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Salt River herald. (Phoenix, Salt River Valley, Maricopa County, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1878-1879, December 07, 1878, Image 3

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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Matnrdar Dnrrabrr 7. 17H.
Bripg your-protlute to Goldberg's.
Chew Jackson's Best Sweet 2f;iry
All kinds of stntionrrr nt fJtlill"rrr's
Dried apples, peaches, ffrapes, liirs
. etc. at Goldberg's.
Verde and California butter lor
iale at Irvine's.
Buy your crockery and glassware
at GoldlK-rg's.
lion. II. Goldl)erg arrived by yes
terday's stagefrom Sau Bcriiisrdiuo.
An elegant safe is now cn route for
the enterprsing firm of Jobs H. I)a!l
& Co.
S. Sutherland has linen elected as
Kessor and collector of school district
' All kinds of lurdv.arv, tinware,
crockery, liquors and cigars at Gold
berg's. J. D. Monition Las. purchased a
stack of hay from J. B. Montgomery
measuring about ovins.
Goldlicrg has the lurgci;t lot of
crockery in town.
George E. Loring is building a
thrcc-room residence, with, cellar, in
tie rear of his store.
Orders from the country receive
prompt attention at Goldberg's.
f-h t t..i. ..... i,.I.i.Jl.,.nnrii,n
building operst ion at Camp Apache j
is wintering in Phenix.
Buy a sett of those pistes lor only j
tiro dollars at Goldberg's.
Otero fc Bl tke have any quantity of
Arizona strawberries (beans) for sale
at their meat market. Sec add.
Ladies.' Misses,' Gents,' Youths'
and Boys' hats at Goldberg's.
Workmen are busy on the build
ings of E. Irvine and M. L. Pera'.ta,
and making excellent progress.
Francis A. Shaw, county treasurer
advertises to-day for the surrender of
warrants on the General Fund.
A gentleman arrived from San Ber
nardino last Thursday, who intends
starling a first class restaurant.
ThcfamilyofJudgeI.il. Cox ar
rived from San Diego last Saturday.
The party comprise eleven persons.
J. D. Ruuiburg administrator of
the estate of Frank Morehouse has a
notice ia our advertising columns.
L. J). Copelan J has en route and to
arrive', in the "sweet by and ly," a
large quantity of doors, sash, etc.
Drs. Sheets & barton have moved
their office to the new br.iding lately
rccted by them, on the east side of
the Plaza.
Views of Salt. River valley at fifty
cent each, at the Postofiice store.
. fiend lome back home as a Christmas
present. -
Mr. 'W. L. Osbbrn is the happy man
this lime. It is a daughter, weighing
lO,1 pounds, and arrived November
A. D. Lemon has under serious con
sideration the erection of a two-story
building on his property now occu
pied by his office.
J. W. Markley advertises his ex
press and delivery wagon. Persons
needing his assistance can find his ad
dress in this issue.
Religious services to-morrow in the
school room, in the Garfias building,
at 11 a. m. and 7 p. m. Sunday school
at 2 p. m., in the school house.
Mrs. Win. Sturnburg arrived from
San Francisco this week and has op
ened a hair-dressing establishment.
Notice advertisement in this issue.
Gentlemen desiring a handsomely
furnished room will find the location
of one advertised to-day under the
head of "New advertisements."
A sale ot some fine mining proper
ty, situated in the Cave creek district,
belonging to the estate of the ljte
ITm. Rowe, is advertised in to-day's
Edward O'Conncr, the harness mak
er has moved'into new quarters in the
room next Otero fc Blake's market,
and is putting on considerable style
with a new sign.
.G. II. Rothrock t ill shortly erect a
photographic gallery on the east side
of the Plaxa, he and Geo. E. Mowry
having purchased a lot adjoining
Drs. Wharton & Sheets.
A new front on the building former
ly occupied by John R. Ball & Co. on
Washington St., and owned by A.
Goldman, adds much to its appear
ance. It will be occupied as a saloon.
Otero & Blake will shortly erect a
building opposite their present loca
tion; the building now occupied 1
them will be moved away to make
room for a large store-room for the
Magnolia saloon.
November 10 living the eighteenth
birthday of Miss Izora Jackson, a
large number of friends gathered at
"Rivcrview" and spent a very enjoya
ble evening. At a late hour an elc
fAt supper was served.
A Sclopticon exhibition was given
last evening by our photographer.
Prot G. II. Rothrock. The views are
imply hlHiu-nse, and must be seen to
De appreciate!, lie will gi re an ex
hibition in Sonera "esta tarde."
