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The Phoenix herald. (Phoenix, Maricopa County, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1879-1882, May 07, 1879, Image 2

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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Wn?iliiy. Mat
Boston Wants the Trade From Our
Southern Neighbor.
A History of the A. T. & S.
F. R. R.
av. n. Yuml.-rbiit is estimated to : Nothing but the Truth.
i ho worth 100.000,000. j
j An Indian scare i.s reported amony :
the settlers in eastern Oi-psmi.
reach New .Mexico, tiiu most opu-
tVc notice certain of our territorial
Exchanged truubliiit; themselves !
nliollf the case of ex-district atloniev ;
John E. Xaylor, of this county, and 1 ,l,,:s "'" "", territories. The iiu
Whose case came up at the last session ! P"i lance of the railroad business in
of the district court. It strikes us j lhis section ot the country U shown
that if our rotcmrorarhs li.nl vmi! i ' the laet, that alilio-.iirh but one
the Usne of the IIkhami of April 80.
they would know as much about the
matter as- we- eif; However, in or
Troops are to be used to keep ties. ! "1T Q-nrk
passers out. of the Indian territory. I . fcj VV kj LUX & !
And First-Class Goods.
I One hundred mid thirl y-citiht
' English mormons lately landed in
j Xew York.
A lire in Monire:., Caiiada. the
:!0th, tilt., rendered seventy l'amilies
: homeless.
I The Ilubv hill staire was stoiu-.cd
' ' B Kirs
i railroad, and th-it reeemlv, has touch- ! "ear Mm Ua (.ev.) last week ami the : E tSt
ed Arizona, live are now pointed to- ; passen-ers rel ieved ot about slOO.
ward Tucson, its principal city. Ar- Xevada has a law prohibit"::!;;
eer tiVo-a mort-stisfactorv idea of; izna and Xcw yie.-sico were once a ; opium smoMti- iuuht cnai,y oi
lbs-mutter, we connect the" various 1 part of Old Mexico, and about them i Sl-'-W or two years imprisonment,
jvents of the case, as tiiev have oc-Ul'dl flusters much of fie romance; It is tlo'nbiful whether the Wood
en rrcil from time to time and the ' '' tbat fortner clory and departed j '""" scientific expedition will sail;
farts so torn we Have been able to grandeur which Prescott has immor-! " in-to lacK ot applicants wua the ( (ynf Sfwk c
I i ni : i ! iiror- fmI !
ufAfion r int iiv -. - .,i:':.' iiii: it1" t i v j : t c i n i r , - t -
elected' I'Sat Tall to be district attorney j oncc bavin- supported a vast pop
for 'lie county of Maricopa anil I u':,,'on- -""id though the people at
filtered UDon tli5 discharge, of the ! present native lo the soil are barbar-
H,o;..a r.r n. -t t , i . oiis li-v iea ii s of Stiaiiis'i rii sei'nt i rowed money
... Liu. wi.ni; o .liltt .11 y 1 :il . j I - - -A .
Added to the regular duties of d!s. I "ml ,,a,? civilized Indians, natural
friet attorney are thoseof tax collect. ! wealth lies on every hand. The val
or. The bonds reduired as attorney j !'.vs adapted to grazing and the j 111 Kansas and Colorado in a perfect
arc 1,000 and as collector :l,0tW, j richer portions to agriculture, while j br destitute condition. There is sure
but this latter bond had not -..;' I the mountains lock up inestimable : great sutlcring anion- them un-
Has nperie h:a line stoek of first-elas synods in
store formerly occupied by M. I4.
I'eralm, opposite tin- l'Lnz;i.
Arizona Lottery
USD kk tii n iii:ec I IDX or
Governor J. C. FREFONT,
Territorial C'oni mission or.
Micnr.l. fCI.l'"ATri;.
TIam; of AT7!zhv.
1 -f .i.'ii,f?x
pp . . wi ,- , J&js r- !
The clerk of the city criminal court
of San Francisco has iibroiuled with
three or four thousand dollars bor-
(Jreat numbers of nesro refugees
iroin the Southern states are arriving
less Hkw haye speedy relief.
