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The Phoenix herald. (Phoenix, Maricopa County, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1879-1882, June 16, 1882, Image 4

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.u ?.i 3 lis iijrald. .
Friday. ..... JTaae 1. WHX.
All badness local in this eolnmn will
Va charged at the rate of U emits pat li-e
for flra' insert! mi and ceut pjr line for
aali additional inaertioa.
Prom Saturday's Daily.
Take th children to sabbath schoo
Billy Blankenship haa returned
from Maricopa.
Herculano Gastelum. so well
known in' Phoenix' is coining back
before the 4tli of July.
Kelly & Griffith have Just finished a
line job of painting in Dr Tuibodo'a
C. S. Coolidge left yesterday after
noou far Tucson, and will return
Sunday morning.
Everybody read City Ordinance
No. 27. It will be found on the
this page.
Tha New Mexlco-.Vriz.iM railroad
has been completed from Benson to
Caaa BIanca,a distance of bixty-n.ne
and a half miles.
Remember the children's services
to-morrow evening. There will be a
chsico programme, and probably a
very full attendance.
The sermon to-morrow night at
the M thodiit Episcopal Church
will be dispensed with on account of
the children service- Lot every
body attend and make the children
. Judge Pomeroy, from the Mesa,
is in town ta-day. He reports every
ilonrisUinir, the grain all harvested.
and the fruit doing well.
Ah He, the I hiniman wno es
caped from jail at Vulture City, was
re-arrcs:ed at Wickenburg and
brought in on this morning's stage
tie ii now taking a Turkish bath in
the "cooler."
The Rev. Henry Ward Beechfr
ays that a disordered stomach will
prevent a man fro'-Q being eood
more than two hours day. Ex.
There must be considerable indi
rection in the Southern part of the
Mr. Gladstone, in his speech on
the budset. says: "The domestic
nse of tea is advancing at such a
rate that there you have r powerful
champion, able to encounter alco-
lolic drink in a fair field and to
throw it in a fair light."
A recently propounded conundrum
y a member of the Lower House of
the British Parliament: "What is
the difference between the House of
Commons axd the House of Lords?
Aawer: "One has ability and the
othei has nobility."
Phoenix has never known more
delightful weather than we have at
present. The temperature is moder
ated to a point wbicb suits every
body, provided they have blankes.
Last night it was really cold, and to
.day. although the sun shines in
clear sky, we have a delightful and
Invigorating breeze from the west.
The Democratic portion of th
community are putting their beads
together, to-day, and will n. doubt
concoct some terrible mixture with
hich to paralyze the Republicans.
Wl think we have read somewhere
ft la mountains, after, "a heap of
trouble," bringing forth a mouse.
San Diego is somewhat cxci'ed
vr the prospective development of
the coal deposits near Point Loma,
-and steps are to be at once inaugu
rated to open them. The coal is said
to be of a very superior qualify and
.an important industry is expected to
'be derived therefrom. Citizen.
A ttamp printer, who arrived in
Los Angeles a few days ago, made
his way through Aiizona by an in.
genious expedient. It is well known
that Indians are allowed to ride free.
.Blacking up his face but very little,
for he is swarthy, and donning an
-eld rotten blanket, the tramp board
ed the train aa came into California
free. After earning a stake here he
continued bis journey north.
The City Council means business
this time and show it by their ac
tions. We noticed one piece of work
this morning which has long been
Seeded. The crossings at the inter
section of Cortez and Washington
streets, at Monihon's corner, were
made passable by taking up the old
culverts and replacing them with
new ones, much stronger and larger.
This is an improvement which has
long been needed, and onr Council,
deserves credit fur their prompt ac
tion in the matter.
The Democratic party in Arizona
cannot harmonize. It will split on
the decency line. Strange as it may
seem, there are many good people
wbo have affiliated with that party
in the past. These recognize the
depths ot indecency and degradation
to which that party has been plunge 1 :
in the Territory by those who manip
ulate it. The respectable Demo
crats will vote for the Republican
nominees in preference to the cow.
boy element now dominant in their
own party. Citizen. Yuma Senti
nel. Schiefflin, the discaverer of the
Tombstone district, is still seeking
for new fields to eonquerr. He has
already completed i steamer 40x13
feet, which he will stock with four
yeais provisions for six men, and
will start this month qn prospect.