Harry Mclvinney advertises his
lunch room. His place is fitted up iu
the old stand of John George, now
owned by Smith & Stroud. Any
thing obtainable will be prepared for
you at shortcut notice. Open all
Xothing is more suitable f.r it
C'hii.-tmas present, to send to your
friends back home, than an assort
incut of Arizona views, which can be
purchased from G. II. Ilothrock, at
Price, five dol
i .
lavs per dozen
Considerable money is finding its
way into the hands of the Treasurer
of the Town Association from the
sale of town lots. It is all. being
spent in improving our streets, and
shortly Flit-nix can boast of having
the finest thorough lares of any towa
in Arizona.
But only a few weeks in town, the
firm of Nathan fc -Co. are erecting a
large building for their business, thus
showing their appreciation of the fu
ture of our towu. This firm is justly
entitled to the increasing popularity
that is attending them.
On last Tuesday 13 bars of bullion,
valued at $20,4:W, arrived from Gil
lett, being, we suppose, the clean i:p
for November. Six bars left for Mar
icopa 'Wells on Thursday and the ba'
ance left yesterday. This mine is
now producing considerable bullion,
all of which passes through Phenix.
Carpenters commenced last Thurs
day changing the second story of the
Capital block, lc.it belter known as
John George's saloon. A stairway
wi!l k'aJ rr,,m lll; occupying
tlie vt"t ."pace between the; saloon
and restaurant. A portion of the sec
ond story will be fitted up lor lawyers'
There v. ill be an entertainment giv
en in Woolsey's hall, on next Wed
nesday evening, for the bciscfirof the
Union Sunday school. It is hoped
that the friends of the school will at-
: tend in large numbers, as the object is
a worthy one and should receive the
fullest support and encouragement of
our citizens.
Julius Sampler has more-J his es
tablishment from the stas oilice to
the building next the IlKttvi.D oflicc.
The building has been improved in
appearance by a ceiling and l'rcehly
painted walls. New shelves and coun
ters, filled with a stock just arrived,
gives him a store equal to any in
Southern Arizona.
Phenix is, without doubt growing
faster than any town in Arizona.
We had ample proof of this fact last
Tuesday, when seated behind a pair
of Munition's three-minute trotters, in
one of his elegant vchcles, up and
down the various boulevards of Phe
nix, we saw buildings in various sta
ges of construction, and counted jn
the space of a half hours drive, sixty
four. '
The McMillcn mine, in Maricopa
county, never, looked better than at
present. The working shaft is now
down 20i feet. Over $73,000 worth'ore
is now ready for shipment and as
much more is in sight in the mine.
A 5-stanip mill now en route from
San Francisco will be used to work
the lower grades of ore. The McMil
len is one of the two dividend paying
mines of Arizona.
George E. Loring has purchased
from N. Richard the lot on B'ashing
ton street, now covered by the store of
Mr. Loring, the o'hec formerly occu
pied by Drs. Sheets ii li'iiarton aud
the saloon building of John La Barr.
It has a frontage of 59 feet, runniug
back to the alky MT'j feet. Mr.
Loring also purchased from the same
parties the entire block opposite Gold
man's warehouse, partly occupied by
the building known as Richard's mill.
The regular meeting of the Marico
pa Library Association was held last
Wednesday evening, the attendance
being very large. The chief feature
of t'aeeveniug was a debate regarding
the advantages or disadvantages of
incorporating our town. The judge's
decided that the speakers for the af
firmative'prcsented thejbest'argiiment.
A committee looking to the establish
ment of a free reading room was ap
pointed. The next meeting will be
held Wednesday December 13 .
Mr. J. M. Cotton is not only one
of our most enterprising citizens, but
.is also one of the most liberal. lie
oilers to donate, for the benefit of the
road fund, one quarter of the amount
collected by Mr. Gray, the road over
seer, during the months of December
and January, in addition thereto. In
other words if the sum so collected
should amount to say $100, Mr. Cot
ton will add 100 to it. Mr. Mona-
han, another enterprising citizen, has
also donated to the fund twenty dol
lars. James Gray, who was appointed
road overseer by the Board of Super
visors, has gone to work with a vim,
which shows that he is interested in
changing the miserable condition of
our roads. With money collected
from road-taxes he has put teams to
woik improving the LJacK Canyon
road by grubbing up the slumps,
scrapping, plowing and raising in
the center, thus preventing its over-
How from the many cross ditches.
Other teams arc improving the road
! t;ist ol town leading to Tempe, and
Ihe southeast road leading down the
paired, providing
the luouev holds
fiow It V.'im OUsenrcd la Piiculx.
