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The Phoenix herald. (Phoenix, Maricopa County, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1879-1882, May 03, 1879, Image 2

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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THE L'iltEXfX HERALD. ixjEs-EwaAPisic ksvxtis.
SOSES & McSUNTOC - - Proprietors.
The Canadians r.rv down on their
uovcinnr ucntiu. i.onu. i noiiiicls. otpr lie Southern Pic it e to
Southern Arizona, is attracting a '. Marieop: : From JCew York First ;
Maturdfty, 3fny 3. 1879- : heavy immigration thi spiing. j class f$ : second cl:i. ! T : third c!a.-s j
i: lourin ciass, -- 1.00 : cihss ,-v, ;
cias B, $3.50; class C, S3.d: class U
8. From Chicago Fir! das. -ST;:
iVflsrlit Hat M LSC'ELLAXEOL"-.
C'it. The follow ing arc the an- 1
Ikenzcl freight ra!e per huudrctl XolhilliC bill tllO Tl'Utli.
pouncis, over ll:e .-oetiuni I acine
iAirzona Lottery i J
;tIaKlt. tALIrS3I 'BY CO.
j Immense crop prospects are re-
; ported ireni all parts ol I nmornni.
rt-i .-. . :
i ins company is ;:n,i to oe tne : fj.-n.-r.-.l r.mt
New Store!
rs'iKt: tup. muichon" of
arrive )i!
heaviest con -rafting company w ith I Fl.;in0is;.o from iIoBe Kong about ! , , .'l ' '''!'f,,'
- t. v . ... . f - . tout! i class. i-'laiilT claps A. S-.-t.
i-iic t mi en .r-'.aies cto erntncni lot- t , . . --
carrying the V. ri. Mnils bv stage
htteliboarl ami on horseback, there !
r? in the country. '
Tne fi'in is a verv wealihr r ami j
: Jstnt? 1st.
And First-Class Gccc's.
m. uaslaoeaa
arnl classes 13. C. ami D, the same as .
Senator Jones, of Xevnda. fc.is been : from Xt-w York. From New York
visitinsr Lead vi lie ami comes nwty !llui Chicago to Tucson an additional j
'deeply impressed,'' etc. I rate v.-Ill be. made, probably not ex- '
it owns horses, coaches, etc., sufli- j - s!,,! me .mimic-.-, : m'anig ji-ou per uiiiiucieu. j
.;,.t i- r.i.i ,-.n,- tiw, i was f-het hv a man nritned Rn-dr on : On hm'w the followinit rates will .
cam miles. In all the ti-rritorh-s ' "' H"' '"' "Iu1 sint'p liwl- ; "e cl:ar-e(! per car-loaa often tons.! f;c,t.,
anil in all sections of the countrv i The Grain eoeernnient has set ' Maricopa. From Sim Francisco.: -f X.e'f" .rin"r!v'..Vr,'.pir!i"!,v m.T.'' "
wtu-rc railroads have t yet peiu. ' apr.rt 1.SS0.000 marks for the con- . f: tVom ijidera. -220.30; frota j IVrulta, ..ji.l.e ,!!.
trnted it owns lic.es an-.l con- : strm-tinn of iiii.!erur-mml teleprnplss. j s Aucle, 1.3; Irntn Wilmington.;
The litits of tiiis cruipai.y in or.r
" ' , tiot-M nn-.l Curry ami oi tlie liest ami m-wprpcr n an has jit marrini a
At tlie commence mtr.t of its ope- i B- h her. lady worth .?2.X'0.o6a. Jt about '
" ine country! T,., nr.nv nr,prnri.j:-.tio:i biiU has ! enoueli to j;i stify a man in ihe hope
in juiy k;m, in conveving the L
Governor J. C. FREMONT.
Territorial Com mission pi.
5 A-
! MICHEL C i.D""AT-r-. ' Bank ok -1 ru-
I 1-r. M- i.t., T.
res; 2":fefl
position as stiperintendcn' of lit" I San Francisco Erch imc: A Texas
lr. ,Pi-.rla''rp tt " T t r ;t
Irnt',;,i:ia-i..n .-f fho i -v.