A religious fanatic by the name of
Freeman, recently murdered bis little
given.- On the morning of April -lth, ! wealth hi gold, silver and copper.
3lf. KnyJor, who resides some miles j The products ot Arizona mines have
out of town, came in and renorled ! been sent over the Atchison road.
that he had been robbed the prer-ccd- j being carted nine hundred miles to ! daughter in the belief that lie could
inn- mVlit nf ,, .VM 1 i reach if j bring her to life again. She was of-
2,100 of which belonged to the j For the !hro;ig!i business to China
county, beiii!r taxes col lecteil by him '. and Japan this lower route will have
and we believe this was the report 1 some advantages over the northern .ew 1 oik is to liave a gr-.at e:q
fcrred as a sacrifice. He lias been
arrested lor the crime of minder.
lim.K f.st.l,. Iron. i; T,-...., .., frim i SI I 1 Oil 111 !!. 1 lie grounds lor
snow in winter. The harbor of San j buildings have already been selected.
Diego, reached without great dill-cub j U " celebrate the one bundreth
ty from Arizona, is the best, on the j anniversary of Ihiiains formal at
California coast .south of iSa-i Fran- j U"wledgeincnt of American hide-
It. is a small lau-t-locked lake I penitence.
made to the comity on the following
fcrndfty, which was the regular day
foT settlement between the collector
ami the cuunfy.
At the session of the district coin!,
Which immediately followed, two in- ' ciseo.
flirfrtlnte n-nr fntil l.t' 15, a n-...l with :L ib'l'll. w:l f fr r-l t r ani-i- T!u-.
jury Pgainst the district attorney, I surrounding country Uns a climate of j O O iC ! L.OOSC
one for failing to ;iay oyer to lhc!cven temperature, -pronounced the
treasurer of Maricopa county money I finest on the globe. Tlus point is j
belonging to the territory of Arizona, ' :;i;5-l miles from Xmv i'oik via the g
and one for faiiinn- to nnv over to the : Atcnison roaus, win to Snn r rancisco
treasurer of Maricopa county money , is distant frojn Cew York j
belonn-in? to the county of Mai icooa. I via the Union I'acitfo cov.d. Hut the i
In the meantime, pending the i SAt advantage 1hia southern line
charges and these indictments, Mr. ' u in )iav-' m its cost and consequent
ylor had refused to act as district ! i"-rct bearing debt. While the
attorney, and the oJIice was filled by ! L 'lion and Centra! Pacific roads are
appointment (or the term of court. j bonded Tor fit mi seventy-five to
The trial came off and Mr. Xaylor ; eighty thousand dollars per mile
pleaded guilty to both indictments, ; l!ie Mexico & Southern Pacific
was fined $-r0 or :25 davs in the i v' i:l c',st- il 13 -dcu!ated, but lrom
county iail. and was dismissed from ! eighteen lo twenty-five thousand i Pkok. Jos. Calii- i:i:o
Fa m i 1 v Groceries,
"Wines and Liqiiors, j
Cilassware, Clothing, !
Hoots and Shoes, Hats, !
And (ients Furnishing Coeds. !
Agricultural Implements,
Cigars and Tobacco,
Wall Paper, Etc.
In friri!jnir with nn act of tie Tets'a'i1
AssPiTil'iy "f A riznra 'On irorv. iind the
l'ror!;i iiia'ioii Uu' (toYprnor
Issued. thcrL-iimler, ;t
Will bt? dratrn nt Vr!rti. A. T.. on Weuucs
day, June -lib, lt7l.
At the Irtirr;ni:iii f"r tlit Grand
"W"' b;iY 'ijir? of Vr 3 l-i i imst rurpfiiliv
st-I.'iHrtl .in.-ks of F.ir.cy and I.;nli-5 ( Joo.is i'i
ho'iiix. Wf w.trriiT.t tli qualitv -! our iroods
to Ik? wh:it we r.-prt'sent ilicin.
