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The Phoenix herald. (Phoenix, Maricopa County, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1879-1882, July 09, 1880, Image 2

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the rnccxix herald.
Let tliem be drawn, and that
very tightly. The Herald Las
nl ways been Republican iii its sen
timents, but in the absence of party
organization, its course Las been
independent. The time ha3 now
arrived in the history of the pub
lic well-being of the Territory, both
local and general, that all the citi
zens of our little commonwealth
Miould manfully array themslres
under the banner of the political
party to which they belong. The
best interest of public purity and
progress demand party organizi
tiou. Both the Republican aud
Democratic parties should be ably
and honestly organized, and why,
for the following reasons: - In the
absence of organization any weak
irresponsible, but ambition? citizen
nmy become self nominated, and, if
he happens to have money and
local influence he may be elected
and then, throughout - his official
career, La may act with lets regard
for public interest?, being self-nominated
and elected as it were, than
ns though he were regularly nonii
iualed and elected by one of the
two parties. "What a man secures
of property or power by his own
-tforts, he thanks m other man for,
but when elevated to positions of
honor and emolument- by his
friends he must, in the nature of
things, recognize the rights and
wishes of the party and friends
having thus honored him. If b
one party in a county or the Ter
ritory 'have an organization with
nominating conventions, etc., th.i
party js most HKeiy to place in
nomination its so-called "machine-
politicians. Men are governed often
ouite as much by policy as by
principle, whereas, if the two great
parties are thoroughly organized
and ready for active work.the man
ngers of these parties know ful
ffl T . . t .
weu mar. tncy must put Icrwaru
their best and strongest men for
office, otherwise the relentless as
eaul'j of the antagonizing forces of
the opposing party would make suel
rr.Jl and public disphiy of the weak
jiOiius 01 candidates as to secure
their defeat. The more evenly di
vided are tiie torces ol the two op
posing parties in a county or State,
the more certain are we to have for
our office-holders men of character
and capacity. In States and lo
calities, where either party is bo
strong at the polls as to be abb to
elect any man placed in nomina
tion, there is danger to the public
of greater or less degree. Iu some
localities and States a nomination
is considered equivalent to an elec
tion. In cases of this kind the
candidate and his friends work only
for the nomination, and a email
body of men in a convention can
be more easily controlled and man
aged than the masses at the polls
- If we shall have regularly organ
ized parties in every town and
county, and for the Territory, we
ehall secure abler and better men
for office, consequently more econ
omy will be practised, better laws
and plans for the public good will
be devised, and more credit given
ns abroad for ability te manage our
own affairs. There are other rea
sons which might be given to en
courage organization, but the above
should be considered sufficient by
every thinking man who in any de
gree has the public interest at
- heart. The Democratic parly is
quite thoroughly organized through
cut the Territory, and have fea
lessly placed their men" in nomina
tion, to far as they hare been aM
to do so until the apportionment is
made by the Government tinder
the new census just taken. In the
matter of organisation t he Demo
crats have been courageous and
prompt, aud following this organiz
ation they have thrown down the
gauntlet to the Republicans, and
hare invited us to to enter the field
to contest for the honor of ruling
this little corner of God's creation
Let the Republicans of the Terri
tory everywhere organize them
selves into precincts, ana local
bodies, operating through commit,
tee3 and local conventions, with a
etrong Territorial organisation. Re
publicans are not cowards, nor are
they wanting in the interest de
manded of every citizen iu the pub
lic wollfare. Therefore, we say
organize, organize, and let ns dis
.citas the e haractef and qualfica
tion of ,ihe candidates for office,
and let ns also discuss the impor
tant questions of loal self-govern
ment, aud the public's betintereel
Jl hus wa are fully committed to
party organization, and shaI, .to
the best of our ability,, support.the
party nominee, looMy $nd gener
ally. .
Uarflcld au a ttoldivr.