,-c.l !;ntli line .:s without foiieni!- thiit v. ith i com mv and ri rsi vi ranee
mail and the traveling public, some ; ' . , ' nr(.siir,.., : !ie mis-ht ,-cecei-d" in .MaMishinB- a
;ire. MIrsl-c!ass daily Democratic paper in
an intelligent communitv.
inconveniences and brii t dela
WCiy ocertsione'i Jiei-:;sf of tlif r;.
.,.. j , , , , i V.'i iU. Fari'o it Cr. hnv i.-sitcd a
ulins the dlTV rent routes' 'andome I rimll:ir caln"- ,,,e ftU,M,1ion of shir" ' Mr. Ch-rles E. JIcCHntock. editor
1 .. .. t- ..3 . ...1 . , ,.4 ; r,n I ri t5,i.!i. ;
complaints were made. j H,S " "" ami hr.s.im ss manager Flienix Herald !
I'nder the &bhs mnaairement of ! t'sr,r'ii ral8- called on us Thursday evening. He , tooU nr.I Shoe Hata
Our Stock Corslsi.of;! Cu n-rr.I A "rcrtmi u: of
Family Groceries,
"Wines r.nd Liquors,
G lasswarc, Clothia sr.
V i i i bi ara;rn at Prontt. A. T..
I 19
their general superintendent tor this
territory. Mr. Stewart, these tempo
re soon ,
It is rumored that.
creasing years and ill health, Q:ieen
Victoria thinks of abdicating the
rary n.-javs an.! (elects v.e
remedied and the whole line placed ; 1,ir"al'-
ln a fin-t 'riais running co-diiion. ' Surveyors are running the preliini
Some loiontlii .sim-, Mr. White. ! nary lines from tin head of naviga
one of the interf tc I partners in the : tion on the Columbia river easlv. a (i
Company and one of the most ef::ci- b'" 'be Northern Pacific, railroad.
Z to in- i reports pro.-peron.s limes about Phee-
i:ix and is fantruine of an unpreee
entedly i;:pid growih for that liiir
May it and ih-.' II. -raid jrowand pro?- : trarjwar0
pr together. ..' Tf!e. :
And Gents" FuruUhin? Cowls.
cut and active stage Weu in the whole i Paul Riegcr. a San FruneiAco Front
1 street mt reliant, was munh-ed and
: robbed on tlie lii'.h instant, in Marin
country, visited the territory t:r.d in
person traveled the entire route un
der their control, ordering changes
made v.ii. v0 necessary, liuylrijj f.vih
aiiim-.lf iud doing otber things in
ibe iiitere.-l of the public and of them
svV.i:s. Mr. White is in the territory j
si this time carrying into free r.nd
sclive operation the loans he made i
hen here lefoie for carryintr the!
mails and passengers from the end
of the railroad, al Maricopa. i
This line of conches is no nm
ning wi;h rcguhirit.v from the end -o
rtie rosd to Pha-uix. Wlck-r-nfcorr and
county, Californi;!, hile oe.t tniv.t
It is said that the goverrnvnl has
conclusive evidence that it has been
del ri tided out of about $3,000,000 a
ear by the undervaluation of im
ported silks.
Congress has adopted a bill mak-
in-l half dollars. Quarter dollars and
iorgon & Go
A griculturiil Implements,
Vwill Paper. Etc.
Aet or to Lcsi-islatni'r. 1
; A Kt to ni l i" 'it1 r':Ti-rti':'ii t f: 7.? iT j
.' !lu''i:inirs hp.-! ft.r 'h si:rip;i tf l'm,'n-
j Scl..v- i- t 1- 'l,-r:orv of Aiira j
j Vf 't pp;i.-r( I hv tiip I ..-i-.'atlA e A5it?ur::y of j
Ari: i.a "Ii'Tit. ry : j
j Si-T oM 1. I- 0U;,V h',rv:i for. rivd the :
1 n't-'.T p e.vr.r nn I :t thfi-i'j- rn-r br irrnTiTij
j Tor Tli- p-r'tn( of't-fiitr y.:rii trunk u-.i I
; ti;:v of t ?hri::ir l.-'H :". ih- A ' i?.or.;! lt-vt-l- !
i-t 1.1 11; r t" : tp r 11 ti ?c 'illicit ;:n
Wholesale Liquor Dealers.
