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The Phoenix herald. (Phoenix, Maricopa County, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1879-1882, December 03, 1880, Image 2

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GOSPER & McCUNTOCK - - Piooricicrs
The following articb oti cotton
growing ill Soat'it-rii C;i!i'. ui:i,
from tlie f?tockto: Independent
will prove intert-stiug to our read
ers, and is an example worthy '
imitation by the farmers iu tl.is
valley- :
" Several years sgo, Col. Stroi.g
very satisfactorily d -moiibtrate-J
the fact that cotion-growing could
be profitably pursued in tliis State.
His experiments wtre co,.fii.ei to
Merced and Fresno counties. The
Buckley Brothers planted cottca on
a liuiiujd scah: i:h fair sacce.-s, at
wxr-JJopetou. iu Meiced, but their efi'ort
-was iSflrely an experiment to as
certain rrlietlAer or not the soil and
climate in that locality were
adopted to the growth of thop'ant,
and not with any view of devoting
their tiice and energies permanently
to the pursuit. Colonel Strong
had followed the bu: inesc for yea:3
ia the S-Jtiiheru States, and there
fore hi3 experiiaeuts Trere conducted
with intelligence and kiil cTerired
from practical experience. lis
knew what to do and how lo do it,
and the result was a perfect ly in
factory proof thv.t cottou-groTring
could be safely enumerated in the
catalog'ia of pro2tabIe productive
industries la California. The ex
ample set by Colonel Strong has
fjuud followers. Hagin & Carr,
who Isave iovested a large capital
ia the construction of irrigating
canals in Kern county, have 12-ide
an encouraging venl ure iu the same
direction. The quantity and qual
ity of the yield this year have ex
ceeded expectations and been suf
ficiently encouraging to induce
these gentlemen to make a more
extensive venture next season.
They propose to plant rot less than
a. thousand acres. From the ex
perimental fie'ds about sixty thou
sand pounds have already been
gathered, and it ia expected that
picking on the Belle View ranch
will continue for at least a month
to come. Itiis asserted that the
crop is "better than the average iu
the Southern. States, and the qual
ity of the staple will bear favorable
comparison with the best iu the
Southern plantations. The cotton
now being gathered was grown on
the poorest soil in Kern Valley ajjd
under rather unfavorable condiiionr,
iieiice it is concluded that cotton
raising can, with every reasonable
assurance of success, become an
extensive and important industry
in Kern Valley and throughout a
large area of Southern San Joaouin.
The Globe Chronicle Las the fol
lowing on tie TontD Basin trade:
''We recognize it as altogether
commendable in our ueighLor jour
nals of Fhcenix to use every legiti
mate means in building up business
for their town; but we think they
are a little "off" when they publish
that the people of the upper Salt
River country can buy "more for
250 in Fhcenix thaa tor $100 in
The IIekald uses this
exact language in u:gir,g the im
portance of constructing a road
over the Iieno Mountains, which,
when made, it is boned will turn the
trade of all this section from Globe
to Phoenix. This streacb. of coun
try from the mouth of Tonto
Creek to the headwaters of Salt
Hirer hs described as one mass
of farms and sttckrange?. The
trade of these people is no iac.-n?id-erable
item, auJ we refer to the
matter that our merchants may be
on the alert and not let it slip from
their grasp. In a few weeks tUere
will be rail connection with the
Hast, by the southern route, and
Globe merchants will hare eush
advantages over those of Phoenix
considering accessibility of the
two places as to offer tha people
of Upper Salt Jiiver the most
satisfactory bargains. The Globe
wenbanta should keep an eye on
all the Territory that is naturally
tributary to this place, and make it
to the interest of the people to
trade here.
Since the above was in put in
type, we learn from a resident of
this place, who is in a condition to
know whereof he speaks that goods
are not only sold cheaper in Globe
than in I'hoenix.but at lower prices
than any town in Arizona not on
the railroad."
Of course it is the duty of a
newspaper to advance the interests
of the town in which it is situated,
but the Chronicle iu wrong for the
IIekald got ita information from
a very trustworthy source.
The Califomian magazine for
December has reached us. With
the number at hand it completes
its first year. Its success has been
equal to iu expectations. It is ably
conducted and henceforth will rank
with the established serials of the
The Southern Pacific K. R. and
lho A. T. 5c S. F. Ii. II. will join a'
Florida Poi.'it, in New Mexico, 0111
hundred miles east of the Arizoir
boe. Tlie new line will be formula
-opened on 2ew Year's day.
January 3, a little over a month,
the Legislature cf this Ttrritoiy
c.iuvcnes. Its time is limned to
forty days ly law, which b j-.lto-:Tethc-r
too ssu .II for the work to do.
Sr.eh being the case though, it is
very essenth! for the d'tfierfnt mem
ber to'thta-ouhiy po.-t themselves
on tlu- re-.jur.vmen:3 of th. ir sec
tion, so th:it they can gi t to V. 01 k
with the ka-t possible delay. In
pjst sessions the capital qucsiion
hai occupied mo.-st of the thue, and
wt hope ;t w ill rot be brought up
this time at all, lu-csnse it wiu'.J
go to Tuc-mi if move-.!, and I'n-s-cott
is the In lt t mited for i of t'.e
two citiis. Considerable k-gishtion Is
necessary for this coui.ty and our
wants and i.cod thf.u'd be thor-
oagiily U'j-iet'rttid
tors bei-.ire they h ave fur the c;tii
t;tl. V"e invite c irres-j)-i;dci-c-: i d
neetssary Jogirlatiou. The L'aily
IIekalu will always have space
t-ir sutn coiiimmuc.itiijns. jjf t us 1
have a thorou-h nudListandiisi- ii
the next month.