The Democrats have opened fire on
Genet) CJnrneld' war rrortb They
know little about it or they would
not linvc made such a mistake. Did
any one ever here a soldier or a sol
dier's friend say angLt against Gar
field's courage, enterprise, or elll
ciency ns a soldier? Did General
Ro-ecrans ever speak other than
words of highest commendation of
the tireless officer who was torso
many years his chief of staff? Did
he not give him full credit for sug
gestions and plans as to importaut
There were twenty or thirty thous
and disheartened soldiers gathered
(round Thomas on the second day of
the battle at Chickanauira when Gar
field csme with the all-important in
formation that caused a new forma
tion of lines. Did any one ever hear
a single otic of those thirty thous
and soldiers say that he was not
proud of Garfield's courage, persis
tence, and pluck?
In MG2, Giddings' old district in
Ohio elected Garfield to Congress.
He told his constituents that he could
not leave the army. They replied
that they would kecptthe p'lacc open
for liinu and they did until Decem
ber, when he took his seat.
lie had just been promoted Mujor
General, and had he been after hon
ors simply he would have remained
in the army. But the soldiers and
o Hirers of the old Army of the Gum
berland and his old supporters at
home wanted hiui in Congress, and
he went. Aas there any wronsr.iu
this? The Democrats may blaze
away at Garfield's war'and Congress
record nntil they are tired, and then
the old soldiers, and men who know
all about it, .vill lise anil frive them
a volley that will make tlicro wish
they had never touched upon the
question .
The Trhnantrpef Railroad.
From '"El iTonieo Ilepublicano,''
published in the City of Mexico has
the following:
At lust the obstacles hare been re
moved. The company of the Tehiian
tepec t:iilroail, or its ajient Don
Gi-orire Tvn:r. who renrescnts it.
shows at last his plain. The trolden I
dream until now ha? enly been to
buy lands, even those li cated far
awav lrom Hie track, and without
j necessity, he pretends to appropriate
the property ot all tiie iniiaoiianis 01
the "Barranrca de Goatzacoaclos"
which is entitled now to be called a
township and with all the ample
allowances which onr own govern
ment gave them ; it is not doubted
that sooner or later these ambitions
Vankecs .vill fix their banner, and
send the p:or Mexican settlers with
their music to some other place; that !
i. il'thev do not hunt Ihem as deer j
in the same manner they did the poor
It is now six months since the
work cf the railroad commenced,
and until now very little has bceu
done, and everything badly conduct
ed. The railroad material which
they have brought is old worn out,
and they have brought new only
when they coul 1 not find old. The
laborers who had commenced to ar
rive in search of work for the mis
ernbio salary of one dollar a day,
have been sent away by order of
SenorTyng, and they have only left
on the track those contracted for,' and
whom he could not send awav.
The Kemoii.Jehn.
Buffalo Bill tells a good story
about a party of Englishmen travel
ing on the plains before the Pacific
railroad Was finished. They came
rumbling into Laramie, abusing the
driver and the coach ' and the
"blarsted country" generally, be
cause, they averred," there was "no
coaching or driving nt all outside
of , England." Their contempt of
all things Ameiicau. was shown in
the most offensive manner to all
the people standing around as they
alighted. It happened that - Bob
Scott, the finest driver and most
reckless d-ire devil ou the plair.3,
was to take the coach to the next
station, eight iui'ts westward from
Laramie, and as that gay Jehu
he.ird the remarks of the Britishers
he slowly made up his mind to give
ther.i a specimen of purely Ameri
can coaching. The stable boys led
out six colts that looked as if they
had never heard of a stage before;
they reared and snorted, plunged
and kicked until the noble Britons
were quite delighted with the an
ticipation cf a fine drive. "Now,
driver, you know, just give 'eni
aon t
cm go:
VTe learn from the Washington
Sunday- Herald that James A. ,Gar
7';rld is one of the Charter rriemlers
. rVrifalpha Lodge, Xo. 23, a mem--lieYvof
Columbia Chapter No. 1, Co
ImpUia Commandery. No. 2, and
SfcilJtUti; Lorlgp of Perfection, A. and
A. iNi-trf. These lodges 'are all iD
Wu,iivton 1. C. Also thai Chester
Ajjjrtinr ii a member of All Uie dif
jfniSi.t jtfiMMtir T.o!r!i'.'i;iu,odj'c.
-li-tfK-r mi.i C-'. 'i--.v
Northern Arizona.
