c.
which they offer for sale at the lowest market prices.
Little Rock, May 16, 1836.
Si O SACKS Havanna Coffee; 10 bbls. Brown Sugar
i 1/ 1 chest Imperial Tea;
1 bbl. White Havanna Sugar; 12 Corn Mills
A I,so,
14, If, and 2 inch flat Bar Iron; Plough Moulds ;
Collins’ Axes; Nails; Spades; Shovels.
Ladies’ White Satin, Lasting and Kid Slippers; Mis
ses’Lasting, Morocco and Kid do.; Gent.’s Calf and
Morocco Boots; Kip Brogans, Shoes, Pumps; Boys’
Pegged and Sewed Brogans; Children’s Morocco and
Prunella Boots—-just received, and tor sale by
April 9. WAIT &r DUNN.
QA BBLS. Best Rectified Whiskey, just received and
» " " for sale low for cash, by
May 20, 1836.
L. & W. R. GIBSON.
spun cotton.
y FKKSH supply of superior Spun Cotton, Nos. from
5 to 900, just received and for sale by
May 20,1830. L. & W. It. GIBSON.
fjpiIE copartnership heretofore existing under the
name and style of Knighton <Sc Smith, is this day
dissolved by mutual consent. All persons having clams
the late firm, will present them to John P. Smith, who
is alone authorized to close and settle up all the accounts
ot the firm. B. A. KNIGHTON,
... J. P. SMITH.
N, B. The business in future will be conducted by
J. I . Smith, who by industry and attention hopes to re
ceive a share of public patronage.
Little Bock, Sept. 8, 1836.—23tf
Jockey Club Races.
I'HL Annual Fall Running over the Little Bock
JL Course Will rm Tnnorlmr W4-I. * P XT ^
au liUDHing- over trie ijjttie ItOcK
Course will commence on Tuesday, the 8th of No
vember next.
Li day 2 mile heats.
2d day 1 mile heats.
2d day 3 mile heats.
I’ ree for any thing agreeable to the rules of the course.
p _ ( C. P. HER PR AND, tsec'y.
1 • 8, On the day after the club races, there will be a
sweepstakes colt race of $300 entrance, 3 entries and
close<1- Sept. 3, 1836.
| racing over the Fort Smith course will Com
1 . men°e on Wednesday, the 28th September arid
continue three days.
Lt day. Mile heats, purse $200.
~u day. Two mile heats, purse $300.
^ daV< °ne mi,e hcats' f«r the entrance money of
| . iat and toe preceding days—free for any horse mare
11 gelding,- .f r*f ‘t_
12, 183fL-!9
J. 8i’<v
Ar rives—
I .Departs
A r rives—
itl and Departure of the Mali*'
•Mondays, Wednesdays.& Fridays, at G p u
-Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays, atG Ayr
Northern. ’*
-Mondays Fridays, at
-W ednesdays & Saturdays, at
Fine Butts.
-Mondays, at
-Mondays, at
-Tuesdays &, Saturdays,
-Tuesdays & Saturdays,
-Tuesdays & Fridays,
-Wednesdays & Saturdays,
10, A. A
•r>, P. A.
G; P.A,
11 ,A.A.
_ 6, A. A.
VLL Mails will be closed one half hour before t'
time fixed for their departure. Letters deposit '*
in the Olliec alter that time will be delayed for I hn C *
quent mail. .1 <>iIN T. FULTON P u^
Little Rock, Jan. 1, 1836.-39-tf ’ ‘
J. DE 15AUN & CO.
BAVE received from New York, and are prepared to
sell on reasonable terms, a large assortment if
floods in their line, comprising, in addition to the arti,
cles in common use, a number of others entirely new ig
this market, such as
Ladies’ Gum Elastic Aprons
“ “ “ Slippers
“ u “ Baskins
“ “ “ Gaiter Boots
“ “ “ Overshoes
“ “ Tabic Covers
“ “ Cushions
Gent.’a “ “ Overshoes
“ “ “ Legging
“ “ “ Pantaloons
“ “ “ Pea Coats
“ “ “ Surtouts
“ “ “ Wrappers
“ “ “ Caps
A I. SO,
* Of every kind and quality.