Xh til v.
; tp r ii v.
C'v j.uMif It !!i-nts at r, lr-' -. f r hv u .'m- s t
vii.-i i;i iji--v m.-iV b ' a .rtriM v tl -:i ot -,-
Kt- y I iw (li.-.i ri;' r ! I'-r :i -v r-t"
At:.H':i :iit! ;;- .iiiti'vo- 3 - ii -r j ,i ti'-"
' 1
.1 a ( Vr;i
Washington St., I hcenix ;
h tV .TP .f fh
t-a -r.-l.p ! a,
i v V.'f- v, -iri ;
h t H IT'-Se
a ! ! a.!-.- (
3: q'.ia ity ul" i-ur
Ji- z- s
u: -
! dimes a legal tender up to 820, and ; -d0; -:tu ,i ftiatioa oil the U.bi lnVer
. redeemable in lawful money in sums j
Importers and Dealers
of coming iiito these points on time j The President's veto has strength
liy the stages, it will be occasioned in encd the chi.nces for the adoption of a
most part by delavs of railroad trains ; plan nosiJionintr final settlement of
to reach the end of the road on time. the omu-owrsy until nest winter by
jrr. Oiltner, the senior member of i means cf an extension of lat year's
this stroag firtn is a's. in the ten-i'lorv : course of action.
at this tliKi?, aidfag by his ccua3el. 1 A move to ciiow white seitler- to D
Groceries and Clothing,
ry Good,
j c';i-s ,.r jc is !-ti b-' fiifcii.voci uii3 wl.r
Call and exaniino our stock and
see that we represent to von nothing
but the fact. ,T. M. ("A t'AN EPA
of t;:t:
Bank of Arizona.
; a -.i -: i ( t ,,f 1' r-i,
: l r'7?P- f- rtH.t. i'l.-. - ti-.
Set 3 AM li-Tf-r:-s d ;ivrn nuiiiT pro
'. l i-'Ti-i i f 'hi- :(' sli.t 1 lie tir.'ni in fi ift;
' .i.!H,- p'jv T .I.h-'s:"..! v tl O n-..i:-i
ji t-rr t.r--v .-ti tii - h...ir-o' t-n .'-!-.rk a n
; i'ti.1 live - "'- j-. Tii , iv tl i:i u itiRMior Tt b'
, s,r....( hv c..,-"-.-S-... r.
; lfr':. lis 1 : a ,i H j fjvi.Sc ,r I'rP i"''fi-!'in
'f p-" 't I't.-'n ti l m::: - ;e:,I t'-o-
" f "t lie 5 .iae ii,,- ttiu c p'lul iii (i fe;-:it u
f.ia Is.
! Our roniw-Sions in Kenuteky. Nt-vr York and San Frauefsco enables kr
to p.!trei;ase direct from .llanutaeturers and Imporlers, aiv.l having facilities
: to always carry a iare stuck, the quality of which we cunli:ti e. we Can
sell at much lower liinires 1lian tiny other house in the trade and can con
ii lently iiivite purchasers to call and examine our goods before buying elae-wiu-re.
Have o.-i hand a select stock of Oi.l Djurbo.i and Rye Whiikics, Rrandies
Gins, Rums, IVnt, Sherry, and Maderhi Wines. Champagnes, Clarets.
internes, I.ioui:
'.nd i:vi:t;yi iiin;; appcrttdr.ing to the
Ccb a i U Si i. i2 W' w S . u IL W
Cigars, ovc.
At .prices to suit the times
At tl-..
L'nn m' t r Cr.m I
":iiir i'-iit o
contagious oiseases.
The select House Committee o-
! the can.-e of the presest deores-iiin ol
: labor, held a meeting yciferday, at
! wiiich the practicability of visiting
San Francisco for the purpose of tak
ing testimony was discussed, and it
was tlie sentiment of the members
present. i ST'llieiont t'nnds could be
obtained to pursue such a course, it :
should be done.