The following interesting items
iibout the northern part of Arizona,
from the Democrat, will be read with
interest :
"rt iilard Kictnd.Paul Rieckerhn
just returned from the extreme north
ern portion of the County, where
they have been engaged in taking
the censu. Their district embraced
that portion of Yavapai County,
north of the Sau Francisco moun
tains, and beyond the Grand Colorado.
By reference to the map, it will be'
seen mat mere is a streicn oi l trn-
tory north ol the great river, some 7-3
miles long and 50 wide, which is in
cluded within tie boundaries of
Yavapai County. Mr. Riecker crossed
the river at l.ee s rerrv. in a small
boat, the river being unusually lush,
preventing the running of the ferry
boat. He found aboni 100 souls in
the region of country we have allud
ed to. all members of the Mormon
church, and ail enjasred in stock
raising and dairying. The country
is watered by springs, and good grass
is found everywhere. 1 he people resi
dent in that part of Yavapai have
thus far been enjoying that desirable
state of existence exemption from
taxation. No obnoxious minion of
the law, in the shape of a tax gather
er, lias vet put ju an appearance
among them.
Willard took the population be
tween the San Francisco mountains
aud tho Big Colorado. On the Moen
copy, a stream which puts into the
Little Colorado, northwest fron the
San Francisco mountains, there is a
flourishing settlement ot Mormons,
engaged in farming pud stock rais
ing. 1 hey have a woolen mill run
by water powtr, which owing to the
low stride of water, is Idle at present.
A gentleman named Tanner, has put
in a crop on the Little Colorado,
north of the mountains. The corn is
Over a foot hish, and lookmsr well.
If he succeeds, without irrigation, a
colony will settle there at once. Mr.
Itice reports the water in the Little
Colorado as being very low.
North of the Moencop-, Mr. Rice
found a Navajo Indian, who like a
patriarch of old, is rich in flocks and
herd9. He has over 18,000 sheep and
goats, aud more than 500 head of fine
The grass on the north side of the
Little Colorado the present season is
poor, and the Mormons have lost a
large number of rattle, which they
were driving to their settlements in
Apache county.
Mcfsers. Rice and Reickcr found
quite a large population scattered
through that isolated region.
their heads aud let
jou be afraid.
"Yes," says another encouragingly,
"mv good fellow, just go ahead."
liob mounted the box slowly while
a man held each horse; he withered
the reins and then said quickly: "Lt
'em go." And they did; anil the colts
kicked and reared, but- Bob's iron
grasp held them in. "With the aid
of the California breaks he held
them down to a walk for three miles,
while the passengers blasphemed at
him for a "cad" and a sneak. At the
end of that three miles they got to
the top of a hi'l, and om Briton
poked his head out of the window
and began to say something, but ns
he did a wild unearthly y:ll waked
that vicinity, and at the same time
Bob threw all six lilies down. The
coach seemed to lift from the ground,
and those six colts started at the very
best speed could make. Another yell
I from Bob and they seemed to increase
it ; then to help matters lie drew ins
revoher and began firing over the
horses heads.
"Great God," C;'ied the Britons,
"we've gotten into the bauds of a
blarsted lunatic."
"Stop, stop," they shouted, hut the
mad team and crazy driver tore on
faster and faster, while the stage went
bouncing over the rocky ro.id n
way that threuteiied to pwuud the
passengers to pieces. Bob cranei!
his neck over and yelled into the
window :
"Gtnls.I'm just getting "cm started ;
they'll do better after awhile." And
he look out the lamps and hurled
them at the leaders with a wild Com
anche v--ar whoop.
The affrighted passenger? presently
saw the station in full view; tiie
question was how was that team to
be stopped. They gave themselves
up for gone, and huuj; on despair-
inely to the seats. It .seems that the
horses were accustomed to go right
into the stables, coach and all, and
up they cniue to the open door at full
speed. There was a yell from the ns
sembled stable attendants aud tavern
loafers, then a frightful crash as the
whole top of the coach went off,
throwing three Britons out and
breaking tw arms and a leg, besides
other slighter accidents. Bob came
out of the stable smiling, picked up
an Englishmen, and says, "Never
mind, sir, will have a real nice drive
to the next station. I was obliged
to take 'em along slowly over that
there bad road. Boys, put in the
other team in a fresh coach, and give
me a couple of cocktails. It's dull
driving- so dog gone slow, and I'm
powerfully dry."