The Frocctt Democrat says:
"Oiie of the first. Jut km thut wil
ji'.ir nest Ln&isluriiro v
vision of our j reseat
As the Uw S:atds at
Ii he the re
leeiieTi 1:W5.
:-cs:-i;t there
is evcry chance for friud, and if the
purity of the elective franchise i.-1
to ba preserve 1, the firci.t! and
irauduleiat Bjaaijtalation which bus
heretofore been prrciiee.I ra isi be
done away with. We are favor
of uiskir g a re.-sitlence of six
mouths i:i the Tes ritory, thirty
days in the comity and tn d i vs hi
the precinct a vutii.g q;ialiucation.
The present law, which only re
quires a retidecce of ten days in
the county or precinct, fhrull be
charged. As is ttaudi;. it afiWds
too maay opport'jtdtii s for fraud
ulent voting. Vv'e aid also in favor
QOiug av.ay Willi csF:.-.;eates.
Let the J tist'ees of the Peace in
the (several precincts' or some per
son properly empowered where
there is no Justice be ordned to
give public notice to the citizens of
such precinct to come forward and
register their names, and let the
Ilegister remain open until, say
twenty days before election. Thi
givts every, chizeu ample oppor
tunity to place his name oa the
Great Register, if he desires to t'o
so. The issuing of certificates
opens the door for fraud, if the
holders of such. certineaUs desire
to take adviuitrjiie of it."
-dr. X. J. Wat kin., cf Tucson, i-?
getti: g up and proposes to publish
a concise and Interstiiig treatise .f
the resources of that part of Ari
zona Territory, to be distributed
gratuitou? on excursions ana
other trains that vifit Tucson. Cop
ies will alsa be circulated through
out the eastern cities. The Phce
mi Herald baa frequently called
attention to the good J that suh a
pamphlet would do ibis valley. Ii
our Supervisors wouM issue such a
book we would do our part of the j
work at e:)St price.
A telegram r.nnounees that the
track of the Southern Pacific- natl
road is laid thireea miles etit of tV.o
Mimbres River, in 2ew yi:li:o: Of
ail the country between the j. motion
of the Colorado v. it'! the Gila, there
is none more 1 -rely than that part
of the valley of the Mimbres whii ii
i.Vs near where the railroad
crr.ss. It is surrounded by w ild and
eriiuid mnauwin seenerv, and con
tains mairy natural woud-rs, among. I
thc-ra, 011 a iiiil tide, a series ol
natural columns standing cf a rloor
ofsione, as if they had at o- e lime
been the sup -oris of a Itoutier col
iseum. Here, also, is to be found an
inimnse roelc on a pedes!:-:!, o poised
tY.it, like the Drudic&l st ne, it cku
be oscillated without being over
thrown. Tourists will find it interest
to visit Ibis region, which is described
and illustrated in Lartlett's narrative
of the American Commission, which
ran the boundary line between
Mexico and the United States. Doubt
less, however, the valley' will he
teeming with population iu a few
years, and then the fties of the
country will b? changed by the
march of improvement. This South
ern Pacific H'wlroad Company has
made marvellous progress ia track
laying. Since the 24tli cf January it
has compassed uo less than 301 miles,
brmicg a vast expanse of desolate
country intj market for sale, oc
cupancy and cultivation. It also
renders the approach lo several
wealthy mining regions easiiy ac
cessible, which woid.l net for years
be developed but for the facilities
thus t-fiorded. When this road has
made it connection s: that there
will be a continuous line to tlie
populous Western and Eastern citirf,
the Californiaii eoirg to the Atlantic
Slope will have the choice of travel
ling from home on the Northern
routh and returning by the Southern
or vice versa, which will enabie him
to see a wide scops of territory, with
its endless variety of science at
tractions. 5. i Call.
The'ftlJJ i'oeinc.
An Eastern czchanirc sajs that
work on 'he Tex a? Pacific railroad
:s progressing finely, and the direct
)rs make the announcement that
thev will run trains from El Paso to
a-i.: I
. .v vjn.JlIls Ulilll ooe e.:..
omp'sr.y is now operating ol" miles
iBO'e ar than pt this li-ne hist year.
AX LSTlHi; XltiHT,
"b!rk. HlvC t!i Knviij of an incli
Gini a maj!4 iiuec, is much.
VTith the new time schedule of the
H. &. O., which went into effect on
Sunday last, a nevr through train wa
au.icd from CUijao to the East,
v.l;i(!t now piTes the popubir Old
Ii ud three daily trains out of t!ij
c:'y, morning, alternoon and ciht.
All ttirre of thetr trains run every
day in the week. The 5:10 r. 11.
t-uia continues, as it has fi r months
pa;-t, to i:e aa entire night the quick
est to 'fVdfeliingtiin of any train out
of this ei;y. The B. & O. is the oidy
rout'- i'ttweeti the iiitt and llie West
via Vi" aldington. All other lines
rtaehit' tl'.e National Capital via
-irc:ii;'Uss routes. The in w IJ. & O. j
Slef ;er! are attracting wUi; spread!