In? trip ap the Yukon River in
A'aslca. It seems that numerous
sp'endid specimens of gold ore have
been brought from the bead waters
by the Indians and Schiefflin is de
termned to fled the source from
-.vhence they come.
Simon Prazer, of New Yoik State,
rau-t have been a "daisy" for Tu k.
le fought im the war of 1812, drift
ed ashore on a ainele timber frm
his rat which the St. Lawrence rap
ids had knocked lo piece, was
::lnwn fifteen feet into the air by a
premature blast, assisted in a boiler
explosion on the Hudson, was
brought home half dead from three
other accidents, of which the partic
ular have not been preserved, t wie
ecovered from illness after his dw-
ors had given him up, nd finally
die peacefully at the age of 105
Had it not been for the vigilance
if Tom Rogers and Louis Gazelle we
might have had quite an interesting
item on escaped pri-oners to-lay
It seems that they heard a suspicious
onnd in the jail, and soinr in to
investigate, found that Miller and
mother prisoner, who were co-id e.l
n the south compartment ot he
cage had succeeded in sawing
through one of- the iron bars. They
wee immediately rvmoved to an-
O'.brr compartmei-t. and this morn.
ing the knife was found with which
they did the business. It was a case
kaife which hid seen brought in
with their meals, nnd had been
notched so as to make a saw. The
bar which wa cut was the same one
that Alfredo Brown tried his banft
on when he was confined there and
sawed more than half through
before he waa discovered.
From Monday's Daily.
-Here I am."
No California mail yesterday.
Jndje DoForest Porter and J tJgt
Prince, of New Mexico, have re
sign sd.
Water melons from Sonora were in
Tucson on sale yesterday.
Pinal claims to have the best jail
in the Territory.
Silver King shipped eight bars of
bullion on Saturday.
Mohave county is 208 miles long
by 68 miles wide.
The Wallace Sisters played at Sil
ver King last night.
Alexander Goodfellow now has a
deed to the Red Rover mine.
Barney Martin, Prescott, indicted
for perjury, haa been discharged.
Hon. H. M. Van Arn.an has be
come a member of the Arizona bur.
The Sentinel prints advertisements
for '1 erriiorial prison supplies. Bids
will be opened June 30.
Mormons sre settling every avail
able spot in northern Arizona, says
a Hackberry correspondent of the
The military telegraph line be
tween Maricopa and Tnoon has
been removed as far as Florence.
Prof. Churrh, t' e Terri'orial Com
missioner to the Denver Exposition
is said to be using every effort to
make the Arizona exhibit a success.
A tenderfoot found a "varmint, up
a tree at Johnny Duke's, near Pres
cott last week. It proved to 1k
California lion and measured, when
killed six feet in length.
The Tiger Consolidated Mining
Co. has bought, from Levi Hashfnrd,
200 feet of ground adjoining the
original Tiecr, for $11,750 The
pump in the Tiger is working, ami
it is probable that the camp will
grow more lively.
Buckee" O'Neil and D. 8. White
two old Phoenix printers re.urned to
their old stamping grounds yesterday
They look well and hearty after their
And still another of oar bachelors
has deserted the ranks and taken
unlo himself he degree of benedict.
Slowly, but surely, our numbers di
minish and in a few years there ma
be some old '"bach" who will look
back on the years gone by and ask
"Why is this thusly !" Neri Osborn
has deserted us. Well, Nick, good-
by I May time strew around you it
choicest treasures, and may . love's
garlands be twined around jour
choson one's brow, and may fortune
clothe you with riches, is the ilut-
alq's lasting wish.
June 11th, at the residence nf J.
T. Alsap, in this city. Neri F.
Osborn to Miss Marilla W. Mur
ray. Both of Phoenix.
From Tups lay's Daily J
A great many' are coming from
Tucson to at le 'id 'he Fi.-a:a.
Hon. W. M. Stewart left this af
ternoon for Ca np Grant.
Cary is putting up a new furniture
wareh-iUjo next ta Lis carpenter
shop. " "
SI nior Arnold and c'r', Geo H.
Ti-iker, passed through ycs'erda
for Prescott.
We will take our finger out of
oo k in a day or t and will be
-tble to drive things.
Our paper will be hen? tomorrow
iut we are obliged to give our pa
trons tinte ' paper to-d ly.
There arj t'-n counties in Arizona,
he largest of whic'i is Yivipai.
