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The Phoenix herald. (Phoenix, Maricopa County, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1879-1882, December 03, 1880, Image 1

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VOL. 6. o.l7
-WHOLE Xo. 472.
What it Costs to Raise it
in FfTississippi.
A Few Facts f.r our Fa-msrs
to Peruse.
The South, a journal devoted to
vnitlu-rn interest, hs iae ioiiowir-s
relation to cotton culiure that will
prove interesting to the furaieri of
Ibis valley:
-Our able and nlcrt contemporary,
the Wilmington Siar, makes noic
and remark upon 'some extraordi
nary figures' Uy our enterprising
neighbor, 'Cotton,' concei uhttj the
cost of raisin:; the gtcal staple in
South Carolina. Mr. A. P. Ford, of
Barntiurg, writes, "that prior to 133.3
the :ircriiC yield of cotton to M;e
-ica- in that fate was i-io pounds
lir.t, while now it is 2'JO pounds; and
the cos-l of procuclioii, which was
formerly eight ar.d nucha: I cents per
pound, has" been reduced to five and
three fourth cents per pounds. "
fan these figures be trusted? asks
the Star, adding, "we would be glad
to kn r.v that oar sister State haJ im
proved so much in her finnini in
terests." Customary readers of The
Si u.h will renicnil er that we iiavj
morf than once demonstrated that
cotton could be successfully raised
for less than tUht cents. How
much less now, and at all lime;,
in fact, depends upon the cultivation
and cost of gelling it to market, and
the improvements in its munut.-icture.
Cotton manufactured in the cotton
fields, that is, in the South, where
it is raised, dies away with most of
the cost of .ceiling to market, adds at
least a bundled iold to the profits of
the crop, and thus, practically, goe?
far to cheapen the cost of producing
the raw material. The future king
ship of cotton will depend as- much
upon ihe conditions of its manufac
ture as upon the nvv.Ies of its pro
duction and finally, upon the elim
ination of more than half ihe expense
of its transportation to market from
Ihe cost of its production. I
O r cotton contemporary say?,
further, thai sonic of the Southern
papers have expressed sur. rise at the
estimate made by a correspondent of
Bn'dslrcet's that it costs 54,000,000
to pica the cotton crop; but, as that
estimate it mud a oa the basis of City
cents per 103 pounds for picking, ai.d
-as fully eighty cents is the prevailing
ril e in T-i:i, Ttiisie' a? biuii-i.E f ! 25
has Ik-cu paid tl.i-. year, it is prob
able that $.:0,00;,000 would better
represent the cost of picking out the
his amount prohably $30,OCO:t0O is
aaid to colored men.
The tjosloa Commercial Balletiu
rron. which was prepared by ?.Ir. W
8. Lovell, tins figur.-s rcferriiii t his
Palmyra plaula'ion in Warren ct.UD
ty, Miss., and the season being tlia.
of 1879-80. In the expense is in
cluded rent of land at 4.50 an acre,
but no account is taken of seed. Xo
fertilizers were used. The aggregate
yield oa 2.50 acres was 23-1 bales,
weighing 15S.000 pounds, and the
cost per pound was six and seven
teen-twentieths cents, while the cot
ton sold for nine and three-quarter
csnts n ft. oi course uie season m
I3"9-0 was an exceptionally favora
ble one. and it would hardly be fair
t3 calcul I'e upon a stead;,' increase
of acreage f roin ye.-r to year, based
upon these figures alone.