Utenlion ::d eretitiiiir the niost
Isv.jifebh: commcn's. In many re
spc is upei'i.ir to the csrs iu o:-e on
o-kcr Ytuti th-y hiin- at the funic
time Mil the advantages possessed in
other ears.
Of t'..a nprr.ve:nen' the most
n-itieehhle er.e is ihe itnili of the
car, it ''i.ipg from one to two sections
!iiu-:?r th:iu the ordinary sle-iing
5r, 8ri ishijher, v.idc-r and more
comnio.iious iu ever3- way. An itn
pvoven.ent v.iiieli w:il add very
liiuch. '.. I'm p!c:iure of smokers
Vp. ronie"' is taa rt-ir:trl:ably Icrgz
smoking apart rot-nt ia the ear. It is
fully tea feet sq-.tarr, ctf":di:v ample
accon.:.:o Uiioris for a dozen people,
ai tiiii; t" w;;Uiut occes'iming sny
j;itc-i;rc;:ic:ioe whutevcr when the
iloor ii opened or shut. This advar;!
f.fc -rr:.U ctriain!y he appreciated by
ihcs v,ho Iikvs so long 'n obliged
to ditii'le theutsclvk's up in small
cnmp!r;jaen!s and be pat to the In
eoDf;;Unce cf getlip.g up erp.ry tim
a iisln mn or j--aeenger happens to
ras iii or out of tiio door of thss ear.
Another fe;ura ju-st introduced by
ihe I. tt O. is a tolling ear line,
wliich v. i:Irun in and out of Chicago
on ihe 5 :l P. fa", train in tlie after
Lvoa and on the tltrougU eipress ic
the m rniag coming iu. Corigresi
meets next month and with tl:e very
superior aTTKiuases the B. & O. Las
over other lines lo "Washington
bora $.j no question as to its doic g
the bulk of tte bis!nes fcetw!Ti
this sec tion find the Nat ional Capital
General Garfield i 43 years old.
ii ?rehants are excited over the ad
vance of if 2 50 to f 3 per bale on cot
ton ia iNe.v York.
The Atchison, Topefca & Ssnts Fe
Railroad reports earnings for October
1SSJ ot $313,000, &i against 754,000
for O.-tober loTJ, an increase oi 20
per cent.
A Utter from Sonors, ia regard to
the Ganym2 and Arizona railroad,
says: The pile bridge is complete
from A 1 del la Island to the main
land, a.id a new town has been laid
our on the shore. Forty miles of
r.ji! havi l;eeu graded and sixty
more are under contract, completing
the lis? to Iiermoi!lo. Half a mile
of track lias been laid at Punta
Arena, cv.e locomotive and twenty
construction cars are working and
hundred tous cf steel rails have
landed and more arc oa the way.
The ro:id will be completed ami run-
r.ing lo lltrmosi'.lo by April.
ool is very nrm: prices are
gradually tead:ii upward, with a
good de-maud. We quote sales of
Ohio and Peacsylvania at 4601 50c;
Miehigi-n and Wisconsin, 43 (a4dc;
delaine a;id combiiif are iu demand
at every full price, md unwashed,
including coarse, Coe and medium,
i. very i:ri:i. ranging from 20(U3Sc
"ifanuf-ioturor arc free bnreri, and
! even more anxious to purchase now
th;. n a few weeks r.o, when wool
wes L'y ic lower.
OSeis.: ittsatt In tlie Territory
The fol'owins Enures are the re-
tcras of the vote for Dclteitt t-j
Con grt-;; and 8eperintendent of Pub
lie Instruction, as canvassed Lv the
Secretary of the Territory:
ukcecate to coxgi'.bm:
Stewart. Outit.
paehe 200
.Van.-opa ui a
Mohaie l7
I Pi. iru
t'i'ii ,16
Yuma 123
Onry's mnjori'y, 4e3.
fHEBy.Ot. Cox.
Aps-he 219 133
M.irico; a 4i7 5T5
Mohave 145 110
Pima 201 1 13S1
l"inal 5Ci HQ
Yavupi.i No return . .
Yuma 125 109
Tots'. 302,1 2ii8
Sherman's m-ijority, 11'.'9.
PiCli'lC t'UASr ITEJJ8.
A rec-'ut fire io the 050 foot level
of the Co::. Imperial mine. Virginia
City, did hut little damage.
A fire in the vicinity cf Anaheim,
recently, did considerable dmags.
It is s:-.:d list a treaty thoroughly
control unit the Chioeee question has
been f jrmcd by the U. Ii. Commis
sioners and the Goveromcct ? Pe
king. Ah Cone, the Chinaman convicted
cf having committed a rape on Dr.
Eene'u little adopted girl was last
Saturday sentenced to ten ytara in
the penitentiary. S Eda. Times.
On the 2nd of Bepteraber, 1878,
Archibald Feeler was killed on the
Poway gratis, San Diego county,
while driving a team, the suppo
sition being that his horse became
frightened, when he k-it control f
them and was dashed from the
wagon. Later developments, how
ever, change this theory. Coroner
Stockton and Constable Cook, ex
humed the body and found a bullet
iu his neck. The case is being
worked up, and a sensation is ex
pected. The Democratic City Convenbn
at Los Amieles have nominated Wm.