.ooiaiuing 30,000 squ ire mile.
The 4?iornc4 E iterprie thinks
that the census returns of Pina
c-ninty will show a population of
It has been ascertained by one ol
nr bet canva.sers that the pi ire ol
Drm oci Stic votes this year will be
Whv don't you go to E Irvine
Co.' to buy Cheap Grocvries?
A lit-le private picnic was held
yesterday afternoon in honor of the
birtbd y of Henry and Horat.o
V barton.
From our observations in Tucson,
we ran say truthfully that ii pro
portion lo aire i n 1 opulnt.on. Phoe
nix i doing n o e Mis tie s and im
proving .nach fast' r than the me
tropolis. Prepare io -s are being made for a
gia-id celebration of the coming 4th.
Several merchants and citizens hav.
subscribe d for the proper observ
ance of the day. The celebration
wiil take place on the Fiesta ground
and a gran 1 time is anticipated.
The Mormon missionaries are still
busy making converts ii. Europe,
and the Mormon recruits arc ning
at about the same rate of immigra
tion per year as they did belore the
passage ot the anti-poly .amy law
about 1,500 a year at the po: t of New
Tucson is to be ronrratulatcd on
having a justi e of the peace with
the backbone nn 1 derision of C. II
Meyer. His promptness and ienr-
lessness have w n for him a record
in Tuc-on, which is worthy of a
man of his stamp. A KepuLlican
oi tne purest cha-acter he i. sup.
portnl bv the lenders of the Demo
cratic party.
Some d tys aco. two borsos were
stolen tram Ft. Be -vie and word was
s.-nt here to look out foj the thief.
Deputy Sheriff Rogers has Dcen on
the look out and to-day track etl the
tiiief. He followed him as far 8am
Webb's place, and brought him
to jail. He goes by the name of
Tom Pothii real name being Thorn
as Hutton.
The signs of the times indicate
that this will be a winning y-ar tor
the Republican party. Arizona has
changed greatly sin -e 1880. The
immigration has been unprecedent
ed, and most of the new arrivals,' all
over the Territory, are intelligent
and hardworking people, and Re
publicans. In Maricopa county, the
Demociatic party is beco.-.ing de
moralized, the trouble beiru that
there are two different cliques who
wish to run the machine and appro
priate the spoils. 1 hey have one
paper In town he Gazette, which.
though it dors not xmounr to much
at present, is strongly Democrat c
and has ome talent to bad- it. Some
inspired idiot hi a been struck with
the idea cf starting a tuw Demo
ciatic sheet, and if this en inentiv
foolish idea is cirtiel out, whi h it
probably will be we shall have two
Dem'-cratic par-era in eppotdtion to
uk, which will on'y hi Ip along the
fun. O- e i f them, of courre, is .-me
to die, and as the Gaz-1 e ha too
many frit nds and too mu h ba. k
lame to succumb, it wi 1, of i ourse,
Ih- the other wiii.-h wl 1 cive uj the
ghoct. Un it, boys! In any case
the Herald will uot be burl.
e glean the following from the
Silver f.eef (Utah) Miner. The pnr-
ties ought to have got in before the
ensna was taken as it would have
made up partial y for those oruit-ed;
Mr. B. F.Johnson, of Spring Lake
Vilia, with a por.ion of his f..mi!y,
arrive ! in this city on Wedn.-sday .
Air. Johnson has disposed of his
large interest at the foimer p are,
consisting of fruit farms and can
ning establishment, and represents
tee vanguard of a large colony h)
are seeking less ci nt rai ted fields
wherein to build their future home..
So far ihey are in-l terniii axl a t
a i-uiUble location, but will examine
the valleys of ihe Gila and alt river
in Arizona, as well as Hie Yoka, Ja
nas and other agricultural regions in
old Mexico. Mr. Johnson, the pro
moter of this exodus, is 64 years of
age, pat iarchtarto the ful'ent sense,
beini the fa: her of for:y living
children, twenty tm-o of whom are
matried. Of the mnmber there are
twenty-five son?. This advant e par. ,
ty consists of seven families, twenty-
five persoas in ai1, with eijiht vehi
e'es, well equipped, which will
make camp asd r-mii'i ia the vicin
ity of St. tieorge until he 10th in
stant, when another contingent wi i
join them in their journey over tin
southern deserts in sean.li of th
promised land." Mr. J. E. Johnson,
oi this city, brother o B. F. John
s n, a-'d who, like him is a pioneer
in horticulture in Utah, wiil accom
pany the party.