There is perhaps not a'city, town or
hamlet in this broad universe, which
contains a -half .a dozen Scotchmen,
that docs not celebrate the 30th day
of November, it being the birthday of
St. Andrew, the patron saint of bonny
Scotland. In accordance with this
time-honored custom. Ihe Scotchmen
of Phe"ix and their friends partook
of a grand supper at Salari's restau
rant on last Saturday evening. After
enjoying the finest repast ever gotten
up in this valley, the company then
proceeded with tin intellectual feast
aud " a How of soul," which continued
till the '-wee sma' hours," when the
happy party dispersed, feeling that
they had passed a most enjoyable
evening. Our friend, Mr. Jas. Auld,
presided with much grace and dignity,
lie was ably assistrd by Mr. Andrew
Real KMste TraiiKfrrM for Xovcm
Imt. S. B. Morrison to F. G.Wcntworth,
(et al), one half interest in the " Elea
ore" mine, Cave creek district ; con
sideration, 5.00 dollars"
W. A. Hancock to Eulalia Comado,
lot C, in block 0"J; consideration, 10
A. Goldberg to J. L. Beekrupt, lot
14, in block 20; l..-00 dollars.
TniiKiuillina Corrella to Divincio
Corrella, lot 5, in block 3: 2t dollars.
G. II. Oury and wile to E. Irvine,
lots 1 and 2, in block 22; 2,000 dol
lars. J. D. Monaban to Tomato Capuri,
lot 5, in block 6; 40 dollars.
C. II. Gray to A. Goldberg, lots 1G
and 17, in block 21 ; 223 dollars.
Win. A. Hancock to John Lc Barr,
lots 8, , 10, 11 and 12, in block U2;
00 dollars.
Win. A. Hancock to A. D. Legion,
all ot block :J!I; 0 dollars.
John George to Smith & Stroud,
lot G and 15 feet 2 inches in width on
the west side of lot 4, in block 21;
5,000 dol.
A. D. L"inon to Alston Graves,
block 73 dol.
Trampiillimi Corel a toThos. Bryan,
lots 7, 9 and 11, in block 3; 30 did.
P. L. Wal UTs to John George, the
west half of southwest quarter of sec
tion 13, township 1 north, range 3
cast; 1,000 dol.
John George to P. L. Walters, lot 1,
in block 21 ; 1,000 dol.
C. E. MeClintock to Kate E. Wor
mell ; 10 dol.
E. Williams to Win. Northrop, first
cast extension of the Apache Chief
mine, in Globe district; 50 dol.
Win. A. Hancock to Seratino Righ
cUi, lot S, in block 10 dol.
AYm. A. Hancock to W. E. Wil
liams, Jots 7 and 0, in block 17; 10
Jacob Starar to W. W. Jones, part
of section 9, township 1, range 3 east,
containing 20 ax-res; 500 dol.
Tran. Corela to Pedro Ensinas, lot
3, in block 3; 25 dol.
Win. A. Hancock to Carlos Tala
mantcs, lots 10 and 12, in block 30;
23 dol.
A. Goldman to C. M. Clark,
west half of lot t?, in block 21 ;
The EEailroail In Comins.
The railroad is approaching fast,
Three cheers for its projectors;
Slow progress will be gone and past,
For farmers aud prospectors.
The mule teams will be lieing low,
Bullv.hackers we will bury;
To Maricopa Wells we'll go.
Bringing g.xids back in a hurry.
We'll fill our store with groceries
With dry goods, cloths, provisions;
And put our prices dow n so low
That kills all opposition.
We're even now selling so cheap
That high-price dcilcrs wail and
weep ;
See for yourselves, we'll say no more,
Until you are in GOLDMAN'S store.
Public Ncltool KxtMliition antl
4'liri.Htnias Tree.
The Public school of Phenix, C. C.
Conrad, principal, will give a public
exhibition in the church building on
Christmas eve., December 21th. The
exercises will begin at 7 o'clock r. jr.
and will consist of declamations, dia
logues, tableaux etc. At the close of
the exhibition the Christmas tree will
be unveiled aud the presents distribu
ted by Santa Clans and his assistants.
The entire entertainment will be
public and all are cordially invited to
j i-i.iL-i; un-ii . in ituias orcscins on me
jt'.ietiee. The building will be open
j ail day and a committee of ladies and
I gentlemen will be in attendance tore-
reive the presents and place them on
the tree.
Murder at Wtrkrnrtnrg;.
Deputy Sheriff Johnson arrived
from Wickdeburg Thursday evening,
having in charge Louis Puincer, alias
Frenehy, charged with the murder of
, Thomas Collins at Wickcnhurg last
Saturday afternoon, in the saloon of
j A. H. Peeples. A game of scven-up.
