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The Phoenix herald. (Phoenix, Maricopa County, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1879-1882, April 16, 1879, Image 3

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Mcdnesday April 1G. 1879.
The liKHAl.n is issued every Weineduv
i.fl.Saturdtiy arternoon at 2 uVlork, amicuu
taiiiN 1 tltprupbic new up to tlmt hour.
Alfalfa seed at Irvine's.
(Jo to Irvine's for chicken feed.
Irvine lias a full line of cork hats.
Chew Jackson's Best Sweet Navy
Fresh Bananas and Oranges just
arrived at LoringV
Did you see those nobby summer
suits at Sautters?
Splendid assortment of fresh can
dies at Soulier's.
For purnsols and late style sun
downs, go to J. Samter's.
Insertion, cmbroiderv and edging s
for the ladies, at Irvine's.
A. job lot of towels and handker
chiefs at Irvine's, away down.
Another It t of fine fresh apples
came in by team to-day for Loriug.
E. Irvine & Co. will close out their
present lot of tea at 50 cents per Hi.
The latest styles of ladies goods.
Piquets and white goods at Sum
ter's. Sevoral teams loaded with Prescott
frirht passed through town this
You can get fresh fruits at Loring's ;
fruit that is not old, stale and
rotte i.
For building lumber, at bed-rock
prices, address Clipper Mill Lumber
Company, Prescott.
Geo. Patterson's train, heavily load
ed with freight for Prescott mer
chants, passed through town yester
day. Hams, Bocon and Lard, in qnauti
iiesto suit purchasers, and cheap for
caf.li or pood Colaterals. Apply to
Geo. E. Mowry.
The present session of court in
this place is one of the most im por
tent ever held in the Territory. Sev
en important cases arc on the Calen
dar. The Mcintosh Property for sale.
Consists of dwelling house and six.
lots. Centrally located in Phoenix.
Terms made easy. Apply to Geo. E.
Acting Governor Gosper has of'er
e 1 a reward cf $200 for the arrest
and delivery ot Urn aicCuruy, the
murderer of Keefe, to the SUerifl' of
this county. Enterprise.
Citizens of Plicenix, headed by a
delegation from Prescott, serenaded
Jndje Porter lst evening at the Gar
diner Hotel, and were received in the
Judge's ch-iinLer in fine style. Judge
Porter is a ceucral favorite in this
Wc are pleased to see so wny
Prescott people with us this week. ,
"We hope they will go back home
with a better opinion of Phanix nnd
the country about it, conclude it is a
good place to be, load up their wives
nnd babies and come to stay.
The merchants of Phoenix have
been in the habit of givinjr credit al
most indiscriminately. E. Irvine &
Co. have been almost the only except
ion to thi rule, and since January
last they have ceased giving credit al
most entirely. They now come out
in to day's issue niid advertise their
"business on a cash basis entirely,
i'erhaps it will win, perhaps il will
not. Call around and try them on
their newstylc and see how it sui'.3.
The Los Angeles Commercial
speaks thin of the business mana
ger of The Herald and his paper:
'Mr. Chas. E. McCiintock, business
manager of The Pucexix Herald,
Phoenix, Arizona, made us a call yes
terday. Mr. McCiintock reports
great mining developments in the
33radshaw and Globe districts and a
good rim ot business in'the Salt Riv
er Valley. The Herald is a good
compendium of mining intelligence
for the Territory, and we are glad to
know, is successful."
Hoard of Supervisors.
Met on Monday pursuant to ad
journment, filso on Tuesday. Xo
business of importance further than !
presentation and consideration of I
Adjourned to meet oa Thursday,
April 17th.
The house of Mr. John George,
near town, was broken open Sunday
by some person or persons, and a pair
of new blankets, a quilt and some
champagne stolen therefrom. En
trance was obtained by drawing the
staple of the lock. The staple was
carefully replaced when the opera
tion inside was finished. Suspicions
not announced.
Tlev. Groves, of Saflbrcl, made us a
pleasant call on Monday. He reports
things in a prosperous condition
about Salfotd and promise of a fine
L'uited S-tates Marshal Pake, of ;
1'rescott, has bet n in town a dav or j The present week, court week, the
two looking alter business affairs ! Plac;e, 'f of visilors" One gentle
. . . 1 man told your correspondent a day
pertaining to his office. or two since that if he had not hap-
Judge Hush, of Prescott, is in at ! pened to bring his blankets with him
tendance at court. Attorney Ham- ! no would iinve had 110 place to sleep
mond is also down. " j liatever, as he could not find a
single room in town.