In our Ial issue, in speaking "of '
the want of the people of Phoenix
or a railroad, we predicted that the
tuilding of one to that town would
ruin It. and gave our reasons for so
'hiaking. Judje Hancock, one t.f
;he early settlers of that pi ice and u
nost enterprising a-d public spirit
ed citizen, in a communication t:.
this paper takes issue with us, )'i the
ooirt above referred to, a d say-:
Sarth barley ind wh at tire cheapei
'.ere to-day than they are in L is An
g les, and parlies are in town now
figuring to buy barley for the t-ouih-
rn market, even with twenty-eight
and one-half miles of wagon t ans
portalion between us and the mil
road. 6c tar from the railroad hurt
ing us, it hs helped us in every
way; There has never been a time
ince the rilro d :eac-hed Maricopa,
hat, grain h is not commanded a bet
ter price here than it did in the cor
responding monih of any of 'he pre
vious rhiee years, and it commands
price that affords the farmers a
g od pr-fi'. There has never been
a dav fci- ce the railroad reached
Mnricopa that Phoenix has noi felt
its inflVe ice for good .n 1 its prog
ress and improvement bus steadily
incretsed. Its p'Ope ity t "lny is
greater than ever be for. ; here a; e
more carpc iter , masons and labor
ers at umk, ad ing to and increasing
the number of its buildings and Im
proving old ones, than ever l efore.
We have a larger crop in the valley
than we ever had before, with a f dr
orospect for belter prices than we
nave h.id before for fire ycisrs, aiid
if we had a railroad from Puoenix to
Maricopa, barley would be wor fa
more than :t is now, and we could
find a market, in the sou: ho n por
tion of the Territory for sev- ml thou
sand tons of hay at prices that would
make our f army's rich." Silver
Be t.
fFrom Wed efd .y's Daily.
HaVe yon wcund up your watch.
Murat Masterson is bock at bis
post on the Democrat.
Pn-tal serv're on a large number
of western rotites will be-discon tin
ned J one 30th.
Mack Mrrria bullion shipments
for the week is $5,310.95; toUl to
date, $543,117 26.
Mrs. G. W. Curtis and dautrhter
arrivrd Irom California this morn
ing and lef: for Preset tt.
Is it not cearly time for the Re
publicans to commence gathering in
:he bo;. s for action?
Globe's silver bullion shipment for
June, ('en days) through We Is. Far
go and company, is $3,036.49.
Han nek's new engine and thresh
er started out this morning J. W.
C'latk will maiiipulate the throt le.
Parties wishinsr full directions for
shippirg exhibi s to the Denver E.
hiliilion can procure them at this
jne oiar says: "irs the car'y
bummer who caicbe the mo; ning
cocktail." You must be an early
riser, Hughes.
A small-pox pitient was found ou
the train at Tucson. The tniire
tiain with sixty passeuars was
It ! anticipated that both the 6th
cavalry ai.d 12th infai try will soon
be ten. in ed i"r. m the Territory. Or-
ier lire t xj ected about tl.e 20 h.
The U. S Commss-inn to examine
into charges aaint Judire Por'er
passed through to-da3 Th'-y mly
slop; td one hour anil did no.hing.
The Atch!son. T p. ka & snto Fe
railioad is now relling excursion
Tickets from Kansas City to Las
Va-jas, Hot Springs, N. M.. and re
turn for f rty dt l.ais.
Ex-Mayor John S. Carr. of Tnc-
sun, i in Plio-nix on bu-incss .; wi.i p -norm tne iat am n .be irt
n.cudwith the firm. Mr. Carr t. J ma of 1 fe, ant will pav the penalty
pann r Id the bonne of Vm. B.
UiKper & Co , ar.d is well krown
throughout the Territory. He will
remain two or three d y with us.
W. H. Sutherland has the contract :
for carrrif g the mail between Glul
and" Camp Iboma-, whete the line
connects with the Willrox comoanv.
Service conimm wi July 1st. ThejPim?Dix? Some of these fine days
nuto will be stocked with commo
dious coaches and good horse?.