Pridham, anient of Wells, Eargo &
r'o's Kinr.-ss iu that citv. for Maror.
Co's Exorcss iu that city, for Mayor.
The !) Yonng-Kalloch mnrdjr
cn-o is ? for Junn-rv 17.
Sincere Esteem and Fnsr.dship
from oar Kexican Keighbor.
La Constitution on ths Relations
Existing between Countries.
The Citizen has a lr?;r,shitio;i of
an editorial which appeared in 'La
Consiitucion, Xovcmlicr 1. published
at Ilernioailio, the capital of our
reighboring State of Souora, as fol
lows: "In a previous number we pub
lished an account of tin-arrest and
imprisonment, by the authorities of
Arizona, of ten of the followers of
the faetionis's. Marque?. a:id Erlgid.i
Ueyis. We the:' lnacle the remark
i relation to the fraternal feeling
exiliag between .Mexico and the
United Mate.-, which friendly reb:
tic'iis aie every thy strengthened by
the proofs of cordiality which are
giveu us by t'ne neigh liorin.' llepub
lie. We now dr-iire to say a few wcrd
in relation to S.nofa and Arizona,
which have an affinity of intcre.-ts,
and whose mutual relations, bavi:j;
il.s suae ol-p cU in view, are co:.
s'.anily increasi'i in strength.
The population of Arizona is, in a
great part, c-inip s::d of the native-
of Son -ra, who jiave here thrir n-Ia-tions,
not only of nationality, but also
ol f.'iailv', which ch.uso them to be
in constant communication with
their country ; and the same is true
with relation to a great number of
Aicericau citizens, who are at nrts
eat resitting ia this State and who
are constantly arri ving. The friends
ud relations of these keep up a con
stant communication across the line,
and f rom this springs the mutually
Internal feeling which morally
unites botii peopie.
I:i addition to this, the comuu-rce
which has been developed between
this State and Arizona, the necessity
which hi.d been iiert created for the
eonsumptioa of American products
that come by way of Tucson, and the
no less neour.siiy existing iu Arizona
f supporting the commerce between
the two countries by the consumption
of the products of our soil, are mo
tives of interest that strongly con
tribute to strengthen and preserve
the relations eiislinir between the
two countries.
Tha repeetable and influential
colony Sonorauese now in Arizona,
being ercr desirous of giving a good
impiessioiof their native country in
a land of strangers, hive succeeded
iu eaiublihiu in mat country a just
appreciation of our character, des
troying the preconceived opinions
heretofore exist isg among American
people iDrelaiion to our countrymen,
laboring at the same time to make
lis understand that we shall extend
and strengthen our reiations with
that proirreK-dve country.
Wc mar rei as-aired thst Arizona
and ?ononi should hav but one end
in views io unite themselves more
and more by commercial relations,
cresting a current of trail's between
the two placer-, which will result
the prosperity of both, by developing
the national resourcs thereof.
The progressive vein mtit neces
sarily be, andn i reality is, protec?.?
by the laws ofth.it Territory, as well
as by those of our own Siate. Tlie
Government of S'-noia locks with
the greatest interest upon, anything
tbut contributes to this end, and the
Government of Arizona has given
recent proofs til at it entcrtaiiv? like
As in this coun'ry criminals from
the neighboring Territory have never
been permitted to find refuse, bt-tt
have been returned when demanded,
in accordance with the existing
treaty, so in Arizona the bt.ndits who
have endeavored to disturb our so
ciety have beeu chastised and disap
pointed in their dreams that on the
uther side of the line they could li;:d
protection under the flag of the
United States; as if this would afford
protection to a common enemy of
soci;v .
On the part of Sonora tliere is an
earnest desire to co-operate in the
s'rergthe ning of our friendly rela
tions with Arizona, which desire, as
we nave iiiuwn, u r.-cipro a e.t ty
our neii;alori. Let us thus continue
laboring in courrrl in the task of
iiiiiied pro:;rss, permitting no cloud
to daiken tha horizon or disturb cur
li.iiiuciiy, and the time is net distant
when Sonorn arid Arizona, two sister
: -.tes, wm be the pride the oi:e ot
Mexico and the other of the United
Stales mutually of each other, mer
itins 'he res; ect of all.
Mr. Louis KiiirBiin. locadaj en
gineer of th A. &. P. R. 11. has been
piaced ic charge of the construction
of that ?.nia of the lire betwfm
the Cclorad Chiquito and the Colo
rJ at the West. No better selec
tion canld have been made, and un
der his naaageciect we 6U4II look to
ce tha work pushed forward at a
rapid rata.
The Albuquerque Journal mtes !
the fact that the thcrnion:sr:er at that I
plate, a few days since, stood a: 3 - j
below "ro, and th.-.t snow had fn'ien
lo quite depth in the vaiicv, wjiii
18 iaches in the mountains.
The A. & I 11. H. is now laid nr...t
the road in operation to Lagena, 55
mile from the junction. Them the
trsck reaches Fort Vingate, which
will be by the 1st of January, pas-
senger train will be put on and the
United States mails taken.