The latest 111 lug lu dancing is
called "racquet," and is neither a
waltz nor a polka, although the best
parts of both are preserved. The
music starts up wi Ii a crash, as
though a new volcano had broken
out, and the girl will cling tightly as
though frightened, it she understand-,
the dance, and the young man
will reassure her by a gentle pressure
if he understanus the dance or knows
anything at all. At the second crash
they dodge as though some one had
thrown a blacksmith shop at them,
and they start in. They begin by
imitating the struggle for life, repre
senting a person who is drowning,
but at each crash of the cymbals and
bass-drum tliev dodge and scoot to
one side, then dart back again, jam
each other sideways, and then as the
crashes of music become more ler
,ifi; and deafening, they try to drive
each other through the floor by
main strength, get desperate and
claw and tear and pull, and all at
once tlicy go raving mad vith hydra
phobia and dclcrium tremens, and
gnash llietr teeth and rave and suffer
the most terrilde agony and all is
over. It is a short dance as the de
sign is amusement and not rr.urder.
But, bhort as it is, it is said to be
very sweet. N. Y. Sun.
In the last decade the population
of Arizona has increased more than
403 per cent. Xo other state or ter
ritory west of the RocKy mountains
can show equal figures. It is only
in the last few years of the decade
that this increase of population has
ffr.iirrorl most of it. in fart in the
last two. If the increase goes on in
the same ratio, the next Presidential
t election ousrht to find us enjoying all
tiw. ricrhia and nri vi ieirr-s of Ameri-
cao citizens- In the near future, it
is from the territories that the weight
of the precious metals must come;
and it is all important that they
should assume the status of States,
w quickly, so that their voice and in
fluence may be felt in the National
conncils, and the important interests
"thfy arc developing get the care and
nurture they arc entitled to. 'iilvcr
Regular meeting of the Knighu
of Fythias this evening, All mem
bers respectfully requested to attend.
J. S. T5. Scovili, Morris, Ills., says:
Wliuti your "Only L'.mg Pad"'
came to hand, my son could not raise
his head, he is now up and gaining
every any. Hcj Ado.
Theo. F. Tracy, Money Order De
partment, and Special Agent K. B.
McGaughey, P. O. I) , arrived on
yesterday evc-uing'3 sta u from Mar-
i copa.
Uosenth.il is doing a ruthing busi
ness and no wonder, as his stock is
very large and complete, and a cus
tomer is hard to suit that can't be
pleased here.
A iafil- of
til $2 each
for n To;d mounted cane and a mili
tary field glass will come oil at Coi
onjl Jack Walters' saloon on Christ
mas eve. The proceeds will be ex
pended in putting a loof on the new
Catholic church in this city. The
object is a laudibie one and should
be patronized liberally.
Whenever the Yavapai people con
clude to stop their mining Ihigation
and get down to the work of devel
opment, th!3 may we look for re
sults that will cause a boom and a
rudi of people in that direction that
v.ili be surprising io the old K.isa
3'amptr. We h ive great faith in the
mines of the Bradshaw Mountains.
Messrs.. Gosper & McCiintock re
ceived yesterduy, a letter from
one of the principal owners in the
Gold liili Consolidated Mg. Co., who
is living near Philadelphia. There
was also inclosed a sworn statement
cf Ihe representations of the man
agers of tlie company and also uuoney
f jr legal expenses. Hon. A. C. Baker
is the attorney for the Eastern stock
holders. The public have always bocn lack
ing confidence in Pawnbrokers' shops
from the fact that they were hsre to
day and away to-morrow, they hav
ing no regard fcr the patronage of
their customers, merely trying to !
take arivantaire whenever th'-y could.
Wc must note one exception in Cali
fornia however, and that is the estab
lishments of Uncle Harris, the cele
brated pioneer. No. 221 Kearny St.,
west side, between Bush and Sutter,
and the old stand, No. 'lOi Kearny
Street, between Ciay and Merchant,
Sau Franciscc.
J. M. Gregory has requested us to
make mention of tbe Sonoma and
Marin Mutual Beneficial Association
of It:!u;na, California, a society
of which he has been a member for
some 3'ears, the object being to se
cure to the families or fiiends of
deceased members pecuniary aid.
Any perron from 13 to 50 j'ears of
age is eligible to membership.
The charges are reasonable. The
Association publishes a paper, a eopy
of which can be obtained of Mr.