Gen. John A. Dix died at New
York on the evening of Apiil Cist. '
He wat, eighty one v ars el' age and
has been in public life for sixty seven
years, Cit serving in public oli ce as :
an ensign in the war of 1313. Few
men. living or dead, who have served
in such varied and various: capacities,
can show as pure a record as ne.
The GeU'Tal was a lifedong demo
crat. T';i he who said, while
acting eeoictary o the treasury "If,
anyone attempts to haul down the
American l!ag, shoot him on the spot.-'
The PresUIc-.l has vetoed the Armv
D. JOfiES & CO.'S
33 !
i i.,r! ti,.. i.:;.in 'r..rvio..-.-
j not taken up., ha: bece. su i.tebjlievl ') j
. It .,tK s . that the rent business i c.losi ol th cabinet in a a late meet, j
y booming ti Hide lyr,nl the limits j the commissioner of Indian j
oi'the best iiiterests of property hold- j atliirs directed to report an-.l prose- ;
ers and the Litsines.-. of the place ; c;:!(-' -m-U case of trespass. j
generally. True, buildings are ex. j The House Committee on Epidr-m-!
ceedingly scarce but rc-ntt! must be ' j,, diseases vrsterday r.uthr.rizrd !
kept at such a iignr that lesei s can ', tl(. Chairman to rep-rt the bill intr - !
liave sraiic rn.argiiie l--ft or business ,i i,v ,,;,,. i;,,, i.,!, i:.v,-.iainr
.aiterpi't atid development will be j (.iru.'h,nrv ((f u. N.,ti',nai Vyv '. LOOK I LOGIC 11' E
kept away. Lots in the business ilf. jrallh relative to the prevention
part of U.-.vn have gone so high that , or sproail w:,ilTl, the United States of
Jew care to nuy tnem anu go 10 me
expense of putting nji buildings upon
them, but many would rent them
were they obtainable at a justifiable
figure snd go into business among us
thus adding to the business capacity
of the place, a point that is always
.observed by those seeking a new and
permanent home.
We know of at leasl one pood yir.ed
axailable bu.-iness location in town
adapted to a hotel or r'-tanrant busi
ness, standing idle because tt-.f owner
requires more rent than an ordin oy
business can possibly afford to ' iv.
Even at the extreme figures de
manded two or three different parties
have had the temerity to undertake
to start a business, but as a nrittcr of
course were obliged lo abandon it.
and yet they had ample business to
justify them in continuing were tne
rent within bounds. Is Mich a policy
not virtually eutlingour own throats? ,
The proper course to pursue is to
.in-.-.-5 enterprise and augment the I
business of the place bv keeping ;
relejrraro-ic or H:T:t TTTerriTTvre
Eravii (lf rl-i?; i:K! itf;s
i' the riiitcil Siaii'sjnfl
Cf-i-tii;c;:to ef Ti-rritoiial Tre:s
itres. i I. I't:- mnp .T B ! r rro ,ie'T of A':7. I .t
: TH-.:t..ri l:rr ''-V rr it- t ;:it xhf A r:2 n.T 1
' 1' i 'i iu,-ie C.,i;iT;,V.' h i 1. K i'val-'i ! :
; t ..-ti:.' i s j :i .o in v.-.- in;; i.i'jie !
! ti! a i- I:., ,!M.... ;i h ': 5 i i; tit,- stm - f T'.V,.:-:-.-
j 1 1 -, -1 1 -O I i i ,!,:i!:;:s I: . ii i-i .1 i.ns !.-- -n -n :
i !" .1 !) f: .v. .-, r i :. I ... ; i - '
.Tti-'i, .T y. e- -i-i::t i ,-- ;
r.-a-.MA-j .i 1 i-i r. k
"I-. r-i i .! 'l'r- ti-ai-t-r.
- . t. V. !. -.: f. e- e !r
wi!;.':! i:
Tel i ;i n l loa
v e...
ll P.I
' .a K I At
II., i,.:,
W:i a
" ' I TO V .