Mexican and other fashionable Hats; Boots and ShoC3
Hardware; Crockery; Saddlery; Wines; Brandies
Cordials; Ginger Sweetmeats; Tamarinds in jars
Tomato Catsup; Brown's No. 1 Tobacco
Cut Chewing and Smoking do.
Sugar and ColFee; Spices; Flour; Bacon
with almost every article in the i)ry Goods and Grocery
Persons indebted oii last year’s account will confer a
particular favor by calling and.settling the same.
Little Rock, May 27, 1830.
9000 first quality Bacon; 5 bbls. Mackarel
«j *./w vF received and for sale, by
May 11. J. DE BA UN & CO.
BBLS. Rectified Whiskey, by
AJ [April 8.] J. DE BAUN & CO.
JUST received, direct from Philadelphia, a lot of Su
perfine Blue, Black and Plumb colored Dress and
frock Coats, made up in the best manner and latest fash
ion. Also, Cloth &. Cassimere Pants ; Single & Double
Breasted Vests, of various kinds; Shirts; Drawers; Fine
' Stocks, &c. Likewise, one case of latest style of Hea
ver Hats—for sale low by L. & W. R, GIBSON.
Feb. 1836.
\ SPLENDID assortment just opened. Every va
xriet.y will be found here that is fitting for the sea
son. Gentlemen’s summer clothing of every kind, made
by master workmen—for sale by
' May 27. McLAIN & BADGETT.
4 LL persons are cautioned not to purchase or in any
1 a, way contract for a certain Spanish concession for
six hundred arpeus of land, confirmed by the .Superior
Gourt of Arkansas, at the April term, 1829, and re-con
finned by an act of Congress approved June 25,1832, to
the original claimant, Louis l’lacidc, and conveyed by
said Placidc to Hewes Scull, by deed dated August 10th,
1828, and by said Scull to Wm. E. Woodruff, by deed
dated 23d July, 1832. All persons are hereby informed
that said Wm. E. Woodruff can make no title to the lands
selected under said concession, inasmuch as the said
W oodruff, on the 3d of October, 1832, executed bis title
bond to John C. Jones, late of the county of Chicot, wherc
\ by he bound himself in the penalty of twelve hundred and
j seventy-five dollars, to make the said Jones complete ti
j tie to the lands to be located under and by said conces
sion—which said bond 1 now hold.
MARY JONES, Executrix
of John C. Jones, dcc’d.
Chicot co., May 1, 1836.—6-tf
A FLINT rilies; 4 percussion do.; 5 patent pocket do.
1 pair fine Damascus rifie pistols, brass mounted
1 do, do. do. do. do.
1 do. belt pistols, twisted barrel, patent breech
1 do. fine English silver mounted rifie pistols
1 do. do. do. pocket Jo.
4 Bowie knives; 0 Lacy’s deer knives
6 pearl handled do. do.
2 doz. powder llasks assorted
received and for sale by J. DF, BAUN & CO.
June 20.
Tlic uuilerslgiieil, successors Jo the late Firau of
1^>ECJ leave to inform the public that they arc note Pre'
pared to transact a general
Commission, Storage & Forwarding
business at this place, which they pledge themselves h?
do with fidelity and promptness, and upon low terms.
1 hey will have constantly tor sale a large and extensile
assortment of Foreign and Domestic Goons, Boots and
Shoes, Hats, Ready Made Clothing, Groceries, Drug*
and Medicines, &c., for. sale on very low terms.
This place is well known to the travelling community*
as the most eligible point of embarkation, either for Ar*
kansas, W bite or Mississippi rivers, for those who
passing through Arkansas. -
July 25, 1836.—l?tf _
BOX lime juice; (i boxes lemon syrup . j
24 half boxes bunch raisins; 3 boxes pickles, as.
2 casks London porter; 1 box cherries in brant y
1 box assorted Havauna sweetmeats
2 barrels loaf sugar; 1 keg allspice , *
6 kegs Dupont’s Gunpowder; 12 bags shot, assor
1 barrel butter'biscuit; 1 barrel water crackers
1 barrel Boston crackers
1 dnz. horse collars; 1 do. cart bridles; 1 do. snaffle o
."oceivod and for rale o« th nsaHV low terms, by
dune go, 1 DEBAFN^CO.

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