Gregory, who will also
nish alt information.
uiy fur-
The San Frsncisco "'Call" one of
the best newspapers m the United
States publishes iu its issue of No
vember CO, a full page map of the
railroads of the southwestern pirt cf
lie United States. It shows the
route of the Southern Pacific from
San Francisco to New Orleans, the
the Texas Pacific to El Paso, the
A. T. fc S. F. from Topeka to Guay
mas, the Atlantic and Pacific from
Albuquerque through Northern Ari
zona and the C. P. ii. R. its entire
distance. Send five cents :n stamps
and have the piper of that date
mailed to you.
Andrew Port and A. Decker, two
representative men of Tenipe, nre iu
town to-day. From these gentlemen
we learn that their valley, which by
the way is one of the loveliest any
where, is slowly filling up, and water
rights are held as high as 500 per
share and farms corresponding,
which makes it necessary for settlors
to be possessed of means. Those at
present settling theie are cf a fery
substantial class. Most of the farm
ers are doing Well. Mr. Post com
mencing a strictly ca-.li business
some months ago which he has
found to w;rk satisfactorily. More
acreage has been put in than ever
before and a month earlier. We are
much pleased to note their prospci
ity. It will probably be oaly a short
time before we shall witness the
completion- of the new Catholic
church in our town, as the work
goes on steadily, and the roof will
soon be raised oa the bail. ling. As
money is much neetled for the work,
a raille will lake place at the saloon
of Mr. P. L. Walters, on Christmas
Eve, to aid the above object, A gen
tleman of Phoenix who tcok active
part in the late civil war, has do
nated a magnificent field glass which
was li is constant companion on the
battle-field, and is very highly prized
iiil onl3' for its excellence and pow
er, but also for its historic recollec
tions. To this, another gentleman
has added the gift of & very hand
some ebony cane, with massive en
graved head of gold, forming a most
elegant article of workmanship.
These articles are now on exhibition
at Mr. Walters' saloon, and with
their own merit, and the good object
to be aided by th3 risfile will doubt
less attract widespread interest. A
Christmas is near at hand and here
is an excellent opportunity of secur
ing, for very liltle expense, two ar
ticles which will form most elegant
and appropriate Christmas presents.
The low rate at which the tickets are
placed will insure their disposal very
q ickly, and we hope that a hand
somj sum will le realized ia aid of
the new hurch.
The Xcxt Lesialutarc:
The following are the members of
the next Legislature:
Council II. Rollins, E. II. Here
ford, li. A. Fickas, W. 11. Meade.G'eo.
R. Steven?.
House. -E. B. G: fiord. .M.S. Say.
der, John llaynes, M. R. Lurty, II.
W. Woods, J. K. Rogers, V,". G. Sam-
aniego, John Roman, John JlcCaif.
erty, Thomas Dunbar, K. II- Smith.
Council Mu rat Masterson.
House G. E. Brown, R. B. Stead
man aud Louis. Wollcnberg.
Council W. II. Hardy.
House D. Souihwick.
final coun rr.
Council J. W. Anderson.
House David Robb, A. J. Doran.
Council A. C. Baker, R. S.
Ho ise X. Sharp, P. J. Bolaa and
J. MeCurmac.
Council G. R. York, Jerome Bar
ton. House Sol B.irth.
Council- J. F. Kaapp, G. W.
House John W. Dorringlon. -
January 1st is the day set for the
opening of the second trans-couti-
neutal railroad. The Sotuhern Pa
cific has reached Florida Point, New
Meiico, the place of joining, and is
pushing forward to E! Pao, which
it expects to -.-each l.y Christinas. At
Fori Thorn, ia Southern New Mex
ico, the A. T. and S. F. divides, one
branch going south-easterly to EI
Paso, and the other south-westcriy
lo Guaymas, crossing the S. P. R. It.
at F.oriJa Point. This latter v.iil
constitute the connecting link for
overland travel.