Chief Engineer Osgood of the
Southern Cal. li. R. is expected bark
to Snn Diego in a few days when
bids will soon be called for on the
first fifteen miles of road eastward
from the Hay. rf. D. Union,
If you want ! 'osiers
If you want Envelopes
If you want Bill Heads
If you want SMtcmcnls
If you want Box Labels
If you want Xote Heads
If you want Show Cards
If you want Ball Tickets
If you want Programmes
If you want Letter Heads
If you want Bank Checks
If you want Auction BillsJ
If you want 'Wedding Cards
If you want Business Cards
If you want Justice's Blanks
If you want Invitation Cards
If you want Pamphlets Printed
If you want Business Wrappers
If you want Job Printine of anv
description, done in a most satisfac
tory manner, you can satisfv vour
wants by calling at or addressing
the Herald. Phtrnix. A. T.
California Fruit, received fresh
three times per week, at Goo. F.
I-iow a Cleoi'sli Ox-i'iirs 'ut a
KnSiruasi-TuSao to I!lus2i.
Just as the 8:35 P. si. eastward
bound fast mail train was steaming
out of Opelika, a hack containing
three IiUli gentlemen drove up to
the depot of the W (.stern Itaiiroad
only lo be told that the train they
were iu search of was that y.il di-,-appearing
belittid ihe ui ve. Iliist-ne.-s
cf the most pre.-sing nature
demanded their iresence in Coium
bus at o o'clock. The bach which
bad brought them to the depot
left, so nothing reiaat'Scd for them to
hire but a four-ox team, I ho animals
of which were helping their driver
to 3nish a handful of sugar-corn fod
der nd a pone ol coin bread.
t tve t.oilarf,
lias, "to carry us to Columi.tis."
"Five dollars mt.tc,'' sai'i auotlier.
Mr. C'oonej-, "lo carry us ii..:;:
agahiol 8 o'tloci:.''
"Five dollars ir.ore," said ihe thi:d,
Mr. iirulon, "to grt in ahe.id of the
So rand', money to b mado, all ia
two hours and f.veiiiv mia:;ij
the driver ersr.y. II
teim for a moment
thirty ni'ie. which U.
ul then h! til-.-btlwet'ti
and Columhu-s and then at the
bit and jiarty poa-lble tif.ee-i :
.0 !e made by fuiSliieg U?j 1
men's desires. '
I'e yer man, b's,"
cr.vkinjf his raw-'ii-ie "iit;!, hs
m runted hi carl and started ou his
journey . The first mite was made
in slow time, but a.'U T tb::t they
warmed up. and i:i s:i hour they !:;-.d
cjujht p with the train on the fa. t
side of Saieta. Tlie darkness olihe
eveaieg ortveaied ihe pa.-sctij'ers on
tha train from secimj the race, but i
the train with it.- red lijiht and n ry I
furnace, was distinctly visible to tin-os-cart
pasensrs as ti tv willed
along ovtr the wagon road that !y
alongside the rii:road, and they were ,
more and uiore delighted as thrys.sw j
ti:e distance itcraiii:.ir between d-em. I
At Smith's Station the mwil train was
Kutireiy lost sight ' f, &r,d iu the two j
hours irora the time thej' had hlij
Opelika, the rattie of the wheels
miht be heard ai it roiled over the
upper bridge into (lolatuUus. J
AJoya, saia totlins, as soon as
thay had domiciled at the hotel, "we
hav3 beaten the train by twenty
a'-iuutes ; let us go to tiio depot and
see it creep iu."
Oar tester Hex.
This department is open for corsi
inu::ications discussing an- subject.
Tlie real name of the writer must
accompany every communication
Yc do no" endorse the views con
tained. Mvsrc.
Ed. IIehald: IlKvjnsrnftierd the
little dirliculiics exist inn in the nitride
ued for dr.r.cinsr purposes in this
town, I would like to state here that
I do rot think it jn -i nirht. There
is an Order or Lodge i:i the tew;,
that sends to Tempo for a ban.! to
furni.sh music for their Litis hops,
which conies off twi -e a month I
believe. Now to my Certain knowl
edge there are pe.'itien-.ea in this
town who are now members of the
Kniirhts of Pythias, who during the
mouths of A.:ifiu-t and Septeiuber,
were urging Mr. Kelly to organize
:i band for dineing purposes, and
who promised if he did git up a
band that they would give hiin their
support and that he would get till
the playiu to (io. Yitn that en
couragement Mr. Kelly sends to San
Francisco, at z tut deal of trouble
r.n. i expense to the b;.nd (-wind, the
band alone, no out-dst help at all.)
and got the instruments, and then
devote his time, niht af ter night,
to study and pt-a. ties in order to ! e
ready for th? .Tancing fea?oa. Yet,
af c-r ail this t.-oui;!-.' and money,
certain Orders or Lodges in this t -wn
send i3 mil fi r th- r nn.si'- (which
bv the wav evervhi dv in iov.;i kliow.s
to b Hie ooores"' mn-;i:- in :h: v.-d.i.-vi
..ii... 1.., .... 1 r
o-her word- they rref-'r to Lire music
from a distance I.e. is? tiu v cet it i
for a few paltry doll., hthun 1-
home Intent. ot thinKing thi- e.".-
rctlv riirht. I ti.ke this meuns t-f
expressing my elf.
ii e cu Ixtkk?
C&iti SiwV,
I lit- wti iiWci i 2.: t.
