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The Phoenix herald. (Phoenix, Maricopa County, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1879-1882, June 16, 1882, Image 3

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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... . Th Army.
' Vabtivgt x, Jure 9- It Is le
lieved the co'.ter--nce of 'he commit
teen oa Ihe array bill will fix the are
for rojui ulsory teiinment ai !-ix'y
two years and make it icoord wi.h
the Ihw jcven.i"S the navy.
Ifcaldi's Funeral.
M AOD.vLBa"A, June 9 The remia
r of Gi;ib.i!ti were interred in ine
'' " cemetery of C'apn-ia jeslerday after-
' '; hd. A storm o' mum nd r in
tnseil the wliole lime. Tlie c..JJln
i Waa covered with enilamls, lrne by
ronr of the veterans .f llie Sicilian
campaign and followed tv the Duke
of Genoa. S'iirnor Seranlella, G'D.
Ferrero, rTr-citations of b th
Chambers of Delegates, three bun
dled warronn and associations. A
srx-erh was made at the g are iy the
. Vice-Priest or the Chamber or t fa
pi. A1! appixude I 'he ieeds of the
deceined. Ab the c Inn w !oweii
into the grave. salute were find by
lb Italian mnJi sr.
Ws (.iil!ic -m tti Copilf.
San FBAifc-w.o, Jine9 Nsma;l-
' pox has hero fii-cove. e1 on I oar
the s'eamer Coiou. The steamer
w as d-cte.l thi eve in if and the
P"senger ill be allowed to land
to-ui rn-w. '
- ' i A fx r Bnk BoViera
St. Louis. Juue 9. Tiie Br-ok-fleld
nibbeis are Fiurounded. a tew
iui-ea northeast f Maron by lire
hundrei mei- Their rapture it con
sidered cortnia Two of this pursu
ing party have been sliglitlv wound
ed and one of the rob!ic.-a badly hurt.
If thvre ia any ade npt to iirenk
tlnongb, they will be shot down
without mere". The whole country
is in arms.
Later The robbeis have len
C-adenel Telerrams
At AkC'tt, Alexandria plate was
won by Fiddler; F xhall, second;
Pitmn-1, ihinl; Exeter. Fourth.
The mine of the Lehi and W rke
bmreCoal Company is on fire. One
iundrrd men are enga ged in fightio
tha flames. At the time ihe fire was
dic-ivered. a lures rumkr of miners
were in the shaft and were compel 'ed
to travel thtoiigh the ahandoned
workings in order to make their es
cape. This It the third time the
mine has been on fire, and it is
Itinwn as an extiem- ly troublesome
Silver King; declares a dividend of
twety-five cents.
J. Taylor and J. A. Peterson, nart
urr ia the I urning 'oscw mine.
were walking alone the street i f
San Bernardino, on Tliursdsiy, when
: Peterson pulled a levolver and fa
llal 'y wounded Taylor. A Mr. Hirt-
tnnn interfered and had a button
- shot ff hi vesc. Peterson then
placed the pisio'i t- his own heart
.'and died almost instantly. The
cause i nuknown.
It ia charged that the star-route
jury is under suspicion of crooked.
ednesa. JtideeWylie sarsthat when
Jnrr are regularly accepted, it is
cmet injustice tor t,.e papers to crit
icise them.
' - The Oerman Lutheran Synod is in
e?ion at La Crosse.
.., Lncius Robinson, of Boston, died
n Thursday.
The pwofflce at Clumbns. III.,
was r hl-ed this week. $2,000 in
government check were t;'ken, be
sides stamps and 150 or 2f.O waiche
' that were m the sale,.
-' E, A O'Neal was nominated for
governor of Alabama.
. Fighting is resumed in Herz"go
Tins. An Austrian bnttalion whs
' attacked ofi the 2.id inst., bv 230 in
surgents near Morini. The An.
tiian were surpri sed a-.d compelled
to retreat with a loss of 95 killed.
The insii'gents lost twenty-six ki.l d
and wou ded On the 3rd iiict., the
insure' nts de-iroved the Austrian
t arrack 8 at Bi.cbiana, killing 23
tsop?; the rex I fled.