A solid-looking old man with broad
feet and tiiick fingers, yesterday en
tered a jewelry stoic on the Bowery
to buy some little memento of his
visit to the big city. When he had
unbuttoned his overcoat and removed
his mittens he said:
" I guess I'll buy sunlhin' for the
old woman. She don't go much on
gew-gaws, but I partly promised to
buy her a set of jewelry. Let n:e see
suuthiii' fcr about twenty dollars.
Tile jeweler exh ibited several sets,
and after pawing them over, " heft
ing " the weight and breathing on
the:!-., l'). iti.iiigcr 3 lid:
"Twenty dollars is an awful pike
"Why, I've worked many a month
lor less'n that." I don't l.eliive the
old woman has got the right com
plexion to matc h 'em. Show me sun
thin' for fifteen. "
Several sots at this price were
passed out, and after a long inspec
tion tlie farmer said:
" That's a heap of money to lay
cut iu gew-giws just as winter is
coming on. I don't believe I can go
over ten dollars. "
Tha third 'ot w; s passed out. He
had a!a;ost made up hi mind to
make a certain set, v. hen he suddenly
remarked :
"Lands alive! Button dollars is
the price of tv.o calves, and they
wouldn't match the oid woman's
hair, either!"
He was shown some sets at five,
gome at three, and finally some at a
dollar. The latter figure hit him
hard and he was feeiing for his
wallet, when he asked :
"Are they solid goidv"
He was answered that he could not
cjpect solid r.dd jewelry at that
price, when he said :
" Well, I guess I won't buy any
thing of the sort. It would onlj be
an inducement for robbers to break
in, and like enough old woman would
become vain und lazy. I don't know
much about buying such fixings,
an3"way. and I guess, seeing as they'll
all expect me to bring sunlhin,' and
seeing that it might ns well be some
artiole that we can ail enjoy together,
I'll lock around for a choppjn-kniie.
We're been using kh olri chisel to
chop our meat with for the last five
ye irs, and sunlhin' costing about
two shillings, and right from the
city, wi'l keep the whole family
toned up for a moa th !'" Wall Street
Daily News.
The World's St. Louis special says:
It is announced here on good an
thority that the control of the Mis
souri, Kansas and Texas Rnilway
Company is to pass into the hands of
the Missouri Pacific Company. The
slcan extcntion of this company
was put under contract from Fort
Worth to Laredo on tiie Mexican
border, a distance of 330 miles The
line over this distance is to be a first
class line of the standard gauge, and
to be laid with steel rails. The entire
charge of the construction has been
confinded to A. A. Talmagc, of this
ci'y, now tlie General Manager of
the Missouri Pacific Railway.
George Kennedy was lately stabbed
in Boise City by Jira...y Gates, and
will die.
The hoisting works of the Wall is'
C'onjoldated Mg. Co., it Eureka,
Nev., was lately destroyed by fire.
Loss. $10,000. Partly insured.
The baggage car of the night cx
p; ess on the Texas Pacific Railroad
was burned lately near Sulphur,
Tcsas, with nine pieces of baggage
and fifty sacks of mail. The loss is
about 20,000.
The officers and Directors of the
Chicago, Texas and Mexican Rail
road have perfected- arrangements
for the rapid construction of the road.
The new fast mail train between
Boston and New Orleans placed the
New York morning newspapers on
ha streets at 10 A. sr. The train was
ualf an hour Jato arriving in Wash
ington, but reached Richmond on
schelulc time.
San Francisco, December
For several years a band cf
throats have bceu tcrroribing. on the
frontier between Lower California
and the United States and have
rubbed travelers and plundered
houses and merchants with impu
nity. The banditti were attacked a
short time ago and di-jpercd and
three of them fled to this city. Yes
terday C'lodoreo Cota was arrested on
Pine street, charged with being one
of the band, oa a warrant isu-ed by
Governor Perkins, and was turned
over to Joaqucz Graoio C'oude, Mex
ican Consul, lesideul here.