1 trenvr I l i t. y. hrra v -,e i
.1 ft- !!;.:..
s f Ol-
Wo would call the attention of connoissurc-s lo nnr v ry select stock
; Wises, Liquors ami Cigar.-, the quality of which- will equal anything
nplied bv rir.-t -class hou-eo in S.-m i'r-i.".. isco or Fa-tcni Ci ies.
i-a ...".-I h.i - :i. -li.
'.l :. 'O I".
M. W. K A I.Ks
r 3 -r p s ' nji.
5 "S IS233 -I.-f..P' -m H T.'r.i-ov f " ija' : -a-, TJ . T "SrS "1 s9
H j$J& ti a i' " - u. a t!.- u ,i,-.-,-n i IJ-J? irirtTT f, "5 r Oil5 F7 Q 1 1 F C!
l,.,-!.. .-r il) .- .i.-k a. t. . :.n .j ., .a i. m i - -
i tl-- hi .(I an. I t1. - a .ti I'!' tin- ; . T T-,,--,,,
T.-r-il -v v v r z .:i i iii:
nr. A. I),
( In, .1 ;.ir .r.d t-x o.rn.o i.i.ttry v."ti-.iiii::.sioi.rr
Ax '.be New Eui'roju Town of
VI A H I C 0 P A !
,r?iZ S & KATTOOX, I,reir".
PitoF. Jos. C.-iI-IFEIto.
Musical Director.
V.'m. Bise-wster. Plage M.inagcr. '
J. M. Lovet-ack. Secretary.
m mm hmm
unroui: sending to
Tin- f"Tt L...ttc-y 'it d-T tlu- r.. -nj.
Uu diuwu t .as "i'tita:rt., 1:1 1'i't-,.-
JUXE itlt, 1ST9,
'alt Oi ?:..' -!- a.
b .1 a. - rvi, Lar-iTi'st block ol iiu- General I acute t-onst
vnKM.T, iini ir-d I- owl on th a Arcnt l -r American-
j'acitic Coast. ofltky Feep. It will
rowdort?, make your liens lav
.''if: ...... .r.nf A .-,.. irt
i i 1.1 jll tl I III Ujltl.-V.
! Carbolic
j Ac. oi! hand.
Mv Eetlvshire Rrcedr
ave been imp.orlcd direct from England at
i great c.pen.-e. J w ill sell a limited nnn-.i.er oi enoice pigs x.n l -u
! to advftise my slocK. I am also breeding
! Poland China Pigs.
"nim stock imported direct from the JIage( Coni.anv.
r-rs of i'louirv. inclosing stamp, clieertulllv answered.
ri;,V;r! xi:a:ro..-r7vxIii VwM'iu'v'i W1LI.IAN NILES. Importer and Flreedrr. Los Angeles, Cal.
D-F! ami l it i v uoi.i.Aits, ia j 2.'"afe arrival of fowls and eggs guaranteed.
. i:ti tt:. . . i :
rents within a reasonable limit and !""i'o.ni..a ma. n oi.i-cno.-there
will 'be more money in it in the 1 r" wlioily again-,; the sixth section
long run. As the matter now stands i which effects the; of troops ate.
lections, lie content!.- that no uu.lt
. business will be kept out and uriven
. from tie till rinady a reaction will se!
in that may leave us as dead ass mic
other places we know of in the terri
tory. Wc must remember that there
are other inviting bn-aiion.- for l.-u.-i-
ncss and yet more w ill appear from
tional legislation is needed to keep
tiie arnn from the polls, that la big
steered by the b-gisintion of list
winter on the si cti-n ; but tiie Sec.
t'ou objected to in the present bill al
mi prohibits any action by a civil off.
Couststiog of Eraaly. Talent and Wit.
Ccacl'.Kli'er v.itli tia; iVit rio: i." F5'a.:!-; Eii
ti'.l .-.l ibe --eitidllt;.- of I.iljv'l ry.-
r.OMC. -J. Cli-l'V
Ii:il-r!.;CUtur. - - - J. l.ov-. Iaco
1:i'i!.v. ... I'i'.lr I'r.vTr.r
C--...tti'j-s of Liberty, - -Mianie i'.ic.vvn
MItS. t:. D. .T.v-;ks. tie. Purifii; Ni-iuin.
raU-. in lea- Ua. ";-! ef Serin Ci-ia;-- Si-n.
fnilaivc: liv Hi: nsn.li.i. SEY.- UiVK
i. Mi: in la.-ir Gruut tu-'::aliy t-utitied the
; v t liival-."