Our Tables are always sup
plied with the best to
be obtained in the
Polite Attention I'fiid to Guest
C. Salbi, ritor'K
Vs 1 v. t r. iv J 1 :
71 vs-
It;: vol:. TMTrf-hFf-f3. tt-n ,-or!Vc TulMn-d t:ote.
: n Tl- 1 i- it jtl 'V"icke''M! ir. iml y.-'.ll i'l
i: rsr :ti : ::' r.'.ri:.:r, I a:u ir-j;'.arc-a Lo n-e.I'Vt-
I;iy J'l iuavis.
patronaire ol the traveling
s ri-pei-ifiillv soiicitcd. The
!!- s-o.-di.-t! with the best the
id j irri;7-:et :i':;in-ds and s-aiisfaetion suar.
to tret the
r - - .--5 f
Sv 2 . - :.o .V
t ? ( S 5 S
BJack Canyon P.oad.
onip 1 0 te ftconm m o 0. a t i o a s
for travelers.
11? Whir, I.njuorj an4 Ciir.ir, hand.
31 a j' ai.uti d m 1 21 for Nij!?.
! lutTBu.
OTTO tOl.IN, Pro.
p.ou'-:rt3 a kydkr,
E--i32ai;-f t-s cjsr.de n(t GiiarsKtec-d
sbop eaata U.e sr P!.ia. Fhoinii.
. 7 "3 ?T ; i " n D ' ATf r-t
All work in the iibve line proni.ij
Eltend .to
e I.ioks Ter Snbscriiers.
T!!vinS aa tc Rrrsnu'-nr. M to clnb the
iiut.Mv iltRAi.u v. ; t h n:e C'liiciiinuli
v. -li i-.i.ni-t: 1I1 1 h.; jiis jikkalu and 'be
V'"0"""'" '"'. l-omi.i.n-t-ial. a hi:
i-KiZi: c.ch yearly uM-iibir tt-..
uiis cubuiui.' a.-r.ii:..-i:i.-nt :.tiy one book
u a ks - j-a-
l:'l 'ie-'.i . i'.':
Ul:tl i'rti; i uli col
(: t-.iz tiiitucr'ti J-iiii it., una
liiiuuiy iniutetl oii yoc-d paper.
LjM r ftfkVi'r.
-June i.vre." tLft ccl-'braitd n Tel
U ::i;:.: lit:i-ii t;. lrti:tes ia:iii.
j !.' tiiivs ol i'oriitici ," Bill w "rj his
:! r.:.:u:.' - i u tt ; vo: s-ii popularity, the
id.v.'.-. l;;-ei!:ii;il: (-1" his irotii;i:i
"i. i-'l:!i lsuii.as, O l:lII.:uI,,' V-s
Mulccli." Liu-i'-i -pi. c ; ii itt cry of tb or
iju .-anil ir.unii ii-. ?oci::tLd w itk luw birth
iil.d Oi t:.I;t
-Fn-huti!oii! Papers of thti
fit ic:. V. '.: b." ii-' work tiiiit t i'iiMi.
i'itk'-ii? uU ct:J b::y; h? in;.-i h nmt u.
imt ki'.vuyc iii-. m-j-i , Oi-i;:..i- ui hi nrks.
?. T:it. liir'.oiy ol ii trimr." i'.y Vietor
riuTt. 'i1 e U-.i Me narra-ivr b llit? Lireat
Kry c"'i ptfft. n Y.-iii ttiid hj-tot i.ii:, ; t" 'lit
cr;i' ol Lo::i ia;;oii-(.n in btra tftiii the
ii'jt ni" oi hit c- uutry.
ti. ry Kciui.nd. A uere!. IT
i o uliir aiiti ciiiiracit'.iiio o: tut? works vS
the tiU; uY u.i- tiiu .
7 "icl.nlu-u hy Win. A U-xuMder Kinp
l:ik. Jiio oi" he uiosi vhrniizit: ii;ir;ttiv?
t-v.-r writ itii ; iu:l cl l't-n-i -ici ttrt-r it liie in
ths rI.i, ii.clu'.iiu : a'!:;:iruiij. C-";n;ts of
8. ' J :irn:il of tiio t'laguc in i nriou."
I!y I;r, icl I.)i-!k author o! " Hobi ion
C'i-tis-ijr." Thv true hi-uny. ly o;rf of the
ni-j.-t a.ntiiiniriifj riierhin our Ianjrap
ol" tilt liiyst-'ritj.ie :tini awful visitation ol
ii:e i'hi'iiiv in L.r.t'Uii.
i'. i'nt'nis t-f Wailworih.'" Cliogrn
hittl Cilitec by .Mttnew Arnold. Tin mo?t
populiir autl feb-ct t-iiiii u uf the works of
oi.e oi Li::iii;d rt,itit't iioet.
v.'k'ts writii.jf: o Lh- uiai eel U i:v
lur-olv to lb excvlh-m u:nJ;)a;;dinir thrv
i;ifji;'y of tiie e tiiu-x.t atid scue y of
ct-uiu: v ine.
Jit. Three volumes EmrliVh Men of
Letter- " (in one . I. Kibeii Purr.K.
Oiiver Gt?ldsiii th. a. .John K tin van.
;l.t-.e vi.iiiiiK'ts ihe lirst i by Pi-iiici;tiil
Sit'rp. t:.e sivcoiid by Wiilianr lack, the
briii:int i:Oveii-t. a-id tin third by Jan.