- Laredo, Texas. hd a terrifi" hsil
torm, yeslenlay, wh'vh lasted thirty
. minute-. O'.e man wna killed by
brie l s from a falling biildi-ig,
. A resTvoir broke at Portland Me,
ye"'rdy, and the wate r el.e.1
dowii Vtiffhan siret t, cu 'in clian
' nelu ten feet wid.,andcarrjing away
pavemenK. curb t nes and sriade
tree, and ftrod.ng cellars. Jfo per.
oti injured.
An immense forest fir- U raeinz
ibetw-en Wra - and Ellen Jiincti'm,
sn.o'.e covering wid-U-rri ory. The
foreots ar ve-y dry, and the couatry
is gtcatly alarmed.
Indian De redaliena.
Ft. Thomas, Jun - 1 ). News hav
ing ben reireived ihnt a party of In
lians had driven ofi twen'y.five he.d
Ol horses from the ranrh of r. 8a. n
aiieieiro, at Point of Mountain, Cel.
Br'kelt sent o-.it Lict. AicKMy,
with a Company of third C"VI--ry,
to scout the Aravipa cany- n in
. starch of the hostile. So r-oon is
yet received fr. m him. A pnrtv of
fri n'lly India .s stampeded a part of
the mule he-d t elongini to the po t
last night, near the A pacha cro.-sin
tha Gila river, but itfter a vig now
effort the mules were recaprmed
. Washtsgtos, J-ine 10. Senator
Jons intioduced in the fenate, es
terday, x bill now in th Judi-il
Committee of the House, in wliich
he proposes to allow the Texas Pa--c;flc
Railroad compinies of New
Mexico and Arizona, Ihe L s Angeles
& San Dieiro Ilailr ad company and
tb -outhern Pacific B ilroad cora
. iwnvof California toc.msolidaie, ai.d
under the name and -tvle ui
Er-Vice-President Wheeler plead
ill health, and declines to de a mem
ber of the Tariff Commission.
A ilinpatoh from El "aso savs that
a numiKT of railroad hands attacked
-'me Mexirans t Sco ranch, on ihe
9ili, thn Ameri;ans and several
Mexicai.s.beingkilled in tetnooun
i or.
The Californii silk factory and
five dwellinjts were burned in South
an Francisco, on tn- 9.h.
A virulent type . if small pox made
ite aprearance hi Se ttt'e, W. T., upo i
N. fl iltleo. of the Nellie Bord C'm
in tiitn, ml he was prompt I v
placed in the pet house.
It i und.T-tood that becretarv
Folser has determined r.non aclisnse
in the office of Superintendent of En-
irravma' an T fnnt as-
e. Corl'ir Jx. o.'s envelop fac
tory at Rockville, Conn., vn dam
ng-dto the amount of $100,000, oa
the 10 h.
After a conference, rn the 10th, the
men in the ;in i nan iron mills
agreed to go to worfc on Monday at
the same pr.ee- as when they qi
work, and t- remai't at wrii li.l ihe
sca'e is fixed at ritt-bu--g.
The floods on the Frazer river are
doine ereat damaee.
Mrs. Ca-par Sevbo'd, Chicsgo. on
the night of the 10th, dressed her
our cbi'dren nioe'y at.d then gave
t .em s ryrbnine; she then donned a
gay chemi e and took Ftrychnine.
Vlien thi tiiisln' d re:U'nec, she tol.l
him to come in and t tho children
l Mcelv dressed and "one to
heaven. She di.d next morning
Rl.-t In ;trt.
AI.RXAXDR1A. June 12 Serious
ri ta occurred yesterday between Ihe
natives and Luropeans and -eveial
persons were killed and woundud
and a number of houses destroyed.