The Tombstone Mining Company
relieved 90 miners on the ' 1st of
Mav, and shut down the 15-stamp
mi 1 on the river. The 20-sian p
mill con'inues to run The mine
has ltu paving $50,000 monthly
dividends for some time
The Kl Paso Lore Star has the t L
lowinc: I. is r'por'i on the strrets
that the Mexicans under General Fu-
ro a fe days ago made a treaty
with the Indians f Jt-h's ard K
nds and then rolled out five bar
rels of whisky to theui. The rei
skins got jolly drunk and were tt.i i.
ad quietly killca oil by tue .lex
icuns. Fancy tign palntins, house paint
ing, Hnd, in fact, painting of ever
kiml, is done by AI Griffith. He i
t lie boes cf the road.
The Santa Catalina copper smelter
started up a week a,:o and i a mot
decided .success, turning out from
five til six tons of high grade bu lior
per day. The copper suieltcis of
t ie Russell Company, at Drairoon,
has also recently been put in blat.
and is i-aid to l working most suo-d-sfully.
Both of these plants wne
built bv the t-acific Iron Woiks, iii
Sun Francisco, a firm that are
famous in all parts of the country
for the superioii y of their minine
machinery. Their Patent Water
Ja ke Smelters have long been re
cognized as the best anywhere made
for both galena and c pp- r oies. ano
.ives assurance of success to all
companies who adopt them. Ari
zoca SUr.
Nine of the Csmp Apsche scouts
engaged in the C:b:cu ff .Ir in Sep
tember last are hiding in the hill -and
ravines on Carea and Ciliicu
cic k. Among the nnuibi r are Gar,
Chaio, Mosly, and Hosa. Recently,
they killed Grasshopper, a fiicn lv
Indian at SabinoV ranch ou Can za
creek, and later thty killed a man
named Johnson, ab.iiit three miles
from Cooley's ranch. Thes- are a
part of the sune band of Indians
that were taken prioi. era by Agent
Tiffiny aid camped near Hide's
store at Sa-i Cul is, and were snb-e-quenily
placed i i custixly of tue m 1
i ar in our presence. Lii-u . Abbott
received them after they bud beei.
cou- ted in his presence b S.im Bow
man and Dr. Pangburn. The Lie i
tenant it-fused to place a guard tivei
them, although lie vr -'1 stew t.nit
the Imliaa guard had been rul ev d,
and in coastquence of th.t cr'minal
ntgl-cl thi y walked off and now the
result of 'hat want of prec.:U.ion is
manifest i i the dea h of the persons
named aboy. Silver Bell.
There are so many contradictory
teports renaming the hereat outs
cf the come', that it 's very ciifflcult
for the uninfi rtned to i!eermine in
what quarter ol the heavens o watch
Mr it." The first re .oris from the
Rochester Ob ervatorv. ir.formed us
tlia: it would appear i.i the constella
tion C ss opeia, ai.d sint e ihat lime
we have noted nU-htiy a pecnlinr
stnr a little to the tiht of that con
stellation, which, to our nil:ids, ap
pears to bo the c met referred to.
Ca si.tpei i may bo found by draw
ing an imaginary line thr ugh the
pointers in the Great Dipper, pass
ing through th North Star ud
continuing it until a point is
reached equidistant with the Dipper
from Polaris. The constellation has
the appearance of a lanre W, and
also goes by the name of the Chair.
Cassiopeia, the "Starred Egyptian
Queen," vas the wife of Cephu--,
king of E hio da. For daring to
comp ire herself wi:h the nymphs in
beauty, she was tevcrely punished.
After death, however, she was placed
among the stars, though the nymphs,
still bearing malice, prevail, d upon
Jupiter to cause l.er to be h-ad
downward part of 'he time Conse
quently, we ste the cons e lation,
sometimes above Polaris, sometimes
below, and sometimes on either si J".
In fact, in its apparent revobitio is
around t' e North Star it alwas re
mains xactly opposi e Ursa Major.
From Thursday's Daily.
Hot and sulrry.
Thermometer 102 in the shade.
The Tiper Restaurant seims to
have made a general "m .sh" ou the
Ryland, I lie circus man, is billing
the 'Own fir 'lis circus on mx: Sat
uroay night.
Prepamtio-is are being cctively
ma le tor a grand cele!ra i-n of the
4 h, Tempe will be invited to come
d wn and see us.
Scrgea-t Frank nd Privnte Mr.
Liushton psed ihroUiih this morn
ing tor Fmt Thomas with a Kl! set
of h liogr p!ii- in-tru ni-nts
Flfte n ii ivs more and Guitean
I. a . . .
ol an as-assio s cr.me.