,v-ltu t)lc r-ulis animals of Ihe two
1 ,. us st,,kes, was the cause of the
trollble. i;i, meu were intoxicated
j nt the time. "Frenehy" declined
making any statement to our reporter,
I anuougti Ave uii'iersiauii ne claims u
j was accidental. Collins is well known
1 ill Mohave and Yavapai couulics.
Jtctura of ('apt. It. C. SlercUousc
Capt. B. C. Morehouse, of San Fran-
cisco, in company with W. B. Jones,
of this place, has just returned from
an extensive trip through the mining
distrcts of the territory. Capt. M.,
who is an old-timer in Arizona and
was formerly connected with the San
ta Rita Mining company, expresses
himself much surprised at the great
ch'aiiLC and rapid development of the
territory, and is of the opinion that
the time is not far distant when the
immense mining interests of Arizona
will eclipse even those of far-famed
Nevada. During his trip, he secured
some good miuing property, and the
specimens of ore taken from his mines,
which he kindly showed us, are ex
ceedingly rich. These gentlemen vis
ited the Globe, McMillenville, the
Santa Rita and the southern portion
of the territory, and great activity
prevailed in all the mining districts.
Capt. Morehouse returned to San
Francisco yesterday, where he expects
to complete such arrangements as
will enable him to give his whole at
tention to the opening up and work
ing of the valuable property in his
possession. We wish him every suc
cess iu his enterprise. lie will return
to Phenix in about two months.
ll'e would add that among the oth
er rich specimens of ore brought in
l3' this gentlemen, were some from
the mine owned by ?.lr. Alschult, of
this city. The property is situated in
the Santa Rita mountains.
Persons wishing to go duck or
quail shooting will always find first
class sbot-jruns for hire, in good order.
Ammunition for sale.
nolGlt Gun and Locksmith.
Permanent Ailvcrtlenient.
A Humphreys, bite of the Ameri
can hotel and now in Frescolt, will
please call at this oflicc and settle his
bill of $15 for job work.
Special to the HERALD.
Washington, December G. Super
vising architect Hill was this alter
noon suspended by the peremptory or
der of the president, pending his trial
on the iudictments found in Chicago.
Singleton, from the committee on
appropriation, reported the consular
and diplomatic appropriation bill.
' Clynier, of . (became committee, re
ported the naval appropriation bill.
In the senate, the vice:presidetit an
nounced, as a special committee on
the yellow fever investigation. Sena
tors Harris, Matthews, L ainar. Pad
dock, Conover, Garland and Eus'.is.
The Pacific coast cjcd gressmcn are
disappointed with the president's lit.
lerances on the Chinese immigration
question. To-day Davis and Page
called on Secretary Evarts, who is
disposed to do all that is possible to
discourage immigration under the
present obligations of he government
Advices from South Carolina sbitc
that Gov. Hampton is now out of dan
ger. TKXA8 rACH'IC llAIt.ItOAD.
Nkw Orleans, December 6. The
commercial convention adopted a
resolution endorsing the Texas Paci
fic railroad, and reeomm ending con
gress to pass the bill now before it to
iruarantee tlie interest on Hie liomls ot
the company and secure the speedy
completion ot the road.
TIIK MAltoris (IV T.OI1NE.
Ottawa. Can., DccciiiIkt G. The
illumination tonight in honor of
their excellencies was the grandest
ever witnessed at the capital. There
was a perfect blaze of bonfires and
it reworks.
Chicaoo, December (i. The mer
cantile expedition party leave here
muter the management ot the Illinois
Central railroad, January 4tli. Ad
vices state that the Mexican govern
ment has appropriated fifty, thousand
dollars for their entertainment and
the funds have been placed in the
hands of a rcocption committee.
Beiu.in, December 6. The emper
or and empress reached the pa'ace in
this city to-day. The route from the
railway station was densely crowded
with people, who gave them an en
thitsiastic reception.
A KO 1 1 A N I ST A N WAR.
Lahore, December fi. Gen Rob
erts has gained a com plete victory
over the Ameer forces, capturing
Preiniar Khotal and all the Afghan
cannon. The enemy's loss is heavy.
The British loss is eighty killed and
COVKT of inqiiuv.
PoUTLANl), Oueoon. December (5.
Upon the demand of Capt. David
Perry, of the First cavalry, a court of
inquiry is constituted to assemble at
Port! ind, on December Kith, to inves
tigate the statements co ntained in the
reports of several otlicers of the army,
and which Capt. Perry believes to re-tb-ct
on bis conduct ilurinir the Nez
Pcrces Indian campaign of IS 7.