Onru inVill bo !. as l.m- s the f;ti:u
-';ts or gtuili can bt. i-urcliusfd any where in
Call aiul c';imi;n' o;ir tocU
spi; that wo ivprfscnt to viui notliin";
but t!u. l-ji-t. M. C'ASTAX KDA
i Art nf the 2.o-isnti:ro.
i Ati v.rt to jiM in Th" po!is?vi:i':i.!ii of Cimifnl
j Iloihliii-r. iMul fir tli stiprrt f I'ublitr
j .S' liools in the 'I'frrirorv of Arizona.
' IV it PTu-cfo i hy th Lv1Iative Assembly of
Arizona rlVrritry :
j Section 1. i: sh:i!l ho hnvfnl for. and ti;e
liiriit. innvrrati.I :i n t li-ri t v is herehy izmu t eil
hn- the -Tii'd nf fvt tity years. tr..n the Jt
! day et IVhrn;iry l.""'.t, 10 ti-e Arizona I'ovel
j (ii-;ii.':if 'MTnp-iny a e..ri'r;i;iiri nrr iiiizii i;in'
; exis-in-r- naii.-r ami .tv virtue f tlie laws ot
the 'IVrriM-ry ot" . rna -and it :issitftis, to
ifivf juhiio lotteries at wiiieh, or hv incut's of
which money nt:iy If hiwt'e.lly di-ijnis'd of h-el-aaee.
ntivtiiinc i" 'he l;:w-; ot tiii;. Torritrx-
lo tltt co'itrnrv i!--r iv: Thf.indi mr. 'b'.. -Ie, j
See. i The f J nvornor of tic T-ri i N ry of
Ar::'-oi:a. and his tiecesor in oti'n e, and in the
event of the al s-mm-p, riis'jMnHSeMthin or dMfh !
m' tlie (Jovernor- h' ltf.V. jM-t :1 lte is her.-hv
;ti i"-;:i:ed a ( 'onnni -ioi:er sniTintci?d the j
ur.iM :r,i or di-triimton of prizes 'r; jai.1 loiter- i
:es and each tf ti em, and certify to the -or- j
!t?ef mus thereof, e'e. etc. j
See. a Ail lotteries d-awn under the pro (
visions of this ao shall be drawn in ime j
public jtlaee to be desiirnated 1 y the ('oii!m:s- (
signer, between the hoars of rn o'clock a. m.
: nnd five clo-l; p. m.. and in a manner to be I
i approved by the ( 'ommi.-sioner. '
I Sections 4, . ami tt piovido" for the eollcefion (
! of tea percent. JMtn all pri." ;in-i te p:ty- !
nii'iit ot ilii'.:i:in; ju'o :ho c.tpitoi and scbo.
Wholesale Liquor Dealer?.
Oii'iicr of 3f ni i'!i)a ami .lcfiVrs.011 streets
Al the New Kailrollil Town of
M A r? I C 0 P A !
JOXKS & IIATTOOX, 1'ropr's.
of Tin;
Bank of Arizona,
riKKXiX, A. T.
liis oflice.
1 dollars per ln'Jc. The Mexican road j
Musical Director.
This is the Jong and the short of i Jliroiigli tiw; Sonora valley, awaitiug j Wsi. Ill: i:w stki:. Stage Manager,
the story so tar ns we know. A lo Massachu-Us legislation, has not j J. M. I.fvi:i..v r, Secretary,
"heliel's" aid "iioi.ular opinion" on i J"1'1 b(-'ru "lined. lint its lnanagcis j
this subject, it is not our province lu i !aweurcd for it valuahle privileges "'i-'" m.jiit-
ire expression to them as facts. Thev 1 'm inding an exemption from taxa- ;
Trl's.ral:ie or Cxrhansi
il-a-.vi: :n Ok- J'li ii i pa ! Cities
of ! !e i nit-il siaics mitl
'I'l-tiKi ali- of Trrritiirial 7i i'r.s
ii vv i-.