Irvi;ie & Co. still keep in a good
stock of laucy and stipie ero erie ,
and are tiolnj a good hn-d iess. Thev
re HserviU! of a j:ood share of ihe
puii ic pairona.'e.
Wr.y dont so.ne one asri'ate the
subject of startt ig a tire t-omp n, in
the own will take a notion to bur .
down, nd if it does we have no
way to prevent it.
Arizona ia Democratic by a least
a thousand majority. Star. You
mu.-t be making rO-na mistake,,
rlughe-. We t li'ik it will bv.-the
other way. Arizona is becomim? too
ivilized to hold so. mmy Demo
crats. Sportsmen, Mi ners, ranc.imcn, and
others wanting Guns, Pistols antl
Ammunition, can procure them of
R f en thai & Kutnvr.
Th- inve-tig:itim of Frank Po-t
"d Thomas Hudson o i charge ol
rand larceny waa called up a' 2
'clock nnd again postpon.-d until 3
A lock. B. ing to late for press we
ire unable to giv any of its progress
o day.
It takes a strong man to keep him
self straight in business, and a
tio'iger mill to do so wh n out of
business. This is in accordance
-ith the old adaT-: "Stan fin s
some mischief s;iil for idle hands
o do."
The examination of Fr nSt Po t
n I Tiiomas Hudion was called. up
t. -day a' 1 p. m. Several w:tnisues
were exum'ned and the asc ws
p ttponed until 3 o'clock to -morrow
t. await the owner of the horses and
her witnesses.
The following h ;ve been consti
tuted a rommi tee for the purpose o
observing properly the 4' h of Julv:
V. ('. B-iker, W." A. Hancock, A. D
'.em. in, Geo-ge F. Coats, H. H. Mi--S'eil,
of ;heG:izette, and C. Cool Idee,
if the Hkhatjd- The programme
will be publ.shsd as soon as made
Let it be rememb'Ted by our p i
irons, and let it be impressed upn
their mind-, th t th- Heuii.d has
io intention of quitting ihe fie'd.
It will shortly appear ii a n?w dn-s-,
with new tvpe: and, lieing th" on'y
Reim hi tcan newepap'-r in the county,
is sure of the support of the jarty.
and a-ide from this, aas "backing"
nhich c: n enable it to bid defiance
to any rival.
Mr. M. L. Pernlta Intends to fate
his family n o California. He wi 1
Man in a few days and it is nrt nec-e.-sarv
to say that his df p irture will
vr 11 be much rccr-tted by the whole
commnni:y, and his numerous
frl nils civ sole them-elves with the
tin tight that, like a.l ethers who
leave Phoenix, he is bound to return.
It is h'ird to say exactly what the
fascination is; but no one whe lias
ever lived in Phceuix cau forget her
Jack Harkins, this morning shw.
ed us sample of r 'ck from the l'bre-
nix mine, near Seymour, and ..he
ptopertv of Sail bury & t o. 1 is
quiti- rich, and Jack saj-s ihey huve
a whole iionntaio of it Lumber i3
b ing shipped ihci e irom Prescott,
and building will soon conimei ce.
No d mbt this will be one of the
richest and .iveliest camps in the
Profess t Church is exening him.
se f very actively :n behalf of Ari
zona's exhibit -t tiie I envef Expo
Hiiion. His actual knowh dge of
miirals and the sciei ceof mining,
t gi-ther with bis eminent bustn-s
q'lalifleations, enables him lo estab
lish a perfect system of classlfSc -lion
and method of pr.a-edure, while
his e-iergy will undoubtedly secure
full representation from all 'the
the conn-ies. The Territory may
consi ;er itself fortunate that P ofes
sor Church has c-insented to act in
the premises, for his actual worth
and reputation as a mineralogist and
geologin wiil si cure the mineral
pro iucts oi Arizona an attention ami
. . . ... : j I
coiisidei-ation few other get tlemen
"I .
could i btain for them. Il is to be
. . , . , ." r , , rr
hoped that al' sections or the lerrl-
torv will co-operate wi h and . id the
Ci'm.ni--i ner earnestly and heart
ily. Epitaph.
Sole Xradsrship.
Know all men by these presentu tbat I.