I he po ice at first remained inactive
and the riotous u-.monstration later
took place before tt e French con
sulate, to which several of those
m rially wounded were carried. The
disturbances continued five hours
befo e the authorities took any steps
to suppress 'hem. The English con
S'U was severely hurt, receiving a
guns-hot wound, and the engineer of
the Bri ish man-of-war "'Superb'
wis ki.iea. me atsturna-ice c u-
tinued five hours when the military
appeared and disper-ed the rioters.
In the riots, the Greek consul and
Italian con-ul were severely wound
ed. The Biitish man-of-war "Su
perb" will arrive in p rt during the
night and wiil protect the Briti-h
consul ite, and boats wiil be sent to
take off all British sub,ects wli i de
sire to leave Alexandria. It is opti
ma e I that twenty persons were
ki.Ied in the riots, bnt the exact par
ticulars arc unattainable. So far as
ascertainable, the rioting com
menced on the streets and the imme.
diate cause the stabbing of a Mai.
tese. A mob of natives collected on
tne streets with stu-ks, and made
their way lo the giaat square, where
they demolished t' muic pavilions
and the furniture in the adjni ing
cafes. All the European subje- ts
left the square and took refuse for
some time at the French consulate.
The soldiers were cal.ei out, out
they looked' on without interfering
during the work of demolition and
bloodshad. The mob sacked the-
murder of Bondsman. There is
tals of revenge by a part of the col
ored people, though most of them
say the punishment was deserved.
Storm Mm Colorado.
Denver, June 12. One of the
heaviest rain stoims ever known iu
this section swept over Denver lat
nizht doiig thousands of dollars
worth of damage in the city and
sunrtunding country; Several
houses near Platte river were swept
away and two men and three chil.
dren drowned. It is feared other
lives were lost- At Goidin, several
houses were was ed away. Ihe
iery will not join in any conspiracy
against the Khedive.
Lo.voojr, June 13. A dispatch
from C tiro -ays: At a meeting of
foreign consuls with Dervich Pa
sha, the Khedive and Arabi Pasha,
a solemn engagement was entered
into tlia the Khedive should under,
take to main ain order and that
4;a!i Pasha .should sirictly obey ai
the Khedive's commands; Di-rvisch
Pa-ha has agreed to accept a joint
respou ibili y with A abi Pasha for
the pres rvatio.i of order. The proj
eit to carry the Khedivp, DervisCh
Pasha ard the BriVish a. id French
Cambrian fire-brick works were cmcis to th citadel is freely dis-
strucK ry liglitmg ana completely l cast e 1
shops of Europeans anl Egyptians.
The troops occupy all pouiU in the
city. K.ttherne des Sours, inhabite i
chiefly bv Europea is, was complete
ly wrecked. The Europeans fired
from the windaws, killing many
Arabs. The latter made terrible
havoc among the Europeans in the
IrlaH Aeita Ion
Dublin, June 12. Hi Irish Bish
ops have ls-uel an i.npnant ad
dress promising the support of the
clergy to the. people in peacefully
agitating for their riht--, but con
demning as the w rst enemies of the
couidry the men who dvocate ille
gjl courses, particularly tho-ie e
loiigini! to rerret societies. The
B'uhop-i con 1 mn the recent horri
ble in ur ers, but belu-ve they were
due to the evictions which it is the
duty of the government to stop at
any cost.
Kehoooer Capsized.
San 'ranciico, June 12. A Vic
toria, B. C, di patch sa-s: About
thirty miles S'u:h f Cape Flattery,
a sch-ioniT of a hundred tons bur
den has been fou .d, bottom side up.
The vessel discovering the schooner
made fa.-t to h. r. but was forced by
foul weather to ca-t her off. The
us me ot the vessel was under water
!iut thewords "San Francis o'' coul 1
be seen. Nothing is known con
cerning the fate of the crew.
Fr-ttmbln .adjournment.
Washington, Ju ie 12. Repre
sentatives ofbo'h parties are begin
ning to talk hopefully of an adjourn
ment within the next tuirty 'davs.