i T. Thnnns J. IVitl.-r. Tri-:iMircr of Ari.'-n;:
rrTritnry. tn-.-.'liy fr'ir-.- tfuit thf Ar;z-ni:i
: l)pv'lcini.Mit Cunniany ilrs !;ty!i!-l in
i tvy orlic.' i s :n-c..jT:tin-H in wr::inir 'l ll"' net
i 't -a lirt-li Th.- .T'...v.- is :i ( pv. i;n:l l':i-i i
j 111. ,i in inv i.Mifo a lu.n.l in ttie stcr. !' lu-i'i:r-
tli,.:!-an I '.i..lli,rs wni. li l.,.:l i,as Im-.-ii
I ; rovnl ly Th.' I !. ivt-rn-:r ;ui-l :tri A i
I t.t Hit- S'.mr.Miie dnirl i t' Ari:"!Kt Ti' '-
, l il.u y. -.iiiiil:o-i t (..r i! f'.iithjnl l-('-"i'li-:il".
il lite r1-1''''-' "I ;ir'.
j T1IOM AS .1 1-nT.Fl:.
j PlVH-ult, l-!i:M:!ri i;t:i.l..
Our connections in Kentucky, Xew York and San Francisco cnaMes im
to purchase direct from Mannlaclurirs ami Importers, ami having facilities
lo always carry a large slock, the quality of which we guarantee, we can
si ll at much lower figures than any other house in the trade and can con
fidently invite purchasers to call and examine our goods bei'ore buying cl.-e-wherc.
Have on hand a select slock of Old llouihon and live "Whiskies, Brandies
(iins, Hums, Port, Sherry, and Maderia "Wines. Champagnes, Clarets,
r.'aiitcrncs, Inpicurs, IJUtcrs, and KVKitYTiMNci apertaining to the
Cimsisl 1 1 1 -r of I.-aulr. Taicat and Wit.
have not yet been proved to he lads, lK'il lnr U n .vc:""s a,11 :l l;lIul "1:l,it ; 1 ,-'','" 'AJut,'-ei' i' h.'nv
anci u is pwnie mat vre stioum cm j oicia.-um.!. .. .o j.. , .,.
reat injustice in riving them. There ) of ,0;"1- selected from the unoc- ' ly:-rlm-u!.r.
is a good -,iit maxiin of the law ; "'I'" K" i" couiiiit. .me.
which it is always safe to stand hy, j I"d "ant now stands in the names
which is that a mail is alwavs pre- j ol Uohrrt K. Synion of Xew York,
sonieil to lw Innm-n.i nil hr hmn.1 a gentleman at present, in charne of, i'..ll.ue.t hv kkkwstkh. c.xsev ,v i.uvi-
. . .. ; . ' .... ...i . T 1 1 i.ai'k. i
.1. !-:. V
,1. M. ..
t-iliv Pl-'WTer
liiicWt-. of I.ilH-rty, - Miss Minniv !rrtvn
( 'iiu.
MKS. 11. D. JONES, the Pncitii- Ni-lilin-
rate, in tier fliiiitrel nf Sei ii-l 'imii-
-ii.t, rrtu-it asi: ot.1 v..ki: ahv.vn
' its i. ii I I..!.! sin. I siivi-r 1 1 1 ? : i. .ii. T.-rri
li'ii:'! an.l C'iii"ty llemls an-3 W
ei-ant I linn-, n i l! Cap- r. r.-.'i-i.
payalih' un ii iiiatiii. tin't.-rf.i:. ('
traus.if! a '-'i-nfral lianr.in baii:
C'lnee bnura Irani a. m. In 4 i.
lrorl;riiia:ioii orttil' tovi-ninr.
Triiiii rieiv op Ai:i:ii . )
.11. W. K A l.t:s. Ca.lii
I'xi:n in r. l'i:r'.-.. r,hruai-y -n, ihtm 3
T. .I'.liTi C. l'ri-nniiie (liivprn -r nf "In1 'I'l'rri
turv ol Ai'niat. ri 'il i---i..r'u-:'i i'miai: i-.-i.iinT
! U'c; iuii ami tn -!i:"rinn. 1 I in1 ii i-a wiiiL- nl' ionriis liirliii1
Mi; f'-.rt i.l' tin.' jMl'iiie S!-I(..ii-i t't.r.. Iiy virnif
m. of tlii' li'in-iT an ! aililniri'x- vi-srer. ia ae' iiv i
Vtj" 0 would call the att nl ion of connoissures to our very select stock
of Wines, Lienors am! Cigars, the ijUaliiy of wini h will equal anything
supplied by tirst-elas houses in San Francisco or Eastern Cities.
pee-.aily i-nUiieit 111.