M -r A n Kntrapst.i. wife ot Heh8l Kn
ot s?r. residing neur I'hoenix. in th coun
ty of Ma-lcopa. ani Tpt lory or Arizona,
rM'ing detr-on o and hereby intndi p to
avail ' mvwll cf the ben nil to ol the Aft
auu n IT,rv to Chapte Si. of the Howell
Code approved 1 t., 30th. lS6r. do hervb
declare that alter thin date I in
t ad tt aid will carnr on
ad tr ntae. , in im r."it name isnd
a.n mv own rtriount. in pa id coiintv of Mar-
i opa. tbe bu inc s of fa-m:n? in a 1 its .
br:mche. raising crop-. d"ann in noes, ,
.t e. hordes. a d all domuc animal, i
il. i
bn. In and fel'ine l'nd. .jvl aiP "ha may ;
peitata to a p-nnl rarn:lu bus ne-,uiai
tbf Wiole amount of muiiey invented in
said biwin-'-s docs not exceed tire ihou
ean'l Doll.-ra.
A d from apd after thia dve I will he
repponni ia my u nnmi for a;l '-ebts
contracied by me n account of any of tue
Huid hii-ines-.
JuneS, 1S83.
Ta itort or Ahitoha I
n the Ihl d iay of J.iu. It'. bBft.re
mp. Wm. . Mane-CK. a ."Molnrv ruoiir. in
and fr the I'ounty oi Miiriroia. ierun
allv appeared Mary nn Engaaaer, wifn of
' icha! KnirHd er. known to mi to be
th-' aam- er?ton hose Bim ia sub
ec-ibed w t' e aaid annexed io-rru-s"riiin-nt,
as party h'e o, and who there,
site betn firt mad- acqii'iirti'.d with the
contents of said in-tr im nt npon an zam-u:ali-n
spparate and apart from and with
ont the bi-arinsr of br aid t-nsband. dm
icknowleitgfd t'i me :hpt sh" exeenred the
same free v and v-iantartly and lor Ihe
ufos and pu nose-1 ihprcin mentioned, ;
wilhoMt feat-or ioppnlsion or Pndne in.:u-
ence fh r husband, a..d that she doea '
not wsh io reiriict 'h Mine.
m, h..l .nd .fti.l n, ..wr-ial .u. ihe ,
in witness whereof, 1 have nerennto set
dav and vear aboTe written
r.. ol.- .k.
- JSdSw Notary Public
Qslifornia gskery,
CARL SHERRER, - - Proprietor.
Jjjre&d, pies, Caes an
- Confectionery.
The finest assortment of Cap '
"Washisgtos Stbezt,
cm Brown's Cfd Stanifjr
Phosnlx, Arliona.
Ben B
CTLER, Mahaokk.
Day Board, per week, - ?G
Meal Tickets. 3 for - - tL
Single Meals - - - 50 cts
Having the management of thia
new Restaurant, I can assure all my
friends, and the public geaerally, that
ihey will be well and promptly at
teniled to by favoring me with thel
Kales & Lewis
Phcenix, A-RIZOSA
The Bank o California, San Fraacisc.
Messrs. LaiUw tt Co, New Yrfu-
up GM and ii )vr Balliiin. Caty
brr.ds apd W rrnts,DiscooDtCi mmercia
pucer iteewi' I rtrpujabl ua d'
VnoK'.F. i'T duke rnllertonr, and Uurttl
Bbankin bnfines.
I lirir;'ffirii s ia
rfovlnir pnrchad 'h- lnterrt of To
i!ore H neen in alion rn-Iue-. a -tc-is
hi.reliv civen to nil person knoiBe
ibi-ms lvei. to e inrirb'ed ! th Arm lo
mil n ti nnrtersiifneU a
! 1' ' I
ad ert. a d
ira a.-aiort
te sam for par
mei t. as 1 r n.. ni reropslble for
asiner c irniiaciioa of t rm
rhoenii, Jane 8, lSSa. taa
Ordinance S. T.
Th Common Cunncil of fhuenlx no e
dain as follows:
SErrrrov i.