A. t'routb-. the tliif,::;?i;;lieil hi ori;Il.
No inorv chami'iiir book than ihrtc ti.Tfe
laarv.-ioii? bit-Lr.-.;: i- h n ake up has bi er
ii; liicderu iini-
It will be reii that Cise buokp rarnpri-e
a v:d" r:i:;e aad striking divfrsi'.y oi th-
most b: ii!i ni ai'd ;!e:i iup protlueE io- of
r.iod--r;! a'ltli-trt-. iii-lu iiiitr Novel-, Travels,
i'oetry. I-il-i'.'ra ; and iiictory ho that ail
tuples m;iv b t :-n-''l-ed and eaeh -:bi-riber
will b .-i:r!)u1iaed oi.ly by Th" riehe- of
the Miri-. ty in i-eircling hit- bick for a Free
Subcriiiti;vti v'yft'!i t" advance, and
ll'..' t ree Iri.-e Bo 'ii mn.-t (;r;iered at the
tivie the i a sj-. f-iiberili d for.
Fr-v- specimen t.-pies of ihe t'inc-iinati
Weekly ' oie.m- rc;::l may U obtained iy
a.UIre-ihin M. Hriltad & (., 1'roprn'to
(."oinm-rcial, Cnu-inny ii. Clii. aiul free
specimen ropiet- of the 1: fhai i can We b
tiined Ly adtlrr-fi'ii? Jl lrai.i). rh'.:-nii.
A. T. G06flt & Mcil-lNTOi
-r;p: it-ioi .
Southwest i zmcr of Plaza.
JL pieted bis new lillery. is low lire
pared to execute all work in his line in the
best style and at reasonable rates.
A conndete assortment of ARIZONA
SCENERY always on hand.
A full line of Picture Frame? and Monld-
iniTF. Chronios. Stereoscopes and Albums
on hand.
j. I'ictures framed to order.
ti. If. r.OTHROCK.
Arcade Brewsrv
Wo manufariurp the FlNliS!"
UEI'Il in tl'.e Territory, which we
,.;li-r for sale by -lie l.e, Gaie-:i
Qtiiii-L or Lottie. Y.'e make
To hivi one o! the I-nrcost P.'-rr:?s;at
m-:er:..-. I liuiii St. l.oai. ::! gr-st s!-n
o - aahlf i:s t keep Llie lieer ii; ill--: .S::U.
jcot ou d;-au-;tu.
Like TiiALiiEiiiSP.
Brawn on f .! Principal t'l tv
of iV.e Vr.Meil itntea aart
v' tt,- -n r;-ii.l h-i 1 K;!v-r JO;!:k:n. T
roiir.Inn.l (.'ni:!i:" It'-nds n:l V'arranls. Vis
cauet t' :ijmfr-ial I-'apt-r. reApi-r t'.erosits re
on iHm:ie!. nRrl?T:::Vp Cc Heoiioiis and
Lr:'.-:t- t n ?(-ntril bn-Tikimj busings.-..
1 '-rt:-e hoiirH from i a. 1-1. lo 4 p. in.
3t.-. M. W. K AI.ES. Cashier.
5 A Es? J?j eif.
E- Ssm Pi b hi Gi, W
'T''W'l'Sii secured flic services of :r.
Jl a i:l1C(tS J. KALPH, from the
f'irnia ArA Onicc. Sn:i Fraiicitco, m
repfi:vtl lo nuikc prompt n?urii of all era
nun(.THis. jroid djat and buioa subinitte
lar Stay or
Quantitative or Qualitative
Will sewl by rrttirn eUaire refnlt ef nil
ain!ea by mail cr exireis, when
accompanicu oy c;v(?u.
in.qle Aeay for Got.1 and Kitver
.'uiijar -
CtoM. Silver ami Coj-per
Special terms Io n-.Ol nitii-
.. ! H
.. 3 (0
... 2 .'0
.. 5 00
l'rescott, it SO, 1SS0. BLxtCH &. CO
B J3
p. ?? n f? ?a s
The Kr.r:cr--.nefl hay it received a 1ft:
nn.i cui.-.i.Ji;tt? u.-iu: l.ne:it of
v."sr; t:o rts
Which sre of a hettpr qn!ity and will be
soia c.'icuper tnnn at Ins
Saeii factory ia Prsestt.
Ai! order promptly nttfirniod to. Adam-
-;rc-rr. oiie-kuli hlcic . m-rtn or 1 1: o Ik-niU!
Lr&. A JCT . m a y-v a
Harisgatall time tha
Accommodations for Horsss,
Of anv i:i North.-rn A- roni. Tho andt-r-
i:u-ci .le-ire to Iha-. his cutwrHL-rs lor
ihuir fcrnit-r atroiiH ' and rem-!.- a con-tiii-.-.ttnt-c,
:is wt-tl a to invite all othere to
uive him a call.
East side Plaza, Prescott, A. T, ell
ii b
Boot and Shoe Hake
Vt'asWnicn street. nt!Joinix tlie
Fa-hionah!e Boots and Shoes ef the best
material mad to order in elegant style.
Perfect Fits Guabanteed.
I ctve my entire attention tt custom made
work, and I huve every facility for tri vmr
entire eatUfeu-tion. bend iu vour ordora.