Dr. Goocaellow; of Prescott, gave j yw don't let everyone "jump"
11s a call on Mondav. He is on his this thing at once, because it would
wavto Oakland, California, w Inch j be a failure, but the right man in the
be expects to nuky hi; r?cid?ncr 'Place has a good thing ot it.
lHrcntrcr, ' CSEirEro?
IT. . Court,
Court met and adjourned daily
from Monday. April 7th, to Saturday,
April 12ih without transacting busi
ness, the Hon. LeForest Porter,
Judge, being absent.
Saturday, April 12 Court con
vened, Judge Porter present. Venire
issued for U. S. Grand Jury. Jury
being sworn and accepted by L". S.
Marshal, Mr. Koberts was chosen
foreman and jury retired for delibera
tion. .
April 15 Six indictments were
presented by the grand jury.
Saturday, April 12 Court, con
vened and Hon. DeForest Porter,
Judge, being present, calendar was
read. Most ot the cases were
passed, the following being set for
j hearing at a future day:
Tidwell vs. Van Slyck; Swilling
vs. Ayer3, new trial granted.
In case of Hoag vs. Kimball, de
fault cnlertd and notice given that
judgment would be asked.
The case of Cox vs. Messenger was
ordered stricken from the calendar.
The case of Maricopa county vs
Maricopa Canal Company ordered on
the calendar; also, Maricopa county
vs. C. II. Veil.
Venire issued for district grand
I jury.
Messrs. A. C. Baker, II. M. Hays
and II. B. Jones admitted to practice
in this court.
The case or Tidwell vs. Van Slyck
was struck out.
Goldman & Altschul obtain leave
to do business under firm name of
Goldman & Co.
Case of Kobiuson vs. Sherman di
In case of Avers vs. Mnricopa
Canal Compuny, judgement allowed
by default.
Venire issued for trial jury.
Court adjourned to Monday, April
14th at 10 o'clock.
Monday, April 14-
-Court met pur-
suant to adjournment, fchentt re-
ported the grand jurors summoned,
In case of Mullen vs. Ayers, leave
granted plain till to Cie amended
complaint, until Tuesday at 10
In case of Swilling vs. Ayers leave
granted to withdraw amended com
plaint. Court adjourned to convene at 1 :30
p. m.
Alter recess, in the ea;e of Liu
ville vs. Daggett, after examination
of witnesses the case was submitted
to the court without argument.
In the case of Harris vs. Harris,
counsel for defendant moved for j
! , , . , , , ,. j
as' p adavlt filed. Counsel
fo UaUfr ranled eava to fi, I
, V :
counter afndavit.
Case of Asher & Ellis v?. Veil
ordered dismissed at cost of plaintiff.
Case of Hum burg vs. Griffin ordered
placed on the calendar, and on mo
tion ordered dismissed at cost of
defendant as per stipulation on file.
Case of Burke vs. Thomas on mo
tion was placed on the calendar, and
on motion ordered dismissed by con
sent of counsel.
Case of Lemon vs. Burke ordered
Court adjourned to April 15th at
10 o'clock.
Phoenix, April 15, 1379.
Editor Herald: A traveler
alighting from the stage here, is both
surprised and disgusted to learn that
Phoenix has no hotel.
When so" git down you naturally
look for the hotel; you don't sec it.
Then j-ou inquire of a bystander for
it. "Hum ah w e-1-1, there is none,
but there is a lodging-house up yon'
der and you can get your meals at a
restaurant, or somewhere." You
look in the direction he points and
make for the ''lodging house'" It is
a small one and you find it stuiied
full to overflowing. "Got auv blank
ets?" Xo. "Got any friends here ?'
'o. "Well the saloons shut np some'
times, before morning, and if they
do j-ou can stand up acainst a cotton
wood tree and slcp, if j'ou don't
want to lie on the ground." You are
astonished, you are disgusted, you j
are indignant. Everywhere as you
approach the place you hear of lively j .
Plifpniv jmd so vim find it tlirn
, ,1 r 1 - 1 1 I
here, all of which makes von won- I
der the more that there is no hotel.