Those Englishmen waited an sent
for a doctor, but they did not put
down anything in their note books
about American driving.
At the Otber Side.
The following we clip from the
Santa Fe New Mexican:
A special car from Albuquerque
arrived at Santa Fe yesterday morn
ing at 7 :D0 o'clock, having on board
a number of officials of the .Southern
Pacific railroad. The pi-omiucat. vis
itors are Cha. F. Crocker,- ice
rresidrnt of the Southern Facific
road; George E. Gray, R. 1. Ham
mond and jaines Gamble, all of San
Francisco. The car remained at the
depot during the day while the pariy
enjoyed themselver in the city. They
left last uieht for Otero, where meet
ing of the "directors ot the road will
be held this morning.
In conversation with Mr. Chas F.
Crocker, Vice-Preiideut of the South
ern Facific railroad, who was iu the
city yesterday, a reporter of the Xew
Mexican was informed that the work
of extending that road eastward was
advancing-very favorably. The end
of the road is now about "0 miles
from El Paso, which point will be
reached it is expected by the first of
Januarv. Mr. Crocker thinks that
if the work on the Atchison, Topeka
and Santa Fe road is pushed as rapid
ly as that on Ihe Southern Pacific a
juccttion of the two lines will be
made a short distance west of El Paso
bv the first of the j'ear. Two miles a
dav is what the workmen are accom
plishing ou the Southern Tacilic.
The ladies' brass band of Albany,
Or., is composed of twelve members,
the foremost young ladies in the city
in social standing aud intelligence.
The inlruuiKJiU used bf thi. Uiiid
cost 350.
It is a peculiarly constituted party
which send Rebel Brigadiers to
Congress because of their rebellion,
and which nominates a Fnion Gen
eral as its candidate for President of
the United State? because of his
loyalty. Chicago Times.
O. P. KecKRT.
II. W. livncn.
Mr. II. L. Brew ol'San Bernardino
has received a letter from C. F.
Smurr, Freight agent of the S. P. R.
It., from which the Index is iermitted
to make the following extracts as to
rates of freight "which wc have no
doubt will be valuable information
to our readers :
Hay, in carload of 20,000 pounds
or less, trom Colton to Yuma, Mari
copa ana casa Grande, ?i0.Q0.
Ssmc to Tucson, " ' $100.00,
Pantano, (ctd of the R. R.) " $110.00.
Barley, in onloads of 20.000 It.s
under, from Colton to Yiinia,$100.00.
Colton to Maricopa, " " ljlOO.00.
' Casa Crande, " 136.00.
" Tucson. " " f 200.00
" Panlano, " " 230.0O.
F-ttllmalts made aud Cnaruntecu
Hhop south side of rirtza, Plio-cix.
Corner Outer & Washinston
(Diagonally opposite ltontofiicc.)
anl PORK and ait mt-at vived :is rtuuir-d I
Delivered to any iart of tUe city fre of I
EALEZ & KELLY. Phoenix.
Arizona's Indebtedness,
The Miner learn from the Terri
torial Treasurer the bomled indebt-
euness oi Arizona is f 110,000, as
follows :
Old Prison Bonds of 1875 25,000
Phoenix and Globe Citv,
ii t. Wagon Road 10,000
Svw t'nson Bonds 30,000
Gillett ami Tiger Road 20,000
Tucson and Globe 10,000
Florence and Globe 10,000
Agua Una and Verde 10,000
Total Bends $113,000
the flouting debt or outstanding
General f und Warrants to date
aggregates 79.37G
The notorious eoamj. Marouez
spent two days in Florence last week
incognito. He was accompanied by
tnree or ionr ot nis body guard.