TEK. ill tier Kn-
to be I!tultv. e Cio not consider it 11113 -e.ii-aii nuinnnini-. minis, ami -j Wii Uivnl-."
.1. .1., .. l. TT-. .... .-1 i -i Mr lerx-iwfiii ; AFev ie;oi hoi ti nf ' 1 !t . s i". N N I L Dlt M.W
uc iiiuj o nit; j-.i;-j.ij hi iijtui any i - ... V1,rjtl. i;a;ia(v,
one over the coals sit "diis prcsont whom will enter into a joint owner- j overture.
stage of developnitnis U the matter. ! sIlil with the Atchison j.eople. The j apt si-cdn d.
anci therefore propose to reserve our j ,l i nls "f .-rl -lnt ".v he chang- ' in:??Tin Farct'' "N:l"' tho (;",! r'"' N"
fire till the proper Moment. led by the. Government to a certain ; . . . Mrs. P,. n. .i.n
i lnw. do lii-iebv desiirnate i;s tlie place where
the tirst b ttery shad be drawn by the Arizona
! Development 'riii an v, tin Tfo-aire in trs- ;
ot a'd i rrritorv of .Anyone,
sum of money. How soon this rail- '
11 1; if.
! " : Mrs. n.-imiia.
roail will he completed cannot now ; litu. ln r,
j hp stated, hut there will he no avoid-1 j.';',,j,:r;
It is to he regretted that Arizona i able delay in its location and con- j civermre.
has no law lor the protection of fi-h ' struction. "Work will bcirin as soon i Mr. nmi
i . ' Ael. itravo
in ner rivers. Almost uailv we see : :is "1! c tiarier is .ccurcO. At tlie
. Jelllti
P.rev. -ti :- I
Prewsier j
.1. Cas.-vl
.1. M. I.i.v.-la. e j
Miss M. l'.ii.wn I
, S.IT!L'-.
great loads of finh coming into Pine- ' present time our southern neighbor '
lii.t from the Salt liver that have been with a population of nine millions,
caught hy the use of Giant powder. 1 has no connection with the stairs or
No secret is made of the fact what- 'territories, ami hut 'three hundred and
ver. The worst feature of the mat-! sixty miles of ten iloiy within her
X-er is, that not only are llsh fit for the ! (nv" territory. Sonora is a tortile ag
Tm.lrket ta.Ven, but the fry are also ' ricultural district raising a large va-
detroyed and large cpiantities of lish ' l iely of products in her warm coast,
co.nsiJc-red too SLiail to trouble with ; temperate, inland and mountainous
-arc left to decay. lrhe river has been ; districts. Portions of her soil
nicely stocked with excellent fish, but readily yield two crops a year, and
is heiDg rapidly depopulated, and a products of our Southern states
ico,Ke of j-ears more will leave that j eol ton, tobacco and sugar cane j
Hotautiful stream without a single ; dourisli here, as well as wheat, corn ; i.a.ei
ttr'-v.-st'-r in tlu-ir C'eli-iir.-'.ii'it
Miss Vl,,:-, ,,,-,- I
ns. - - .Mrs. l-u-ll Ashley I
She.rl Overture.
.'i iitei uili i: ir Willi :l Me!u Iranei i vli.leil:
-'t'!ie t'irale." wrii i en e. ; : e--! y J'.ir .Ki::rs" '
:uieties. hv in. Ilrewsler. j
lll'l I:;n. a Fisherman, - W:;!. i.i'ew.-1er
I'irare t liiet. - - - .1. i. ..,ve!aei
lf"iii:ne. - ,leni:ie Itn-w-ieri
i (mil-: t-!ieriil:in, - - .!.laev
liy lite C'einiall
nuts. ,V-e.. ir.. In-
l lie i-.til n-e J roll ;ie.