Arybtne whirh is obiioxlou tn nattav
or l Ind cent, n- is ipf.ensiv ioth b.
or is an i b tr ' ti .n to the free pse -f p
iriT. ho ks to In-erfi rt with th romfnrv
ab)V enjoyment of life or ptopertv by aa
enti r c-ip-muniry or n lehhorhood wbf
an corid rnhl p-in;br ot persona or
which ni'lawfaH o'ntnictp tha flveaaerf
bd public lee: or r-lace or birbaray. ia
hereby declared to b a pabl c nniaane
Kvery pr-on who maitnins or commit
runlic nnisaiics shall be deemed guilty
tf a niiu ietnean ir
Upon the convtctl mi of any penoa for
maii'tain ni? or rommlttine a public aai
aance. nch nn!arc - maw be reanovNl or
abnted bi ar order of ih- Recorder, -ateped
on rhesl'-'ck of the trial and tha Siaraaal
ahsil caiTy aach ordrr iuio effect.
Erry person throwing into any ditrh or
vrater co'iise any refua-, tH'h. of ancleaa
water or thice1. or by aiiy wean eaarinc
the watr in ancii diich or wt ter course to
ben mo pnclean, o. wbo alia ap or ob
s rnct the sam. or denoH any rarbae.
flltb. -efiis luatter. or Idebria of any kind
, or ntnre OD.,n anT ree, or pnhlic pl-r.
; wbo brine rtrn im n. nlpi mob.
pcro lanpiitce on the crertii or id walk,
: orlytne or -1-eptns in a diankea condi
J lion on nr iil.rli or cirwi o poo le
1 Iac or c--tini: a tistnrtwnee hj any'
' nntitl or d aorderlr noi. wTnltnrlL
or ob-eene lanuniiee, in any i.nblie r prt- I
vale place, "npains in any not or at
ria, or riuing or auvtnv; n aaiKai
through any h rvet or pt b'le pHee as a
gr- ati-r pp-i'd ban five rnil per honr. or
rising nr" df lv.? jf r lea'll-.jc inv aiiinul
ap'n iin idw1 or obMructttir ny
ddewnlkbv anv mean vrhftiever, or dis
char); n; aiij rtparon witSI- th City liw
lis ot htc-'urinp od avj ut e I or pubjio
filace. tr indecent y eitoirr he renoni
n nrj pnhlic place, or w-ehirf b any
dhed or w.ve ri al it in the k Uj list
its, suall be go illy of a miademeanor.
11 ordln neee in conflict witb h' ordi
nance are herebv expreorlv repealed.
Every neivo convicted of a mlftdemaa-
orrhal be t niti-hed by a fine oi ni 'ea
five ddl ira nor more than one ban
dr d dollars or by impri onmuut U m pe-
rind cf nme not e-vceediniF one bondred
noa i.i rnne no:
da't or bv both tnch fln and imprison
ment. l ne Kecorder 8ha l tax aeinr any
per n convict-d of a mtsiemeanor. tha
costs nf the pioserntion. in addition to taa
fine or impiioumeiit imposed.
The Marshal nnd K"ordr sha'l reee!T
f eeric a nndor ihe pioviins of ihia
Ordi -anc ' the sam - feea aa are allowed ar
statut io Con-itab'ea and Juatieea or that
Pace for s:milrr services.
Paaed the c mmi.n ""onnci! of Faca
nix, this 6 h dv o: Jane. a. i., JSj.
Appro. ei this Nh da- o' Jnft. 18H8.
F.A. 81HW Xa or.
rSpt l1 Attest: Jwitb Ciiniu,
Xetlre of HoMFBtead Eatry.
Laki Orp c at Tucson,
Mar IT.
Notice is hereby siven that r"lartoa 8.
Smith has fl1 I'd notice of his intention to
mnke final pnof In snp-n of ha Hm-sea-l
Fntr N. 34. and secure Saal entrr
thereof and that anch nrnof will b
ta -r bef re the Hon. De rorrst Poner.
."'e? ,n " Jadlrial Ci.rnlr . for
.the TVrrl'OT r Anoni, at hi-ehi
i" the : ty of Pncenir. on the 2l hdvof
Jnr.e 1W. at 10 o'clock A . for the wean
W o. t e S. W. of Sec. S. Tow sMn 1 N..
Range S. Rat, and names ran fbliowinr aa
his wi' m sses. vi ' : John T. Dennis. Alex
ander stiepa' ger Ow. n Kelloir? and Bej.
W. Kelloeir. afi of Phnsm-. Ma imp. Co
A. T. EES Ka Cu'tisl v 8.
ml9-5w ReeUter.
Dress Me ke r,
Third Door SJotiih of Hooper & Co

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