Thpy came frons Tucson on horse
back, and seld their horses, except
me uenerars own secauserlialus.
which was sent to Tucson. The whole
possy then cut out for Casa Grande,
en route for California. Thev had
considerable gold and bundles of
greenbacks. Marouez avoided obser
vation and his men simply denied
knowing whom he was; but said he
was some old "cabron thev had
picked up on the road. He is follow
ed from Sonora by men who are after
tht property he has stolen and sold
in his flight Pinal Drill.
An attempt was made by an Indian
ast week to commit a rape on a
voung lady livinsr on Warm Creek.
The name of the young lady is with
held, blie was picking strawberries
near the house, in company with her
sister, when the young Indian at
tempted to outrage her- Beinir verv
strong, the young lady repelled him,
and the father appearing upon the
scene the Indian ran away. Several
Indians have been arrested, but the
young lady has failed to identify any
as her assailant. San Bernardino
Gran Total $194,376
these bonus and warrants, alike.
beir 10 per cent or $19,437.60
a year lor interest alone. The war
rants now outstanding bear date all
the way irom July, 1878, to the pre
sent time, a majority having been is
sued in the Spring of 1879, at the
close of the Legislature.
Warrants on the School Fund are
not drawn until the money is in the
Treasury to meet them, consequently
there are no warrants outstanding,
except those on the General Fund.
Ssws Xoten.
The total population of the town
of San Bernardino is 2000, subject to
some corrections, which may add to
or take from that number a'iew per
A new stage line is to be started
between Tucson and Globe City by
Messrs. Kerens Ac Griffith. It is to
ruu daily Sundays excepted.
The Grand Lodse of Colored 31a-
sons of the State of California has
just closed its session in San Fran
cisco, it reports 13 chartered Lodges
under its jurisdiction. Their next
session is to be held in Sacramento.
James G. Blaine will make several
political speeches in California this
There are PS Masonic Lodees in
Washington Territory, representing
somellnng over 1,000 members. St.
John's of Seattle being the largest,
naving ou memoers.
For the first time in the history of
Aioany, ur, iree sonoois mere is no
delinquent school tax-every cent
having been collected.
A train loaded with 30.000 Dounds
of copper has arrived in Silver City
XT 1 I f . . . -
.u'r .Mexico, irom Arizona.
Southwest Corner of Tlaza.
liletod liia new Gallerv. U i.ov pre
purrd to execute all work in hits Hue in the
tc?t erne and at reasonable rat'.
A complete assortment of AltTZONA
SCENERY alvsvB on hand.
A full lino of P'irtnre FrameB ami Monltl
lEg. Chromod. Stereoscopes and Albums
on nana.
Pictures framed to order.
fci. 1J. ItOTUP.OCK.
R. E. Farrlngtcn & Co.,
Dealers in
General Merchandise,
Jla'-inp completed flrrangompntfl to r--operate
with Smu: Frnucisco part wo nre
now prepa -n! to hnndic and dispose of at
Gold, Silver and Copper
Ores hv car load, or m Fmsll lot. Thnp
CijiitemplatiiiK t-hippiug will rind litotlictr
interest to communicate with u.
R. E. FarrixCtTON fc Co.
Carrlflee Painting: a Speclalty
A orders attended to wiJn neatness and
Shop Montezuma MrM-t. two doors north
of -Magnolia saloon.
Having jmrehf-Fert tin1 above nnmrtl hotel,
in tht. town t VVickebiiifT, ami rclitleii in a
biibstuutinl manner. 1 am irei'iirou to re
ceive lay friends.
The pntrom.cre of the traveling:
public is respectfully s-oliritril. Tiie
t.-ible supplifil willi the lu-st the
mnrlict aii'ortls and satisfaction guaranteed.
T. W. Mcintosh,
Is the place to get the
Best & Cheapest
Country Produce
fV IlicUs V 'o.. IrcUral Honk Btudeife
Jy, and Plank itook Maniii'iu: urors. .o.
5-13 Clay street, near Aioni-oiufry. San
rrnnoivco. Hl.mik liuoks ruled, p; in ted am!
njund to order. (-m
B.'ack Canyon Road.
Complete accommodations
lor travelers,
Fine Winep, I.iqnore and Cinr., on hand.
Hay cud dlrnin for Male.
mlTSiri OTTO EOLIX, fro.