Leland Stanford, President of the
C. P. R. R. F. C. Crocker, Vice
President ot the S. P. R.,a::d various
other heads of departments of both
railroads, were before the Railroad
Commissioners this morning in rein
tion to the proposed schedule to be
fixed for freights of all roads in tlie
htate. Governor Stanford, in behalf
of the Centra! Pacific and Southern
Pacific r .ilroads objected to the Com
mhfein&ere fi-viutr any tarifi for
freights for either of the roads.
clatm;:i" laat uoth roads were opera
ting under a charter from the Federal
Governmrisl and lli.it the law direct
ing this commission to regulate fares
and freights only applied to railroads
operated under a charter from the
State Government. Gov. Stanford
furthermore intimated that if the
Commissioners undertook to regulate
the schedule of freight for either of
the companies which he represented
he would seek an ii junction from
the United States Circuit Court. The
Commisioners look no action in the
The concessiou for a railway frcru
Sau Louis Potosi to Canpieoban.Mexi
co.has been transferred to Mr. Lyman
representative of the Atchison and
Topeka company. Symon also, as
Representative of the Pacific Mail
Steamship Company, made a contract
wiih the Government thai steamers
of the direct line between San Fran
cisco and Panama shall touch twice
each month ni Mazatlan, Mazanillo
and Acapulco, and once each month
at San Bias, lie has also contracted
for the establishment of a line to be
called the Oriental line, whose steam,
crs shall make round trips monthly,
touching at Saline Cruz, San Bouito.
Puerto, Angeles and Tonala. The
Company will receive a subvention
of $-.(.00 per month. Many censure
ihe Government severely for making
a number of contracts through one
and the same person Congress has
by a decree approved of the manner
in which the executive has Made use
of the au horizatio.i to make con
tracts for construction in the interna
tional and interoccanic railroad.
General General Gonzales observes
the strictest reserve with regard to
his future views or iiter.lions.
Religions Sts-vls-cn Sunday.
Prcsbytevif.n 4fiuro:i. ,5e!tEVrHosi
Street, near Montezuma, Rev. Wm.
Meyer, pastor. Service at 11 a. m.
and 7 p. 31. Union Sunday School
at 9'i A. M. Prayer Meeting every
U'ich.e.sday evening at 1. All
ure invited.
Slellioiliwt I'pisf ormt. corner of
Center and Miuiioe streets, Rev. I.
11. Cox, preaching the first and third
Sundays, and Rev. L. J. Iledgpelh
on the second and fcui'.h Sundays ia
each month.
Farm fer Mtle.
One hundred and sixty, acres of
deeded land within two miles of
Pheonix. Improvements consist of
dwelling hoii-e, barn and granary.
Two water rights in the Maricopa
Can;d go wiih the properly. For
sale cheap and on easy Irrms. Apply
to Don E". ibbctt, Phccnix Finurinir
Mills. Nov30-lw
Yi'iiiinni li. t'asSun n .
Your widow mother is dying- Tel
egraph, write or come. Shall we
ke'p her if she p;lsc- away? If
this should meet the eye of any of
his friends, please let him know.
Sister Mart.
Erewi-rj- fcr Sale orlteut.
At Gillett, e7ervlhin
Ad-ireii. T-.t.n A:-, a
C alifornia fre.-h Roll Butter three
limes per week, by express, ul Geo.
F. Coats'.
l.EMMO" PLUMMF.R. In Oakland.
Tli.inkrgiiiini; day. hy the licv. Ir. 11 am
il'on. John O. Lcmmon. botanist. Oak
liid. fiitmerlv f MicinL'ar.. to Sara A.
Pliimmirr. ho'tanist, Santa Uurbaru, for
merly of N'.'W York.
w .
Druggist and Apothecary,
....Alio Dealer in ...
Patent Medicines, Toilet Articles,
Perfumery, Brushes, Ftc, Etc.