NOTICE is hereby given
that the County and Terri
torial Taxes of Maricopa
County for the year 1SS0,
are now due and payable
at my office, at the Agency
of the Bank of Arizona,
in rhcenix, and if not paid
on or before' December
15th, 1880, will become
Phcexix, A. T., )
. Sept. 3,1880. j"
Uil I S CE L L A 2n L O Uf5 -
u .-a jl
lye, rrr.onAsrD tttt: i
t:: of J. 1 W'iit-v, f l.ii.t rf.-;-t
t- !i :'::s v:.:!i Ii?".v ".vs ;iv-l ii. ' .'
:u:l :tr- r. -n- i:t-t:r J'i';':t .1 i;.:,n cut :v
is-M kiiet:. ..r
Men-hauiable, (''car. Fencing,
tic nr.d Si:r!;ieed, M:tt bed
F 1 o o 1 ' i ! '. g . 1 e -' e 1 e v 1
Sid in r,
lath, Shiiiilrs,
Snip!-., )or.s, Mot'.l'liji-.
&c, r.t
nt our
Dice co.-i
UK1) Ultt'K Flit
!es h -f.tre J-:! reV'i-; j
C'lte Hi:u .i i 'ir. tn .'ri -
eiaCi), '
Hisstc-urr oi
for Arizona.
Conveyancer and Geceral Btt
Oct 25,3moa.
MfsJ5 Ihe recoil r merit of thf rat;or.al nr-
ic::i p!i jJo.'Opi-i v which at pre-ent pr:'V:;iN. t
it i-i a jxti ctiy ptve v-'tabie r in-f
CTiihrnci: rh" three nir.n.riint pr:r'.-fi j
ot pi--V'jiit:itiv.. a tonic m d nn nkV.-iuvo. '
It fortifies the borT a-'inns! inv:-;-
orTi'' s :;nd re-vtr-liz- s ih torpid !'i i: :i-:.
iiml liver, ami iMTects a n.o-t -n:u -irv'
cliann in the entire system, hen iu i
rsK-i hid cond tirn.
For fale by ail nrtieiyi
or:i. '.y
ts and Di-il.-s
m i. I i ij 3
GZO-W-CUSTiS. Freer:
Two and oas-Tialf ntilcs south o!
Merchantable, Clear,
Kustic Lumber,
Matched Floorirp;
Casings, Mouldings,
Panelings and Shingle?
IIavin.tr now ccirp-Ieto-!, an-1 in fi;-i
opetaf ioti, r-iy nevr S:lw iii,
I am jirt-jHTe! to fii or
ders for
In short, everything in ri;
line tor tne construc
tion cf
Ti'KISS: - 'asJi on Ir!iv ry
All orders sent by mail.
or through the merchants
prompt attention.
Geo. U . Curtis.
- -a
t rrr j i
rr r ? : i
Dissasssof the Kidncvs L B:ac!ijr
DAMHN'Ams ilrpt madf an'l rtrar.l: hr j
I ho Moxlcans as a Tosic f'-r Le !vuacii I
and iiowKi.s.
DA.iIAXA is acknrm-!ci'--t hy Ilios.- thut
havo n. d It lo be a j,-n;H IxviiioIiiTvK
ami Nkkvink.
DA. Mi AN A acts dirocrty upon the Kidnkys.
makini; ttn-m atronm-r.
DAMIAN'A is a spli-nili-.t Laxntiyp rorthr
Bowels, tlms koi-jiii-.j; the J-iveu t..-a
beeomlu" ToBi-tu.
Sole Agents for
Arizona and New 3Ioxic iu the 17.
aud Suiioru, Mexico.
-4 : - j '. . -
V -5. . . - - 1 I
1 1
An.! AU t.iM
r, .
1 i
f A.'i x-
' 1 - r
I : 1 x . .- . - v '
V '-. l-'l
: -..T.'. I
: Shipped Direct for - 895,
j.h-d owl i-i i fc - '.-"--"'.-.'-'- 4k
t&sei 01 : :y
Brsn v "'ch lho t.-t- y z j esi . i ?... -,.. -.- &'
C Vt.nl t V . " - r: i - t t ., . i. -i .1 .. r-
icy tv t j- l v vi tti is,s.m
il:rhly S.If w'l! c
It is so joiur.ii -ii jhS....aa ...t.
r of tun :iv i --! v r- . . i' "
errri ff 1 f t
It il? 1: i!-.--.- - i.- j . V (h.--
tlc iL'rv'v. i4tk-,; is "- ' - - 1 - -ii -
I'vHJv. ailil ts ra:; -.-,'t-..t ITS I -1" i. .- - .- - J-1
t.is t:-e t :hj s.,t"---i : v -s. v r r -
Ivii-fe." th-:-..e to ?he ' ". '..'-.
Every Orfia t RJ3r
l l:r? ti niwlit C: i
f :: i. ' -.'.
!',...- ,-fK:-.-:-rx t
Tt.' r-r t :- - - , - r .. . w , - .
i .t ;
ai-. ti-
1 cctr- ; - - i
f"Ti '.-1-. a v-;-.
u--.- r. . . "
t.-.;. .1. '.. : ,
r : I .1 .T.
IT. ir't IVcr .
. i . - v.,
, v .
1 ,
r ' v ..- -v ; ' '
h - s X y .v.,. -t V-
tri-f Tt' i
- - s
.. -
i - i
-' .

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