!KS. NIZ LKZV, ST1.K. ia lit-r Fa
verile Itailaiis.
act htccoxn.
ttoarieg rirce. --Naa. tlie Grvo:l far Xoth-
aji). - - - 5Ir. Tt. ri. .Jor-.
lliili'. - fiilv Trev-.er;
Vr-. numoil. - - Mrs. Jennie Krovv-ter ;
lHuctiLT. - - - -T. l'acv I
liak.-r, - - - .r. V. l.ovi-ia.-.: i
I',. lic.. - - - :Ji3 JI. Brown
Overliire. !
tr. aiet Tr-. IV..vv?tcr in tbuir Celc-faratevi j
Act. I5ruvu Wouii. i
S:34 .7 fln-ect, SAfKA3i::XTO.
O -i.- pr:7- t
I (.. . i. o-
( Ii... j.r:. . f
I '! hr i- ft I7V .il .
i T-v.i r 2 -e of ..
I l'..iir rr . . f...
I SWI. t I iz.' of
i'.n ft. n
1 :.f)
aaiirv-.i :ric .
7.k) i-ac-li 1
.") 0 a.-li !
SaO ra,.i !
l"l .a Ii j
)o .-a-h ;
10 L-aoii :
In " in 'to: Juries, fro ai 5 i-cnti a yard uy..
r-iiisa a:d upward,
f'tip.cv Gia Lams ne'
i hi; jiAS'sv.uor r i i:k:t t!ON" will i
I'.L A S M Ll.OWS ; !
N -W S'VleW
.-f prnc Dress G
I11" y.ird.
.1:3 at
t-uc.rt Ovorir.i-i:.
Coii.."'-i.iin jr -.-itii a M-.-ki Iirr.nei erritlcfi j
.: is s. t....1 I.... ...-f.rim..ri.,i, .,fll, -..-. r,r Soncs. - - - - HoTO."
lime io uiiiu . oci pmii is oie.i -. ,irn- . i ' ' ' . Kesti'atior.f. - - Mrt. Until Atilcy
ever it drives bntinets from its to ; prevention ot traiuls. I his M r. liny-,
them. Keep the bt-iaks uij this rent ' thinks intolerable, and he takes:
kui.ir.css a little usitl if we ilont get pains to notify the Hou-c that he:
ca -uite as ftsL at any rato there v,-ill wnl not :ipprve ot any bill designed .
j: t.-i cjritiTfr r.f wreck tit the eu-.l. I tr weaken the power of government
' - to protect the frerdom of elect
1 .71.1 -a;.s of" iiCti- T :i:txl.r't-.! j
t- v-is th'.ii-aa.i vvi l 1-ji bli.:'v-
Trin. a-inir Stllis fn. n: SI costs a var'I -,ip ' ' " ''.fd i larif jrn-s m Ij. tl iiia-li will.
. ith. a I... .!..-..il mil s alnl i.- ih- T-n a..r al
j RT'F.CiU, ATTI.NTItlS TAID TO Oil- I nt -. a,a.;s-i.,a r. T.v.. liaa.lrr.l aa.t j
j L'KKS. ! ciirl.tv - an ti ij-s or L- itIot teen ia-c.l :n .-.f j
i . - , , .. . .- ' r. rtiati.-i- with 'ia' rri7..'S an'.'i la'oii. nil. In- '
! S1Br.rs of ereiy dii ortpt.oa seat on pu- I j.,.,,,.,.. ,.,.,,.;, , i a 5 i; i
( 'iieli will a'sn ho c'i ijil soiiLit by I ii- i
j Ttrri'oria I firt-Tv (.'oTmit sif"C", j
A i- Of rVei i'ltiztM S V' l.fl St'- j
il by the tit'k t U a tt? ij ejti-mm every ;
;'5r oi tfi ruci-c 1 i t-s. j
B :i ff's will th n hp r-vo!rH in ij!.T 1
! ami tiH ii'iTil tlifir ' n r- r.'s : r tr.ix'-d j
m.t th. .-..u ;iilv iiisui;:."-!. 1 h st'.i's wil hn
ivirtt all loitvrg.