Ways and Mean Committee wi l
meet on I'nesday tj consider the
subject and some of its me nb-rs
W ....... ...... . . . I . . 1111
bou hern Pacific Railroad Company ' Vnk it possible to get away by Fri-
and onfeiS upon the three first . uay, J uiy .
named companies, or consolidate !
companies, all the fram-hises and
snd rights alloweil a d authority
granted to and privileges conferred
npon the Tex Pacific Co-, by the Act
of March, 1871, relating to th-t part
of the Texas P cific railroad situated
west of the Rio Grar.de. and run
' firming to them the icrant of public
la .d of the Texas Pacific by the act
ot Man h, 1871. The condi'ioh at
"'tached is that the whole of the rail
road shall ' be operated as one con.
" inuous line. -
. CBdea4 Telegram.
The Mexican Congress hss repeal
ed the export doty on si ve'r coin and
-u1Kob.- ' r"
Gov. Phelps, of Missouri, defines
to-be in ember f tie Tariff Com
H'sry Rainfall.
Chicago, June 12. Specials from
Southeastern Iowa, Westeru Missou
ri and Central Illinois report wide
spread ami very heavy rain storms,
in places assuming the form of wa
terspouts and doing much damago
to property, washing away bridges,
railroad tracks, etc. ISo Uvea are
reported lost.
A Mnrderrr l.yrn4
Lawsenoe, Ks., June 12. Peter
Vinegar, George Robinson ' and Ike
ting were taken from jail Saturday
morning at one o'clock by rigilantes
and hamred from a bridge Uft tha-
Condensed Telegrams.
A meeting Wm hela in Hdepark,
London, yesterday afternoou to pro
test against the Repression Bill.
Thirty thousand persons were pres
The Furnace at Braddock, Penn-
syleania, of the Edgar Thompson
iterl works exploded j-c-sterday
morning, fatally irjuring assistant
Siinertutendent Allen and three
other men.
Uine Fxpion'oa.
Sax Fmancisco, June 13. A VI
gmia City, rsev dispatch says a
premature explo-d in of a blast at
the Cnion Consolidate I mine last
evening instantly killed Jno. Black
and F. Brown. Jno Beargo was
fatally injured and R. Hi.ks serious
ly nurt. No other men were in the
drift at the time of the explosion
The cause of the explosion, is not
known war blown ill to pices.
Indians and Cowboy's.
Chicago, Juue 12. George A. For-
sythe is here. In an interview re-
gardirg the Apaehes, he says: Sec
retary Teller's policy in disarming
the Indians meets with the warm
appr-vi.1 of all officer0, and will do
much towards preventing oulbreaks
and raids. The rapid development
of railroads in Mexico and portions
cf Arizona is also doing much to
settle the vexed Indian question.
'''he proclamation of tho PresMent
to the cowboys, while som-wbat
sneered at, has really been pro iuer
ive of m;:oh eood, allhough the cit
izens of the two territories had com
bined to put them down in many
instances. With the Indians and
c-.wboys out of the wav the mining
aud grazinir interests of these Terri
tories will appreciate rapidly.
Abont Blaine.
Chicago, June 13. The Inter-
Ocean's Washington special says:
The report wh."u again come- Irom
Maine that Bluinu will run for Gov
ernor, is discredited Here. iast
week Blaine told your correspond-
ent that he was out of politics and
that he was a coal merchant. ,
Compnlaoy Retirement.
Wasaisgto, June 13. The house
has -on urred in- the Senate amend
ment to an army appropriation bill
fixing cumpwlsory retirement in the
army at the age of 64 years.
Remteratt Sanjruine.
Washington. June 13. Since the
Republican majority in the House
f Rep-esen Jitives baa unse;Ue-1
three southern Democrats wno
claimed to havelieen elected, repoits
hero reached the Democratic man
agera have of great discouragement
among the Southern Democrats.
The feeling seemed to be that if the
Republicans obtained a majority in
Ihe next House they would proceed
to unseat every Southern Democrat
whosffseat was co-. tested, and the
and the eon equ nee would be tha"
candidates in close districts could
see verv little encouragement for
them to make a congressional race.