Sx FttANCiscii, December fi.
Stocks closed: Tiptop, 1 10; Silver
Iving, 13.
YfM , DecemberG. Following are
the freight arrivals for the week:
Phenix A.& E., 3S2; K. I. & Co.,
fi:! ; N. & Co., 50; C. E. McC, 10; II'.
II.. 7; A. G., 7.
Prescott It. Jk K., 3; C. N. R., 21 ;
R. it A., 2; B. II. II'.. 2: O. C. B., 12.
l-'lorenci .I.C. & Co., 20; 1. G.,
1: ('. Ii., iit.
Piek.t Post S. it V... 2; L. S. S.,
9; G. L. M., 20; 11. II'., 2.
Wholesale and Itetail Deal
ers in
Hare received tfiis wek and ae
now offerkif to tii toadc :
Staple and Fancj Grocer
ies, Dry Goods and Fancy
Clothing, LTata nd Fur
nishing Gooda,
Boots and Shoes,
Crockery, Glass, Tin and
Ammunition, Etc,, Etc.
A liberal discount to ho
tels, restaurants and sta
tion keepers.
Owing to a canslant increase in
our saloon trade, we shall lroiu now
on offer our large Etock of
Cigars !
At Sax Francisco Prices!
Samples sent to the country on ap
plication. GOLDMAN k CO.
Brawlst asd Williams,
Montezuma street, one door south of
IIeualu oflicc.
Choicest of
Constantly on hand. Beef, Mutton
Pork and Sausages.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Give us
a call. no7
H. Morgan & Go.
Washington St., riioenix.
Morgan's Station on the Gila. River
Importers and Dealers ia
Groceries and Clothing,
Dry Goods,
Cigars, kc.
At prices to suit the times
Oa WiMkiajrtoa Suel, ilr vt
U tmtetuiuA, adjoining Magnolia Suluoa.
Having purchased the Entire Stork of Medi
cine ot E. Irvine fe Co., and with New Goods
just arrived and m the way from San Francis
co, and warranted FUEdii and ckM'UE, I am
jirejtared to give Satisfaction in all cases.
Piiysiciak's Prescriptions
Carefully Compounded.
A share of tlie Patronage of Plie
nix and vicinity is solicited.
Gunsmith and Locksmith,
Hew ins JlaohincM Kenaired.
Special attention riven to opening
and repairing safes, even
when the combina
tion is lost.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Ojders liy
mail will receive Special attention.
T. W. Paukek.
It cuatoinen io I'lienix and vicinity daily.
Having- a larffe dairy three miles north of town
1 can lui nun
Milk Fresher and Sweeter
Than can be done by kertlr.g your own cow.
Uive me a trial
Orders left at the PostotF.ce Will Receive
Prompt Attention.
Washington street, west ot
Gardiner's hotel,
A lagc and i lendi4 stock of
Which they offer to our
citizens at the lowest pos
sible prices.
Every one is respectful
ly invited to call and exam
ine our stock and prices.
8a. inter's
Xew Store ! New Goods !
Stage Offlrr, Building FlienlK
The undersigned begs
to announce to the people
of Phenix and Salt River
Valley, that he has receiv
ed and is now opeD ingono
of the finest and largest
stocks of
Ecer brought to this place.
Which we propose to sell
at Peices that will defy
The G00bSare all fresk
and new and Selected with
the greatest care to suit
the Market.
Examine tie Goods, and
inquire Prices before pur
chasing Elsewhere.
C3f HeiHiinlier the Place. JF
Pioneer Store
Wholesale and Retail Dealer
General Mercandise.
To maa;e room for goods on the wap, 1 aa
Than vny sfore in town.
As I hare facilities for purchasing- wry
thin ft in my line at the lowest market mark
price, 1 can ftufcly say that no bouse in the Ter
ritory can afTurd to sell goods at the LOW rates
offered. My motto is;
Quick Sales And Small Profits.
I ran fnrnih the Farmer, the Teamster, the
Miner and all others. Cme and see and satisfy
Flour and Grain, delivered at any Point la
the Territory at Cost, with freight added.
Orders solicited
Herrick & Lutgerding
Are now receiving a lull attornment ef
Iron and fcteel
Together with a large lot of the best
And axe prepared to do s geaeral bail ell .
Shop at the old stand Frank of Cosgrora
west of Flour mill, where yen can getanythinf
Horse and Mule Shoeing, by the best Veteri
narian in the Territory. I i-H
Alfalfa Seed.
PP1IREE thousand pounds for sale in qnanti-
tilies to suit ptiruhaftfr. at lti rents per
poujp. (10 2m 11. Mo KG AX & CO.

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