3 S .
i ,
Successor to A. Goldberg,
Capital Block, i'Jit-Blx.
The Salt River Valley.
3 Sti-Get,
in- I-jr.iTi:.' v rilt 'a ::::.rc.-!y ibr Juaes'
Ol-.l Han. a Fi.-btrm'in. - Vm. ltr(.vv tt.T
1'lraie e lie:!. - - - J. M. t-ovelaoe
Hereiai-. - - - cnuiu Hra-irer
Yoaiirr ri--bcr!nar, - - .1. Casey
Fr.U t hurm, - - By the Cuiiipany
Pirat'-e, t-'islT-a-io-'-ii. Pfa-aati-. JvC, S:c.. hy
tlie f:niirc Troupe.
-.arly builfiing ot tne railway inmi ; Appropriation act, now penoing m ' ,1ia,e rt!reeri.,n of stir. .lo. raiifero, as.slt.tcd
I. O. Most SiO.
i :-;,r.7:,KKN,i;Kv,T;!vrKA!t.ar.vu; pnee p for an kinds. f
iw-:i b. paa-ii ..,,,r ,,..h w i .ma a ! country produce. Hides, Grain, Wool
The Los Atgeles Commd-citd cay.-:
There no longer a doubt of l!ic
This remark is obviouslv intended to
foreshadow a veto of the Legislative I
iufcymni to llci-inostllo. The Symon i the Senate, if it contain.-, w h.en it
brother;, has-, lu-t gt nt to Nc'" York t reaches him, the political cbin.-rs en
11 puTclia.e triT. and other supplies ; grafred on it by order of caucus.
a ptrfect det.o.i under the charter ! I he mesaga argues at . length the
recently recti', td from the City of j practice of including ceneral leg'sla-
La- iiucco Tcbrircco and Orchestra.
tinn in appropriation bills.
Fine IVii-ps. I.iqr and C'sg-ars
Iiu kt-pl Alv.-ay- ou hand.
T.-It; r,iitifii! Y'.iii: T.ae.io censiHiitiy nt
tinud to cuiirttuutly ai!v.!jil to the; v. ants of
'he irut t-ts.
lirt-t n'.-ht. Fr;s:tiv v no r KKK I.15ST.
-Tr. C. I.. JlcCIintock, busineLs "Work ha3 been coriimenced 'n ths
"iSCge--iue Ri'-'er IIehald. Mexican mine with a view of tup
;i :tj jriwn. lis fav.ored us with a ! plying the Miami mill with ore clur
p.ieaan: " iji t to-d.ty. Tlx IIr.l.Ai.D j ing the time the contemplated pur I
is c.-b f tr;ci be-t papers in Arizona j chasers of the mint; clcisrs tc-:i"g the ;
.ud '2. dc-Tisr roor'i ". crk for tj-.fe if- i etiudif v of the or, i
- , . i : . i
duitri' ; -.e-c..".p-.nt-.:r art; CC-'tittntnt -,-jTThc roti-jn.-.t C-.-V M.'iinl w esvarii- j
of its c::.ik. s Lcrturiiao Ii,r. ci to itr.-ocy & Ui-ait-a;.-.. r.,-1! r b,- rim-
i toerai.lrs i.i i'.u " V: :i St . nod th.:
Till-. IJr.r.A!." tf ti e c.r.'y UZiU ' Vienna J'-V. f r V-t ! th' wi.ttil.
f. tfV- ;r-ve ;-' . A;i.-r.J. IS iieatrcuicrr ..res'., Zu F.i:liCJ. ! li
JONe.-s & MATTOOX, l'roi-natore.
J. M. Lo-.-elac, tr-jcratary.
For Rent.
A FAICFTTY. on Ar.nis s're-t. rsf-cira
Kp'ii--ivr Ag-pri of t e T'OML
j M ..US.