The nndernig-ncd has Jnst received a large
aud complete r-snort incut of
BLIM1H, and
W hich are of a better quality and will be
eoid cheaper than at tu
SaHh .Factory in Presrott.
Al! order? promptly attended to. Adams
street, one-half bkx-k north of the Herald .
cl:c. it. 1. t Ol'l.l.A.Vll.
! Geo. Lovst.
Sam'l D. Louxt.
Slauufacturers ot
Phoenix, A. T,
Now Saw Mill.
GE0.W. CURTIS, Proprietor.
Two and Giie-hclf miles south
Fresco U.
Merchantable, Clear,
Surfaced and
Rustic Lumber,
Matched Flooring,
Casings, Mouldings,
Panelings and Shingles
Having now completed, and in full
operation, my ver &ixr Mill,
I am prepared to fill or
ders for
In short, everything in my
line for the construc
tion of
First class Buildings.
Cabli on Hellvery
All orders sent by mail,
or through the merchants
prompt attention.
Geo. "VT. Curtis.
Capital Uloek, Plicuix.
The Salt River Valley.
Our Tables are always sup
plied with the best to
be obtained in the
Pollt Attenticu Paid to One!
C. Salari, riior'n
Clipper KIM.
li m be r
Freseott, - - Arizona.
vf J. It Wiley, have rt -fifed tiie
.bore mill with neu r-ftir aud iMM:hiuery.
and .re uow In-ltr prepared tUiiu ever to fnra
.11 k'ndl of
Merchantable. Clear. lenrinjr, us
tic atml Siirtiiced, 3Iatchtl
.Floori!!!:, Beveled
I. itH, Shingles,
Sash, Doors, Moultliujrs,
Gel our prices before purchasibff elaewbere
Office evrtser Cortex anu -Jitdwiu street.
1. U. I'AUKDit.
Bank of Arizona,
I herald;
A WEKK in vonr own town
flnti no capital rii-kod. Vu can
2iA e the business a trial w iibout
expense. Tho Wt opporUiiiitv
ve"olItri!for those wiilin;r to uoik. Yuu
should try nothing rise until jou se fur
yoiirsellw hat you tan do at th business we
blfi'rvou. No rom to explain here. Von
ciiii devote all our tiie or 4;ny 3 utir spare
lime (o the buine?s. snd in;ike r"3i pi
or every mour that yon work. W-nirn
riialte . much money as men. So mi !'.
?ecial priva'e term nnd iiarticularg. which
we mail tit. $3 Omtit tree. lon't coiu
lihiiit uf linrd tildes vthile vtm have pat ac
chance. Address ii HALLE'IT & CO
forilnuU. Maiue
fcS SSo. "
Maricopn, - , . Arizona.
All frclfcht connlcmed to our care will be
rromptiv forwarded to any part ol tne
We are rrrr4 te bandl fat reif h arte"
aecrv macaiaerv on tn&rl so-.ice.
Livery Stable,
Mr. G. II. Oury baa been nominat
ed as the Democratic candidate for
Coujrress in Arizona, Mr. Ourv has
he ui up for office for many 3-eare.
nd we believe has always been de
feated. His present experiment will
probably be a repetition of that of
former years aud' Judjre De Forest
Porter wiii fret away -n ith the prize.
mote it tic Los Anze'cs C-'tH- ! mem, and llicir avcrairo ace Trasil
A reunion of old ladies was recent.
ly held in Pelaluma. The oldest ladv
present was 88 years old; the young
est 60 years. There were eiffhtecn t-f
years iiud 8 mnnth
Washington atreet west of the postoffice.
After this date, I will feed
stock. 20 per cent, cheap
er than the prices hereto
fore known in Phoenix.