These reports excited n lit le p.
p eheiisioa Cere, ai:a a'ler comer
rins to gether 'he Sou'hern members
decided :o m ike a thoiough canvass
for the purrose of ascertaining, if
possible, what the political complex
ion of the next house would proba
bly ite. Two of the members have
make his canvass within a f-w days
and as a result of their inquiries
have figured out a Democr.itle ma
jority of ten in the next House
They reach thi- coni lnsion by count
ing on sure gain bs follows: In
Connertieu-, South Carolina, Illi
nois, We-1 Virginia. Wlsronsia and
California one each; Texas and
F-enn?.yl ania five each; Indiana and
Ohio three each ; New York two,
and Missouri four. Tbey expect
to make other -rains in such States
as Massachusetts, Maine and New
Hampshire, but these do not enter
into the figures upon which they
b.tse the probable majority of ten.
The only State in which they expect
a less in Nevada, and they think the
chances are that tbey will lose but
one Representative there, The re-s-ilts
as reached by these gentlemen
with figures as given above, have
been sent to the various stale execu
tive committees in the South in the
b"pe of restoring confidence in that
Farther Kerts ot tHo Riot.
Alexandria, June 13. The re
port of the murder of the engineer
of the British man-of-wat. "Superb,"
is not generally credited. The pa
trol on the street has been doubled.
Cairo. June 13. At a meeting of
the n'ili ary leaders it was decided
t petition the Khedive to abdicate,
and it was -declared that if he did
not ho would be massacred. -.It is
raatoYied that the eantlry and srtU-
Advices from Alexandria la?e last
night state that the discurbances
commenced simultaneously at three
different points. The object of the
rioters in a great measure appears to
have been pillage, in whieh the Le
va nines, as well as -Arabs, partici
pated. A regiment of cavalry and a
retriment of infantry bae been or
dered to rel. force the garrison.
Cot.CsfROS, Oh o. June 13. Ex-
Governor Denn'son is gradually de
clining, am! death is looked for at
any hour.
Lokdos, June 13- GnmbctU w;ll
likely visit England during the com
ing week.
? Kid to Testify.
Washington, June 14. The
nouse Fjrei-.-n Affairs Committee
having concluded the examination
of Blaine, will to-morrow examine
special envoy Tresott as to his
kn iwledge of the papers" missing
from the files of tho State Department."
Springfield Mass,, June 14.-
Prendergasf's house at Mousan bis
b u tied His roothei piri-heJ and
his fathr-r ij fa'ally bnrned.
Japanese Indemnity.
Washington, June 14. The Sen
ate has passed the Japanese Indem
nity bill to pay seven hundred and
eighty-five thousand dollars.
Ntrnrk bv Htriker.
Cleveland, O., Ju e 14. The
strikers attacxed the non-union men
under pollee scort, and many were
severely b art by missiles. Six
strikers have been arres'ed.
Anthony lwF.Ifi-l1.
Providence, J'ine 14. The Legis
lature of Rhode Island ha- elected
Hinry B. Anthony to his fifth term
in th.. United States Senate.
fofe -r r lay era Arreted.
New York, June 14. Last night
.ir. Monti evi lie, M- Hedges a den
tal surgeon and a sporting man wee
arrested here on a benc-i warrant is
sued by the Justice of the Supreme
Court on complaint of Francis P.
Weed, of this city, wno charges that
Hedges and William M. Si o't, the
latter from Califorria, with conspir
acy to defraud. The three i layed
a game of poker in ihis ci y in June
ot 1 ist year, betting $150,003 oa a
single hand. Weed and Hedges
lost. Weed now charges that the
hands were put uo by Hedges and
Scoti, they to divide t.ie winnings.
For tires.
Milwaukee, June 14. The forest
fires are now destroyiug the best
pi -e in Clark county, and the indi
cations are that the destruction will
be greater than that during the
greai Peshiigo fire which occurred
the same year Chicago burned. The
fire is rushing northwest with fear
ful rapidity, and it will reach Eau
Claire river inside of two d.iys, a .d
ai) the logging cam 03 will be des
troyed. Oregon Cr!m.