The inui-ie for this ;a t is i-.ii'ler !he i
tiale ilireeiien ol' Si;r. .Tn. c 'aii I'erii. as:
lev liiicco Tiiliraee: anil Oielu-slia. j fi
2 U U
Territorv in A
arv A. I. isr
Ciiiveiiair ar.d t
.mux c:. FUKMONT.
s ollicio Lottery (Jmiiu.i.-.-inner
isi (?- I1H..U1UI a sra1 in a"l ifrili'irvtii .i'7rii!-i. -m , "5 a T
,K Sf i anil Iiu. tin:. irhHi 111.' same :l,a!l l.n liraivn ? - "3 "S 3 VIVXT T fS Alllrri UlllACI
Vi'i. s-i r-ty liami ami t!ie -ri e;tt js-hi of the i
Jargest to?k ot Iiu- g uencral I acific Coast
ported Fowl on tlie i. Agent for Americax
rncil'ic Coast. Focltky Keep. It will
Carbolic Fovdcrs, make your liens lay-
Are., on hand. aiK prevent disease.
My Ilerhshiro. llreeders have been imported direct from England at
great cxinT.se. I will sell a limited number of choice pigs VE1JV LOW
to advertise inv stock. 1 am also breeding
iii:i-oi:k sr.xoixc, to
I' nil Cb'!
Firales, -ilierinen. T.
'L'lie first I-iUtery nmleY the forLrf:nar latv will
be tlravva at the Theatre, in Presrutt, tm
JUXE -lth, 1879,
or Foonrr. if :iH (lie tieVetr ar wtinur lii-f-cisffi
of oti wiiieh oc-a-ioii there V, le ilisrribiit-tt
TiiiKTY om; two m n-
DI;K() AM) J'iL-'TY Uul-LAli.s, hi
prizes as loilows :
Poland Ghsno. Pie:s.
Z:14 .1 Street. S I t 'ISAM i'.XTO
fish, if some means are jiot foil ml to j nd potatoes. It is the only region
check this wanton and wicked de-j iil ll'e west where anthracite coal,
struction of its tinny inhabitants, i which commands a high price in
"We say wicked because it is a dc-j California cities, can he mined. Hut
structien of food, unnecessary ruid j ''3 chief value lies in its mineral
uncalled for. The time lias bten j wealth. There are few farms in Sono
when the river would furnish and ex- 1 la l'ult l' no' show traces of ore de
cellent breakfast of lish for eveiy la-1 oiits, but the Amcricam lnachin
ble now in the vallev durins the en- i er scjcli as i.s used in the mines of
ire fishing seiistm. In short it has
contained great abundance of ii.,h.
Fine "U'sn. Lienors mul 'iy-ais ;
Will be kept Always (in lintel. j
-alltltlll otlliL' Ladles eunslrin! IV at !
-.inrteullslv alleml lo the ai:l el '
si ill
: the
l-'irsi tiirltt. Vo-iiivi'Tv ik Fl.'l-;;; I. IS"!
-IONKS A IATT(miX. rio.ie;()i
J. yi. I.m Ki.ack. Secret:irv.
In Kr.ibro'.df ries, frcm
ii HQ
eats a yard np-
Ib? r'.i i'
' One iri-. i.t
'rltr.- .rizes nl'
Tiv.i ; ri-..'S .it'
l-'.Mlr i-i-'..-s i.f
Sven J ri;.es (if
I'-ii U--Jl"i.r
Pif'y i.r:.e:,..f.
Ki!i v prizes ef
Fifty prizes i.f
(Ju-. hiindre.l J.i i.es ul.
. 1 0 (tril
... .I'lKI
..'ill ,
From stock imported direct from the M
Letters of inipiiry, inclosing stamp, clieerl'iilily answ-ered.
II. 1. 1 AN M I.l-.S. Importer ami ISreedcr, Los Angeles. C'al.
C."V""'.S:ife arrival of fowls and eggs guaranteed. f."3 (iT-tf
L-.-D e.,el, j
l.'.ll ea li !
1. 0 eaei, !
r;n !t 1
1.. . -ael, I
ili eaeh
& Sen.
t 4 mm mm -r- JL
t'apitni 11 lock. Ilici.v.