A large corral, 300x150
connected, with shade
room lor 1UU head of
Will Deliver ICE to ANY PART
of the City at tiie following
10B and Over Per Day,
5 Cts. a pound.
Under 10 Pounds per Day,
6 Cts. a pound.
rplhe Leading Hotel of San Francisco anp
m. iae uiusi. eieennny uiipuiutcu uuiei iu
the orld, over $:i..00,u00 haing been ex-
penaea ov air. uaiawin in us coneirncnon
and fumihin. Headquarters array and
nuvy. Spt ci ccommodationu for families
and large parties. Prices the name as at
other firs- lass hote.a, 3 to $5 per day.
especial coi iracr? win dc maoc 101 perma
nent boare'er. The hotel coaches and car-
riarzes in waiting at all boats and railway
denote. Kooms can bo reserred before
arrival by .elepraphinir the BHluwin.
AGENTS ! -250
Low prici d and fast sclllDg books, Testa
ments and Httivn. are iuum couiuit it lv rtu-
renentcd in our new Grand Combinution
ProipcctiiH Cook, by sample papes. binding
liiuturations, eic. fopniar worKu oi every
kind, and sure Hucce8 for Canvassers. All i
actually wish in e rmplovment, address for J
terms Scaxxel & Co. St. Louis, 3io.
aprl9 6m
grjggggjM Is a never failiugf
iSII-sr Dcbility.Kxhauts
'0.-lva fcii r-1 Weakness.
It tC iKrsTTr &prmatorr coca,
Wr-TS host Manhood,
jrTLrr aiysis. and ail tne
ttBSSla terrible effects of
L &elf-abur!e, yonth-
''1&&35r7&2 il f"l follies, and ex
hjSS i a r cesses in mature-
Tears sucft as loss or memory, lassitude.
Nocturnal Emifslon, aversion to society.
DimncHs of vision, ninaes in the head, the
vital fluid parsing nuobsered in the urine,
and many other tiie cut es that lead to insan
ity and death.
Dr. Mintle will asrree to forfeit'Five Hund
red Dollars for a case of this kind the Vital
Restorative under his special advice and
treatment) will not cure, or for anvthintr
impure or injurious touna in iu ur. jimtie
treats all private Diseases successfully
wiinout merenrv. L-oiiHunaiiun iree. a
thorouirh examination and advice, includin
analvsis of urine. S3. Price of Vital Hetor-
ative. S3 a bottle, or four times the quant
ty, $10; sent to any address npon receipt of
price, or u. . v. .secure irom ouservaiiop,
and in private r.nme. If desired by A. E
Miutie, 5f, D., No II Kearny street San
Francisco Cal.
Ir 31intie kttn"ct kfmedt Mrrnismr
ci'M. cures all kinds or Kidney and bladder
Complaints, Gonorrhoea, Gleet, Lencorrhtea
For sale vy all drucrsists: SI a bottle, six
boltlcs, Sa.
Dr. aiintle'a Datvdkxjox Pn.i.s are th
best and cheapest 1'yspepsla and Bihone in
tiie n.arkel. xor fcaje ty uli dniginsts.
W. A. Rowe &. Co
Wholesale axb "Retail Dk ai.kus is
General Merchandise.
The attention of Imyors
and consumers are call
ed to our two fine
stores at the
Everj-thing needed by
Miners and
Mill and Mining
a specialty,
V. A. ROWE & CO.
New Store !
a 13
PJcw Goods
Gillette, Yavapai county
Iu the store formcm-orT-npioj fcrc P lloml
rpi unilrrsinrd lias opened
mi aiiu ntw ontTUit' 10
And to tiie pulilic in general,
new and complete.
Iu style and qnality to meet their wants,
couM nig iu pari oi
Dry Good, Groceries. Hardware, Clothlnjr.
Bout end fchoes, Miuinr tools, etc. eic
At the luweft cash prices,
oit vsl in any qnnuti'.Tr,
fpTareful atti-ntion ivcn to forwarding
all ktr.dti of mrfc-Uandise, macliinrry etc..
to any part of lire surrounding camps and
towns, l.Ivr me a rrim.
'ri-l-rriMf ar Ktbt tlr)wl
Vraa on Ihr l'rlatirl I ltr
tlr rni:'JMua4
n.i. prrm.r .b
i -iht t' h.m. r t-.;-r
The Leading Paper
.7.V.S.7 j: h's.