The practical hotel man who starts
a good, large, first-class hotel in
Phoenix, has a fortune. Travel iuto
the place is large and increasing
daily, and will justify some person
to do the thing up right. If a second
or third-rate house is established
there will soon be numerous cases of
competition, but a good hotel, at
reasonable rates, and an accom
modating landlord who knows his
business, will be without rival for a
considerable time to come
The ra'.lroad track will be comple
ted to Maricopa by the 2Sth hist.
Samuel A. Lowe has been appoint
ed postmaster at Little Giant, Piual
The mill of the McMillan miniau
company is to be in operation by the
first of May.
The last term of the district court
at Yuma cost, all told, 36.20. Econ
omy is wealth.
Even Tucsoii is to have water
works; at least a water company and
possibly, works.
Fourteen of thePapago mine3 have
been bonded at 175,000 for 2s ew
York parties by the editor of the
Times are reported e.vceedi ngly i
"off" at Mineral Park. We hope to j
near ociier tilings ti umi iuuajiijt uv
forc long.
The Seniinc I says that 5,000 pounds
of good bacon are offered in Yuma
at nine cents per pound. It's worth
j twenty here.
John Keefe, who was shot by TTm
McCurdy at Lynx Creek, died last
I Wednesday morning at the hospital
in Prescott.
I The treasurer of Yavapai county
has 8061 50 over from the quarter
ending March 31st. "Why don't he
"git up and git?"
It is reported that water in large
quantity has been struck in the Ar
kansas shaft at Castle Dome. "Water
so far has been hauled eighteen miles
j from the Colorado.
j It seems that the Government is
i furnisheng its posts in this Territory
with a greafr amount of supplies
' than is necessary for the forces now
i stationed here. What's in it ; a job?
The Seiiinel says the thermometer
j OP3 n:)l , a3 here ns in the
j Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys.
j it may be, but hot spells there last
j about three davs at a time and here
three mouths at a time. Tell it all.
T!ip a Lqi num.
j ber of imra?!rrants Rre coming into
j Ap-che cou,y from the east. Many
j of thft new.comer9 are Gentiles and
will do much to o2iet the Mormons
who are also going to Apache eoun-
The cxlcn'ic-n of the railroad track
beyond Maricopa this summer is as
yc-t undetermined, though .n
amount of mater:!!!, in excess of what
is required to complete I he road to
Maricopa, is coming fowsrd. Should
construction lie sVlayed for a time,
Maricopa will become a livery town.
The old Yt:Hu:e mine has been ta-
ken in hand bv the Central Arizona
Mining Companv, an eastern compa-
"y' a"J T" yet bf ,ra,,d"tu yieM "P
its abundant v.ea.th. The company
is going to wurK in earnest ana uusi-
. . ,, . , . ...
j ness is rupjujy pjCKiu up iu me va
j cinitj-. We want more companies in
I this Territory, with capital, and less
speculation which is our prnvailing
1 cur.c.
I Adonde is to be abandoned to the
coyotes. At one time it promised to
to have some importance as a ship
ping point from the railroad to the
ban Antonio mines; but the San An
tonio company have concluded to
open a road to Port Libertad, on tho
Gulf of California, some forty miles
distant, and has already loaded and
dispatched a schooner from San Fran
cisco to that port. Sentinel.
Piual County .
Wii-U'3 up at Florence? Ij it some
thing crooked V Th:j SUccr Bilt iu-
fonns us that at the regular quarterly
meeting of the board of supervisors
of Pinal county they elected a new
clerk, in accordance with the recent
act of the legislature, and on demand
ing the books and p ipers ot the for
mer clerkJJe refused to give them up.
H .id viow?rs wore appoin ted to
survey the route for the new road be
tween Fioreuca aaJ Globa.
Six-horsa coaches rua between
Florence an 1 the railr.jid terminus.
T.ie Pia.il ounty court, winch was
to have convened at Fiorff.icj on the
14th, h is been p s' oned one week.
The Mttriler oa Lynx Creek.
From the Miner we gather the par
ticulars of the murder at the Thun
derbolt Mine on Lynx Creek:
At 11 p. M., on tile 8:h inst, Wm.
McCurdy, late Foreman of the Lynx
Creek Mining and Milling CVrnpany,
i had an altercation with ICecle, his
successor as Foreman, which ended,
in McCurdy shooting Keefe in the
r'ght breast near the region of the
heart. The shot was fired at the dis
tance of three feet and probably w ith
fatal effect.
John II. Hicks, in the employ of
said Company, left the mill iramedi-ateh-alter
the shooting and brought
the news to Major Dake, Secretary of
the Company, at about 1 o'clock this
Keefe was a live, but unconscious
when the messenger left, but there
are slight hopes of hi recovery. lie
has .ince died. Ed.