M'iiite rinues tr.im l-.1' rnisa yatd iipwaril.
ndid stuek uf l-'aaey C'.inlianis nun
wori-: uic veins. -stiti in im,o ttiere
Are there no means hy which this : were one Jhundred and forty-four
abuse can corrected until the next i mines worked in the State, though
legislature meets? Have our Hoard there were but one hundred and nine
of Supervisors no jurisdiction in the : thousand inhabitants-. At the same
matter? j time St3 productive mines wcic re-
. ported abandoned. The chief exports
Russia is on the brink of a terrible ! ef Sonora arc gold, silver, hides, pep-
J""-" I! a
Nevada, and California is needed lo ! CCQ U I S U feMlVery
' ile.-igris.
i Xvr styles oi' S'ir::iir Drctrss OooJ.s, at 1,
",'') and e--i:ts ier yard.
Tritnmiiio; Silks iron: W cenTs a y.'trd ti.
! i!:;;s.
) Satiij'les tf every do crii'iion sent on aii!i
I cation.
Uirect all letter;.,
A. GoUil
Tin: MAN'Nr.i: ok i.is ruii'.rTiox will i
I liK AS FtiLLt WS :
! Twelve thAiisund v'ips of leather nuaihered
froni one t' tweivo thoii.-and ill he jm iel y
' di'j'otsittrd i-i ii lare tiii.-s win el whielt will
j then be ci.-il and s.alet! hy the Teriitor al
,otrery 1 'onutiis?int-r. Two hnndi -d :i:id
! e;irhtv-two fiit s of leailier tuiJtihered In r.r.-
evolution. Since tb-e attemot on the
tili-of tlie Czar sosuc since the
y;n; gum, t:onr nati cigars.
"W'ifbin live years and probably j
fcpirit of reoluiiou has fcjlly demon- ' sooner, will the Atchison roads "nave
St rated, itself. And here Ituscbi's in- ' opened to trade and ?ei!e.ncnt the
trkate police and spy systt-ai litis 1 southern territories and northern
been tmought into play until linn-1 Mexico, cany. ng the tuts utiii :n.'!9i
dreds of arrests are being made daily i tries ot the civilization of to day info
and, no person iu St. Petersburg is per-1 the mountains and valieys of the
milted to be on the street, without a Sierras, once . copied with nations
ass after nine o'clock in the eve- ! thaS were ld when the American
liing. But the inore these fearful re- -colonic were young and bringing
slrictions are enforced the more ar- j forth wealth t' tiie North and to the
rests that are made and the more the tast. J!. F. tit ruin in the liosto
trouble seems to increase. Tlie ac
tual power of the Iuis.sian govern
ment and police system is now to be I A lull has passed the lower house
tested. j "1" congress and will probably
j pass in trie senate making
hilver half dollars tire scarce in
J. V. WILSON, Proprietor
24 ,J SUoet,
liiir?t. J!. F. tititint-. i)i the
Iio iu I'ioivuve.
wiiieh wiil a!,--. he eU sed ;ui.l sealed hv the
Tt'i riloi ia! Lottery L'ninmi."ri(n.i-r.
A eo?r.lllitle of seven ciii.-.et.s will Vr S"
H't:led 1;,' the tieXet ho!der to exai.iine every
S'iiLfe oi' the proeee.linirs.
P.otl; wlierls will tli.'M ho revolved in slight
of the nudienee, until their contents r.re inied
and thoroiihiy n.i:ii:led. The seals will
he broken an. 1 the wheels opened, and TV"
w:!! lie jditci'd. euo ::t eaeh wliceL and a pri'.e
and a number drawn ar -lie :nne tin:-, i he
wheels wiM t!ie he ."h-e.l and revolved. ;r-id
another number ant I prize di:i w n. and t hi
proeess repeated ii:it: i The t-J i-ri..fs ;'rr a'l
ti ra wit. Tin- S.e'deiK of titdet beat i up eorrrs
p.mdii' nuinbcr.T will he er-litled tc the j'rizes
Lxeiu.-ive A-eut or the domlsth' pa -1 Oiily 12,000 Tk-kcts Will be S-.M
1 Lit t . v 1 t l.nA.i. opiillij .-oj lea UM Ull!.
cordanee with :'e pri.es anrnu need., will be ' fl "1 7 L1 I " T
tmh'.ielv deposited iu a nti.all tias w heel, j 1 ' L 1 J
1. . Box 3-f,
The Salt Rivop Vai.'ey.