;d free ;u y i- m.ou.
uuiiih.T drp.'.vn sir iliti -:ii.i' linto Tti
n I; V u i 1 t'i.-n t'j o'.i i a inl rt;. ni . :iri
-iro In"- nuriiVt-r :ir.'i priz rt' wii .-.ti-i iLir.
p'-cesi r-i ';ir-il n tl tii-" '2f-'J i-i.-s a!' ;
.Ir:i tvn. T It" ! - rs of 'ii-rit-T- bfat i 't s ;
p -n-ti' g- niuub'TS iii bo trutititJ -o (le priic -
M;va. j
Only 12.000 Tickets W.U be Sold.:
Wtiole Tieltets SJ.
Halves, t?3.S0.
Orders from the country solicited
Mil atilisfactioa guaranteed.
.Vp;:p fie n?'.v T::3 cf V oolsoy
j" tx it ifi
IViannoiia saioon.
a of! Our Tables are alwaj-s sup
plied with the best to
be obtained in the
Folitc Attention raid to CSueits
S C. Sai-aiu, Pitor'n
!-"v ' r,R l
i MORROW & CO. - - - Froprlctois te J &J fj
curlers, I.'M-s. ' " S I
t- j We w uM re-re.'tfu'iv ut'ti'v tji puMir tha j
T'i Ha-'k -f Ar'i .r.i wil" -- n s Tr as:rf
a- il :!! n tin.-', r. ceiveii Ir m f irk
ii!lhH n-:-:.:tcl tlit-r I ii.v i t li itiMitv n-
HiiTtrsr ta ,el.. d r..rrhan.. Aar.y, , , r. ,. tj!.. .s , a , ,
32-50 Revrard.
III ".Hi' I.- 11. Kl.ll I-.l" J" T .. VJ - - 1
5;.., .pi I uri.ttitro I .' -: r v. CaipeU. .Mi'iii.-j
s- nt in . auk
t:. a i s ot I'o
ur liy W. 1 8.
vvliii-a can l-
llnit-i on -S..U Fran. ' i", '
. t -iso : r J'ti-ra- ttoa-v ilnio.
i Fui.-r- ii' - K.Xi-os-
tn .w.Lii.nt -otis'o r- lait. not hav ; --o I oomnmii.. a-i..nn. and Make nU
,a i . i .t;.in". wt tl a I .Hi Ira i- ........ , -
ii..,, (,., ' -j.rti s in ni... iiiL' ta-.m Ii Mi. . 1 ' "" ."""" "') v-.j-ai .ur
. ! i.... Tl i't ..t I,.- . vr.... . A I'.
Himdreii n.1 'ifiy to!taw lor tlie an-o a ..f I ' " "-r- oa.i.-vu
Wm. .!.( urdv who k! k-.l JvitiU lV-Cut'-', all"""! Ir " " " . i'l" "
Evii. i
uk. A"ri! 7:h,
. Ii::Tvrs. F.
i ICa :-Mr .-ii
j al .ir.l.-r- T.i
(-jvCvi't -f r. ,-:
ie. fnatait I aj
nvni.I i.i.ir..Tiv-ii.
ur Jt-'Cati.
ilraf ii .-r pot-
i?-pe.-Tlu ly iat: y tie1 pi.'
.t b.ve op.'a-:.l a Sal' a in ila new
ritAMH B'-n.D-Nr; on ifn
Conner of Washington and
Montezuma Streets.
31. CDWABPS. l'rorctor.
K I ward liavia.' 't-ft (.
The be-t qni;'-i-y ot -.Viu.-f, T.i.iuori
C:ctar.s ahvny on liauil and 3 til at
rricos to nae the lir.-.v-j.
Free !- to s. 'ul a riM ! ' h
(; n.-iut Moi I at iii a ' til- -r-6 P i-o
; n us l oi l i- p lor . it. a to i.ial,. i.m ;r
1 :h,- nti.v. '.vh i-lt will uitivt: in u li-w oayii.
! t. re a t i-.Lut ctia: i-n rr.icEt?.
i Tin- puWc are raspa'fCy :nitcd tor.it
; ai .1 i-xaaiit. ana ;a-ivrtf t r iben .-- s. S t
r :o h rhvi-Ii f-oi': M.U.

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