McCurdy is an Iri.-hman, about 30
to 05 3-ears old. He is about six feet
high, has blue cowardly looking eyes
strong even teeth, and smokes cigar
ettes. It is surmised that he has not
At'aress a 1 communications, ana mnKo an
jone fit r from theaCene Of the murder Idruftsand monev orders payable t.tlie.Tder
Up to the present time, McCurdy ! Jj?8 Ari"a L"""y Jra'-y. 1'rescott.
has not been arrested although tho Re..itnr all letters containing drar.sor post
t . ... 1 order. To avoid lorcrerics, Ijuv do tickets
L'UCJtC U- lii puriUlt. i.t.vrt rfreulu aj;aU. " Ul3m
irizona Lottery !
Governor J. C. FREMONT,
Territorial Commissioner.
Michel Oolhwatt..
Banc of Arizona,
In f.eeordanoe with an act of the T.rcifdnlive
Assembly of Arizona Territory, and the
Proclamation of the Governor
Issued thereander, a
"Will bo drawn at Preseott, A. T., on TVednes
day, June 4th, ldT9.
Act of the Legislature.
An not to aid In the construction of Capitol
BiHliUncs. and for h aopport of Public
Schools in the Territory of Arizona.
B? it enacfe T by the Legislative Assembly of
Aritona Territory :
Section 1. It siinll b lan-fiil for. and the
rijrht power anJ authority s hereby jrritntl
for the pr?od of t-pnty yrars irom t!ie 1st
day of February 1"9. to th Arizona DeTftl
opmn C mp -n v a vrp rati .n nrjr mirprt an-1
i FXig'fnir under and or virtne of th laws of
the T-rrl'ory of ri na and it assiens. to
frv public IntterV at whip', rr bv means 'f
' whirta m-mv mav b 'awfully dUpoRpd of by
j chance, anything in th laws t this Territory
! to th conrrnrv n"twiiliotandi' K". etc. cto.
Sen. 2 Th fiivrur of th 1Vr.it.-try of
Arimra. nod hi successor In (trie nnd ia the
event of t!ip a' sppco dlsqualifi-tlim ordath
j of tlic Overnor his ! fc: substitute is hercbv
npp"intpd a Com'iiisn!o!'er o snp'-riniend the
i dr.iwinsr or di Mb-itlon of pr'tjs in snl I lottpr
I ifd and eieh of tl ein. and certify to the cor
j reeness thereof, etc. -to.
j See. 3 AH 1otr-rI- d-nwn tinder the pro
; vi-ini t-f hi nc' jlmH he dmwii In rrnna
! pnltlir plHee t bf d siei'Htfd y the C-'inm'S-
SK-ner, ItetTrn the honn of ten oVUiCk a m.
vnd five 'hek p. m , ard in a manner to be
approved by te ('ommisnioner.
Sections 4. 5 and 6 provide for the collection
of ten per ceitt. from all prieea and the pay
ment of the same Into the capitol and achool
Ccrlincate of Territorial Trens
nrer. I, Th-mag J ntir Trpp.purpr of Arizona
Teriitory. herH' rprtirV tnftt tbn Arisina
Dpve'ni.mpnr Cnmpn.ny h-ts h:s Hny fi!d in
n y tiif? i s nrc-i'tanfi in wriilny of the act
of whirh 1h a'-ove is B Oi-py. ni has aisn
filt d ii- ir.y 'iffi.'o r bvtrrt in th sum nf twonty
tbnnsnn.i (iot'Hrs whifh bonrt hfli hfn nn
!,rovd hy thp Gor-rii"r nnd nn Assofinto
jusnop of rne u;'friTiP v :ii ri ni Arizona icr.
t'.u- y. c di'!o fii !. it; f .IlilJ peifj. u.a;:cc
ot liie jTovaiotis of sfvd a.-t.
TVrri'o-ial TreQsurer.
Prescott. Fsbrnnrj SntL. lg9.
Proclamation of the Governor.