Portland, J unn 14. Las' night,
Peter Carlson, of Astoria, shot aud
dangerously wounded Jame Scott.
He surren lered to the authorities.
. Sunday mo-nin;, Miss Maude, a
cour esan, shot an i instantly killed
a half-breed name 1 W. Fil'on' at
Cabinet landing, Washington Terri
tory, Fiiton had quarreled with
the woman and meeting her soon
after savasrely assaulted her. when
she d--w a pistol and s!io him dead.
The coroner's jury rendered a ver
dict of justifiable homicide.
The I on Mill-.
Cleveland, Juue 13. Everything
is quiet among the strikers.
Piti'sburg, Pa., June 13. All is
quiet. President B irrett, now it:
St. Louis, has l-een heard from. He
is of the opinion that the weste- n
mills will soon be in operation. The
Apollo iron works will resume on
Wednesday with non-union men.
lennessee xreenbaelcers.
Nashvii-le, June 14. The con
vention of Greeubackera in session
here to.day nominated J- R- Benslry
for governor. The platform of 1880,
adopted at Chicago, was reaffirmed.
ntt-Maehlne Republicans.
New York. June 14. The An:i
Machjne Republican General Con
vention was or-'amzed I"St nieut
with 147 delegates, representing six-
teen districts. Resolutions were
adopted denouncing the party in
this city as being under tlie conto)
of ten men, for whose candidates
they will not vote.
' Another Habeas Corpus.
Washington, J uae 14. -Justice
Bradley has under consideration ao
application for a writ of habeas cor
pns in the ease of Gutteari, madj
upon ibe grounds thai the Oriialual
.Ctrarthadjpd JurldlothJO- '
TtToe'litriorm A; "M or U7ll TT1 ft S
Ot the beet brands always oa hand.
3YJ It )) HVrf lOlS
Bank txchanel
WMMnstoa street opposite tbe I
This new hotel is mow open for tb
accommodation of the traveling
Tho rooms are well ventilated and
hnndaomelv furnished in suits and
sin He. Suoerior accommodations
for families. The aim of the propn
etorwill be the comfort and wellare
of his guests.
Rooms Ffific.l I j T i fxi
Billiard Table and Barf
Connected with the House.'
Ail the Finest Liquors & Cigars
The principal Eastern, California anJ
Arizona papers Kept on lue.
A share of the public patronage
CRISMA1T, TUEMA1T & CO. Props." 33
Flour Barn and Shorts OnH and
At all times at wholesale!or retail - i
i- -AX ln-n--sTss """ ' T-Sa --K-iMMC g
H. S. CROCKER & 00.
Importing Stationers,
and ...
ilercantile Job Pinters,
Cabinet Saloon
215, 217 and 219 BUSH STREET,
SanFanclsco Ca
NEW SALOON mew Atlantic Hotel
Corner Washington and Center
207 F1ontgomeiy Avenue,
Corner Kearny Street, - - - San Francisco, Cal.
TOM W JSHITH. Proprietor.
The rooms of this new Hotel are
1 newly fitted uy, and furnished
with entirely new turniture
Everything is Neat and Clean.
let bo the Day, Week or
can be obtained in tb
At the Bar can always be found
Wines Liquors' & Ctears
Of the beet i:rands in Iowa
Paul R. Ruben,
Cigrars, Tobacco, ' Yankee
Notions, Smokers' Ar
tic!es, Stationery,
Cutlery, Can
dies, Nuts,
Newspapers. Etc.
MTashingti t?t., opposite the Plaza
.... AND ...
HAIR dresser;
One Door West of Montezuma Ji
Geo. D. Clark,
Opposite the-Flaza,
" RepKlrinfl Fine Watebap'roade
pdc1aHg. " -
Williams Lodging ouse
Thoroughly Penovatcd and Refurnished, and Rooms' ar
new offered for Rent
By the Day, Week-or Month,
tr3 This Ecuse is Bard Firanishcd.
Large srd Any. Eeds Ckau aud
nd the Situation is the Best in Prescott.
Room ar
rhe Leader of the Leaders
Dealers in

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