Slavon's Vosemite Cr!n:rne.
Harmless Yorcmite Face Powder
and Toilet Specialties.
West cf the Post Office, PHCENIX, A. T.
t U I lb tb II I
CAIX OR ADDEIiSS 11. J. Speer, If. D.
Ko. 11 Keabnt Stkezt, S.-.x Frasc.sco.
Publishers and Proprietors.
every cvcahie except Sur.day
I yr., S5 0: G mcs., $5; pc
1 Yr,. fZ: S Kcs. 2 60; 3 Mos
, SI 50.
oa oppli-
V. W. f'P.ANn, Acent.t-un Ernnrisco, Cat.
Ma. J. IT. Et k-j, Tp s;iaper A!vertTin
Agent. 41 Pr.rk tto;v, (Times KuiMins) New
Yurk, is antlit'l-ized to rrtntrcct for adver
tisements in the Fhieuix iisr.ALD.
J E Wharton. M V. It. L. itosox, M D
I", S. Exaia'in;: SariTou. Lare I". S. Army
Catts Promptly a;i .iiitte:l lo.
liiit.- nres?attal .aon'.ijiT.
Office Trust si.lo nf Plaza 3 doors north cj
W ru. il. li.;ii::ir A Co.
3215. r. a sit'tLi:r.s.
Kperla.! Jy : ?tri;' and Dis
eases of Women.
Office a:irl P. siiW n, Washington St.
Ent of the Uar.ltir llon-.
r'ai ionts can be a eom modeled with
Ci?"Cails iviuwcred at nil ho;ir9.2
Attorney fi I. n. tt.
Phoenix, Arizona.
o. i&. Nir.t;vi, m. t
Calls promptly attendfd to,
0:T:ce Three do.irs fast of Conrt House.
ItlWt A Y5-:8,!bN,
in all th2 t."onrtfl of the Ter
iVill practice
J. V. ALO tr.
Irvinc'e Euiid:c Rccra 3,
Phtenix, A. T.
Attorney st I. a v.
OrncE next dosr to Coiirt ltowse.
n. i:. t-ATRiris.,
Civil IZiijrinocr
Crcr.tv Surroror for Maricopa Couutv and
Dupuij L. S Mineral Su.-.-
f'.tr Arijsou
Ascypr of Crci-ii'
OrrioE Will; W. A. I.
!iictclc I'hc?ii!r,
A . T.
is. i,. co xv-: a a.
Physician a rt t! ftiircoon.
(I.ate of Vi?a"; !'ai.)
OrTicc on Washington t..jet, tw deers
from Montcztimn.
TlVSKD &. Ix X. 'Ji'lJttiS.
Attorneys it J, a vr.
r'7I.-.r.d t.;
suics m a:-
dsjiartiaRi a
AsSOX JC S OTP ! t; F.
'' Staled meetings on IHn hird
ir Ti'.e-diiy of each month a' 7-:iti
p. . Sajonrnin? biellnen ai fraieramtly
iled lo aileiid.
J. T. ALSA1, v.". 21.
J. B. CHEAMEIt S; rty.
I. . ii. 7E.
-ARICOrA TRI!'K. Sy. 1. of ARTZO
,S JL ii a. tin proved o. It. -M-. m.-ets fveiy
Thursd.iv pveniliL' al V o'clock at the Wi
wain. Mtcineker'a lmi.iiini;. Traveling
brelhnm are cordially invited to attend.
A. C. liAaii, Sucliera.
Xzr.i Oflsoe.H.C. of K
II:- A:- M:-
on secoi.d and fourth Mond :y of each
month, at 7:30 p .il at Masonic Ha l. So
jonrnins comnar.ions iu good standing are
cordiallv invited, liv order of
il. W. KALES, II r.
J. B.Cblamiu. Sec. P
Ccrotr Center & W3!itai$toii.