AVIV. Sm.,u- W
KOlH.. fc. K rt.. .va :
pryprtl !u u-"L.
n.'-ralK. fivt uu.-i 4.1 ,cah...tw4
Quan litativo or QuftKutie
-,ai l,ia
Will eitct h
i r tic fr
. 'oliMT
; L.-.-..I ;y "
i ii'M. Sier a:. J t.ryrr
Speiat ttru ij nnl h
Southern Arizona
Tip-Top Hotel.
Vy Lot. l I krr in trf r'.- :t.. (jn
j iron-,
j CinBtrt rw tir'm!Mrd iu me 1 err-w. .
c. . ciicri-
Will devote its columns
to furthering the interests;
of Phoenix and Maricopa j
county and the southern j
porion of Arizona, it is
the intention of the pub-
lishera to make the
John Taylor & Co
Xos. lis and 1.20 Market St.,
and 15 and 17 California St.,
Sun FranciBco, Cal.
Mine and Mill supplies and Chem
icals. Fine Assaj Balances,
Blow-pipe App ratus.
Prices will be mnde low. at dnone but the
bet quality of poods furnished. Uur atrnay
tables (4thedi.iuu w ill be furnished free vi
E- T- Lowell.
X work In the !k1ie Iac prca..!;y
SO. 37 Ul iT TKKIT,
Han i'raiieiiax. Cmt.
t work rial !) i h f pwmm i h-m r
n all
Wti-rk oi the b.-
a newspaper of the day
complete in all its details
and in every department
Iff SIZ"-
Corral room free of
A force
pump on the
MT-JSJC3ir.af REK THK place.
The Plaza Stable
Having at all times tba
Accommodations for Horses,
Of nnv In oi-thent Arizona. The tinder-
piirnen deKire? to thank liis euftomeni for
! their former patronage, and ruqncet! a con
tinuaiirK. as well at to invite ail others to
' give bim a call.
! J. T. SnVLL,
n,t side Tluza, rrcscolf, A. T, mil .
"Wa manufaetJir'e the FIXEST
BEER in the Territorv, tihich we
olier for sale by the Keg, Gallon.
luart or .Bottle. e make
We bare 00 of the Largest Refrigerator,
liuportd from St. Louis, at preat expeneo,
to enable ns to keep the Beer iu the Saloon
Cool on draught.
Luke & THALirciiixi;.
A MONTH troaranteed. 1
a dar made at horuc by the in
dnptrious. Capital nutreouir
ea: we win fciari you. juen
women, boys and eirls make money raster al
worK lor ns man at anyininr eisc. ine
work is li"ht and pleasant, and such as any
one can go right at. Those who are wise
who see this, notice will send cs their ad
dresses at onct and sea for themselves
Costly outfit and terms free. Sow is the
ime. Those already at work are laying up
arce sums ot money, aaurciis.
TUU & CO.. Aueusta. Maine.
The Editorial columns
will discuss all live topics
of the day, and its local
columns will contain a
complete resume of all lo
cal happenings, and all
matters of home interest
O. J. Thibodo, M. D.,
Druggist & Apothecary.
Also Dealer in......
West of the Post Office,
tS Please swnd for Circkir aa ti
BKKKY all .'-.
leel kia ix. xiKik
Opposite tiie Court Hot:?,
Jfext to Crow a and 'trv;a Sai
Meals at AH Hours of the raj tr
cusloitl OI Hit- uUw.
New Departure I
Wm. Sturenburg,
Work done iu tiie latest fash
ion aud at moderate prices.
At ell hour.
tTCall and sec for yourselves.
V ashintou itrcc-t. f'. Irrne'c
T 7 B.--.T
rfavini? iStst rcccivesl a
asortiuT.-Lii of
Coneistin;- of liUUIAL CASCA.
ot varioas styles and sizr, J
faucy, also Sx-i-ty
A!l of wLat-i I -will -! al tt-cy
The IIERALD will con
tain the latest news occur
ring in the towns and cities J
of Arizona
merit of
Windows,. Doors.
ilimLr Mouldings
C'aiiforni Lutulvr.
luce ( f Iiines. W'?l.tp?.
o; ;o.c ti.ir.?urr !l xr, I S - ; . v
Arizci Terri

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