Highest price paid for all kinds of Our Tables tire aiTv'ilVS f.l')-
rntry produce, Hides, Grain, Wool
Orders from the country solicited
and satisfaction guaranteed.
Catalogues furnished free, uu application.
ITliolc Tickets f.l.
;n'tlip new litill of Yoolisr;:'
anil Hi'iilnnit Ii.
ihc filagnciia Saloon.
plied with the best to
be obtained in tlie
!"!ito , t tf nf ilii I'aid lo Uurst
8 ('. Sm.asi, Vkoi-'i:
Halves. t.,.
it:ii'fivisi, i
r-.;T."s.-r i iVK.hv Timts;i.s; to itt r.v
silbsifharj" silver coin a legal tender 1 hr .lav, k r mmitii. en t .rioum. '"ft a tii.n-mi-ii n .iiwintum with nil the leu t
Fan Francis at one per cent dis in sums of twenty dollars. Hereto- JX$Z?Z?r
COMlU ; ( iC MfaiV,-!" r:ir Ul'-V llltVC Vn ! In re it l:is hccil ll tender 'li t'lH : ' rieite and find it mora ..dvautair-ou-i than
. " Main Ftrcet -pT- site i-iind'-ni &. O . ) d'dwtf their own .shnp:ti-.
The 1?ank of Ar!:',-t-a will art us Triisnn-r,
and :ill moneys received trotn ales of rik is
will be deposited There r. awnit the (irnwiny.
Prizes will he j;iid ten duvs all r t:te irawiiij.
A U orders for indi-:s must he a eomi ;t ii I
by the. nioii'-y, which ran be sent iu rlnei:
Dn'ff.s on S;tu I-'ranei.-t-o. Vri i Ivaf fs of J ie-jo.-it
or por-tul Money Orders, or by V'tils.
faro t'o's. Express.
Aodr's a 1 communications, .md nnik- all
drafts and nii'iiev onlers p;ivahie t the order
iiitr houses, ladies, in orderine; throu-. li Mr. : of the Arizona Lottery Copinaiiy, l'rtacott,
l'.:en will receive, the trill heatdif d his exnri- 1 A- I.
j lTvin- estab'.i-hed a Pnreb;'.iv Airency,
; :r. I. Jlieii will fjive l:is jtsiiji 1 attttnion m
; all ord rs of any kind. Mich a.- litoN nnd
i Shoes, I'tirnitnr.1, 'n-rkfry , ijin pets, Miliin
! ery (roods, LI rocerie,-, te.
7einc in constant bu-.a-sp relations nnd hav-
rJeciir nTl letters containing" drafts or post
al orders. To avoid for-.' r:t. ? I.-.-tv lj ncketa
MORROW & Ct - - - Proprietors
We would respeftfutly notify the pnblic tha f
we haveopencd a Salo;n iu (he uew
fkami: iu:ilo:n(; on the
Corner of Washington and
ronlczuiiKi Streets.
The verv best qna!:tr of Wines, Ufjuors anl
Ciu""iir.s aiwny on ban 1 and so'd at
ptif es to put tl'' times.
V ltl, l'roirir(or.
G i v o
X l i'ITK. Ir. I'd wards, havimr lefr f. r
S;.n 1 'r,nit-;seo to i et a new lot of fh..i.-t
I Jen el ;-.l ! er. h;i f i e. ad 1 tie j rtsrlit s; k
tnii)''! be rohl r'n-iiii for e;ih to make rooia tuf
I he new , n iiieh wiil anivc iu a tew da .
The public ;ne r :pee1fiiMv
:ii d ek.:itntiif ai.ii t'ldire lor t:i-do-
i -o IT-.cii.x l':o-.i .M
in itnl t- call
'e!v . N-t

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