(Diagonally eppoaite FostetBso,)
S3T-BEEF. VEAL, ?.irTT05, LA!lI!
and rORii and ail meats served as r iitired
lielivc-ed to any art of the city free of
HAtit! KFT.T.T. PIwtT.
IAM nev prcjiarf'd to exoculo all fc'nrls
of work my liiicrtiul in ;i workmais
like manner. Hp ir't'iir din i u Iht sjaurt-
rut posf iMi; time. Those nee
vicci will please call.
my eer-
Gillette, Tip Top .Millsite, A. T.
Waphihgton street oitpoeite llelly's meat
Best Fiour, Sweetest Bread.
Twelve Loaves for One Dollar.
Crackers of ail Descriptions Constantly
on rianJ.
KYK B15K.,
CiKAIIA2I Eni' in,'
rii:s Jl cakes,
always on hand,
fyEot biscuits every- mornincJ
fc. AT.L SCHZHEJl, JPirp.
KR3. R. SAL A?; I. Manager.
This popular hotel has bcem thor
oughly renewed and the present
manager intends to make it the lead-
iug hotel this side of Los Angeles,
The rooms have ail been completely
renovoteu, and new beds throughout
in each. All tiie rooms have been
nicely carpeted and fitted up iu mod
ern style
7ho DIr.ing Roc-m
Has been newly carpeted nud ui-v;
tab'e linen procured for nil tlie
t ta- & J Ci M
Vil! always be furnished with the
best supplies the market affords, in
cluding all the delicacies In their
In short, tlie present in -i ringer, hav.
inir leard the placn for a term of
years, wiil spare no pains to make
this the best and most comfortable
hotel in the Territory, and will jrivc
her personal attention to that end.
Bacli of Wm. B. Hooper t Co.'
Q'.i;irtt't !i:astt rs Depa: tmout et Yitm.i,ui
pivpared to nil nny ordurb iu my liue v. ith
r;it;si'actiOn to all.
J. JHEiSSOX - rrp.
VTanhiEiion itriet, opp. C-rt rl itii
TnctYf Io.itch f Great!
Ureja 'lleUets, Si.
7 S
my Cakea are my OTia make,
and noi Imported.
Ficfi a id c;tr? r.'r.-.iB fn liud.
K.-t a I :iia-i 10 o.avi'.
Washington Street.
PHOENIX, - - A. T.
Importers ftad Dsnn in
DllY GOOD.-?,"
At prices to suit the times.
pra un:it sent irtp. to iisoec wno wi?n 10
t ni?mp in the most pleasant an4
i t'Ul.l vie utiti ihtp niiun u iiti.'
thine nv. (Janitnl not required.
We will furnish on every thinir- SlJa3T
anrt njirtardr cafiiy m:nte wiihom stayir.g'
away ir.un lioine ovei niht. No risk what
ever. Many iihw wiirkyrs want d at tince.
Many are making lortniies at the business
L:uliort make a much n min, and
youRfjIioys and yiris make :re:it pay. ISo
out-, w ho i5 wi l.iuij to work fails to make
more money every day than can be made in
a week at any ordinary employment. Tupc
who c-nraire at nce wi'l find a Bhort road
to fortune. Adore ii. Hallbtt Co.,
Blew Store I
Gillette, Yavapai county,
la the htote C P Jlcaitformrrtv-iccnrie" tj
i up and i do-.v o.icn:.g 10
And to ll-.e public in general, a
new and complete.
In slyle and qnn'itj to mwt their wants,
couititirig in pari of
1i-y loods. Clrncerios. Hardware, Clothing.
" Boc. tt end shops. Mining tools, etc. cic
At the lowest cash pricea.
For sate iu any quanti: y,
lCarrfuI attention siveu to forwarding
all kuUy of nr-i-ctiandise, inacliinoi y etc..
to any part of tlie Hiirroundiiii; cam; and
towns, (ilvn me aTrial.