TE'tniTO T OS A1U7..1NA
rxrcLTlvE Dep't.. F-bruary SO. lr79 1
I, Julin C Fremont (Inrpmnr of the Telrl
tor of Arironn nnd ex-nfRHo Conin isfioner
t snpprintTvl the d--;iwinff nf !o'eri-9 for the
snprt'Tt of he pnblic sphoo's etp . by virtue
ot" the powr an'l authority vstpr. in ma bv
'ntr. r?o herein- rfpttenatP as the plaoe where
th first 1' ttery cha'l b:' rlrnwn bv th" Arizona
1 tHVpinnmenr Oomi-anv the Th-a"rc in Pra
PO't, the Cnp:n' of sa;d Territory of Arixona-a-id
the tin trhn the snme sheil be drawn
sfca'l bo 'he 4'h tny of June 1T9, between the
hotira of 10 f'cloek a. m. nnd 5 o'oloek p m
Witns- mv bend and the c rat g' al of the
Territory of Arma this 20th dav of Fcbru
arv A. D. 1S'9.
Governor and ex officio Lottery Comnutssioner
The firt Lottery under the foreyoiiiir law will
be drawn at iho Theatre, in 1'rescott, on
JUNE 4th. 1879,
or ?ooner. if all the tleVets are soonor disposed
of on whir-h opeaion thre w'll l,e disrilutred
prizes ns toll -ws :
otik priz
t sioniio
0" orizp o" o.t'dO
One pr'ze of 1 500
Tlir-e prizes of 1.0(H) eaeh
Two ; riles of ?."SO eaeh
Four prizsof 5'10 earn
Seven prizes of 2.i0 eaeh
Ten prz or ISO ea-h
Fifty prizesof 100 earh
TUy prizes of 5 earn
Fifrv pi ijtes of IS eaeh
One hundred prizes of 1C each
Twelve thon;ind lip of leather numbered
f-' in one to twe've thousand will be p bliclv
d-'i osited i a Iwrire irlnss wheel whi-h will
then be Hoed nnd s aled by the Territornl
I.ofery Commission r. Two hundred and
eiirhty-'wo slips of leather numbered in ac
poriipnne with the prizes annoi need, will be
publicly deposited i. a s-nall e"las9 wheel,
which will also be eloped and sealed by the
Territorial T.ottrv Comm'S"ioner.
A comrnift e of seven citizens will be se.
looted by the ticket ho'ders to examine every
spar of the roeee-'itiirs.
B -th wheels will then be revolved in sitrhf
of the undo pep until their Contents ere mixed
nn1 tto.,iu rhlv minified. The sen18 wil 'hen
7e l.-r,l en nd tl.e wl'e. 1 one .d and TWO
will bo pljtced one at ench w!-e-I. and a prize
nnd a number drawn at the same time The
wheels will then be closed and revolved, and
enoiner numuer anu prize nriwn. alio tijis j
process rereaiu utii'i me i:p prizes are all
drawn. The holders of ticket bearing corres
ponding numbers will be entitled to the prizes
Only 12,000 Tickets Will be Sold.
Whole Ticltcts 85.
Halves, S3.SO.
Qnarters, 81.23.
The Bank of Art na will act as Treasurer,
and all moneys received from sales of 'ickt-ts
will he deposited thereto await ihe drawinft.
Prizes will be paid ten days attir the drawing.
Aliord rsfor tickets musl be aecompa lie i
by the monwv, which can bo sent in itnnk
Irafts on Sho Francicco, tlertifioates ot lie
posit or Po-:al Money Orders, or by Wells,
Farg: z Co's. Express
Upon the
Our New Stock will arrive
selected in the
ast and West !
Largest Ever Brought
iry Department Complete !
Our Stock lias Never
een or Cannot now
be Equaled
Reduction !
Arrival of
in a few days. It has been
markets of the
in Arizona.
& CO.
Regulates Prices
Brought to this Market.
We can give the People
better Inducements and
sell better goods than any
house in the Territory.
& Co.
N. B. Our Store is lo
cated on the North side of
the Plara-, the largest
building in Town.
E3P"The Xatfonal Gold Medal was awarded
to Bradley & Rulofson. for tb best Photo
ginphs in the United States, and the Vienna
Medal for tbe best tn the world.
49 Montgomery Street. San Francisco.
Stationers and Printers.
Xot. 401 it 403 Saiuomt ttreet San
Solicit the patronage of residents of Atisooa,
offering a well selected stock of
1KS ana
Tartioutar attention given te
Fine Job Printine
Merchants and Bankers.
V. ill find it to their ndvantaar to irnd u Ibfir
orders, as we make this cluss of work a ee-
I'jiirtcd ifT XUbogm3hi is fioeet ty le,
I'er all lucorj-oratkns, at Low est jiic

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