-xaj tjiia
5 5 4
&i rt'fA fcfi. n r
We take pleasure to inform the people of Salt Riv
er Valley that we are now in receipt of our immense
stock of goods, the largest ever brought to the Valley.
Kach aud every department is complete in itself in
U n ffi
The Lats
C; tn-
ds and Fancy 0
Vira respectfully call special attention of the Ladies
to this fact, that we are the only house where you can
find a general complete assortment in
Dry Gocos, Fancy
dies5 asid Ghildren's Hosiery,
Of the very Latest
is also cnmnlete with a larger variety, both for prices
and qu.ility, tnan any other house in the Vallej-.
Gentlemen intending to purchase their winter supplies
would do well lo call and examine our extensive stock
Both !n Pi ices
Fa -i 3
r?s!!s t -! s s 3 a
& u r
J if ia
we are second to none. Our assortment for MEX,
BOYS, WOMEN" and CHILD REX, is complete for
style, quality and prices. We keep none but the very
best of brands in the market. Xo Eastern made
goods, but all of California make, Tvhich are known
to be the best in the country.
3 Hid Cap
we have the very latest styles for Men. I3o's, Ladies
and children. Our assortment in this line is complete.
In conclusion we beg leave to stats that cur
ara as complete as the balance of our stock.
Having such an enormous stock on hand we are
better enabled to give lower and better prices than
has ever heretofore been o tiered in this market. Far
ties from the distance about to purchase their winter
supply would do well to give us a call as we are confi
dent we can make it to your interest t-o purchase of
us. In connection with our numerous stock, we carry
a full line of Wall Paper, Carpets and O Cloth.'
Call and examine our immense stock.
to show goods.
FT, p
Patterns and Styles.
siid Fiirnishinn Goods Dsparimsnt
and Quality
Xj trou'jl.
riisrs: a.
street pp-o.:,
This new h!tl is r:r.w cr-v ,vi
aocommoda;;on of U: " tiarv'Il.ii
The t'-H'trs sr? ttc!1 ve. i ;
j i-;:i;:i.n:; !y f.;-.;;:.-; ,.i J
(or i'aml'le-. Th-.'siltn 'i'...-.,
ff.T iviil i.' tjL.:'i .-; ;
Cl hiS LC'tC'Sti.
BsMiard Tab!o and Ear
Connected witli the
Cnly the Finest Liqurrs 5. CTirt
The principal Eastern. COir.-- aa4
Arizona papers kep: on Sle.
Afharoof tie puLUc v"J'-' n
Live? v Stable,
After this date, I will fe?i
stock. 50 per cent, cheap
er than the rnVos Jirctj
fore known in rLocnixi"
A largo corral. C(V
connected, with
room for
1C0 Leal
Corral room
A forco
pump oa tha
JLard Cans.
Full size will I e sold this
year to the farmers tor 22
c cuts, ar.dhalf size tr J"
cents. Lard taken in tv.v,
and 10 cts. per pound v. ill
be allowed. Cans ma le to
order of any si-ie. Liveral
discount will be m.'.Uv to
our patrons for s?a!:::s
cans, or any other work, at
he Pnorxix Tix Snoi. Fa;
side of the Plaza.
All kir.J? of M'Isoistt. F-riv c
Adobe, rxw-iiteil on h.rt ttitor, ul
in a sal if celery iu;:ErF.
C-Oi'iors Iff i rt ih-? KritM."
OtViC! wifl ne prorrr' l
fJ e w
Departure !
just rtevtTtM
tii 3 tiiil
All ff wlut li
reas'inaMc l't
mcnt .'f
i t..'
"l a: -
a t a?
Windows, Dcoi?"
liliuds. Mouldings ar. 1
California Li:t:iber.
1'l.u e of I'iiic"-. Wail;r : .
ovf-s.'o r.- Iio:o!, Ufa.;
A'.iita Tcrrircr-.
j. jr. Gi r.r.orxY.

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